i like when he pulls back for the arrow too

Well, anon, you got your wish. I ended up writing a thing based on that comic by @doodlesonice.

He makes the boy go through his entire free skate twice before seeing where the chip in it is beginning to spindle into a full-blown fracture. “You don’t bend your knee enough before your triple combination, and because you’re not getting enough height you’re not getting enough rotations. It’s sloppy! I don’t know how you managed to get this far with such mediocrity. Get out there and do it again, and if you don’t bend your knee at least 40 degrees, I will get up and leave.”

Crossing his arms, Yakov sits back and waits.

For the shouting. The high-pitched whining. The crocodile tears and the rending of spandex. Or, as a bonus, threats to destroy his reputation by going to the press to expose his fascist ways and then have unruly fans burn his house down. Coaching Yuri Plisetsky for the last two years has primed him to expect just about anything.

Except Katsuki gives him a serious nod, bows low, and says with a gratefulness that borders on uncomfortable, “Hai! Thank you, Coach Feltsman!”

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May I have a small drabble on Ren comforting his depressed/stressed out s/o? :') Like she's been overworking herself to the point of having a breakdown? Please and thank you, I love your writing!

“Lady?” Tumbled out of his mouth before he shut the door softly, his footsteps quickening. Usually you’d be at work around this time so he half expected to see the apartment empty again but he was pleasantly surprised. His eyes gleamed with happiness but when he saw you looking down like as if you were going to burst into tears any moment, he stopped short.

For the past month, you had an overtime shift at your workplace as some guy dropped out last minute and everything was dumped on you as everyone else had their ‘excuses.’ It added to your salary though, so you couldn’t refuse the bonus. After all, what is a little extra work? You were now regretting that choice. All the work was stressing, you could just crawl into a hole and stay there for eons and you really preferred that option now. You were distracted, your mind flying towards thoughts of work, work and more work. This was getting the better of you and you wanted to stop it but how could you when you felt your throat tighten, tears threatening to spill out?

You were so lost into the paradox of thoughts in your head that you didn’t notice your boyfriend entering and you certainly didn’t know he was around until he wrapped his arms around your shoulders from behind, enveloping you in his warmth.

“B..uh…?” Was all that came from your mouth and you finally snapped into reality, turning behind to meet Ren’s sapphire eyes that looked a little confused and very concerned.

“Lady…..you don’t look alright..” He remarked, studying your form. He felt how stiff the muscles of your back were when he hugged you, his eyebrows furrowed as he noticed how tired you looked.

You felt the tears in your eyes but you swallowed, trying to smile at him. “Ren, I missed you.” You said in a low whisper, your voice huskier than usual.

“I missed you too….” He trailed off, before clearing his throat. He’d have a smooth phrase to say for “I miss you” but you threw him off guard, what he wanted to say was something else but he settled for the simplest way of putting it which was not his style. Worry could do a lot to a person.

You chuckled softly, he was adorable when he was a little speechless. “How was work?” You weakly asked. He stared at you for a few seconds. You stared back, locking your gaze with his own, puzzled. “Um…Ren…?”

He lifted you up, a shriek escaped your lips before he settled on the couch, pulling you into his lap. He leaned close, wrapping his arms around you, patting your back gently.

“I dreamt of holding you in my arms at work.” He smirked and you couldn’t pout like how you always did when he had a comment like that. You just nodded and nuzzled closer in his arms.

“Honey…” His voice cracked, concern very evident and you let the tears fall, unable to keep them in. He stiffened but relaxed immediately, his palm instinctively reaching for your back and stroking it slowly, kissing your hair. You immediately wiped away your tears and muttered “I’m sorry I just don’t know why..” You shook your head and he stroked your cheek. “It’s okay. Let the tears fall. You are beautiful when you cry too, I just have a preference to your smile though.” He said softly, trying to ease you. You nodded quickly, more tears rolling down your cheeks before you hugged him again.

He ran his fingers up and down your back, hearing your sobs as a pain jabbed into his heart, similar to an arrow being shot into his heart. He didn’t like it when you were upset but we all have those times. Your sobs quietened down and you felt the tears rimming in your eyes, pulling away from him.

He wiped your tears, kissing the back of your hand gently. The moonlight made his eyes gleam an ocean blue, with pale blue streaks in them. The warmth and adoration he possessed for you were visible in his beautiful eyes. “I love you, Lady.” He planted a kiss on your neck.

“It’s just..work..” You admitted and he nodded understandingly. “I didn’t think I’d cry for such a stupid thing…” You continued and he listened patiently as you described what happened at your workplace this past month. He was aware that you worked extra but not how stressed you had become. He sighed, pulling you closer, unsure of what to say.

You spent the next few moments in silence until he cried an “I know!” out, his expression dawned with an idea. “Yes?” You asked, tiredly. Crying did exhaust you but at least you felt better. “How about you take the day off tomorrow?” He suggested before his lips curled into a snarky grin. “I might just have the place to take you to. It will be relaxing.” He added with a wink and you nodded, maybe a break is what you needed. “Okay.” You smirked back. “Take me to this place of yours.” A chuckle rose in his throat and he nuzzled your cheek, whispering in your ear. “Your wish is my command, Honey.”

Not Dead Yet (Part 22)

*Why did this take me so long to write? Ah well it’s up now. Thanks for all the love! <3*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: mild language

After Peter and I had stopped making out things got uncomfortably quiet. We sort of just stood there catching our breath and avoiding eye contact. What were we supposed to do now? Should I leave? Should I say something? What exactly is the protocol to what to do after you make out with your friend/leader?

“Well,” Peter broke the silence, “I’m just gonna say it. I enjoyed that immensely.”

“Oh my god,” I muttered, “Peter, really?”

“What? You didn’t?” he cocked an eyebrow up at me. “Certainly seemed like you were enjoying yourself.”

“I’m not saying I didn’t cause I did but this is weird, isn’t it?” All my nervous energy was bouncing about.

He shrugged, “It’s only weird if you make it weird, Lost Girl.”

“So what now? We forget this ever happened and move on with our lives?”

“Why would we do that?”

“Why wouldn’t we?”

“I thought we just agreed we both liked it.”

“Yes, so what?”

“So,” he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, “Shouldn’t two attractive people that are great kissers take advantage of that?”

“What are you proposing?”

“Simple. We go about our normal lives. In front of the boys you and I are as we always have been. If either one of us gets a craving then we sneak off behind some tree and make out until we can’t breathe.”

“You have some real intimacy addiction don’t you?” I rolled my eyes at him, “I can see the benefit though. Just so long as you understand that if I do do this it is only going to be a cheeky snog against a tree. I will not have sex with you.”

He let out a disappointed groan. “Fine. But if you change your mind–” I elbowed him hard in the stomach. “You are so abusive.”

“Stop being disgusting and maybe I won’t find a reason to hit you.” I smoothed out my appearance. “If we understand each other then I’m going to head back to camp.”

“Yes, yes,” he grabbed me again, “Seal it with a kiss?”

“You have a problem.” I gave him a quick peck that seemed to disappoint him before leaving.

From then on things weren’t that different. I mean things are definitely different seeing as how I spend my evenings making out with Peter but besides that things were the same at camp. Any of the boys that tried to give me grief about Peter’s rumour were quickly dealt with. Poor Carlos lost a foot due to his constant disgusting remarks. It was an accident anyways, all I meant to do was break it and ended up crushing it completely to the point we had to chop it off. After that the teasing from the others cooled down. It is amazing how many times I have to make these boys scared of me to get them to respect me. C’est la vie.

I will admit that things with Peter are awkward in a sense. I don’t take it upon myself to initiate anything. With all the boys around and the fact that I didn’t really crave kisses I never approached him about it. Peter on the other hand…

If I could count on anything it was that Peter has an addiction to a certain level of physical intimacy. I mean I already knew that considering his little night time visits to the other realms but that was sex. He’d leave maybe once or twice a month or so for a fix. With our arrangement though that was amplified by ten.

There I was just walking along in the jungle when someone pulled on my arm and I was pressed into a body. “Good morning,” he murmured in my ear.

“Morning,” I relaxed, “You know there are other ways to get my attention right?”

“What fun are those?” he pulled me closer, “We made our agreement a while ago but you’ve been giving me the cold shoulder since. I would have thought from how often you couldn’t keep your hands off me before that–”

With a roll of my eyes I pulled him down for a kiss. “Was that what you wanted?”

“You make teasing you a lot less fun when you just give me what I want.” he sighed.

“First you complain that I haven’t been hanging off you and now you’re complaining that I am? And you call me a paradox.”

“You know about that?”

“I do now.” I smirked at him and he returned the cheeky grin. “You act like you’re the first person to think as much. The amount of times Devin’s made fun of me for being the human embodiment of an anomaly are too many to count.”

“Well you have to admit you do do things that don’t make a whole lot of sense.” he flicked my nose, “Are you sure you’re not from Wonderland?”

“Seeing as how I don’t even know where you’re talking about I’m gonna go ahead and say no.” I looped my arms around his neck, “Now did you really come here just to tell me how strange I am?”

“I suppose not.” he pressed me closer and kissed me hard.

As weird as this was for me to accept I did enjoy kissing him a lot. My skin gets all tingly and my heart starts pounding and this strangely satisfying twist curls up in my stomach. Pressed together, mouths connected, hot breath passing back and forth. Not to mention the noises. Peter made a lot of little noises. Mainly little groans and a hushed whisper that never quite reached my ears. Every time we made out I understood a little better why girls wanted to sleep with him if kissing was half as good. It almost made me want to consider it but that was a temptation to tackle another day.

His hands skirted at the edge of my shirt before slipping under rubbing the bare skin of my back. I pulled back earning a disgruntled groan. “What?”

“You know what, watch where you’re putting those.”

“You are determined to make this as boring as possible, aren’t you?”

“Boring? Me?”

“Yeah, you can’t take things being a little frisky. That’s half the fun of making out.”

“Well then,” I pushed him so we both collapsed to the ground with my legs resting along either side of him. I ran one hand up under his shirt while leaning down toward his neck kissing lightly up to his ear. I raked my fingers back down his torso and gave his ear a playful nip. I sat back up and took in his blushing bewildered face. “Was that better?”

“Are you sure you’re a virgin?” he ran his hands up along my thighs.

“Just another thing that makes me a paradox, huh?” I chuckled, “And unless that’s your dagger I’m feeling I’d say that’s what you really like about me.”

His eyes widened even more as I stood up. I could feel my own face heating up after my bold little act and the fact that I was a hundred percent sure I knew what was really pressing against my thigh. Still it was satisfying to know that I could affect him like that so easily.

“Where are you going?” he sat up, “I think you should finish what you started.”

“Only in your dreams, Petey. I’m heading to training.” I picked up my club and hoisted it over my shoulder. “See ya!”

“Don’t call me Petey!”

“I make out with you, I got you hard, I’ll call you whatever the goddamn hell I want!” I called back, “If you got a problem with that then fight me. You know where I’ll be.”

When I got to training most of the boys were hard at work. What was I gonna do today? I didn’t need anymore training with my club and spear and sword wielding were a breeze. If I want to be a good recruit then I should master all forms including stupid archery.

“Hey, Nick,” I tapped him on the shoulder, “Lend me a bow?”

“You’re gonna try archery? Really?”

“I know I stink but there’s only one way to get better right?” I took the bow and notched an arrow. I let go and watched it fly. It hit the target but supremely poorly. Some of the more accomplished archers sniggered at me. Whatever, so they could shoot pointy sticks, I could crush their skulls with one swing of my club. Who really had the more power?

“Y/N,” Nick came up behind me and corrected my stance, “You’re too tense. Good form is the strength without compromising the ease. Keep a strong base and steady arm but keep your movements fluid.”

“Like this?” I pulled back another arrow and let it fly. It fell short of the target by a foot.

“Almost, you were being a little too loose. Let me show you,” He guided my arm from behind and this time when the arrow flew it hit close to the center of the target.

I shot off a few more arrows some doing better than others and Nick giving me some help and constructive criticism from time to time. By an accident that was in no way my fault one of the arrows somehow got aimed right at Nick’s foot at one point. It didn’t hit him but the little jumping dance he made as he tried to avoid it was one that made me laugh out loud.

“Great, I think I got it!” I took in a deep breath as I pulled back my last arrow. I got this. Keep my movements fluid and my stance strong and I should–

“AROO AROO!” the sudden crow made me fumble and I shot the arrow into the dirt.

“Dammit!” I turned around to see what was going on. Peter had finally made his way to training with a confident swagger that could only mean one thing. We were about to play a game.

“I have some great news everyone!” he shouted to everyone, “We have some new guests on the island.”

New guests? Now this was a first. In all the years I’ve been here the only guests we’ve ever had were the new Lost Boys. Judging by how only an hour ago I had Peter pinned to the ground I would seriously doubt he had gone and gotten a new boy. That meant that our guests were actually, for lack of a better word, trespassers. Ooh, this was sounding like fun.

“So, who’s stopped by our little realm?” one of the boys asked.

“A grand ship by the looks of it.” Peter told us, “If memory serves I’ve seen this ship before except they were running royal colors the last time I saw them.”

“Who are they? Navy? Explorers?” another boy spoke up.

“Much more exciting than goody-two shoes navy men or empty-headed explorers.” his smirk twisted into a devilish smile, “Boys and Y/N, we have pirates at our shore.”

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94 with Jon Snow and his kid? Like his son is learning how to shoot an arrow and he thinks he wont be as good as his brother or sister idk

“Mother, mother!” Two voices called out.

You turned away from the cooks you were talking to, to see your 2 children run up to you.

“Lyanna, Rhaegar, what have your father and I told you about running through the corridors”

“We mustn’t do it”

“Yes, now I will keep it as our little secret but you must never do it again.”

“Yes mother”

“Now what did you need?”

“Father told us to call you to the training grounds for Rhae’s first archery lesson”

“Well let’s go then”

You took each child by the hand and walked through Winterfell and to the training grounds. Jon stood surrounded by his men looking as attractive as always. His broody face was replaced with a smile when he saw you walk towards him and he shot you a failed wink.  The kids pulled their hands from yours and they went to the knights who held their weapons. 

“I haven’t seen you since breakfast. I missed you” Jon mumbled as he wrapped his arms around your waist

“What do you say that once you’re done with Rhaegar we head to our room.”

“I’d like that very much” 

He pressed a kiss to your lips which was interrupted by Lyanna.

“Mother, father. Look!”

She placed a bow in the arrow and held it up. She pulled back the string and the arrow sailed through the air and hit the target, quite close to the bullseye.

“Well done, Lyanna. You’re turning into a good markswoman. Just like your aunt Arya”

“Go help Rhaegar. He looks lost” you told Jon pushing him away slightly.

Jon chuckled and pulled away from you as Lyanna came skipping back.

“Mother, when will Aunty Sansa and Aunty Arya be back from Kingslanding?”

“I don’t know, my love, we can ask the maester to help you write a letter and you can send it to them”

Lyanna nodded her head excitedly as the two of you watched Jon help Rhaegar. He slipped on the finger tabs and helped him perfect his stance. Rhaegar picked up an arrow and slotted it in.

“Don’t think too much. Just let the arrow go”

Rhaegar nodded and followed his father’s instructions. He let the arrow go and it landed in the mud. Lyanna let out a loud giggle and you hit her over the head lightly.

“It is your brother’s first time shooting an arrow. Don’t be so cruel or I will send you to bed without your supper”

Rhaegar dropped the bow to the floor and was about to walk away when Jon pulled him back.

“Pick that up. And try again”

“But I can’t do it, father”

“Neither could Lyanna when she first tried. In fact, she shot a knight’s shield that was 2 metres away from the target. I believe in you. You can do it”

Rhaegar looked up at his ad and picked up the bow, ready to go another round. He copied his actions from before.

“Relax your bow arm and breathe, my son”

Rhaegar took a deep breath and let the arrow go making it land straight into the bullseye.

“I did it, father! I did it.”

Jon ruffled his hair and picked him up.

“I told you, you can do it”

“Mother I did it”

“I saw, I’m very proud Rhaegar”

Jon joined you and Lyanna.

“I think this calls for a celebration!”

“Lemon cake!” Rhaegar shouted.

You and Jon chuckled at Rhaegars enthusiasm as the four of you walked back to Winterfell, the perfect picture of a very happy family

Imagine Kili and Legolas fighting over who gets to court you


imagine || fic request || Averil of Fairlea || Song inspiration

A/N: To fit the setting, I made some slight modifications to the imagine & request. And also…no Tauriel. Story broken up into sections.


The monstrous spiders were dead - not you or any other member of Thorin Oakenshield’s company. Excellent.

But now there was another problem: you were on your way to a Mirkwood prison cell. Not so good.

What a way to spend your birthday.

To top things off, the Elf called Legolas kept looking back at you, as if he knew something about you – or liked something about you.

After several minutes, Legolas let another guard up front take the Dwarves he’d captured, including Thorin and his sword Orcrist. Legolas fell back and gently took your arm from another Elf.

“Get your mitts off her!” Kili snapped from the very back of the line. He had also seen how Legolas looked at you.

“Kili, we’re about to be locked up,” you called. “He’s not going to carry me to the cell!”

Legolas flashed his eyes at you.

“I could carry you, Gilgalad.

You didn’t know what “gilgalad” meant but now it was obvious that the handsome Elf liked you. You blushed, your eyes wide.

Kili started twisting in the grip of the guard who had him by the arm.


Legolas stopped and just stared at Kili for a moment. The guard who had the Dwarf also stood still, and Kili settled down, returning Legolas’ stare. All the other Dwarves and guards continued walking.

Gilgalad,” Legolas repeated.

“WHAT?! If anyone’s a ‘gilded lad,’ it’s you, blondie!”

“Oh Kili…” You pinched the bridge of your nose.

Gil-ga-lad. It means starlight.” Legolas glanced at the five-pointed diamond pendant on a gold chain peeking from the top of your shirt. You were impressed: no one ever noticed the heirloom, more dear to you than any other possession.

Legolas began walking again. Kili felt like a fool and bit his lip as the guard pulled on him to keep going.

 Then Kili had an idea.

                               “The Better Archer”

“Hey, Gilded Lad! It’s the lady’s birthday. I think she deserves a special dinner with a special companion, despite the circumstances.”

You turned around and narrowed your eyes at Kili, wondering where he was going with this.

“And who do you think this ‘special companion’ should be, pray tell?” Legolas asked.

“The better archer.”

You threw your head back for several seconds and looked at the canopy above, not believing Kili’s audacity - but loving him for it, too.

When you refocused on Legolas, he had a hint of smugness in his eye. In Sindarin, he ordered Kili’s guard to return to Mirkwood’s halls.

The three of you were now alone. Legolas retrieved his knife from its sheath on his hip and pointed it at Kili so the Dwarf wouldn’t try any funny business while he talked to you.

“A birthday dinner for you and a companion of your choosing, beautiful lady, can be secretly arranged,” Legolas said, “but is this your desire, or his?”

“My desire is that you let my friends and me go.”

Legolas slowly shook his head. That wish obviously wasn’t going to come true.

An archery contest? This is so stupid, you thought. But you had to admit, it was a bit flattering, and entertaining, to have two gorgeous fellows compete for your company - and on your birthday, no less.

“Fine,” you said. “I’ll set the rules.”

You took a quick look around the landscape, immediately noticing a curved row of four pine trees, amply spaced. The last one in the line was nearly a half a kilometer away.

“Shoot each of these trunks - no missing, no flubbing.” You pointed to the tree line. “Start with the furthest, and…”

Your directions were cut off by both Legolas’ and Kili’s muffled laughter.

“Too easy,” Kili mumbled. “I’ll have roast beef for my dinner, please.”

“These trees were my target practice 600 years ago,” Legolas said, looking pitifully at Kili. “I was practically still in diapers when I pierced them.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” you said. “You must be blindfolded, and your feet fixed in the same position for each target. The one to hit all the trees, following all the rules, wins.”

The laughing stopped.


“You expect me to let prisoners blindfold me?” Legolas asked you skeptically. He tucked away his blade and stepped up to you both, preparing to grab your arms. “Sorry, this contest is canceled.”

“Here!” You reached behind your neck, unfastened your cherished necklace, and offered it to Legolas. “This is the only worldly possession I have. It’s been in my family forever. Keep it as my vow not to harm you. And Dwarves keep their word! Neither of us will hurt you, right Kili?”

Kili shrugged and said “sure.” Legolas took the necklace in his hand, admiring its subtle beauty.

“Agreed,” the Elf said, slipping the chain in his boot.

You pulled your long tattered scarf from your waist as Legolas painstakingly chose the best position to stand in. Once he secured his footing, you handed him the scarf.

“Don’t try anything,” he warned. You placed your hand over your heart, but he was really talking to Kili, who just stood there, arms folded, smirking.

Legolas tied the scarf around his eyes, lifted his bow and pulled an arrow from the quiver.

Ping!  The first arrow hit the furthest target with ease.

He grabbed another arrow, rotated at his waist, and shot:


Third arrow:




Legolas hit the closest tree, but it bounced off the tough bark and met the ground.

He yanked the blindfold off and let it slip from his fingers as he gazed, crestfallen, at the projectile lying in the leaves as if it had betrayed him.

Kili sauntered over and picked it up.

“Here you go,” Kili sang, tucking the arrow back in Legolas’ quiver.

The Elf stepped aside and tried to hide his embarrassment and disappointment.

                                  “A Deal is a Deal”

Kili reached for the crumpled scarf, fumbled with the knot in it, then tied it around his eyes. Without much consideration, he nailed a spot to stand in.

He picked up his bow, set his first arrow, and loosed it.

Hit. Slight pivot at waist. Release. Hit.

Each arrow seemed to speak, taunting Legolas:

I Like!

My Roast Beef!



Kili slid the scarf down to his neck and spread his lips into a wide grin. You couldn’t help it; you smiled, too.

“Shall I retrieve the arrows?” Kili started walking toward the trees.

“I’ll do it! Don’t move!” Legolas snarled.

Legolas stomped to each tree and ripped the arrows from the trunks. Kili pulled away the scarf and wrapped it back around your waist, smiling up at you cunningly.

When Legolas returned, he practically threw the arrows belonging to Kili in the Dwarf’s face.

After everyone’s arrows were back where they belonged, Legolas got between you and Kili, took you both by the upper arm and began walking toward the Mirkwood halls.

“A deal is a deal,” Legolas muttered after a few minutes of silence. “I’ll make the arrangements for dinner, but if a word of this gets out…”

“It won’t,” you promised, looking past him at a very, very proud Kili. “Thank you.”

Legolas abruptly stopped, remembering something. He let go of you and Kili and reached down into his boot. He pulled out the necklace, then stood behind you and secured it around your neck.

He offered you a genuinely friendly smile.

“Happy birthday, Gilgalad.”

The Eldest Maximoff

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Maximoff!Reader 
Warnings: ANGST, character death, AOU spoilers + CA:CW
Summary: Bad luck seems to run throughout the Maximoff family, it seems like a curse.
A/N: Listening to sad songs, painting my nails black (badass by the way, I really feel like Wanda in that aspect), however the sun is shining. I need some rain! I don’t like the sun, new story. Sorry if you cried. I know I did.

Word Count: 3711

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Picking at my black nail polish I sat there contemplating life, as you do. My life was turned upside down at the age of 14. With my parent’s deaths I made myself the carer of my younger twin siblings. They were only 10, they barely had a childhood, although saying that nor did I. At the age of 18, Pietro and Wanda being 14, I became their legal guardian. Their well being was the most important thing to me. We were sent around many foster homes, and no one bothered to adopt us. At 16 I got a part time job at the garden centre, something about nature calms me, I saved up everything I earned just so when I turned 18 I could take Pietro and Wanda out of the system. So that’s what I did. At the age of 22 I joined up to petition against Stark industries, after all it was Tony Stark’s weapon that killed my parents. Pietro and Wanda joined me, despite my protests. Ironically it was too protest, so Alex agreed. He was my fiancee at the time, however he signed up to under go some experiments to fight for our country, and never came back.

At the age of 27 I decided to do what Alex did and signed up for the experiments. The revenge I had for Mr Stark blinded me, to the point of never letting go. Wanda and Pietro both worried for my health. I being the stubborn woman I am, ignored their protests, and went onto the road of disaster, on my own. Well 3 weeks during the painful torture I see my younger siblings through the bars of my ‘room’. I wasn’t there to stop them, and it was too late for them to go back now. Strucker ave us all ‘gifts’, as he liked to call them, he gave Pietro a higher metabolism, Wanda telekinesis and mind control, and for me elemental manipulation. Ironic isn’t it? We were known as HYDRA’s greatest weapon. The Triple Threat. Everything was going amazing for them, until Wanda read their minds. They didn’t want to help our country. No. The wanted to take over the world, create massive destruction, use our powers for worst. We knew we had to get out. So that’s what we did. We were sent down onto a mission to defeat the Avengers, we knew Tony Stark was part of it, him and his ‘Iron Man’ facade. So we hated their guts. When we escaped we ran into a robot. He called himself ‘Ultron’. Manipulative bastard I can tell you that now. He made us believe he only wanted to destroy the Avengers, when in reality he wanted to destroy the planet. So we sided with the Avengers in order to defeat Ultron. My main goal was to get Wanda and Pietro out there, safe and sound.

I failed.

Pietro was shot down. I could’ve stopped it. Protected my little brother like I was supposed too. But I failed. The moment I saw his punchered body fall to the ground - unmoving, was when my world literally crumbled. My emotions took over my powers, and the thirst for revenge against Ultron was overpowering. A single blast killed off Ultron’s whole army. When I ran over to my little brother and stroked his new platinum blonde hair, just like I did whenever he had nightmares, or in distress. I held his head in my lap and closed his lifeless eyes. Those eyes that used to sparkle with happiness whenever I mentioned the words ‘ice cream’ and ‘‘let’s go’ in the same sentence. The moment was ended when I was pulled away by Captain America, despite my screaming to ‘let me go’ and ‘Pietro wake up’. 

I guess our family is cursed. To never live a happy life.

There was a knock on my door. I turned around and saw Steve standing there with his arms folded. “You alright?” No.

“Yes, perfectly.” I replied sarcastically, my Sokovian accent flowing through my speech. It’s the 2 year anniversary since Pietro’s death and Wanda has closed herself away from me. She has been more distant from me than ever since Pietro’s death. I’m still mourning, but in a different way.

Steve chuckled. “I guess you don’t want this then?” He pulled out the Ben and Jerry’s: Cookie Dough ice cream I love.

“Well that’s a stupid question isn’t it?” He walked over handing me one of the silver spoons he was holding.

“Steve?” I asked. He replied with a grunt, as his mouth was full of ice cream.

“Where do you think the government will send Wanda and I?” He looked over to me with sympathetic eyes.

“Because we are dangerous to society. Tony even said so, well not said, more like implied. You know he won’t let us leave, right?”

Steve shook his head. “I honestly don’t know Y/N/N. And I hate the fact he’s keeping you in here, like a prisoner, I really do. And to be fair, I’m not going to sign the accords, so you don’t have to either.” 

I looked over to him with hope in my eyes. He went to have another bite of the ice cream but I took it away from him. 

“Nuh uh! It’s mine!” I laughed. Steve whined. “But please can I have some more?” He fluttered his eyes and pouted.

“Fine. But not too much…” There was a moment of comfortable silence as we ate our ice cream.

“Steve? Can we go visit Pietro’s grave? I recently made some Irises that would look nice there…” Steve nodded.

A tear dropped down my cheek and he wiped it away. “It hurts so much Steve… I should’ve been there for him…” Steve pulled me close and stroked my hair, much like Pietro would do for me.

“I know sweetheart… I know…”

Tony gave me permission to visit Pietro’s grave. Wanda didn’t want to come. I knew how much it hurt her to even think about him. I left her a zinnia flower outside her door, so she knew I was thinking of her.

He was buried by an oak tree. When we were very young and our parents were still alive, we had a treehouse on top of an oak tree. We used to play hide and seek in the trees all the time. And now that he could rest by own made me smile.

Steve stood with me as I spoke to him. He never really got to know Pietro, but he did shed a few tears. He understood what it was like to lose someone you cared deeply about. He has gone through grief more times than any man should. He recently lost Peggy, and I was there for him on that. he has become my older brother, and best friend. He has become my Pietro.

“We should be getting back.” I nodded, leaving the iris resting against the stone plac. 

“Let’s go…”

I decided to pay my sister a visit in her room.

“Wanda?” I called through the door softly.

“Yeah?” Came the small reply.

“Can I come in?” I heard the door unlock. Her petite face poked through the gap in the door. 

(A/N The song ‘How to Save a Life’ just started… Kill me now…)

“Sure…” She opened the door wide enough for me to come in. She sat down on her bed and I joined her.

“I brought ice cream… Chocolate?” I offered, knowing it was her favourite.

“Steve and I picked some up on the way back…” She nodded and grabbed a spoon.

“Vision is cooking in the kitchen… Well trying to at least… God knows what he’s trying to do…” She laughed. I haven’t hear that sound in a while and it made me smile…

“I think he’s trying to impress a certain Maximoff, and it’s definitely not me…” I wiggled my eyebrows. She blushed.

“Aww my little sister’s growing up!” I teased whilst squeezing her cheeks.

“Though seriously I love you, but whatever Vision is trying to make is stinking the whole place up. “ She laughed.

“I love you too.” She gave me a hug and once she let go she gave me a spoonful of ice cream.

“Let’s go.”

Whelp we were right Vision really can’t cook. But it’s not like we can leave. Vision is acting like our prison guard.

“Come on Vis, I’m hungry… And all I’ve eaten today is ice cream…Let us just go to the store…”

He blocked me from leaving. “Alternatively we can order a pizza?”

“But we had that yesterday.” I tried to get past him again this time he pushed me back.

“Vision let Y/N leave…”

“He won’t Wanda. He has been told by Tony that we are too dangerous for the public. I’m right? Aren’t I?”

Vision didn’t say anything.

“It’s a question of safety.”

“Ha! I knew it!”

“But we can protect ourselves.” I shook my head.

“Tell her Vision. Tell her why we can’t leave.” I was getting angry now. Wanda sensed it.

“Not yours. No. Although I do wish that you are safe. Mr Stark would like to avoid the possibility of another public incident. Until the accords are on a more secure foundation.”

Now I was fuming. The fact that he brought the incident up mad me mad enough. But on Pietro’s anniversary? That was low… Even for an AI man thing.

I’m not going to sign them if you’re not. Wanda looked at me.

Of course I’m not… I would never leave you. I promise.

My powers are complex. So complex I don’t think I will ever understand them. I guess that’s what scares me most. The fact that something that is part of me and is indescribable, scares me. But the thing that scares me most is losing Wanda. I have promised myself to protect her even if it means I lose my life. She is the only family left. The only one I have. She was there when Alex never returned, and we shared our pain when Pietro died.

As I lay back playing with butterflies and flowers, intertwining them in a calming fashion, forgetting that I’m trapped in a place I should feel safe. I knew my eyes were changing colour. From blues to greens, greys to reds. With each of the different elements changing my eyes did too, according to which element I played with.

“It’s beautiful…” I jumped at the voice, but instantly relaxed. The only father figure in my life owns that voice.

“Clint.” I breathed. Turning around I saw him there with his arms open all arrowed up. I ran up and embraced him.

“Thank god you’re here! They won’t let us leave…” He pulled back from the embrace.

“Didn’t you get to visit him?” Clint was always there for me when Pietro died, just like Steve was. He even made me Godmother of Nathaniel.

“Yeah, but I had to beg. And even then I had security guards standing watch. I couldn’t have a proper conversation with him… I hate it Clint.”

He nodded embracing me again, stroking my hair. “I know kid, I know . Now how about we help our patriotic friend out?”

I chuckled “Let’s get Wanda.”

After a small civil war between Wanda, Vision, Clint and I, we had to pick some small guy up. I don’t know the details but I think his name’s Ant Guy? Or something? I dunno, it’s 11:00pm I need a coffee.

“I’ll go in.” I declared. “Wanda can you pop in that small coffee shop and get me a coffee please?” She nodded, knowing I needed my sleep, otherwise my powers go a bit coo-coo.

I walked up the stairs of the dingy apartment building, and wishing they had an elevator, because jeez I may be an Avenger but it doesn’t mean I’m not lazy. I have my moments people, don’t judge.

I finally made it to the requested room and knocked on the bland door. When it opened a short man, wearing a snapback and t shirt, answered.

“Hi, I’m looking for Scott Lang?” I asked.

“Holy shit you’re an Avenger, a hot one too.” I blushed.

“Luis stop pestering the girl.” I man with a duffel bag said from behind ‘Luis’. He was fairly handsome, not my type, but handsome.

“Are you Scott?” I asked, he nodded.

“Scott Lang, you’re amazing by the way, you know with your powers… Awesome.” I nodded awkwardly.

“Shall we leave?” He nodded eagerly.

“Let’s head out then, my sister owes me a coffee.”

 I leant my head against the window staring outside. The flashes of different colours reflect against my eyes. How can a world with so much destruction be so calm?

I felt a weight on my shoulder. I looked over to see my sister sleeping peacefully, her face neutral. I thought of Pietro again. Tears sprang to my eyes. Pulling her closer towards me I rested my head on hers, hoping to get some sleep myself.

(A/N ‘Goodbye My Lover’ is playing. Really not helping.)

I woke up to a soft poking. “Hm Let me sleep…” I muttered.

I heard the familiar sound of Steve’s chuckle. My eyes sprung open, suddenly awake, embracing him.

“Stevie! Oh how I’ve missed you!” He laughed hugging me back.

“Bucky’s here.” He said. I pulled back and looked at him.

“Bucky Barnes? As in THE Bucky Barnes? James Buchanan Barnes?” Steve nodded, laughing at my excited state. 

Steve mentioned Bucky to me over a year ago, and I agreed to help my bestfriend out. I learnt everything about him, everything he’s been through was heartbreaking. After looking at his photos in the Smithsonian museum, I may or may not have gained a small crush on him.

I looked over Steve’s shoulder connecting my eyes with piercing blue ones.

“Shall we get out of the van?” I asked, slightly laughing at our position.

“Yeah. Good idea.” Steve clambered out of the door, almost tripping as he did, and I followed. My outfit  was very similar to Wanda’s but we are sister. We almost share clothes all the time anyway.

“Mother Nature has decided to join the party!” I rolled my eyes.

“Nice to see you too bird brain.” He laughed, walking over and embracing me.

“This is so AWESOME! I mean thanks Captain America sir for giving me this opportunity.” I looked over to see Scott fangir- I mean boying over Steve.

“Do you want him to sign your shirt? It’ll have to cost you.” I held out my hand with a serious expression on my face. However with the expression he was pulling my lips quirked up.

“That was a joke… Come on! What does a Sokovian woman have to do to get a laugh around here!?” Sam patted my shoulder sympathetically. Thats when I heard a chuckle. It may have been small, but I heard it. 

I turned my head to where the sound came from. 

“We haven’t met. Y/N Maximoff at your service.” I held out my left hand towards the infamous Bucky Barnes. He seemed hesitant.

“Bucky.” Was his short answer. But his vibranium hand shook my hand. It was cold, but intriguing.

“I like the hand.” Was all I said, and I walked back to join my sister.

“What do we do now Cap?” Sam asked.

I was stood next to Bucky and Wanda, with Cap next to Bucky, Clint next to Wanda, and Sam next to Cap.

“We fight.”

Tony has another recruit. A child really. He shouldn’t be dragging kids into this mess, wearing a red spandex suit, with webs as weapons. There was this guy in a cat suit? Nat and Rhodey all on Tony’s team. Vision hasn’t turned up yet. He’s in a bit of a dirty situation, if you know what I mean.

That’s when it started. Old friends running at each other as though we were in some dramatic superhero movie. 

I hated this. I hated fighting people I considered family. They have all been there for me and Wanda. Cheering us up when we were feeling down. Tony and I even shared the same music interest. It took me a lot longer to warm up to him, for obvious reasons, but I feel like he gained my trust. I mean that was until this very moment.

The wind was propelling me into the air, making my hair whip around my face. The concrete beneath me was being cracked slowly. Vines started shooting out of the ground. My main focus was Tony and Rhodey. I could pull them to the ground enough to help Cap. It was their strong point, but also their weakness when it comes to me.

Bucky was staring at me in awe. “Do you wanna grab a coffee after this? Ya know, to get to know each other?!” He shouted up to me.

“Are you asking me out? On a date?” I shouted over the wind.

“Sure why not?” He chuckled.

“Okay.” I flew down to him and kissed his cheek. “Good luck soldier.” I winked, flying back up to Tony.

“Flirting really?” Tony aimed his repulsor at me. A vine flew up to grab his wrist.

“Why not?” I looked out for Wanda. I noticed her and Clint discussing a plan so I flinged Tony away and descended down to them. 

“What’s the plan?” I asked as my feet touched the floor.

“Nothing for you to worry about big sis.” I looked at Wanda skeptically.

“Are you sure?” She nodded. I heard a girly scream coming from just outside the airport. “Well I have to go investigate whose scream that was. I’m really hoping that it was Sam’s.”

Wanda and Clint chuckled. I descended to the broken window of the airport and peered inside. It was Sam and Bucky. Stuck to the floor. By spider webs.

“I would laugh…” The men looked over to me. “Who am I kidding. Two fully grown men got taken down by a 13 year old.” 

“I’m 15!” I heard a distant shout.

“Can you just help us instead of laughing?” Sam pleaded. I nodded calming down a bit. I float down to where the boy were and melts the webs.

“Don’t tell Steve Y/N…” Bucky insisted. I made the cross my heart motion and he breathed a sigh of relief. 

Y/N Vision’s here. 

I heard Wanda in my head. “I’d love to stay and chat. But I’ve got an AI to beat.”

I turned to fly away, but not before I heard: “Damn. That was hot.” Coming from Bucky.

“Y/N.” Was the emotionless greeting I received from Vision.


“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know.”

“But I have to do this.”

“Bring it.” And that’s what he did. The mind stone glowed and all of the elements meeted in the middle, creating a bright light. It was almost like the Voldemort vs Harry scenes in Harry Potter. The amount of energy being restricted in the middle was drowning out my powers. The power of the mind stone was becoming too much for me, but I know that if I let go now. I could die.


Y/N you need to stop this I can’t lose you too!

I was too stubborn for my own good. I used my remaining energy left. I knew Vision couldn’t control his powers that well. And I knew I may never get to go on that date with Bucky. I let go and the energy that was being built up by Vision and I relapsed and came colliding to me. I was hit back by a strong force and my vision went black.

Wanda’s POV

I saw Y/N being flung back by the energy and being crushed by the side of the plane. Everyone stopped. Vision was staring at his hands, as though confused with what happened.

My sister. No.  No. No. No. This can’t be happening. I ran over to Y/N’s crippled and bloody body. I made eye contact with Steve and he rushed over to her. I screamed cradling Y/N’s head in my arms, just like she did with Pietro. I can’t lose her. No. Rocking her body back and forth in motion with mine as Steve held her hand. Bucky walked over, jaws clenched eyes collecting tears. I walked over to me and knelt down to kiss Y/N’s forehead. 

“What about our date doll?” He whispered. Tony flew down and took off his helmet. 

“FRIDAY full body scan.” 

“Nothing sir.”

I screamed again holding her cold body. However I didn’t notice the flowers growing around my sister and I. As though it was a final goodbye. 

Blue irises and daisies. Her favourite.

You promised Y/N. You promised.

It has been a year since Y/N’s death. A year since the civil war. And  years and a day since my brother died.

And today was the day Bucky would come out of cryotherapy, just so he could visit Y/N’s grave. We placed it right by Pietro’s. Tony and Steve made up and decided that it was best to ignore the government’s wishes.

I looked down at my sibling’s names on their headstones, eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough. I placed two iris flowers on each of their graves.

I guess Y/N was right. I guess we really are cursed.

A/N Okay I really apologize for that depressing ending. I cried too. This is the longest One shot I have ever done, and I spent all day on it for you guys. I really hope you like it! Listen to happy songs after this. I bed of you.  

Now Clint pulls off his shirt in one swift motion.

This man is covered in tattoos, like a living piece of art. Thick lines of arrows run horizontally across his back, all black, all patterned, all textured. There are little spots of color, and when Bucky can’t make out exactly what they are, he says lowly, “You mind if I-“

“Go for it,” Clint says, clearly comfortable with himself as he takes a deep breath. “You can touch ‘em, too, if you want.”

Bucky takes a few steps closer and finds that he does want to touch them because how does that kind of texturing happen-


The shafts of the arrows are about as thick as a belt, Bucky realizes just before his stomach sinks. He’s pretty sure he’s going to be sick. But it only gets worse when he starts to look a little closer because that’s how it’s all textured. Scars.

Winterhawk Week 2015: Day 7 - Pain

There’s a good kind of pain


With Halloween right around the corner, I got some inspiration for this Imagine from the horror movie Wrong Turn 😆

°You get captured and Daryl is desperately looking for you

Winter was fast approaching. All the trees were bare, the leaves brown and black recycling back into the earth.

A sharp chill was in the air, the wind making it feel like it was cutting at our skin.

Taking an extra bandana that I had out of my pack, I tapped Daryl’s shoulder.

Looking down at my hand, he raised a brow. I put my bandana over my nose and mouth, making it easier to deal with the wind.

He nodded, doing the same.

We were on the look out for food, but so far, we hadn’t had much luck. Most of the wildlife had either been eaten by the Walkers or was hibernating.

Moans and shuffling feet sounded in the distance. We froze, trying to figure out where they were coming from.

Daryl pointed to the east, then started off in the other direction. The deeper into the forest we got, the more creepy things became.

“Daryl?” I whispered.


Even our hushed tones sounded as if we were screaming.

I looked around, “I think we should head back.”

He nodded, looking around as well, “I feel it too.”

Just as I turned, an arrow pierced the tree trunk, missing me by mere inches.

Daryl grabbed my hand, both of us taking off in a dead run.

We were nearly at our starting point, when my foot got stuck in a rope, jerking me by the ankle and pulling me high up into the tree.

“Daryl!” I screamed.

“Y/N!” He jumped, trying to reach my hand, but it didn’t do any good.

Laughter was heard in the distance, almost hyena like.


“I ain’t leavin’ you!” He said, frantically.

I sniffled, “You have no choice damnit, now run!”

An arrow sliced through my thigh making me scream out.

I tried to lift my torso up, but I just didn’t have the strength.

“I’m gonna find you. Ya hear me Y/N?!”

“Ye-yes! Now go!”

I watched as Daryl ran, the rope spinning me in a circle.

I dangled there, trying to calm myself as the people neared. The closer they got, the more I wanted to scream.

They were bloodied and severely disfigured. I’m guessing from incest.

I thought people like this only lived in horror movies.

I guess I was wrong.
Daryl watched from a far, trying to stay quiet as his lips trembled.

The crack of Y/N’s body echoed across the forest as they cut the rope and watched her fall to the ground.

She laid there, unmoving. It worried Daryl to death, but he couldn’t risk giving away his position.

One grabbed the leg that didn’t have an arrow through it, dragging Y/N behind the man’s massive frame.

The laughed as they went back in the direction in which they came. One was even dancing.

Waiting until they were out of sight, Daryl ran back to where Abraham and Rick were at with the car.

Daryl broke through the tree line, gasping for breath.

“It’s colder than a witches tit out here Dixon! Are you-” Abraham’s rant came to a  hault when he relaized that Y/N wasn’t with Daryl.

“The hell happened Daryl?” Rick asked, as Daryl continued to pace.

“They… they got her.” He panted.

“Who’s got Y/N?” Rick grasped Daryl’s shoulder, trying to look him in the eyes.

Daryl nearly broke down, the vulnerability nearly over taking him.

“We heard laughin’, turned around and Y/N got strung up. Booby trapped… Arrow through her leg,” Daryl started to hyperventilate.

“Alright, alright. Just breath brother. We won’t find Y/N if you’re passed out.”

Daryl gulped down some air, blinking his eyes rapidly, “They dragged her body… we go back to the spot and hopefully they left a trail.”

Abraham was already loading down with guns and ammo.

“What’re we waiting for then? Let’s go get our little Spitfire back.” He said, cocking his gun.

Daryl and Rick doubled up with weapons as well.

Taking off in a dead run, they followed Daryl back to the spot where Y/N had been strung up.

Some blood droplets covers a few leaves, then smeared as she was dragged.

Daryl put his finger to his lips, reminding the men to be quiet as they tip toed and crisscrossed their way with the trail.

Thankfully the ones that took Y/N didn’t pick her up, leading them right to a dilapidated cabin.

Smoke swirled from the chimney, the smell of cooking flesh making the men cover their noses.

They knew that smell all too well, it taking them back to Terminus.

“This reminds me of a movie I once saw… weirdest shit ever.” Abraham said, his eyes twitching.

Daryl shook his head and pointed to an entrance where they could get in with out being seen.

“On the count, 1… 2… 3!”
I ached, my joints stiff from the fall I had taken.

I had a decent goose egg on the back of my head; a result of being dragged I suppose.

Slowly, I moved my head from side to side, trying to work out the kinks. It was then I realized that my hands were tied to bed posts.

I jerked on them, but the pull only made me ache more.

I couldn’t move my right leg, part of the arrow still sticking out of it.

The front door opened, 2 of the men that brought me here, dragging another body in behind them.

My breathing sped up as I started to cry.

Watching them pick up what looked like a man, deceased, and slamming him on their table.

I watched in pure horror as they began to dismember him.

I screamed, the gag muffling it. They grinned at me, their bloody, rotten teeth making their smiles all the more sinister.

The one that danced, laughed, prancing his way over to me. He made kissy noises as he slipped a knife from his pocket.

I tried to shy away, but could only get so far away.

“No!” I screamed, my voice hoarse.

He laughed again, running the knife down my neck and to my chest.

The front door burst open, Daryl, Abraham and Rick opening fire on the three men.

The skinny one jumped on top of me after taking a bullet to the shoulder, but it didn’t seem to faze him.

The other two lay dead, blood and gore seeping from their wounds.

The one held the knife to my throat, snapping his teeth at the guys.

“Don’t you just fuckin’ die?” Abraham asked.

With out missing a beat, Daryl unloaded an arrow into his monsters skull.

“Go get Y/N. We got these two.” Rick said.

Simultaneously, shots rang out. Daryl looked over his shoulder to find that Rick and Abraham put bullets in their skulls.

Quickly Daryl got the scrawny corpse off of me, then cut my restraints.

I pulled the gag out, but didn’t have the energy to do much else.

Daryl scooped me up, wrapping me in a tight bear hug. He craddled the back of my head, helping me sit up.

“Did they…?” He trailed off, afraid to know the answer.

I buried my head deeper into his neck, holding onto his cut like it was a life line, “No,” I cried.

Daryl pulled back, framing my face with his hands. Leaning forward, he placed a series of small pecks on my dry lips, then hugged me again.

I broke down, glad that this was almost over.

“Alright love birds,” Abraham teased.

I flipped him off, making the men laugh.

“Daryl, brother, we need to get that arrow out, wrap her leg up and get the hell out of here.” Rick said, looking around the trashy living area.

Once I was semi-patched up, Daryl helped me stand, albeit wobbly.

“You alright, babe?” He asked.

Him calling me babe made my face heat up, “Um, yeah.”

“We aren’t that far from the car, so we can take turns carrying Y/N.” Rick said.

We all nodded, leaving the awful smelling place.

About a football field away, Rick looked to Abraham, “Light it up.”

Raising his rifle, he grinned, “My pleasure.”

With a loud, echoing shot, Abraham peirced the propane tank at the back of the house, making it explode.

Daryl looked down at me, tightening his arm around my waist, “Let’s get you home.”

I nodded, limping as we began to walk the trail of where I was dragged.

Forever in your heart


For- xitcantrainallthetimex

I have a request! If your taking them, possibly more of a prompt. OC or Reader is considerably younger than Daryl,  18-22? Tall, curvy, with shoulder length dark hair.  Only in Georgia for school, when it all happens, she’s missing her family, that’s several states away. She’s with the group and romance ensues with her and Daryl? Smutty one shot, or more if your inspired. PS I love your writing sooo much and it was my birthday a while go! pleassse! :) Have a great day.

I love my dreams. Ever since I left for college I’ve missed my family so much. And to think I was dying to get out of there in a hurry. I honestly thought I wouldn’t miss seeing my mom every morning. Or going fishing with my dad every other weekend. Or even fighting with my brother. In my dreams is where I could see them.

I opened my eyes and looked at the digital clock on my bedside table. The red numbers read 7:30am. My eyes widen at the time and I jumped off the bed running to my closet gathering clothes to get dressed. I stormed out the room running down the empty halls of  my dorm. It was quite since class had started so there was no one around the halls. “Late! Late! Late!” I yelled as I ran faster books in hand. I burst through the entrance to my dorm and ran across the campus. There was no one around which is weird. Normally there are a few students walking the campus. Or at least a security guard, but there was no one. Stopping I looked around for anyone just to come up empty. Pushing it off like it was nothing I continued my way to class. Walking in the building I stopped a few feet away I saw a familiar person. I couldn’t see her face but I knew her fashion a little to well. “Stacey?” I called to her. She growled making me freeze. “Stace…?” Stacey turned fully to me and fear ran through my body. She was missing half of her face. “Oh my god, Stacey!” I went to reach for her but the look in her lifeless eyes scared me. She growled coming towards me. “Stacey…” I said taking a few steps back. I was pulled back by one of my classmates. “They’re eating us.” He whispered blood all over his face and body. “What?” “It’s spreading…. ” He told me. “What are you talking about?” I asked afraid of what he might say. “We’re all going to die.” He told me. My blood got cold at his words. The guy shoved a ax in my hand and I looked at it then back at him. “Why are you giving me this?” The guy pulled down his shirt revealing a ugly bite mark. “I’m going to turn into one of them. Please don’t let me turn into on of them.” I backed away slowly. “Destroy the brain.” He spoke in a whisper as his eyes began to slowly close. He’s dying… His eyes finally closed. Stepping close to him I touched the side of his neck looking for a pulse, there was none. I held the ax tight afraid of what might happen. Few minutes later his eyes sprung open. He saw me and growled standing up. I held in a scream and swung the ax at him. Opening my eyes slowly his head laid on the floor. Shaking my head I ran out the building finding myself with the walking dead. Every few feet there dead people walking. Some caught sight of me and I ran. I needed somewhere to hide. How did this happen? Why did this happen? How are my family? Are they okay? I ran towards the less visible palace the woods.

I shot an arrow through the deer watching it fall. “Nice shot.” I turned quick to see Daryl a member of the group who took me in. He has a serious attitude which I cant stand and he always bothering me. “What do you want?” I said with annoyance. “Take it easy cant a guy give you a compliment?"  He walked closer and I narrowed my eyes at him. "Need help taking that back to camp?” He asked me. Looking back at the dead deer, I sighed at the size. I was going to need help carrying it back to camp. “Yes.” I said hating that he was going to help me.  After dinner I made my way to the small lake that was near the camp. It be a good time to take a shower. Stripping from my clothes I walked in the cold water. Dipping me head completely under water I came back up. “Well what a coincidence.” Daryl was there with me. “What are you doing here?!” I yelled at him as I covered myself. “Don’t you believe in a little privacy!” “Hey I was here first.” “No way! I didn’t see you!” I argued back. “That’s because I was swimming under the water.” Hate filled me. What is up with this annoying red neck! Why wont he leave me alone! But at the same time I couldn’t help but look down his naked wet chest. I  bit my lip. “Like something you see?" Knocked out of my thoughts I got angry at him again. "As if!” I blushed. Daryl took my hand and pressed it to his chest. And I pulled it away. "What the hell do you think you’re doing?“ Daryl took my hand again but this time pulled me to him. "You know you like me.” He whispered in my ear sending shivers all around me. Just as I was about to respond his lips were on mine. My eyes closed against my will  as I savored the taste of his lips on mine. He pressed his body on mine making me hot. My eyes shot open realizing what was happening and I pushed him off of me. “How dare you kiss me!” I yelled as I made my way out of the water. I wiped my lips trying to remove the taste of him.   

 Time slowly ticked by and I knew that my family had to be gone already. I had to accept the fact that I will never see them again. But there was someone else who I grew to care about. Looking up from where I sat I looked at Daryl, It’s been a while since he had kissed me. And since then we’ve been kind of close. I mean I don’t want to rip his head off anymore. And we have regular conversations. But we haven’t talked about what happened at the lake. Daryl looked back up at me and a smile crossed his face, blushing I looked back down.

That night I tossed and turned in my tent, groaning as the nightmare tare me apart. Seeing my parents being torn apart by walkers. Then having to watch them turn. “Y/n” I woke jumping from where I laid. "It’s me… You’re okay.“ Daryl’s soothing voice spoke to me. "What are you doing here?”  I asked him seeing that I was just having a nightmare. “I could hear you groaning and crying all the way to my tent.” “Sorry… I just had a nightmare.” Daryl moved a strand of my hair and tucked it behind my ear. “Want to talk about it?” Sighing I told him everything, my family and the nightmare. “I see." Daryl held me hand and looked me in the eye. "I know the feeling. I lost my brother Merle.” Right I heard that  he was left handcuffed on a roof and that when they had went back for him he was gone. All that was found was his hand .  Getting closer to Daryl I tucked my head under his neck. “But you know something” I shrugged my shoulders.  "I may have lost Merle, but I grew to have another family. You see we’re not just a group, we are a family. We stick together through all. And no matter what we’re here for each other. And as long as you keep your family in your heart they’ll live forever.“ I know what Daryl was telling me. He was saying that I have a new family and I had to love and protect them. I nodded. I love my blood family but he’s right. This group is my family now. I lost one family and found a new one. But no matter what I will always love my family.

 "I got it first!” Daryl and I called at the same time. He and I had been hunting  and both our arrows hit the squirrel at the same time.  "No I did.“ I argued back. Daryl took me by the waist and pulled me closer. "I beg to differ.” I laughed. “Since when do you say something like ‘beg to differ’?” I teased him. Daryl looked at my lips and then looked me in the eyes. I bit my lip. Is he going to kiss me? Ever since that night in the tent Daryl hasn’t tried kissing me. And I’ve been giving him hints that I want him too. Daryl touched my lips pressing and massaging them like he found them tempting. My breathing slowed as my eyes began to close. “Um… We should take these back.” Daryl took the squirrel and left me standing there shocked. “Okay what’s wrong with you!” I argued just as we made it to camp. The group looked our way confused. “What do you mean?” Daryl said not looking me in the face. “Ever since that night in my tent you run away when we’re close to kissing!” I slapped my hand on my leg.  “We never almost kissed.” My cheeks grew hot was he seriously denying that we almost kissed! “Why are you being that way! I mean seriously-” Daryl dropped the squirrels took me by the cheeks and slammed his lips on mine. “You really need to learn to shut up.” He growled at me. “Maybe you should just kiss me more often.” I growled back. “Yes. And now I’m going to take you back to the tent and fuck you until you’re screaming my name over and over.” “Is that a threat or a promise?” I giggled. “Let’s find out.” Daryl took my hand and pulled me to my tent.

Return (OQ)

As you may have noticed, I am extremely excited that Sean is coming back, MY SHIPPER HEART HAS BEEN REBORN! 
In honour of this news and, as a birthday present to @ginaandrobbie, I wrote this lil fic. I AM ALIVE!!

It had been the worst day. Well, ‘worst’ was a relative term, especially for her. But today had been awful. From getting up and stubbing her toe on the goddamn dresser and then burning her wrist on the side of the kettle, Regina had already written the day off as a bad job.

One after another, the inhabitants of Storybrooke had barged into her office at such regular thirty minute intervals that she almost thought it was planned. Each of them had a more ridiculous problem than the last, and by the time Grumpy stormed into her office at 5:45 she had a headache that was slamming into her temples and the long exposure to the place Robin…

She was just about ready to blow.

Or cry. But god help her if she ever shed a tear in front of that dwarf. He’d been shouting something about equality for people under five feet tall, his face red with anger as he pointed a stubby finger in her face and she just couldn’t take it any longer.

“Leroy,” she’d said, with a calm she’d channelled from god knows where, her palm out in front of her and at last silencing him. “I’m leaving now.”

A flick of her wrists had her surrounded in purple, engulfed in the familiar sweet smelling smoke that kept her safe from prying eyes – from her own pity even for a few seconds.

And now, finally, she was soaking in the tub, her hair tied up in a messy knot on her head – the few strands of it that stayed there now she’d chopped it all off – and her scented candles dotted around the room creating a warm glow and near-smothering vanilla and coconut scent. She sighed, closing her eyes and resting her head against the lip of the bath.

There was a knock at the door.

Regina seethed.

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Gabe writes poetry:

All I seem to see anymore
Is tales of cities run by dying gods.
All the starstuff bleeding out,
Streets running gold and silver with it.

But let me tell you,
That my gods are not dead or dying.

I feel Loki in every sharp remark I make,
Every time I push myself past the point of no return,
Too far to fast but I’d waited too long.
In every time I scream in my mind,
Sob alone all my fears and hurts,
And every time he picks my sorry self up
And tells me he’s proud I’m still fighting my own personal war with myself.

I feel Apollo in the sun on my back,
In my eyes,
In Midwestern summers and every sunburn.
In the music on the radio when it takes my heart
And plucks the strings of it like his lyre.
In my hands holding my bow,
In my arrow,
In pulling the string…
In letting it fly, weather it hits or not.

My gods are far from dead,
Little poet.

You are simply deaf,
Because the gods speak quite freely to those who will listen,
And I am sick of reading about dying cities on the bodies of dead gods.