i like to think there has been progress

Today’s weight in 75.5kg
So haven’t weighed in in like 5 weeks. Loss since my last weigh in is 1.8 kg. Total loss 4.5 kg Weight-loss has been painstaking slow but I know a lot of that has been due to depression and physical pain issues that have landed me in bed a lot as well as my struggle with BED. But loss is still a loss. And progress is still progress proud of myself I’m still moving forward.

Now I think the next step is to up my exercise game I have been having on average one full on work out 30-45 mins and one HR walk a week I want to up that to exercise 3-4 times a week if my health allows. I got this

So you want to interact with a fanfiction author

Great! I’m glad you want to reach out and start a conversation with the many creative, giving people who take time out of their busy lives to pen the stories that have captured your imagination. This post is going to cover leaving reviews, giving constructive criticism, and a few do’s and don’t’s.

If you like a fic, leave a review! You can do this a couple different ways.

Reblogging with tags. Every single creative person I know, be they writer or artist or musician, religiously stalks the tags when people reblog their work. Tags are an amazing way to communicate with a creative, especially if you’re shy about sending them a message directly or are afraid your comment will go unnoticed in their inbox.

Don’t know what to say in the tags? Think about the moment you decided you were going to reblog this piece instead of just hitting the “Like” button. Was it a particularly well done piece of dialogue? A description that made you feel like you were a part of the story instead of just reading it? A scenario you’d never considered before but changed the way you thought about [character a, situation b, or fandom c]? There’s a reason you’re taking time to reblog instead of like, so let them know why! Not every reblog needs to be a tag flail.

Alternatively, you can send the author a message. Fanmail if you’re shy and don’t want your adoration made public. Sometimes, if I don’t have time to tag a fic the way I want for whatever reason, I’ll like the piece and then shoot the author a fanmail or an ask telling them what I liked. This is also acceptable. Who doesn’t like getting mail? Crazy people who don’t use social media, that’s who.

Ok, but wait. What if you DON’T like what the author has done with their fic? What then? Yes, there are options.

Option #1: You ignore the fic. You neither like nor reblog the story. You and the author both move on with your lives. You may choose this option at any time. It is not necessary to let the author or anyone else know you have chosen this option.

Option #2: Ask the author why they chose to go that route. Politely. We’ll go over what that means later.

Option #3: Give constructive criticism. Now. Be careful with this one. Creatives are sensitive people. Make sure the author is open to it before you go barrelling into their ask box. If you message me, even on anon, saying, “Hey, I just read your latest fic and I have some concrit I wanted to run by you. Is that ok?” that is perfectly fine. If my answer is yes, go for it. If not, see Option #1.

What is concrit? Glad you asked.

This is concrit: “I totally get the vibe you were going for with that scene, but I was a little confused about the angles of the body parts. I don’t think you meant for them to be doing xyz there. It just took me out of the moment a little.”

This is NOT concrit: “You’re actually not very good at writing smut. You should probably just let [other person] write it and stick to what you’re good at. Which is not smut.”

What’s the difference? In the first one, you acknowledge what you think the author was going for. You explain what has you confused. You explain how you interpreted it. And then you leave a way for the author to contact you to respond to the concrit. You could be right. Maybe the author’s beta was having an off day and missed that awkward elbow maneuver. Maybe they don’t have a beta.  Or maybe it’s you that’s missed something. The second example is rude. This criticism is not designed to help the author. It is designed to tear them down and discourage them.

Some people adore concrit. Some people only want it before they publish a piece. Some don’t want it at all. None of these are wrong.

SIDE NOTE FOR AUTHORS: If you ask for concrit, do not be upset, offended, or throw a tantrum when someone sends you a respectful message. You did not want concrit. You wanted to ask for concrit and revel when no one sent you anything. Those are not the same things. Concrit, when given correctly, is designed to make you, the author, a better writer.

Ok, let’s go back to Option #2 now. Where you liked the piece overall, but the characters are acting a little wonky. Something’s not quite right, you think. You don’t really have any concrit, but you want to say something. Here’s what you can do, especially if the author is posting a work in progress.

Acceptable: “Hey! I just read the latest chapter of [amazing story you’ve been following since day one]. I’m enjoying the story so far, but this last one has me a little confused. Why did [character a] do [this]? I feel they would have done [that]. Am I missing something?”

Not acceptable: “Your latest chapter was a big disappointment. I feel like you just don’t know the characters anymore. There’s no way in hell [characters a and b] would be [doing xyz]. I’m sorry, I’m unfollowing you.”

In the first example, you let the author know you like their work. You are making an attempt to understand their vision. You give them a specific example of what’s bothering you. You acknowledge that there may be things coming that you aren’t aware of yet. In the second, you’re an asshat who is wasting bandwidth. The tone has shifted from commenting on the story to commenting on the author.

And here are a few general DO’s and DON’T’S:

DO tell an author you are excited to read the next chapter.

DON’T send an author a message saying only “update soon” less than five minutes after the new chapter was posted.

DO speculate on what’s going to happen next.

DON’T tell the author how to write their story.

DO ask your author how the writing process is going.

DON’T ask your author why they haven’t updated yet.

DO send your author love.

DON’T send your author anon hate.

THERE ARE NO PROFESSIONAL FANFICTION AUTHORS. (We’re not gonna talk about she-who-must-not-be-named of the fifty shade variety). Every single fic author has a job, family, friends, school, religion, other hobbies, or sleep equally vying for their attention. Respect their time, respect their work, respect them as human beings, and we’ll all get along fine.

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"#Are we all thinking the same thing#Cause I'm literally shaking" what are you thinking 👀


Things I’m Sure Of:

  • One Direction was supposed to attend and they didn’t. 
  • Liam couldn’t have been at the award show longer than 10 minutes. He went for the sole purpose of picking up the award and left immediately after.  
  • Something changed tonight.

Now, we’ve been dragging Jeff non stop for being a bad manager for months, but part of me has always reserved the thought that /maybe/ he was restricted in what he could or couldn’t do. Just go with me. When Harry and the Azoff’s first started being seen together, everyone was all like, “omg 1D is firing shots at their team” but as things progressed, that mentality sort of faded away. I’ve still kept it in the back of my mind, though. Harry is the face of One Direction; I don’t think yachtgate was only for Harry’s career; I think it was for the band’s too. Just.. maybe there was a hold on things – on what Jeff could/couldn’t do – and maybe that hold is just starting to break. I’m not saying it’s happening all at once but… And all the family chiming in at the same time?? That’s not normal. At 8:30 it all just started happening; Harry’s family, Louis, Liam’s sister I think I saw? Plus the people at full stop?? Coincidences don’t exist with that band, it means something. 

Simon was not expecting Liam to show up. Straight up. He said “I’m milking this,” with his smug, ugly face because he had every intention of giving a speech talking about how he created them and blahblahblah. Then low and behold, Liam Payne looking like he just came in from off the street, snatched that sucker out of his hand, and peaced out again. Liam doesn’t do that. Literally say what you want but Liam is always the same; diplomatic, the Serious Face of 1D. Not tonight. He came in, he handled it, barely even touched Simon, made it SO clear there was tension between them, and left. Without thanking anyone. The whole thing was stilted and awkward and RIFE with tension; anyone should have seen it.

And then there’s Annas. Annas who handles all of Louis’s public (stunt) outings, tweeting about the Afterparty and for what? Louis is home in Doncaster. And then there’s Louis. Papped in London TODAY and then off to Doncaster? Made SURE to mention he was in Doncaster? Okay.

My boys pulled a fast one and March is going to be insane. I feel it in my gut. Something broke. Or maybe something cracked. Maybe things won’t happen all at once but this was a power play I can feel it.

YUZU DAYS, 6 March 2017.
Reason for evolution “Heading for greater heights”

Olympic champion, current world records holder, 1st person with 4 consecutive GPF victories, Yuzuru Hanyu says, “I am still far from the skate that I am aiming for.”  Not content with the present situation, Hanyu continues to strive towards greater heights. 

I really hate to lose. I absolutely want to win all competitions and I don’t want any kind of regretful feelings. Even during training, on days that I cannot jump well, I feel that I have lost to myself and I will be very frustrated. I cannot help it.  (I’m) already the extreme type of ‘hate-to-lose’. [laughs]

My 'hate-to-lose’ is not just about the win and loss of a competition. When I make a mistake, I have lost to myself who have not grown. When I decide that I want to do this performance, it has to be that performance, I will think that way. Even if I can do it, I am very uncompromising (t/n. or rigid or stubborn) and so until now there has hardly been any time when I felt satisfied.  But failure and frustrated/regretful (kuyashii) feelings are a certain kind of experience. Because there is failure, so there can be reflection;  frustration and regret can also become (coils of) springs. I think that’s why I can keep moving forward.

Figure skating has many components like jumps, spins and steps; it requires not just skating skills but also expressive skills. It is a sport that is extremely multi-faceted. If there is one part that is not going well, there are other parts that can be stretched. For example, if you are not making much progress in jumps, you can polish up steps, spins or expression; there are many areas that you can grow in, if you search for it. As long as you don’t fix your own limits, there is no end to how much you can grow / improve. Further on ahead, with more years of age, even if jumps cannot be done anymore, expressive abilities can be refined, so it can become better in a different sense. When I think of this, there is still a lot more that I can evolve. This is why I think figure skating is so interesting.

Figure skating is a sport that is done by one person on the ice, but the bigger the competition, the bigger the group of people that supports that one competitor. Until I finally reach the ice, there are people who help to get my body ready, the coaches who teach me, and the people in the team. Then there is my mother who supports me in everything from daily life to competitions, and also everyone who sends me cheers at the venue. Heading towards the same direction, all these people are competing together with me. I have the feeling of competing in a team. And because I can feel that I am not alone and everyone is here for me, I can focus, I can work hard and do my best. To all the people who support me, I am truly grateful.

Translated by me.
Source: P&G, myrepi.com

My past translations of YUZU DAYS:  HERE

I think tumblr mobile ate the previous attempted to post this but… today has been productive!

The bottom row of teeth have been added, the ears have been done and I’ve covered the rest of the head as well as tidy up the eyes. I also hollowed out the inside so I can you know, breathe.

I will have to make the top jaw full of teeth, work out what sort of eyes to make and how to best paint the darn thing. It looks a bit more like Bonnie atm without the top teeth though @w@;;;;;

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Yoooo can I request some headcanons for the boys and their S/O having a lazy, domestic, "stay-in" day during a thunderstorm?


  • He definitely prefers stormy days over sunny days
  • Spring time in the Crowncity means rainy day after rainy day and he loves it.
  • You practically move in with your boyfriend during that season.
  • The harsh thunderstorms often cancel you and Noctis’s duties for the day, so you spend the day together bundles up in the safety of his apartment. 
  • The moment he sees gray clouds covering the city sky, he starts preparing. 
  • Video games, DVDs, Netflix, everything. 
  • He also has a backup plan if the power goes out.
  • Comic books, blanket forts, and a battery powered phone charger. 
  • The boy needs his King’s Knight, okay? 
  • So do you, seeing as Noctis is the only one that gives you a challenge. 
  • The moment you arrive, Noctis leads you to his couch and you two curl up under a number of blankets and snuggle closely. 
  • Often, before you start your video game and DVD marathon you doze off into a dreamless sleep, resting your head on his shoulder.
  • Both you and Noctis find the pitter patter of the rain on the window sill very calming. 
  • Neither of you even flinch at the sound and sight of lighting. In fact, it only lulls you into a deep sense of relaxation. 
  • Almost always you end up wasting the day away napping, completely ignoring the means of entertainment Noctis set up for the two of you. 


  • Rainy days mean blanket forts
  • Therefore, Prompto loves rainy days.
  • The moment you felt a drop of rain on your head, you rushed over to his home. 
  • You open his apartment door with the spare key he had given to you and you spot him already building up the fort. 
  • “I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up,” Prompto smiled brightly as you walked through his door. 
  • Without a word, you ran and joined in on the fort construction. 
  • Prompto had already gathered up every pillow, blanket, and towel he could find and spread them across the living room floor.
  • While building your fort, the power goes out due to the hectic and plentiful lightning in the area. 
  • You get frightened by the loud clap of thunder, and throw the pillow in your hand at Prompto by accident. 
  • This triggers a pillow fight.
  • All the progress you have made during the construction has been absolutely destroyed, but for a good cause.
  • You win the pillow fight.
  • The two of you end up just laying across the mess of pillows and blankets in a nuzzling embrace. 
  • You flinch at every thunderclap of lightening, which leads Prompto into only holding you closer. 
  • “No need to worry, I gotcha,” he soothes, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 


  • You awake in the night to hear a clap of thunder.
  • “Looks like we aren’t doing anything tomorrow,” you think to yourself as you snuggle closer to the human furnace that slept beside you. 
  • By the time you awake, your assumptions are confirmed. 
  • You were doing nothing today.
  • Gladio had only budged from bed to switch on the TV across the bedroom. 
  • His muscular arm wrapped around you. 
  • “And a happy Rainy Day to you,” you yawn to him.
  • He responds only with a chuckle and draws you closer.
  • Neither of you are phased by the lightning and thunder that rumbled just outside your window. 
  • In fact, you hardly even heard it. 
  • You both were so engrossed in the show you decided to binge watch, you forgot why were having a lazy day in the first place.
  • In the middle of your binge, you doze off.
  • You awake several hours to find him knocked out cold, snoring loudly beside you. 
  • You giggle and shut your eyes once more.
  • You don’t fall asleep, but you relax, trying to remember this relaxing moment
  • You can’t wait for the next rainy day.


  • The term “Lazy days” isn’t really a part of Ignis’s vocabulary. 
  • Not even stormy hectic days can put a dent in his schedule.
  • Occasionally, however, you somehow persuade him to occasionally take a day off when the weather was bad enough to close all businesses around the city of Insomnia. 
  • He actually sleeps in during these days. 
  • You actually wake up before him. It’s a miracle.
  • Feeling lazy yourself, you stay in bed with him until he awakens.
  • You prepare breakfast together.
  • The power goes out the instant you sit down together at the table.
  • “At least we were able to finish cooking,” Ignis sighs. 
  • After finishing the meal in complete darkness, you and Ignis shuffle around and find several sets of candles and set them up across the house.
  • Due to the poor lighting, you are unable to take entertainment in books… and due to the lack of power, nor can you watch TV.
  • Your boyfriend, however, is one of Eos’s best conversationalists.
  • You both curl up on the couch and speak and subjects both serious and meaningless. 
  • You end up dozing off in his arms.
  • He remains wide awake. Thanks Ebony. 
  • He enjoys watching you sleep while listening to the quaking storm outside, while he remains safely inside with you in his arms. 

The LGBT+ Pride Project, No. 12:

Shi Zhang (a.k.a. Tizha) | 17 | - |

Q: Why did you decide to come to the photoshoot?

A: Because I liked the idea of being part of the project and supporting the LGBT+ community. 

Q: Do you think the LGBT+ community is accepted in Mexico?

A: Not to the fullest, but there has been progress and the community is continuously growing.

Q: What could be done for more people to accept the LGBT+ community?

A: Clear up any doubts and myths about it and let time and new generations accept it.

Chamber of Secrets - Part 20

(gif is mine)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: OooOOOooOOOOOhhhhh~  

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Ephemeral || 01

(adj) lasting for a very short time

Originally posted by lonastic

pairing: Jimin | reader 

genre: slight angst, not too much

word count: 2.4k

summary: six months ago, Park Jimin broke your heart, though getting over him isn’t quite as easy if you’re still in love with him

warnings: none

a/n: I don’t hate any of the people who are portrayed as dislikeable characters in this story!

prologue ; next chapter

You stared out your bedroom window as the sun started to rise and illuminate the previously nightly black sky with warm tones of yellow, orange and pink. After Jimin had called you, you couldn’t get a hold of any more sleep that night, but still there was a feeling of proudness lingering in your chest. Despite not being able to fully ignore his call, you still managed to say ‘No’ to coming over to his dorm.

It’s something he’d frequently do, call you at random times of the day, more in the early hours of the morning than when it was actually mundane. You guessed that he probably had no other mindless toy, that would willingly get up and come over at 4am when it was class the next morning. But what can you say, you’d already lost count over how many times you sneaked out of your dorm, trying not to wake your roommates, who were already hating the fact that you were still wasting your time on someone like Jimin, and quickly ran across the campus just to see him.


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i think one of the ways isak grew during his season is by starting to realize that he can be a positive addition to people’s lives, that he can, in fact, make things better 

things weren’t going well at home for god knows how long, and i can’t help but think that isak took some of the blame for what was happening, because this situation wasn’t something he was able to make better. his mom was going through a very hard time, his parents’ relationship seemed to have fallen apart, his father left, and there was nothing isak could do about it. there was nothing he should’ve had to do about it as their child, at such a young age, but he saw his home become broken, and he saw that there was nothing he could do to fix it. i think isak probably tried as best as he could, by trying to not be an “additional burden” in the household, by remaining quiet and closed off and trying not to add fuel to the fire. but things didn’t work out, and he ended up having to leave home at sixteen, leaving as things still seemed broken beyond repair 

and then you have his friendship with eva, one of his closest friends, and he blamed himself entirely for what happened to her relationship with jonas for over a year. he saw himself as the sole reason why jonas and eva weren’t together anymore, why they weren’t talking, and why the trio of friends they once were had fallen apart. and isak wasn’t innocent here, he did betray eva, but he wasn’t entirely to blame, eva said so herself. but once again, that’s the thing with isak, he blames himself more than he should for things he doesn’t have control over

isak will blame himself, think he’s at fault for other people not doing well. and you see that thinking pattern during the season. you see it in the locker room scene when even tells him he broke things off with sonja, and isak apologizes because he thinks it might’ve made him sad, i’m sorry if because of me you were sad. you also see it in the minutt for minutt clip, when he’s on the phone with sonja, and she has to remind him that it’s not his fault even’s not feeling well, that his mental illness is the reason why he’s feeling that way. he feels a lot of guilt, and sometimes his feeling of guilt is justified because he does mess up, speak before he thinks, and it’s a good thing that he feels remorseful and wants to apologize, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to eskild after what he told him in pride, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to mahdi after he pushed him, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to noora when he thought he might’ve been a little too harsh with her. it shows what a truly good and caring person isak is. but the amount of guilt he feels is sometimes disproportionate, because once again isak would see himself as the guy who can’t make things right, can only make them worse

but i think, or at least i’d like to think that isak has learned to take a step back and see the progress he makes, and realize that messing up is not all he does, see that he can, in fact, make things better, be a good person to others. i like to think he holds himself accountable just enough when he does mess up, enough to apologize and realize he was wrong and learn. but i also like to think that he truly sees what a great friend and boyfriend and person he is, and how it’s a good thing for the people he cares about to have isak in their life. i like to think that isak’s perception of himself is now a far better representation of who he actually is, and the role he plays in other people’s lives

reasons why akko x andrew is a pretty solid pairing.

I think the pair fits a little more better than what you people give it credit. This is kinda my view from a storytelling perspective:

Andrew is indeed a rich prodigy as you said. It’s been pretty well established (especially here) that his path has been laid out for him: Go to an academy, prep to be a statesmen just like his father, probably marry someone like Diana, and have disgustingly uptight aristocratic children. Essentially, he’s completely bound by his perceived fate, expectation, and duty to his father (with whom he contests, but obviously deeply respects). While he’s stoic, he’s obviously suppressed his own dreams and aspirations.

So then to Andrew, Akko is then everything he’s not but maybe desires to be. She’s unbridled, passionate and outspoken. Life with her would obviously be an adventure for him (look at their two meetings). She’s studying an art who’s practical place in the world is clearly dying because it’s her dream, and for little other reason. In short, she’s defiant of the limitations of destiny and true to herself, and I could see how she could appeal to a character like Andrew. Choosing someone like her is in essence choosing his own form of life and happiness.

Akko’s side is a little more convoluted and murky, since up to this point, the only real thing we know about Akko’s background is that she’s a Shiny Chariot fan (I can imagine there’s got something there about studying a dying art abroad as part of a not-rich family). But pressing on doggedly for the sake of argument…

Akko’s character is something of a story book romantic. She’s also insecure and being constantly put down over having no natural talent. In short, she wants validation. Andrew comes across as the kind of guy who’s approval is heard won but precious, and he shows that kindness is lurking underneath the stoicism. It also helps that he’s a handsome guy with a hidden soft side and all the accolades and composure a young heart could want. Pretty much an instant lady killer. I guess right now I couldn’t see a compelling love there, but infatuation definitely.

Really, the whole point (I feel) of putting these two in the same space is for each to drop their guard and play foil to each other. You could argue that Diana and Akko could also do this, and they do, but there is too much antagonism there for the softer sides of the characters to show.
I think it’s progressing naturally, without any forced rushing or rude sudden developments. Though it would really help if we knew more about how Akko ticked and what her secondary desires are besides just a Chariot-obsession. How does a normal girl from Japan make it all the way over to England, what makes her so dependent on this dream? I feel like there is a lot to be told there still.

I doubt it’ll ever be anything more than it has been in the last couple of episodes - a quiet subplot that is played for some heartwarming cute moments and a bit of humor.

(credited to fetusfeast on reddit)

i really hate that this is going to sound like i want to police what goes down in fandoms because thats the last thing i’d ever want to do, but this is the one time im going to have to put my foot down and ask straight girls to stop joking about hell n sin in the context of all things gay and sacred. and ask your friends to stop, too. yes there has been progress made on this. and thankfully my art has never been the target of this behavior, but i still see this in every fandom ive ever wanted to take part in. why do you think fandom spaces, especially m/m shipping circles, are so dominated by girls? its not because there are no gay men who also enjoy these ships and want to make content for it. its because your so-called love and support for gays is transparent. and your voyeuristic truth is ugly and easy to see, plain as day. so please reconsider your actions and think of the repercussions. love, your friendly local gay 💖

C: I really hate to say it, but I feel like the black community would have been better off if we were segregated. I wouldn’t want to be separated from other races because I think diversity is important to learn about other cultures. But at the same time, I feel like our community wouldn’t be so broken. Before integration, even though times were hard, we were more united as a community and during the Civil Rights/Black Power Movement, we started to love ourselves and celebrate our blackness. Now in 2017, while we’ve made a lot of progress in some areas, the black community has never been more divided. Black men hate black women and vice versa. Black love is almost nonexistent. Self hate is a huge problem especially with black men. While white supremacy has a lot to do with the rift in the black community, it’s also because of the influence of the white media upholding whiteness as the ideal standard and just being surrounded by whiteness/white people in general. That’s why, at least in my experience, black people growing up in suburban/white areas tend to carry more self hate. I’m not saying segregation is the answer to our problems, but I think integration into white society along with other factors has a lot to do with the problems we have today. 

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Could you write an analysis for this chapter?

so i know that this was for the previous chapter, but at the time i didn’t really feel like there was enough to say. i’m gonna do half of this for the actual content and the character interaction, and then the other half for what it’s like as a reader.

so the premise of this whole thing is that he tian wants to give guan shan an earring he’s bought for him. aka: he tian wants to mark him up in a way he knows how: something permanently visible, something he can buy, something guan shan could already wear. the only caveat to his little plan not working is guan shan, uh, not wearing it.

tbh it’s uncomfortable because guan shan hasn’t asked for it, he tian isn’t gifting him with this – he’s forcing him to wear it. it’s possessive af. it’s ‘i bought this for you therefore you should wear it’. it’s… i mean, it’s got he tian written all over it. not to mention the fact that he somehow knows where guan shan lives, practically lets himself into guan shan’s home, sits on his bed. it’s just painfully he tian.

(edit: curious that guan shan has said he’ll pick it back up, and while that could be a quiet pleasure of having been given a gift, it could also be out of fear, and the uncertainty of this doesn’t sit will with me.)

okay you can see this as he tian’s way of giving a gift but not knowing how to do it kindly, but frankly i think that’s bs. he tian knows what kindness and gentleness is. we saw that from him as a kid. he tian’s problem now is that he sees gentleness as something that wastes his time. why perform a kind act that could potentially be rejected (giving guan shan the earring), when you can do it fast and hard and violent and know that it will be successful (literally forcing it onto him). 

it’s not he tian’s mentality that needs to change so much as his approach. he knew after the kiss how to use a steady hand and how not to touch guan shan all the time (on the subway and at he tian’s apartment, he kept a significant distance). but i suppose it’s like the jacket – shoving stuff onto guan shan as a way of declaring his affection and not realising that it’s… not working.

i’m so frustrated that their dynamic has reverted back to before the kiss. at he tian’s apartment, we saw some burgeoning, tentative newness between them that had the potential to be Good. and that’s just gone with this. i’m wondering if it will crop up later in the evening at guan shan’s home, and i think i’ll write something for this, but it’s just disappointing that all the progress between them has disappeared and been pushed aside. 

it’s possible this is because old xian’s main demographic – ie. their chinese fans – actually love this casual violence, but it’s tiring. the boys are ~15, they’re not idiots. they know what it is to learn from a mistake and correct themselves. if he tian’s in the top 3 in his school, he definitely fucking knows what right and wrong is. if there is no causal reaction, and no progression from an action, then what’s the point in anything? it’s an endless loop, or just a flat line that hitches like a heart beat and goes back down.

i’m just feeling so frustrated. you can say that we have to consider the timeline and how it’s only been a few days, but god if we just let that rule the reason for why there’s no character progression, then we’ll be waiting years for any significant character change. we have to suspend our disbelief and allow the characters to change in this short space of time because otherwise we’re getting nothing.  

i think i was going to say more but i can’t remember now, i’m just… i am pulling a /: face with this. guess the only thing to do is write my own version.

as it is valentine’s day, and i am a sucker for everything regarding love & showering people in my life with love, i wanted to make a special follow forever for everyone i adore on this site. i’ve met so many incredible people and have grown to love and cherish you as i would anyone in my real life, because you’ve all always been there for me and have shown me so much support when i needed it. i can’t thank you enough for that and i don’t think any of you will ever really know how much that’s gotten me through my dark moments. therefore, that’s why it’s so important to let each and every one of you know how special and wonderful you are! i’ve written a little something for those who have truly touched my heart and i’ve also included everyone who i love, even if we’ve never spoken, i still think the absolute world of you hope that life is treating you well. to everyone reading this, i love you i love you i love you and you deserve everything beautiful and wonderful in this world. if you ever need me, i’m right here for you, and my heart is sending you lots of love and affection today (did u guys kno how sappy i am)(well now u do)(feel free to drag me for this okay i’m a ball of mush) 🌹

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Deduction Lesson 2


I’m sure most of you have already read a lot of posts about observation, and are now thinking “God, not this again”. but i’ll try to make this one as different as possible, let’s go through the basics quickly. Observation is the first step in deduction, it consists on gathering as much information about the situation or object at hand as you possibly can, that’s why i don’t just mean looking at something, but listening, touching, and sometimes even smelling and tasting. Now most people tell you focus on getting all the small details about everything, and don’t get me wrong, this is incredibly important and you should try to focus on any small detail you can find, the more details you find the more “clay” you have to build your “bricks”, but ultimately this will come naturally as you progress in deduction.

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But i know the frustration of being told to observe and not knowing what to look for, i’ve been there myself. The answer to that question is everything, and this is what people don’t tell you. There’s nothing specific you gotta be looking for, this is just observation, this is just getting the clay for your bricks, and it’s as simple as thinking “what can i see?” (or smell or touch, etc.), it just consists of raw information. For example, statements like the man has a red tie or the tie has a small coffee stain at the bottom. And that’s all you have to do while in the stage of observing. my advice would be, don’t overcomplicate it, you have to observe, just do that, no conclusions, no deductions, nothing, just observing, just gathering data. But obviously, you’re not a computer, you can’t store unlimited amounts of observations and information all in 30 or 40 seconds, not even in 5 minutes. If you try to observe and take note of everything you can possibly see or smell or touch, etc. About an object or person or situation, you’ll end up very confused (unless you’re actually writing them down). So my recommendation is, take it step by step, object by object, if you’re looking at a tie, stick with the tie, if you feel you can move to another object without getting mixed up and remembering all the things you took note of, then go ahead, but don’t mix more than 3 objects together, this will come later on in the process of deduction. you should take it bit by bit, observe 3 objects, deduce from them, move to the next 3, deduce from them, and so on. Until you’re more experienced in the process. Obviously for now just observe the objects and don’t deduce, because we still have to cover a lesson on drawing conclusions.

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Don’t try to do it quickly, take your time, the quicker you try to do it the more you’re going to jump to conclusions, as much as Sherlock does it in seconds, you’ll learn to get to that level with practice. When we observe our brain starts jumping to conclusions automatically, this may be quite dangerous as it they, more often than not, are wrong, but you must remember, there’s always a base for these assumptions, your brain is making some kind of connection between something you’re seeing and a piece of information you already have, and this base may be able to lead you somewhere. As for the actually assumption, it is after all an idea, and you can’t kill an idea, unfortunately. What you can do though, is disprove it. When faced with an assumption, don’t try to forget about it, it only makes you think about it more, like telling you not o think of a pink elephant. Instead try to look for evidence that points towards or away from said assumption, if the evidence doesn’t point towards it, just discard it, mark it as incorrect. This is good, as it lets you eliminate the impossible and organise the improvable.


The nightmare of every deductionist, a bias is basically your emotions and opinions playing a part in the logical process. While there is a part of deduction that requires emotion, the logical aspect of it must be kept away from these, how do you do that? create a “bubble” of sorts, around your bias. Every fact and deduction that favours that bias, must go through a “moisturising” process to go through that bubble, this would mean, checking the facts to see if your deduction or observation is being affected by said bias. Following the example of the tie, if you think said tie is ugly, you have to check the facts, is this tie ugly just for me, or do most people think it looks stupid? if it’s just me, i can’t incorporate that as a fact, it’s just my opinion, and in a deduction it has no value Therefore getting rid of the bias. There’s a chance that the bias may lead you somewhere, if you’re not the only one that thinks said tie is ugly, then you can use this to a certain extent as a fact, stating that this tie is considered ugly or stupid by most people. Giving you a proper observation

That’s it for today, guys. We’re slowly getting the basics out of the way, if there are any questions, i’m happy to help, next class will be posted soon, until then, have fun observing, and don’t be afraid to follow any exercises you find or using a notebook, after all it just speeds up the process of getting better at deduction.

Try to change the future (Donald Pierce x Reader)(1/3)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary: Reader’s and Pierce’s life before the events from ˝Logan˝

Warnings: cursing, mentions of sex….I don’t think that there are any spoilers for the movie, but I’m not sure…

A/N: I’m finally posting this, it should have been a one-shot, but I really got carried away, so it will have like two more parts. If anyone has some request for Donald Pierce you can send it to me, but please write some details and I’ll start writing them after I finish all of my things in progress.

More than a decade ago everything was different, the whole world was different.

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Sparks Chapter 3

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team

Word Count: 1.2K

Summary: y/n visits Bucky to thank him for saving her life. She catches a glimpse of his scars and tells him that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his past. Hydra moles lurk

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Observations/Thoughts on Lefou Hype
  • My interpretation of the inciting incident: The director (a gay man in his 60s) was proud that Disney let him envision the character this way, leading to the “exclusively gay” remarks. The media over-hyped it and bombarded the cast with awkward questions. Every BatB interview after Condon’s initial remarks tried to downplay the hype.
  • I’ve seen no evidence that Disney mandated a token gay character for the sake of looking progressive. It seems more like it was Condon’s vision for this specific character and he persuaded Disney to let him go as far as he did. We’ve seen what it looks like when Disney promotes themselves as progressive with the feminist Belle stuff. This was not really that.
  • Most of the *outrage* has not come from the specific demographic that Lefou represents. I’ve seen a lot of gay men say they related to Lefou and liked what the movie attempted to do with the character, even though it wasn’t perfect.
  • My theater was cheering/applauding for Stanley’s makeover and the dance moment at the end, not laughing at them. (in contrast to how they guffawed at the Beast’s transformation) I think it’s possible for things to be both problematic and subversive at the same time?
  • Gad’s Lefou is smart, funny, and cute. He’s liked because he’s likeable, not because he’s flawless representation or we think Disney is a progressive god. This Lefou would have fans and shippers even without the media circus.
  • The response has been more positive than negative, and clearly did not impede the success of the movie. Now that they’ve dipped their toe into the water, I think we can expect more (and hopefully better) representation from Disney in the future.