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for the fanfic ask meme: A-Z? HAHA jk, O & T?

O- How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?

I… I’m probably a bit of both? Depending on like,, the genre I’m writing for. Usually though, because I write a lot of action-based stuff, it tends to be plot first. Things get blown up a lot.

T- Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

There are… some which I don’t want to list because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here and everyone has preferences! But one thing I really don’t like is the angst which involves abusive behaviours? Like ones where Tony goes off the rails and treats Steve like shit because of *insert reason*. Like I mean…Idk if it’s just my very unforgiving nature but,,, I read some fics where one person treats the other like garbage because of personal issues, and then the other person just… goes back to them once they apologise? And I mean hey! It is understandable that sometimes people are mean and cruel due to the shit they have going on! But! It still doesn’t mean it’s okay to just. Let them treat people like shit and then just. Get them back as soon as they say sorry you know lmao rant over whoops but yeah I really hate that.

Things Bioware need to fix in Mass Effect Andromeda: SPOILER FREE!!

Hey guys. I’ve been playing the game since release and I’ve decided to write a list of all the things I think Bioware should improve upon in future Mass Effect: Andromeda updates. These are things that I think are reasonable that Bioware could improve upon that aren’t super intensive like changes to story or anything like that. I think the game is great and I’m loving it, it just needs some work to bring it up to standard.


- Add the ability to change complexion, brows, eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape.
- Add more skin tones.
- Add more detail to the eye textures. Characters with paler eyes look fake or scared. Inquisition did this really well so I’m not sure why it didn’t translate.
- The same for hair colours, the dyed ones are too fake looking and its alarming seeing it on npcs as well. Colour wheel for hair suggested by neednerdiness (link to come when i know what I’m doing lol)
- If custom Ryder is selected, Alec’s appearance should also be adjustable (ability to change his features or select default Alec). If not, Alec’s features should change depending on the changes the player makes to Ryder, not on what the preset looks like before changes.
- Change the opacity slider for makeup (to go darker) and add one for tattoos.
(And less likely but add more variation in tattoos and make-up instead of just the geometric/tribal ones.)
- Have unique hairstyles separate from npc hairstyles. This is one Bethesda are at fault for as well, its really disappointing and quite frankly very lazy.
- This ones just for me. I need more outfits, I need a dress! Please Bioware make it happen, I will pay for more clothes.
- The ability to change your appearance!!!! This is so important, it doesn’t have to be canon, it could be a final confirmation like in Fallout 4, or something like the Black Emporium dlc.


- Shorten travel times when viewing planets in a solar system. This does conflict with the real time view you see from the windows on the Tempest but I doubt many people leave the galaxy map when just scanning planets. It is tedious having to wait to arrive at each planet. They could do this by having a quick select for the nexus, aya and outpost planets.
- When returning to the Tempest it should remain on the planet/Nexus/etc until you select a new location on the galaxy map. This is so emails and crew can be checked for any new quests at that location and you don’t have to leave the planet and fly straight back.
- Party banter (and any other dialogue when travelling) frequently gets cut off when other dialogue is triggered to play. This needs to be changed so that one plays after the other to avoid overlapping or missing the first conversation altogether. Uncharted 4 does this really well.
- Every time you open the mining interface, SAM repeats the same dialogue about how you can mine in that area. Its annoying and unnecessary.
- When accepting rewards at the AVP Status Control, multiple awards should be condensed into one menu to save time.
- More skills for your squad! I’m on my first playthrough at 78% completion and my squad are maxed out.
- More Nexus levels! I’m at lvl 20 with -1,666 A.V.P. It would be great if I could unlock the rest of the pods.
- Remove already selected topics from the dialogue wheel. Suggested by stepp3nwolf.
- Better organisation of completed quests.
- Clearer way to compare armor and weapon stats to the ones currently equipped. Suggested by n7biotic.


- Asari faces need more variation, currently it seems they all have the same face model as Lexi. Suggested by citadelsavior.
- The ability to skip the opening cutscenes.

I’ll be frequently updating this!

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Leela, oh man I can't wait to read your response to this video, tbh while I was watching it, half of my brain was just thinking about how much I was looking forward to your reaction

this is so unbelievably sweet and i can’t believe that you look forward to hearing my thoughts so much!! i’m going to be completely dead honest with yall (when am i not tbh) … i was not one of the people who was super jazzed about the idea of a pastel edits video. i totally sided with dan in his past live show responses about the idea–that there’s no cohesive culture or stereotypical tropes around “pastel” that they could try to imitate, and also (though he didn’t say this) that it’s basically just a product of a sort of sexualized trope that tumblr seemed to make up out of thin air. i think i generally felt that at worst it would make them really uncomfortable, and at best it would just be a video of them putting on random pastel clothes and maybe wigs and making fun of the whole concept and that’s about it. so like. god damn, i was not prepared for how good this was nor the boundaries that it pushed, especially coupled with the tweet from dan preceding it. and even though there was still a lot of mockery and grumbling about it, especially from dan, i was not prepared for how much they would genuinely enjoy it and have fun with it. i think that’s just a testament to them and their connection/chemistry more than anything–it seems like there are very few scenarios and situations they get into together that they don’t end up completely loving and enjoying almost purely bc of how much they’re able to make each other laugh and bring each other joy. but also, in this case, bc they were so visibly enjoying the opportunity to touch and flirt and see each other wear a totally different look to their norm (and incidentally those exact things were what made punk edits irl such an incredible video too).

that being said, it wasn’t all just flirting and softness. there was some unexpected depth to this, or at least, a lot of room for me to speculate about what it might mean for them to be making a video like this, speculate about how they might feel about it, etc. and in order to do that i’m going to discuss a whole bunch of things that happened in the vid in three general categories: soft things, sarcastic things, and sexual things lol. one overarching observation to begin though: um. not to objectify but. phil is lookin damn fine. idk if his running/gyming are already having an impact but he somehow looked really well built in that t-shirt in a way i don’t think i’m used to seeing, so. ok. just had to get that out of the way.

1. soft things:

obvi, deeper analysis aside, there was a lot of genuinely sweet, wholesome, lovely shit happenin’ in this vid and it all had me close to tears. first of all. the brief and gut-wrenching return of the music from the blindfolded cat game vid and the dan and phil do poppen kookin vid, aka the softest videos known to mankind. thx phil. also interesting bc that means he def associates that music with softness and maybe he thinks about those videos as being soft and adorable and pure in the same way that we do. then,,,, phil going so high pitched when he talks about dans curls and saying that he’s ‘obsessed’ and dan getting all flustered when phil touches his hair and forgetting how to talk lol. “am i consenting you?” same. just generally, this was a video full of phil being rly into dans neck tattoo and dans curls and,,,, dan. just generally lmao. ik they lie all the time about preparing for videos and make it sound like phil does all the preparation even when dan has a hand in it, but in this case i really want to believe that phil actually went out (or online) shopping for dan and picked out that sweater and dungarees mostly bc he thought it’d be rly cute to see dan wearing them, which is why he also seemed to expend less effort on shopping for his own outfits. i loved his emphatically positive comments about the various elements of the get-up like when he was putting the tattoo on dan’s neck and told him that it would look amazing in such an earnest completely non-sarcastic way!!!! and a bit earlier when dan decided to also compliment phil out of nowhere, ALSO in such a genuine and emphatic and non-sarcastic way, regarding his “accurate cutting out” skills. the way that dan was instinctively so happy with phil’s arm tattoo and his first thought was to tell phil it matches his eyes before he naturally diluted it by slipping into a sarcastic tone of voice. and the way that he was so supportive of phil’s blue wig in a way that went beyond “u look good,” but rather was more along the lines of “u look good AND this fits with this deeper thing about you that i love so much and that shows how deeply i know you, namely the way that you want to make an impact when u enter a room” ahhhhhh goodness i think they both really found each other to be very pretty in these outfits, and doing a video like this is is as much a fun and exciting thing for them to experience as it is for us to watch.

one thing that really stood out to me was the moment when dan talks about feeling like he wants to do some ‘soft’ things after assuming this new persona and then he lists some examples of what those might be: writing a poem, cloud gazing, buying some sorbet, and then phil pitches in with surfing off the edge of a waterfall … which like,,, what? lmao. but the reason this moment hit me so hard is because it was the first point in watching the video that i realized that they were completely avoiding associating the concept of “pastel” with some more generalized concept of “femininity” and rather, just associating it with softness and aesthetic choices, both of which they proceeded to discuss throughout the video with absolutely no gender typecasting attached. so in this exchange, it really struck me that even when they were listing ‘soft activities’ they didn’t say anything about wanting to do activities that are stereotypically girly, nor did they shy away from talking about embracing things that could be perceived in that way like writing poetry or hugging unicorns or eating sorbet or whatever else. really the only mention of gender at all during the video was when phil talks about finding male underwear (on dan’s laptop btw, i just need to point that out) and even then they were just bemused at the idea that men would *want* to embrace the pastel but feel the need to hide it under their jeans lol. idk,, i’ve written about this before at great length (especially last year when dan bought the rhinestoned gatorland hat) but it’s just so lovely to see both of them progress to this point of total comfort with how they might be perceived and give absolutely no mind at all to any nasty stereotypes that people might launch at them for being two men in an extremely close relationship deciding to dress up in pink and touch each other and hold rainbow umbrellas and light up unicorns. like. the very THOUGHT of that happening a few years ago would be totally absurd especially with dan’s own seemingly internalized homophobia and both of their enforcement of gender binaries/heteronormativity. and yet, it’s a point that i will never stop making bc i can’t adequately express how happy it makes me: dan and phil have grown so much. we’ve watched them blossom into these self-assured people who are confident not only in themselves but in their relationship with each other, who are proud not only of themselves but of their relationship with each other, and who no longer feel such an innate need to hide.

2. sexual things:

in a similar vein, there was so much surprisingly overt sexual flirting and innuendo in this video that absolutely was not demanded by the situation at all. with last years halloween baking, one could make the argument that it’d be hard to mess about with melted chocolate and poke sticks into balls without making a lot of innuendos and giggling at them. but,,, there’s nothing in any way sexual about phil clipping on dan’s overalls for him….like. it was a completely innocent thing for phil to do. but dan decided to say “strapping me up on camera there’s a certain audience for this sort of video” while it was happening, as though *inviting* us to interpret this sexually, putting the thought into our heads on his own terms. the same applies to the tweet teasing the video. first of all he didn’t need to tweet at all but he did, to promo a video that wasn’t even on his own channel i want to point out. and if he wanted to promo it he could’ve just done a generic “just got done filming with phil” tweet or even a “wow just got done filming with phil and now we’re so messy” tweet but instead of leaving it there he took it to an explicitly sexual place of his own accord and, again, on his own terms. i can’t think of an explanation for this besides the notion that dan wants us to get used to thinking about them in sexual contexts, and he’s trying to push back a little on the strictly platonic and g-rated image they’ve built for themselves and their interactions. of course one could easily point out as a counter-argument that this isn’t the absolute first time they’ve made sexual comments about themselves. a good fairly recent example, but still pre-baking universe, was when they did the 3 legged ddr video on dapg and dan kept making comments about bondage and whatnot. but that still seems so different to me than many of the examples from this video for two reasons: first because, as mentioned before, the situation in the 3 legged ddr vid, in which they were literally taping themselves together, kind of demands innuendo in a more immediate way than like, strapping on overalls does. and, second, because the comments in that vid still seemed a tad uncomfortable, somewhat like dan envisioning the way that people would be screaming about these moments and sexualizing them anyway, and feeling forced to acknowledge the sexual overtones of the situation himself to get out in front of it. in this video, the difference is that dan truly and happily *went out of his way* to make these sexual and flirty comments, about the overalls, about tattooing phil’s penis or his ass, about phil biting him if he (dan) mentions cotton candy. and on and on. like,,,,, totally unnecessary, totally comments that dan made of his own volition bc he *wanted* to and *chose* to and that is so so important to me.

at the same time, phil, while less vocal in his flirting, broke the g-rated boundaries in his own ways, especially, and probs most memorably, by unzipping his trousers plainly in view of the camera and then plainly in view of dan. i was really shocked to see that and felt like i’d been totally transported back to 2008 lol. they’re both making these conscious decisions to unravel certain parts of this veneer they’ve had in place for so long and it’s something so exciting and monumental to me.

3. sarcastic comments:

as exciting as all of the above is, there hasn’t been a total transformation yet. there was still some visible discomfort with aspects of what they were doing, mostly on dan’s part, but a bit on phil’s as well, and to me it came out mostly in the form of super sarcastic comments sprinkled throughout the video. at 2:38 when dan says “it’s just like so pastel,” in the most mocking voice of all time. pretty much the whole time they are looking thru the example pics and trying not to make fun of the edits, but then basically openly shitting on the whole concept of aesthetic moodboards and whatnot. the “this is so stupid” comment that dan makes around that time. at 5:38 phil saying, “wow dan you look so soft.” this one is less clear but to me it definitely sounded sarcastic and mocky. at 6:59 the voice/face dan uses when he says “these soft knees. woowwwww.” at 9:07 when dan asks, “what is my life? why do i keep agreeing to these stupid videos? … do you deserve this?” and then at the end, phil saying “the things we do for you guys” and promoting dan’s channel, with dan quickly reassuring people his content is “not like this.” there are just these threads of self-consciousness and self-awareness that i don’t think they were fully able to shake, and an awareness specifically that this video seems/feels a lot like pandering, or at least specifically responding to something that was so vehemently requested by the audience and that they’re pretty clearly doing it just to “give the people what they want” (even though of course they ended up appearing to love it and have so much fun with it). this whole aspect of video-making for an audience is always going to be a tricky one for them, because they both pride themselves on originality and creativity and a so-called quality threshold and all that other bullshit, so choosing to make a video that is such a fervent fan request and that doesn’t involve the same creative energy that they’d normally want probably makes them somewhat uncomfortable (esp if that video is one where they have to literally dress up as a popular fan fantasy and touch each other a lot). that’s why it was so particularly interesting to me to hear phil say “well we’re on my channel there’s no integrity here,” because from *our* perspective it’s true that phil seems to care less about the quality threshold that dan talks about, and that he’s happy to put up fluff content (with dan) quite frequently whether it be a phil is not on fire or a day in the life or a baking vid or whatever else. phil’s clearly speaking in amusement and jest when he says his channel has no integrity but undelrying the humor is a clear separation they seem to see between the purpose of their channels and i was surprised to hear it reiterated so directly. this coupled with what we know about phil being more business-minded, having an on-camera presence that seems to be more different from his real self than dan’s, censoring himself, keeping his thoughts somewhat reserved, ,,, there are lots of connections here that i’m seeing but not finding the best words for in this moment. i think what i mean is that phil views his channel as entertainment in the most literal and fundamental way: the purpose is to please the audience, make them feel good and happy, and give them what they want to see. that process doesn’t necessarily require him to put a lot of himself out there. on the flip side dan sees his channel and his content as true artistic endeavors that are representative of who he is, his value as a creator and maybe even as a person since he connects so much of his self-assigned meaning of life to his career. all of this is shit we knew, but. i’ve never heard phil comment so glibly and cavalierly about that divide. the comment felt super important to me.

overall: there’s such a strongly purposive quality to everything dan and phil choose to do. even amongst all of the sensory onslaught of this video, the scenes of dan stroking phil’s arm and phil cooing over dan’s curls and both of them referencing sex and sexual situations so much, it’s this mindfulness, the transparently premeditated nature of it all, that hit me hardest and that i cannot stop thinking about. they’ve made so much progress in such a relatively short space, with their comfort levels and their confidence and their ability to disregard audience perceptions or, if they do regard it, to at least not let it dictate their behavior so damn much. ultimately with a video like this, when so much seems to have shifted, my mind always goes back to the frame-by-frame way in which videos are edited and the consequently frame-by-frame way that dnp watched this video back, looked at every joke they made, every touch they shared, and decided to leave things in as they were. decided to sit and maybe draft a tweet together that very consciously broke down their carefully constructed walls. it all is very deliberate and that matters. this video could definitely in my opinion be remembered as a turning point much like halloween baking if it is followed by more behavior that pushes boundaries, more conversation about defying gender roles and stereotypes, more sexual humor, etc. it was so exciting to watch and i’m so proud of them on so many levels.

(dan and phil pastel edits irl

First Time

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The Reader and Dean meet at a bar and have a moment.

Word Count: 816

Warnings: Suggestive Content, just good fun :)

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s “Do it Like Dean” challenge. I got the prompt: “You can call me Dean.” I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed!!

There was a first time for everything, right?

At least that’s what I told myself as I walked around the pool table, my eyes transfixed on a pair of green ones. Usually, I wasn’t one to just go for it after a couple of hours of knowing the person, but after a few drinks and a lot of sexual tension while playing pool, I threw all logic out the window.

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you know something that frustrates me about the way people talk about with diagnosis is… people make it sound like it’s so definite.

like, when i was like 12, i almost got the diagnosis chldhood bipolar, but then they just decided against it, i started treatment for adhd.. and i stopped taking meds, fucked my education up for years… started taking em again when i was like 15-16, and it helped me so much… what happened with those years? i was technically diagnosed, didn’t get help.

then i also got the diagnosis bipolar again.. that medication helped me a lot. then 2 other therapists called that diagnosis bullshit, one said they have no idea how anyone could ever think i’m bipolar, the other was just a tiny bit confused..

when i was young, they said i’m probably autistic.. i brought it up again with a therapist later, he said he’d prefer to not write it in documents because it would look bad for me to have lots of diagnoses listed..

at one point, i was denied treatment at the gender clinic because they thought it could make my mental state worse..

and you know.. going through all of this… i’m kind of wondering.. how can someone think that a diagnosis is like the only thing that matters? i mean, medical professionals sort of go off your self-evaluation and self-diagnosed symptoms anyway… and sometimes they will just refuse to diagnose you for many reasons beyond you not having the disorder.. and in some cases having a diagnosis can make things worse for you..

i think that it’s quite dangerous how some people deny this reality, and i frankly don’t get the kind of people who are against self-diagnosis.

Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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don't be me

you are
the reason
every book,
every poem,
every word
I write

all of them
are for you,
you can read
a few now

but I wish you
would wait,

this is the poem
for your first
big mistake,
for your first
lost stake,
for your first

I know words
can’t give back
what they take,

I know feelings
can’t completely reattach
when they separate,

I know love
can burn hearts,
soft muscles coagulate,

I want to tell you
it will be fine,

keep telling her
you love her,
come up with
a new way
to say it
even if
she won’t listen

she hears you

she might leave.
someday someone will
you will leave someone

this isn’t a poker game
take the ace
from your sleeve
some things are
meant to be
that’s the beauty
of your soul
being destroyed
it will not be
as it was, but what
it was couldn’t
touch what it is
it will happen again

son, there is
a reason
I told you
Fear the Heart,
stay away from art,
don’t write anything
except grocery lists,
this is a curse
some of us carry,
we’ve lived too much,
we’ve loved too little,
if our lives were
as perfect as our
lines, we wouldn’t
be Poets,
the Heart has no
survival mechanism
like the brain
it can only give
so much before
it just can’t

I write not to
find love in
the world
I write to find
love in myself

I still
think about
your mother
every day,
as I write this now
as you read it
years from now

every day

that’s what
the Heart
does to you

I know
I can’t keep
you away
from anything
this hasn’t
for me,

you know
I don’t pray,

but I pray
to whoever’s
listening that

it works
for you

Okay so, as someone who was quite against reading Killing Stalking in the beginning, I just want to state my opinion /after/ having decided to read it. (I’ll put the rest under a read-more line, since I seem to have written a small novel. Go ahead an read below for a pointless analysis)

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Rowling didn't write the Cursed Child. I tend to view it as a satire of the Harry Potter universe. A few minor things were good, but overall it lacked Rowlings touch for obvious reasons.

Tbh I’m glad she didn’t write the script, it makes the whole thing easier to exclude from canon. Some things were good (the Malfoy boys I loved), some things were bad (Ron and Rose, and the many others thing I have a long list of), some things I had to have an actual break from reading because they were so ridiculous (the trolley lady, ‘you’re upsetting the dementors and ruining Voldemort Day’).

There were a few scenes/lines that did feel like the original, and I enjoyed those parts. But the majority didn’t feel like Harry Potter at all, it was more like an officially endorsed crack fic.


Prompto has lots of experience with self doubt, which makes him great at detecting it and responding to it. Here’s some ways he would comfort his s/o:

-Post it notes with “reasons I love you” around the house
-Surprise kisses and hugs
-Pictures of his s/o that he brought to mind when writing post it notes taped above them
-Kissing every inch of his s/o’s face as he lists all of the things he loves about them most
-Pulling his s/o into long hugs and not letting go
-Piggyback rides
-Less bitching about fighting and more puns
-like seriously
-100000000 puns
-He will buy anything and everything he thinks his s/o like to gift them
-Like that piece of candy? Here’s 3000 pieces
-Like my vest? Take my vest.
-Oh you want a teddy bear? Yeah I’m gonna go win you one babe I gotchu
-He won’t let his s/o’s hand go and keeps starring at them like they’re the holy grail
-Babe you are a blessing, I love you so much.
-Kisses before bed all over his s/o’s face

Prompto would do anything for the ones he loves.


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im sorry if this is in the faq but it isn't allowing me to open that for some reason atm. will this Tumblr remain in operation when the site is created? it's more convenient for me to use this Tumblr bc i receive post notifications and save things in my likes until i have the opportunity to add them to an evergrowing list of items i want. just wondering. thank you for your time! :)

Hi there, it’s not in the FAQ so don’t worry about that :-) As the days count down, I plan on writing up a bit more on the site but this is the basics: 

I will still be running this blog as usual - frequent posts, accepting submissions, doing requests etc but, I also want to branch out and start writing articles, doing interviews, DIYs, and more giveaways and I feel that a separate site for that will be the best way to go! It will be more like a blog, where as this page is more like a catalog. I hope this makes sense, but in short this blog will 100% still be running as usual, and the site is just for anybody who feels like diving in further w/ Little Alien :-) 

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How would I go about making a muse or a roleplay blog? Is there some kind of masterpost for this stuff? Are there requirements for what a muse can and can not be? I am so confused.

Hi Anon!

I’m sure there is a masterlist of stuff, but I wouldn’t know where to begin looking for one. The simple answer is that there is no ‘wrong’ way to start a roleplay blog because it is your blog. But there are some standard/most common traits of RP blogs that can help.  I am more than happy to give you my thoughts under the cut!

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WIP meme

 Tagged by @uncannycookie & @auro-cyanide my gosh! Never thought I would get tagged by these awesome people! >////<

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Oh man… WIPs. I tend to have a lot of abandoned WIPs. A lot of them are still in my head, some still drafts, and a few get lucky enough to even be sketched digitally. My reasons can be varied, but a lot of times it’s because I lost interest in the idea, or I’m having a second thought of the idea, or I just forgot about them accidentally LOL. /slapped

Since I have a lot, so I will be showing the WIPs that I still plan to finish in the near future, and a few that I’m having a second thoughts or hesitated to continue. And, most of them are comics :”)) I have nothing for illustration WIP :”)))) Also, I tend to draft on my sketch book, so sorry for poor quality camera. 

Original Work: Foster

Foster is my original 4-panel comic that I posted on Ta pastic, but just recently deleted them from the website due to reasons (but, I’m going to post the chapter 1 on my blog soon, so stay tune!). I haven’t continued them since I’m totally put my focus on fandom stuff at the moment, but I have drafted chapter 2 & 3 months ago, even along with the possible conversation dialogue. I plan to continue them as soon as I got the motivation back! ><

Fandom Stuff: All Mostly Terumob

  • Chapter Teaser

These are drafts and page sketch for a TeruMob comic that I planned for quite some time. I haven’t really decided on title yet, but it’s gonna be a long project. Although, this project will continue only if the feedback/responses for this chapter teaser are good since this one is not only going to end in 15 pages AT ALL. Hopefully, I can finish this as fast as I can without delays.

  • Extra Shorts

I was going to keep this a secret, but I guess it’s for the meme? 

Because I got an artblock for the previous one OTL, I thought of doing something to lift up my mood. This is a page sketch in progress of an extra after this comic since I want to show Teruki’s POV after Mob cried his eyes out. I’m planning to finish this one first before continuing the others, but we’ll see :”))

  • Fear

This one is actually an idea based on my personal fear. I wanted to portray those feelings to Teruki for Mob, but I sorta abandoned it because I wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea after all. It’s pretty similar with the previous comic where Teruki is the one telling the story and I’m still hesitating to continue this.

  • Fanfic: I recently thought about trying my hands on writing again. I used to write fanfics when I was in the K-POP fandom, but never for animanga fandom. I was planning a short TeruMob drabble, an angst one about Teruki visits Mob who’s in a hospital, and I got this idea before chapter 99.4 was out! I swear! After I read chapter 99.4, I don’t think I can continue it because I really don’‘t want to accidentally upset people more :”))) Mob, please be okay. FOR REAL!

I guess, that’s all. Most of the sketch pages are like really rough because I’m still figuring out if the panels work out or not before I go to the detail sketch. Yeah…. now you know how messy I work :”))))

Ehm, tagging @florbe-triz @topcatsama @hiruhirudo (I don’t really know many people here OTL). Just do it if you want to :”D

How Much Fun Can We Have With This?

Summary: When Alya, Nino, Adrien and Marinette all move in together, it doesn’t take Alya and Nino long to figure out what’s up with their significant others. But instead of coming clean, they decide to see how much fun they can have first.


“I’m going to kill that girl,” Alya said.

“Babe,” Nino said calmly, taking her hand, “please, as a favor to me, do not kill our girlfriend, okay?”

“And him, too, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Okay, Alya, if you kill both of them then it’ll just be the two of us in a completely conventional two-person relationship. And then the huge fight I got into with my parents right before moving into this den of sin will have been a complete waste. Is that what you want?”

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Zodiac Songs #7 - Portishead

Portishead is my favorite music group of all time.  It took me a while to make this list because my feelings for them are so deep and complex and it was kinda hard to hyper analyze them in this way.  Also I’m a Scorpio and I don’t like sharing with too many people the things that are really close to my heart. I didn’t even want to link all the songs cause I’m possessive like that and I didn’t want to make it too easy for the dilettantes…  But I did anyway since for some reason I felt like writing this right now. So here it is.

Pioneers and perfectors of the trip-hop genre, Portishead formed in the height of the Neptune in Capricorn era.  While more mainstream artists were tied to physical excesses, lamenting over money, sex, and ruthless notoriety, or grumbling in grungy purgatory, trip hop artists, especially Portishead, represented the more melancholic and ethereal side of this era. Bubbling under the surface and never reaching true mainstream status, Portishead and other trip-hop artists represented the soul of this dark, physically focused era. Contemplative, reflecting on the survival mechanisms of human nature on Earth, and the limits of life on this plane, Portishead is produced by Venus in Capricorn - True Node Aquarius native Geoff Barrow and led by the vocals and lyrics of Capricorn Sun - Aquarius Moon, Beth Gibbons. Portishead’s music is decidedly Saturnian in nature –  somber, often harsh, cryptic and coded, obsessively detailed, heartbroken but persevering, aloof, alienating, emotionally dense, exquisitely elucidating the perils of mortality; travelling through time – deeply rooted in the past while always looking forward and breaking new ground.

As Neptune made its way into Aquarius, Portishead’s avant-garde influence began to take root in more mainstream music.  In an era when electronic music made its way into pop music, the lightness of the air element created a fascination with depth and many of the styles and techniques that Portishead had been using a decade earlier became chic and new in mainstream pop. Weirdness became hip and eventually diluted into more palatable forms. But when Portishead released their 3rd album, Third,  in 2008, many of the critics in the airy Neptune in Aquarius era weren’t ready for how real it actually was. Ignorantly written off by many as their weakest release, Third was even more experimental, harsh, and alienating than their previous releases. While they were like the ethereal soul of the Neptune in Capricorn era, Portishead was like the dense core grounding the excess electricity of the Neptune in Aquarius era. Weariness, angst, spiritual disillusionment channelled through synths, Third was rooted in electronic music history and primal psychedelia and effectively called bullshit on all the lightweights playing checkers on their chessboard.  
The music of Portishead for me is like the soundtrack of Saturn at its most dense and ultra feminine in the esoteric sense. This list is basically like Saturn travelling through each of the signs, forcing each one to confront their shortcomings, fears, and inevitable demise on this plane while encouraging excellence and keeping a focused eye on the future.

Aries - Numb, Roads
This loneliness, just won’t leave me alone. A lady of war…

Ohh, can’t anybody see, We’ve got a war to fight, Never found our way, Regardless of what they say

Taurus - Cowboys, Biscuit 
But don’t despair, this day will be the damndest day oh if you take these things from me.

Full fed yet I still hunger. Torn inside. Haunted I tell myself, yet I still wander, Down, inside, its tearing me apart. Ohh sensation. Sin, slave of sensation

Gemini - Magic Doors, Silence 

I can’t divide or hide from me, I don’t know who I’m meant to be
I guess it’s just the person that I am

Tempted in our minds. Tormented inside lie
Wounded and afraid, Inside my head, Falling through changes

Cancer - Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me), Half Day Closing 

Who am I, what and why? Cause all I have left are my memories of yesterday. Ooh Sour times.

In the days, the golden days when everybody knew what they wanted, It ain’t here today. Through the times of lasting love when parents talked of things tried and tested. It don’t feel the same. Dreams and belief have gone. Time, life itself goes on…

Leo - All Mine, Small 

Make no mistake, you shan’t escape, tethered and tied there’s nowhere to hide from me. All mine. You have to be.

Small, tasteless, and forgot, Hoping to see, blinded like me, You tried to understand, but you’re just a man, Open to scorn just like me

Virgo - It could Be Sweet, Nylon Smile 

I don’t want to hurt you. No reason, have I but fear. And I ain’t guilty of the crimes you accuse me of. But I’m guilty of fear.

I’d like to laugh at what you said but I just can’t find a smile. I wonder why you can. I struggle with myself, hoping I might change a little, hoping that I might be someone I wanna be

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WIP meme

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by the fabulous @dictacontrion and @thistle-verse !

Current WIPs

The Space AU, a Caius/Al (Volstovic Cycle) fic
This one is about Caius and Al sorting out their problems so they can get married….in space. They’re in space because this fic is based on a tiny ficlet which took place in space for arbitrary meme reasons, and why not - I rarely write SF in fic so it’s a lot of fun to get the chance to do that. :D it’s coming along slowly because words are happening slowly atm. Yay unemployment blues. Had the same thing happen last summer.

Percy/Oliver midlife crisis fic (Harry Potter)
Seeing as I’ve written a P/O midlife crisis fic once before: what the fuck. This one is different though, the old fic was established relationship for one, for the other it revolved around Percy’s insecurities. This one starts with Percy and Audrey getting divorced and is about Percy embracing change. His life just changed in a big way because of the divorce (they remain friends!! They care about each other!!) so he just goes “well, what else can I change?” And takes an interest in decorating his new flat, takes up new hobbies, decides to change careers…in all of this Oliver isn’t a new person as such, they’re old friends and Percy sees him when he goes to see Ginny play and when Ginny stops playing, he still goes to the games to hang out with Oliver. Only their relationship is a thing that also changes :D featuring: Percy’s youngest daughter living with her dad (their relationship grows tighter), Percy as a stage actor (yes, really) and slooooow burn

yoi fic
I had decided from the start I wasn’t going to write fic for this fandom, but. 1) I have a prompt for a yurio/otabek volstovic cycle crossover that I’m struggling to work out (it’s been weeks of not more) and I’m still having difficulties with making it work. Haven’t abandoned it yet, @palavapeite, but no promises either. The other is that very recently I happened upon a fic that in hindsight I should never have clicked on let alone continued reading once I realised how it was affecting me, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about writing a fix-it fic for that fic (though I’d never link them) in which victor learns what it’s like to have a good Dom (in Yuri obv) who takes care of him and makes him feel safe and loved and helps him heal…problem: I’ve never written D/s before, and I’m not particularly keen on writing smut either. I am however wondering if I should approach it from a different angle - the D/s scenes not as “hot sex” but the same way I’d write any other interaction in which personal development happens, i.e. zero focus on the hard dicks and a lot of focus on what’s happening inside victor’s head and the ways he and yuri work together to build something that is safe, sane and consenting for both of them. Also: shittons of aftercare bc holy shit victor received none of that in the fic I read and it was SO upsetting, he was so sad and broken and messed up, ugh. Maybe I’ll never write it and just let it live forever in my head.

Thief/Detective romance (original)
This one is in the plotting stages, and will eventually (once it’s finished) be posted online for free in probably weekly instalments. I am v excited about this because I just LOVE this kind of moral divide in romantic pairings and I’m extra excited because…Detective is ace. He responds to Thief’s attempts at seduction (distractions) with “eh, that’s not gonna work on me”. There’s lots of shenanigans and funny scenes - I’m taking a leaf out of several of my favourite movies (say, man from uncle?) and stories and just going with “the only purpose of this is to make people feel thoroughly entertained”.

WIPs on hold
I am currently unemployed and the short of it is: I’m not legally allowed to write fiction I intend to sell as that counts as paid work and I could lose my unemployment benefits and in worst case go to jail for welfare fraud. So, all my original stories I’ve been working on are on hold until I get a job and the law can’t touch me.

fake dating princes (original, romance)
What it says on the tin! Additionally it takes place in an alternative universe in which a) magic exists b) mythical beings exist and interbreed with humans c) paganism abounds d) Europe has a loooot more micronations and tiny kingdoms than it does today. POV character is the second prince in a tiny kingdom who becomes crown prince when his older sibling marries someone “unsuitable” and loses their claim to the throne. Because he is petty and angry (and doesn’t want to be crown prince) he decides to get fake engaged to a crown prince from a neighbouring kingdom, renouncing his own claim to the throne…well, my prince is going to have everything fuck up for him and also fall in love, so fun times!

ace!incubus story (original, romance)
This one has a title but I don’t want to reveal it on tumblr. This is about a demisexual Cupid and an asexual incubus being forced to work together. Cupid has a second career: he moonlights as a cat burglar for hire. Usually works alone…then he’s approached by an outsider/new player about working together on a big job. This is our incubus :p there’s a lot of tension and trust issues and differences in opinion and whatnot, some hard choices will have to be made. Features also: the incubus struggling with what want is and the irony of being able to make other people feel desire but not having any of it himself. He just wants to want! He will eventually be okay.

werewolf pirates (original, romance)
This is my queerplatonic poly triad darling :D features: werewolf scientist who’s only on the ship because where his pack goes, he goes; a fruit bat vampire, the subject of the scientist’s study; and a genderfluid/agender shape shifting mermaid (a terrifying man eating predator) who just wants to know what it’s like to be human. There are lots of shenanigans, pseudo science, coconuts and the three of them forming their own little pack. Prominent side characters: the alpha of the pack and the captain of the ship + her wife, a captain of another pirate ship. Also werewolf scientist’s academic adversary who is a vile saboteur and needs a suitably ridiculous name.

fantasy heist novel (original, fantasy)
This is about a bunch of hella queer thieves who get blackmailed into committing treason. They are not happy about it! Currently planned to be the first in a trilogy, but we’ll see. (There is an espionage spinoff in the works, though it may just as well end up being the sequel.) the setting is a solar punk magic society based on “medieval” fennoscandinavia because hooray for putting my degrees to use. In the current draft there’s only one POV character (trans gay guy), but once I can get back to it I might add another. There is absolutely a romantic subplot! It’s between POV guy and his ex, who’s brought onto a heist in the beginning bc they need his hacking expertise and then gets stuck with the others when they all get blackmailed. He’s a cis bi guy. Also in the group is POV guy’s bff (trans bi lady, also: deaf) and her wife (cis lesbian and potentially the other POV), a genderfluid pan character (also potentially the other POV) and a cis lady (protag of the potential espionage spin off and also sister to the love interest). They all have various nationalities and loyalties so “treason” only means so much to some of them. It’s a lot of fun! And so plotty, ugh.

I have a large handful or two of more original stories to work on but those are in preliminary stages and will be picked up (or not) once I’ve cleared my desk for some of the current WIPs. I’m certainly not lacking in ideas…

I tag: @eatingfireflies, @nocompromise-noregrets, @annawrites, @actualkatebishop and whoever else wants to do this! Tag me if you do, I love hearing about what other people are working on :D

Works in Progress

I was tagged by the wonderful @dovabunny (if you like Fenders, go read Dr Anders from Sex Ed, it’s amazing)

Do This: List 10 things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, arts, gifsets, whatever.

Gonna focus on writing because the real life to-do-pile is just depressing (and the reason I’m not really getting much writing done at the moment…)

- priority is finishing “Truce or Date”. I have roughly 20 more half-written        chapters and I want to get those done before I start another longfic.

- a Fenders “The little mermaid” AU I’ve been trying to finish for months 

- a Fenders glory hole fic that was supposed to be just a silly, smutty one shot but now has chapters and feelings, for some reason

- the next part of “Stepping Stones”

- a smutty Fenders body swap 

- a (loosely) Golden Girls modern AU with Hawke, Aveline, Merrill and Isabela all living together (either Merribela or Hawke/Merrill/Isabela)

- a Merribela fic about Isabela’s relationship with each of her friends

- a one shot for my modern AU Fenders series that is sort of a prequel looking back on their first date 

- a Fenders fic in which a drunk one night stand leads to Fenris and Justice talking, and eventually to Justice interacting/becoming friends with (most of) the other members of the Kirkwall crew

- Handers in Orlais (so basically Anders and ALL the statues) 

Tagging (if you haven’t done it yet and want to do it) @selfmadeelf @damnedapostate @tearsofwinter @therealmnemo @andrastesknickerweasel  

didsw’s reigisa fic recs!! :O

(haha, get it? rec it? whatever fuck this)

I’m not good at summaries or anything (in fact, these summaries are awful) but I’ve always wanted to do something like this so yeah! I’m sure many of you have read a lot of the fics on here but hopefully there are a few you have missed! I didn’t put all my favorite fics on this list, though–the ones with trillions of kudos I left out because I’m pretty sure most of us first filter by kudos on AO3 anyways, so it would be a boring list. 

They’re not in any order (I repeat: NO ORDER), and I will definitely undersell them because I’m trying to make this concise but I GUARANTEE each and every is a treasure! So please, everyone, find it in your heart to read! For reigisa! For fanfiction!

Not under a cut because I think it can be kind of difficult to read on my blog. Sorry for the (very long and unnecessary) post!

Ink on Paper by RicePilaf: Rei (away at uni) writes Nagisa a letter and for some reason the letter is like? the cutest thing I have ever read? It is so so lovely and sweet and short but worth the read! 

Three-Fourths Cotton, One-Fourth Polyester by brumalbreeze: I’m sure many of you have read this, but hits a few of my deep dark secret kinks. (Mouth-fucking, anyone? Goddamn) Rei’s lowkey a pervert but it’s okay! Because Nagisa is too! (Also I guess brumal heard that I was putting this on the list bc SOMEONE (see below) couldn’t keep a secret and did some mad editing so even if you’ve read it a billion times already give it another go)

Grand Pas de Deux by Shaples: Seriously, who hasn’t read this yet? Stripper!Nagisa and Bartender!Rei, except they’re not reduced to super shallow tropes. They’re multi-dimensional characters who have hopes! And dreams! And sex! And a lot of alcohol. (Ongoing)

Blast from the Past by jenatwork: “Oh, teacher-student relations? That’s gross,”–me, a fool, before this fic. It’s NOT teacher-student…..it’s teacher-FORMER student and it is hot af. (AND LEGAL!) Like, my god, take me now Ryuugazaki-sensei! 

When You Leave by letters_of_stars: Rei drowns during training camp and Nagisa casually falls apart because of it. To make matters worse–Rei’s ghost has come back but Nagisa is the only one who can see and hear him. Now, I know what you’re thinking: you fucking masochist! Why would you read this! How dare you rec this to me, a happy shipper? Um, maybe because its beautifully written? Seriously guys, this fic is so, so good–well thought out, humorous at times, and captivating even with it’s dark theme. I seriously teared up at parts while I was reading, but like, in the good, I-read-fanfiction-to-hurt-myself, kinda way. (Ongoing)

Will you love me tomorrow by hentaihorseface: “Ugh, not another mpreg fic,” I say as I click the link. “What is this, 2007?” As usual I’m completely wrong because this fic fucking. ruined. me. I’m not kidding. The emotions I feel when I read this fic are just so intense–I’ve really come close to crying from a) sadness b) happiness c) any other emotion because it would provide an outlet for my INCREDIBLY INTENSE feelings. Why is Rei as a baby daddy so appealing? Why Nagisa as a hormonal pregnant teenager is somehow heartwarming? This fic has it all: angst, sex, fluff, family drama, hurt/comfort, you name it. All those filters on ff.net? Yeah, they’re all here. No, I’m serious everyone–Rei and Nagisa as teen parents is such a gift. (Ongoing…so she says)

X and Y by emkayss: All you really need to know is: fem!Reigisa. But if that didn’t convince you, it’s got pining and seemingly unrequited love and a happy ending. And if that didn’t convince you, I don’t know if you can truly call yourself a reigisa shipper. As short and sweet as Nagisa herself!

Let Go of Time for You by walkalittleline: Remember that super angsty reigisa mook KyoAni threw at us a couple months ago? On one hand, it was like “Fuck this, why didn’t they make Rei bite Nagisa’s neck or rescue him with an underwater kiss?” but on the other hand it was kinda like “Oh god Rei’s so goddamn head over heels for Nagisa he fucking brought a photo of the two of them on the aircraft despite weight limit regulations.” (Seriously, do you know how anal space travel is? You can’t even have an extra screw lying around) Also, he built a fucking NagiDroid 2.0. (Which is creepy, but since it’s Rei I’m willing to interpret that as an act of love). But anyways–another plus was/is the influx of Reigisa mook stories, like this one. What I like about this fic is that it’s written from Nagisa’s point of view and shows his struggles of being left behind on Earth while Rei floats around in outer space. It’s sad and truly heartbreaking at times but the ending will make you squeal and giggle and clap your hands because you’re an idiot who lets fanfic dictate your life. Or maybe that’s just me.

Sandalwood by Deanon: General rule of thumb: Arabian AU always slays, always. My god, this fic is just so precious! Rei is such a sweetie and Nagisa is a temptress, but in the angelic sort of way. And Kou is a very good friend. 

chasing magic by Growlithe: How could I not include this fic? This work + au inspired me to write my own Reigisa au! So there was no fucking way I was going to leave this treasure out. Questionable Bartender!Nagisa and Magician!Rei. Rei’s a total dweeb in this, but then again, when is he not? And while this fic is entertaining and Nagisa’s internal monologue is downright hilarious, it also manages to portray Rei and Nagisa’s budding relationship as incredibly soft and sweet. You’ll get warm fuzzies reading it or your money back!

Grand Optimist by 3cars: A heartbreaking “25 Lives” trope. Reincarnation is always a bitch! This is one of those fics that leaves a sort of empty ache inside of you, even before you’ve finished reading. It’s not a sad ending but it’s somehow not particular happy, either. It’s so lovely and bittersweet, like the darkest chocolate or the oldest wine. (This is me trying to be fake deep.)

Thinking Out Loud by youcanbeking: A truly wonderful fic by one of my best friends! Do you daydream about Reigisa weddings like I do in class? Because in this fic, Nagisa sure does! A super cute story about Nagisa and Rei’s developing relationship that dives into deeper, more serious topics that arise when you’re dating someone. Or maybe Nagisa just over thinks things. 

helpful tips 4 u! by venusianeye: Honestly fuck this fic for making my heart explode into tiny little bubbles of joy every time I read it. It is just–okay, read it and you’ll understand, alright? Nothing I say will do it any form of justice. I just–oh my god I’m getting a lil emotional thinking about it–the way it’s written is just so amazing. And the way Nagisa talks about his Rei-chan is literally, LITERALLY going to send me to an early grave. There are some really fucking cute phrases he uses and his love for Rei really comes through. Enough gushing! Please read this! 

Late Night Call by ZWorld: Dweebs in love. Dweebs having…phone sex?! That’s sexy, but this fic is honestly just so sweet and innocent. I feel like a weird, perverted mom reading this because the whole time I’m like “omg babies you go! get the boy! have all the phone sex I’m so proud!” A very, very cute fic about Rei and Nagisa’s first time diving into that aspect of their relationship. 

like i’ve never seen the skies before by sylveonimbus (cloud_sakura): Another truly paintful Reigisa mook story. How the author was able to perfectly capture the voice of Nagisa the android is beyond me. This fic cut rights into the heart–but if you like angst, please read this. I don’t want to ruin the fic, but rest assured it is absolutely beautiful. 

cohabit and inhabit by magicianprince: Domestic Reigisa for the soul. Reading these two fics is the equivalent of drinking hot chicken soup on a wintery night, when you’re all bundled up in the covers and tired from a long day. They are perfect portrayals of Rei and Nagisa living together–I love these two fics with all of my heart. Reading this before bed is a surefire way to ensure sweet dreams. 

kiss him silly, kiss him sillier by suitablyskippy: Honestly, the writing and vocabulary and voice in this fic is just goals. Like, who did the author have to sell their soul to to so perfectly capture Nagisa, Nagisa’s thought process, and his interactions with Rei on top of incredible wording and vivid imagery? This fic transports you back to the sticky heat of summer, the excitement of having a crush, and the wholehearted fun of adolescence. 

So that’s the end of my rec list! Again, sorry it was so long, but I’m too fucking weak to my blog aesthetic to change it to make it a little bit easier to read. 

I hope there was at least one fic on here you haven’t heard about–and everyone, if you DO choose to read, leave kudos! Leave comments! Who fucking cares if it was written in the fandom Stone Age EVERYONE loves to have their ego stroked! I hope this was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. And if you have some recommendations for ME, I…probably have already read it, to be honest. But send me the titles and authors anyways! Because I could spend my life reading about these two lovebirds falling in love and having sex and making out over and over and over again <3