i like to torture myself with these gifs

A/n: This was a request from @darkness-my-acquaintance but I wanted to use a gif of snow (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

Walking around New York City was always something you and Jillian had done together, even before you started dating. Regardless of the weather, you’d both make time at least once a week to take a little stroll and talk about all the things you’d been up to.

Especially now that it was December and the entire city was covered in snow.

Jillian was particularly fond of shoving a bit of snow down the back of your winter coat and then pressing a kiss on your lips to stop you from shouting at her, even though you made a note to ignore her for awhile so she knew you were mad.

When it got a bit too cold to be strolling around in the frigid air, you both decided to make your way back to your apartment a little ways from the park you had currently been walking through.

On the way you both noticed that the snow was trying to come down a lot more heavy and thick, making it a bit hard to see where you were going.

“It’s freezing outside.” Jillian said as she started to remove the scarf from around her neck and stuffing it into her pocket once you opened the door and let her inside.

“Well snow can do that to a city.” You answered, smiling at her while you hung up your coat and removed your boots.

“Thank you for clarifying.” She said sarcastically as she gazed out one of your windows to see how bad the snow how gotten. “I should probably be heading back to my place.”

You looked over at the window and frowned at the idea of Jillian trudging through the snow to get home. “I’d hate for you walk home in this mess, why don’t you stay with me till it clears up a bit?” You offered.

Jillian really didn’t want to go out in the cold and end up getting horribly ill in the process, besides the idea of staying with you longer was always appealing to her. “I’d like that very much, thanks.” She said, proceeding to take off her coat as she kissed your cheek.

“I’ll give you some warm clothes to wear for bed and run you a bath.” You told her, getting up from the couch and moving to the kitchen to make you both soup.

Jillian sat at one of the kitchen stools, resting her chin in her hand as she watched you adoringly. “Has I ever told you how wonderful you are?”

“About a dozen times a day.” You answered, looking back at her with a fond smile. “But it’s rather nice hearing it.”

Once you started stirring the broth, Jillian came up behind you and rested her chin on your shoulder, adjusting her head after a bit to leave little kisses on your neck.

You laughed a little at the sensation. “As lovely as this is, best wait till after I’m done with the boiling hot liquid.”

Jillian smiled, detaching herself from you as she started exploring through your cabinets for bowls.

So you both sat on the sofa, eating warm soup as you watched some old comedy sitcom on the television.

You noticed Jillian starting to drift in and out of consciousness, so you gently tapped the side of her face.

“Hey, you should probably get into night clothes before you doze off on me.” You said softly, moving from the couch to find some warm pajamas in your closet.

“This ought to fit, you can change in the bathroom.” You said, pointing to the door and waiting for her to go inside so you could change as well.

Holtzmann came out of the bathroom and placed her folded clothes into a spare drawer in your dresser. “For safe keepings.” She said.

You had offered her to sleep in bed with you, but she seemed persistent on crashing on the couch.

So you made sure she had warm blankets and kissed her forehead before you went to your room and snuggled into the blankets, drifting to sleep.

Of course, that didn’t last long because several minutes later you felt Jillian tapping the side of your face and your eyes fluttering open to stare at her.

“It’s too cold.” She said, holding onto one of the blankets you gave her. “I figured it would be warmer with you.”

You laughed, sitting up and folding the comforter on the other side of the bed for her to go to. “Come on then.”

Jillian smiled, diving into the blankets and shifting a bit until she was comfy, letting out a pleased sigh.

You turned over so you were facing her, being able to make out her wild cloud of blonde hair. “Why didn’t you just take my offer earlier?”

She laughed a bit, reaching out and snuggling very close to you. “If I’m honest, I’d tell you it’s because I didn’t know if I could handle us sleeping together.”

You let out a snort, appreciating the warmth Jillian provided. “Well looks like you’re holding up fine.”

You could feel her kiss the top of your head. “But really it’s because it suddenly struck me how wonderful it would be to cuddle on a very cold night when we’re snowed in. And I must say this does feel rather nice.”

You smiled, looking up and feeling around her face till you found her mouth, and pressing your lips to it. “Didn’t know my Jilly was such a romantic.”

Holtzmann bit her lip as she smiled, holding you closer. “Well it really only ever shows up around you.”

After that you both just laid in comforting silence until you both fell asleep, feeling much warmer.

And when you woke up, the streets were still just as bad and the television in your room showed you that all the roads were closed until further notice.

Lucky for you and Jillian, this meant that you could stay in bed and cuddle all you wanted.

i was watching this gif (courtesy of doctoratomic) for a while because i like to torture myself and i noticed a few things. 

1. when shaw shoved root back, there was genuine surprise on root’s face, because while shaw talks the talk, she’s never acted so aggressively and genuinely dismissive with root. sure, in the devil you know she went to choke root because she stabbed her in the neck with a syringe, but here all root did was say she wouldn’t let shaw go. both actions to protect shaw. they’ve grown so comfortable with each other that shaw’s treatment of her, so brusque and terse, how she’d treat anyone else, is kind of hurtful and surprising. even if they’d never spoken about their relationship aloud, they both knew they didn’t treat each other like they treat everyone else.

2. shaw’s face as she stares at root. it goes immediately from annoyance to “oh shit.” her eyes soften. she sees root intensely gazing at her, willing her not to go, but she knows she has to to ensure root’s safety, as well as john’s, harold’s, and fusco’s. by distracting her with the kiss, shaw could save them, and she knows it will hurt root to use an emotional action to manipulate her. she’s thinking, “oh shit, this nerd really loves me and i’m going to have to hurt her so badly.”

3. root’s face. it’s clear she has no idea what shaw is going to do. what could she have done? someone needed to go to the button, and the most sensible answer was shaw. john was injured, fusco has a kid, harold is the machine’s maker and crucial, and root is the machine’s interface. root knows all this, but she’d rather they all suffer than only shaw. her face is a plea, wordlessly (because she knows shaw doesn’t do words well) begging shaw to stay with her and they could all go down together. 

4. this is less significant, but fusco’s face, too. it’s unclear what everyone specifically thinks about root and shaw together, but he’s not looking at them like “wtf they care about each other???”, but as more of a “these two nut jobs are trying to figure out a plan to get us out of this but i have no idea what that plan is.” team machine has known for a while something was going on between the two, and the subtle acceptance has been wonderful.

5. all of the blue imagery. the elevator is blue, and the walls behind shaw, even though they’re actually white; hell, even fusco’s tie is blue. maybe to signify the loss; i’m not too sure what else it could stand for. but i found the whole episode incredibly well shot. every single color and shot and angle had a purpose.

basically this is a long post about how much root and shaw love each other and convey it without words, and you could probably analyze every interaction they have with each other but now i’m kinda sad so i probably won’t do that haha. also person of interest (and its writers and crew etc) is so freaking brilliant i can’t believe it and amy acker and sarah shahi are goddesses among mortals

Bucky Barnes Imagine

- Bucky’s gone off the grid and in order to find him down, you- the love of his life, have been captured and tortured for answers. P.S: I am yet to watch Civil War so this has nothing to do with it, this is a little piece with the lovely Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: Violence and coarse language.

Part 1/3

*Reader’s POV*
The door opened and I flinched at the scraping metal sound. Two men; both rugged, fairly well-built and in their mid-thirties swaggered in. I didn’t know what they wanted from me, but I had a feeling it had something to do with Bucky.

“I don’t know where he is,” I felt my vision cloud, “you’re wasting your time with me.”

“Your loyalty is admirable,” the one with the British accent chuckled softly. I noticed he had a scar on his right cheek and a tattoo of a bible psalm in between his collarbone. “I know you’re lying, Y/N. You are the only one other than Captain Rogers, Bucky Barnes stays in contact with.”

“Whoever told you that is wrong,” I felt my jaw tightened.

“Look sweetheart,” he grabbed my face tightly between his thumb and four fingers. “I don’t want to hurt you but I will if you don’t cooperate. My boss wants him so unless you tell me where he is, you’re stuck here with me.”

“I suggest you order a pizza and get comfy,” I shrugged with a slight smirk.

The man’s fingertips pressed harder into my skin. “You wanna play hero for your killer boyfriend? Fine.” His jaw tightened as he pushed my face back, releasing his grip. “You’ll be spitting out the truth and begging for death by the time I’m done with you. Aden,” he snapped at the younger man with him, “get her down.”

Aden nodded and yanked at the chain holding me up, he released it from its hook and lowered me onto the ground. My legs were so numb from standing that I couldn’t help but fall to my knees. The older man grabbed me and forced me to my feet, he dragged me across and sat me down on the chair. He beckoned for Aden, who walked over with a bucket of something. He placed it down in front of the nameless male then held my arms tightly behind the chair. I glanced into the big mental bucket and immediately knew what his first form of torture was; waterboarding.

“I’m Demetri, by the way.” He smirked as he grabbed the piece of cloth out of the bucket. “I don’t like my victims not knowing my name when I torture them. Don’t worry, beautiful. It won’t kill you,” he taunted.

“It won’t give you his whereabouts either,” my voice trembled.

“You’re brave, I’ll give you that.” Demetri said before covering my face with the wet cloth.

I struggled but Aden held me tightly. Before I could prepare myself, someone yanked my head back by my hair and my face was drowned with cold water. With the cloth held tightly against my face, it prevented me to breath anything other than water. I choked, struggling in the chair and repeatedly told myself “do not break.”

Twenty seconds.

That was how long he waterboarded me for.

But it felt like an eternity.

I gasped for air, coughing up and snorting out water. I panted, feeling my entire body shake from the traumatic experience. Demetri grabbed my face and forced me to look at him.

“Give me what I need,” Demetri demanded.

“Go to hell,” I spat in his face.

He scoffed and wiped my spit from his face. “Fine, you want to do it the hard way so be it.” He forced the cloth on my face, yanked my head back and poured water on my face. This time, it lasted twenty-five seconds. I thrashed and struggled, choking on the water that was quickly filling my lungs.

The effect of drowning that waterboarding held was more terrifying than drowning itself. The fact that I couldn’t swim to the surface despite how much my body told me I had to, the fact that I was literally drowning on land- I couldn’t picture anything worst.

“Let me give you another chance,” he removed the cloth from my face and gave me a small interval to breathe and cough up whatever water I could. “Where is fuck is Bucky Barnes?”

“I don’t fucking know,” I bit.

“Do you want to go under for forty seconds?” Demetri asked.

“Even if you put me under for a minute,” I growled, “I won’t give you anything.”

“Well then-” Demetri chuckled at my bravery in disbelief. “A minute and ten seconds it is.”

My heart pounded against my chest as I watched him move to replace the cloth over my face. I winced and shied away from him, whimpering. I couldn’t do it again- I couldn’t go under again but- I couldn’t give Bucky up.

“No,” Aden frowned. “That’s too long, Demetri.”

“You heard her,” Demetri smirked at me, “she thinks she can handle it.”

“No,” Aden scolded. “She’ll die and then we’ll be the ones who’ll be waterboarded. Keep it under forty seconds,” he ordered. “She’s only twenty, she’s practically still a kid.”

“A kid who fell in-love with a killer,” Demetri said smugly. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Barnes waterboarded her as training to build up her resistance. I mean- any normal kid would have broke already.”

“We don’t have much time,” Aden reminded him. “We need to find Barnes before he finds us. We won’t be able to take him on our own, so if you want to walk out of here alive you better hurry it up.”

“Do whatever you want,” I told them and tears rolled down my cheeks. “I have nothing to give you.”

“I’m still deciding if you’re brave or stubborn,” Demetri said as he replaced the cloth on my face. This time, as the water filled my throat, I didn’t bother fighting. My body jerked out of reflex but I didn’t struggle; there was no point to it. When he pulled it off, after thirty-eight seconds, I threw up water. “I guess I’m going to have to up my game. Put her back up,” he told Aden.

I was dragged back across to my spot. My chains were reattached to the hook and Aden forcefully pulled on it tugging at my wrists and causing my entire body to lift. I tried my best not to whimper at the pain because I needed to be stronger than that. Demetri walked over and I forced myself not to flinch at his touch. He couldn’t see me break, he couldn’t.

“Set her up,” Demetri commanded before leaving the room.

“I know you know where he is,” Aden whispered so Demetri couldn’t hear him. “What I don’t know is why you’re trying so hard to protect him when he left you here. Just give us what we need and you can go home.”

“I don’t know where he is,” I panted softly.

“Waterboarding is just the beginning, kid.” He narrowed his eyes. “It’s only going to get worst from here on out. Demetri will do anything to break you, he’ll even put a bullet through you. Is that what you want?”

“I don’t know where he is,” I repeated.

The door reopened and Demetri came back in with a car battery and a jumpstart cable. I closed my eyes and forced myself to hold back the tears that came with the fear of what they were going to do to me next. I took a deep breath before reopening my eyes.

“You’re going to need this,” Aden muttered and shoved a piece of dry cloth into my mouth. “I’m trying to help you but I can’t if you don’t let me,” he whispered softly before walking away so Demetri could take his place.

“I’m going to give you a bit of a wake up shock,” he slipped on rubber gloves before he clipped the alligator head on a wet sponge and turned on the car battery. “Are you sure you don’t want to break?” He pulled the cloth out of my mouth and asked me.

“I’m sure because your attempts to break me are pathetic.”

“Cute,” he chuckled but I saw a flicker of fear in his eyes as he shoved the cloth back into my mouth. “Don’t think I’m a monster,” he looked over at Aden. “She said it herself, my attempts are-” he pressed the sponge into my stomach and a white hot pain coursed through my body. “Pathetic.”

I couldn’t hear anything during the shock and nothing after for a few seconds. All the background sounds; Demetri’s mocks and taunts, and Aden’s orders, merged into an inaudible noise while I try to recover from the pain.

“I’m not going to break,” I murmured into the cloth to myself between soft pants whilst staring blankly into nothing. “I’m not going to break.” Pant. “I’m not going to break.” Pant. “I’m not going to break.”

“What’s that sweetheart?”

My gaze focused back onto Demetri’s taunting face.

“I’m not going to break,” I continued inaudibly to draw him closer to my face.

“I can’t hear you,” he pulled the cloth out and inched just about close enough.

“I am not going to break,” I spat in his face and he scoffed, flinching back. “I am not going to break. I am going to get out of here and I am going to help Bucky as he tears you a new one. I am going to-”

I was cut off by the cloth being stuffed back into my mouth and the same white hot pain that surged through my veins moments before. It lasted longer this time and I guess passed out for a brief moment because everything went blank.

“You still not going to break?”

I shook my head weakly.


The pain surged through me again and I reflexively bit down on the cloth.







Then nothing.


To be continued.

                          I N V A S I O N  2 || KYLO X READER

A/N: Alright, so here’s the thing, I’m imagining this to be on like StarKiller Base 2.0 (so after TFA happens) maybe the rebuild it (kinda like the Death Star?) Thanks to about a handful of people requesting a part two, I did it! I like to think this is only gonna have two parts as I kinda enjoy ending things with cliffhangers for you imagination to run wild! Hope you enjoy, and if you do, feedback is welcomed! [Part One]

Word Count: 2K+

Warning: None!

There was an agonizing feeling flowing through every inch of your body, your muscles feeling as numb as ever, as if your body had been paralyzed from head to toe and you had only started gaining the ability to feel some parts of your body. A groan was released from your dry throat, a surge of images had rushed into your thoughts as you had slowly gained consciousness once again. It was all a nightmare…none of it is true, I’m back home with Milo. Milo!

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