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I feel bad sometimes because conventions are so expensive. They’re not like going to see someone on tour. They’re like the price of seeing 7 people on tour. And it’s a shame the performances aren’t as good as when people do their own shows. Like I guess if someone care about the industry, the community panel and maybe going to a meet-up, or seeing someone on stage for ten minutes isn’t that big of a deal you know, that’s what a convention is. But I feel like for the people in the community and the followers of YouTubers that are really there to maybe get a chance to meet them or mainly see them perform in real life, I just feel bad. You know what I mean? Compared to when people do tours. Dan rambling.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (62/?)

I love that he can acknowledge how the format of big YouTube conventions doesn’t always seem catered to the many people who actually watch and support the YouTubers.


(Ok before people yell at me “El would’ve seen fireworks on 4th July!” I know. But let’s just pretend that this is her first experience with fireworks for the sake of the story)

5th November, 1985

“Fireworks?” El tilted her head watching the boys and Max wrap up in hats, scarves and gloves.

“Yeah, like…big lights in the sky.” Mike tried to explain, covering his ears with a woolly hat. “They’re pretty, lots of cool colours.”

He placed a hat over her own curls, making sure she was warm enough.

They had heard about bonfire night in history and thought it could be a fun activity since El hasn’t really experienced fireworks before.

Hopper agreed to light them for the kids. They waited on the grass, looking up into the clear night sky. When the first firework exploded, El jumped; she wasn’t expecting there to be a loud noise.

But Mike grabbed her hand, feeling his warm hand through her mitten. She looked up at how the sky came to life with the pinks, blues, purples and greens.

Her favourite activity were the sparklers. She loved creating shapes with what almost looked like a wand. It was a little scary at first, she feared she herself would catch on fire, but soon she got used to it and was laughing and twirling along with the rest of them. El ran over to Mike and faced him, drawing a massive heart with the sparkler.

He smiled and copied her action, thankful the others were too busy trying to spell out rude words than to notice them. Dustin never tired of messing with them.


There was only one night game a year. On the 4th of July, the whole sky would brighten up with fireworks, giving us just enough light for a game. We played our best then because, I guess, we all felt like the big leaguers under the lights of some great stadium. Benny felt like that all the time. We all knew he was gonna go on to bigger and better games, because every time we stopped to watch the sky on those nights like regular kids, he was there to call us back. You see, for us, baseball was a game. But for Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, baseball was life.

July 4th (Reddie)

Helloo! i wrote this in like one sitting so i’m sorry if its terrible?? but like i love soft Reddie with fireworks so

Summary: Eddie finds out that Richie’s alone for July 4th, and plans a surprise for him

Word count: 2,175

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Everyone in the losers club knew that Richie’s home life was pretty bad. They never exactly asked him about it, but they knew it was bad. They rarely stayed at Richie’s house, and when they did his parents weren’t there. Richie usually avoided discussions about parents. He had talked about them fondly maybe once in his entire 16 years of living.

Eddie often felt bad complaining about his mother to Richie. Mrs. K was mental, and Eddie often complained to the group about her, and the group often made jokes about about her. But Eddie rarely complained to Richie, about his mother, when they were alone.

Eddie never really asked questions, when Richie climbed through his bedroom window, either. He just accepted the boy into his bed, warning, every night, to be gone the next morning before Eddie’s mother woke up. Eddie hated the fact that Richie would have to go home so early the next morning. Back to his house, which he had ran from in fear the night before.

Richie didn’t mind though. He just thought it was amazing how his best friend was always there for him. All of his friends were, but Eddie especially. Richie was never fully sure of his feelings for Eddie, but they weren’t the same as his feelings for the other losers, that was for sure.

That was what Richie was thinking about, when Bill snapped his fingers in front of Richie’s eyes. They were all sat in a circle, beside the quarry. It was a warm July 3rd, and all of the losers seemed to be discussing their plans for Independence Day.

“What?” Richie questioned, looking around the group. Everyone seemed to be looking at him, eyebrows raised, wondering what could have been more important than this conversation.

“We were asking what your plans were for tomorrow, idiot.” Stanley rolled his eyes, nudging Richie’s shoulder, with his own.

“Oh.” Richie nodded, slowly. He then shrugged, slightly, remembering his plans. “I’ll probably just watch movies or something.”

“But it’s July 4th! You can’t just stay home and watch movies!” Ben protested, shaking his head.

“What else am I gonna do?” Richie questioned. His voice was calm, and had a tone of disinterest. “My parents are out of town, and I’m hardly going to crash one of you guys’ family days.” He sounded like he didn’t care. But deep down he did.

All of the losers looked at each other, and Richie immediately felt awkward. He had put a downer on the mood. He stood up slowly, looking at the sky for a second, and then back at the losers. “It’s getting kind of dark. I’m gonna head home. I’ll see you guys on the 5th.” He grabbed his bag, and wandered away from the group, listening to their goodbyes.

Whilst Richie went home, Eddie formulated a plan in his head. He then told the others. “We gotta do something about Richie!” His voice came out more desperate than he had expected.

“Ok, calm down, Lover Boy.” Stanley teased. “What do you have in mind, to impress your boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Eddie rolled his eyes.

“You wish he was, though.” Mike smirked, pointing an accusing finger at Eddie. Eddie’s face grew red, as he shook his head.

“Getting back to the point!” Eddie snapped. “I think we should surprise him with a party.”

“A p-party?” Bill rose an eyebrow.

“Yes!” Eddie nodded, quickly. “All of your plans are during the day! My moms plans are for us to visit my grandmother, but I can get out of it. I’ll go to Richie’s and watch movies with him. And you guys can set stuff up in the back yard, after your families celebrate. Mike, can you get us some extra food?” Mike nodded. “And Beverly, can you get some fireworks?” Beverly nodded.

“You’re a smart man, Edward.” Stanley nodded, “Richie’s gonna love it.”

“I hope so.” Eddie shrugged.

Richie was groggy, and annoyed, when his doorbell rang the next morning. He had been having a peaceful sleep, and now some idiot had ruined it, by waking him up. At 11am, as well. He opened the door, almost slamming it into the wall. Richie was working up a speech in his head, to snap at whoever was on the other side of the door. But once he saw who was on the other side of the door, all of his anger melted away. “Eddie?”

“Hey, Richie.” Eddie chirped, grinning up at Richie. He was holding a backpack in front of him, and he was in shorts and a t-shirt.

“What are you doing here, Eds?” Richie questioned, scratching the back of his neck. “Thought you were visiting your family today?”

“I passed on it. Thought I’d spend the day with you instead.” Eddie shrugged, pushing past Richie, to get into his house. Richie closed the door slowly, turning to follow Eddie through to his kitchen. “You have breakfast yet?”

“No, I just woke up.” Richie explained, and Eddie nodded, dropping his bag onto Richie’s table.

“I brought over food. Go get dressed, and I’ll make it.” Eddie ordered, rooting around in his bag for a second. Richie nodded, slowly, and walked back upstairs. He took the quickest shower of his life, and changed into his black jeans, and white t-shirt.

He walked back downstairs, and into the kitchen, quietly. He stood in the door step watching Eddie sway in front the stove, holding a pan in one hand. He had put on the radio, and some disco song, from years ago, was flooding the kitchen. Richie couldn’t help but smile, as he walked further into the kitchen. “So what are you making, Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie questioned, leaning against the counter.

“Pancakes. I even brought over toppings for you.” Eddie smiled, concentrating on the pan in front of him.

“Thoughtful.” Richie muttered, feeling his heart swell in his chest. He bit his lip, watching Eddie put some pancakes on one of the plates beside him. There was already some on it, and the plate next to it was full as well.

“There’s maple syrup, and whipped cream in my bag. Grab it.” Eddie ordered, turning the stove off. Richie nodded, letting his feet carry him towards Eddie’s bag. He reached in, grabbing the ‘toppings’, putting them on the table, and pulling a chair out for Eddie. Eddie walked over, placing the plates on the table, and slid into the seat Richie had pulled out for him.

“You know you don’t have to babysit me today, Eds.” Richie said, pouring maple syrup onto his pancakes.

“I’m not. I’m spending time with my best friend. Now stop being an ass hat, and eat your fucking pancakes.” Eddie snapped.

They had finished their pancakes by twelve o’clock, and had made their way into Richie’s living room. They had been watching movies since. Eddie had told the losers to be over by 5, organising Richie’s back garden. He told them he would take Richie out at 6. All the losers had agreed that it would look great, but on one condition.

“You gotta tell Richie you like him.” Beverly had told him, over the phone. “This is the perfect time to tell him! The losers all promise to make sure everything looks perfect, and we’ll gladly party with you two, but tell him. Tomorrow. Some stage. Otherwise we’ll never help you again.”

“What if he doesn’t like me back?” Eddie had asked. Beverly had then proceeded to tell him that she was pretty sure Richie Tozier was head over heels for him. So Eddie agreed.

Although, when Eddie’s watch beeped, telling him it was 6 o’clock, he felt sick. He didn’t want to tell Richie anymore. Fear was bubbling inside of him. His stomach felt as though it could explode.

“Can you stop that thing from beeping, Eds?” Richie questioned, looking at Eddie, who was right beside him. The couch was large, but they were still sat practically on top of each other. Eddie got up slowly.

“Cmon.” Eddie said quickly, after turning his watch off. Richie rose an eyebrow. Eddie rolled his eyes, grabbing Richie’s arm, and pulling him off the couch. Eddie ignored Richie’s protests to continue watching the movie, and Eddie dragged him through the kitchen.

“Where are we going? We still have half of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off left!” Richie argued.

“Shut up, and close your eyes.” Eddie ordered. Richie opened his mouth, to protest again, but Eddie was already interrupting. “Do it, Tozier!” He snapped.

Richie sighed, covering his eyes with one of his hands. Eddie opened Richie’s back door, looking around. The losers were scattered around the garden. There were four large blankets laid out, a table with food on it, fireworks set up in a line, a few beers and sodas in a cooler, and a few random banners.

Eddie closed the door slowly, and nudged Richie. “You can look now.” Richie slowly pulled his hand away from his eyes, and looked around.

“Oh my god!” His eyes were wide, as he took in the scene in front of him. “You guys are the best, what the fuck?!”

“It was Eddie’s idea!” Beverly said quickly. Eddie blushed, ever so slightly, when Richie looked at him. His eyes looked huge, under his glasses, and his face was practically glowing with happiness.

“Thanks Eds.” Richie grinned, throwing an arm over Eddie’s shoulder. “Lets get this party started, then!” Richie shouted, and everyone laughed at his enthusiasm.

A few hours later, the darkness had fallen on Derry. All of the losers had had a few beers, that Bev had managed to get from somewhere. Mike had decided to only have one beer, because he was in charge of the fireworks. They had all their food, just as the sun was setting, and now most of the losers were lying on blankets.

Richie was sat, beside Eddie, on one of the blankets. Beverly was sat beside Stan and Bill, talking quietly. Ben was helping Mike fix the fireworks, because it was finally dark enough to set them off.

“This is perfect.” Richie said, quietly, breaking the silence between him and Eddie. Eddie looked over at him, raising an eyebrow. “Did you really plan this all? For me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Richie shrugged slightly, blushing. “It’s a holiday, Rich. I couldn’t bare the thought of you being alone on a holiday.” Eddie explained, smiling slightly at Richie’s blush.

“I just didn’t expect it.. I would’ve been fine spending the day alone.” Richie shrugged again. Eddie rolled his eyes, slightly.

“I got it!” Mike called. “Get ready to be amazed!” He seemed excited, as Beverly tossed her lighter at him. Mike caught it, and lit one of the strings quickly, and moved back, with Ben. Everyone in the group watched, as the firework flew into the sky, and exploded. Everyone let out a soft ‘ohhh’, as they watched it. Mike began lighting the other fireworks, moving away again.

“They’re beautiful.” Eddie stated, staring in amazement up at the sky.

“So are you.” Richie blurted. Eddie turned his head quickly, staring at Richie. Richie blushed, instantly, feeling embarrassed about what he had said. Eddie stared at him for a second, processing exactly what he had said.

‘So are you’ was running around his head. Richie thought he was beautiful. He had just admitted it. And Eddie could feel adrenaline coursing through his veins. Was Beverly right? Did Richie like him back? Did Eddie have a chance here? There was only one way to find out.

Eddie leaned forward, quickly, and pressed his lips to Richie’s. He pulled away almost instantly, but Richie still felt it. The soft, light kiss that Eddie had placed on his lips.

Richie’s mind was scattered, as he grabbed Eddie, pulling him onto his lap. Eddie was practically straddling him. And Richie’s hands were holding Eddie in his place. Eddie opened his mouth, to say something, but Richie cut him off by smashing his lips against Eddie’s, just as another firework went off. Eddie’s arms slowly snaked around Richie’s neck, pulling them closer together.

Eddie’s lips were soft against Richie’s chapped ones. Richie’s tongue swiped against Eddie’s bottom lip, asking for entrance. Eddie’s lips immediately parted, giving Richie access. Their tongues seemed to dance around each others mouths. Richie squeezed Eddie’s hips, which made the smaller boy jump slightly, and Richie smirk.

Richie pulled away slowly, looking up at Eddie, who’s face was lit up by the fireworks, still exploding. Eddie was panting slightly, and his eyes were sparkling. Richie kissed him again, quickly. Barely a peck.

They had been in there own little world, but were brought out of it by cheers. Richie peered over Eddie’s shoulder to see their friends, clapping and cheering, and staring at them. Eddie turned his head, looking at them and laughing quietly, before turning back to Richie, gazing down at him. They both stared at each other for a second.

“Happy 4th of July..” Eddie mumbled, kissing Richie again.

‘Did you have fun overall at Vidcon?’ I always have… I mean it’s very crazy for anyone with any amount of social anxiety it’s like *internal screaming* for 72 hours. But you know, it’s very …  to connect with the real people that watch you is good ‘cause YouTube, it’s not good for your mental health 'cause it’s all up in your head and it's imaginary. To see it irl, it’s grounding. It’s good. That’s the thing with the Internet.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (61/?)

Thoughts from Dan on why it good to see the people who watch his content in real life. 

Never-ending Nightmare : Jason Blossom

request: could you do a jason imagine?? maybe if him comforting the reader after nightmares when they are a couple? Only if you think you can, if not that’s fine ❤️

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM SO SORRY, but this becomes very twisted. It has the comforting and the couple parts, but also something else. My dumb brain did this, so again, I am so sorry. I still hope you enjoy it. I think it is still what you wanted but not as happy. okay, carry on reading. Love ya, xx aubree.

warnings: SADDNESS AND TEARS. (maybe? if you get as emotionally invested as I do.)

word count: 879

(gif not mine) 


Jason had always been there for Y/N. At school, he was the popular, football playboy. No one knew the real him. At first, Y/N hated him. She had to tutor him in chemistry. She had pleaded with her teacher to make someone else in the class tutor him, but you were his best student. You obliged and met every Wednesday and Friday during lunch and studied. 

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Nightmare (Jughead x Reader)

Thank you to @missjugheadjones for promoting my last imagine<3

Summary: Jughead, the reader’s boyfriend, comforts her after she is left traumatised by a night-time discovery down by Sweetwater River.

Approx. 1020 words

It was dark when it happened. I wouldn’t have gotten so close otherwise. I was running down my usual track next to Sweetwater River when Milo began aggressively tugging on his lead, growling and pining for something on the riverbank. Assuming that he had seen a rabbit or some other kind of small animal I allowed him to pull me towards the water’s edge, I needed a break anyway. Yanking my headphones from my ears, I collapsed exhausted upon one of the huge rocks that supported the river’s structure and I lay there for a moment. Despite its jagged surface which etched into my back slightly I couldn’t help but feel almost peaceful, the night air was pleasant and my surroundings still smelt of the heavy rain from the previous evening. I could hear Milo digging somewhere nearby, I knew he would be muddy and Mum would force me to bath him when I got home but I didn’t care, I was too relaxed to care about anything right now.

After a few minutes I ambled down towards the river to splash icy-cold water on my face, needing to cleanse the hot sweat from my skin before I dragged both myself and Milo home. As my hand broke the water’s surface however, I felt something unusually soft brush my fingertips. I gasped as Milo growled threateningly behind me, his eyes fixed upon the shallow water that lapped against my trainers; it seemed he had found what he was digging for. Tugging my phone from my pocket, I turned on my torch and peered into the murky shallows of Sweetwater River, a pair of eyes stared back at me.

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I had a brother [Shane] who was 12 years older than me, and he was into The Cars, The Beatles, Morrissey, and The Cure. He was always watching U2’s Rattle and Hum and Morrissey videos. I would sneak into his room when he was at school. He had the coolest posters. Like The Cure from The Head on the Door, where their faces are painted. When my great-grandmother died, he didn’t go to the funeral. We were all in the car waiting for Shane and he never showed up. My mom went in the house and ripped every single poster on the wall in half because she knew that was the worst thing she could do to him. — Brandon Flowers

A (vague) Riverdale Timeline

with hardly any set dates or times and just a whole lot of guessing basically

WARNING: If you have not yet watched episode 7, go and watch that before reading this because it contains SPOILERS!

Alright, have fun with my DIY timeline for Jason Blossom’s life leading up to July 4th and the murder investigation following.


  • Jason and Polly start dating and sleep together. The “Playbook” is updated with the entry “Jason | 2 | Polly Cooper (9) - shy reserved girl | 1 |”
  • (The entries seem to have been written out like “Team Member | some form of identifying number? (Jason was 2, Moose was 3, Reggie was 4, etc.) | Girl (points she’s worth) | no. of girls involved | possibly dates?”)
  • Jason and Polly continue to date. From what we can see the “Playbook” is updated with the entry “Jason | 2 | Polly… again bro? (-2) for feelings”.
  • (Presumably the full entry goes something like “Jason | 2| Polly… again bro? (-2) for feelings. (7) | 1 | possibly a date.”)
  • According to Trev Brown, Jason and Polly had been dating a few weeks when Jason’s behaviour changed. He apparently became secretive, stopped hanging out with Trev, and stopped returning his calls. Trev says that Jason began selling all of his stuff for cash, then he heard that Jason was dealing drugs (”…weed, pills, whatever. I don’t know for sure because by then he stopped talking to me.” - Trev Brown about Jason Blossom, Episode 5.)
  • Jason and Polly get engaged, either before Jason starts acting strange or after. Polly is given an engagement ring that’s been in the Blossom family for generations (but was not given to Penelope when she married Cliff Blossom for some reason).
  • The Cooper parents are vehemently against the engagement (Hal Cooper tells Betty he hates the Blossom family for an old blood feud, and that he wouldn’t let a Blossom “steal” his daughter).
  • According to Polly, the Blossom parents forced Jason to break up with Polly.
  • Polly tells Jason that she’s pregnant with his child, they make a plan together to run away and start a new life.
  • JULY 4TH ROUGHLY 6AM-7AM Jason and Cheryl go to Sweetwater River to fake his accidental death. Polly attempts to leave the Cooper residence with her luggage but is intercepted and forcibly taken to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy home for “troubled youths”.
  • JULY 11TH Jason Blossom is shot in the head after having been held captive for a week (ligature marks on his wrists tell us that he was bound prior to his death).
  • Jason’s body contained “hints of cryo-nectrotic preservation.” Perhaps his body was stored in a freezer until his killer/s decided they’d had enough time to cover their tracks.
  • Riverdale High School recommences after summer break (ROUGHLY EARLY SEPTEMBER) and hosts a back to school dance, after which (presumably between the hours of 12AM and 6AM) Kevin Keller and Moose Mason discover Jason’s body washed up on the bank of Sweetwater River, wearing the same clothes he was wearing on the 4th of July and with a bullet wound in his head.
  • That morning (presumably roughly 6AM) the police take Jason’s body away, watched by the Coopers (minus Polly), the Blossoms, Archie and Fred Andrews, Reggie Mantle, Kevin Keller, Veronica and Hermione Lodge, Jughead Jones, presumably Moose Mason, and other unnamed town members.
  • on Monday the autopsy on Jason’s body would take place” = the autopsy reveals marbling of the veins (I believe this is a normal in the decomposition process), signs of scavenger activity (likely due to fish from Sweetwater River), and more interestingly, ligature marks on Jason’s wrists as well as hints of cry-necrotic preservation (AKA: Jason’s wrists were bound prior to his death, and after his death his body was frozen). In episode 3 Penelope Blossom says “he [Jason] was tortured and shot and thrown in the river like a piece of garbage.
  • on Tuesday, halfway through 5th period, the first arrest would be made” = Cheryl Blossom is taken in for questioning halfway through 5th period on Tuesday to explain why she told the police Jason had drowned on the 4th of July.
  • Archie comes forward about having heard a gunshot on the morning Jason disappeared; however, that gunshot was coincidental and had nothing to do with Jason.
  • Several things are revealed about Grundy. Grundy arrived in Riverdale the year before the events of series one, when she arrived she worked on individual studies with two students, one of them being Jason. Betty searches for Grundy online and only finds an elderly woman named Geraldine Grundy who died 7 years prior, all of Grundy’s social media accounts were made the year she came to Riverdale. Betty and Veronica discover a Minnesota drivers license for Jennifer Gibson and a gun in Grundy’s car. Grundy claims to be hiding from an abusive ex-husband, before she is kicked out of town by Alice Cooper.
  • The Keller residence is broken into. Sheriff Keller’s murder wall is torn down, evidence, background checks, and taped interviews are all stolen.
  • Kevin Keller recreates the Sheriff’s murder wall from memory in the Riverdale High news room with Betty and Jughead.
  • Betty goes on a date with Trev Brown to gather information about Jason (Trev sees the gang’s DIY murder wall). Trev tells Betty about the change he saw in Jason after he started dating Polly, and about the rumours of Jason selling drugs.
  • Jason’s funeral commences. Rose Blossom, Jason’s grandmother, reveals to Betty and Jughead that Polly and Jason were engaged to be married. Rose also reveals that she had given Polly her ring (presumably her engagement ring), which had been in the Blossom family for generations (for some reason Penelope never got the ring).
  • Betty confronts her father Hal about Polly and Jason’s engagement, it’s revealed that Hal knew and severely disapproved. Hal claims that Cheryl and Jason’s great grandfather killed Betty and Polly’s great grandfather, that the Blossom family stole the Coopers profit and that he would die before letting them “steal” his daughter. It is revealed that Hal Cooper was the one who broke into the Keller residence and stole evidence.
  • Betty and Jughead discover where Polly has been sent to live, the Sisters of Quiet Mercy home for troubled youths. The pair goes there, and Betty discovers that Polly is pregnant with Jason’s child. Betty hears the story of how Jason’s parents forced him to break up with her, but that she and Jason had a plan to run away. Polly tells Betty that Jason had stashed a car on Route 40 nearby a welcome sign to Maple Town, under the impression that Jason is still alive and knows that her parents sent her to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Betty tells Polly that Jason isn’t okay and Polly connects the dots. Alice Cooper then arrives to take Betty home.
  • Betty and Jughead find the car Jason had stashed. Inside the car is suitcases, Jason’s letter man jacket, and a substantial amount of drugs. The pair take photographs of the evidence and then leave to tell Sheriff Keller about the find. When Sheriff Keller arrives at the car however, the vehicle is ablaze, having been set on fire between the time when Betty and Jughead left the car and the time when they came back with Keller in tow.


  • Polly runs away from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and hides in the attic of the Cooper residence.
  • A town manhunt ensues for Polly Cooper, in which Penelope Blossom and Alice Cooper clash.
  • The Coopers reveal the truth about Polly’s pregnancy to the press in order to disqualify suspicions that Polly murdered Jason and set the car alight.
  • Betty finds Polly in the attic and vows to help her find a safe place to stay and money for medical care.
  • Jason’s parents and Cheryl come to Betty offering monetary and emotional support for Polly. Betty arranges a meeting with the Blossoms and Polly at Pop’s, until Cheryl arrives alone and tells Polly that the Blossoms want to get rid of her.
  • Jughead gets arrested on circumstantial evidence and questioned for an alibi he refuses to give. Fred Andrews provides Keller with a false alibi for Jughead claiming that he was working for him during the week of the 11th of July. Fred and Archie forge documents to back up this claim.
  • It is revealed that Jughead’s dad FP Jones has Jason’s letter man jacket (likely from the Route 40 car? Unless Jason had multiple letter man jackets) in his closet.

And that’s pretty much it until Episode 8 airs.

(I’ve purposefully excluded most of the characters personal drama unless I thought it related to Jason Blossom’s murder. I included the stuff about Grundy’s fake identity and stuff because she’s a pretty strong suspect in my eyes (I have my theories about her). I may have neglected to include some stuff purely by accident though so there’s that.)

Have fun driving yourself crazy with a fictional murder guys, I know I will!

Once I get into a mindset about something, it’s very hard for me not to see it in everything.
So here is yet another Party Incident thingy..
It’s set on the 4th of July (I know it ended 3 hours ago but shhh) and it’s based off some real life woes (only mine didn’t end up so good… ;-;) and what an anon said about Sans confessing and then trying to play it cool like nothing happened.
Enjoy :)

“Over here,” you pointed to a tiny hill. Finally, an area not crowded with people already. Running over ahead of Sans, you spread out the blanket and set down your bag as to claim the spot.
Sans watched you sit down with a skeptical expression, hesitantly lowering himself next to you. He looked up at the darkening sky.
“so.” He said after a few moments of silence. “how do you know when they start?”
You smiled eagerly. “You’ll hear it.” Bouncing up and down in excitement, you looked over at him. “I still can’t believe you haven’t seen fireworks before.”
“well, it’s a patriotic thing, ain’t it?” He leaned back, supporting himself on both hands. “wouldn’t exactly consider myself much of an american.”
You raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean? You live here, don’t you?”
He shrugged. “not that anyone really wants us to.” By ‘us’ you assumed he meant monsters.
“Well, screw them,” you said, averting your attention to the sky. “They can shove their monster hate up their asses. You live here, work, and therefore are a goddamn American.”
“what about illegal immigrants?” He smirked.
You stopped, thinking. “That’s not the same.”
He smiled victoriously, following your gaze up to the sky. After a few seconds of more silence, he piped up again. “ameri-can you immi-grant me a wish and explain how, exactly, this display fire-works? I independence on you for an answer.”
You looked over at him, hiding that you were almost impressed. “Wow, that was a mouth full. Think of that just now?” You tried your best to keep a straight face, but couldn’t help but crack a small smile.
“yup,” he straightened his back proudly. “thought up on the spot, baby.”
Although said as a joke, you could feel your heart skip at the pet name. You chuckled nervously.
“Did, uh… did you really want an explanation?” You continued, hoping to slow the violent heartbeat rising to your throat. “You’re into science, right?”
He nodded, his face flattening a tiny bit. “yeah. remotely.”
“Well, I… don’t actually know much about it.” You mumbled. “I just know it has to do with fire. And… they use electrical charges to launch them? It think?”
“wowie, i feel so informed,” he smirked up at you sarcastically, his voice harmonized with a small chuckle.
His eye lights glowed in the darkness, looking much more soft and relaxed than they usually did.
Thump thump thump.
You rolled your eyes, looking away.
You weren’t about to ruin another outing with him by trying to romance up the place. You were friends and you were going to keep it that way. What you had now was good.
“Oh!” Your current thoughts were masked by you remembering what you brought in your bag. That might take your mind off of things.
“I brought some glow sticks!” You reached inside the bag and pulled out a few different containers.
“ah,” Sans breathed, watching you fiddle with one of the packages. “i think i’ve seen those before. never really used one.”
“Well, Buster,” you grunted, ripping open the cardboard box and letting it rain glow sticks onto your lap. You sighed, grabbing one and holding it out to him. “Today’s your lucky day.”
He took it, looking at it skeptically. “uh, doesn’t look very… glowy.”
“Well, you have to crack it first.”
“Just… try to break it in half. Bend it.”
His face twisted, but he complied, snapping the thick plastic with a little difficulty. Maybe you should have given him a smaller, thinner one first.
You watched his eyes widen as a bright blue glow emitted from the stick. He looked caught off guard.
“Cool, right?” It was always fun seeing people’s first reactions to things you love. It just so happened there were lots of things you love he hadn’t seen yet.
You were expecting him to exclaim in surprise or say how cool it looked, but he instead looked very uncomfortable.
“u-uh,” he seemed to just hear what you asked him. “yeah, cool.” It was hard to tell under the blue glow, but it seemed he was blushing.
Were you missing something…?
“Uhm, yeah!” You grabbed it from his hand. “If you shake it around, it spreads the juices and makes it glow brighter–look.”
You held it tightly and started to violently jerk it up and down. You could hear the liquid slosh around inside and it started to light up even more.
You looked up to see Sans wearing a strained look, his face glowing a deep blue and his eyes, which were now just pin pricks, locked onto your hand motion. He chuckled awkwardly, quickly pushing down on your hand and setting the stick on the floor.
“so, when those fireworks gonna start up, huh?” He asked frantically.
You were taken aback by his response, but went along with it as you scooped the rest of the sticks off of your lap and put them next to you on the blanket.
“Just when it gets dark, I guess.” You opened another box and grabbed a thinner glow stick, cracking it.
This one was red.
“it’s pretty dark already.” He didn’t seem as bothered by this glow stick, so you continued wrapping it around your wrist and securing it in place.
“Well, they should probably be up soon then.” You gave him a side glance and noticed he was still nervously eyeing you. “Uhm, you want one?” You cracked another stick, holding it out in front of him.
“nah, i’m cool,” he mumbled.
You both sat in silence while you adjusted the sticks, grabbing and cracking a few more. You put them around your neck, wrist, ankles, and even one on top of your head.
You held up a yellow one like it was a halo, looking over at Sans with an innocent look.
“heh,” he chuckled, seeming calmed down. “you’re anything but.”
“How rude,” you joked, setting it down on your head and crossing your arms.


The whole park became silent.
Sans jumped up at the noise, his eye seeming to flash blue for a moment.
“Hey, it’s fine!” You called up to him, making him look down at you. “It’s just the fireworks.”
He glanced around and sighed before sitting back down next to you. “is ‘firework’ another name for ‘bomb’?”
“Look,” you pointed up at some trees.
Another one went off; it was big and golden, showering down the sky before sizzling out of existence.
You could feel Sans flinch next to you, his arm brushing up against yours. “jesus…”
“You’ll get used to it,” you chuckled. It was… kind of cute how scared he got.
Thump thump.
You shook your head.
You weren’t going to do this to yourself.
Another one went off and you distracted yourself by watching it closely. This one was silver, speckled with red and blue dots.
Sans was now paying close attention to them, his eyes widening. “wow…”
“Yeah. Wow.”
You leaned back on your hands, propping yourself up. Despite a bit of lingering anxiety, this was nice. You always loved seeing fireworks.
Sans flinched at the louder ones, but seemed to be nearly jaded to the noise by now. After a minute, he propped himself back down next to you.
Trying your best to ignore him, you stared ahead.
You loved fireworks.
That’s all that mattered now.
But after a moment, you could start to feel something warm creep onto the back of your hand. You didn’t look at it, first trying to decipher what exactly it was, but once another firework went off and the thing flinched, you put two and two together.
Sans gently slid his hand underneath yours, squeezing it tightly.
You kept your eyes forward, unmoving.
Why was he–
What were you–
Holy shit, what were you supposed to do?
He made it fairly clear before that he wasn’t into you. Maybe you were taking this the wrong way. Was this a friendly hand holding kind of situation?
Yeah, yeah, that was it. He was just being friendly.

Cause that makes sense…
His hand was oddly soft, warm. You could feel every time he flinched, even if just slightly. Your heartbeat was so loud and powerful, you sometimes couldn’t tell whether it was your heart beating or a firework going off that was rattling your insides.
You didn’t dare look over. If you did, he would apologize and you would say something awkward and he would leave early and you’d be embarrassed…
But if you didn’t look over, maybe you could drag it out. He would hold your hand longer, he would lean into, even if just for a few more minutes.
You tried so hard to focus on the fireworks, but you just couldn’t avert your attention away from Sans. Every thought you had just led back to your hands touching. Your mind was racing, running wild.
Finally, you said something.
“T-They’re pretty cool, huh?” You stammered.
Instead of a response, you felt him readjust himself and lean closer to you, placing a hand on your cheek. Gently pushing on it, he guided your face so you were looking at him.
Thump thump thump thump thump thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump.
“yeah…” he said softly, your faces practically touching.
Totally platonic. Nothing weird about this.
He leaned forward until his face collided with yours. Your mouths settled against each other’s and your body was instantly warmed down to your core.
This wasn’t like those other times you kissed him. It was like kissing a human and even more. He pulled back all too quickly, taking in a breath.
You looked at him.
He looked at you.
On a whim, you leaned back in and to your surprise he started to kiss you back.
You could hear the crackles and pops of the finale in the background, but it all seemed distant. It was just you Sans now. There might as well have been no one else on the face of the Earth.
You could hear the hum of his magic resonate in your skull, like his magic was flowing through you, as he pulled you in closer.
He tasted sweet.

Okay, maybe this wasn’t all that platonic.
He gently pulled away as the fireworks ceased and people started to clap. You stared at each other for more than a few moments before he finally said something.
“welp, we better get going.”
He stood up, stretching, leaving you empty-handed and confused.
“paps is prolly home by now. don’t wanna worry him. plus, think i left my phone on the couch.” He looked over at your bag. “you mind gettin’ everything?”
You scrabbled onto your feet, looking at him like he was crazy. “Are-are we not gonna talk about what the fuck just happened? I mean, if anything did happen. Did what I think happen just happen? Cause I mean, maybe I just misinterpreted that entire exchange!” You were rambling now, in a panic. “Because I’m pretty sure we just made out like not even a little bit but for a long time and I’m pretty sure I even felt some tongue in there however the hell that shit works but look the point is that I’m severely confused and please tell me I wrong and that that wasn’t just a platonic make out session???”
He raised an eyebrow like you were the crazy one here.
“yea, you’re wrong. that was completely romantic and yes i did use some tongue.” He said it way to nonchalant for the situation, but you could see blue tinting his cheeks. “can we talk about this in the car?” He looked away, the nervousness starting to show on his face.
“Uhm… s-sure??” You bent down, rolling up the blanket and shoving it into the bag, not bothering to pick up the glow sticks. It was shitty and littering, but you had other things on your mind at the moment. “I guess… let’s go?”
“‘kay,” he pivoted on his heel, turning around. “i call shotgun,” he shouted over his shoulder jokingly, followed by a chuckle.
You nervously laughed, partially at his joke and partially out of your own insanity.
What the hell just happened?
Guess you would find out when you talked about it… later.

Full Bi in July

If y’all thought I could see this and not Sterek it, y’all thought wrong. Happy July 4th! Enjoy this 4th of July themed HS! Sterek ficlet:

Derek takes another sip of his drink as he stares across the pool to where Stiles is talking to some cute girl in an American Flag bikini.  He rolls his eyes as Stiles laughs at one of her jokes. It’s probably not even funny.  Stiles is probably just laughing because she’s cute and tall and he probably wants to kiss her. Derek hates her.

Derek  huffs and turns away, heading inside the house and towards the kitchen, ready to eat his way through his emotions.

His sister finds him a few minutes later, in front of the pigs in a blanket, while he’s stuffing his face with Cheetos.

“Uh oh,” she says. “What’s the problem baby bro?”

“There’s no problem,” Derek lies.

Laura smiles knowingly. “It is Stiles related?”

Derek’s head snaps up as he looks around the room frantically making sure no one overheard her. “Laura, shut up.”

“Derek,” she says, “I’m only going to say this once, so listen up-you guys are going off to college in the fall.  You’ve had a crush on him for three years. Now is your chance. If you don’t go for it now, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

Derek hangs his head. “Laura. I don’t know if he likes boys. He’s only ever dated girls.” Stupidly charming girls who didn’t deserve to be within 10 feet of him.

Laura narrows her eyes. “Derek, you haven’t actually dated any boys.”

“Yeah, but…” that’s only because he’s been pining after Stiles since he figured out his sexuality.

Laura cuts him off. “Plus, I’ve seen his Tumblr page.  He reblogs In the Flesh like it’s his day job. No way is that boy straight.”


“Derek, please. He saw you perform in Mama Mia five times last spring, and I could barely make it through two.  He has to be into you. Just go do something about it.  I can’t watch you pining for another minute longer.”

She gives him a gentle nudge towards the door. “Go, Derek. What’s the worst that could happen? If he rejects you, you’re going off to college and you won’t have to face him ever again.”

“That sounds pretty horrible,” Derek says.

Laura gives him a real shove. “GO.”

Derek sighs and heads back outside, looking around the yard for Stiles. He spots him sitting alone on the porch steps, and goes over to sit next to him.

"Hey, Derek!” Stiles exclaims, throwing an arm casually around his shoulder.  The contact sends electricity zinging through Derek’s entire body.

“Hi,” Derek responds, wanting to sound gruff, but his voice comes out soft instead. “Where’d your friend go?”

“What friend?” Stiles asks.

“That girl in the American flag bikini.”

Stiles frowns. “Well you’re awfully observant. I don’t know. Probably to get more drinks.  I’m sure you could find her if you looked hard enough.”

Derek laughs. “No. I’m good.”

They sit there for a moment watching as a guy attempts to dive into the pool and ends up bellyflopping.

“Ouch,” Derek says.

“Ouch,” Stiles echoes. “Hey, look!” he points off in the distance. “Fireworks!”

Derek peers across the lawn so he can faintly see fireworks peeking through trees in the difference. “Cool,” he says dejectedly.

Stiles nudges him with his shoulder. “What, you don’t like fireworks?”

“I just don’t really get this holiday,” Derek answers honestly.

Stiles’ eyes widen comically. “Dude.  The 4th of July is so important. Do you not love America?”

Derek can’t help but smile slightly at Stiles’ enthusiasm. “I mean, yeah, I guess so.”

“You guess so? Derek, America has Target. America has Netflix. America has In-N-Out.”

Derek quirks an eyebrow at him. “Really, Stiles? You’re basing the worth of our country off of a fast food joint and Netflix?”

Stiles waves a hand in the air. “Okay, okay. I will admit our country has its faults.  Yes, the healthcare thing is a little problematic, the drinking age could probably be reconsidered, and same-sex marriage isn’t legal in all of the states yet, but-“

Derek snorts and Stiles pauses, hand still raised in the air.

“Why’d you snort?” Stiles asks, frowning.

“Uh-“ Derek feels like a deer caught in the headlights. “I just-“

“Did you just scoff at the idea of same-sex marriage?”

No, I didn’t.  I definitely care about it.” Derek clarifies, “I just-I didn’t think you would care about that right.”

Stiles turns his body towards him, eyes appraising him critically. “Why not?”

“Because you’re not…gay?”

Stiles pauses. “Wait, what do you mean you definitely care about it?”

Derek feels his hands go clammy and his face heat up. “I mean I care about it, because it’s relevant.  To me, I mean.”

“It’s relevant to you,” Stiles repeats slowly.

Derek is pointedly looking anywhere but at Stiles’ face. “I mean, yeah. Since that’s, you know, what I want. Some day.”

“You want to be gay married some day,” Stiles states.

Derek nods, staring resolutely at his feet. “Yeah.”

He finally looks up and over at Stiles when he hears no response from him. “You’re kidding me,” Stiles says.  “You’re kidding.  Are you messing with me?”

Derek feels weak all over and also like he might possibly faint. This is going so much worse than he ever planned. “No, Stiles, I-I’m gay.”

Stiles’ lips are on his before he can even finish his sentence. They’re warm and soft and Derek might not love the 4th of July, but he loves the way Stiles’ lips feel on his.  After a few moments, though, reason starts to kick in and Derek pulls back. “Wait, Stiles, are you-?”

Stiles puts a light hand around his neck and pulls him back in for a kiss. “Does it matter?” he whispers against his lips.

Derek lets him kiss him again before pulling back once more. “Yeah, it kind of does.”

Stiles responds by cupping Derek’s face with one hand and kissing him lightly again. “No homo,” he whispers, pulling away slightly, and Derek’s stomach drops.

Before Derek can react, Stiles reaches a hand up and gently strokes a finger down the side of Derek’s face. “Full bi,” he adds in a sensuous tone before bursting into laughter.

Derek nearly pushes him off the porch.  Instead, he settles for kissing him again and resolving to making Stiles pay for it later. Maybe in Derek’s bed.

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 12

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve are reunited with Jeremy and meet the woman who brought him back to you. Chris is arrested and brought into custody. You come face to face with him for the first time in over five years.

Pairings: Steve x Fem!Reader, Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Peter x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Grant Rogers, Peter Parker, Christopher Jenkins (OMC), Amanda Clarke (OFC), Penelope Garcia, Aaron Hotchner, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, William LaMontagne. Jr, Danny Smith (OMC), May Parker, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Vision, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Eric Smith (OMC), Joy Struthers, Shawn Struthers, Savannah Hayes, Jack Hotchner, Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Kai Struthers

Warnings: Swearing, little bit of violence, mentions of murder, Christopher is a creepy douchebag

A/N: A huge thank you to @mo320 for being my beta and for helping with the part summary. You’re awesome!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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I really want to draw, but I’m really not in the mood to be serious XD Happy 4th as well to all you freedom loving bastards out there. Go eat some American flag coloured waffles and blow shit up. For everyone else, I hope you had a wonderfully lovely day as well!  <3 As for me, I totally even forgot it was Independence day and so I had planned to draw something but was dragged outside to watch fireworks at the park…

Desperate Summers

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Summary: It’s July 4, 2005, and you’re a guitar tech working Vans Warped Tour. You accidentally eavesdrop on a conversation between Mikey Way and Pete Wentz that you were never supposed to hear.

A/N: Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers! 

It was the fourteenth night of Warped Tour, and tonight, you and the musicians you worked for were in Fresno. It was also the 4th of July. You knew that a couple bands had bought fireworks, and planned to set them off after the show tonight. But, you weren’t worried about that right now. Your primary concern was getting sound check done on time - all the members of My Chemical Romance were onstage, ready to start, except for Mikey Way.

“Maybe he’s still on Fall Out Boy’s bus,” Gerard suggested. “He’s been hanging out with them a lot lately.”

“I guess I’ll head over there and look for him,” you decided.

“Thanks, Y/N!” Frank shouted at your back as you began walking towards the row of tour buses.

You found Fall Out Boy’s bus pretty easily - it had their name right on it. You swung open the door and were about to climb the steps when you heard voices coming from inside.

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RobStar Week: Day 3

Jheez, this is pretty dang late. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy and tired.

Actually quite happy with this one. Pure fluff ahead. Be aware. XD


Laughter and music drifted through air along with the warmth of the summer time breeze. The scent of burgers and hot dogs lingered in every single person’s senses. The atmosphere was light and joyful; just as it should be.

It was typical for the 4th of July.

Independence Day; the day celebrating America’s freedom, to act as one country, apart from any other. Commemorating the adoption of the ‘Declaration of Independence’, this day was one that the whole country awaited with delightful anticipation.

Happiness surrounded her and yet, she couldn’t bring herself to match them.

Starfire sat on the blanket spread over the grass in Jump City park with Raven and Beast Boy sat opposite her. Cyborg was whistling a light tune whilst he roasted meat on the barbeque. She had quietly giggled over his ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron but besides that, she hadn’t said much or made any sound at all.

In keeping with the celebrations, they were amongst many civilians in the park, glancing up at the night sky and waiting for the firework display to start.
She wanted to enjoy it; she truly did but her heart just wasn’t in it.

Considering her heart was all the way over in Gotham.

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True Humiliation Isn't the Act Itself

I have learned the past few months what it feels like to be humiliated, but last night I realized just how far I have come.
As anyone that have read any of my post knows, I have not had sex or passionately kissed my wife in a very long time. Last night started like most have since the 4th of July, me watching my wife get used by another man. Last night she was giving Mike, an amazing, blow job. It looked like she was making love to his dick. I could write 10 pages about the bj alone. But I will simply state I have never gotten a bj like that ,ever in my life ,nor have I ever seen a clip that sexy. I would happily pay a thousand dollars to get my dick worship like that.
Anyways, when he finally started cumming she aloud two shots of cum to plaster her lips and face, before letting the rest shoot straight inside her mouth. Watch shot after shot of cum shoot straight into her mouth and dribbling down her chin was almost more that I could take. My dick was straining inside my pants and throbbing to explode. I was on the verge of cumming in my pants when my wife turned to me and crawled on top of me. My heart raced, that was the most intimate my wife had been with me in months. She then leaned down and passionately and sloppily kissed me, spitting his cum in my mouth and smearing his cum around my face. As she kissed me and gave me Mike’s cum, she squeezed my dick through my pants and for the second time in my life I came in my pants. When she broke the kiss she she patted my cum fill pants and said,“You’re pathetic cumming in your pants, like the little boy you are. You may be a good provider, but you’re just a cum loving lil bitch. His cum looks good on you face! Does his cum taste good?” And to my horror and surprise, I lowered my eyes and quietly said, “yes mam” They both had a good laugh. Then she said, “at least you’re learning your place, next time I will feed you some black cum. I know you will love it.” After a little smirk she returned her attentions to Mikes pleasures.
Now a man might thing making out with your wife while she is cover in another mans cum,and having to swallow that cum, is the most humiliating thing a man could do. But it isn’t! The most humiliating thing is, I felt honored to have finally go to kiss my wife and I looked forward to her promise of her feeding me black cum, because that means I get to kiss her again. I am rock hard and look forward to her next blow job, because I may get another kiss. That fact humiliates me more than even when I sucked Mikes dick, because now some how I feel a cum soaked kiss from my wife is a reward. What has happened to me?