i like to think that there was a big group hug for karen after this scene


Robert Kirkman - Fans Will Be “Shocked” By “Hints” They Missed in First Eight Episodes - Ep. #1

We have been told time-and-time again that nothing is wasted on the Walking Dead show and that was once again confirmed by Kirkman himself when he plainly said that fans will be shocked to see how many little “bread crumbs” were given and then promptly ignored by the casual viewer.

These little clues apparently hold the key to understanding and solving the many unanswered questions and mysteries that have been the reason for a few frustration headaches I had to squint through.

Never one to back down from a challenge and motivated by nothing else other than clearing Carol Peletier’s good name (and maybe sticking it to Rick Grimes) I decided that dismantling the episodes and actively looking for these “bread crumbs” just might give this story a different perspective.

Armed with nothing else but a remote control, my tablet and Haribo Gummy Bears I am diving in to
the first episode.

NOTE - I will be listing anything that sticks out as “odd or weird”, no matter how small or brief it might be. Keep in mind that most of this stuff probably means nothing on its own but just might “connect”, give us a bigger picture and perhaps help solve the puzzle!

*Prior to the Premiere episode the previews remind us of;

1. The Governor attacks the prison, flees and Daryl & Michonne want to go after him to “finish it”
2. Rick gives up Ricktatorship - We vote! (yeah, right!)
3. Carl shoots the surrendering teen in the woods “I Did What I Had To Do”
4. The Governor killed his own people - Karen, Tyreese and Sacha singled out amongst the Woodberry residents
5. Rick tells Carl that the new people are joining the prison and he appears to be unhappy about it

30 Days Without An Accident

Significant Character Lines/Quotes

Rick to Carl - “up all night reading comics with a flashlight”
Carol to Daryl - “just so you know I liked you first”
Daryl to Carol - “Rick brought in a lot of them too” (hunting reference)
Carol to Daryl - “not recently. Give strangers sanctuary, keeping people fed, you are gonna have to learn to live with the love”
Carol to Daryl - “they don’t spread out anymore” & “getting as bad as last month” (ref to walker clusters)
Maggie to Glenn - “you know everything is gonna work out, right?”
Daryl - “damn romance novel” (ref to Beth & Zach)
Carl - “Dad that’s for kids” (about story time)
Lizzie to Carl - “No they are not. They are just different” (they are not dead)
Lizzie to Carl - “People kill people, they still have names”
Rick to Clara - “People are best defense against walkers and people”
Clara to Rick - “Do you think you get to come back from them?” (Things you have to do)
Clara to Rick - “You don’t get to come back!”
Carol to the Kids - “Today we are talking about knives, how to use them, how to be safe with them and how they can save your life”
Carol to Patrick - “Sometimes you are gonna have to fight through it. What if you wind up out there, alone? Your just gonna give up because your feeling bad”
Carol to the Kids - “Today we are gonna learn how to hold a knife, how to stab and slash, where to aim for…”
Carol to Carl - “Please don’t tell your father”
Maggie to Glenn - “I didn’t want to but we could have! We can have lives here” (pregnancy)
Glenn to Maggie - “How can you say that after today, after Lori? Being afraid is what’s kept us alive!”(pregnancy)
Beth to Daryl - “What? I don’t cry anymore Daryl!”
Daryl to Beth - “Just tired if losing people”
Beth to Daryl - “I am glad I didn’t say goodbye! I hate goodbyes!”
Daryl to Beth - “Me too!”
Hershel to Rick - “Some people are too far gone, you are not, you tried to help her”
Rick to Hershel - “How that woman wound up, I got close to that! If I lost Carl and Judith, if I lost this place…”
Hershel to Rick - “You came back, your boy came back! You get to come back, you do

Significant Events/Scene Details

- The prison is much more “homey” compared to season 3 - Rick is now a farmer and is raising pigs
- Rick finds a gun in the soil while he is digging; appears unsettled about the discovery but disposes of it quickly
- Bleeding-Eyes walker is first spotted by the fence
- Carl oversleeps because Rick didn’t wake him up “up all night reading comics with a flashlight”
- Violet the pig appears to be sick
- Carol & Daryl interaction by the breakfast “grill”
- Patrick (soon-to-be walker) shakes Daryl’s hand (after Daryl licks his fingers)
- Karen is first introduced as she is killing walkers at the fence - sounds like that’s her primary job
- Carol and Daryl talk about the cluster of walkers at the fences - clear leadership role for Carol (prison day-to-day) and Daryl (going on runs)
- Glenn doesn’t want Maggie to go on a run
- Tyreese and Karen are in a relationship
- Tyreese doesn’t like killing walkers at the fence so he wants to go on a run to help out
- Beth doesn’t do goodbyes
- Bob Stookey (army medic) introduced, has been in the prison for a week, Daryl found him walking alone and now wants to go on a run “to earn my keep” (group is reluctant to let him go)
- Michonne arrives to the prison on horseback (appears to be close to Rick and Carl)
- Michonne has been out looking for the governor on her own and now wants to go further (Daryl and Rick seem against it)
- Daryl tells Rick about going to the Big Spot and implies that he could join BUT Rick wants to go check the snares so Michonne joins the run group
- Rick wants Carl to stay back and do some “kid stuff”
- Hershel praises Rick’s farming and tells him that the council wants him to take his gun when he goes into the woods. Rick is reluctant and in the next scene we see that he relented to the request
- Rick meets Clara in the woods and asks Rick if “they” can go back to his camp with him
- The kids are interacting with the walkers at the fence “Hi Nick” and Mika tells Carl about the Nick’s name tag
- Carl and Lizzie argue over what the walkers really are (don’t name them)
- Glenn picks up a camera (Polaroid) at the Big Stop
- Glenn sees books about Baby Names, gets a haunting look in his eyes
- Bob walks by the alcohol display, picks up bottle and slams it down; triggering a roof collapse (raining zombies) and Zach dies
- Rick tells Clara that he hopes they can come back from the things they’ve done but doesn’t seem sure
- Clara’s husband turns out to be a “head in a bag” and we find out that she’s been feeding him
- Clara tells Rick she is not made for this world because she can’t do things needed to survive so she asks Rick to leave her a walker after she kills herself
- Rick appears deeply shaken by Clara’s suicide because just before she dies she tells him “you don’t get to come back”
- Carol reading to the children until the parent leaves, Luke goes on “watch” at the door and Carl sneaks in presumably to hear story time
- Carol pulls out arsenal of knives for demonstration
- Patrick feels sick and leaves story time due to nausea
- Carol stops demonstration when she notices Carl hiding in the shadows
- Carol asks Carl not to tell Rick about the knife lessons after which he runs off
- Rick notices “bleeding-eye walker” again at the fence and then realizes that Violet the Pig is dead
- Tyreese goes to Karen after the run
- Maggie tells Glenn that she is not pregnant and he is visibly relieved
- Daryl tells Beth about losing Zach during the run, she hugs him and she appears shut down and unemotional
- Rick has told Hershel about his encounter with Clara and it’s clear that his belief in “you can come back is starting to crumble”
- Patrick dies in the shower and becomes “bleeding-eye walker” #2 

*The highlighted portions are the specifics I think might be very important for our mystery solvers


Rick is trying to shelter Carl and his own mind from the harsh reality of their world by creating a relative normalcy in their lives - he is keen on getting Carl to be a kid again!

Rick is trying to pretend he is OK and that life is just fine but lets face it we can all see his sanity slipping in those eyes! If i wasn’t so mad at him I might feel sympathy for his pain..but i don’t lol

Glenn continues to struggle with his need to be in control, to keep Maggie safe and cant seem to relax enough to “live”. I think his need to “be safe & protect” might be very important in the killer arc story - one to watch! 

Carl has a flashlight so that might be important for the “rat feeding” at the fence 

Hershel has obviously become the father figure to them all and Rick’s unofficial psychiatrist 

Carol has taken life by the balls and is determined to not only survive but also get the weakest of the bunch to live as well 

Lizzie and Mika are creeping me out and I have a bad feeling about their walker philosophy

Patrick is going to be bad news for all of us

Bob Stookey needs to join Alcohol Anonymous ASAP 

Carol is pretty much running the prison!

Carol and Daryl are still obviously completely in LOVE with each other! 

friendofmyfriend-deactivated201  asked:

If in the reunion, Daryl doesn't hug Carol, just acts the same way he did, when he met the group in the wagon? Don't you think it would be a final answer that Daryl loves Carol in the same level he loves the others?

Hi Friendly

Thank you so much for your thoughtful question! I love all nice asks in my box but ones like yours that are so clearly from a “CARYL-Like” oriented mind addressing an issue that almost every Caryler has pondered at some point or another are my favorite to think about.

I am so glad you brought this particular reunion aspect up because I truly believe that the “after-shocks” of the initial meeting between Carol and Daryl will not just answer some of the more “undefined” aspects of their relationship but will most likely have consequences on the entire group dynamic and even how the rest of the season unfolds.
That being said I don’t think the physical aspect of the reunion will be “the-end-all-be-all” of how the CARYL bond needs to be perceived and I certainly don’t believe that a “hug” will ultimately prove or disprove the depth of Daryl’s feelings for Carol.

Things are never that simple or that one-dimensional in any relationship AND definitively not when it comes to such an emotionally complex connection between two people whose survival instinct and view of one another essentially guarantees that their guard needs to be up and ready for impact.

Too many things have happened since they last saw one another and there are too many unanswered questions and doubts that need to be worked out, rehashed and confronted before a judgment on just how much either of them cares about the other, can be made with any kind of finite certainty.

We all want to see Carol and Daryl reunite in a happy, joyous “you-complete-me-I-freaking-found-you-again” kind of way where we can finally see the culmination of the crushing sadness, grief and the realization that the deeper feelings they might be harboring can’t afford to be hidden away anymore.

Personally as much as I want to see a physical manifestation of their feelings during the reunion the fact of the matter is that the reunification and the inevitable re-bonding will be a process that simply can’t be and really shouldn’t be concentrated in a single scene - hug or no hug, at the end of the day the feeling behind that physical contact is what is important.

The reason I say process is because I think we all tend to forget that the reunion scene is hardly going to be “the end” of it all and after Season 4 with all of its leaps, bounds and dynamic shifts, the whole group coming back together and especially the whole Rick-Carol-Daryl-Tyreese debacle is going to require a lot more than that single scene or even a single episode to be resolved. The magnitude and gravity of ALL of their decisions and ALL of their conduct both at the prison and in the wilderness will most likely be dragged out in a very painful, very messy and extremely frustrating way.

Essentially we are gonna be wading through the aftershocks of this for some time and seeing how we are talking TWD and CARYL - heartache and Dixon-Peletier stubbornness are almost guaranteed.

The initial reunion will most likely be physical and while I am not expecting a kiss I can see him and her holding on to each other for longer than perhaps necessary BUT the emotional reunion between them will happen later and that’s the phase that Carylers will want to focus on. That’s when the depth of Daryl’s feelings will and should be revealed - it will be about how he reacts to her being back, how he processes the choices she felt she had to make at the prison (Karen & David) in front of her, how he handles the tragedy from “The Grove” and how he supports her in front of the group.

It will come down to Daryl stepping up to reassure her, soothe her, wake her up from the numbness of her grief AND make it OK for her to process HER pain the way she needs to in order to put it away and be able to move on. 
Carol had done it for HIM so the emotional impact of what she had gone through will provide an opportunity for the roles to be reversed and for Daryl to take a turn supporting her this time around.
How he handles that, will make his feelings for her count more with me and give me a better idea of what it is that’s going on between them than any hug or embrace ever could.

Just think about the emotional impact of Carols return and Daryl’s participation in the event;

HE will hear that SHE did go back to the prison and put herself in danger to find those girls, HE will hear about HER meeting up with Tyreese, risking his wrath in order to fulfill HER motherly duties, HE will hear about Lizzie killing Mika, HE will hear about HER giving up Lizzie to save Judith and HE will hear that Tyreese forgave HER. 
HE will hear about HER sacrifice and HE will feel guilty for not being there for any of it!

How he handles the emotional aspect of the reunion is much more important than the physical actions for further CARYL development. For me anyways!

As far as your question about whether or not Daryl cares more about Carol then the rest of the group , I’ll let Norman Reedus himself answer that;

”I think out of everyone in the group she is definitively one of the top ones that he’ll be the most excited to be reunited with! He’s, I mean he’s always protected her, he’s always had a soft spot for her and he’s always looked after her…I think he recognizes a lot of himself in her and I think he will do anything to keep her alive and keep her safe so it’s a very close bond with those two.”

“Both characters are very similar, and Daryl has a big love for Carol and vice-versa. Those two always have each other’s back.”

In conclusion I want to clarify that I am almost completely positive that there will be physical contact (if they aren’t in immediate danger) between them - at least a lingering hug and some seriously intense eye contact BUT if for some reason that doesn’t happen I won’t judge Daryl’s or Carols feelings towards one another based on just that

It’s how they live together afterwards and how much they share of themselves when things quiet down, when they are ALONE, that will give us an answer about just how deep their bond really is.

It might not all be very pretty - there will be anger, frustration, grief and pain to wade through BUT Carol needs it, Daryl needs it and in turn CARYL development does too!

Regardless of how things play out I am certain that the outcome of it all will only bring them closer together and maybe even allow Daryl to finally go back to his “Man of Honour” days.

I hope this reassures you or at least gives you a new perspective on the CARYL reunion!
But rest assured what Daryl has with Carol he definitively doesn’t have with anyone else.
Their connection is one of a kind and I bet once the hugging starts it will be hard to stop :-)

CARYL On My Lovely Friend



On why i think they'll have sex ;)

After my wee emotional breakdown earlier, Edith ( mrsreedepp-lovingmisswatson) asked me if I truly believed Daryl and Carol would have THE SEX this season, and to detail exactly why. So I thought I’d share with the class.

Let me first say this, in life I am an optimist, but in this fandom I’ve been a realist. I am not prone to things running away with me, getting caught up in a feeling, or any other bad 70s lyrics. However, something in me has appeared to have flipped, so I warn you this post will likely contain completely unsensible leaps and flailing. Also it will contains spoilers.

Keep reading