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Aqours 1st Live LV Thoughts
  1. It’s a rainy day (typical Vancouver weather)
  2. My throat is sore from all the screaming (srsly actual screaming)
  3. Both my arms are disabled after 3 hours of waving the glowsticks
  4. It’s wet and cold af and I’m hungry (I came straight to the theatre after work so no dinner), so I’m eating hot cup noodle LOL
  5. Even after all of the above, I’M SO EUPHORIC AF LIKE OMFG WHATTA EXPERIENCE I need to ramble asap nvm I have to wake up for work in… 4 hours LOL

Very long rambling under the cut:

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life’s simple pleasures: when im in public and a man is walking directly toward me and expects me to move out of his way, but i don’t, and i stare at him right in the eye for the entire encounter, confusing him and forcing him to side step out of my path. sometimes they hardly notice but sometimes they seem so disturbed and uncomfortable/startled, as if they’ve never had to accommodate a stranger before in their life lol

whenever i write i’ve always imagined the post-apocalyptic world being smth like f.allout (the global crisis, fallen cities / wasteland full of scavengers/survivors/etc aesthetic) mixed with the p.urge (lookin @ all u despairin’ hooligans in ur mono masks wrecking shit) mixed with zombies (the bears r the zombies #haha they DO eat ppl so) + a neverending night since the sky is polluted to hell & back

what an #experience dr’s post-apoc world must be

joshua-ryans  asked:

I watched Train to Busan the other day after seeing your gifset and reblogs about it. So good. It made me cry my eyes out, but what an amazing, unique way to handle another zombie story. Thanks for recommending it.


anonymous asked:

for the 'i want anons' thing: i feel like i'm the odd one out. i feel like i can't be in a relationship because i can't stand to be touched by my s/o unless i've known them for a long time before dating them. idk it just makes me really depressed and then i cry.

aww don’t feel bad nonny! i’m actually like that in a lot of ways! not everyone is comfortable with the same things and that’s okay 💕 do what you’re comfortable with, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!  and i feel like any s/o who’s worth being with, would understand your feelings and you support you! 


here have some sweet ‘n caring members to their lovable mc


1000+ Followers Gift - Part 1

FINALLY! After many days and hand cramps, the first part of my followers gift is complete! I worked really hard on these and I hope you’ll like them. And w o a h 1000 followers?! That’s like a looot of people. I have no idea why anyone follows me, but to all 1000+ of you, thank you so much, it means a lot that you actually like my stuff.


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