i like yelling cats

I’m currently watching the 80s Voltron and I physically can’t deal.
Keith: “Vultures may not be very attractive, but they gave us a hand, and we should be grateful.”
Sven: “I’ll always think they’re beautiful.”

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In regards to Felix cussing Chloé out: so do you think when Adrien first heard Felix swear, he said something along the lines of "watch your language!", with Felix just with a "I take no shit" face?

this is why felix didn’t make it to the show

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I'm yelling, I called Warrior Cats Amino out for acting like a dictatorship due to their last PSA and my post got deleted. I tried to be somewhat nice and give suggestions on what they could do to stop this like using polls to vote on community based issues -- but nope! This app is a mess omfg

yiiiiikes yea the mods are p immature and gross and are not handling this lgbt issue well. They should have immediately apologized after the first incident, explained themselves and left it alone instead of continuing being homophobic and deleting posts that are related to lgbt characters as well

[So there was a famous battle called ‘The Battle of Pelusium’ between the Achaemenid Empire (First Persian Empire) and Ancient Egypt where psychological warfare was employed and they used the people’s adoration for cats against them. The Empire painted their shields with images of feline and used that against the Ancient Egyptians along with actually having said feline on the battlefield in front of them. Archers weren’t able to shoot them because like…literally no one would attack because they were too afraid of potentially making Bastet angry (or Sekhmet since they are one in the same technically). And an angry Bastet/Sekhmet is a terrifying image. That and killing a cat was a grave crime you would 100% get executed for committing, so there was that complication too. Like you can’t win???? There’s literally no winning that—]


hey yall i’m sage im nineteen and im a Mess™ i use he/him pronouns and i’m from the frozen north aka canada!! i like cats and writing and yelling about books


currently i’m binging gilmore girls but thats?? actually it dam


i’m a james bond heaux i love all the bond movies 


tyler posey, dichen lachman, dom sherwood & arden cho


assholes and/or characters with fucked up pasts. i also tend to gravitate towards angry characters


trashy pop tbh i find that because i don’t have to pay a lot of attention to the music it helps me focus on the other things


right now i have my eye on vulcan, inferno, zeus and orion because im indecisive 

TITLE: Bad Decisions 

A road that has a small bump does not mean you take another route -an easier route-, it just means you have to get over it, and once you’re past it, it’s in the past.’

IMAGINE: Having Steve break up with you for your protection. 

[gif is not mine] i am not dead for all those wondering, i merely took an unplanned hiatus, but hopefully i am now back. request are open so send them in my lovely pickles! 

The stars shone brightly across the night sky, Steve looked up at the twinkling stars. He usually loved them but at this moment he hated it. They were so far away, away from the consequences and they could live their happy life. He scowled, it was almost as if the stars were mocking him.

It has been two days ever since he walked away from her. It has been two days since he could function like a normal human being. The door to the apartment opened and he didn’t bother turning around knowing that it was either Sam or Bucky. None of the others wouldn’t converse with him and he knew why. She was like a sister to them, or a kid –depending on who you ask. They absolutely adored her and Steve broke her, therefore them not speaking to him, virtually making him the pariah of the superhero group.

“You’re a fucking idiot Rogers,” he heard the familiar voice speak behind him. He didn’t want to turn around. This had to be a dream. It had to. “How dare you make a decision like that? A decision that affects two people –me and you.” Steve closed his eyes, she wasn’t here. She’s not supposed to be here.

“Look at me,” after no response from Steve she raised her voice. “LOOK AT ME!” He finally turned around and opened his eyes. There she was standing in front of him, her nose flared fists clenched at her sides. She took a deep breath, “How dare you,” she seethed and Steve moved forwards and around her, moving back inside the room.

(Y/N) followed storming after him. “HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU MAKE THAT DECISION FOR ME!” (Y/N)’s face was filled with anger, every crevice in her body filled with frustration. “Did you really think that breaking up with me would solve all of your fucking issues? Huh?”

“It would have protected you!” Steve protested.

She scoffed, “Protected? Me? The person who has managed to be best-fucking-friends with every single bloody Avenger? Don’t you think that they’ll come after me either way?” She moved forward, “Did that even cross your stupid pathetic little mind?”

“(Y/N)…” He knew where this was going and if he was honest he loved this. He loved seeing her getting all riled up, all passionate.

“NO! You’re being stupid, moronic and above all, selfish!”


“YES! You made the decision to break up with me, break us! Because of what? You were scared that I would die because of you?” She scoffed once more, “Please, you and I both know that I would probably get myself killed. I mean have you met me?” She gestured to herself.

(Y/N) shook her head, “You didn’t even ask for my opinion Steve, you didn’t even tell me.” She stopped, suddenly finding interest in the vase that was on top of the table, “You made me believe that you didn’t love me anymore,” she sucked in her cheeks and closed her eyes.

Steve shook his head profusely, “No, never.”

“But that’s what you made me think! ”She rubbed her face, “I don’t know how or why you would ever think that breaking up with me would ever be a good idea or how it would benefit us in any way,” she broke off, staring intently at him. “How could you be so foolish?”

“I’m an idiot,” he heard (Y/N) agree, “but I want to tell you that I have been miserable for the last couple of days.”

“I hope that you were.”

“What I did…what I thought was for the best ended up being the worst decision that I have ever made.” (Y/N) shook her head in agreement, “I want you to forgive me for being such an idiot,” whatever Steve was going to say was cut off as (Y/N) launched herself at him, kissing him heavily on the lips. “(Y/N)?” He mumbled, surprised at the action. He expected a slap, or a kick but not this.

(Y/N) broke off the kiss and looked at him, “Look being in a relationship means that you have to communicate with the other person, you get me? You can’t make these life changing decisions by yourself, it’s not like switching milk, okay?” She caressed his cheek and Steve unconsciously lent towards it –much like a cat would-, “I came here to yell at you and then storm out, never intending to kiss you,” she broke off with a sigh and lent her head on his chest, she felt his arms come around her and smiled. “But I fucking missed you so much, even if you did break up with me.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, kissing her head softly. “I can’t fathom what I would do without you.”

“Neither can I. So protect me, and I’ll protect you, be my side for the long-haul,” she gazed up at him.

“I promise that I’ll never leave your side.” And Steve meant it with all his heart, there was nothing on Earth or the entire galaxy that could make him break this promise.


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I’m going to put these two images from the newest Eorzean Census in an easy-to-reach folder so I can look at them the next time someone whines that “everyone is a catgirl” or that “I swear there’s nothing but lizards everywhere I look”.

(tbh I would’ve expected the percentage of Au Ra to be higher too, even accounting for people who switch to it at 3.0′s launch who switch back a few days later)

Ah, statistics <3

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Can I have a ship? I'm 5'5, straight, and have blonde hair and a pixie cut. I'm pretty sweet and passive ost of the time, but sometimes stress will build up and I'll yell at people. I'm kinda? chubby. I like cats, chocolate, fancy socks, and laughing with friends. (Also, I'm kinda new to the whole tumblr thing... is this even the proper way to ask for a ship? Idk...)

hi angel, johnny seems like your guy! welcome to tumblr, since you’re new, and if you have any questions feel free to ask me! just for future reference, i’m not really a ship/imagine blog, but if you’re looking for that, i know @mrs-johnny-cade @youdigokay and @le-outsiderz all do that, and last i checked, ships were open :^)

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Yes, I do agree bats are awesome. But only when they're outside. If you ever have the misfortune of having one trapped in your home, you may find that they are actually fuzz balls of terror.


Story time: 

When I was sophomore in college I was dating a graduate student (he turned out to be clownshit crazy but this was early in the relationship so everything was dandy) who had his own place, so I spent a lot of time there because it was preferable to dealing with the weird roommates I got stuck with after coming home from study abroad. So one night we’re up in his room—he’s learning lines for a show and I’m reading, shocker—when all of a sudden a fucking BAT swoops into the room and starts flying around the ceiling fan.

Now the boyfriend—let’s call him Jonathan—has never even seen a motherfucking bat before because he’s from friggin’ Denver, where bats are not a thing. So he freaks the fuck out and grabs the blanket and yanks it over both of our heads, going, “OH MY GOD. WHAT DO WE DO?” And I’m just like, “Holy Christ you’re twenty-six years old, get a grip—it’s a BAT, not a demon,” and he says, “DON’T BATS HAVE RABIES?” And I’m just like okay, fair point, so don’t like grab it with your bare hands and it’ll be fine and then he gets this horrified look on his face and goes, “Oh my God. Petruchio.” (Yes, his cat was named Petruchio. There were a few cool things about him.)

So we fling the blanket off and sure enough the cat is sitting on the floor, watching this bat flying in huge dizzy circles around the ceiling fan, and he’s like half a second away from launching himself at it so I just yell, “GRAB THE CAT AND GO!” like it’s a Bond movie and a bomb’s about to go off or some shit. Jonathan like, dives off the bed, grabs Petruchio and runs out of the room with this hissing, pissed-off cat under his arm like a fucking football. I grope across the wall to turn the fan off because I’m like predicting it flying into the blades and there being like decapitated bat chunks all over the walls, and then I slip out and slam the door. 

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Winchester Brothers-A sisters pain

Title: A sisters pain

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:892

Request:Hi there! I love your writing :] would you write a one shot where the reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister, (maybe around 16-18) and she wants to hunt with them so she starts training and working really hard with help of the boys, but ends up working herself too hard. Then on the hunt, she’s physically exhausted and can’t do her best so she gets hurt. (Not hospital serious or anything.) I hope that’s not too much. Thank you!

Another old one of mine that needed re-doing x

”Please Dean” You begged your older brother, shuffling in front of him with open arms to block his way. He looked at you with an annoyed expression as he tried to get to the blocked bathroom.

”Move (y/n)” Dean sighed giving you a irritated look.You huffed stepping out the way as you watched you big brother grumble something before closing the door. You looked around, a small smirk twitching at your lip as you spotted Sammy.Perfect, you thought as you headed for the weaker target.

”Oh Sammy” You sang, a smirk prying at your lips. His head perked up at the sound of his name, his eyes locked with yours. He scoffed shaking his head as he picked up his books. You frowned as you stalked over towards him. Hmm this wasn’t going to be easier than you had thought.”Please Sammy!”You cried tugging on your other brothers arm.

”Sorry kiddo, it’s too dangerous why do you wanna get involved anyway?” He asked curiously but you could tell it was also laced with confusion. You weren’t surprised, most people in your family wanted to get out of hunter as soon as they had the slightest chance. You walked closer to him as he packed the books into his duffel bag.

”Alright, 1. I’m not a kid. I’m 17. And 2. I can do this! I wanna join you and Dean” You whined tugging on his arm yet again completely ruining your speech about how You’re not a kid.

”Look (n/n), I know your all grown up but that doesn’t stop me and Dean worrying about you okay. I still worry about Dean’s overgrown ass, I don’t need you adding on” He stated ”If I were you (y/n,) I would take the chance to stay out of this crap while you still can” Sammy sighed giving your shoulder a light squeeze. You looked at him giving him your best puppy dog eyes. He sighed running his hand through his long locks before letting out an annoyed grunt. You squealed jumping up and down knowing that meant a yes.

”I’ll talk to Dean about it. No promises” He said as you clapped your hands excitedly. You nodded crushing him into a hug

”Thank you, thank you, thank you!” You squealed grinning like a mad cat.”You won’t regret it, I promise!”You yelled.


After a LOT of arguing and;

“No ways!”

“Never in a million years!”

Dean had agreed to let you go, as long as you had trained and let them both help you. Of course you agreed you really wanted to do this and you knew you had to try your hardest otherwise they’d never let you hunt again! They were both already weary,Sammy wanting you to live a normal life and Dean scared for your safety, but you were older now so they respected your decision and to help the process, you started to do extra training without them knowing.

You would sneak out to go running at night, do extra press ups in the bathroom before you had your morning shower, read more every road trip making sure it was hidden by a blanket…just the little things like that but now? And you were fine, all excited and ready for your hunt. Well… until now, the day of your actual hunt and that’s when it really got to you. 

Your muscles ached and burned with every movement, your head pounded against your throbbing skull… and the worst thing? The hunt was now.Like right nowww!

”C’mon littl’ sis, time to rock and roll” Dean called, ruffling your head.You groaned taking in a deep breath as you tried to convince yourself you were okay, Sam walked up to you noticing something off. With a weary glance and a ‘are you sure?’ look you nodded and headed towards the car.

”Okay, Sammy you take this one, (y/n) you take the other”Dean whispered blade in hand.You nodded watching as both of the tall hunters stalked in different directions.You turned around wobbling a little as the world shook.You clasped your head shaking it off as you could start to see your vision clouding with little black dots.Clenching your eyes shut you ignored the mass and kept walking.Thump.Before you could even do anything you were on the ground your eyelids falling shut as if they had weights on them.



”Whoa easy there”Sam’s voice rung out as you lifted your head to try and see what was going on.Your muscles protested as your body went against you.

”Wh-what?”You muttered out confused, your throat dry.

”You passed out your fine though”Dean stated handing you a glass of water.You groaned slapping your hand to you head

”I’m sorry I-”

”It’s okay don’t worry about it, you need to rest, you overworked yourself”Sam coaxed, pushing you back down gently.

”But now I’ve screwed everything up! You’ll never let me hunt with you now”You whispered

”Hey look, for some insane reason you really want to hunt, so as long as you ONLY and I mean only, train when me or Sammy are there…well you can help us” Dean told you.

”Plus, Dean screwed up his first hunt too”

”I DID NOT! Bitch.”


”Oh my god! will you to shut up!”