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author’s note: wow okay I’ve never written for tom holland before but here goes nothing??? I hope you don’t hate this but on the off chance you do, pls hate silently (read more bar is added because I wrote out what come to mind for Tom’s proposal and it made everything look so much longer lmao) 


  • Okay but like
  • Can we all just take a minute to imagine what marrying Thomas Stanley Holland would be like
  • Just getting engaged to that boy would be magical
    • He’d have this whole big thing planned
      • Literally every member of the Holland family plus Harrison would be involved in putting things together because if we’re being honest they all loved you just as much as Tom did

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The best part is falling (ch2)

for days 12 & 13 of eijiroctober: studying, sleeping

Bakugou’s had enough of Kirishima asking to sleep with him almost every night (“I just sleep better when I’m next to you, man!”) and going on and on about how nobody makes him happier and calling Bakugou the most handsome boy in their whole class and putting his hands all over Bakugou’s spine and waist in mundane, public situations, like that’s platonic behavior – he’s obviously in love with Bakugou, and Bakugou’s obviously in love with him, but does he realize that? Perhaps it is about time Bakugou corners himself into martyrdom and spells it out for Kirishima. 

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“I told you I don’t want any fucking tea,” Bakugou snaps, lifting his face from the papers he’s reviewing to squint at Kirishima. He’s wearing his reading glasses, which is a pretty rare sight. But at this point Kirishima’s more or less used to seeing Bakugou in them. Not that he’d hazard aggravating Bakugou by boasting about it aloud.

Kneeling opposite to Bakugou, Kirishima places the tray with the tea on the table. The corner of his mouth curls as if he wants to laugh, but he resists (what a noble sacrifice that must be, Bakugou thinks sarcastically), channeling that amusement into a smartass answer.

“Yeah, and I told you I was going to make some for me,” Kirishima says with mock indignation, like a customer chiding an employee for messing up his order, repeating it slowly so it sinks in correctly this time. “I understand that you think you’re the center of the universe, but not everything I do is about you, man.”

A twinkle appears in his crimson eyes like a star from behind a cloud, casting an uncomfortably smug limelight on Bakugou. Kirishima’s getting such a kick out of saying this.

But Bakugou’s far from feeling embarrassed by such a naive ploy. He snorts, then flashes a vicious smirk for the invisible camera.

“Why are there two cups then?”

Kirishima beams. He’s either thought of everything beforehand (which would mean he’s somehow predicted Bakugou’s behavior) or he’s exercising some lightning reflexes (which Bakugou would have to claim partial credit for promoting with his constant taunting).

“In case I drop one! You’re always saying that I’m too clumsy.”

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How would Ut Uf (and Us if u want) skelebros react to an intovertet sarcastic s/o that dosen’t really get angry (like really rarely) but when they somehow get angry they become quiet and rly salty and are muttering comebacks. (My first language isn’t english sry) :)

Man, this is how I wanna be. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Ho, boy are you easy to figure out at least. He’s not one to get angry at all, but for the rest of it, yeah he’s the same. He’s more likely to get right to trying to cheer you up when you get to that point than anything.

UT Papyrus

He’s so confused. You’re quiet suddenly? Why are you acting like this? Are you ok? It takes him some time before he realizes what this means, and when he does he gets to trying to help you feel better. Also, sarcasm eludes him.

UF Sans

Not the best solution, tbh. He’s pretty similar in this situation: introverted, sarcastic, even salty and quiet often. Comebacks have had negative results on him before, but he’ll probably make comebacks to your comebacks. To put it simply, he’ll get too lost in trying to outdo you to think of how to help you.

UF Papyrus

He doesn’t handle sarcasm well, nor comebacks. Expect the occasional loud complaint.

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I need to forget that Death Note (2017) is a thing. It's just so bad. Maybe to make us all feel better, could I request a drawing of our best boy L?

@princesspbo Sorry for how late this is. But I’ve never drawn L before and I was scared. Well here went nothing. Regardless hope you like love <3 and please that movie never happened. sooooo forget *mind wipes you*


BRIAN was first and I told him I asked him to marry me in LA and he never gave me an answer and he said uhhhh. BUT HOMIE STILL DIDN’T SAY NO. SO YA GIRL STOLL HAS A CHANCE.

DOWOON. I’m sorry bb I was still talking to Brian when I saw you. But you’re so beautiful and kind. YOU RUN LIKE AND OLD MAN.

SUNGJIN HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU SNATCH MY WIG. I asked him how he was doing and he said good. Have you ever heard a better word ?! Sungjin INVENTOR of English!


JAE. lmfao. I asked him if he remembered me and he said HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GONNA DO THIS. biiiiii, he remembers me. BOY JUST PLAYING ME IN LA. But I told him my name AGAIN AND TOLD HIM TO SEE ME AT HI TOUCH.

I’m just saying- Austin fan sign was way longer than LA. I mean it wasn’t long but comparatively WAY LONGER AND I’M SO GLAD I’M HERE. WE OUT HERE FAM. BEEN HERE SINCE 8AM. COME AT US.

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How long have you and your girlfriend been dating? Also, what do you identify as? Sorry for all the personal questions!

No worries! Our six month anniversary is on November 12th AND I AM HYPED. (Not gonna spoil anything rn but Nicola baby you better prepare yourself.) Right now I identify as Lesbian but that could change. I think I liked boys when I was 12 but I haven’t liked one since so idk if it was just a phase.

BTS’ reaction to their s/o being taller than them

Namjoon: honeslty I think Namjoon would be the one to like it the most. He’s used to being the tallest within the boys and standing up for them, but he’s an actual baby! For him, you being taller meant you would protect and look after him a lot; he would hide his face in your chest and be absolutely mesmerized by the feeling of standing of his tiptoes to reach your mouth. And you would feel him melting everytime you placed a small kiss on his forehead. 

Seokjin: I guess Jin would be indifferent to that, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. He would like it that you could reach things that are too high for him and enjoy the backhugs a lot  — he’d rest his head on your chest or on your back while you backhugged him and just enjoy the moment, feeling loved. Actually he would become and actual koala, so you better be prepared. 

Yoongi: that boy would tease the shit out of you, always asking those stupid “how’s the time up there?” questions and he would eventually come up with a nickname related to your height, but we all know yoongi would actually love dating someone taller than him. He also loved being carried around, so he’d probably ask for piggyback rides all the fucking time— and then when you finally agreed on that, he would probably place cute kisses on your neck.

Hoseok: honestly Hoseok would find it a little bit annoying in the beggining because it would make things so much harder; like how on Earth was he supposed to pick you up in bridal style and not look clumsy? And he never imagined standing on his tiptoes to kiss his s/o… Well, that would change as soon as he found out about the cuddles. Hobi is a little spoon, so cuddling with you would be his paradise; he could snuggle next to you and feel loved and protected! He’d be so into it!

Jimin: Jimin would be really sad at first, because he really wanted to be the big one for once, but apparently that’s not happening. I think you two would have a balanced relationship, he would feel safe when you held him but would also hold you as if you’re the most precious person on the universe (and you are). Chim would hold your face in his hands and lean in for a kiss, even though he could barely reach your shoulder —  and he’d love it when you curved to kiss him and not let him feel so small.

Taehyung: I think Tae would be just like Hoseok, except that he’d love your height from the beggining. His childish side would appear every 5 seconds, wanting you to pick him up and carry him to the bedroom so both of you could cuddle all day lond. He would intertwine your legs, lay his head on you chest and ask you to stroke his hair. The cutest thing ever.

Jungkook: Jungkook wouldn’t care a lot, actually. He would be obviously triggered about it in the beggining but the feeling would just go away as time passed. One day he would be a little bit hesitant and in the other he’d be treating you as if you were the tiniest flower in the world, a 1 inch tall human. He’d pick you up and carry you around the house, ask if you needed help to reach things in the higher shelf and even call you ‘smol’. 

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"brendan gallagher has been and always will be attractive pass it on" this is Fake News and i won't support it!! we've all seen him out there with no hair looking like a shaved goblin how dare you lie to your good followers like that!! can he be attractive? absolutely. is he at all times (including while bald)? there's literally no way. good day to you

first of all, you come into my house and make me choke on my apple pecan oatmeal with this vicious attack and slander of a beautiful boy’s good name?? *wheezing* NOT TODAY. 

if i was a better person, i would insert images here as Proof, but i’m terrible so you’re gonna get incoherent shrieking!

number one, i just watched this post-game interview with bald gally and suffered no adverse effects. in fact, i believe (while it may not be my preference) that the lack of hair calls attention to his incredible features.  

if i can call everyone’s attention to exhibit the-only-image-this-post-will-feature

look at his cheekbones! the shape of his lips! the pop of his eyes! the strong, sleek cut of his eyebrows! bald, but make it fashion. dis bitch did it!

number two, he did it to break a curse. did it work? not yet! not. yet. but let’s give it time. it is a mortal sin to condemn a hockey witch for questionable decisions re: curse breaking! it is a sacred and powerful craft, and gally should be commended for undertaking such a journey as the designated heart and soul of the montreal canadiens!

in other words, it doesn’t matter if you think bald gally is ugly! he did it to break a curse and y’all should keep ya mouths shut about it and let the magic work!

number three, BRENDAN GALLAGHER HAS THE BONE STRUCTURE OF A DEMIGOD! being bald cannot undo that. if you were to contour his cheekbones, everyone in a 5 mile radius would drop dead immediately. you’re telling me goblins have perfectly symmetrical faces with the cheekbones of an ice princess?? miss me with that shit thanks

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I find the idea of Dan diving in really sweet. No prior thought goes into it, like he forgets to remove his shoes, and when he gets out he has to strip (leaving pants on bc this is a professional work environment) and let his shit air out before he leaves. The whole time Arin is “I’m sore I’m sorry I’m sorryyyy” and dan has to remind him that it wasn’t his fault

he’s so worried he just jumps in, shoes and all. he just wants to comfort the fish boy, clothes be damned. arin feels really guilty but dan says “if i have to sacrifice dry clothes to make you feel better, i’d gladly do it every day in my best clothes. don’t worry.”

he starts keeping a spare pair of swim trunks at the lab so he can jump in whenever he wants. so sweet.

elisabettasims replied to your photo “Remy stares at her, he can’t believe she’s being serious!  Surely…”

LOL. Is he really that dense or is he in denial? OR is this is weird way of flirting with her? ROFL They’re too cute. (But in all seriousness Mac, don’t be in such a rush to do the dirty)



Remy is a massive nerd.  He may look cute but he’s only interested in computers and video games.  He had sex for scientific reasons and cannot even begin to be able to comprehend why Mac is so curious.  He thinks she’s gone crazy.  I do think it’s a way of flirting, too.  He doesn’t like the idea of Mac being with some other guy and he doesn’t like it when she’s not around.  I think he really likes her deep down inside buried under all his silliness.  

jodeebradley14 reblogged your photo and added:

Oh look at him!

jodeebradley14 replied to your photo “Remy confused:  “Then who?  They’re all jerks.” Mac:  “You’re not a…”

HAHAHAHA! He’s my favorite. You have one out of every story.

Remy has always been kind of special.  He is so much like his dad.  Well, what his dad would have been if he had more confidence and wasn’t so abused by his father.  Remy is what Remington could have been with a better home.

I agree though, lol.  Right now, Remy is my favorite in this legacy.  It’s a little harder to decide with Runaways because I love Dani, Natalia (Gnat haha) and Shauna for different reasons.  You know I’m obsessed with Hope in my Delgado Legacy.

mdianasanders replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

The second one! I really hate that first one (in general, nothing to do with Alex), even on toddlers.

I think it depends on the Sim.  Brady has worn that hair as a toddler and a child and I liked it on him.  I kind of like it on Alex for right now because of where he is in his story.

audreysparkle  asked:

69, 59 and 49 :-)

Thank you for the ask

39: (there isn’t a 49 for some reason, so I went down a decade): How old were you when you had your first kiss?  4th grade, maybe? I remember kissing one boy a lot. I can’t remember who he was. 

59: Do you like snow?  ugh yeah, I guess. I mean, I love watching it fall, and it’s beautiful. But where I live we get so much of it and it’s so much work and trouble and then it gets gross and full of dirt.  If I could just hole up for the winter and watch it fall, I’d like it a lot better. 

69: Do you believe in soulmates?  I absolutely do.  I don’t believe there’s just one. I think anyone whose soul really connects with yours, even briefly, is a soulmate. I had a cat who was a soulmate. Deeper than love. 

lunadriver  asked:

Personally I'm not super upset about the situation but then again I've only seen a handful of Felix's craziness. That being said, I'm sure they're hoping to maintain some sort of friendship but I'm sure if Felix keeps up his stupidity than the boys are just gonna be like um... no thanks on AND off YouTube. But to accuse them of supporting and being okay with his actions is ridiculous in my opinion. I'm sure they know better but it's their personal lives!

They don’t have to show EVERY aspect of their lives so yes while it will probably be a mystery of what happened, I’m not gonna flip out about it unless I notice a change in them. Overall, fuck Felix and don’t automatically assume the boys are problematic (blanket statement, not directed exclusively to you). I get why people are upset and they certainly have a right to be but this is just my take on it.

Of course I don’t think they support his behaviour, I never thought that, I know they’re good people and that’s why I’m not mad at them. I don’t think any of us thinks that.
But I also get those people who feel hurt and upset and since I’m not a person of colour I’m in no position to say people shouldn’t feel upset and mad about it.

depthsbled  asked:

Places red hand-knitted gloves upon his lap before he sits beside the birthday boy. " Your gift. You better like it. "


        Flushes, bright red, though he quickly hides it turning his head to cough. “Did.. Did you make these?” a moments pause, looking at his usual fingerless pilot gloves and taking them off to wear the red ones a soft smile. He hadn’t expected a gift, but. 

       His lips pressed quickly to Lance’s cheek, pulling away as quickly as he’d done such. “Thank you, I love it.”

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Romantic headcanons for Aomine, Kise and Kuroko with shy and quiet and patient s/o?

{I know this wasn’t the second one you sent (it’s like the 3rd? I think?) but I wanted to take a short break on writing for BNHA for a bit, haha (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗) You guys really like BNHA! I have two longer scenarios coming along (Bakugou and Shinsou), and some of these headcanons in the works! Thanks for requesting!}

☆chances are, he doesn’t give two shits about whether or not his s/o is shy. Like boy will do what he wants regardless
☆like he’s clingy but not the cute kind, he’ll come up and grab s/o’s butt, relishing in the cute reaction, and then lean on them complaining he’s tired/bored
☆his s/o better be patient or they’ll be annoyed all the time
☆he is a really nice lover regardless, he’ll be really supportive in his own ways 
☆picking and touching his s/o is only ok if he does it. If he sees some other guy treating his s/o in a way they don’t like, boy will be down to fight ‘em

☆clingy. Like REALLY clingy.
☆he thinks their embarrassed reactions are adorable, so he’ll be all kissy faces and snuggly
☆s/o will probably have to hit him or chastise him to get him to stop embarrassing them
☆he’s really kind and supportive of their shyness, he can tell when they need assistance in a conversation
☆don’t touch his s/o…just don’t.

☆he is pretty chill anyways, so his s/o wont really find it too hard to get along with him
☆he finds their shyness to be absolutely adorable though
☆he likes the quiet times he gets with his s/o, and he likes the talkative times too…just really likes them hahah
☆he finds ways around their shyness with questions and cute gestures
☆when he introduced them to Kagame, he made a joke about Kagame, making s/o giggle, and it made the whole conversation more relaxed

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition

who deserves happiness and everything good in the world?


“I feel happy to be a leader in these times when I realize that they know how much I think of them. It comforts me a lot. When the members say, “Hyung, thank you for this”, and when they know my heart, I feel so grateful.”

Happy birthday, Hakyeon ♡