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okay so theres this goal celebration back in 2013 vs Germany where Alex scores then runs to the sideline and somehow ends up celebrating with Kelley, Tobin and Christen somehow.... would that be a Talex, Kellex, Chrislex, Lowkey Preath, or Talley ft. Christen moment???

why not aLL OF THEM

with a bonus lowkey preath because at the beginning of this video Chris was like a mile away from Tobin:

and yet by the time the goal celebration happens she is somehow here:

…… reaaaal subtle 😂 

UHH hey everyone! karma got its KISS for me!  uh I CANT GO TO JON IN DETROIT NOW. cause i got. a ticket cause apparently youre spposed to pull over for an emergency vehicleeee and i didnt knowww. listen my life is extremely going downhill.cause im getting acne and im getting fat and im balding right here you can see the whole triangle therelike a piece of hair im BALDING. IM BALDING! im turning UGLY! and my face is gonna be fat for the rest of the day and i cant even shower before work beCAUSE IM NOT GONNA BE HOME ON TIME. and that fat ass indiana..*sobs* the fat ass indiana cop.. gave me a ticket! and hes like,”do you know about this law?” i didnt! so i said no! because i DIDNT! and its so much money and i only have 47 DOLLARS!!!! and IM NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO GO UNDER 50 AND IM GONNA GET FINED BY MY BANK! SHUT. UUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna get fined by my bank for having under 50 dollars and i alreadyyyy owe my parents fooouuur hundred something dollars.. and i owe my friends mom eiiightyyyy! and i cant go to Jon now! but everythings fiiiiiine! im okay! and my parents are really mad at meeeee and my lifes going downhiiiillll!!! so if anyone. wants to be like. a nice personnnn. and give me money to pay for this fucking ticket cause i dont have it. imma leave my paypal link! but like. *winks* thats me winking but mY EYES ARE TOO SWOLLEN TO WINK!!!!!! and i called to see if i could serve jail time instead of paying but no one answered, so i left a voicemail asking if it were an option for me to serve jail time instead of paying *sniffles* so it what? [youre going to get arrested for that theyre gonna be like this dumbest bitch then theyre gonna arrest you] [isnt that the point. its what she wants]  *sobs* and my friends are laughing while im having an emotional breakdownnn shOW ME SUPPOOOOOORTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs* *screams into a pillow*

most people cant actually tell if youre not making direct eye contact (assuming youre oriented somewhat towards their face).  like for the first 17 years of my life i thought that telling someone to “make eye contact” was more of an expression and that people didnt frequent look directly at people’s eyes bc when i talk to people i look slightly past them or at their nose or eyebrows or just their face as a whole (without focusing on the eyes) and no one pointed out that this wasnt actually what eye contact was

like at this point im still in awe that people actually mutually look right at each others eyes in daily casual situations


Jodie: “Jack, I got a job offering.”

Jack: “That’s great, Jo, but why the long face?”

Jodie: “It’s in Brindleton Bay. I really want the job since it pays more than my current one, but I don’t want to leave you. Plus, I like it here in Windenburg.”

Jack: “No. I don’t want to be the reason for you to reject the offer. Go to Brindleton Bay if that’s what you want. I’m fine with whatever decision you make, Jodie. As long as you’re happy, then I’m happy. Heck. I might as well quit my job, and we’ll move there together.”

Jodie: *laughs* “As much as I would love for you to come with me, I won’t let you do that.”


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Stranger Things Kids + MBTI Types


Cat Person / Dog Person

redraw of one of my fav scenes from the new star episodes! and like,,, they rlly, they rlly actually made me love tom somehow??? which is,,, rlly fucking bizarre??? but whatever, just take my redraw


fangirl challenge - [9/50] romantic relationships ♡ kat and adena
“What I really wanted to say was was just how amazing you are. You’re courageous and thoughtful and honest, and you’re the only person I’ve ever met who, you know, completely throws me off my game. And I think I really like you.”

do you ever get like… a pre-crush. like “I don’t have a crush on you, but I feel like there’s definitely potential for one if I got to know you better”

Congrats on 17 million sub! @therealjacksepticeye

It’s hard to believe that it was years ago that I subbed around 40K and you had those thumbnails with the blue text.

You’ve helped me so much this past year and I just want to say thank you, you’ve been the light in all the dark times I’ve had and I just want to say thank you for everything.

20 million is just around the corner!