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my great comet experience (act i + intermission)

okay so I wrote a lot so it’s gonna be split into two posts and I’ll edit this and provide a link to act two!


- So where you stand in line waiting be let in (and where you pick up your tickets) is decorated in Russian propaganda to make it look like a war bunker/safe house! And on one of the doors it says “strobe lights and haze!” (a pre warning for the show I believe?) with a hammer and sickle underneath it

- the theater is so beautiful

- decorating the walls were tons of russian paintings and my god it was absolutely stunning
- okay so the lady who showed us to our seats was hilarious!!! My mom and I spent a good chunk of our time before the show talking to her- her name was Marylin! She was a cranky old lady who took her job so seriously but hey, she’s quick and efficient and I liked her!
- okay so Brad Giovanine came around with dumplings and was like “who wants dumplings!” and honestly, i don’t think I’ve ever shot my hand up so fast

- i was the first one to get a dumpling in my section,,,,i feel blessed
- Brad came back around and started telling us about the strobe lights and all!       But the other cast member who was talking the section in front of me was all:
  “if strobe lights bother you then just close your eyes!” *closes his eyes* still to bright? *covers his eyes with his hand"
- when the show started war sirens aired and it was such aN AMAZING TOUCH MY GOODNESS!!!!
- And then the announcer with a deep Russian accent goes: “ladies and gentlemen, attention please! Cellphones!”
- Cast: NYET!
- announcer: texting!
- Cast: NYET!
- And one guy who was sitting in the section in front of me STILL had his phone out???? Even when the cast in my row pointed to him!!!!!
- Announcer: googling?
- Cast: NYET!

- Announcer: tweeting, photos, videos!

- Announcer: no talking during the show! Violators are moved to security guards and KGB. Repeat offenders are sent to Siberia.

- during the sick accordion provided by Pierre there’s a heart wrenching ‘NO!’ from Natasha as she’s seeing Andrey off to war
- Andrey gives her a golden necklace and places it around her neck before going off through #the door
- “what about Pierre?”

- “I used to be better” he’s so upset with himself and who he his
- he’s so sad and he hates himself and I love Pierre so much
- “I’m married but not in love” the light shines on Hélène who’s looking down at him
- “he is charming! he has no sex!” the ladies dance around him in a circle almost as if they’re making fun of him :-(
- “you empty and stupid, contented fellows, satisfied with you place!” he makes a sharp turn and practically jabs his finger at Anatole
- he just wants to do more and be more and do SOMETHING with his life I love him

- Natasha and Sonya are dressed in pretty white coats and hand warmers I love them
- Grace McLean played such an amazing Marya, she looked to happy to see them
- “then a game of Boston, and you’ll read to me while I knit!” Natasha and Sonya look so,,,,shook and ‘no thanks’

- those in favor of keeping Mary away from Prince Bolkonsky and loving her forever say 'I’
- As Bolkonsky is yelling at Mary she shrinks away in fear and is shaky
- Andrey’s father was hilarious (minus the yelling at Mary part
- “Everyone enjoys me” and he nods to an audience member
- when he pats his powdered wig powder flies in the air ajdbdkdbdk
- Abskdbdk this man is so shaky as he wobbles about the stage
- And his servant,,,,honey I’m cackling he’s shuffling around the stage, bent over in the shape of an L

- Natasha’s 'hello’ to Marya is too abskdbdkd the way Denée delivers this line is so humorous
- “says the mean old man in his underthings!” I cackled
- as Natasha tries to leave, Marya follows her about the stage :-( she just wants a friend

- natasha misses and loves Andrey so much I cry
- the blue is so beautiful Denée is so beautiful I love her and her voice
- the fake snow is such a nice gentle touch
- Standing at the bottom of the steps, Andrey is reading (I’m assuming) Natasha’s letters and looking off in the distance, probably eager to get to her
- Close to the end of the song, Andrey starts to walks off and Natasha chases after him before coming to a stop
- At the end she positions herself next to an audience member and says “maybe he came today and he’s sitting the drawing room, and I simply forgot” :-( she misses him so much
- but that doesn’t last for long :/

- when Sonya and Natasha do the candle in the mirror and Natasha sees a man lying down, she looks away, but the ensemble member that’s holding the mirror, follows her for a moment. Excellent touch
- after Marya finds out how rude Bolkonsky was to Natasha she got SUPER angry and stormed off
- and abskdbdk as Natasha is getting undressed, Hélène walks in and it’s gay time

- Natasha is so shy and blushy when Hélène compliments her it’s so cute
- for a little bit Natasha struts around in Hélène’s green coat and she looks so tiny in that big furry thing my goodness
- When Hélène says “you will be the prettiest there” Pierre nods
- When Hélène takes off the necklace that Andrey gave Natasha, and replaces it with her string of pearls, she dumps Andrey’s necklace on Pierre who fiddled with it and is like “what am I supposed to do with this??” until placing it on his desk
- “She knows that I’m engaged, yet she talks to frankly, so it must me alright :-)” my mom called Natasha a dingbat and I snorted

- “Natasha smooth your gown” she looks so offended when they say that, my poor girl!!
- I’m not sure what it symbolizes (or if it’s just part of the outfit), but as Natasha is saying how she’s not a little girl anymore, she puts on some lacey white gloves and they’re so pretty I love Denée so much I’m so gay
- okay let me just take the time to say just how much I love Dolokov???? I’d let him assassinate me
- before offering his hand for an audience member to kiss it- he kisses his own hand ajdbdidbdk, and then kisses her hand
- “-Pierre the cuckold sits at home, the poor man!” from his desk, Pierre does a 'raise the roof’ motion before saying that he’s enjoying himself at home
- Natasha is so enchanted by Hélène before Marya comes over and talks about Pierre before pulling Natasha away and brushing away Hélène
- The satanic hooded figures??? A mood. The strange performers??? A big mood
- Natasha’s response to the opera was hilarious ajsbdkfn first she’s roasting it then she’s praising it saying it’s the best thing ever
- When Anatole enters through the door striking in different poses with the bass I nut right there right in my seat
- Andrey’s guts spilling out is a good representation of me nutting over the intensity of this song


- first off Anatole is a soggy crocodile and needs to stay away from Natasha >:-(

- Natasha is feeling herself when she knows Anatole is enchanted with her
- “when looking into his eyes I am frightened.” Natasha them kinda runs away from Anatole to try and regain herself
- abskdbfkfbfkfbf kkay when Anatole grabs Natasha and kisses her on the neck, it’s so loud wtf it was a real deal kiss like, I bust a nut for that shit
- when Anatole takes Natasha’s flower she looks so offended like girl!!
- Anatole and Natasha’s kiss was,,,,,w ow

- so many strobe lights. so many colors. so amazing!!!!!!!
- the ensemble was amazing oh my goodness
- Grace McLean in the suit and the whip………dare I say…….mommy
- when Pierre refers to Natasha as 'dear andrey’s betrothed’ Anatole shrugs and makes a 'yeah, sure, whatever’ kind of face while doing the so-so motion with his hand
- “ I have known her family for years, and long carried affection for her” he puts his hand over his heart
- when Anatole asks for 50 rubles Pierre coughed up a wad of cash, hands Anatole 50 and just leaves the rest (which is way more that (50 rubles) in his other hand, only to have Anatole take the larger sum of money from his right hand !
- again,,,,I love Dolokov he just saunters on in with a tray of glasses and starts pouring drinks
- some (most?) of the ensemble had those light up bottom sneakers and were dressed like teens at their first rave it was cute!
- pierre was drinking through the first good couple lines of it and he’s a funny + sad drunk
- when Pierre is proclaiming his 'I used to love I used to be better!’ the demeanor in which he shouts it is so heartbreaking and hélène’s response is so twisted and gnarled
- Dolokov is feeling all up on hélène and then they kinda made out and pierre EXPLODES
- After Pierre realizes that he’s actually hit Dolokov he looks absolutely
- during Dolokov’s turn to fire at Pierre, Pierre stand there arms wide open, head hanging low, waiting to be shot, and when Dolokov fires and misses, Pierre just stand completely still for a good couple moments, before realizing he’s alive
- Anatole is so fucking andkdbdkbfkf as he’s saying “we love to love another day” he’s like……prancing around aND HE GIVES PIERRE FINGER GUNS until he goes off stage I’m!!!

- I said it once and I’ll say it again: Scott was an AMAZING PIERRE
- When Pierre goes “and if I die here tonight-” he picks up the gun that he used to duel Dolokov with and fiddled with it for a bit, “-I die in my sleep” and my heart broke
- he’s so upset that he just slams down his book when he talks about not knowing a thing
- “was a happiness within me the whole time?” he’s finally realizing that he can be who he wants to be
- “they say we are asleep until we faALL iIN LOOOOOOoOoVVVVE! aaAND II’M SO REEeAADY, TO WAAaaaAAKE UuuuUUP NooOooOOWW” let me tell you I was fucking close to tears
- when the song ended the crowd went crazy it was truly stunning

- i love scott

- “Oh how I adore little girls, they loose their head at once!” Anatole you little nasty soggy crocodile get away from Natasha!!!!!! >:((((
- when Anatole presses Natasha’s arm and she says that he’s hurting her I wanted to bite Anatole’s hand off :/
- the kiss they have is insane like, it felt like it lasted forever like……..how they breathin????
- “I love you. how else could we have kissed? How else could this have happened?”
- “I wiiillll loooove youu, Anatoooole,” Denée’s voice……………me? bust a nut? yes.
- Abskdbfkf Anatole does a 'hell yeah! good job, anatole’ face after she says that and I……


- not much to comment about during intermission, i just stretched my legs some and walked to the merch table

- i wanted to buy a shirt but lmao i spent all my money on the ticket 

- when the three minute warning was called, the war sirens sounded and it was so amazing

okay so that was part one of my great comet experience! get ready for part two (act ii and stagedoor)

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What do you regard as the best and worst changes the show made?

The show will from time to time bring these shining little moments of understanding the characters to screen, which didn’t occur in the books. 

The close of episode 1.03, where Ned watches Arya train with a sword and starts remembering his own experience in war. There are several of these occasions with Stannis, of all people - say what you like about adapting his plot, but the “fewer” running gag was perfectly judged, along with his monologue about the siege of Storm’s End. (”I like dogs, loyal creatures, but we ate them.”) Lancel’s season two costume being suspiciously similar to Jaime’s season one costume. Scenes with Jaime expressing his frustration at how people perceive him, and at standing outside Robert’s door. Things like that. Little things that in a few lines get across the gist of chapters of characterisation. Especially earlier in the series’ run, that was a real strength of theirs.

The writers fall down when they make big changes. It’s extremely obvious by now that the showrunners don’t understand what GRRM was trying to do with the genre, and so they’ve trampled willy-nilly through parallels and character arcs. The two worst changes, I think, are probably Sansa and Jaime in season five, sending one to a sexist cul-de-sac and another to a sexist and racist cul-de-sac, both at critical points of their character development. But these are symptoms, not the cause. The cause is lack of understanding.

Nor have the writers done the research into history, politics, and warfare that might enable them to continue the storylines themselves in a sensible manner. They’ve clearly done a bit, but there’s no synthesis to it, no evidence of deeper understanding, no logical integration of historical principles into a fictional universe. Just copy/paste.

last night when i was photographing onstage with Rise Against Tim (the singer, if you dont know the band) walked back to where I was standing (behind one of the LED screens next to the drums) and he looked at me and gave me a smile and a lil nod and then put his hand on my shoulder as a way to say ‘is everything cool? are you having fun? we’re happy to have you’ and i put my hand on his shoulder too and was like ‘i am your photo ghost!’ (as in, im trying not to be seen and sneak around on stage bc thats what you have to do when youre up there) and he laughed it was such a nice moment. and several times while i was up there i had to pinch myself and i couldnt believe i was onstage with my favorite band and they and their crew were so nice and i was honestly in such a 'wow im so lucky i get to do this’ moment and i still am


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Thoughts on the Jon/Jorah scene cutting to Sansa...if you've seen the episode

Where Jorah is telling Jon to save Longclaw for his children? 

I think the sequence of filming is always done on purpose and someone already mentioned to me that they thought this could be a Jonsa easter egg. I mean talking about Jon’s future children then cutting to Sansa standing over the bannister on her own, only to have Arya walk over later and mention how their father used to do the same as he would watch his children. 

That just sounds like foreshadowing to Jon and Sansa standing on the bannister overlooking their own children one day.

Granted, my shipping goggles are on, but still, it’s not so farfetched imo. 

You know that scene where Tony randomly points at someone and is like “That man is playing Galaga. Thought we didn’t notice, but we did.”?

That’s literally how I feel about Tom Holland. I’m just standing up and pointing like “Tom Holland is a little bit of an accidental fuckboy. Thought we didn’t notice. But we did.”

But I still love him to death. It’s not like he means to be. And he’s still loveable so nbd.

Can’t help falling in love

Pairing : Carlos x Reader

Warnings : none

Summary : Roger and Anita’s daughter teach Carlos how to waltz

Requested by Anon, thanks for the request I hope you’ll like it ! :) : “Carlos imagine where she is roger and Anita’s daughter and she teaches him how to waltz while singing “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley, and they kiss at the end?“

Note : Hello to you who read this note, I hope you’ll like this imagine :)

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“Can you… Can you teach me how to waltz ?”

Carlos had never seemed as nervous as he was right know, standing in front of you like he was going to tell you his mother actually hurt your pets. You rose an eyebrow, considering his request.

Even though you were now good friends, you had been worried and protective of your dog when he first came to Auradon, afraid he’d want to kill the innocent animal for his fur. And he had been cautious around you, fearing your reaction, and your dog. After all, both of you had grown up hearing horrible stories about the other’s parents. You had quickly realised he was adorable, and helped him got over his fear of dog and developing his relationship with Dude. During this time you got to know him, and you had to admit that you had ahuge crush on him.

You put the young Dalmatian you were petting on the ground and rose from you sit.

“If you want, but why me ?” You asked, watching your dog playing with Carlos’s.

The white-haired boy seemed even more nervous and took the time to search for his words, looking at his hands.

“I… Hoped that maybe you’ll be my date for Friday’s ball ?” He tried, now looking into your eyes with hope.

Your heart started to beat faster. Were you dreaming ?

“Yes, of course. I mean, my dog loves yours so, that’s a pretty good thing in my family. I mean.” You were starting to stutter and you definitely blamed the butterflies in your stomach for that. “I’m gonna show you how to waltz, come here.”

He slowly got closer to you then stood in front of you, waiting for you to tell him what to do. You took his hands and placed them at the right places for a waltz as he look intently at what you were doing, making sure to remember it.

“Wait ! We dance without music ?” He asked, questions dancing in his eyes.

You smiled at his confused face.

“I can sing something if you want, it could help.” You offered quietly.

You saw a big smile bloom on his face.

“You would ?” He started excitedly. “I mean, I love your voice ! That would be great !”

You felt a rush of happiness, the boy you liked loved your voice ! And he asked you out ! Could today get any better ?

But what could you possibly sing ? A look at your new boyfriend’s face gave you an idea, it was hard to say what you felt so maybe singing it would be easier.

“Okay, follow my lead.”

Carlos nodded and you started singing, letting your body dance on the familiar words.

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin?
If I can’t help falling in love with you

Carlos seemed surprised by the lyrics of the songs you chose but he didn’t say anything, your voice was too beautiful to dare and interrupt you while you sang. He followed your moves with a focused intensity, trying not to step on your foot. You smiled, liking to feel him so close to you.

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Maybe he could start to hope that you felt for him what he felt for you ? He was so happy at the idea that he lost his focus for an instant, stepping on your foot before taking a step back. You laughed at his remorseful face, making him smile. He loved the sound of your laugh too. Gracefully, you hold out your hand for him and started singing again.

Take my hand
Take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you

Carlos was slowly getting better at waltzing, you could see it. He was less focused on the dance and more on your face, you even saw him glance once or twice at your lips before his gaze dived into your eyes again. Besides you, your Dalmatian and Dude had stopped playing to look at the both of you, a satisfied glint in their eyes

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling, so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Carlos leaned in a little, his eyes on your lips, silently waiting for your permission. You took a break from singing to place your lips on his soft ones. The kiss was tender and loving.

When it ended, you were both smiling at each other. Then you let you head gently fall on his shoulder and softly finished to sing the song as you both started waltzing again.

Take my hand
Take my whole life, too
For I can’t help falling in love with you
For I can’t help falling in love with you

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Random question. If you were given the opportunity to travel to any world you want (being from a book, show, movie, comic, game, etc.), where would you go? Please explain your answer. Thank you for your time, I hope you have a beautiful day. ~RMC

Oh this. THIS is a damn good question. Shit - where would I go? 

Well, I think that I would go to the world where Harry Potter exists. And yes, I know this seems like an easy answer, but when I think of my favourite films, TV shows, games etc most of them are set in worlds where many things want to kill me. The Walking Dead, Dying Light etc. You can see a theme? So, HP seems the least dangerous. Ideally it would be after Voldemort, but I would stand and fight if needed. I’d want to use magic as a way to make the world a better place. Surely there has to be something which makes people realise the beauty in every single human being regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality etc. If there wasnt then I’d work at it. It would make my life easier. There are endless possibilities on what I could do if I wanted. Plus, I’d get to play Quidditch, and who wouldnt want that?

What about you guys?

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

(/ω\)゚.+(〃ノωノ)゚.+°50 More Interesting Questions

Rules: fill this out and tag at least one person you’d like to know more about! Or just fill it out! Or don’t! Answer only some of them! Make up your own questions! “What kind of requirement is that”, you ask? A reasonable one! Who am I to tell you what to do? Anything goes!

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1. What kind of food can’t you stand?: Hm…I love food. But, let’s say I am quite picky with meat and its byproducts. 

2. If you could choose one minor inconvenience to never have to deal with again, what would you pick?: Forgetting where I leave my things. I usually hide some important things from my sisters, but guess what, I forget where I left them myself, too. So when I do a major cleanup I stumble on them T^T

3. Have you got any useless talents?: If I decide to sleep for 20 minutes, I will sleep for 20 minutes. My inside-head alarm clock is amazing. I can sleep and wake up whenever I plan to and want to.

4. If you could be really really good at one thing, what would it be?: Drawing,I am still so bad at it T.T …. (I feel like Kaki on this point<<<< even though I look up to her and she is amazing and my idol!)

5. Name a few people you think are extremely good-looking: Uhm…. Emily Blunt - she is a Victorian beauty honestly my biggest girl crush especially when she was young. Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Harry Lloyd, etc. Jin form BTS and all the boys from GOT7, dayum Korean beauties everywhere….

6. What was your favorite way to pass the time as a kid?: Watch cartoons and anime on German channel 8 hours a day.

7. What is something you’re proud of?: Uuuuuuuuuh…. Maybe the fact that I can keep secrets quite well (mine and other’s). I take them with me in my grave.

8. What’s one character flaw in people that you just can’t tolerate?: Being rude toward people just because you feel superior. … and useless bragging.

9. Do you consider yourself to be more of a leader or a follower?: When there is a good leader, I follow. When there is no good leader, I lead. 

10. What kind of student are/were you?: The nerd. The one with unuseful knowledge and encyclopedia in her head.

11. Butterfly effect question! Has there ever been a seemingly minor decision you’ve made (at the time) that ended up having a profound influence on your life?: Yup.

12. Name your most irrational fear/aversion: Uh, I think I have phobia from choking, because of an experience I had myself, so whenever someone chokes on water or their own spit or food, I flip out and panic and cry irrationally.

13. Are there any fictional characters you find especially relatable?: Yes, since there are so many.

14. If you drink, what kind of drunk are you? Alternatively, what sort of person are you at parties?: The one that laughs hysterically.

15. Do you fall in love easily? Or does it usually take a long time for you to trust someone?: I fell in love for no reason just once and that is when I was 8, other than that I don’t fall in love easily and I don’t trust people easily either.

16. Would you rather have one close friend or 100 casual friends?: I have one close friend and she is enough for me.

17. Do you consider yourself to be more of a slob or a neat-freak?: I am a total neat-freak, I don’t feel good working or living in a messy environment (partly because of my dry skin and allergy to dust) I tend to clean up a lot and sort all things and books and utilities, and love it.

18. Describe a place (imaginary or real) that you would find incredibly cozy: Sitting on a cozy couch somewhere on the veranda of a house secluded from the city and humans and surrounded by nature, be it high mountains surrounded by trees or close to the seashore where I can enjoy the sound of the nature and feel the sea breeze/ the cool mountain breeze on my skin and enjoy an extraordinary view of the sunset with a glass of cold wine/hot chocolate and  a good book. (I think like we all have similar scenarios in mind)

19. Do you have kids? If not, do you want them someday?: I want kids someday, I love kids.
Even though when those little bratty boys try to kick the ball between my legs as to make me stumble, I get a second thought about that at times,and wonder whether I should strangle them. lol hahaha
 (don’t take it serious, I love children)

20. What was your favorite book as a child?: I didn’t like reading until I was 10…as a child I enjoyed more my mom’s made up stories- she has a wonderful imagination and I bet she would have made a great children story-writer.

21. Name one thing you just don’t get what all the hype is about: Latino music….like…..no offense, but they become so popular every summer for no reason. The same music every year, to me they all look the same…One year it is Bailando the next it is Despacito…and those are so low quality. I like the Latino music of the last century and the dances they have.
And Yuri on ice….it is too much!!!! FIDGET SPINNER…WHAT!!

22. Name one thing that you think is tragically underrated: The Vagabond manga, it should be more popular damnit!!!!

23. If you had to be glued to a person for a month, real or fictional (who you have never met), who would you choose?: What is this question?! lol…. Sesshomaru ….so awkward.

24. What’s something you’d like the chance to do someday?: Learn Tango, Samba or Rumba or Folks Trot, Passo Doble  or the Waltz.

25. Do you typically speak your mind when you have a controversial opinion? Or do generally prefer to not rock the boat?: I stay quiet…if I would argue too much I would burst crying in anger.

26. What’s the dumbest fad you’ve been caught up in?: uHHH….

27. What’s something you thought was cool as a kid/adolescent, but now cringe at yourself for?: That boy. How could I?!

28. What’s a trait you consider to be very admirable?: Composure. 

29. Is there a particular kind of item people always tend to give you as gifts? (For instance, people always get you things with ducks on them because you like ducks, etc.): Rings…Silver rings…I love silver.

30. Do you speak multiple languages? Which ones?: I speak Albanian….German and English about the same niveau. Some writing in French but it has become bad.

31. Would you rather live in the big city or the countryside?: Countryside.

32. Has there ever been something you were certain you’d hate, but ended up loving?: Driving a car.

33. Do you mind being the center of attention, or do you prefer the spotlight to be on someone else?: Please as far away from attention as possible.

34. Favorite holiday?: New Year’s Eve.

35. Are you a more go-with-the-flow type of person, or do you need to have things planned meticulously?: Planner…

36. Is there something you loved so much you wish you could forget it and experience it all over again? (A tv show, book, series–anything.): Inuyasha, all the books of Sherlock Holmes and maybe Harry Potter. OMG I FORGOT 19 DAYS….19 DAYS!!!!!!

37. What hobbies do you have?: Listening to music, Manga, drawing, Manga, and sleeping, and enjoying the surroundings and arts.

38. If you could have a superpower, but it was only mildly useful, what ability would you want to have?: Good memory. Better memory…better than this!

39. Something people are always surprised to learn about you: I am not arrogant and full of myself.

40. Something that took you way too long to figure out: What major to take. I…loved to many things. Was heartbreaking to decide on one.

41. Worst injury you’ve had?: Once when I lost consciousness in the bathroom and fell with my face on the floor, the pressure causing my upper lip to part in two-only the outer skin was holding it together, and an injury on my nose which made it even uglier. I don’t even know how that happened in the first place with just one fall with the face.

42. Any morbid fascinations?: The decomposing process of a body and probably the minds of psychopaths and serial killers fascinate me. (and gross me out)

43. Describe your sense of humor: None…. I am plain boring. Ok, I would say sarcastic humour.

44. If you had to be born in another era/place, which would you choose? Victorian England.

45. Something you are irredeemably bad at: Reading the situation.

46. Something that sucked but you’re glad you went through: High school. Don’t remind me.

47. Would you rather have a really godawful ugly tattoo in a place that is only slightly inconvenient to conceal with clothing (upper arm, thigh, etc.), or the coolest, most beautiful tattoo ever in the middle of your face? (Neither tattoo can be removed or concealed with makeup, and the ugly tattoo will deeply offend anyone who sees it.): A tattoo on my face, maybe a small star on my forehead or above my eyebrows would do.

48. Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?: Pessimist. There is no questioning it.

49. What would be the most flattering compliment someone could give you?: That I am a kind person.

50. Something you feel people often misunderstand about you: My resting-bitch-face and my shyness and the fact that I AM SILENT BECAUSE I REALLY DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY. 

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(if you’ve done this just ignore it)

*sigh* y'all….. why Americans gotta be like this?

So I’m standing in line of one of the two subways in Vienna (if not the whole country lol) bc I’m there to pick up dinner. We have to take doggo to the vet again tonight and we’re not gonna have the time or energy to cook.

Anyway! I’m standing there, it’s warm, I’m tired, and I just wait as the nice server guy tries to help out a fam.

This fam consisted of the mom, the grandpa, and an annoying small child. BOTH the kid and his grandpa are standing there bitching about how they don’t have their preferred choice of bread. (Plain white btw. Lol OFC)

I mean, this kid looked like he was about to have an emotional breakdown bc his mom was telling him to choose something else. It’s BREAD kiddo. Get over it and gO.

Thankfully while these ppl were standing there and complaining a new batch of white bread just got done. Ok good.

So they make their sandwiches and my gOD. It’s the plainest and most boring combo you could get.

The kid had chicken and cheese. That’s it. The adults had the same but at least added lettuce and tomato. 👏good job.

No sauce. No seasoning. That was it. 😐

You know the stereotype of white (mostly American) ppl eating boring shit and having no taste?…. yea…….

After I pay I meet up with my friends from class, who are lovely and waits for me and all. 😭

One of them Nepali and the other’s Turkish. So I just complain to them about the whole thing and they’re like “lol truth fam” in regards to Americans eating boring shit. xP

I just….. I’m tired lol. 😖

anonymous asked:

can a person be femme or masc aligned and still be maverique?

First of all, I know you sent this a month ago anon, but I’ve got to thank you because I really like this word and I had never heard it before. It sounds a lot like what me and another previous mod tried to do with aliagender, but I like maverique almost better… I’m going to start using it.

From where I stand, my rules are that we define labels, they do not define us. So I’m going to adapt the word into my life as a femme/woman-aligned person because it resonated with me and made me feel understood. In the original post, the coiner says:

It [their gender] is too unorthodox, too unconventional to be plotted as a point on a color spectrum illustrating colors (genders) between red (female) and blue (male) because it (my gender) has nothing to do with either of those at all, all while still not being an absence of color (gender).

I have long identified my own gender in terms of color saying that if men are blue and women are red, my gender is yellow - a primary color that exists independently from either of them in its own shades, hues, and brightness. 

The thing to remember here is that gender expression =/= gender identity. I express myself in feminine ways, but that doesn’t make my gender identity/my actual gender feminine or of “female” or “womanly” origins. It is independent from womanhood, but I express it femininely.

Another axis of this is political alignment. I identify as “woman aligned” because politically, I have more in common with the “woman” group of society than I do “man” and I find that term useful for that discussion. That also has no bearing on my actual identity and I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t have to.

So this is my own justification for using this term this way… I guess it just depends on if you feel like your gender exists completely independently from “man” and “woman” and the whole concept of a binary between them or not.

(I feel I should tag the coiner @queerascat since they are still active and it is their word. Thanks for coining it!)

- Mod Zoe Leo

Glitched (Part Five)

“Did you hear that?” Marvin’s head shoots up.

“Hear what?” Chase raises an eyebrow, confused.

“Henrik,” Marvin says, “I heard him scream.”

“What!?” Jackaboy Man exclaims, “Where did you hear it?!”

“I think it’s next door, follow me!” Marvin suddenly darts through the kitchen and towards the front door, Chase looks over to Jackaboy who nods worriedly at him, they both stand and run after him before they lose him.

Marvin’s midnight blue cape flies behind him as the sun begins to set, the void-like sky is turning a salmon pink mixed with an orange tint, it would’ve been beautiful if they didn’t care about it at this moment in time. Marvin almost vaults over the fence to Schneep’s house and darts up the pathway to the door, stopping in front of it as Chase opens the gate and rushes behind him, quickly followed by Jackaboy. “HENRIK!?” Marvin pounds on the door, he dithers for a second, there’s no reply or any indication of his presence at the door, he tries for the handle yet of course it is locked. “HENRIK, ARE YOU OKAY?!” He bangs on the door again, feeling it rattle under his force, worry is starting to creep up on him, trying to consume him, but he’s trying to remain calm. He tries one more time yet to no avail. he steps back from the door. “Do we break a window?” Chase asks.

“No, stand back, I got this,” Jackaboy braces himself and on command, Chase and Marvin step back from the door as Jackaboy suddenly kicks the door with one swing and upon impact, the door busts off its hinges with a force of power that almost knocks the two backwards, they listen to the door thud to the ground. Marvin will fix it later.

“Woah…” Chase marvels.

“Let’s go!” Marvin says, fixing his cat mask on his face as he steps into the house, the lights are off, giving a moody tone to the dimming rooms, the three split up and look around the house for any sign of the doctor, checking his bedroom, office, living room, kitchen, garden, Chase stops in front of his operation room, the door is closed. He presses his ear against it and he can hear wails coming from inside, gingerly, he reaches for the door handle, twists it and pushes it open to gawk at the sight of the room.

The operation table is covered in blood, a heart monitor is glitching out like crazy, it’s bar buzzing up and down as if it has been hacked, and on the ground, kneeling and sobbing with a scalpel clasped in both hands over his heart is Dr. Schneeplestein.

“Henrik! NO!” He cries, rushing up to him just as he’s about to stab himself, he grabs onto his wrist to try and pull him back from the weapon, he explodes with emotion and anger, screaming: “Geh weg von mir! Laß mich sterben!” 

“Henrik, don’t!” Chase tries to pull his wrist away from his chest but he’s not strong enough, soon enough, Jackaboy appears in the doorway and rushes to help, locking his arms under Schneep’s and pulling him back as Marvin appears too. “What the fuck are you doing, man?!” Chase cries.

“I killed zim!” Schneep sobs, fighting against Jackaboy’s grip, “Let me die! I don’t dezerve to exzist! Zis iz ALL meine fault!”

“Calm down, please!” Jackaboy says but Schneep continues to try and escape to plunge his scalpel into his heart, Marvin reaches down and grabs the tool by the blade, not caring about the sharp pain as he tugs it from his shaking grip.

Schneep goes loose, collapsing onto the ground again and sobbing into his hands. “What happened?!” Marvin questions, looking onto the operation table with dread, Jackaboy kneels. “Ich….I…tried to zave zim…! But ze poison…I made it vorse!”

Schneep breaks down again and Jackaboy brings him into a hug, he wails on his shoulder in grief and guilt, his hands shaking and frozen in a tensed position, so tightly that you could almost see the veins poking out his skin. “Zean iz dead. I killed zim!” He cries, everyone stops in their tracks. Oh god.

“Henrik,” Jackaboy says gently, “It can’t have been your fault, you’re a good guy and a good doctor!”

“I-I got too confident, I didn’t put zim to sleep, I vade zim go through zo much pain!” Schneep weeps, “He velt it all und it vas too late for me to try and vake it bettar!”

“Shh, calm down,” Marvin puts a hand on his shoulder, “Just try to calm down. It’s okay, Henrik, we just need to know what happened.”

The doctor breathes in shakily, then lets out another meek cry. “Let’s get you sorted out, come on,” Jackaboy practically has to lift him up, “One foot in front of the other, just stay calm.”

It takes twenty minutes for Schneep to calm down enough so they can understand him, he sits on his sofa with a cup of tea in his shaking hands, he isn’t drinking it, just nursing it, it is shaking so much the tea may spill. “Can you tell us what happened, Henrik?” Marvin says carefully.

“I…” Schneep breathes in, “I teleported to Zean’s house to find zim passed out on the floor, Zigne vas panicking, about to call an ambulance vut I tranquilized her…I vow it vas a stupid thing to do vut I vas trying to help…” He pauses, another tear slips from his swollen eyes, “i teleported Zean here thinking I could zave him by myself. I-I forgot to…to tranquilize zim too. Ven I vas operating I noticed ze poison, it vas specifically headed towards places I could tranquilize from, ze neck und wrist. It vas too late when I realized und by then I tried injecting Anti-Bacterial to ease the spread vut when I did….” His grip on the mug tightens, “IT VAS ANTI!” He suddenly shrieks, jumping up, “ZE DISTRACTED ME! ZE MADE ME HURT ZIM! ZAT FUCKING BASTARD!”

“Calm down, Schneep!” Jackaboy exclaims, raising his hands.

“Ich- I tried to help zim vut all I vas doing vas making it vorse! Oh god the screams, zis screams!” He puts his free hand to his head and pulling at his hair, then feeling for the sofa, sitting down again, “Zis zymstems ztarted failing zo I tried making an incision within zan incision to try und…I-I can’t remember! I just remember feeling zick, very zick und dizzy, Anti threw me off! Und- ze made me stab zim!” He breaks down into tears, barely able to place his mug down before covering his eyes. “Holy shit…” Chase whispers in shock.

“Und now ze’s dead because meine own ignorance!”

“That’s not true, Schneep, you tried your best!” Marvin insists, “It was that bastard, he did it, you had nothing to do with his death!”

“Wait…where is Anti…?” Chase asks quietly.

“Ze…ze appeared und told me to kill meine-zelf und disappeared vith zis body…Ze zaid ze thought Zigne vould vant to zee zim again.” Schneep rubs his eyes suddenly realizing, “Oh god, Zigne!”

“Shit, what do we do!?” Chase turns to Jackaboy.

“We have to see if she’s okay!” Marvin says.

“Vut vhat if zhe zees us?” Schneep asks

“We’re gonna have to risk it, c’mon!” Jackaboy jumps to his feet, disappearing in a cloud of bright red smoke, quickly joined by a grey, midnight blue and minty blue.


Signe’s head feels heavy as she slowly regains consciousness, she firstly regains feeling to her fingers after a short period of pins and needles, she spreads them out, one is resting on what feels like soft…covers? And the other feels like it is enclosed in a…hand? She groans, turning her head to the side and opening her eyes, they blur slightly but she can see mint green and a beige colour. Is that…? “Sean..?” She questions.

“I’m right here, babe,” He says gently, “Are you okay?”

“What happened…?” She asks, blinking and seeing his clear face looking down at her, she’s in their bedroom, he’s sitting beside her, holding her hand. “You passed out in the kitchen,” He says.

“W-What?” She mumbles, “But you…you fell down and someone…”

“It must’ve been a dream,” Sean replies, “It didn’t happen.”

“It was so real…” She frets, close to crying, “I thought you were going to die…”

“I’m alive,” He says with a smile, “I’m here and I’m not leaving you.”

“Wait…did you call the ambulance…?” She asks.

“Yeah,” He replies, “They turned up, checked you over and said you were fine.”

“…O-Okay…” She looks up at the ceiling, hardly able to process anything.

A few minutes go by, Sean gently strokes her forehead to comfort her and once every limb in her body returns to normal, she tries sitting up, he has an arm round her and helps her up. “Thanks,” She smiles, standing up, he’s still holding her hand. “You okay to walk?” He asks.

“I’ll be okay, thank you,” She replies.

“Cool, well, uh, after all that I’m hungry.” Sean chuckles, “I can cook us something.”

“You’re still sick, I’ll do it,” Signe insists.

“I’m okay, babe, really!” He says, “I feel better! You’ve been through enough today.”

“Well…okay…but I’m helping you,”

“Deal,” Sean laughs.

The couple enter the kitchen, beginning to prepare the food, taking out food from cupboards and the fridge and starting on the work, Signe begins with washing the vegetables and Sean works at the cutting board, he takes a knife out of the knife block, almost staring at it for a moment, Signe doesn’t question him though.

She looks out the window onto the streets, there are people walking past, dog walkers, a few more joggers and just residents heading back from the sea-side, the sun is soon to set, leaving the sky a tinted yellow and pink colour, it looks rather beautiful, especially with the glimmering sea in the background, wow, this place never ceases to be beautiful, the scenery, the shops, people and everything about it is just perfect, she truly is lucky.

Signe is smiling, looking over to Sean, he stops cutting for a moment, then steps back and opens the cupboard door with his knife-hand, a reflection catches on the blade for a moment and looks into it. It is pointed it his neck.

She sees blood lining his skin as if his neck is slit open.

She drops the vegetables, he turns around and looks at her curiously, his neck remains normal.

“Y…You’re not Sean…” She mumbles.

He pauses.

Then grins.

A wide gash on his neck suddenly rips open and her stomach lurches but she’s too fearful to do anything but stare.

“Man, I really thought my impression was spot on, what gave it away?” He looks into the knife, chuckling, “Well, apparently my reflection hasn’t been personalized yet, it seems. D͜am̕m͞it̡, ̀a̧nd̨ ͝I ̶t͏h͝o҉ugh͘t ͝w͠e cou̡ld̷ be a ha͠p͜py ͢c̸ou̴pl͘e͞ ҉li͢ke͘ ͡you ͟an̢d̷ th̸a̡t p͝àth̵e̛ti̸c ̶t͟r̡a̢ito͢r.”

“What’s wrong with your voice?” She says in terror, backing up into the counter, he takes a step forward.

“J̧ud̛g̛i͞n͞g ̴me o̧n͡ my v͠oi͢ce, ̸now? T̀h̛is is̷ ̛ju̶s͏ţ ho̸w͠ ̴I̡ so͝u͝n͟d S͢i͜g͝n̷e!”

“W-Where’s Sean..? What did you do to him?” She asks, keeping her eyes locked on him, his grin is piercing into her, she can barely concentrate, scared to even speak in case he attacks her.

“ Fu͠ńny ́s҉to͞ry̴, ̴ac҉tu͡a͏l̀l̴y͜.́ ̵H͝e’s ́d͞ead̕.́” Sean- No, whatever demon this is smirks, playing with the knife in his hand, she stares with terror and grief. Dead? No, he can’t be dead! This can’t be happening, she’s still dreaming, she has to be!

She’s not dreaming.

“Where is he!?” She cries, her voice shaking, upon saying this the demon bursts out laughing, a shrill, sadistic laugh that sends a chill running down her spine.

“ We͏ll̡,͟ if͡ ҉you'̢r͏e͞ s͘o̶ worried͡ ab̶o̴ut ̡hi͘m,͏ w̷hy ͟d͘on͏'͞t̡ y̶ou ̸j̡ơin͞ h͡i̷m̷?!” His eyes widen in insanity, she barely has time to scream before he lunges at her.

Oooo~ Cliff hanger, you’re welcome! >:P

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Nicknames: Aeedee, AD… it used to stand for an alias I don’t even use anymore lmao, so now it’s just.. its own brand..
Gender: NB
Star Sign: Cancer
MBTI Type: ISFJ… it says a lot about me tbh!
Height: smol. barely over 5′
Time: 10:50PM
Birthday: june 23
Favorite Bands: exo, shinee, monsta x.. non-kpop includes phantogram, patrick wolf (where’s the new music bro), florence + the machine, sia, adele, coldplay..
Favorite Solo Artists: kim jongdae, kim junmyeon, kim jongin, park chanyeol,
Song Stuck In My Head: KKB, aka bop of the year, don’t fight me on this please.
Last Movie I Watched: Valerian. It was… /heavy sigh
Last Show I Watched: shows…? exist? idk what shows are klf;sdf
When Did I Create My Blog: 2010. wow.
Last Thing I Googled: exo kai oeil, cause I have no self control and I’m buying it with money I shouldn’t spend.
Do You Have Other Blogs: Yeah. (nsfw) adsnotsafe, @aeedee-art (gathering dust), and @exoincolor. RIP to the pcy blog I ran for like, two weeks.
Do You Get Asks: Sometimes in small waves! I really love it, thank you :(
Why Did You Choose Your URL: I wanted my longer alias and it was taken, but this turned into a blessing in disguise since I grew to like it more.
Following: 123 (I’m.. kind of selective)
Followers: over 1K and i love each and every one of you (except for the bots)
Favorite Color: Cyan
Average Hours of Sleep: 4-6
Lucky Number: 24 (hey, you stole mine)
Instruments: no I am Terrible at them. I couldn’t even play the recorder.
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep In: 1
Dream Job: a writer / artist, but also I would love to write for musicals.. I was thinking of that again today..
Dream Trip: Hong Kong, but many others too..
Favorite Food: anything involving bread?
Nationality: ethnicity is black / mexican but nationality is american? this question is always kinda weird, yeah.

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what hp houses would you put the the mains in?


they way i generally define who to put in what house is the trait that not only characterizes them the most, but the traits that they value the most (because let’s be real, they’re all brave and smart and loyal to an extent you know) so bearing that in mind 

honestly it’s so hard b/c i keep changing my mind but one thing i’m beyond certain of is hufflepuff!alec like that boy is the badgeriest badger that ever did exist and i wrote a long ass post about it here and while that was a while age i still stand by 90% of it alec is definitely a hufflepuff (read that post im not repeating myself but it’ll convince you i bet)

i usually put jace and clary both in gryffindor (i think clary has slyth elements though, and i think jace is a strong 40% hufflepuff too) i think the conversation that they had in one of the recent episodes exemplifies why, the one where clary says “i’m tired of being afraid” or something to that effect. i think they’ve both lost things and felt lonely and afraid, and so i think bravery and valour are not just traits that they both exemplify but that they strongly value as well (and lbr both are hot-headed and impulsive as fuck)

simon to me is also a hufflepuff, because again i think he prides himself on being there for people and being loyal, whether it be to his friends or his family or his people - like i definitely think he has gryffindor and ravenclaw elements as well, and he’s honestly one of the hardest ones to sort for me. but if there’s any character in the show that exemplifies “true and unafraid of toil” i think it’s simon tbh

i also put both luke and izzy tentatively in ravenclaw. for luke it’s because i think his experiences and his leadership give him the trait of wisdom and understanding and intelligence that kind of defines his character - but i think its loyalty that he values more as a person than for example wittiness/creativity. and the “earth element” stuff from my meta on alec as a hufflepuff also applies to luke, so i think im 50/50 on luke being ravenclaw or hufflepuff, but honestly bravery applies to him in the same way it does jace/clary but the reason why he resists gryffindor to me is because of the lack of the flipside of gryffs, which is that hotheaded impulsivity that he doesn’t have 

izzy, i think, is ravenclaw because she’s not only super intelligent and quick-witted, but i think it’s something that she prides herself for and something that’s important to her, because we see how she’s put down by her mother throughout the series as being “lesser” than alec or not good enough because she’s not as obedient etc. so i think colouring outside the lines and thinking outside the box is something that ravenclaws tend to proud of - plus i think isabelle would hold on to her intelligence as proof that she is good enough, so that’s something that she would value. but definitely at least like 20% gryff to me, and some part hufflepuff because of her loyalty and fierce protectiveness of her family 

and then…….there’s magnus….who i have The Most difficulty sorting. i’ve put him in slytherin before, because he’s definitely extremely cunning and intelligent in a very slytherin-y way, and moreover as someone who has faced the amount of adversity in his life to reach the level of prestige and power he has now, i feel like that ambition towards greatness that he has aspired towards and achieved is something that would be important to him. but at the same time, i don’t think he’s an “any means to achieve an end” sort of character either, ya know? i think he also strongly values and embodies the ravenclaw traits of originality, creativity, and individualism, and hatred for ignorance and close-mindedness. there’s this quote i read about ravenclaws vs. slytherins which i quoted here, which says that  “[Slytherins] enjoy elegance and refinement, along with mystery. Where Ravenclaws want to explore mysteries and shed light on them, Slytherins want to be the mystery: great and prominent, but distant from the masses.” which puts me more over the fence for slyth!magnus,  but for me it’s really between slytherin and ravenclaw for him. 

Alright I know I already gave my two cents about this before but, fuck it, people’s stupidity has gotten me so pissed off that I felt the need to vent about this.

First things first, none of you mother fuckers are on the “right side of history”, you’re all a bunch of whinny self centered pieces of shit who riot at the drop of a fucking hat. I mean my fucking god, I never thought I would live to see the day where America slowly began to tear itself apart like it was a goddamn third world country, all this fucking rioting and fighting, over what? NOTHING.

A statue is not worth fighting over or dying for, I don’t give a fuck if it as a part of your history, your life should come above everything else. I mean goddamn!

And second of all (and this is coming from someone who loathes Trump and everything he stands for) he had nothing to do with what happened at Charlottesville, I know a lot of you idiots like to think he masterminded the whole thing but he had nothing to do with it. Same goes for what happened in Virginia, Bernie Sanders didn’t plan that shooting. Stop looking for goddamn scapegoats and start blaming the actual people who are responsible for these vile actions.

Enough with this “You’re either with us or against us” bullshit, none of you entitled little shits have a just cause and you’re only just acting out because you’re upset that America isn’t what you want it to be.

Doesn’t matter who the fuck riots, I’m not going to be giving any of you sacks of shit a free pass, you wanna act like rabid feral animals? I’m gonna fucking treat you like rabid feral animals.

Fuck the alt right and fuck Antifa. And if you wanna defend either of these groups then fuck you too.

crawling out of pitioss dungeon like


Ok. So, I just wanna talk about this for a second. For anyone who doesnt know, this is from the teaser for season 4. It should be on this hellsite somewhere if you wanna watch it, or you can find it on youtube.

Now, if you haven’t seen season 3 yet, you should probably stop reading this, cause I’m gonna mention a few spoilers. There probably not going to be terribly large spoilers, but spoilers all the same. If you’ve seen season 3 or you dont care about spoilers, then read on.

Okay, so… I was watching the teaser and I didn’t think much of this scene at first. But upon seeing it again something seemed odd. In this scene (in case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember it) Lotor is chasing after something and desperately trying to hit it with his sword. This is significant because, so far when Lotor has fought anyone, he’s calm and cool. Hell, so far Lotor seems to be someone who never seems to loose his calm exterior and always seems to be in control. He does crack sometimes, but not like this. In this scene he’s clearly upset. In fact, I’d go as far as to say he’s in a panic. I mean, look at the look on his face in the last shot. Whatever it is he’s desperate to wound/kill it and he needs to do it before it can get away.
Okay. So Lotor is trying to hit something and he’s freaking out. “What’s your point Star?” You might find yourself asking.
Well, take a look at the shots again. Look at who’s in them. Acxa, Zethrid, and Ezor are in the shot with Lotor, but not Narti. In case you aren’t sure who Narti is, she’s the blind mute one. The one with the cat.
Alright so, if you’ve seen episode 7 of season 3, you know that there’s a strong chance that that cat is in fact Haggar’s. When he got sick she treated him with quintessence, apparently making him immortal or something similar.
“But Star,” you ask, “what does this have to do with anything?”
I’m glad you asked!
If you’ve seen season 3, then you remember the episode where Haggar sent someone too spy on Lotor because she doesnt trust him. He’s obviously caught because Lotor’s not an idiot. He confronts Haggar about it, throwing the cybornetic arm of her spy at her. Now I don’t know about you, but to me the whole thing felt odd. Haggar is normally at least a little bit sneakier then that. The whole thing sort of plays off as a simple filler scene simply put there too show that Lotor is playing by his own rules and Haggar isn’t having it and doesn’t trust him. But I think Haggar is a little smarter then that. She’s been the brains behind Zarkon for ten thousand years after all.
If you can’t tell where I’m going with this, let me explain. I’d say the cat (or possibly Narti herself) is there to spy for Haggar. I’d say he realizes this in that moment, perhaps after something large about his plans has been exposed, and in a fit of panic and anger tries to kill it (or Narti). Even the way it’s framed. The camera is placed between Acxa and Zethrid, like the person or whatever Lotor is attcking is standing in formation with the three other girls. That would make the scene from Narti’s point of view. Specifically, this is what she would be seeing (except it would have to be the cat seeing it because she doesn’t have eyes but that’s not the point). Both Zethrid and Ezor seem to be in a state of shock. Acxa just seems to be stepping out of his way.
So I guess what I’m saying is that, next season, if anyone turns put to be a traitor amongst Lotor’s group, it’s the cat/ Narti.
Thank you for your time.

Aries: I envy you. I envy your courage, your stupidity and your childishness. Maybe you’re asking “Why?” Well, wouldn’t it be beautiful if we were all children at heart, like you? Like seeing things so horrible yet still making corny jokes? Like telling your feelings, like running until your feet hurt? Like purity, like innocence mixed with knowledge? You have experienced the world, you have experienced life. And yet, you still stand here. Brave and tall. As if to say “I am not afraid of life. I am not afraid to live.”

Taurus: I will always associate you with flowers and colours. With lilies and roses and blood oranges. I will always associate you with fruit and red-green-yellow. We will speak in colours, talk in words others won’t understand. With red-grey sand and blue-green eyes. An encouraging nod, a hug with clasping hands. Words left unspoken simply ‘cause they were never meant to be said, they were meant to be. They were meant to be. Plucking petals like a grade schooler playing games about love. Holding a magnifying glass over your head, and I could not find a flaw. I just saw you. I saw you.

Gemini: While you drink in the melodies of everyone’s laughter. The ghosts find a new home inside your body. A facade of performance, masking out true emotions. While the hallways turn vacant and your ghosts shut the doors. The voices leave the room empty, the emptiness in your chest weighing like a brick worth thousands of golden bricks. I cannot put a price on your heart, I don’t know its colours. I don’t know its voice. Or the three albums you have on repeat over the summer, or the songs you dance to at night. Simply because you are you, unique, mysterious and beautiful.

Cancer: You are a puzzle and I am not your missing peace, I don’t own it. But you do. You make up your own being. Maybe you left it in your back pocket, next to the shattered dreams or under the pillars you build when you were eight years old. The ones you made to put your broken home on, searching for stability in broken mirrors. I will linger in my map of you and I swear that even when I get back it leads back to you. It always leads back to you. To that little house with orange paint on the walls from ten years ago. With the nicotine sticking to a once white ceiling and some kind of animals running around. The dusty photographs will still stand on the desk. You will still sit on that one spot, with teary eyes and crossed legs. And you will still be beautiful.

Leo: I could never describe your beauty. Your beauty cannot be multiplied, it can only be remembered, treasured, envied, appreciated or regretted. And by remembered I mean that when you feel like you are just another extra in someone’s life that they will mention you to their parents during dinner. They will talk about your shining personality and sparkling eyes. By treasured I am talking about that “the one” experience which you deserve. A treasure filled with all things unique and irreplaceable. One that’s filled with happiness. By envied I am talking about the eyes you do not see, or do not wish to see. Or don’t notice. You stand out in a crowd, especially when you don’t think you are. By appreciated I am talking about the ones who see your true you, your tangled hair and cracked lips. The ones who still stay even through the bad times. By regretted I am talking about the people who did not see your beauty until you blossomed. I understand why you find cocoons beautiful now, and how you like caterpillars just as much as butterflies.

Virgo: Snow litters on untouched skin. Sun rains through the cracks of the darkness even where you hide. I could hear you talking every day. Forever. With delicate fingers and blushed cheeks. Your hair untamed and your fingers bruised to the bone. Delicately logical. The edges of the leafs of oak trees remind me of your way of thinking. The overhang reminds me of your mind. Which casts shadows over the villagers in the houses you build where colourless souls reside. You are so often in debate with your own head, at war with your own body. Never at peace, always restless. Always asking, “but why?” I don’t know. You like it, don’t you? Parading around in your own world? Sweet little soul in a world full of pain.

Libra: The bell of the church echoed through your head a little longer than it should’ve. It never was nice. We never played nice. We talked until our lips were dry and I stayed home when you were out cold. But memories don’t matter anymore do they darling? In this orchestra of harmonious noises where you are the leader of everything nothing can hurt you. I don’t know, I don’t know. And goddamnit I know you will try to push everything on yourself again. You always do. That’s just how you work. Why don’t you warm your hands on your own body for once? You don’t need another person to feel like you’re loved, you only need one. One whole, full, true person.

Scorpio: Everything seems darker these days. Charcoal coloured clouds are a daily thing. And your arms are always covered up along with your legs. Even in the summer the nights don’t seem as enchanting. Not when small bruises shaped like the bumps of your knuckles litter on your thighs. Self destructive lullabies, “I just need a friend, for once in my life.” A desire for someone to stay ripped from your lips. So I stayed by your side wondering, if you wanted me to stay or needed me to stay. Of course I could say you remind me of scarlet blood and bathroom tiles. But you also remind of the river I used to play in when I was nine. You also remind me of the necklace I got when my grandmother passed away. You remind me of memories, the good, the bad, the in-between. You remind me of life. Please keep on living.

Sagittarius: The reason that I didn’t cry when you left was because crying means letting go, or so you said. And I don’t want to let you go. I want you to be a part of me, forever. But I can’t do that, you would rot in the hell hole that is my mind. I can’t put you through more cruelty. I hate how I am the reason you cry on bad nights, do you still wonder if I miss you? I do. I do. I do. Regret was stronger than appreciation. But you’re so fucking strong. Your eyes still shine even when you’re sad. You think no one likes you yet you know that’s not true. You’re the reason I am alive. You let me experience pain, beauty, emotion. You let me live. You’re so much more than enough, sometimes I can’t even handle who you are. You are dazzling. But you could never control your heart, it always wandered over the streets of other people’s bodies.

Capricorn: When the sun sets over mountains and the houses made of glass shatter I will still see your name in the sky in neon lights. The little bugs in our home always wanted to be friends with you. They always say on the tip of your nose with gentle smiles. I never envied you, I wish I treasured you. You are so simplistic and nice. Nice. Too underrated for your own good, no? Aren’t we all. Your hands will still be remembered by those you touched. You always leave some kind of mark that they don’t want to wash off. You have that affect on people. You make them drown their thoughts and hold their breath when you walk into a room. You are an old soul, you know. Why? You just do. Because you’re you. And nothing can change that or the late nights, the slowness or the fastness in your walk doesn’t matter for the right people. They will walk for you until they have blathers on their toes. If they don’t you know what to do.

Aquarius: Swirls of icy wind are always your accomplice. Your cold, and beautiful; like snow. The wires always stick to your senses, they get stuck in between your backbone. They twist around your spine and plug into the back of your brain. You let other people control you like you’re a mindless puppet. I think the wires got the best of you. Whenever you speak your mind it says something beautiful and unique. You are original, not ordinary. I am sorry they teach you that being unique is bad and that you have to fit into this ‘ordinary’ world as an ‘ordinary’ person. Nothing is ordinary about you, not even your name. Your name says who you are as a person, if someone asks me to define you I will simply say your name, the definition of your personality is your name. Because your name is unique and so is your personality. Don’t let other people control you.

Pisces: The imaginary butterflies with the raven black wings told me about you. They tell me that your head is in a universe they have never seen, with all things beautiful and all things bad. They see you crying with your knees tugged up sometimes, hands in your hair as you hide beneath sheets of darkness. You write poetry with the blood in the sink and make galaxies with the stars you find inside other people their eyes. A gentle smile always embraces your lips, “So happy, yet so sad” they say. A mask is something you believe is beautiful, but I believe you are beautiful. The real you. Not the you who cautiously walks over this realm of sadness. Your moonlit hair is so silky, your sunlit eyes are so sad. Chin up little soldier.

—  Letters to the zodiac signs
peter parker is a Clingy boyfriend

hi i know there are 4000 of these and i already wrote one but i need to scream about clingy!peter so here it is folks enjoy this long ass post lmfao!

  • cuddling is intense because that boy will cling to you like a goddamn koala
  • omg his favorite is when you’re laying down and he’s resting his head on your chest and you’re playing with his hair all softly
  • he doesn’t even care that you’re totally messing it up because it feels so good
  • this boy is deadass like a little kitten
  • he will lean into your touch subconsciously like if u put your hand on the side of his face while you’re cleaning him up after his spiderly duties

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After I graduated high school, I spent six months in the shadow of the Argentine mountains, living amongst the locals. I was what they called a “summit hyper.” Essentially, my job involved walking around to all the hot tourist spots and talking about how nobody could climb the mountains, that is, no one who wasn’t extremely brave. Supposedly this was so they would hire a guide and the local villages would get a portion of the money. So, this works about 25% of the time; these guys end up trying to go climb Mt. South America and all just to prove their manhood or something.

Well, one time I was in the plaza doing my speech when this guy in the back of the crowd stands up and asks me if I’ve ever even been to the top of the mountains. I was taken aback. I didn’t really know where this was coming from. Here he was, trying to assault my manhood, my self-respect. Who was he, you know?  Who was he to try to come at me like that.

They still had duels in Argentina. Yes, like the ones from 18th century America. Each person gets a pistol and does the step thing and turns and fires and honor and all that. So I challenge the guy to a duel.  He says “Where?”  I say “Top of that mountain!” all dramatic like and point to the top of the tallest peak of the area. He of course accepts.

We depart the next day. It’s just me and him and our pistols on our journey up. 13,000 feet and no safety harnesses or anything.  This was at the start of winter, too, so it was a real challenge. We help each other out, though, pointing out pitfalls and sharing a fire at the end of a hard day’s climb.

His name was Hernando and he was my best friend until I won the duel.