i like vector a lot

We are Dawn Herald.”

Yo it’s Zexal Month, which I like just found out about yesterday, and I knew I had to take part of course so I whipped this up quick AAAAH don’t even look at it, I’m so rusty because I’ve been so busy with work that I’ve got like no time to draw ever now but this isn’t the time to blog

Day One: Favourite Character

OF COURSE VECVEC IS THE FAVE. He’s on a higher level than a fave. I have a framed picture of him on my desk.

He’s my man; my main squeeze; Satan himself; my one true

I gotta sleep asap, but man I love Veector. So unpredictable, so fun, so tragic, so beautiful. I wish I had the energy to type paragraphs about him. I’m gonna rewatch Zexal sometime. I’m gonna look through my entire zexal tag sometime. Remember when we had the weekly death counter

please don’t tag as me/kin/etc.


A star-shaped fruit native to Destiny Islands.
According to legend, “If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives no matter what”.


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there’s a few things Im not really happy with on my Seras vector but really I felt like Inkscape was working against me a lot while trying to make it.
Not to mention when I was working on Integra yesterday the bloody thing crashed and I almost lost half the work I had done on it.
Thankfully it turns out that Inkscape makes recovery files automatically. 
Not something I expected from it.

okay but in all seriousness when vector claims to have known a long time ago his memories were tampered with that could mean a hella lot of things

  • vec has long come to terms with that he isn’t his “real” self or that some part of himself is a lie and he’s okay with that
  • vec completely discarded any notion of a “past” him that was good and has completely embraced his current identity as a shitlord
  • vec actually took the realization really badly and doesn’t know how else to handle it other than with his usual trolling to hide conflicted emotions
  • vec actually did seek redemption in some part of himself but then retreated at the very last second because either fear or hatred or pride or just a force of habit
  • vector wanted an excuse to completely eliminate/absorb don thousand without getting the other completely aware or catching him off guard and so enacted the whole thing
  • bekus actually did want redemption but his pride won’t let him go without sticking it to them one last final fucking time because fucking beckuta
  • or beku is just a piece of shit, plain and simple

and the best part is we can never really know exactly what is going through his head during those moments because. fucking vector.