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Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves

nico is the world’s biggest sweater thief, and wears jason and reyna’s sweaters and hoodies on a daily basis. will is not exactly jealous, but it starts getting annoying after a while because i’m your boyfriend nico why won’t you wear my clothes why wear jason’s. and nico just smirks and unzips the hoodie he’s wearing and oh. oh. nico’s wearing one of will’s favorite tank tops (the one he thought he’d lost), and it’s way too big and shows more skin than it covers, and will’s mouth dries. and suddenly will thinks it’s a pretty good thing nico wears the hoodies on top of the tank, because there’s no way he’d be able to function if he had to keep seeing nico like that.

(Incomplete) List Of Haise/Kaneki Crying In Tokyo Ghoul:re

1. When releasing his kagune although being in an unstable state (Chapter 6)
2. After being taken down by Hirako’s team (Chapter 7)
3. When Urie called him a ghoul (Chapter 8)
4. When he saw Touka in :re (Chapter 10)

?. Small Shironeki crying when talking to Haise (Chapter 31)
??. SmallShironeki crying because he thinks he killed Amon (Chapter 43)
5. When Tsukiyama asked him if he’d be ready to throw away his current life (Chapter 44)
6. When Akira refused to tell him about his past (Chapter 45)

7. During his fight with Karen (Chapter 52)
8. Flashback: When he was imprisoned in Cochlea (Chapter 67)
9. Being overwhelmed before freeing Hinami and facing Arima (Chapter 67)
10. Flashback: During his training with Arima (Chapter 69)

11. When Touka asked him if she’d see him later (Chapter 72)
12. When meeting Hide inside his mind (Chapter 75)
13. When Arima died in his arms (Chapter 83)
14. When Akira left him because she couldn’t feel the same about him as she felt about Haise (Chapter 121)

15. While sleeping with Touka and getting overwhelmed with emotion. (Chapter 125)

[OP’s note: Creating this post was painful and I regret doing it … Except no. 15, that was nice.]

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au where everything is the same except the lions are fun sized when they arent kicking purple alien butt >w>

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Michael does not allow that kind of talk, no sir

BUT AAAA NJDKSNFK THANK YOU SO MUCH??? I really appreciate it :’)

Mirror academy where you have to kill (or enslave) the other students in order to be the best


At long last my semester-long quest to finish my Mercy sculpture has been completed, and hot damn am I happy with how it turned out

I’ll probably be taking more pictures with a better background later, but for now enjoy this video turnaround, or check out more pictures under the cut!

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