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The way people in the North talk about you, you’re the greatest swordsman who ever walked.


Midoriya Izuku // Episode 38

agreste’s afternoon view.

Harry Potter Headcanon

Even after settling into an adult life in the Wizarding World, Harry checked in on what was happening in the muggle world. He would read the news about what was going on in the world and he even ended up getting a smart phone a while after they became popular.

As the years went on, Harry noticed more and more of the muggle born students at Hogwarts were looking for ways to get internet at Hogwarts. Now it was against the rules for Professor Potter to assist them in their schemes but, that didn’t stop him from dropping hints in class or leaving books open to the right spells.

Once some of the students begun to get wifi working, it spread quickly through the whole school. Beginning with the muggle born students and it didn’t take long for the rest to pick it up.

At first most professors were annoyed with students trying to sneak iPhones into class but, most came around to the muggle technology when Harry set them up with an emailing system making it easier to share lesson plans and cat videos.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

  • Tom: For the last time, I don't take orders from Robert.
  • Chris: *sneezes*
  • Chris: Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit.

make a monument out of it, yeah, why not


Jikook Star AU- “Our walls are really thin and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?”  3/?

its okay I hate me too, ill answer asks and things later im going to my mums for dinner 

oops theres a typo in the 7th pic, meant to say “theres yelling”