i like when he wears cardigans


you guessed it

Big Hero 6 and I noticed something about Tadashi’s shirt while watching the part when Hiro meets Fred and dude,

You can see the creases and wrinkles on his T-shirt.

Some from wear and tear, because it seems like this San Fransokyo T-shirt is one of his favorites, and some probably from hanging up in his closet and rubbing against his other clothing because Tadashi doesn’t have the time to use the wrinkle release on the dyer when he washes his clothes.

You’ve got a similar pattern on his cardigan, more specifically, on the back of his cardigan, on the shoulders. though I imagine this one is because the fabric of his cardigan gets wrinkled under the fabric of his Green Jacket.

It’s sort of interesting that Disney would put so much into a character who only lasted for 15 minutes(Sob), so much so, that we can see bits of his personality and his antics in simple things like his clothing/wrinkles/and how he wears them.

Like, Disney didn’t have to put this into the movie, people probably wouldn’t notice either way because you really gotta be focused to see small, details like this on a supporting character, but they did.

And it’s freakin’ amazing.

In the headspace of Eggsy wearing Harry’s clothes, the red bathrobe is a fantastic trope, but I have to say, I was also emotionally arrested by Harry’s utterly adorable cashmere cardigan outfit that he wears when piloting Eggsy’s stolen taxi back home. 

MR PORTER was good enough to have Taron model the same outfit for their collection, complete with rolled up sleeves like a boyfriend cardi, because Harry keeps his house freezing cold, and Eggsy sleeps in t-shirts so worn and thin that it’s a miracle they don’t fall apart at the seams. Besides, Eggsy doesn’t exactly mind pinching Harry’s frumpy old man jumpers; they’re soft and warm and smell like him, and when Harry is away on missions, Eggsy can curl up in their empty bed at night and pretend Harry is there in his arms.

I am destroyed now, okay bye.

Clary Tells Magnus About AltWorld

Clary: And you were not fabulous at all. No makeup, wearing this ugly cardigan. I mean, you barely even sashayed. 

Magnus: Lies! 

Clary: And everyone was there, and Simon and Izzy were totally a couple but Izzy was also crushing on my dad, which at first I thought was super cute but it gives you the really awful couple name Valzzy, which sounds like an STD.

Magnus: Ew. I’m not sure I want to hear this.

Clary: It gets better. Jace owned a mobile coffee stand. And he had a panic attack when we were attacked by a demon who looked suspiciously like a guy in rubber. 

Mangus: Hmmm tempting… .

Clary: And Alec was there and he was so out. Like, satellites orbiting Earth would use his gay for their global positioning. Wait.. Magnus… where are you going?

Magnus: To pick up a spare. 

in this story, there is someone else. there are loads of someone elses. they are the same as you and different from you. he has green eyes but he rubs my fingers with his thumbs like you do. she holds my face when she kisses me like you do but she wears mint green cardigans that fall off her shoulders. i rest my head on those shoulders. loads of shoulders. they are all patient when i say your name at night. none of them fit inside me quite right like you. 

cold war with my dad

I had another fight with my dad. Yay.

If i wasn’t already stressed out enough this just adds to fuel to the fire. He’s not happy with me ‘cause we’re going to a funeral on Thursday sadly not my own and he doesn’t think the outfit I’ve chosen is appropriate.

i went out to buy a new dress because he said none of the ones i owned were funeral appropriate - which I understood since the majority of my dresses are super short or super low cut or both.

So I went out and I bought this dress:

Which goes all the way down to my knees and isn’t very low cut - like it still shows some cleavage but tbh when you have boobs as large as mine its hard to find a dress that doesn’t.

i even bought a cardigan to wear with it so that even my shoulders are covered and I’ll probably wear tights too so I’ll literally have the bear minimum of skin on show and somehow its still inappropriate.

Not to be disrespectful or anything but like i don’t think my uncle is really going to care what I wear to his funeral - he’s dead

So anyways, we argued about that yesterday and then today he’d managed to break his phone screen and for some reason my brother (who fixes stuff like that for a living) not coming round to fix it as soon as it had broken was somehow my fault?

Like yes my brother and I are a lot closer to each other than anyone else in our family but I was literally just the messenger when it came to telling my dad it’d have to wait till Monday. Its a constant state of cold war and i can’t wait for the day he actually starts a real war because that’ll be the day I walk out for good and never come back - I can’t do that right now though because my dog still lives with them until I find another place that’ll let me take him too.

I need to just have one day where I don’t get stressed about anything and can just relax - but then I get stressed out about not being productive enough and its a vicious cycle that I can’t escape from.

iKON x andGirl

When do you think noonas are cute?

BOBBY: I think it’s cute when they look perfect but they still make mistakes sometimes. For example, when their left & right socks are different.
B.I: When showing that they are shy. That is cute.

If you are a girl, which member do you want to date?

BOBBY: Oh! Hmm… who should I pick? It’s hard to pick… but Chanwoo! Because he’s the youngest and his personality and face are cute. In a sisterly kind of way, I want to baby him.
B.I: Bobby. There isn’t any reason why.

What type of fashion do you like on a girl?

BOBBY: Of course, sneakers with blue skinny jeans & a big cardigan is “My Type.”
B.I: Girls who wear knitted top & tight jeans.

What is your ideal type?

BOBBY: Someone who knows what they like and knows what suits them. Also, I like girls who have a strong personality, for example, someone who also suits a two block cut.  YES. It’s a man’s hairstyle. YES, it looks like Hanbin’s *cough*

B.I: I prefer girls who are cute than pretty, look like someone who is mixed with features that are sharp. Even though we are lovers we can be like friends playing together. That is my ideal type.

Words to describe your personality?

BOBBY: I’m a free spirit.
B.I: No matter where I am, I can be crazy

What is your weakness?

BOBBY: I’m too free that I can’t keep up sometimes.
B.I: When facing girls, whatever they say, I will do it.

What is your favorite sentence?

BOBBY: I like to be told to “do what I like.” Yeah, Being free is what makes me the happiest.
B.I: If I can do it, I will do it.

Trans by @kya_mii (Bobby), @ikon_21 (B.I)

I watched this amazing video somebody made (click here) where they went through and put together all the clues from the entire show that wren is A (its edited together so well you have to watch it!) and at the end they picked up on the fact that remember ages ago when everyone got super suspicious of wren because he drew that picture of what looked like red coat? Well it seems now that it’s actually not, it’s of the farm scene in the charles video!!! Mrs D is wearing a red cardigan, it’s on a farm, there are 2 boys and a girl (in the pic the girl is much older though)! Watch the video (or just skip to 3.20) and you will see what i mean! This is a huge clue!!!

But Jongdae. He’d get the works! Fuck. We’d stay indoors for days because we’d be fucking for days. Our schedule would consist of a shower with a quickie, he wears his nice basketball shorts around the house with a cute cardigan, while I wear one of his tops. Like he’d squeeze your but when you walk past and god it’d get to the point that he’d lose it and fuck you on the kitchen floor.

I’d suck his dick while his mums giving him that weekly prayer on the phone. I’d meet him at his office and ride his dick blunt. I’d let him eat me out like a pinkberry frozen yogurt.