i like yelling cats

Ok but i really want to talk about this - its interesting how so different they were at the beginning.

In an earlier scene as Pearl snaps the head of a peedle, she mentions that Steven can’t join them till he can control his powers. They were quite dismissive of him at first, didn’t believe he could be experienced enough to join them on adventures and his naivete probably needed some working [i mean he coos and aws over the peedles spewing acid all over the house and making holes in the floor but that’s what makes him charming - he’s always wanted to make friends first and it’s a feature that’s stuck with him since I really love an appreciate]

But BACK to the gems, even as they dismiss him for joining on missions, they want to understand him and get along with him too, they try so hard. Like they’re just feeling each other out. “You can’t join us on the missions yet but we got you a whole bunch of cookie cats since we heard you liked it, and we want you to be happy.”

They’ve always wanted the best for Steven even at the beginning, they just had to figure things out along the way to see what clicked and didn’t, in their own awkward gems interacting with humans nature.

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I'm yelling, I called Warrior Cats Amino out for acting like a dictatorship due to their last PSA and my post got deleted. I tried to be somewhat nice and give suggestions on what they could do to stop this like using polls to vote on community based issues -- but nope! This app is a mess omfg

yiiiiikes yea the mods are p immature and gross and are not handling this lgbt issue well. They should have immediately apologized after the first incident, explained themselves and left it alone instead of continuing being homophobic and deleting posts that are related to lgbt characters as well

if I was a Disney princess, my animal sidekick would be a cat because I come home and literally 3 cats run up to my front door because they want pets

i cant take House of Wolves since Gerard did this thing in Munich where he slow-motion licked his arm from elbow to palm while looking right into my eyes and i was so confused by everything

when the Dementor turned the sign, it was written “FREE HUGS & KISSES” but we didn’t take a pic cus he beckoned us and we ran away omg