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I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.

👀 My unpopular Killjoy opinions:

  • If a Killjoys movie/TV show were announced, I’d be way more apprehensive than excited. There’s like an 80% chance that they’d just adapt the comics–and even if they tried to do something original, it’d probably end up being a bad Mad Max rip-off.
  • I don’t get the appeal of Vaya and Vamos. It’s cool that they’re canonically non-binary, but I thought they came across as shady, unlikeable people who lacked empathy. I never understood why people saw them as fun, lighthearted characters like Show Pony.
  • Speaking of Show Pony–I like him on his own, but I think his relationship with Dr. Death Defying is kind of weird and unhealthy. If Pony were a girl instead of a boy, this fandom would’ve been outraged over Dr. D’s closest friend being an oversexualized young girl that’s half his age.
  • I don’t care for crossovers at all, even though they seem to be a huge part of this fandom. I guess for me, crossovers are like OCs–I’m not against them, but I’m just not interested in non-canon characters. Can’t say I’ve ever had the desire to see Josh Dun as a Killjoy or anything like that.
  • On a similar note, I’ve never had the desire to create a Killjoy OC. I have a couple of BL/ind OCs, but I haven’t used them in years. I get the appeal of creating OCs, but again, it’s the canon characters that interest me.
  • When it comes to Tommy, I feel like a lot of people mistake popular headcanons for canon. There’s a lot of weird hostility toward him that seems to boil down to “he’s a capitalist!!”, but this is never canonically stated. You can run a store without necessarily thinking that capitalism is great, lol. People also accuse him of coldly refusing to give the girl food, or even throwing her out of the store–but again, if you read the comics, none of this actually happens. Suppliers are vital in a post-apocalyptic desert, and starving Killjoys aren’t going to care what he thinks about certain economic systems anyway.
  • The girl doesn’t interest me at all, and tbh I forget that she even exists half the time. I’ve never had any interest in writing about her or making headcanons about her.
  • Becky Cloonan is clearly a great artist, but I don’t know if she was the best choice for Killjoys. I thought Gabriel Ba’s covers captured the “feel” of Killjoys perfectly, and it made me wonder what the comics would be like if the artist had a grittier/more expressive style.
  • I see a lot of people saying that the comics would have been better if they were longer, but I actually don’t think that the length was part of the problem at all. A well-written script could have told a great story in six issues. But the writing was so sloppy that more issues probably would have just meant more scenes of the Vs wandering around aimlessly.
  • The Twitter accounts are probably my favorite “version” of Killjoys (though the videos were great, too.)

What are your unpopular Killjoy opinions? 🤔

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn...

Think of them, standing at his mother’s funeral, with no idea of what death’s like except it takes away the people you love. 

Think of how they stand there and promise each other to always be there. They vow to be the other’s best man at their weddings, and vow to always get into mischief together, never alone.

And then Oliver disappears. Tommy, the boy who lost his mother and father, for whom Oliver had been his whole world in a way, his best friend and brother and partner in crime, dies at sea.

Tommy is lost. He gets even a speck of hint that his best friend is alive and he flies all across the world just to find him, to get him back.

Think of them when Oliver comes back. 

Of a friendship that had been the light for Oliver during some of his darkest days, 

of a friendship that had been the light for Tommy when he’d lost himself.

Think of them growing up together before and after Oliver came back, before and after all the mistakes they made.

They vowed to always be there for each other.

And think of the moment when Tommy Merlyn took his last breath in the arms of his best friend, 

the last face he saw being the man he’d loved as a brother all of his life, 

his last words clearing all differences away.

Think of Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen.

of two boys who’d spent all their lives getting into mischief and bailing each other out

of the two men who came back together, made mistakes and drifted apart, but never really broke

Of a friendship that believed even after death.

Of a friendship that never really left.

Or what Oliver would give to spend another minute with

Think of Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn.

And cry with me.


domestic!nysara ficlet. 600 words. there are kittens involved.

Sara doesn’t slam the door when she comes in.  She gently closes it behind her, like she’s trying to be quiet.

Like she’s trying to sneak in.

Which Nyssa immediately recognizes as a red flag.  Sara is never quiet about anything unless, of course, she’s about to fight.  Otherwise, she announces herself to every room, usually by slamming the door.

“What did you do?” Nyssa asks, staring over her cup of tea.  “You were supposed to go get groceries.”

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anonymous asked:

What kind of dog would you like Tommie boy?

Tom: I dunno. I like border collies a lot but they have all this energy that becomes destructive when they don’t have enough exercise and mental stimulation or whatever. You gotta teach it tricks, take it for runs and walks multiple times per day, be active. And let’s be honest, I’m not an active guy. I’d rather pass out in a ditch by the road than go for a jog. Pugs are cute in that sort of endearingly dumb sort of way. Like, look at that dog and it’s stupid face, I love it. It make’s you want to take care of it because you know for sure there’s no way it could fend for itself. Maybe that’s the same reason that people think babies are cute; because they’re defenseless and wrinkly and stupid looking.

Always remember:

- “I don’t know if I’d die for you but I’d come damn close.” [JANE]

-  ”I’d definitely do it for you, though.” (Give Maura a kidney)  [JANE]

- “You’re gorgeous, my friend.” [MAURA]

- “I am never getting married or having children.” [JANE]

- “I hate it more when you undress and drive.” [MAURA] she’s seen Jane undressed.

- “Your dress is a real booty call magnet. I got hit on twice, by women.” [MAURA]

- “Tommy’s not the only Rizzoli with a beautiful mind.” [JANE]

- “You are the dumbest genius I know.” [JANE]

- “I’ll never tell you that it’ll be OK when I don’t know that it will.” [JANE]

- “I missed you.” “I missed you too.” [JANE&MAURA]

- “I like Tommy. A lot. But I love you.” [MAURA]

- “Why can’t we dress like call girls? They look so cute.” [MAURA]

- “I hate you.” [JANE]
“You don’t hate me, you just hate feeling vulnerable.” [MAURA]

- “You’re a very good detective and a very good person, once you’ve had your coffee.” [MAURA]

- “I think it means that he loves the Army more than me.” [JANE]

- “You are so weird and wonderful.” [JANE]

- “Fulfilling your dreams requires a lot of hard choices.” [MAURA]

- “Why would I squeal over a colorless crystalline form of purr carbon?” [MAURA]

okay so like I see a lot of headcanons in which Tommy Chow Mein is a kind of grumpy-yet-secretly-nice guy and he’s like friends with Dr. D + Pony/The Fab 4

what if he’s like the opposite of that? he acts all chummy on the outside but it’s a farce, because he doesn’t care about much of anything besides himself and his business,
and the Fab 4 can’t STAND him??

Tommy’s a salesman, a cutthroat salesman, but a salesman (maybe even a bit of a showman). And for him, the best way to make it out here in the Zones is to SELL, SELL, SELL!
And he really is one of the best at it. Tommy can get you ANYTHING– for a price.
He thinks he should try to appeal to people, encourage them to buy more, but perhaps he overdoes it. It’s not that he’s annoying, but sometimes his overzealous attitude, his determination to convince you that you NEED to buy, takes on a manic tint, a cold glint enters his eyes while you’re trying to haggle prices with him. He may want you to BUY, BUY, BUY, but he’s not very accomodating. It’s his way or the highway. He doesn’t care if your mate is fucking dying in the car outside; the price is 600 carbons and that’s FINAL. If you don’t like how he operates, fine, you can pack up and leave. He doesn’t care about you unless you can pay.
He doesn’t like if you try to talk to him about anything that doesn’t have to do with business.
Despite his fake cheery exterior, Tommy can turn on you in a flash, get deadly serious deadly quick. And you can’t cheat Tommy Chow Mein. Destroya help you if you try to cheat Tommy Chow Mein.
He’s not dishonest himself, but no one really likes him. You come to him because he’s the best, because you know that you can count on him to deliver (as long as you have the carbons) but nobody LIKES him. And that’s just fine with him, because he doesn’t really like any of you either, no matter what he’ll say when he’s trying to convince you to buy a new raygun or bottle of hair dye.

oh so that’s what a date is then

“Now what?”


At the time, Tommy had thought, smooth, but now, half-way between the restaurant and their apartment, he wasn’t so sure. It was just, this was a date. Like an actual, date, date, and he hadn’t been on one of those, well, ever. Not that he hadn’t dated, because of course he had. He’d dated quite a few girls, women, in his life-time, but this was different. This was dinner, a movie, and a very slim possibility of actually getting laid after. If, he’d been back in high school, it definitely wouldn’t have been worth a single pound out of his wallet. Yet, here he was, with a restaurant booked, his entire week’s paycheck in tow, and Madeline beside him. She was close too, like hand brushing against his, every time they walked, kind of close and it was enough to make him glad he couldn’t find his gloves. Not that it was too cold… for late February, it was surprisingly quite comfortable. Tommy, had even decided to for-go his coat, instead settling on a cream (well, it had been labelled wheat) coloured sweater and a pair of dark blue jeans, that he’d actually bought for their date tonight. Yes, Tommy, for the first time in his life, had actually planned something that didn’t involve a packet of condoms, for a girl.

“I hope you like, Indian? Oh wait…, of course you do.” He winked, his usual teasing humor, beginning to slip back through. Not that it hadn’t been there in the week leading up to their date, because it definitely had, but when Madeline had stepped out ‘ready’ for their date, well… there just hadn’t been a whole lot of material to work with. Instead, he’d settled with a rather awkward, “now, that looks like something you’d actually want to grab first, if this place went up in smoke.” Which, okay, probably wasn’t the best thing to say to her on their first date, but, what? He was still getting use to this whole complimenting her thing. Besides, everything he really wanted to say to her, seemed to always get trapped somewhere between his throat and stomach, anyway. If anything, she should be glad, he was still speaking to her at all. “You think, Lionel’s forgiven me, yet? I mean, that new washer was pretty fancy.” Not that he needed to know, where Tommy had got it from or anything. Hint: it hadn’t exactly been legal. With a smile, Tommy, decided it was now or never, and grabbed her hand between his own. “Fuck, this is weird, right?” Yet, he didn’t let go and even, squeezed her hand again, letting her know he wasn’t planning on it either. “Also, we don’t have to rush over to the cinema after dinner, I’ve already bought the tickets. I think you’re going to like it… a lot.” Tommy, had looked through Madeline’s collection of movies and come to the conclusion that something ‘romantic’ would be a good decision, so in the end he settled with a Syfy. No way, was he sitting and actually watching a movie with her. Not when he could be making out with her instead anyway.


***You do everything because you want Newt to notice you, because you like him but nobody knows except Thomas, but Thomas notice you instead, because he likes you, but nobody knows***

Okay this probably isn’t what you wanted but just tell me what you think anyways. I’m sorry if I disappoint you. Anyways Thomas is in Bold.

For a smart boy, Newt was pretty daft. You’d done everything light of setting yourself on  possible to get his attention. You’d even managed to brush your hair, which might not sound like much but is extremely painful when you only have your fingers.

You sigh and go back to your eating your breakfast. 

“What’s going on, Greenie?” Thomas says as he slides into the space next to you.

“Not much. Just thinking about Newt. You know he even noticed me.” You point out, looking at the shank. His oblivion is dragging down your mood. Thomas bumps your shoulder. Thomas is the only one who knows about your crush on Newt. He’s always there when you needed him.

“Hey, don’t worry, he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Your hair looks nice, by the way.” You smile at him with your spoon in your mouth. 

“Thanks, Tommy. That means a lot. I was actually feeling like klunk today.” You explain. He pulls a face at you.

“Oh, wait. I see it now, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to retract that comment.” That makes you laugh. He knows exactly how to make you smile again. You give him a peck on the cheek. 

“I’ll see you later, Tommy.”

You didn’t tell her because you didn’t need to. You show that you love her everyday. She might not know the extent but she knows. You know that she’s loves Newt, you’ll do everything you can so that they can be together, so they can be happy. And that’s all you really want for her. You don’t need her to be with you, even if that’s what you really want, no, you just need her in your life because her smile is infectious and warms your heart. If she falls for you then that’s a different story. You’re not going to ruin a friendship for your own selfish reasons. 

I need a newtmas high school au where thomas is a student in newt’s class who says incredibly inappropriate things and makes obvious innuendos to the sexually frustrated teacher in front of the class (and in private). this of course has to end with lots of sex, but like, I CRAVE inappropriate-tommy.

+ bonus if thomas is making newt sexually frustrated by always having something in his mouth

Stay With Me

HAPPY BIRTHDAY macyaudenstarr!

Dropping his bags beside the door, Tommy shrugged off his jacket, using his foot to kick the door shut. His lips turned up as he looked around the room taking in the sight of the living room. Felicity wasn’t necessarily messy, but he also knew that if she had known he was coming home early she would have tried to pick up the empty glasses and her sweaters that she had scattered all over the living room. He liked the way she left things behind sometimes, growing up with maids and perfection had led him to appreciate the feeling of home that he got when he saw the small messes where cleaning got put off for later.

He made his way to their bedroom, leaning against the door frame as he shook his head at the sight of her. She was sitting up against the headboard, book half closed on her lap with her head tilted back slightly. He laughed quietly as he moved over to the bed, lying down on his side of the bed. Grabbing the book from her lap, he placed it on her nightstand before he laid down on the bed. She shifted slightly beside him, turning her body to mold against his. Smiling, he ran his fingers down the side of her stomach and back up to her neck. Felicity hummed as she pulled him closer, he watched as she smiled her eyes fluttering open.

“You’re not supposed to be home,” she muttered as she leaned her head up slightly to press her lips against his neck.

“I missed you.”

“You bailed on a meeting because you missed me?”

Tommy rolled his eyes slightly as he rolled over to his back. “No. But I seconded the idea of moving the meeting to next month.”

 “Mmm… good plan, you should be sick of me by then.”

“Chances are pretty high.”

Felicity tilted her head, smiling at him. “What am I supposed to do with you?”

Shaking his head, Tommy sighed. “Love me forever, obviously.”

Felicity laughed as she pulled herself in closer to his side. “You are wearing far too many layers of clothing,” she muttered as she slid her hand under the shirt he was wearing.

“TSA frowns upon walking through the airport naked. I tried once.”

Groaning, Felicity shook her head against her chest. “I don’t—I don’t even want to know.”

“It all started with a dare—“ Felicity lifted herself up, cutting Tommy’s sentence off with her lips.

“Seriously, Merlyn,” Felicity said between kisses, “I don’t want to know.”

Tommy laughed against her lips as she rolled on top of him. She groaned as her eyes fell on the clock. “I have to get going. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?”

“That would have ruined the surprise.” Tommy sat up slightly, bringing his lips to her forward. “Definitely hot. I think you need to stay in bed. Doctor’s orders.”

“You aren’t a doctor.”

“Beside the point.” Tommy moved his mouth from her forehead back to her mouth, before settling on her neck.

“Doctor’s orders can’t be made by just anyone. That’s consumer fraud. You could go—“ Felicity jumped back slightly as Tommy’s fingers danced along her rib cage. She snorted slightly as his fingers dug in deeper. “No,” she exclaimed, glaring down at his devious smile. “Don’t you even start—“ He moved his free hand down her leg, before squeezing the skin. His smile grew as Felicity tried to push off him to get away as her laughter grew.

“Delirious giggling,” Tommy started as he rolled them over, his fingers immediately falling into place. “Extreme fever. Dilated pupils. Just give in Smoak; you’re sick.”

Felicity clenched her stomach as she tried to control her breathing as Tommy placed pressure back on the side of her stomach. “This isn’t fair,” she muttered out while laughing. “Tickling me is an awful way to convince me to spend the day in bed with you.”

“Hearing you laugh is worth it.”

Felicity sighed, entwining her fingers in Tommy’s. “You’re a cheeseball.”

Tommy shrugged. “You staying with me?”

Felicity shook her head, closing her eyes. “You know I am.”