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Kim Jongdae is the best thing that has happened to this world 💖

FREE walk-in flu shots

Apparently my hospital gives walk-in flu shots to all its’ members! It might be a good idea to get now that spoopy season (aka flu season) is just around the corner. I just found this out last week and thought it would be a good idea to share in case any of you would benefit from it. Stay safe and avoid getting super sick!

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bnha for the ask meme thing? pls and thank 🌸🌼🌺

Yes, sir-ree, @diggitydamnsebastianstan

Holy cow that username is amazing. I love it so much. Be proud! :D 


I realized when I posted that, that I haven’t exactly posted anything outside of Hunter x Hunter and BNHA. Whoops. 

But I’m gonna answer these anyway and please at least… I think eleven, anons, who asked this same exact thing. Haha. 

My bad, guys. Here’s my SHORT LIST of answers! *Gasp*

Favorite Character: Midoriya Izuku. Just. Ah I posted something awhile back about this… somewhere. Eh. He’s just. I love him. I’m very intrigued by Bakugou Katsuki as well. And their dynamic. Oh my lord. *Rants.*

Second Favorite Character: Haha. Bakugou Katsuki. Um, but I also really enjoy All MIght, which was not something I expected when going into the anime.

Least Favorite Character: Mineta is an obvious answer… I mean, he’s everyone’s least-favorite. But, there are plenty of characters I just don’t care for in general, sadly. Honestly, I’m actually not too impressed with Iida Tenya as a character. He’s not awful by any means, and I don’t dislike him, but… eh. I don’t know. He’s not as interesting as some of the other characters to me. 

The Character I’m Most Like: I’m horrible with questions like this. But, I identify with Midoriya on an almost scary level. It feels strangely egocentric to even compare myself to the main character. But, he is the one I was drawn to the most and had me saying “wow, me too” far too many times to count. So I’ll just go with that.

Favorite Pairing: BakuDeku. KatsuDeku. Bakugou and Midoriya. The Wonder Duo. You know. Them. Them. Them. I will go down with this ship in flames and hurricanes. 

Least Favorite Pairing: I’m such a brat when it comes to pairings… I’m so picky and oddly territorial over my ships. I tolerate and respect every ship, but I think my least-favorite would actually be… Dekubowl. Haha, kind of cheating but, ugh, I hate how it portrays Midoriya as a character. I won’t get into that on this post, though.

Favorite Moment: I CAN’T ANSWER THIS. I’M SORRY. There are far too many moments that are just… ah. This show is so wonderful in its coming-of-age elements and the main storyline is so fun and riddled with themes that I love. It’s too hard to pick. 

Actually, okay, I think, though, that Midoriya’s fight with Todoroki in the Sports Festival was pretty mind-blowing and very cool to see for both characters. Not the ultimate favorite but it’s pretty spectacular, so…

Rating Out of 10: I’m rating Boku no Hero Academia an 8/10.

idk what the deal is when ppl workin in indie comix for a long time complain abt not getting into anthologies

im submitting a pitch for the fourth time to a fourth different anthology. ur gonna get rejected. ur gonna get rejected way more than you get accepted. it doesn’t mean anything. you need to just let it wooooooosh pass over you like a fall breeze.

99.999999% of rejections are going to be because you just slightly fell out of step with the anthology theme, or they were out of space, or out of funding. sometimes you don’t even get a rejection letter, because they’re just indie comic nerds like you and they’re gonna be running short on time while they’re juggling the organization of the stuff that -is- gonna be in the anthology.

when you finally -do- get into an anthology, you’ll pour your heart and soul into it and really do something you wanted to do for a long time. there is no need to begrudge the process of waiting for that Ideal Anthology Who Needs You to come along.

like just. let it go, man. let it go. it does no one any favors to lament rejection in the comic industry.

You know, one can go off about how bts might be a tad bit overhyped but they’re still one of the few groups I follow, that manage to make brilliant albums. Most kpop groups only have their title songs as the best song on the album. But bts???? Their best songs are always hidden in the albums and it always fucking blows my mind.