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Minerva is an old lady who survived probably around ten years on the streets whilst being blind in her left eye, having half a tail, and a thyroid condition. Despite this she has the softest fur of any cat I have ever touched??
Likes is chicken and yelling, dislikes is taking her thyroid medicine. Sorry these selfies are not unflattering, as it impossible for Mina not to be perfect looking at all times.

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In regards to Felix cussing Chloé out: so do you think when Adrien first heard Felix swear, he said something along the lines of "watch your language!", with Felix just with a "I take no shit" face?

this is why felix didn’t make it to the show


This is Moo Goo. He is very cute and has big green eyes. He looks like a soot sprite and I love him. He likes to yell out the window at other cats and he comes and lays on me when I’m sad and crying. He’s the best.

I’m currently watching the 80s Voltron and I physically can’t deal.
Keith: “Vultures may not be very attractive, but they gave us a hand, and we should be grateful.”
Sven: “I’ll always think they’re beautiful.”

holy shit I just realised I’m flying to the UK for uni tmr morning, please Pray that I Fly High and go All the Way Up instead of Skydiving down ;;

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Catchphrase, Pop, and Titantron for the wrestling ask!

Catchphrase ~ List your favorite catchphrases?

HOO…i don’t pay attention much to catchphrases but there are some good ones!!!

  • “we don’t just set the bar…we ARE the bar! >:o”
  • “who wants to walk with elias” obviously!!! dramatic motherfucker
  • “titus wooOOooorldWIIIIIDE” 
  • “THIS IS EVIL!!!
  • IS
  • EVIL” 
  • and of course “NO ONE IS READY FOR ASUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Pop ~ Your favorite fan reaction to a wrestler’s entrance and/or move?

OKAY this one’s gonna be a bit weird but my favorite pop of all time is probably the round of applause rich got after giving tj his crutch back, AFTER tj had already been revealed to have been lying about being injured! that moment was really REALLY powerful for some reason. rich was just kind and turning the other cheek and he left with a cheerful “see you next tuesday!” and the fact that people appreciated that so much was healing! like…being kind and doing good is difficult but it means so much, yknow! 

ALSO the pop ariya got in minneapolis and every single pop he got throughout that match (where he got to play the hero SO MUCH its SO GOOD!!!), and i think there was one time neville hit the red arrow on aries? where, that was a move he hadn’t used in forever, and it was a glimpse of the man gravity forgot again, and then he transitioned it into the rings of saturn and there was just this ROAR of grief. SO GOOD…also the entire crowd losing their minds through the entirety of asuka and nikki’s last woman standing match for the nxt title because Same

Titantron ~ Your favorite and/or least favorite wrestling entrances?

naomi’s entrance is obviously a BIG fave but i think that’s true for every single person on earth so!!! 

i love sami’s entrance with all my heart for its skanking and fist pumping and peppy ska beat, it makes me so happy!!! dana’s entrance is really cool, we haven’t seen it in millenia but it’s so badass and cool. rich’s entrance is OBJECTIVELY the best thing ever in the universe, it’s the COOLEST, it’s like, star trek disco only LITERALLY

and…okay. okay fine. okay. as much as i despise it, from an objective character standpoint i do love tony’s entrance. the lighting design in it is really good and it’s just too perfect for his character and it’s funny and i…….respect it………….

And how’s the writing going?

Well I just literally yelled this at my computer: 

Oh my god, Sebastian, stop talking, stop thinking and just fuck her already.

hollyand-writes replied to your post “Are you looking for a new companion? Consider whether a Giant Dumb…”

Ahahahaha, I love your Giant Dumb Beast :-D I laughed, thanks so much!

Thank you. The Giant Dumb Beast™ is very lovable, if ever present. 

You didn’t say whether you think the Giant Dumb Beast™ is right for you, but given that you’re a writer, I wanted to suggest that the Medium Loud Beast™¹ might be a better fit. 

Medium Loud Beast™ is a very helpful writing assistant. Her specialties are opening 8 calculator windows at once and sending long messages to people that just read ‘++++++++++++++++++++++[repeating].’ If you feel you need more than that, she’s also entirely willing to flop over dramatically on top of the middle of the keyboard in order to secure attention that she may or may not actually want. Medium Loud Beast™ makes sure you take breaks by taking away your ability to type at all! 

¹Medium Loud refers to her size (medium) and volume (loud) separately. Medium Loud Beast™ is a loud creature, though fortunately not as loud as Pumpkin, the unholy terror who currently resides in the local Petsmart and can be heard loud and clear at any location within the store and several without. 

Unreceived - Chapter 2

Rating: K+

Words: 1282

Summary: Ladybug opens up to Chat Noir about her dilemma, and neither of them handle it very well…

AO3 FF hogeky

Author’s Note: This is a fic based off of a comic written and drawn by @hogeky. Please go there to view images and support her comic!

Permission was received to write this fic.

The Parisian night was quiet, a calm city free of mischief, and a crescent moon to decorate the starless sky. Ladybug rest her head on her hands as she stared out into the dark horizon, thinking thoughts that plagued her.

She was waiting, but she could not silence her mind as she waited.

“Good evening, My Lady,” a voice greeted from behind. Ladybug took a deep breath at the sound of her partner’s voice. He approached to stand next to her, leaning on the ledge of the flat roof. “What’s the matter? You seem to be lost in thought,” he observed, a smile on his face.

“Really?” she responded, still staring out into the sky, a little nervous that she appeared to be so obvious.

“Did something happen?”

“I wonder…” Without falling over the side of the building, Chat Noir did his best to put himself into her line of sight as she refused to tear her eyes off of the sky.

“You know, you can always talk to me.” She turned to look at him, only a little surprised at the realization as to how much she had come to trust him over their years, and how prepared he was to help her.

“Why are you so clingy,” she commented, meaning to tease him.

“Oh My Lady, I’m just worried.”

“About what?”

“A potential love rival?” She hesitated before speaking again, lowering her head to rest in crossed arms atop the ledge.

“Well, you’re right about that, Kitty. I received a love letter from someone.”

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Winchester Brothers-A sisters pain

Title: A sisters pain

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:892

Request:Hi there! I love your writing :] would you write a one shot where the reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister, (maybe around 16-18) and she wants to hunt with them so she starts training and working really hard with help of the boys, but ends up working herself too hard. Then on the hunt, she’s physically exhausted and can’t do her best so she gets hurt. (Not hospital serious or anything.) I hope that’s not too much. Thank you!

Another old one of mine that needed re-doing x

”Please Dean” You begged your older brother, shuffling in front of him with open arms to block his way. He looked at you with an annoyed expression as he tried to get to the blocked bathroom.

”Move (y/n)” Dean sighed giving you a irritated look.You huffed stepping out the way as you watched you big brother grumble something before closing the door. You looked around, a small smirk twitching at your lip as you spotted Sammy.Perfect, you thought as you headed for the weaker target.

”Oh Sammy” You sang, a smirk prying at your lips. His head perked up at the sound of his name, his eyes locked with yours. He scoffed shaking his head as he picked up his books. You frowned as you stalked over towards him. Hmm this wasn’t going to be easier than you had thought.”Please Sammy!”You cried tugging on your other brothers arm.

”Sorry kiddo, it’s too dangerous why do you wanna get involved anyway?” He asked curiously but you could tell it was also laced with confusion. You weren’t surprised, most people in your family wanted to get out of hunter as soon as they had the slightest chance. You walked closer to him as he packed the books into his duffel bag.

”Alright, 1. I’m not a kid. I’m 17. And 2. I can do this! I wanna join you and Dean” You whined tugging on his arm yet again completely ruining your speech about how You’re not a kid.

”Look (n/n), I know your all grown up but that doesn’t stop me and Dean worrying about you okay. I still worry about Dean’s overgrown ass, I don’t need you adding on” He stated ”If I were you (y/n,) I would take the chance to stay out of this crap while you still can” Sammy sighed giving your shoulder a light squeeze. You looked at him giving him your best puppy dog eyes. He sighed running his hand through his long locks before letting out an annoyed grunt. You squealed jumping up and down knowing that meant a yes.

”I’ll talk to Dean about it. No promises” He said as you clapped your hands excitedly. You nodded crushing him into a hug

”Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squealed grinning like a mad cat.”You won’t regret it, I promise!”You yelled.


After a LOT of arguing and;

“No ways!”

“Never in a million years!”

Dean had agreed to let you go, as long as you had trained and let them both help you. Of course you agreed you really wanted to do this and you knew you had to try your hardest otherwise they’d never let you hunt again! They were both already weary,Sammy wanting you to live a normal life and Dean scared for your safety, but you were older now so they respected your decision and to help the process, you started to do extra training without them knowing.

You would sneak out to go running at night, do extra press ups in the bathroom before you had your morning shower, read more every road trip making sure it was hidden by a blanket…just the little things like that but now? And you were fine, all excited and ready for your hunt. Well… until now, the day of your actual hunt and that’s when it really got to you. 

Your muscles ached and burned with every movement, your head pounded against your throbbing skull… and the worst thing? The hunt was now.Like right nowww!

”C’mon littl’ sis, time to rock and roll” Dean called, ruffling your head.You groaned taking in a deep breath as you tried to convince yourself you were okay, Sam walked up to you noticing something off. With a weary glance and a ‘are you sure?’ look you nodded and headed towards the car.

”Okay, Sammy you take this one, (y/n) you take the other”Dean whispered blade in hand.You nodded watching as both of the tall hunters stalked in different directions.You turned around wobbling a little as the world shook.You clasped your head shaking it off as you could start to see your vision clouding with little black dots.Clenching your eyes shut you ignored the mass and kept walking.Thump.Before you could even do anything you were on the ground your eyelids falling shut as if they had weights on them.



”Whoa easy there”Sam’s voice rung out as you lifted your head to try and see what was going on.Your muscles protested as your body went against you.

”Wh-what?”You muttered out confused, your throat dry.

”You passed out your fine though”Dean stated handing you a glass of water.You groaned slapping your hand to you head

”I’m sorry I-”

”It’s okay don’t worry about it, you need to rest, you overworked yourself”Sam coaxed, pushing you back down gently.

”But now I’ve screwed everything up! You’ll never let me hunt with you now”You whispered

”Hey look, for some insane reason you really want to hunt, so as long as you ONLY and I mean only, train when me or Sammy are there…well you can help us” Dean told you.

”Plus, Dean screwed up his first hunt too”

”I DID NOT! Bitch.”


”Oh my god! will you to shut up!”