i like when he wears hats


when u put your hat on your friend/crush and he won’t take it off for 84 years (he still thinks it’s the warmest thing he owns..even though it’s full of Despair)

r76valentines event day 2 was GIFT (yeaaah I’m hopelessly behind this is just how I live man). Gabe didn’t exactly give Jack the hat, but he did put it on him and UH listen I just wanted to draw Jack wearing The Hat. or a hat anyway, Gabe probably had like 30 of those let’s be real.
(I’m……he’s supposed to be like..crying into it?? smelling it??? in the third panel?? but it looks like he’s blowing his nose into it hfdjslkd DESGUSTENG)

more soft™ isak + even bc i believe they will be happy in the end 

  • isak stops wearing his SnapBack so often because even likes to run his hands through his hair. like,, he’s actually obsessed with it 
  • isak washing even’s hair but putting way too much shampoo and some of it gets into his eyes and he’s just laughing and squinting as isak highkey fusses over him because his eyes are all red 
    • soapy kisses on his neck and chest
    • blowing soap bubbles
  • that thing that isak does when he nudges at even with his nose but doesn’t initiate the kiss, but reversed:
    • even laying on isak’s chest while he’s doing homework (actually not), and even is just a little bored, although he never fully could be so long as isak is with him
    • but he lifts his head and waits for isak to notice. isak pecks him on the lips and goes back to work but even is content 
  • isak taking so many pictures. sometime’s he can’t quite believe even’s existence. i mean have you seen the way this boy looks at even??? like he’s a miracle??? so he’ll just take pictures while even is cooking or doodling and sometimes even won’t notice but sometimes he does and immediatly strikes a ridiculous pose that makes isak laugh 
    • how does isak have space on his phone anymore??? it is a mystery 
  • even’s lips always being a little chapped. he forgets to eat and drink water a lot. so isak makes him carry a chapstick and keeps one of his own too for even to use when he inevitably loses the one isak gives him 

So I’ve seen some posts about Jack having old jerseys from the teams he used to play on and it got me thinking…

Do you know how much random hockey memorabilia Jack must have? Like, I’m imagining Jack comes to visit Bitty one time. He was supposed to do laundry when he got back from the roadie but he really just wanted to see Bitty and go to bed, so he just ran back to the apartment to change, pulled out the last dregs of his clean clothes, and left.

So he shows up at the Haus in sweatpants from his team back in juniors, a Penguins sweatshirt, a Samwell scarf, and a Habs hat.

Bitty opens the door and lets him in, and then just stares.

“Honey, are you - are you wearing gear from four different hockey teams?”

“Er - probably?”

“And still managed, somehow, not to include the team you currently play for?”

“I’m wearing a Falcs shirt on underneath this sweatshirt.”

“Of course you are,” Bitty says, and then tugs Jack up the stairs so that he can begin, ahem, removing Jack’s wardrobe choices.


for those who don’t know, pinocchio is a pretty different character in russian media than the western disney version. his name is buratino and he wears a yellow shirt with a striped red windsock hat and is usually shown holding a golden key. on its own that’s pretty tame but things get kind of weird in the classic 1975 nearly 2 and half hour long USSR Buratino movie. not that its bad but i cannot fathom what somebody who either didn’t grow up with the movie or doesn’t speak russian would experience when trying to watch it. for example we’ve got things like this scene:

or this personal favourite number, theres just something surreal about it all and i love it. it’s like it was filmed on the moon.


So this was my second con, but for some reason I was even more nervous than last year?? I walk into the photo op room and my heart is pounding and I feel like I’m gonna projectile vomit all over the floor (which I don’t. Thank god). Finally I walk up, and we say hello. Except he needs to get his hair fixed, as the previous people had him wear a hat. So I’m standing there just staring at him, and as he’s getting his hair fixed he looks at me from the corner of his eye and gives me this little grin, and I think that’s when my soul leapt from my body tbh. His handler had taken my phone to show him the pose, so when I’m ready he takes my hands and guides me into place (I was awkward as heck lmao), and he dips me, and there’s just this moment where we’re staring at each other. His eyes are so FRICKING blue. But I digress. The picture is taken, and he brings me back up. Which I thought would be the end of it, but nope! All the sudden he’s TWIRLING me, like we’re dancing. Which I was in no way prepared for, so I ended up making the stupidest squealing noise. Then I say thank you, and he smiles at me, and I walk out of there with the shakiest hands of my life.

ANYWAY. Once it’s my turn for autographs, my stomach is doing all sorts of flips again, but I end up managing to tell him how I wrote my college application essay about my experience with Gishwhes. He looks up at me all wide eyed and excited, and goes, “WHAAAT!” And then I tell him I wrote about how amazing it was, and how it helped me break out of my shell. Then he gives me a big high five and says, “that’s amazing!! Did it work?” But I haven’t applied yet, which I tell him. He gives me a hand shake and says, “well I wish you the best of luck! That’s awesome.” And I thank him.

During his panel, someone had asked him when he feels like a hero, to which he responded with a joking “when I’m wearing a cape and tights.” So as I’m about to leave from my autograph, I say, “you don’t need a cape to be a hero, by the way.” And he suddenly just has this small, bashful smile on his face and he says, “thank you, that’s very sweet.”

So that’s the story of how I danced and had a little conversation with Misha. It was honestly so amazing. When we were talking, he looked at me like he genuinely cared. Like I mattered. And I am so fucking grateful. If I could thank him a thousand times over, I would.

PS. His hands are super soft and warm. Just as an FYI.

*The Letter* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. Readers estranged parents find out that not only did she marry Newt but has had children with him. Once they find out that he’s now a famous author and your his illustrator they want part of his wealth

Hope you enjoy!! I really liked this idea! It’s rather long.. sorry not sorry. 

“Mommy, look!” Your five year old daughter, Ava, came running up to you while holding her favorite little Bowtruckle, Fern. She had pieced together a nice little hat for the creature wear and was extremely proud to present it to you. Giggling, you knelt down to get a closer look.

“And what will Daddy think when he see’s you’ve made another hat for Fern?” You smiled and tickled Ava, who gave out an enthusiastic laugh. 

“What’s all this laughing I hear?” Newt entered the room and looked down to see Ava holding Fern. “Making hats for the Bowtruckles again I see?” He smiled and knelt down to meet her eye level.

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My favorite thing about Ezra walking out on stage in the Gandalf cosplay was that Ray gave him his flash hat. You can see it tucked into Ray’s pocket and then he dramatically pulls it out for Ezra. This means they planned this out. Ezra looked to Ray and was like “hey Ray im gonna wear this gandalf costume and Imma need you to hand me my flash hat it’ll be awesome” and Ray was like “fuck YEAH I’ll do that”. When will your brotp even.

I Really Really Really Really Really Really Like You


Dick blinked himself awake. Then he blinked again, just to watch the colors swirl.

“Hey buddy, how you feelin’?”

Someone was talking. Dick tilted his head, even though it was very heavy, to the right. Oh, there they were. Dick smiled at the man sitting on a chair by his bed. He was wearing a…

“Hat,” he supplied, feeling proud when the man laughed, dragging a hand down his face.

“Yeah, you probably feel pretty amazing right now, don’t you?”

Dick did feel pretty amazing.

“I feel,” he started, but then there was a door, and it was opening, and an actual angel appeared.

“Ah, you’re awake. About time, Dickhead, pretty sure Baby Bat was about to stage a revolution.”

Dick didn’t care about anything but this guy’s face, even when the man paused and just met his eyes for a long while. Not long enough.

“Why are you– why’s he staring at me like that?”

“Beats me, man,” Shush, hat. Angel was talking. “He’s on some serious drugs.”

Irritated, Dick flapped his hand (more like flopped it) at the man in the hat, shushing him. He wanted to touch that white spot in the hair. It looked soft.

“Are you soft?”

He had to know, it was vital.

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ok get this i just had a great idea: baseball bat/referee ability kirby

white baseball hat with a black peak/flap thing/whatever you wanna call it and black bobble thing at the top (great terminology here, huh) that he’s wearing slightly tilted or off center, and two black lines positioned like an equals sign (=) replace the blush stickers

attacks could involves a chargeable baseball bat, fast but weak when uncharged and slow but powerful when charged, though to charge it you’d of course have to hold a button and stay completely still, and executing it perfectly could end with a star ko animation for the enemy killed with it

baseballs as fast and moderately strong projectiles

and some attack that involves loudly blowing a whistle

is this a good idea or am i just thinking too hard about a dumb concept again


Memorable Moments, good or bad (in no particular order.):

-Judith, just Judith

-Spencer’s death (lets all face the fact that he annoyed the fuck out of most of us) It was straight out of the comics omg I was happy.

- Maggie’s pregnancy cravings.

-Maggie wearing Glenn’s hat.

-How the fuck did Rosita miss that shot like damn I love her but he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER

-Negan flipping out because Rosita hit Lucille with a bullet

-The look Rick gave Carl when Negan told him about Carl sneaking into the saviors base. Like that is one pissed off dad.

-Jesus breaking Daryl the fuck out of his shitty prison

-Poor Fat Joey, RIP

-Olivia Nooo! :( You will be remembered by your bitch slap to Negan and for being a boss ass woman!

-Richonne all around!!!

-Aaron, despite having the shit kicked out of him, still shielded his boyfriend when they got guns pointed at them. I shouted at the TV telling them to not hurt my precious gay sons

-Aaron almost died like, three times.

-Rosita screeching at the saviors to take her instead of Eugene

-Tara trying to save Eugene and Rosita by claiming to be the one who made the bullet

-That reunion at the end!

-Rick and Daryl hug

-Daryl and Tara hug

-Michonne kissing Daryl on the cheek 

-All the hugs!


Feel free to add on, and don’t be a dick okay? Okay.

i like to think that when Gavin “spent 6 grand on one pair of sunglasses’ Free walked into the penthouse living room to meet the new kid, the new sniper, this Mr. Dooley, he got two steps in before his eyes actually took in lil J, and more importantly what he was wearing and gavin just

stops dead in his tracks just, startles and lets out a yelp and quickly shoves his surprise horror down, neon purple and orange and a cowboy hat and unironically also, like gavin tries to a smile but it curdles immediately

and jeremy’s smiling fully, geoff told him the glitzy little asshole would have a stroke upon contact at his ‘unorthodox’ choice of clothes, and that it had nothing to do with him personally and that he’d get over it (eventually)

but Gavin manages to stand there for five whole seconds before whirling around on his heel for the door “MEG! TURNEY, DONT LOOK- I ER, I MEAN, UM, COME HERE I NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!” and hissed murmurs in the hallway and Meg with her razor-sharp wings and jimmy choo pumps comes barrelling in to see for herself and she, her reaction, just wide eyes and a fist pressed against her mouth like she’d been shot, leaning back so hard gavin has to catch her when he comes back into the penthouse hissing “i told you not to make a scene turney!” and meg’s like like, “jeremy, baby, who did this to you?” she runs up to him, catches his face in her hands “where did the rest of your clothes go jeremy, i can buy you new ones sweetheart just say the word.” 

and jeremy explains that yes, he picked this out himself, and yes, he has clothes other than this, and yes, he chose to wear this of his own accord with no one forcing his hand

and gavin and meg are baffled. 

but accepting.

but every christmas, birthday (ALL  the crew’s birthdays, every last one), hanukkah, chinese new year, diwali , every equinox, for the next year and a half on any chance they have to give gifts lil j gets clothes from designers he can’t pronounce and price tags he can’t bear to look at for fear of wallet cramps. it’s the thought that counts.

❄December 20th❄

A/N: 4 Days until Christmas??? Where has time gone? I’ll try and get at least one more scenario done for you guys and maybe I’ll do a mood board or something? If someone has an idea please just tell me! x


Snow days with Jungkook!!!!

  • okay I feel like this cutie would get so excited when he’d look out the window in the morning
  • “Jagiya look how much new snow there is!”
  • must go outside
  • no protest is allowed
  • “dress warmly!”
  • he’d make you wear his sweater bc it’s “warmer than yours”
  • really he just enjoys seeing you in his clothes
  • he’d put a hat on your head and pull it down so you wouldn’t see anymore and your hair would be a mess
  • but you could never be annoyed at him when he’d flash his bunny smile at you
  • at first you’d just run around and explore the garden full of snow a little
  • then you’d get the idea of building a snowman
  • and I’m telling you he’d get so into it
  • and he’d be hella good at it as well
  • you’d concentrate a lot when you’d put the eyes and mouth on the snowman
  • he’d bend down next to you and watch you
  • “You’re so cute when you’re focusing on something”
  • then he’d steal a kiss
  • or three
  • “Stop kissing me or I’ll mess it up!”
  • “He looks good already! A little like Namjoon-hyung”
  • and you wouldn’t see any resemblance but go with it anyways
  • then he’d rush inside to get a carrot for the nose
  • you’d hide somewhere behind the house corner with a snowball
  • when he’d come back outside you’d hit him and giggle adorably
  • but he wouldn’t admit how cute you looked
  • instead he’d form his own snowball and walk towards you dangerously
  • “Kookie! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to! Please don’t!”
  • and you’d giggle even more
  • but a meter away from you he’d suddenly drop the snowball and just trap you between his frame and the wall
  • he’d stare at you intensely and you’d probably forget how to breathe for a second
  • extra Jungkook™ mode on
  • “This is what I get for being a good boyfriend?”
  • you’d apologize but giggle anyways bc he would sound so cute and mad
  • and this smooth fucker would just lean in and kiss you again
  • he’d taste of coffee and even though your lips would be cold it would be great
  • and after a few seconds of deepening the kiss (no he wouldn’t pull away and you couldn’t bc you’re backed up against a wall) he’d slide his tongue over your bottom lip
  • and your knees would suddenly feel a little like jelly
  • and you’d open your mouth and as soon as his tongue touched yours you’d feel dizzy of how good of a kisser he was
  • and you’d almost feel mad when he’d all of a sudden pull away and say
  • “Namjoon-hyung will have to wait for his nose a little longer”
  • and pull you back inside the house
trans dipper stuff !! !

• the reason he wears a hat all the time is when he was like 9 and started realizing he wasn’t a girl, his parents wouldn’t let him cut his hair short but they would let him buy the star hat. so he put his hair up in it and wore it all the time. when he turned 11 or 12, they let him cut his hair short, but he kept the hat bc he was so used to having it on his head.

• and like what if his parents didn’t ever let him cut his hair? or really accept that he wasn’t a girl? and then on the bus in the middle of the trip to gravity falls he just got up and muttered something like “nope, i can’t stand this anymore” and got up and headed for the lavatory at the back of the bus. and Mabel jumped up after him and started banging on the door and yelling bc what if he’d done something really horrible?? but then he just opens the door with kiddie scissors in his hand (from mabel’s Craft Suitcase) and his hair is all weird and messy but it’s //short// and he’s grinning kinda and “sorry i scared you mabel. there was just no way i was gonna meet people i’ll be spending the summer with while i had long hair.” And that’s why his hair is so messy

• in the previous scenario i mentioned, dipper buys his binders from the same site mabel buys her sweaters from, so the parents don’t really bother to check through pages and pages of receipts that say things like “MEOW WOW MID-PURPLE BEDAZZLED SIZE M” for Trans Activity

• stan somehow doesn’t?? know??? enough abt his grandchildren to know that dipper is trans? which is why he gives dipdop the whole pituitary gland talk. like he’s been so out of touch that he hasn’t had much knowledge about dip and mabel before now so he’s just like ‘hi dipper hi mabel!’ when they step off the bus and calls dip by he pronouns and dipper is so relieved

• mabel reads everything she can get her hands on about binder safety and being respectful on pronouns and stuff like that when dipper comes out to her, and she sticks bedazzled post-it notes that say things like ‘remember to cough!’ and stickers that have like 'UR A RAD DUDE’ on them in neon bubble letters, in places dipper will see them

• she swears to dipper that if their parents kick him out, she’s packing up and leaving with him.

Am I the only person who has noticed Isak’s style change from S1 to S3? In season 1-2 he had his little scarf and he just looked really small and stereotypically “gay”. I feel like he changed his style because he didn’t want to seem “gay” because he had been teased about it before (like when Elias and Jonas were making jokes). Then in season 3 he got rid of the beanies and scarves and started to wear sport jackets and backwards hats and even started to walk differently, and now in the latest clip he’s wearing the scarf again and looks so small and cozy and I’m just glad that he’s not so tied up in seeming “straight” and trying to be as non flamboyant/stereotypically gay as possible.

guys…..kaz is such a mcfreakin nerd…you know what i just considered??? he wears a well tailored suit, gloves, and a top hat. you know who else does?? i mean idk how they’d look in the grishaverse but magicians. MAGICIANS. you know, like the one that fascinated kaz as a kid…in six of crows inej says all the barrel bosses wear flashy patterns and such, but kaz keeps it simple (i dare you to google magicians. they’re all in black and white with red accents. i.e. simple) and when she calls him out or whatever he says “i’m a business man”. i bet he said it because i’m a magician would sound a lot less cool, but think about it…. a thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. “i’m going to invent a new trick”. the way he runs his cons and uses sleight of hand tricks….that nerd probably considers himself a magician anyway.