i like what i wore today

Me: *logs into FB for the first time in a week or so* What’s going on in the Ignis Appreciation Group today
FB: welcome back, just thought you’d like to be reminded of the time you were blonde and wore things outside of your work uniform!
Me: … k see, now you’re depressing me again FB *logs out* geezus I want my life back NAO


“I took the lateDeux member Kim Sung Jae into consideration in preparing for my role. Compared to the other artists during that time, he seemed to be on a different level. He also wore stylish clothes back then. He was my favorite singer and I thought hard on ‘what would it be like if he were still alive today?' I do feel a bit burdened since my co-stars have been in the spotlight before. However, our goal is not specifically geared toward reaching high viewer ratings but to be the buzz in town among young people.” - Yoon Si Yoon

some height difference prompts
  • i’m always scaring you on accident because 1) i walk silently 2) you never see me coming because i’m literally over a foot shorter than you 3) you just really don’t pay any attention to anything below chin level do you 
  • you always put things on the top shelves because that’s pretty much eye level to you and so you think it makes sense but exCUSE ME, IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED YET I’M ACTUALLY THE SIZE OF A SEVENTH GRADE CHILD AND WHY ARE YOU PUTTING EVERYTHING ON THE TOP SHELVES THAT’S BASICALLY A DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERIC LAYER TO ME YOU SENTIENT TREE
  • “how tall are you even??” “like six seven i think, idk” “what the fuck” 
  • i have to stand on a chair to be intimidating when i yell at you and you always start laughing at how ridiculous i look and damn it your cuTE LAUGH ISN’T GOING TO MAKE ME LESS ANGRY STOP HUGGING ME PUT ME DOWN I’M STILL MAD AT YOU
  • everyone seems to expect me to be some evil angry midget because i’m so short but i’m actually really chill, it’s my tall friend over there who’s pretty much satan 
  • stop being a snarky salt lord or i will elbow you in the crotch with no regrets. that’s what you get for being tall and an asshole. 
  • this is really awkward because i swear i know what your face looks like but i always recognize you by the top of your head and today you wore a hoodie/hat/coat so i was looking for you for about half an hour before you took off the hood/hat and i realized who you were
170606 Baekhyun comment

Baekhyun’s comment: No wait ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what is wrong with my shoes!!!!!…….. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it is possible that only my legs feel cold!!  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Aeri-s are too much!!  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(t/n: he saw fans complaining about the shoes he wore to the airport today. so he posted a comment about it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

this was the shoe he wore:

it seems that he really liked this pair of shoes because a year ago a fan bumped into him trying on the same design:

160725 Fan account: I bumped into Baekhyun while i was shopping in Gangnam. Baekhyun tried on this pair of shoes but he didn’t buy it. However, i bought it. :) 

Sappy Mushy Romantic-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Reader sucks at getting sleep, but her boyfriend’s shirt keeps her warm n cozy (”is that my shirt?” prompt, requested). Basically fluff with little to o plot, its literally less than 500 words bc I couldn’t think of a creative or original plot so enjoy my sucky writing! hope you like it @ anon!!!

Warnings: none, unless swearing counts


An irritating buzzing sound was the first thing I heard when I woke up Friday morning. I groaned in protest at my alarm clock, blindly reaching for my phone and checking the time.6:15
Great, I had literally only gotten two hours’ worth of sleep. Today was going to suck ass.
I sat up in my bed, yawning, and staring at the wall across my room for a solid minute before getting up and grabbing some clothes from my closet, throwing little to no effort in what I wore. Today’s pick was a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a navy-blue sweater. Not far from what I usually wore, except a little more boyish and the sweater was huge on me. I tiredly made my way to my bathroom, brushing my teeth and putting my hair up, and doing a very minimal amount of makeup, just some mascara and concealer, really. I had stayed up all night, but that was my business, and I didn’t need people poking and prodding and asking questions.
There was a knock at my door before my boyfriend, Jughead Jones, stuck his head in.
“Hey, I’m a bit early today, but I have some news about Jas- Is that my shirt?” I raised my eyebrow and looked back down at the sweater, realization hitting me.
“Huh, guess it is.” I shrugged my shoulders, too tired to be embarrassed.” I can change if you w-“
“No! No, no, it’s okay, really.” Jughead smiled, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.” I mean, you should wear it, it looks nice, really brings out your eyes…..” Jughead trailed off, scratching the back of his neck.
“Is the Jughead Jones suggesting that his girlfriend play the disgustingly cheesy wear-your-boyfriend’s-clothes card?” I taunted, stepping closer to my boyfriend. Jughead scoffed unconvincingly, sputtering.
“Please? Me? You’re crazy.” Jughead crossed his arms.
“Oh, Juggie.” I sighed happily, uncrossing his arms and intertwining his fingers with mine.” Underneath that cold, hard, edgy exterior you cover yourself in, there’s a sappy, mushy romantic, begging to break out.” I teased my boyfriend, standing on the tips of my toes and pressing my lips lightly to the bottom of his jaw, the only place I could reach.
“We should get going, I wanna go to Pop’s and get breakfast.” Jughead tilted his head down to look at me, a slight smile playing on the ends of his lips. I leaned against his chest, puckering mine slightly. Jughead rolled his eyes, the smile becoming bigger, and leaned down to give me a quick kiss. I grabbed my backpack from my bed and followed my boyfriend down the stairs and out my front door, walking hand in hand to our favorite diner.

BTS Reaction to You SC’ing Them in Their Shirt While They’re at Work

Request:  Hi! Could I please get a bts reaction to you Snapchating them at work wearing only their shirt?? ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


Unable to hide his growing smirk as soon as he opened your message, he responded back with a photo of him biting his lip, captioned: “So you’re being naughty today huh? You better still be wearing just that by the time I get home.


Once he tapped the square by your snapchat name, his eyebrows raised in surprise before a grin spread throughout his face. He excused himself from the other boys and headed straight to the bathroom, proceeding to show you just how badly your picture effected him.

I think I’d like it if you wore just my shirts more often.”

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Dance Dads // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, just fluff in general, parent!phan, jealous!dan

Words: 3.0k

Relationship status: Married

Warnings: none

Summary: At Emily Lester’s dance classes, she notices that some of her classmates’ mums like to compliment her papa, who always comes with her to rehearsals. Don’t they know that’s her daddy’s thing to do to her papa?

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|| something to talk about ||

[[request prompt: Can I request a Peter x reader where she’s the new girl and her and Pete accidentally wear the same nerdy shirt on her first day? and it keeps happening randomly over and over that the whole school thinks they’re a couple and ships them??]]

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @lovelybaka , @animexchocolate, @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry , @aenna-4 , @mcheung0314 , @samanthasmileys

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{Find x}

Midtown High, a school filled with vastly intelligent students where everyone was expected to take AP and Honors courses.

You honestly did not belong here. That was all you could think about as you stared up at the open gates leading to your new school.

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anonymous asked:

Today I wore my sloth or chocolate croissant shirt to school and when I got to history the girl I really like wanted to see it so she made her way across the room to open up my jacket and take a look. She said it was cute and I was like yeah its my fav. Next think I know she looks up and says," I guess you could say its memeingful to you," before winking and walking away. Now I'm sitting here 5 hours later and I'm still dying. Please help my smol gay heart.

what is it with wlw and being fucking useless around pretty girls?? someone save us

There’s no way jungkook got his jacket cleaned in just a day right? unless his cordi noona got it done for him. Uhh but I believe their stylists had let them don their own outfits yesterday. Jimin was spotted wearing THE SAME jacket, which fyi belongs to Jeon Jungkook -who had once stated he doesn’t like sharing clothes- today on his outing with Jin. If it’s still not washed, doesn’t this mean Jungkook’s scent was still on that jacket when Jimin wore it? Jungkook’s perfume? sc-scent? lingering on Jimin?


I received another Winston box yesterday. This one includes a shirt and a pair of shorts. I loved the shirt so much I wore it to my daughters dance recital today. I wasn’t really sure about the shorts at first because they are CORDUROY! Corduroy shorts on fat thighs seems like a seriously shitty idea. Well I tried them on and apparently someone at Winston realized this and cut the shorts to minimize your thigh friction. What a novel damn idea. 💡 I’m embracing this modeling stuff. What do you all think?

Twist of Fate (Pt 1)

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a fic idea for a while and I really enjoyed this particular storyline! I’ve decided I want to make it a multi-fic and I’ll probably post it on here and AO3 (when I get that sorted out). I wasn’t sure on how it was going so far so I wanted to post part 1 on here early! Please give me some feedback on if you enjoyed it so far!

               Betty Cooper wasn’t someone you would call anxious. She was a natural people pleaser, but something about meeting her new roommate made her get a jittery feeling in the pit of her stomach. He seemed to be okay on the phone, very literate and sardonically funny. However, she couldn’t shake the nerves consuming her as she walked through the doors of the extremely large and expensive-looking apartment building. For the set price of rent, Betty was surprised. This must be a joke of some sort. Maybe she got the wrong address?

               The building was a bright white, clearing well-conditioned.  Everything about it screamed ‘Glamorous’ but only low-key. There was a metallic silver revolving door which excited Betty more than it should have initially.

               Betty had just moved from her small-town home, Riverdale, in to the big city, New York. At first she was apprehensive, not wanting to leave behind everything Riverdale offered. That being homely comfort, a secure job and her close friends. But she was tired of small towns, she wanted something more. She wanted a better job in a better city. Although, Riverdale wasn’t that far away from her new city. She still felt more independent, more free.

               She was finally free from the clutches of Alice Cooper and all of her expectations. She was finally free from Hal Cooper and all of his rash decisions. She was finally free from the memory of her older sister running away in the dead of night with her boyfriend, Jason Blossom. They often stayed in touch but Betty was still angry at Polly for leaving her. Nothing was ever the same after she’d left.

               Taking a deep breath, Betty walked up to the elevators. She had no clue how to work this thing. Looking at all of the complicated buttons she realized that this was no usual elevator. No, this was the work of the devil himself. She was dragging along two large suitcases and an extraordinarily large backpack that she couldn’t wait to peel off of her aching shoulders. She knotted her fingers through her hair in utter frustration. This couldn’t be happening to her, not today.

               "Need some help there?“ A voice spoke humorously from beside her. Betty whipped her head around, eyes being filled with the sight of red hair. The boy wore a smile, waiting for some kind of response from Betty. His brown eyes had a special glint in them, as if he was excited to be somewhere. He was wearing what looked like gym clothes and he carried a large duffel bag.

               "Would I look ridiculous if I expressed my utter confusion of this hell contraption?” Betty laughed softly, easing her tensed shoulders at the kind looking man standing before her. Like she said, she’s a people pleaser and her humor never ceasing to be a great first impression. The boy let out a low chuckle before pressing a bunch of buttons that Betty didn’t quite seem to understand.

               "I’m guessing you’re moving into Jughead’s apartment?“ The boy asked, already knowing the answer due to his best friend’s constant rambling about a new roommate and how great she seemed. He knew Jughead was excited to finally not live alone, but he also knew that Jughead wouldn’t act excited to Betty. What’s with guys and wanting to play it cool? "By the way, I’m Archie.” The boy shot a friendly glance over to the girl, who shot him a small smile back.

               "I am actually yeah! And nice to meet you Archie, I’m Betty.“ The small talk continued all the way to the outside of the apartment door. It was a metallic black, looking more expensive than Betty’s entire family home. Any nerves that had been settled before were back and worse than ever. She almost believed that her heart was actually beating in her throat. Archie knocked on the door and within seconds it flew open to reveal a slender man that Betty couldn’t take her eyes off of.

               His tanned skin was shown off along his arms by the baggy grey shirt he was wearing. His legs were encased in black jeans, his legs seeming to go on for miles. He wore a red and black flannel around his waist which complemented his slim figure. Raven black hair was messily poking out the sides of the grey, crown beanie he was wearing on top of his head. The last thing that Betty noticed was his icy blue eyes staring at her, a look she couldn’t recognize was plastered on his face.

               "Hi, I’m Betty Cooper?” Betty broke out hesitantly, for some reason sounding like she was questioning who she was. In reality, Betty was just entranced by the boy in front of her. He had something about him that she couldn’t pin point. He was mysterious and Betty liked that. On their call he had refused to even tell her what he does for a living. Stating multiple times that she just has to trust him. And now he’s here, maybe she does. He doesn’t look too harmful.

               "Of course, come on in. I can give you the grand tour of this fine establishment later on but I’m guessing you want to unpack first?“ Jughead chuckled warmly, motioning Betty to step into the room. Archie stepped past the pair, giving Jughead a firm squeeze on his shoulder before walking into a room Betty assumed was the lounge. The apartment wasn’t too fancy, you could tell a boy was living there. Nothing was tidy. She almost had an aneurysm at the sight of the kitchen. Pizza boxes and take out cartons littered the sides, she 100% needed to clean this place.

               "Uh, yeah sure!” Betty politely replied. She stood parallel to Jughead, balancing on the balls of her feet. She was rocking slightly, waiting for him to take her to her room. But nothing, they just stood there for what felt like hours (in reality being about 10 seconds) just staring around. “So… My room?”

I hope you all enjoy it so far! I finish all of my exams in two weeks so I’ll be able to write more frequently for a while. As I said, feel free to leave any feedback, all is appreciated!

Part 2 : Here

Fish out of Water pt3

Humans are weird, and when you get the chance to get to know one and understand them better, you take it. But there are rules about interfering with human affairs, and breaking them might come at a higher price than you were willing to pay.

Part 1, 2

Reader x Yoongi

Mermaid Au

Fluff, humor, maybe some angst? Not much though.

It had been one of those nights that Yoongi couldn’t take a moment to collect his thoughts, just had to keep working until the bar closed. It was packed all night, and by the time it cleared out he was exhausted and his feet hurt. But he wasn’t in a bad mood, unlike some other nights that this happened. He was looking forward to buying ice cream and meeting you under the pier.

“Alright, I’m out.” He said to Jimin when he was done cleaning up.

“Not yet, you’re not.” Jimin said. “There’s some girl here to see you.”

Yoongi frowned at Jimin. He didn’t remember anyone telling him they were going to stop by his work, and couldn’t think of a reason for them to.

“What girl?” He asked, and Jimin shrugged.

“No idea, but she’s been staring at her feet the whole time. I tried to ask her why she was here, but she just said she was here to see you.” Jimin gestured toward the front of the restaurant. “She’s over there.”

Yoongi sighed. “What kind of person wouldn’t even give you a name—“ He stopped talking as he walked closer. You were sitting, staring at your toes—something you definitely did not have last night—wiggling them in wonder.

“Do you know her?” Jimin asked quietly, putting a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I just—I don’t know what she’s doing here. Give us a minute, okay?”

Jimin nodded, and Yoongi made his way over to you. You noticed him approaching, and smiled brightly at him.

“Yoongi! I was so worried that maybe you weren’t here tonight, or that you didn’t want to talk to me, or—don’t faint.”

Yoongi must have looked dizzy—he felt dizzy—and he sat on the bench next to you.

“But you’re…You’re not…You have feet.” Yoongi had just come to terms with you being a mermaid, and now he finds out that you aren’t one? It was all a little disconcerting.

“I know, isn’t it horrible?” Your smile had faded.

“What?” Yoongi really didn’t understand what was happening.

“My father found out about me talking to you.” You sighed.

“The sea king?” Yoongi clarified.

“One of them.” You corrected. “We got in a fight, and he took my tail away.”

“That… Doesn’t make sense.” Yoongi said weakly.

“Do anyone’s parents make sense?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. “I think he’ll let me return to the sea soon, but I don’t know what to do until then. I was hoping you could help me?”

Other people might have accused you of lying about being a mermaid in the first place, that perhaps this was all a scam. But Yoongi knew deep down that wasn’t the case. He had seen the complete wonder in your eyes as he talked about living on land, had even touched your tail. There was always something so genuine about you that he didn’t question it.

“Of course. What can I do?”

“I just need somewhere to sleep, I won’t bother you for anything else.” You assured him, and Yoongi frowned down at your feet.

“You can stay with me. I live in a group house, so there’ll be other people around, but it’s safe. I’ll sleep on the couch, I don’t mind. You’ll need shoes. And some actual clothes. This—“ He pulled the sleeve of the bathing suit cover. “Wouldn’t work even if it did fit you.”

You shook your head. “I hate to ask all of this from you, Yoongi. I’ll pay you back, somehow. I promise. Also, what’s a couch?”

“I’ll explain, but first—why don’t we get you some shoes.”

You decided that you didn’t particularly care for the strange things humans wore on their feet called “flip-flops.” Not only were they difficult to walk in, they kept falling off.

“Sorry, I have a moped but I walked today… It would have saved your feet some trouble.”

“Is that a kind of shoe?” You asked, slipping your foot into the flip-flop for what felt like the millionth time that night.

Yoongi laughed slightly. “No, it’s a motorized scooter…” When you stared blankly at Yoongi, he tried a different explanation. “You know what a bike is, right?” You nodded, noticing something shiny on the ground and picking it up to study it.

“Yep, I see those a lot along the beach all the time.”

“It’s kind of similar to that, in a way. But you don’t have to pedal it, and the seat is different.”

“That sounds strange.” You said, flipping over the shiny thing. “What is this?” You asked, holding it out to Yoongi.

“A quarter. You can use it to buy things.”

“What kind of things?” You asked, walking ahead of him. You had no idea where you were going, so Yoongi didn’t know how you were so confident in the direction you were walking in.

“Clothes, shoes, food… Most things.”

You nodded thoughtfully as Yoongi caught up to you, then you reached over and took his hand. You turned it palm-up and placed the quarter in his hand, closing his fingers around it.

“For the flip-flops, and letting me stay with you.” You said, giving him a smile.

Yoongi shook his head, trying to return the coin to you. “You should keep it, you found it.”

“And now I’m giving it to you.” You said, shaking your head. “I have to pay you something, right?”

Yoongi couldn’t help his laugh. “You really don’t. But okay, if that’s what you want. Thank you.” He pocketed the quarter. “This is where I live, by the way.” He pointed to a tall house, painted a dark blue. It looked fairly well taken care of, but old, and there were patches on the roof.

“I like it.” You said happily, following him up the stairs and through the front door.

Yoongi had hoped that everyone would have already gone to bed, but Seokjin and Jungkook were playing a video game, elbowing and shoving each other on the couch occasionally.

“There’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry.” Seokjin said, not looking up.

“I’m surprised you’re back so early, I thought you had a date…” Jungkook stopped when he saw you, which made Seokjin look up as well. “Oh.”

“Don’t make too much noise, Taehyung has work first thing tomorrow morning.” Seokjin said, and Yoongi’s eyes widened.

“No, it’s not like that—she just needs somewhere to stay for tonight. Which means I’m going to need the couch.”

Jungkook tried to brush some chip crumbs (and who knows what else) as Seokjin nodded in understanding.

“Well in that case, welcome.” He stood, walking over to you with his hand outstretched. “My name is Seokjin, that’s Jungkook, and I can introduce you to everyone else in the morning. There’s food in the fridge if you’d like some, and let me know if you need anything.”

You leaned sideways toward Yoongi’s ear. “What’s a fridge?” You half-whispered.

“It’s a box that keeps things cold.” He replied, just as quietly. When Seokjin raised an eyebrow at him, he nodded his head to the side, indicating for the two of them to step away from you and Jungkook. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yoongi, who is this girl?” Seokjin asked, watching as you walked over to the tv and tapped the screen.

“Someone I owe a lot to. Is it okay if she stays here for a few days?”

Seokjin glanced from you and back to Yoongi. “Did I hear her ask what a fridge was?”

Yoongi sighed. “She’s not… From here.”

“Yoongi? Why are there small people stuck in a box?” You asked, and Seokjin gave Yoongi a look.

“Not from here? Where is she from then?”

“Please, Seokjin. It’ll only be for a few days, I promise.” Yoongi said, avoiding the question. Seokjin was the owner of the house’s nephew, and had complete power to kick out anyone he wished.

“We’re already pretty full, Yoongi. Seven people in one house is a lot, and you want to add another?” At Yoongi’s silence, Seokjin sighed. “She doesn’t have anywhere else to stay?”

Yoongi shook his head. “I’m the only person she knows here. I can’t just leave her on the street.”

Seokjin sighed, looked up at the ceiling, and then back at Yoongi. “Okay. A few days. But then she either has to start paying rent, or move somewhere else.”

“Thanks Seokjin, I owe you.” Yoongi looked over to where you were now sitting with Jungkook happily eating Doritos. He caught you eye and smiled. “Come on, I’ll show you to where you’ll be staying.”

Yoongi found some of his clothes for you to wear, laying them on the bed as you wandered around the room.

“Being up this high doesn’t bother you?” You asked, looking out his window. It was only on the second floor, and heights had never particularly bothered Yoongi.

“I guess I never thought about it.” He said, glancing up as you stepped away from the window. “I’ll step out while you change, okay?” You agreed as he stepped out, pulling the door shut behind him. 

Yoongi waited for what felt like forever in the hall, and was about to knock on the door and ask you if you were okay when he heard you scream. 

“Are you okay? What happened?” Yoongi asked, opening the door and hurrying in. You walked out of the adjoining bathroom to look at him, your eyes wide. You were wearing his jeans and a hoodie, which already looked a bit strange because they didn’t fit. But you were also wet, as though you had been standing in the rain. 

“Is everything alright?” Seokjin asked, peaking into the room, concern on his face.

“You have a waterfall in your house.” You said in wonder, pointing to the shower that was still running. Yoongi hurried past you to turn the water off, and sighed when he saw Seokjin’s face. 

“Everything’s fine.” He said, walking back over to shut the door on the older man. “Good night, Seokjin.”

Yoongi only hoped that he could either think of a reasonable excuse for you in the morning, or that you would be gone soon. He guessed that too many questions probably weren’t the best idea for a once-mermaid-now-human who was trying to appear normal, and he was determined to help you. It was the least he could do after you saved his life. It was just going to be a bit complicated, that was all.

A/N Yay I updated finally! I was thinking about updating Disposable, but then I decided to update this instead. I only semi-proofread this, so I’ll check it again in the morning if I get the chance. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate all the positive feedback I’ve gotten! You all mean so much to me. <3 As always, let me know your thoughts and feelings on this! Reader might have a hard time fitting in, as well as convincing her father to let her return to the sea! <3 <3 <3

The Mall

Originally posted by hardyness

Kurt Wagner x Reader

The Mall

Author: Morgan


Warnings: None?

Jubilation Lee knew how to have a good time. So naturally, when she invited you to the mall with Jean and a few of the new kids, naturally you had oblidged. You loved the mall anyway, but Jubilee was just a blast. The cute new guy from Germany was a bonus.

God, what a cutie. So sweet and nice, not to mention the accent. Jean smiled as you slid into the back seat of the car beside the blue mutant. Scott turned up the radio as the five of you made your escape in Charles’ borrowed (stolen) vehicle.

First things first upon entering the mall, Jubilee dragged all of you into the nearest clothing store. She insisted Kurt change into something more fashionable. And if Jubilee knew anything, she knew fashion. Kurt stood beside idly, watching the four of you piece together a new outfit for him. His tail swayed behind him curiously. He liked this. He liked shopping, and he liked having friends.

You held up a bright red jacket. It looked like it had fallen out of a Michael Jackson music video.

“How’s this?” you asked. Jubilee admired the jacket.

“Kurt, try this on.” Jubilee called him over. “With these.” She handed him jeans and a plain black t-shirt.

“Okay. Danke,” he bamfed into a dressing room, emerging a few minutes later dressed like any other American teenager would.  

“Spin.” Jubilee motioned in a circle and Kurt turned around. A proud grin tugged at your lips. He looked good. “I like it.”

The four of you chipped in a few bucks for the clothes and then you rode the elevator up to the second floor to the arcade. You slid a quarter into the Pacman machine and set to work, winding through the maze and avoiding the ghosts. Kurt was set up at the machine next to you, managing two games at once. One with his hands and the other with his tail.

“That’s so cool, Kurt!” you told him. “How does it function? Like how do you control it?”

“It’s like having anozher arm.” Kurt explained. “I control it as easily as you control your hands.”

“That’s really, really cool.” You smiled, focusing on the machine. You moved the joystick back and forth, weaving through the electronic maze. “All I can do is heal people.”

“Zhat sounds like an amazing gift.” Kurt grinned.


“Yeah.” he nodded, a charismatic grin tugging at his lips. “I do have a tail zhough, so I zhink I win.”

“Yeah I think so too,” you chuckled, giving him a playful nudge. He nudged you back, and so it became competitive, nudging eachother until one of you messed up and lost. The racing game Kurt had been playing with his tail was long forgotten, and you hardly noticed that his tail had coiled around your waist. In fact, you didn’t notice until the group met up outside the arcade after half an hour or so.

“Um…?” Scott motioned to Kurt’s tail, still secured around your hips.

“Oh!” you noticed, smiling. Kurt unwound it as fast as he could, a look of apology on his face. His amber eyes searched yours for forgiveness, as though he had done something wrong.

“I’m so sorry! Sometimes it has a mind of its own, and I didn’t mean to creep you out or-”

“Kurt, it’s fine. I promise. No harm done,” you assured the tall blue mutant.

“Are…are you sure?”


“Okay.” he nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” you repeated, smiling. Jean peered into each of your minds. She knew there was a connection there, and as she would bet with Scott later, she figured you’d end up together in less than a month.

Next, the crew went to the food court to get Slushees. Kurt took a large sip of his cold drink before you could warn him otherwise and clutched his head, yelling out in pain.

“Aah! Somezhing’s wrong!”

“It’s called a brain freeze.” Scott told him, leaning forward.

“Vhat?! I froze my brain?!”

“Yeah.” Scott nodded. You set down your drink and scooted towards Kurt a little. His face was still scrunched up in pain.

“Come here,” you told him. He leaned towards you. You pressed your hand to his forehead, focusing warm energy towards him. He let out a little hum, eyes rolling back in his head as you got rid of the pain.


“No prob.” you shrugged.

“Mom friend,” Jubilee teased with a smile.

“Is that a bad thing?” you smirked, taking a sip from your drink.

“Mom friend?” Kurt asked.

“It means she takes care of everybody.” Jean explained. “Getting extra napkins and tissues, sneaking food into the movie theater, fixing collars, tucking in tags…”

“Comes with being a healer, I guess.”

Kurt’s fangs poked out as he smiled at the concept. A mom friend.

After hanging out in the food court for a while, Scott, Jubilee, and Jean wandered off to the record store. Kurt agreed to come with you to the Nike store to get shoes. You needed new sneakers for school, and he insisted on accompanying. He didn’t want you to be alone. You appreciated the gesture.

Kurt stood near the wall display at the front of the store while you retrieved your shoes from the back of the store. He looked up at the tall wall of shoes. There were so many in all sorts of sizes and colors and styles. He never really wore shoes, what with his abnormal feet and all.

“That guy your friend?” asked one of the girls in the store. You nodded.


“Where’s he from?”

“Germany.” you smiled. She nodded.


“Met him today. He’s a sweetie.”

“I can tell.” the girl smiled. You liked the teens at the mall. None of them seemed to mind that you and your friends weren’t exactly normal. They were cool with it. It was usually in adults that you found problems.

“Did you find zhem?” Kurt appeared in front of you in a puff of smoke. You coughed, nodding.

“I forgot you could do that.” You chuckled, leading him up to the register to check out. After you left the Nike store, you met up with the others. You had all planned to see Star Wars at 1, but Kurt wanted to watch the break dancers. He watched a few before trying his hand at it.

He moved robotically, popping and locking like you had never seen before. He was amazing. Of course, he could spin on his tail which was pretty cool too. You rooted him on with the others. God, he could move.

“How vhas zhat?”

“That was awesome Kurt! You killed it!”

“Danke,” he smiled.

“Come on guys! We don’t want to miss Star Wars,” Jubilee dragged you all along as the group gushed over Kurt’s awesome skills.

You ended up sitting between Kurt and Jean, and sometime during the movie, Kurt’s tail wound around your leg. You scooted a bit closer to him, fingertips grazing over the blue skin of his one of his three-fingered hands. He smiled. So did you.

By the time you and the others got out of the theater, Kurt wasn’t concerned over the mild argument over which Star Wars movie was better. All he cared about was the fact that your hand was still wrapped tightly with his own and that his tail was comfortably coiled around your waist.

skam hiatus diaries (aka how extra is henrik holm today)

dear diary,

17.12. i’m still in shock over the finale but i’m hoping we’ll a get a trailer within a month

31.12. i’m growing more desperate by the day but thankfully henrik posted that hotel scene bts pic and julie wrote an evak au oneshot so i might make it into 2017 after all

24.1 henrik and ulrikke hung out so life was good at least for a night even tho no sign of the trailer

7-9.2 i can’t believe henrik invented bandanas

8.2. there is a stupid poll with 64 ships but who cares, it’s not like a tiny fandom like skam could win…

10.2. what is a poll, i don’t know a poll i only know that henrik holm is king of weed and extraness who unfollowed a bunch of ppl to keep his perfect 420 aesthetic

12.2. where’s the trailer, our careful calculations led us to believe today was the day

19.2. henrik carried around a dog like a baby and wore pink. fandom totally did not lose it’s shit. at all.

20.2. a ski mask is only appropriate attire if you’re about to steal the s4 script,, pls go back to petting puppies

21.2. henrik meowed into the camera, in a parallel universe vilde was proud

24.2. send nudes (not me)

25.2. a rare sighting of tarjei in his natural habitat (aka antiteateret)

27.2. henrik touched his lip and wore an alt er love cap. i’m ok,,

28.2. rainbow hoodie? rainbow hoodie.

5.3. today was the day julie andem generated a meme

2-5.3. guess who’s (vi)king of the alps

5.3. i don’t have time to think abt a trailer bc the sharks are coming to get us

6.3. after hours of murdering captchas just when you thought those evak bts stills would be the highlight of the day henrik holey socks holm decided it was a good day to make his ‘suck my board’ comeback. needless to say fandom never quite recovered from the onslaught of memes

8.3. first, even took all the paper towels. then he took isak’s heart. now, they both took home a win for the google drive fandom!

9.3. tarjei winked at us. okay it might’ve been from the video preview of his show but still. ngl we lost it

11.3. draped in a rainbow flag then wearing a weed cap, henrik proved he’s master of speaking spanish. also pardon his french but,, suck my board cutie

13.3. (drop the trailer al)ready


Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn / Boku no Hero Academia

Pairings:  N/A

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:   Check willpower au for more of this universe

Summary: Six-year-old Izuku met a young man with brown hair and kind brown eyes that sometimes turned orange. A young man who had the brilliant Orange Flames that didn’t burn Izuku when he touched the flames and sometimes grew as cold as ice.

This changes Izuku’s entire life. 

ff.net | ao3

Izuku swung back and forth on his swing, kicking his tiny legs against the dirt. He sniffled, feeling the burning sensation in his eyes as he tried to keep the tears from falling. Today was another failed attempt to activate his Quirk. He had tried so hard to breath fire like his father or to move objects like his mother. Just because the doctor said he couldn’t didn’t mean it wouldn’t happen! Izuku refused to give up on his dream of being a hero. Nothing happened and today he endured yet another round of teasing from Kaachan and the others kids.

“Ah, I think I’m lost.”

Izuku’s head snapped left, surprised when a young man sat in the swing next to his. With fluffy brown hair, soft brown eyes and a suit that looked similar to what his father wore, the man looked out of place on the empty playground.

Noticing Izuku, the man smiled gently at him. “I don’t suppose you could tell me where I am?” he asked.

Izuku nodded. “This is Inochi Playground.”

The man hummed. “I don’t suppose you know where Namimori is?” he asked.

Izuku shook his head.

“Ah well, it’s fine,” the man said. “I’ll find my way home soon enough.” He smiled brightly at Izuku. “So why are you crying?”

“I… don’t have a Quirk,” Izuku said softly, looking down. He waited for the mocking laughter or the taunting pity.

“What’s a Quirk?”

Izuku looked up at the man, surprised. He didn’t know what a Quirk was? The man merely looked at him patiently waiting for Izuku to explain. Izuku frowned. Was it a test? Hesitantly, he answered, “A Quirk is the special ability that almost everyone is born with. Lots of people get their Quirks by the time they turn five.”

“Special ability huh?” the man said with a thoughtful look.

Izuku cast him a wary look. The wind picked up, kicking up dirt, whistling through the trees above. There was a loud snap and Izuku looked up just in time to see a tree branch falling towards him. He scrunched his eyes, bracing himself for the inevitable impact.

It never came.

Izuku opened his eyes. Encased around him was a dome of ice, shielding him.

“Whew, that was close,” the man said.

Izuku whirled to look at him, betrayal bubbling under his skin. He knew it. The man was just like everyone else, teasing him about not having a Quirk.

“You have a Quirk!” Izuku accused.

The man looked at him surprised. “Is this what you consider to be a Quirk?” he asked. He waved his hand and the ice vanished in a burst of orange flames. Izuku was startled by that. That didn’t make sense. Ice was cold, fires was hot. Did this man have two Quirks?

That wasn’t fair. Izuku couldn’t even get one Quirk! How could this man have two?

The man laughed gently, kneeling down to Izuku’s height. “I promise this isn’t a Quirk,” the man said. He summoned those orange flames again, letting them dance in his hands. “This is a Dying Will Flame.”

“What’s that?” Izuku asked. His curiosity got the better of him; his suspicious falling to the side.

The man hummed a little, gathering his thoughts. “Dying Will Flames are flames you summon from your lifeforce. The stronger your willpower, the stronger your flames.”

“But it’s something you’re born with,” Izuku said, scowling. Still a Quirk then.

“For some people, yes. Others can learn, if they have the right teacher,” the man said.

Hope blossomed in his chest. Izuku looked up at the man, eyes wide. “Can you teach me?”

The man tilted his head. “Why do you want to learn?”

“I want to be a hero!” Izuku said. “I want to protect people like All Might!”

The man’s eyes flashed orange. “Is that the only reason?” he asked, voice still gentle and soft.

Izuku hesitated. “No,” he said gloomy. He was six and the only one in his classroom without a Quirk. Jealously, his teacher told him, cautioning him against it. His mother told him the lack of a Quirk didn’t make him any less special. But… every day without a Quirk was one step closer to his dream shattering as Kacchan ran ahead without him.

The man looked at him thoughtfully. “Well, I make no promises that you will be able to learn this,” he said.

Izuku felt his heart swell, disbelief and hope warring inside. “You’ll teach me?!”

The man laughed. “Sure. You have to promise me you will only use this ability to protect yourself and others.”

Izuku nodded. “I will!”

The man smiled at him. “I am Sawada Tsunayoshi, please call me Tsuna. Who are you?”

“Midoriya Izuku! Thank you, Tsuna-sensei!”

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{ five’s company // ch. 18 }

tags:  @toonerzchatz@promisesandmore@iamnotthrowingawaymyshit@itsallexmallory@itsallexwriting@impala-moose@jaydiggs1218@fierydaemon@slightlysouless@jzzyjones​​ @wiindmill​​ @whitestorm547​​ @hamilturnt​​ @littleblue5mcdork@arostrolgy@mcgrammer15@fanagelbagel@moonchildcharm@itsareyouforreal@sweaterkitty-fluff@theoverlordofeverything@laurenshtml@lawnmowerswig@lafeyettegunsandships@silvershadow56@goldensabriel​  @kanadianwithashippingproblem​ @picklessfights@hamiltrash-life@sadeyestommo@dont-be-petty-be-peggy@thedevilopposedmyaddictions@chipslaylove​  @spacenerd3@onelastfic@zappyheart@mycroftswife@hamrevolution@alienboymax​  @kbgw1233-blog@pretztato-cake@aprilyn 

t/w: minor character death, some cursing

a/n: i will get better at updating i promise lol feel free to yell at me again. this one is very long so enjoy!

special thanks to @patron-saintof-sluts​ . jai, thank you for helping me figure this out. you’re amazing! i love you a ton. 

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When Martha called Hercules asking for a dress, he assumed it was for another gala. He assumed it was for another ball or dinner of some sorts. Maybe Mr. Washington was announcing that he would be running for president. He had heard Alexander talking about it once. Or maybe he was speaking at a convention at New York. 

 When Martha called Hercules, she asked that the dress be black. He was confused, but didn’t decline. If she wanted a black dress, he’d make her a black dress. Martha wasn’t the type of person to be unsure about anything. The Washingtons were headstrong and determined people, so he didn’t question it. It wasn’t a mistake or a slip of the tongue. He just knew that he should get started right away. 

He’d made wedding dresses for blushing brides. He’d made graduation dresses for promising students, but this was a first. 

 He didn’t realize he was making a dress for the funeral for her husband. When he heard the news, it made the dress harder to finish. 

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anonymous asked:

Could I get scenarios of Oikawa, Noya and Tanaka seeing their s/o, who normally wear contact lenses, wearing their glasses infront of them for the first time?

the length of the scenario got longer and longer by the character, and i’m wondering why. maybe it’s due to the fact that i’m still experimenting with oikawa? or maybe i think tanaka is just really dorky and i love writing him.

either way, i hope you like this one, anon!

if you like what i do and want to show your support, consider supporting me on ko-fi!

- admin may


“Tooru,” you called, sliding into Oikawa’s field of view as soon as he looked up from his phone. Whatever greeting he was going to say to you died on his lips as he took in your appearance.

You were wearing glasses. There was no other way to say it. It wasn’t as though he minded; it was just weird to see you in them. “What happened to your contacts?”

You touched the thick black frames self-consciously. “Oh, uh. I was running late this morning, and I didn’t have time to put them on.” You looked up at him shyly. “Do they look weird?”

Oikawa immediately said, “No! No, you look really cute! I swear! It was just a new thing!” Realizing that he basically shot out of his seat and was waving his arms around wildly, he schooled himself, scratched the back of his head in slight embarrassment.

“You’re… Really cute, Y/N,” he said, softly, but enough for you to hear.

You smiled widely and took his hand. “Thanks, Tooru,” You said. And then: “You’re really cute, too.”

The blush on Oikawa’s face as you both exited the classroom was as red as a tomato.


AAAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Nishinoya cried, “Babe—you’re so cute!

You giggled. “Thank you, Yuu.”

Nishinoya leaned on his desk to get closer to you—unbelievably close, actually—to get a good look at the frames, instead of, say, asking to check them out, like a less hyperactive human would do. “How do they feel? Did you get dizzy? How long did it take to get them?” He asked questions in rapid-fire speed, you could hardly get an answer in before he went on to the next question.

You didn’t mind. You two have been together since the beginning of the year, and have known each other for long before then; you were used to Nishinoya’s hyperactive tendencies, and it was honestly pretty funny and oddly comforting.

“They feel fine, Yuu. My prescription isn’t that high, so it’s been a breeze adjusting.” Nishinoya grinned and proceeded press on the arms of the glasses so they bobbed up and down in front of you. “Yuu!” You laughed and tried to swat his hands away.

Nishinoya was laughing like mad, and though you got a bit dizzy, you forgave him and laughed along. Man, he was so adorable. You stood up from your seat and leaned on Nishinoya’s desk to plant a quick kiss on his cheek.

He sat still for a second after you returned to your seat, but then immediately slapping a hand to the cheek you kissed and leaned back on his chair, almost falling into the desk behind him.

Y/N! That isn’t fair! You’re too cute!” he exclaimed, face absolutely flushed.


“Since when did you get glasses, Y/N?” Tanaka asked you as you both make your way to the rooftop for lunch.

“Oh, I’ve always had this pair, Ryuu. I just didn’t wear them until today.” Tanaka wasn’t letting slip what he thought about you wearing your old glasses. But then again, you didn’t tell him you used to wear glasses before switching to contacts, so maybe that was why he wasn’t reacting.

“You used to wear glasses?” he asked, incredulous.

“Yeah,” you affirmed, and opened the rooftop door. The cool breeze tickled your nose as you stepped out. “I stopped, like, two years ago, though.”

“Your eyesight went back to normal?” Tanaka sat on the floor and rummaged through the plastic convenience store bag for the onigiri he bought that morning.

“Nah, I wore contacts,” you replied.

Instantly, Tanaka’s head snapped towards you. “You wore contacts?!

Eyes wide at the sudden exclamation, you nodded. “Yeah… You didn’t notice?”


“Ryuu, we’ve kissed so many times, and you haven’t noticed?”

“That’s because I close my eyes when I kiss you!”

You laughed loudly at his honest reply. “Well, I can’t really say anything because I close my eyes, too.”

Tanaka chuckled and started unwrapping the onigiri. “So why’d you switch back to glasses?”

“The contacts were becoming a pain to put in every morning. So I just decided to go the easy route and go back to glasses.” You paused a bit, cheeks and nose reddening, although whether it was from the cold wind or something else, Tanaka didn’t know. “Do you like them?”

“Yeah, of course! You look really cute.” He leaned in and kissed the tip of your nose. “You should keep these ones.”