i like to think that the first picture is how i look in the astral

OK guys hear me out on this but- I think that the entire TAZ world, or at least the seven red-robes are running on a constant majoras mask/refuge year long loop that resets with the earth being devoured by The Hunger, and that there is a second voidfish that (up until now) kept this a secret

There will be a tl;dr at the end

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Astral Travel vs Astral Projection

This is honestly one of our most requested posts right now. We’ve got numerous anons in our inbox asking us “what is astral travel, how do you do it, and how is it different than astral projection?”

So first off I’m going to address what the astral is so we’re all on the same page. The astral is, in essence, a variety of different realms/dimensions/spaces that can be accessed and is populated by astral beings. Spirits often live here, various deities and entities, and even human souls who simply exist there or are dead or will exist in the future. (Time is weird in the astral.) It’s basically an Otherworld or perhaps the Otherworld often described in myths and legends. It’s not always safe. Just like you shouldn’t trust every single human you meet here on earth, you shouldn’t trust every single spirit you meet in the astral. 

So now on to different ways to access the astral, primarily astral projection and astral travel. 

Astral Projection 

Personally, I find astral projection a lot harder. It’s essentially a form of self-hypnosis. A quick google search/preliminary research will most likely tell you that astral travel and astral projection are the same thing.

Astral travel and astral projection are not the same thing. 

Astral projection typically involves a very deep meditative state. It’s pretty much synonymous with inducing an out of body experience (OBE). Your mind is on the edge of sleep and has to stay there in order to induce the right state for astral projection.

Personally, I find this dangerous. First of all, exploring the astral is not safe. Take a guide with you or make sure that your body/self is personally protected. (Sprinkle some black salt on your forehead, carry a protective charm, make a spell jar that will protect you during astral travel, etc. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just keep yourself protected!) There are potential dangers to astral travel and astral projection.

The biggest concern I have with astral projection is that it can often induce sleep paralysis and other hallucinations that are not necessarily related to the astral realms. People who have experienced sleep paralysis may see shadow people at the edge of their bed, demons attacking them in their sleep, etc. Your body is asleep but your mind is awake. Brains are weird. It can also induce a state of panic because hey, your body isn’t moving but your mind is very awake, sounds like the perfect time to panic and make you believe that you’re being possessed by demons. Which, if you’re already scared of demons or negative/evil entities, your mind will be more likely to create those and some very real spirits like to feed off your fears. 

So now that I’ve probably scared most of you out of astral projection, let me talk about the ways that astral projection can be a good and useful way to access the astral. 

It’s easy to believe that what you’re experiencing is real. With astral projection, your soul is literally separated from your body, and things are a lot more vivid. When successfully and safely practicing astral projection, there’s a lot less room for doubt over what you’ve experienced because typically it is incredibly sensory. Humans have a tendency to believe what they can see/feel/touch/smell/hear. 

It’s also easier to be aware of what you’re doing in the astral. You’re experiencing a very vivid trip to the astral, so it’s easier to know and control what you do. Messages are likely to get through easier. It’s very similar to lucid dreaming in that you’re aware of what’s happening so you can respond appropriately. That’s not to say that you can’t be aware of things during astral travel, it’s just a bit easier with projection. 

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for some to astral project for a variety of reasons. Personally, I have a very difficult time doing astral projection. Your energy might be blocked or your soul may just really wanna stay inside your body. Realizing you have a hard time doing astral projection can be really discouraging if you believe that it’s the only way to get into the astral. 

So if you’re discouraged because astral projection seems really hard and unattainable and kinda scary and now you’ll never be able to do the spirit work that you want to, don’t worry. I’m about to talk about astral travel.

Astral Travel

Just like astral projection, there are dangers to astral travel. I don’t want to make this post seem like it’s perfectly safe and harmless to astral travel without concern for your safety. Don’t be afraid, but don’t be stupid. 

Have you ever done a guided meditation or visualized what you want? Congrats, you can astral travel! It’s almost difficult for me to describe how you astral travel simply because it’s almost second nature to me now. Unless there’s something blocking or hurting me, I can pretty much access my astral space or explore at any time of the day. (Lol I’ve astral traveled at work before. I don’t recommend that, as astral travel can and does require some concentration.)

When you’re new to astral travel, it might be helpful for you to get into a meditative state. Not a hypnotic state, just a nice and relaxed meditative state. Now visualize somewhere that you like. The ocean, the mountains, a nice field, a city you enjoy. Or, if you have a hard time getting there, picture a door. What does that door look like? Tell the door you want to go to your astral space. Now open that door. 

Ward your astral space. Your own personal astral space can be modified and changed within reason. But the big difference between imagination and astral travel is that not everything will respond exactly the way you think or want it to. Your space will grow and change without your attention/care. You can even just practice astral travel by taking care of your astral space. 

Do you want to leave your astral space? Get your astral protections ready (please for the love of all that is good in this world WARD YOUR ASTRAL SPACE) and visualize that door again. What does it look like? Does it look different? How do you feel about that? What is your gut telling you about the door and where it leads? Listen to your gut. Ask the door to take you to your astral guide. That’s one way that you can find someone to help you explore the astral safely. 

I must put the caveat that not everyone will see things in high definition. In fact, it will mostly be in your mind’s eye, not your physical eyes. That’s part of what tripped me up when I first began exploring the astral. I was expecting to see things with my physical eyes but was ignoring my mind’s eye where things were happening. It is very similar to your imagination and personally, I believe that successful astral travel needs some creativity and imagination. So don’t worry if your astral travel mostly looks like a dark space with a vague feeling of what things are and where they are. Pay attention to other things. What do you hear? What do you sense? What do you just sort of know? What do you smell? What do you taste? Don’t worry if visualization is hard for you. It’s still possible to astral travel. A lot of times it’s very easy to overcomplicate it 

So there you have it folks! Astral projection vs astral travel! I hope this helps some of you!

~Mod Petra

Deep Sea mermaids

Alrighty; its been quite a while since I’ve made a post, but here’s one anyways.

So, I have a bad habit of Astral Traveling when I’m in the middle of class; I don’t know how, but hey, it happens. Anywho, a few days ago I went “deep-sea fishing” I guess, and ended up in who knows where at the bottom of the ocean. There I met a cool boy; his name is “A”, and being the nosy little butt I am, I knew that I would likely never run into anybody as pretty as this boy again, so I jumped on the chance to ask him as much about his species as I could.

He was nice; really smooth and pleasant voice; you could fall asleep to this thing, it was like a lullaby when he spoke. Hit record and I’d be out.

Anyways, his species, a type of deep sea merfolk. I drew out some pictures as to what he looked at as more of a guide for you guys to see what I mean.

He had this kind of Opal-escent like skin; it reflected at the smallest amount of light; again, he was beautiful I swear. His ears were kind of like fins in a sense, apparently they doubled as sonar receptors; meaning he could pick up deep sea chatter. His eyes though were real cool. There are two kinds of eyes that he said that he had.

The first was one that he used when he went into shallower water or to the surface (I really don’t think he goes up there a lot tbh).  Like us, hes able to see in bright light; go figure. But here’s the cool part.

Now when he goes back down, in the dark, a sort of second eye lid covers his eyes. Apparently it acts as a protector for them if hes ever attacked, but it also allows him to see in the dark better than if he didn’t have that kind of skin on. It acted like an eye patch; you know, how a pirate would cover one eye so that if hes ever fighting, he could uncover the eye and see in the dark if he were to go from a sunny place to a dark place; kinda like that.

So I bet you’re asking whats up with his neck, so, he has skin obviously; but from below his jawline; to part of his upper chest he has some thin scales. They for a kind of upside down triangle, and from what he told me, it glows in the dark when hes looking for a mate. And beneath that, he had some large gills. Now there we would have our lungs obviously, but he has the large gill covers that are in threes. It reminded me of a shark, but apparently they’re different.

Now to his back. It has 6 fins; that generate electricity. They’re sort of rounded, but also have small spines where they connect to the back. They can also pick up vibrations in the water since they’re so sensitive, and they act as tiny propellers in a way.

His fins were white; sorry about the image its a bit big; but if you zoom in you can see my little notes. Ok, so from below the stomach and organs and such, I don’t know why you can only see his bones but that’s apparently how it works, you have this little transparent spot on his fin. It ends about halfway through, but it glows in the dark so that they can see on the sea floor. In a sense I guess its like how jellyfish down there generate their bio-luminescence or something. A’s fins were rounded, not split, so he was a strong swimmer, but kind of slow. They looked flat but pretty strong, but still a fish fin, not like a Ray or anything. His large fin was white too; so he was just this white fish boy who never saw light lol.

In the dark this is how it looked.

He was pretty cool; and seemed friendly enough. Again, the prettiest boy I’ve ever met, so if you ever decide to go down there, try to find one of them. Although, I don’t think all of them would be as friendly as he, so still be careful; some things down there will scare the living daylights out of you.

How to make a Servitor.

Servitors are artificial spirits that are made by the practitioner, and are used to complete tasks, or goals set by the petitioner to help him or her in their life, or magical practice. Before you jump right into creating a servitor there are things you must plan out beforehand. It’s a lot like building a blueprint. You don’t just start making the house before you have a blueprint. Here are the things you’re going to need to think about  before building your very own servitor:

1) Purpose

Everything needs a purpose, and it’s your job to pick your purpose for your servitor. A purpose can be anything. You could want your servitor to protect you, or your family. You could want your servitor to help you pass a test. You could have your servitor torture people in their dreams… You know whatever you want. It is important to give your servitor a purpose, because it is dangerous to make a servitor without a purpose. If your servitor does not have a purpose it may go rogue, and we may have a situation like that Jewish story of  "The Golem of Prague", who goes on a murderous rampage. Once you have your purpose feel free to move on to the next step.

2)Spiritual appearance

Now you must create an appearance for your servitor that it will take on the astral, and etheric planes of existence. It is important to keep in mind when making your servitor’s spiritual appearance that the spiritual appearance should reflect the task that they were assigned to complete. If the servitor is for better communication with your peers, then it’s spiritual appearance shouldn’t be a Azathoth looking creature, but maybe perhaps some type of human or anthropomorphic entity. Besides that the you can create any type of spiritual appearance you would like. Male, female, tall, short it’s up to you. You can even say “f*** it, and I’m making this one a shapeshifter”. So have some fun, and do whatever you would like. You also might want to draw a picture, or get some representation of their form once you decide upon it for later steps in the servitor creation process.


This one’s pretty self-explanatory, and again you can pretty much pick whatever you would like. All we’re going to do is think of some personality traits that you would like your servitor to have, like charming, intelligent, funny, friendly, loyal, etc…  So this one is pretty easy, and now that I think about it I have no idea what happens if you don’t give them a personality. I guess they turn into Kristen Stewart, or something. Anyway pick out your personality traits that you like, and move on to the next step.


You like to eat, so do servitors. Feeding a servitor is a lot like charging a Sigil. and you can use all the same methods in order to feed a servitor in the same way you use to charge a sigil. You can also set up some methods of feeding for the servitor that the servitor can do on their own behalf. You could tell your servitor to feed on something like sunlight, or crystals that you have lying around. Not setting up feeding methods, or not feeding your servitor will result in it going rogue, or it finding its own food sources which may not always be more preferable.


There are some people that say the servitors lifespan should not be very long, but in my experience this has not been a problem. In my experience servitors only act up once they do not have a purpose anymore, or if acting up is programmed into their nature, or if they are not being fed. Life span is very based on purpose. If you want your servitor to help you pass a test, then its lifespan should only be until after the test then it will return back to the energy of source. If you wanted your servitor to protect your property then you would need a lifespan that you can end at any time. So then you would need a phrase, or ritual to end its life when the time comes. This phrase, or ritual would not have to be elaborate. It’s never happened to me before, but being on a system like that one could in theory make the servitor want to have self preservation. You would be the only thing that could kill it. So if they took you out then they could go on living. I don’t know if it happens, or not, but that’s just a theory. A Servitor Theory! Thanks for watching…. <– (Tell me if you get that joke.) I always tell my servitor if they try to harm me or anyone I care about they will be terminated immediately. That’s a good enough safety net I guess let’s move on to the next step.

6)The Housing

Now we need housing to ground the servitor to the physical plane. Housing can be things like a rock, a staff, a doll, something you made out of clay, etc… Servitors by nature do not need housing, but it is better to have a physical representation of them for control, and feeding purposes. Housing can be anything, but I would stay away from certain metals because energy does not flow as good through them as it does other materials. It is also better to have a housing made, or created by you, and your hands. Once you find what housing you would like to use you are ready to go onto the next step.


This one is super simple all you have to do is pick a name for your servitor. Literally can be anything Meaningful, or otherwise. All you have to choose a name, and then you can move on to the next step.

8)Making a Sigil

Now you should make a sigil out of the name of your servitor, or out of the purpose of your servitor. You will use this sigil as a true representation of your servitor. If you do not know how to make a sigil you can always Google it, or you should be able to find it by searching back through my posts.

Once you have your sigil you can draw it, or carve it into your housing for your servitor. This would be recommended, but if you do not want to mark the sigil on the housing you can always put the sigil on a piece of paper, and put it underneath your housing during the “Bringing the servitor to life” step.

9) Bringing the servitor to life

Now we just bring together all the materials that we have gathered thus far into a ritual. First thing you’ll want to do is cleanse the area. This can be done through any cleansing method such as the Lesser banishing ritual, smudging, or clap cleansing. Next you’re going to want to cast a circle or use some other form of protection technique. Then you’re going to want to start charging your housing, and your sigil through any form of charging method. Now you’re going to want to enter a Gnostic state of consciousness where you can strongly in vision the energy that you are manipulating. Close your eyes, and in your mind’s eye begin to mold the energy into the spiritual appearance of your servitor. Strongly visualize every little detail of your servitor’s being. Then breathe life into your servitor by just intending for the energy to be alive and to be conscious. Once you have molded your energy into the spiritual appearance of your servitor, then in your head, or out loud call to the servitor. Tell the servitor it’s name, it’s purpose, it’s personality, it’s feeding methods, and it’s lifespan. More focus, and intention you use to create the servitor more put together the servitor will be. Now your servitor is done, and it is alive. Undo your circle, and before you send out your servitor for the task you want them to complete I usually wait one day, and feed my servitor a couple times. I find when I first create a servitor it is incredibly weak so I gave it one day to become a little bit stronger before it starts its task.

Bonding 101

I have counted roughly 20 messages in my inbox (which I am still slowly working through!) about bonding.  So, it only makes sense that I should make a big post on bonding!  It’s really not that difficult, but I think it would be best if we cleared up everything about it.

Long post under the cut.

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Energy threading - going beyond visualization

What is energy threading?

It is manipulating directly the matrix beyond the manifestation of energy. Energy circulates in currents, which are well defined and structured and serve different purposes. Seeing beyond how the energy manifests itself, directly into the structure of the currents, allows us to modify the structure itself.

Okay… so what can it be used for?

Everything, really. To heal someone on a surgery scale. To construct powerful seals that will act at wards. To battle, even, but it demands some practice to get it fast enough to be a valuable asset. To manipulate links between objects or people.  To anchor things no one but you will be able to undo, as only you have the blueprints.  As with a lot of energy work techniques, the sky is the limit. Thought this particular technique allows for more delicate and precise maneuvering than just visualizing and hoping the channels form right.

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Nothing Without Love: Chapter 1

Gladio x F!Reader Multi - Chapter Fic (reader insert)

Quick summary for those who haven’t read the original drabble:

This is an Arranged Marriage AU. The reader is Noctis’s older sister (Age 22). As the Princess, she is tied to many duties. Arranged marriage being one. She is now betrothed to someone she hate; Gladio Amicitia. 

Much angst. 

So I was originally going to name this “Reluctance” just as I named the original drabble. But I was listening to “Nothing Without Love” while listening to writing this. And. It just worked out. Lol. Well I hope you enjoy! Blindbae is starting this off with evil plot twists already. Wtf.

Thus I begin my decent into Gladio hell.

Word Count: 1,832

Tagging some friend: @stunninglyignis, @themissimmortal, @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites, @itshaejinju, @rubyphilomela, @the-lucian-archives, @viscaelus, @stephicness, @lupanaoflaminar, @neko-otaku13 , and @momokitty27 <3

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“You wanted to see me?” You pressed into your father’s study, you hands gracefully folded over your lap. Your father, Regis Lucis Caelum, King of your country, sat at his desk busying himself with what seemed like another endless pile of paperwork.

“Yes, Y/N,” he looked up from his work, placing his pen back onto the study wooden desk that was absolutely cluttered with random items. Discarded balls of paper, photos frames filled with pictures of you and your younger brother, candy wrappers (your father had always had a sweet tooth),  along with several miscellaneous items you couldn’t identify from your distance. 

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No Place Like Home... Until Now

Author: zepppie

Word Count: 1002 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: This short piece is inspired by a true to life story! Happened just last night, hence the state of my brain as seen in my last two posts. Details at the end!

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You’ve heard the stories. You know all about Dean Winchester and what he’s done. In your mind he was a legend. A god, even. Only he and his brother could say they saved the world more than once and mean it literally.

So seeing him come up to your modest little food truck was a huge surprise. One for the books. Dressed in a cheap but effective suit, he spoke into his phone that he held against his ear. “I’m right across the street from you,” he said, “just grabbin’ food. You hungry for something? Alright. Food and then morgue.”

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anonymous asked:

«She fancied Gehrman, unaware of his curious "mania", but was left heartbroken when Gehrman couldn't, or wouldn't, reveal his feeling towards her.» WTF, fextralife?!

Thank you fextralife! ~♡
No okay let’s be serious for a second and put aside my fangirl heart that craves for the damn romance and let’s look at the facts, shall we?

Let’s begin with the Hair Ornament and how the Doll reacts to it.

The item is described as “ordinary” and does look as such. This is not something fit for a woman of noble lineage like Maria is, is the sort of gift that a middle-class Yharnamite would give his fiancee. In fact, I would say that the Red Jewelled Brooch that Gascoigne gave to his wife looks way fancier and in line with what a Cainhurst noble would wear than the plain, ordinary hair ornament.

Giving little tokens of affection before the marriage was a no-no for Victorian lovebirds unless the couple openly expressed the intention to get married and both families agreed to the arrangement.

In Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, Marianne Dashwood’s spontaneous behaviour is considered unorthodox and her (only rumoured!) clandestine engagement with John Willoughby is heavily frowned upon. One of her biggest ‘sins’ was to have sent John a bunch of letters and locks of her hair that the young man respectfully gives back to her before marrying another woman.

So, if we take for granted that Yharnam’s courtship customs are similar to those of the 19th century’s I think it’s safe to assume that if an unmarried man gave something as cute and personal as a hairpin to an unmarried woman he was clearly saying “hey babe I like you. But I haven’t the slightest idea of what I’m doing and I should’ve finish that “how to pick up fair maidens” book before doing anything on my own” :P

Of course, we can’t take Victorian society and expect Yharnam’s to be exactly the same because of all the obvious differences such as the clearly more prominent role of women in society, (Amelia is the highest authority of the Church, many hunters are women, Viola, though traditionally married, takes instant action to help her husband etc) but I still think it to be a good lens through which seeing the game’s world and it surely gives some extra credit to Gehrman’s conscious decision to hide his feelings from Maria.

Now, on the subject of Plain Doll, if we gave her the Hairpin she says this:

What… what is this? I-I can’t remember, not a thing, only… I feel… A yearning… something I’ve never felt before… What’s happening to me? Ahh… Tell me hunter, could this be joy? Ahh…

And as she speaks, they even took the time to actually animate her so that she would wipe her tears and gave us the Tear Stone:

Now, the dialogue itself is enough for me to say that Maria had feelings for Gehrman because there’s _no way_ that mere admiration and/or respect for the guy would make her surrogate, who only shares a few, blurred memories with her, cry tears of joy. But hey, we could say that since Plain Doll was “made” to love her creator her perception could be warped by what Gehrman wants her to feel towards him. So, let’s read what the lore has to say about this ;) let’s turn the Tear Stone into a Blood Gem!

Created from a shining silver doll tear, this blood gem is a quiet but unfaltering friend that continually restores HP, the life essence of a hunter. Perhaps the doll’s creator had wished for just such a friend, albeit in vain

BOOM! “Albeit in vain”… and here it is why I think Gehrman doesn’t talk to/doesn’t care about and is openly dismissive of the Doll. She is not the woman he used to know but a pale imitation. She doesn’t have Maria’s memories, she is nothing like the hunter that fought by his side, the strong and kind woman he secretly fell in love with. Before Moon Presence brought the Doll to life, Gehrman poured love and care into her creation that most likely happened after Maria’s passing. All item descriptions related to the Doll include this bit:

“A deep love for the doll can be surmised by the fine craftsmanship of this article, and the care with which it was kept.“
It borderlines on mania, and exudes a slight warmth.”

Which once again, reinforce my idea that my boi Gehrman cared for Maria not _just_ because she was hot. He doesn’t dress her up in revealing clothes nor does he keep her hunter attire while retaining elements of it such as the brooch and her boots. Maria killed herself after renouncing her life as a hunter, her conscience forever stained by what she and her teacher had done to the inhabitants of Fishing Hamlet. Dressing the doll in her hunter set would have been an even greater insult to her memory. Gehrman’s decision to dress her up in the seemly clothes of a respectable woman of the time is actually pretty tasteful if you ask me. May look strange and “unnecessary cute” to us modern-day players but that’s how women used to dress. Take a look at this picture of Mia Wasikowska’s in this movie adaptation of Jane Eyre. The reason why I pick this movie is its director, Cary Fukunaga who also directed the first season of the award-winning HBO series True Detective. (a show inspired by R.W Chambers and Lovecraft’s nihilism & cosmic dread.) This too is a pretty dark and spooky rendition of Charlotte Brontë’s classic.

But no more talking about Gehrman, let’s get back to Maria:

Among the first hunters, all students of Gehrman, was the lady hunter Maria. This was her hunter’s [cap/garb/gloves/trousers], crafted in Cainhurst.
Maria is distantly related to the undead queen, but had great admiration for Gehrman, unaware of his curious mania.  [Maria’s Hunter Set]

This description tells us a lot of things, but most of them are irrelevant to the subject of this analysis. I could go on for hours pointing out the similarities of her set to the Knight’s and other Cainhurst fashion but let’s not do that. What matters here is that Maria, despite being of noble blood, had no social prejudice towards her mentor (and I would assume, any of her fellow hunters.) and, just like Gwyn’s firstborn, “had respect only for arms and nothing else” :P

I wouldn’t say that the reason why she was heartbroken was the fact that Gehrman never revealed his feelings to her (as mentioned in the ask) but that she idolized him and the cause of the Byrgenwerth Hunters as a whole and couldn’t bear the guilt once the college’s research pushed their actions too far. Like Ludwig who had an unshakable faith in the ways of the Healing Church, Maria had faith in and was possibly in love with Gehrman and couldn’t believe that the man she admired so deeply would blindly obey Byrgenwerth’s orders.

“Go and kill those fishmen who did nothing wrong and aren’t bothering anyone. Oh, and be sure to rip that umbilical cord from the body of thad Great One that washed ashore.”

“Yep.” No question asked.

THAT’s why Maria felt betrayed. It hasn’t anything to do with Gehrman’s “mania”. In my headcanons Gehrman’s total obedience to Willem is motivated but there’s no solid proof in canon so let’s just say that Gehrman was an idiot who never questioned the orders from above :/

And now, let’s get to the final, FUNDAMENTAL point of this analysis: did Maria love Gehrman back?

Yes she did. Why else would anyone want to take a look at any picture one last time before killing themselves? To remember what they lost or could’ve had if things were different.

Why am I 100% sure that Gehrman is in that picture? Because in canon we don’t know the name of any other member of the Old Hunters. It’s just the two of them: Gehrman and Maria, the only ones with faces and backstory in a crowd of faceless, bloodthirsty mannequins.

Here you go, thanks Fextralife.

Energy Work


I became a spirit worker in January of 2017. What a time to be alive! However, empathy came to me about 6 years ago. I wanted to make it as strong as possible, and the practices I utilized then help me immensely in my work now. So here are some things that I do to practice energy work.

Color Walk
This actually began as a game I played with myself in elementary school. The tiles in our floors were mostly white but in the middle there were blue and green diamonds with some red and yellow squares. I thought it would be cool to close my eyes and walk until I thought I was on a colored tile. I’d look down and see if I was correct. Eventually after often being correct when I was on a color, I’d walk with my eyes closed, stop on a colored tile, and guess which color it was. This helps me process the energies each colored tile set off. This, I believe, has helped with astral sight. Being able to register the energies around me and having them form pictures in my head.

Okay, you get it. You gotta meditate. You’ve probably been told to do this a million times before. This suggestion is often repeated and repeated over and over but that’s because it works. However, a lot of people when the first begin to meditate have a lot of different ideas of what meditation is. You don’t have to think of nothing, you don’t have to chant, you don’t have to do anything. For me, personally, meditation is a practice of your own. However many different practices will suggest various meditation practices and none are wrong! You just have to learn what’s right for you. Personally, my most productive meditative trances exist when I meditate in the way a professor of mine taught me. He’s a Zen Priest and he taught a mindful living class in my community college. I may make a basic meditation post another time based on what I learned.

Energy Centers
Many people often call these energy centers Chakras. They are generally an accepted 7 points to focus on and they help with the way energy flows through your body, each with a specific purpose. If any become clogged up, you could feel sick, drained, less connected. All around just screwy. I started by doing guided meditations to help understand which energy point was which, where it was located, and how it worked. After that I’m able to meditate and focus on my own. One of my favorite things to do is to sit, relax, and let a chill go down my spine. I’ll feel all of the places this chill fills and connect them to my energy points. If there is a point that doesn’t receive the chill, then the energy center in that vicinity likely needs work.

I am able to hear spirits, but not through my ears. When talking to spirits, they don’t talk in the same way that we do. In my personal experience, they can communicate in a variety of ways including feelings, pictures, general ideas, vague emotions, and eloquent sentences. I can often pair their message with their emotions. It helps their responses come in clearer. How to practice hearing them? Once you learn to quiet the chatter your brain likes to produce, which is often referred to as the ego or the monkey mind, you can learn how to differentiate your thoughts from the ones that are being given to you. THIS IS A VERY BENEFICIAL SKILL IF YOU’RE AN EMPATH LIKE ME. After that, you just get to trust what comes.

Ya’ll I really wish I could help you there. I have no idea how or why I can smell death and taste my husband’s McDonalds from miles away. It’s magical, though.

the other side :: post-s2 oneshot

the other side

She finds him in the Void. [shiro/allura] for @blackpaladinallura; post-s2

Allura spends hours sitting in the Black Lion’s empty hangar for reasons she cannot quite explain. The Lion has remained dull eyed since the Paladins and exited it, and not even Keith had been able to get in, despite what Shiro had said. I want you to lead Voltron. It seems the Lion isn’t on the same schedule, with no yellow glow of life in its eyes. She’s never heard of a Lion’s life being ended because of the loss of a Paladin—she knows it is not even possible, and yet despite the way it mades her hands shake with terror, because Zarkon is dead but the Galra Empire is not, she is almost grateful for it.

If she is mourning, then the Black Lion should be too.

And it is here that she mourns.


“Don’t you think that we should—?”

“The princess needs time to mourn.”

“But Coran—”

“Hey, if she’s gonna be all snippy with us, I think we should listen and give her the space she obviously wants.”

“That’s…oddly mature of you Lance.”

“She was pretty close with Shiro, he was like the link between her and the rest of us. She needs time to adjust.”

“Pidge is right.”

“Oh and I’m not—”

“Lance, this isn’t the time. Just leave Allura be. She’s been through enough.”


The other paladins avoid her and Allura can’t exactly blame them. She snaps whenever she does speak, even to Coran, and with Shiro out of the picture all of the leadership has fallen on her shoulders. He made relating to the rest of the team so effortless, but how could she connect with four teenagers a long, long way from home?

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I have a prompt(o) for you :) Iggy/Prompto. Eating popsicles one hot afternoon in Lestallum. Prompto is thirsty :)


I’ll have you know I cackled my way through writing this. Enjoy poor Prompto’s thirsty suffering. (And thanks for the great prompt! <3)


Summer Sweets


It’s the hottest Prompto can ever remember being, and that’s saying a lot.

That includes the desert outside Hammerhead, with its dry dust and blazing sun. It includes the wetlands of Duscae, with the sticky, muggy heat and buzzing insects. It includes Mt. Ravatogh, where he stood on the flaming remnants of cooling lava to snap a picture.

…okay, fine, maybe not Mt. Ravatogh. But it’s a pretty close call. 

Lestallum’s practically melting today. The ground’s hazy with heat, and the poor dogs and cats are slumped in the shade like it’s a raft and their ship’s going down. Noct and Gladio had the right idea, staying at the hotel where there’s AC.

Prompto’s ready to lie down on the pavement and never move again, only he’s pretty sure that’s a terrible idea, because the street’s probably hot enough to cook an egg right now.  It’s probably hot enough to cook twenty eggs. You could open up a street side diner.

Thank the gods for ice pops. They’ve got some in the little cooler in the shop by the gas station, and Prompto’s never been happier to give anyone his money than he is when he hands twenty gil over to the dude behind the counter.

He’s out the door like a bullet from one of his guns – jogs the twenty-odd feet over to where Iggy’s waiting for him on the curb. He’s still looking prim and proper, one hand holding onto the bag of market goods that was enough to lure them out into the heat. How the man isn’t sweating through his striped button-up is a mystery Prompto may never solve, but hell if he’s not perfectly put together, not so much as a strand of hair out of place.

“Here you go,” says Prompto, and presses one of the ice pops into Ignis’ hand. It’s strawberry-cherry-pineapple, the colors mixing together in a swirl, and Prompto says, “Sorry, dude. They didn’t have plain strawberry. Hope it doesn’t fight with the other flavors.”

“This will suffice,” says Ignis. “Thank you, Prompto.”

Prompto’s already peeling the wrapper off his own – blue and white, marked with the intriguing but unhelpful words “mystery flavor” – and chucking the plastic onto one of curbside piles that serve as the trash cans in Lestallum.

He bites into it, chews a few times, thoughtfully, and turns to Ignis. “Tastes kinda like soda,” he says, and that’s all he says, because the rest of the words fall straight out his ear and onto the street, where they bake to death beside all those hypothetical eggs.

Ice pops, Prompto thinks, were a bad idea. A terrible idea. The worst idea he’s ever had.

He’s never seen Ignis eat an ice pop before, and that, it turns out, is probably going to be his undoing. When they do the autopsy, that’s going to be the cause of death.

Ignis has his lips closed around the very tip of the cold confection, giving it the lightest of licks to test the flavor. His expression is intent, and his lips are already starting to go red with the cold, and – and Prompto needs to look away right the hell now.

With effort, he wrenches his gaze aside.

“Mine,” Ignis puts in, peering at the wrapper, “takes nothing like strawberry, cherry, or pineapple.”

“Ah, yeah,” Prompto manages, and takes another bite out of his. “Not exactly all-natural flavors. You could probably do way better.”

Ignis hums thoughtfully. “Did I never make you ice cream, before we left Insomnia?”

“You make ice cream?” says Prompto.

He looks up again, and dammit, he should have known better. Ignis has bent his head to take more of the ice pop into his mouth. When he pulls his lips back, the top half is smooth and slick, the texture markedly different where his mouth has been. 

Prompto swallows. He can’t quite seem to tear his eyes away.

Suddenly, his pants are way, way too tight. Suddenly, his face is hot, and he’s pretty sure it’s got nothing to do with sunburn.

“It’s rather difficult without the proper equipment,” says Ignis. “Though I suppose if our hotel has a refrigerator with a freezer attached, we could try a more simplistic method.”

Ignis slips the ice pop back between his lips – draws on it thoughtfully, then pops it out to add: “Though the flavor options would be a touch limited.”

“Dude,” says Prompto. “You can literally make toast look like a gourmet meal. I have faith.”

The smile he gets in return is warm, and subtle, and does funny things to Prompto’s stomach. He takes another bite of his ice pop – crunches it and turns away from Ignis, back toward the hotel. “Guess, uh. Guess we should go see if we’ve got a mini fridge then, yeah?”

“Is there a rush?” says Ignis. “Perhaps we can see whether the market has the milk we’ll need, first.”

Yeah, there’s a rush. The rush is getting to put more than five feet between himself and the sexiest man he’s ever met, who just so happens to be doing obscene things to a popsicle. If they stay this close, Prompto’s going to give himself away for sure. By the end of this trip, Ignis will know, in no uncertain terms, that he’s been nurturing a private little crush since, oh, just about forever now.

But his traitorous mouth says, “No rush,” and his traitorous eyes slide over to watch as Ignis sucks thoughtfully on the tip again, and he thinks, quite distinctly: sweet Astrals, ice pops are the best invention known to man. Or maybe the worst. 

For the life of him, he can’t figure out which.

The language of the soul


The language of the soul isn’t verbal.

Wait, say it with me:

The language of the soul is not verbal.

This is a highly important point because if you’re dealing with ANYTHING otherworldly, energy, spirits, deities, etc–you need to be aware verbal language largely gets in the way, because the nature of everything is, first, energetic, and secondly, often visual or metaphorical.

There are astral words that exist that compensate for this because upon saying the word it’s almost like an image is triggered in the hearing person, but when you’re stuck being a human, we don’t really have that ability.

Be aware that something trying to communicate with you, including your OWN soul, may not use words. Because words can’t capture what could be easily communicated visually.

I have the ability to open and look into heart & soul spaces, and when I do, I normally see a visual landscape. Mountains, rivers, a rough sea, a foggy rainforest, all of these things are not literal. The soul cries for help in different ways, and as a healer, I’ve learned to read those subtle ways. 

A forest may look fine, but the roots may be black–this can indicate dis-ease or deep seated issues. The temperature tells me something about the state of the mind. The weather tells me things, the state of decay, random events like fire–all of these visual metaphors are the soul trying to communicate the state of the person/entity, in a way it would be hard to do otherwise. You know how hard it is to describe feelings–that’s why a lot of entities resort to other methods of communication, and why when I open a heart space, it’s a series of small houses or an icy tundra, and not a list of what’s wrong.

Not everyone’s energy blocks look the same, feelings actually create different types/impressions of blocks and I would describe them to you but legitimately this is one of those times where you would have to be there next to me seeing it so I can point and go “YEAH MAN U SEE?” because there’s no way for me to begin lmao

Learn to read and appreciate feelings and the visual/telepathic language of entities! Many of us become focused on “hearing” entities, without understanding that before verbal, the language of a lot of things are visual. Often when I “speak” to entities it’s a combination of thinking/impressions of words, and pictures of landscapes or a hammer hitting a nail or like the most seemingly bizarre situations like trying to play charades with the entity lmao

But over time I have appreciated this ability, because more and more I notice myself becoming more proficient at reading it, and I can see how useful it is

It’s easier to send an image of a cozy fireplace and a nice furry rug with books to you than spend time going “you know that feeling you get when you’re like, warm and really safe, it’s winter but you’re inside and it’s just a nice moment where you’re alone by not lonely?” because the minute you use words, it is trying to describe something that, as close as we can get, is fundamentally just out of the reach of words, like it’s something that happens only to the receiver in direct experience

And believe it or not this tendency towards visual charades is a gift

If an entity knows you’re sad and having a hard time and sends you the FEELING or the image/impression of like, warm blankets and a nice mug of tea they’re actually gifting you a direct experience, because they can do that. It’s a lot more involved/targeting than telling you “it’s going to be okay”, you know? The gift of a direct impression is just so much more, it defies experience

This isn’t to say no entity ever prefers words, because certainly some of them fucking love it (cough kratos u victorian asshole COUGH COUGH) but just be open to the fact a large majority of them prefer more direct forms of communication & we should expect that, especially when dealing with energy stuff/soulstuff

A New Kind Of Attack

From this request: Sam x reader angst&fluff fic, where y/n has powers like Dr Strange (like she uses her own soul energy to cast spells etc) and she uses them to confront Lucifer, but the fight leaves her so exhausted and she barely made it out alive.


There were only three syllables that struck fear to the very core of your being. And the fear wasn’t so much about you… but about Sam.


With his return, the Winchesters were on high-alert. They were tracking his every move, discussing and re-discussing every plan that Lucifer could have come up with. They joined forces with Crowley and Cas and Rowena, reaching into every nook and cranny they could think of. They were implementing every weapon in their arsenal.

Except one.

While they’d known you for a while (almost seven years, to be exact), they didn’t know every secret you held.

You weren’t sure how it happened. You weren’t sure why you were the only one you knew of. You weren’t sure the exact reaches of your powers.

All you knew was that you had them.

You were a designated freak, a comic-book-hero living in the real world.

The first time you’d done it, it’d terrified you. You’d thought it was a dream, but there was evidence that you’d actually astral projected. Of course, you didn’t know the name for it at the time. But once it happened again and again and again, you started to do some research. You typed in your ‘symptoms’ and found a basic diagnosis.

Of course, that diagnosis was only pertinent to fictional people. But you did find some links that led to other ‘abilities’ held by these characters.

Feeling like a right git, you attempted some of them. Most of them didn’t work, but for some reason, telekinesis did. The book flew across the room; it startled you so much that you ducked, letting the book crash into the wall.

The next time you astral projected (with a little help from the internet, you learned to somewhat control it), you attempted your telekinesis.

It worked.

Little by little, you found yourself opening up a whole new world for yourself. As proud as you were of your new found talents and the accomplishments you made with them, you kept them to yourself.

But you couldn’t do that any longer.

You’d heard the stories and witnessed the tail-end of the terror Lucifer had inflicted upon Sam. Sam was strong, but you weren’t sure he could go another round with the archangel.

Upon finding that Lucifer’s new vessel was a Vince Vincente, the boys set up a plan to try and take him down at his next stop. Everyone was on board with this idea.

Except you.


“Are you going to be all right here?” Sam asked.

You shook your head slightly, snapping out of your daze. That damn jacket-and-white-t-shirt combination was making it very hard for you to concentrate (even with such impending doom at the boys going to meet Lucifer). “What?”

Sam’s brow creased slightly. “You’re not getting sick, are you? You’ve been spacey all day.”

“No, no, I’m fine. I just…”

‘Have been planning how to attack Lucifer to save you?’

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go against him.”

“We have to.”

“Then let me go with you. I can help.”

“You know I can’t do that, Y/N. It’s too dangerous.” Sam stepped toward you, gently laying a hand on your stomach. “Too dangerous for both of you,” he whispered.

You closed your eyes and leaned your forehead against his chest, knowing he was right. Finding out you were pregnant had been a pleasant turn of events for both of you, but it had put a crimp in hunting. “Promise me you’ll be safe?”

“Of course,” Sam said, pressing his lips to the crown of your head. “I’ve got Dean and Cas and Crowley on my side. And rumor has it that this vessel is already losing power.”

You nodded, feeling a little better.

“I’ll call you as soon as we’re done,” Sam promised.

Dean stepped into the room at that moment, dressed in his own rock star getup. “You ready, Sam?”

Sam nodded, pressing his fingers a little harder into your stomach before stepping away. The two of you hadn’t told Dean yet, having been a little busy with the archangel’s return. “Let’s go.”

“You sure you don’t want to come, Y/N?” Dean asked. He’d noticed that you’d taken a step back but he didn’t seem to have put two and two together yet.

You shook your head. “I’m feeling a little too crampy to be of much use.” The irony in your excuse was not missed by you or Sam.

Dean grimaced slightly. “Who knows, maybe you could just… bleed on him, make him give up.”

Sam smacked Dean on the shoulder. “We’ll be back later, Y/N.”

“Go get him. Make him pay.”


You sat on the bed, cross-legged, eyes closed. You slowed your breathing, picturing the fight that was going to take place.

The smallest fear began to form in the back of your mind. Your hand drifted down to your stomach. None of the research said anything about trying astral projection while pregnant. But you knew you had to try.

‘If I feel anything out of the ordinary, I’ll stop,’ you told yourself.

You calmed yourself, counting your breathing. You felt your heart rate slow. You pictured the club where the performance was about to take place.

‘The performance of a lifetime,’ you thought, steeling yourself for the fight of your life.


Sam tried to hold the doors, the rush of people running under his arms. The doors slammed shut, leaving him and Dean in the locked room with Lucifer.

Sam turned back to the stage, the rock star he used to love standing before him, his eyes though lined with thick black eyeliner still conveying that there was something (someone) else inside of that body.

Cas tried to get a leg up, but Lucifer struck him down. And then, from the other side of the stage, a speaker flew through the air and smashed into Lucifer.

All eyes were on the shimmering figure standing stage left.

“Y/N?” Sam said, staring at the figure he recognized but was having a hard time believing.

Lucifer flicked his wrist, trying to knock you down just like he did with Cas, but your figure remained strong. With a wave of your hand, another speaker flew through the air. Lucifer’s own strength sent it back to you, passing through your chest.


Your figure flickered, static-y like a poor television reception. You staggered back, taking a moment to regain composure.

“What the hell?” Dean asked his brother. “How… how is she doing that?”

Sam shook his head. “I don’t know. But we have to help her.”

Before the Winchesters could get to you, Lucifer squeezed his hand into a fist. Your figure flickered a few more times before disappearing completely.

Sam rushed the stage, wanting nothing more than to pummel Lucifer into the ground. But Dean grabbed his brother’s arm, holding him back.

“Look,” he said with a nod toward Lucifer.

The vessel was decaying, practically melting before their eyes. Vince opened his mouth and a bright light shot out, the corpse collapsing to the ground.


Sam ran into the motel room, the door bashing into the wall. He crossed over to the bed where you were stretched out, eyes closed. “Y/N?!”

You slowly opened your eyes. “Sam?”

“Y/N, are you okay? What happened?”

“I’m fine, Sam. I just… I’m tired.” You struggled to push yourself up, wincing. Pulling the neck of your shirt down, you saw a large bruise forming on your chest. Strange—you’d never received an injury from any of your astral projections before.

‘I’ve also never gone up against Lucifer before,’ you thought to yourself.

“Y/N,” Sam whispered, trailing his eyes and fingers across the bruise.

“I’m fine, Sam.”

“You’re sure?”

You nodded.


You gave Sam a smile. While it was still too early to feel the baby, you’d read so much about mother’s intuition and you knew that if something had gone wrong, you would have felt it. But your heart still fluttered upon thinking about the little creature inside of you. Deep down, you knew it was still alive and well. “We’re fine.”

Sam’s hand dropped to your stomach again, his fingers curling, protecting what he couldn’t yet feel.

“What the hell?” Dean asked, stepping into the room. “Is that, like… some weird menstrual power you get or something?”

You laughed slightly. “No, Dean.”

“Then what?”

You shrugged. “I’ve been able to do it all my life, basically. It just sort of… happens. But I’ve been working on refining it.”

“You shouldn’t have done it,” Sam said, his concern now turning into parental disapproval.

“I don’t know,” Dean said. “I thought it was kind of cool.”

You smiled as you suppressed a yawn. Your fingers traced lightly over the deepening bruise on your chest.

“You get some sleep,” Sam said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

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What are your thoughts on a fan theory that all the events of episode prompto only happened in Prompto's head and weren't real? (Is it safe to discuss the episode now?)

Well, on my blog it is, at least, but I’ll tag for spoilers just in case. c: Because I REALLY want to talk about this theory because, to be honest, I’m really close to agreeing with it. To an extent, I mean, since Episode Prompto was an odd one in my eyes.

So spoilers ahead, because we’re talking EPISODE PROMPTO! Read below for my rambling!

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Lesson 8: Auras - What They Are & The Seven Bodies

The human body, and everything in existence, is energy. While we all have the same energy fields geometrically, we are on different frequencies as humans and this causes differences the way we come off.

Your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding you that is specific to what you’re feeling, thinking, doing, or what chakras you are over- or under-using. The aura stretches through and beyond the seven-chakra system, meaning that it extends above the head and below the feet into the ground in the shape of an egg. (This auric field is not to be confused with the star tetrahedron field that surrounds us, the mer-ka-ba)

Auras come in several different colors, but the main system of colors are red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, since these are the colors of the seven-chakra system. There are also other colors, including black, green, and several variations of the main seven.

The aura contains seven bodies:

1. Etheric Body

Closest energy body to the physical body. It is usually seen as bluish-gray; this white-blue light is the prana or the life-force energy of your body. This is the body that is seen through Kirlian photography (we’ll come back to this later). The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body (from the skin) and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. It can be seen around the entire body but is mostly seen around your hands, feet, your head, and a little on your shoulders. When seen around the hands, it is 3-4 inches away.

2. Emotional Body

While the etheric body duplicates the physical body, the emotional body is more fluid. This is expected, since fluidity is the nature of our emotions. Your emotions put out electromagnetic fields. This body is associated with our feelings and changes as your feelings do (you can practice seeing these changes yourself, but we’ll talk about that later.) This body is about one to three inches from the physical body and is far more colorful than the etheric body.

3. Mental Body

The mental body is associated with our thoughts and mental expressions. Just like emotions, your thoughts emit electromagnetic fields from your brain. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. The mental body is similar to the emotional body in colors sometimes, because if there is an emotion associated with your thought, certain colors of the emotional body will show. Otherwise, the yellow deepens/intensifies if you are deep in thought.

4. Astral Body (astral plane - bridge)

This is called the bridge to the astral plane, because this body is associated with energies that are not of the third-dimensional frequency. It extends six inches or one foot from the body. It has the colors of the rainbow like the emotional body, along with a pink/rose hue that is mostly seen if the personal is emotional + loving. The astral plane is also sometimes called the emotional plane, which is why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way.

5. Etheric Template Body (physical aspect)

The name of this body suggests that it is the template for the etheric body, which is the first body we mentioned. This means that the etheric template body is the body formed before the etheric body. It exists in a higher dimension but also extends one and one half to two feet from the body. It has a dark blue hue, and is usually only seen by advanced healers or people with lots of practice in healing/clairvoyance.

6. Celestial Body (emotional aspect)

When we feel pure love, and when we feel true interconnectedness, we are tapping into the frequencies of the celestial body. This celestial body is the spiritual-emotional plane, which is kind of like the emotional body, but different in that the emotions felt here are more related to euphoria, bliss, love, and ecstasy. The colors of this body are usually pastel and have a soft glow.

7. Ketheric/Casual Body (mental aspect)

As the celestial body was the emotional aspect of the spiritual plane, the ketheric body is the mental aspect of the physical plane. It contains all six other bodies within it and extends up to three and a half feet from the body. It vibrates at a very high speed and is made of a gold grid type structure, which is very durable. Once you raise your consciousness to the level of this body, you are aware of your oneness with Being or Source. This body also contains the main Kundalini force that runs up and down the body (which we will talk about later).

Now, even if you don’t “believe” in the bodies I listed above, I can tell you how to actually see your etheric body. 

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A Royal Comission(17)

This is still just cute fluff and I just…love it? Thanks @fleetstreetfatality for fueling this fire :) (ALSO this is 74 pages long now.Yikes)

The first morning session with Cor is not what he expects. Brutal physical exhaustion, maybe some aggression working out or something.

Instead Prompto finds himself sitting very still beside the marshall, watching the river that feeds the lake as it runs past them, uncaring. Cor doesn’t speak, just breathes slowly, eyes half lidded as he stares into the clear water. Prompto glances at him every few minutes and tries to match his breathing, maybe it’s some centering thing?

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Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Previously: AO3 link

Words: 4361

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 4: Nyx and Luna leave Lestallum, headed to the Disc of Cauthess, ready to wake up the Titan and fulfill their destiny.

Personal Comment: I promised this chapter would be long, but it’s actually shorter than I expected, lol, forgive me. But now the story gets slowly interesting. I hope you like the ideas I had to explain things that in the game were never explained xD 

Thanks as always to my lovely beta reader @loveiscosmicsin and to @ramibriidge for the amazing art <3 what would my fic be without you, girls, please go on supporting me like this, I love you <3

The healing session, as Luna called it, was short and it took place just one hour after Vyv’s article was published on the newspaper. Nyx escorted Luna under a marquee which was situated not very far from Lestallum and then watched over her closely as she used her powers to help everyone was in need. It was impressive how many people came even if they had so little time to prepare. Nyx tried to imagine how huge the crowd would have been if only they announced the event earlier.

As the Glaive and Oracle headed to their designation, the soldier noticed collections of graffiti on the walls throughout the city. There were quite a few probably written by delinquents like Dis Town Iz 2 hot 4 U, but the phrase that stuck out to him the most was a proclamation, a beacon of hope: Long live the Oracle.

Once again, it hit him the way how Lunafreya was loved and almost worshiped by everyone. Just mentioning her name got people got emotional and waterworks cannot be stopped in time. If he was in her place, he wouldn’t be able to bear the burden of their expectations and all he was able to think about was that the princess shouldn’t have either. It was true indeed, she was special, with special powers and a special destiny to fulfill (even though he still didn’t get the clear picture about that destiny either). But as far as he could see, she was human, too. An elegant princess with white magic destined to be the beloved bride to be of Prince Noctis, but also the girl who likes cream in her Ebony and who wants to buy only fancy dresses at the market. 

“Don’t push yourself,” he whispered after she healed the first girl, touching her elbow. “You don’t owe anything to these people.”

But Luna’s thoughts were adverse to the concern. She watched as the small crowd came by, with hope in their eyes, and she just couldn’t follow Nyx’s instructions anymore. He was right, she owed nothing to them, but at the same time, her gift afforded responsibility in using it for the others’ sake. Oracles don’t have the luxury of being selfish or to exclude anyone from treatment. She was born to serve humanity.

In that very moment, a man afflicted by the Starscourge was brought in her proximity. He sat on a brink of considerable pain, breathing heavily and looking numb. Luna shook off Nyx’s hand and went straight to the sick man. Nyx couldn’t do anything but rolling eyes.

“Lady Lunafreya…” The sick stranger said, lifting his eyes to watch her. She was deeply touched by his condition. He had black spotches on his pallid skin, clearly marking the long progression of the illness. The ailment had already deformed his face. 

“Please, set your heart at rest. I shall do what I can to ease your suffering” Luna whispered, swallowing. Sighing deeply, she had to be strong to give courage to these people. She gently cupped his cheeks, trying to be as delicate as she could and started to pray, “Blessed stars of life and light, deliver us from darkness’s blight.” The magic was successful, but left her exhausted. “That is all I can do for now, but trust that relief will come in a matter of days.” She nodded, trying to hide her tiredness.

“It’s a miracle! Oh, bless you. Thank you, Lady Lunafreya.” Seeing the relief in his eyes made Luna’s day. 

Nyx stepped closer once again, speaking a bit more harshly this time: “Okay, Princess, we’re done here now–” 

“Oh, Lady Lunafreya!” A old lady yelled, stealing Luna’s attention away from him once again. Nyx eye rolled… again. “I left on foot from my house to come see you.” 

“You must be exhausted.” Luna said, helping her walking. When she got herself comfortable, Luna decided to heal her too, but after that Nyx had really to impose his way.

“I know you won’t like what I am about to say, but we really have to leave now. Soon the Empire will know about you being here and they will come to look for you in Lestallum. If we want to sneak in the Disc of Cauthess unnoticed we have to go now.”

“But all these people–” 

“It’s your destiny we’re trying to fulfill here, not mine” he replied, raising his eyebrows in a peremptory way. 

Luna squeezed her eyes and then finally nodded. Nyx was right, healing people was important, but waking up the Astrals and give the ring to Noctis was even more important. She let him take her by the hand. 

“Alright, guys, the show is over!” Nyx called out as he pulled the princess away. 

They got in the car as fast as they could.

“No GPS. We can’t have the Empire finding a Tenebraean car fleetingly away from Lestallum right now, can we?”

“Do you know the way?” Luna asked, tying the belt. 

Nyx smirked. “Of course, Your Highness.”

Luna felt asleep pretty fast after their departure. Nyx was expecting this: so, even though she wouldn’t have ever admit it, healing people really tired her so much she had to sleep for hours immediately after. 

Goodness, that girl was really stubborn, why couldn’t she just confess it when he asked? Actually, Nyx had have multiple times the impression that Lunafreya was hiding something. Maybe even something dangerous. But even though he had a lot of questions about the whole situation - about the Six, about Prince Noctis, about the Oracle herself - Nyx had decided to not insist and to not force her to talk. The Princess literally begged him to trust her and that he would have do. The reason? For the Astrals’ sake, Nyx didn’t have any reason. Actually, he had more reasons to NOT trust her: afterall, she was the crazy lady who had the heart to jump from a 20 meters high flying airship on her heels just to have the chance to go back to King Regis. 

Nyx sighed deeply. The road ahead was clear and the bright sun warmed his bones throughout the window. He tried to keep his eyes focused on the road but they were constantly slipping on his right, where the princess rested. Why was he so worried? She was just having a nap.

He lengthened a hand and gently caressed her cheek, moving away a rebel lock of hair from her face. She moaned in her sleep because of his gesture, but didn’t wake up. 

Somewhere deep in his heart, Nyx had a bad feeling about all this.

“Princess? Princess!” 

Luna opened her eyes with the usual difficulty of the last time. 
“What happened?” she asked, noticing they were at a gas station.

“We’re going to have our last pit stop before the big event at the Disc. Five minutes only. I thought you wanted to have some time for yourself to concentrate for whatever you have to do there. … Or maybe just some time to use the bathroom or have an Ebony to wake you up” he said, with a small smile. 

“Oh, yes…” Luna answered, grabbing a bag from the backseat and getting out of the car. It was late afternoon already and soon, dusk. She had slept for a long time. “I’m sorry, Nyx.”

Somehow, Nyx understood what she was trying to say. Luna was not apologizing for sleeping so long, she was apologizing because she still couldn’t explain him the reason beyond her half-truths and hidden purposes. 
Nyx rested his elbows on the rooftop of the car and wave at her with two fingers.

“It’s okay. Take your time now.” 

Luna smiled, innerly glad for his empathy. That attitude made of him the closest thing to a friend she had right now. A diligent guardian. A loyal supporter.

After five minutes, Luna came back wearing the long white dress she bought in Lestallum. 

“You must be kidding me” Nyx murmured, gulping at the sight of it.

“Do I look terrible?” Luna asked as she turned on her heels, worried by his reaction.

Nyx made a funny expression which was a mix between embarrassment and exasperation. “No! I mean, yes! Yes, you’re gorgeous, but that’s—”

“Gorgeous?” Luna stopped her twirl to look at him with surprise.

“What I mean is that,” Nyx quickly continued, his face blushing, “a long white dress like that isn’t quite the most comfortable outfit for facing the Titan.”

“Oh, really? And what do you know about the Archaean that I don’t?” Nyx made a grimace and opened his arms but couldn’t say anything. “What I’m going to do is a proper ceremony. You’re right, it may get a bit ‘dusty’, but at the same time you must realize that we are going to be in front of a deity. I’m sure they shall appreciate manners and elegance, the whole showing off.”

“Well, as far as I know, what deities do appreciate are their purest virgins naked and covered in blood… Which would actually be interesting to watch for me too, so let me know if we’re going to have that, okay?” He smirked, raising his eyebrows very high, trying to joke around and cheer her up a bit. 

Lunafreya froze in the place. She just stood there, with no reaction, her face suddenly blank, staring back at him. 

Nyx’s smile died pretty quick. “Oh, wait, that was …” He started to murmur. “Princess? That was a joke. I mean… a very lame joke. I’m so sorry for being an ass, I …” He wanted to put his hands on her shoulders, but he stepped back instead, trying to catch her gaze so to wake her up from her trance. In the meantime, he cursed himself for being so stupid. What the hell was he thinking? What kind of joke was that? The sexual allusion really had been highly immature and also 'unprofessional’ - and that was probably the reason why she reacted like that. “Princess?”

Luna moved a bit, putting a hand over her heart. “Don’t… apologize.”

“Yes, of course, I apologize. I am clearly not used to manners but I promise that I’ll shut up and–”

“Nyx.” Her voice was firmer this time. “Do not worry. Let us go.”

Nyx bit his tongue and nodded. Something was wrong, he thought as he watched her get on the car, something that laid deeper in her heart and that she wasn’t telling him. And that had nothing to do with his lame joke. She was keeping something away from him on purpose and whatever that thing was, it was consuming her.

They stopped the car in a safe place and they continued on feet. As they reached the front, hidden by darkness, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“My plan actually worked. There are just a couple of magitek soldiers guarding the Disc’s entrance” Nyx said, gently pushing the princess beyond his back so they wouldn’t have been noticed.

“But if you knocked them out, the security cameras will record it and others will come.”

Nyx studied the situation with his military-trained eyes and answered: 
“Not likely. It looks like the Empire came here recently and they surely didn’t have the time to adjust the cameras.” He then smiled. “But who really cares? We have to sneak in anyway, right?”

Luna nodded. “So what can I do?”

“You? With that pretty dress, nothing. Leave the dirty for me. You just have to save your breath for the ritual.”

Luna looked at him, with worry and gratitude in her eyes. “Please stay safe.”

He nodded, thanking her in his mind for not reminding him again that he was almost powerless without his magic.

Nyx stepped ahead with caution, staying in the darkness to avoid to alarm everyone. The first MT’s would have been easy to knock down even without his warp, but the other four would have been a challenge. But they were the only thing between them and the Titan, so he had to succeed. 

He wielded the kukri, feeling underneath his fingers the familiar consistence of the weapon. He knew he could do it. He was trained for this. He wouldn’t have permit the Empire to hurt the Princess like they hurt Selena and his mother ages ago. This time he wouldn’t have been that powerless. 
Nyx glanced at the Princess for one last time to find the last encouragement he needed and then the show started. 

He took the first soldier by surprise, stabbing him in the neck with his kukri and then he acrobatically jumped back to shutdown another one too. Two done. Three magiteks to go. 

This time he was totally exposed under the light, there was no way to take them by surprise again. The three MT’s approached him the same way they always did: they mechanically pointed at him their guns and tried to shoot. But they were just machines. They were slow and Nyx knew their moves because he fought them for years. He ran fast, confusing them with some quick moves they couldn’t catch nor anticipate. The third soldier was stabbed in the chest and the fourth fell under the punch of his left arm. Since just one was left, Nyx decide to use the kukri for a precise throwing. He didn’t fail. He stand there, watching the magitek soldier falling, realizing that even without his powers he still had some moves. He was actually surprised he did it all with such a velocity. 

He took his kukri back and looked around. A giant door was closed in front of him but a switch positioned right on the left would have opened it. He quickly pushed it and like he expected the door opened. Everything was so silent. Even if with all the shadows he couldn’t see well, he thought it was safe enough to let the Princess coming out.

“Clear! Welcome to the Disc of Cauthess, Princess!” He screamed, but exactly when Lunafreya came out a Magitek soldier appeared on the top of the wall and start shooting. Luna immediately stepped back but Nyx lift his eyes to check the position of soldier. He was too far to throw the kukri, he had to take him from another angle. 

“Princess, go!” Luna hesitated because she couldn’t see where the bullets were coming from but in the end she decided she had to take the risk. She lift the hem of her dress and started running towards the huge door. She stopped there, watching Nyx taking cover a bit further.

“What about you?” she screamed, hoping to be heard.

Nyx was barely listening. He was trying to find the dangerous magitek soldier in the darkness. “Well, I suppose I will manage it somehow. But you’ve got deities to wake up, right? What are you waiting for? Go!”

Luna hesitated once again, this time worrying about him and his safety. What if he got shoot again? What if leaving him behind meant losing him this time? But sadly enough, there was nothing she could do if not obeying him and entering in the Disc alone. Her magic was revejuvenation, not meant for offense and time was running out now. She couldn’t fail him. She swallowed hard and then started running.

The Disc of Cauthess was a huge mass of rocks which would have been beautiful in the morning light, but which was pure hell in the shadows of the night. Some fires where lit on the ground, like residues of lava, but except those it was only darkness. 

Luna moved carefully, touching the rocky walls of the path with her fingers to provide leverage. Nyx was right about the dress: it really wasn’t comfortable to walk in the Disc and she thought about it with a smile.

“I have to move fast” she whispered, remembering that her friend was behind, to risk his life for her at the entrance. Every second could have been his last if she didn’t act quick.

She reached the peak where the tomb of a Lucian king - Noctis’ ancestor - lied and took a deep breath. That was the place. That was the moment.
But before she could start, she felt a presence behind her. She turned around to see beyond the shadows a familiar face appeared. 


The woman stepped ahead, her eyes closed as always. She was holding the hands clasped in front of her but as she reached the Oracle she lift her palms in the air and a trident appeared, shining in the darkness with the light of thousands stars.

Luna awed in wonder, recognizing pretty quick the marvelous weapon. “But that is…”

“The Trident of the Oracle. The heirloom of your family that connects you between the two realms: that of mankind and heaven above.”

Luna regained her composure and quietly sighed. “Ravus didn’t allow to take it with me in Insomnia so I thought I left it in Tenabrae.”

“Your brother was the one who entrusted it to me. It was his gift, a sign of peace.”

Lunafreya felt her heart clutching and her tense expression changed in a pained one. “Ravus… wants me to have the trident?”

Gentiana opened her eyes, her emerald eyes gleamed fondness. “Lord Ravus deeply cares for your well-being as kin would. His lust for power would never obscure that.”

Luna couldn’t bear her gaze and looked down at her own shaking hands. 
“I don’t understand. He doesn’t want me to bond with anyone of the line of Lucis because he thinks that this will kill me in the end. Why does he send the trident to me now?”

“It’s a silent vow. For him to support you til the very end. No matter how sad your destiny will be, your gentle soul has touched the hearts of many beings, young Oracle. And your brother makes no difference.”

“Is Ravus… alive?”

Even if she didn’t show, Luna missed a lot the Ravus which used to be an actual brother to her. She was fond of memories of him in their native homeland, playing in the gardens of the palace or secretely reading together books in the library that their mother considered 'for adults only’. Before Noctis, Ravus was her best friend. And yes, she missed that because after the Empire came, everything changed.

“Being alive is a fleeting commodity for him as it is for you.”

“What I do is for the sake of the world. He must know that by now.” Luna said, this time more determined. 

“Yes, you’re tied to the world’s fate and this places a heavy burden on your shoulders. The barter will cost you something that not only your brother would have spared.” 

Luna took a minute to understand about who she was talking now. But when she did, she suddenly felt sad. “This is the reason why I must not tell anyone” she answered, her brow furrowing. “I will bear alone the heavyweight of my destiny.” She lengthened her hands, ready to welcome the glowing trident, which Gentiana gave her with a nod. 

Luna stared at the weapon for a while, reflecting about how that weapon would have accompanied her to the end. It was strange the way she was attached to it anyway. Her foremothers, the previous Oracles including her late-mother have rested their faith into that weapon as they faced the darkness with unwavering resolve. She shall not fail them.

“Keeping it secret is a wise choice” Gentiana started again, whispering this time. “Not even the unwavering wolf can stop his moon from a eclipse.”

“Nyx is a man of honor.” Luna swallowed. “He will do what it takes for the destiny of the world, too. As must we all.”

Gentiana smiled, gently nodding and then disappeared. 

Luna wielded the trident with a fierce satisfaction. With that she was finally able to use all her magic and that made her feel useful. With that she felt powerful. But with that came also a bizarre feeling of sadness and almost anguish, probably due to the conversation she just had with Gentiana, a deity who stood by her side for years as much as she considered her more like a friend than like an actual goddess. She couldn’t be wrong: if Gentiana said that Ravus would have tried to support her even if he didn’t agree with her decisions, she was surely right; and if she said that Nyx would have tried to stop her like her brother did in the past, she was surely right in that case too. Thinking about these two men made her lower the trident and hesitate. What she was about to do… was it really fine? 

She thought of Noctis, too. Their destiny was more similar than she liked to admit. Maybe he would have tried to stop her, too, if he only knew what would have expect them. But then again, she couldn’t be stopped now because she chose this path and she did it for the greater good.

Yes. The greater good.

She couldn’t let doubt cloud this vision, not with the trident in her hands, not right in the Titan’s lair.

She decided to stop thinking, that was only hurting her. No turning back now.

“God of the mountain,” she started, raising her voice towards the huge mass of rocks in front of her. “I beseech you! Wake up from your slumber and listen to my call. The fate of mankind relies on your blessing!” 

For a long minute there was only silence and then suddenly the trident started to glow like it was on fire. Lunafreya didn’t drop it, on the contrary, she raised it to the mountain and repeated the incantation: “God of the mountain, I beseech you! It is me, Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Blood of the Oracle, and you will heed my call!”

A earthquake started to shake the floor, and its intensity grew stronger as what it looked like a mountain took a semi-human form. A inhuman scream came from it, something terrific and powerful too. 

Luna watched the Titan appearing with fear in her heart but calmness on her face, certain that whatever it would have happen she had to show herself strong in order to succeed.

Titan roared once again and what he said was not understandable by anyone but Lunafreya. 

“Yes, I need you to respond to my prayers, for you are a stepping stone in guaranteeing the True King his ascension.” 

The earth trembled once more. The floor she was on started to fade underneath her feet. Rocks fell from Titan’s arms, she breathed the powder and smelled his heavyweight.

For two minutes it was pure chaos, yet she stood firm, feeling a thousand emotions within her. 

And then, the silence.

Nyx limped in the darkness, touching the wall to stay on his feet in case that another earthquake came. After the destruction of Galahd and the fall of Insomnia, what he just lived was legitimately one of the worst experience he had ever have. The floor trembling under his feet - and the entire situation in general - gave him the awful feeling of being helpless like a child and he didn’t like it at all. 

Even now for example, he couldn’t see where he was stepping, but he had to find the princess and escape, before the entire Imperial army found them. 
He glanced into the shadows and just felt that the princess was somewhere near. He didn’t dare to call her though, amazed and also scared by the sight of the Titan from afar. It was incredible that such a powerful creature was summoned by a petite girl like Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. It was incredible and also, fascinating. 


Her voice came out of the darkness so suddenly that he shivered.
“Princess?” He turned around but couldn’t see her. She had to be close though. “Where are you?”

“Here.” The gentle touch of her hand reached him right on the arm she already healed once. Nyx boggled and moaned softly. “You’re hurt.”

Her concern hit him a bull’s eye on a soft spot of his heart. “Nah, it’s just a scratch.” 

“You said the same thing the last time as well,” Luna rebuked, “and we all know what the reality was.”

Nyx smirked. “You got me there. It’s also the same arm, maybe my destiny is to lose it.”

Luna sighed and even if he couldn’t see her face, he could see the delicate glow of her white magic spotting the wound and starting to heal it. “No!” he said, taking her by the hand to stop her. The glow disappeared and they were in the darkness again. “I’m fine, I don’t want you to heal me.” 

“Nyx, you’re wounded again because of me. Healing you is the least i can do—”

“No, I understand now that healing takes a hell of a toll on you. Save that energy for yourself.”

Not seeing her permitted him to feel everything else better. He felt her cold skin, her hands being unsteady, her delicate presence, her breath on his shoulder.

“Tell me now about you. How did the covenant go? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said, too quickly for him to believe it. He reached out to her cheek with his larger, calloused hand and gently caressed it. 

“It looks like you’re lying, too. Let’s get out of here, Princess. Your job is done, right? Let’s find a place where you can rest.”

“The Titan will grant his blessing to Noctis, the alliance was successfully forged. So, yes, I think my job here is done.”

They distanced themselves a bit from one another, but didn’t let their hands go. It was a quiet neccessity, the physical closeness amid the darkness brought security. They turned back toward the entrance, but Luna halted for a second. 

“What?” Nyx asked.

Luna raised an eyebrow, a amused exspression she usually didn’t dare to show in public. “The Archaean has a strange way in showing his favor. I guess that Noctis will suffer a bit of migraine in the next days.”