i like tyra banks


“I’m sure the girls thought I just got nervous and had an anxiety attack. But for nineteen years I’ve had a condition where, you know, I pass out. Anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter. I’ve had problems with this since I was three years old. What happens is the vagus nerve in your body, sometimes connections kind of go haywire. It’s not a life and death condition. It’s just a very inconvenient, scary thing. ”


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What is you favorite summer experience

95% of my awesome trips don’t occur during the summer except for like this trip to Jamaica I took. I met Tyra Banks and she told me she liked my gap and my face and that none of the girls on the show were as pretty as me. She was prolly lying but considering how much I resented my appearance it meant a lot to me.


I just wanted to share this because I thought it was cute ^_~ So yall know Whitneybae from youtube right? Well she uploaded a video on her vlog channel where she went to see the boy group, BOYS24. It was her and another youtuber named Iman and they went and had a good time and Whitney said she would even go again! Well they also got a high-touch session with BOYS24 and the security guards had to escort them away because the BOYS were talking to THEM for so long!!! ^_^ Now I think Whitney is very pretty and Iman is gorgeous as well (plus she was slaying with that makeup) and they were just saying how the boys were happy to see them and saying Iman looks like Beyonce and Tyra Banks lol  But ummm…yeah I just wanted to share their experience….(what I’m really saying is I got receipts on BOYS24 gurl ^_~ heeeeeyyyy) 

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also, hc that jack lowkey knows a bunch of famous people through his dad and is just like *walks by while holster's watching 30 rock* j: oh hey i know her h: well duh, tina fey is famous dude j: no i mean i think she's in my mom's book club? and *during a sex scene in some romance* j: we need to stop watching this immediately rans: ???? j: it's just...he's like my weird uncle okay this is uncomfortable. r: george clooney is like your weird uncle???? what the fuck??!????

BYE i love this concept??

esp bc alicia is a model so she probably dated some other celebrities b4 bad bob & went to red carpets & she like?? probably casually texts naomi campbell abt her day

when bitty visits the zimmermann household he walks in on alicia and her, like, poker game for famous ppl and, like, naomi campbell & tyra banks and fuckign, i dunno *spins wheel* angelina jolie are all exactly thirty-four feet away from where eric is standing after he’s been traveling for like 8 hours and he’s never been more mortified in his life how dare you not warn him mr zimmermann?!

“The world should accept you” vs “you should accept you”

Positivity should not be about blindly leading people off cliffs with lofty expectations that will never happen.

If someone needs to get off their ass and do something, positivity should not say ‘that’s okay’. Maybe ‘you’re okay in spite of your past mistakes’, but not THAT is okay.

If someone does not fit societal standards of beauty, it is not a good idea to build them up to expect to be treated like the next…uh…Tyra Banks I think was a supermodel or something? Fuck if I know, replace with model of choice.

To lead these folks with dreams of grandeur and success when by most sane logical threads they are being led right off a cliff? That’s cruel and monstrous.

Positivity should be about promoting resilience, genuine self-esteem, and confidence in the strengths a person DOES have.

And that’s what sickens me about some messages of positivity. It’s setting up people to fall really far from where they’ve been lifted up to.

In 2016, I want to promote positivity that lets you know “yeah you dun goofed, but that’s okay, at some point you’re gonna get it right IF you keep trying..” “Yeah you’re different and people are gonna hate that, but difference itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing.” “Sure you’re not exactly Tyra Banks, but you’re also really fucking smart and that is beautiful, too.” “You’re improving - you’re not DaVinci, but you’re getting closer!” “What you did was really fucked up, but I believe you can do better and make up for what happened, because you can be a good person (Papyrus believes in you!!!).”

I still encourage positivity. Because in my darkest moments, I know I don’t need someone to change the world for me nor do I need fairytales. I need to remember that I can change myself, grow, and maybe through leading by example, change the world.

- Kuzco

PS - That said, have a little tact when sharing reality. It’s harsh enough without you sharpening the edge.

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I'm trying to find some really bad, really stupid reality TV shows to binge-watch. Anything you'd recommend?

Hmmm, usually it’s gotta have some redeeming value for me to stick with it; I’ll just tell you a mix of ones I like.

-America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks is so into herself it’s unbelievable, and the challenges are ridiculous. That’s a so bad it’s good show. 

-Ghost Adventures. Awful. Truly, truly awful, but hilarious. Every bad ghost hunting tv trope (it’s not dust, it’s a ghost–THIS CANNOT BE DEBUNKED [you will hear “this cannot be debunked” for easily debunkable things a lot]), but presented by dudebros. Includes the host pretending to be possessed, constantly offering up one of the other dudes as a sacrifice to the ghosts, and trying to seduce a ghost with a poem and slipping on ice.

-Kitchen Nightmares (USA). The editing is what makes this hilarious; so much bad ADR, music stings, and DRAMA. Almost every restaurant featured is now closed. But there is some heart if you pick through it.

-Whodunnit? This one I actually consider criminally underrated, though it is hilarious. It’s a murder mystery competition, and whoever loses each week is the next “murder,” in increasingly ridiculous scenarios the other contestants have to solve.

-Rupaul’s Drag Race. This show is so fun. Even if it gets dramatic they try to be funny, and the looks are pure artistry. Tons of puns. 

-Cutthroat Kitchen. Do you want to see good chefs struggle to make a pizza with nothing but plastic wrap and a donut, while riding a carousel? Well this is the show for you. Chefs bid on sabotages and try to make something resembling food, and the judges don’t know what the sabotages are.

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I wanna be your boyfriend, what's the job criteria?

buy me lingerie, feed me coconut mylk icecream, stroke my hair and tell me I look like tyra banks

((also be intelligent, able to hold a conversation, text back quickly, really doesn’t hurt if you’re attractive))