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Au Revoir, YouTube

If you’ve been watching my last couple of videos on YouTube, you might have guessed that this was coming. Then again, maybe you haven’t and I’m springing this on you like a surprise party - except in this case we’re the only guests, the punch is that really lame non-alcoholic kind, and it’s a farewell instead of a birthday.
Yes, over the last few weeks I’ve been inching closer and closer to a decision to stop making YouTube videos… For now. And considering how much YouTube and (more importantly) you guys have meant to me and what you’ve done for me, I knew I owed you a proper explanation:

I’ve recently started training in the career area of my dreams. I adore being creative and singing and acting and yes, even dancing, and I now get to do it every day, which still brings on the tears and warm fuzzies of happiness when I think about it. Unfortunately though, it’s changed my life in some unexpected ways:

There are things I do now that I’m literally not allowed to vlog - I’m not free to bring you along day-to-day, a restriction I was never expecting. I’m so busy that I’m barely holding together my real-world social life, let alone my virtual one. And I’m having to think about myself in an entirely new light - as a product. I know it’s nigh on impossible that I’ll achieve the dreams I have and get the roles I hope to one day play, but if I want to have a good shot, I have to make sure I’m bringing the best version of myself to the table. And the problem with YouTube videos is they’re only a snapshot of who I am. Of course, for you guys who’ve been watching me from the beginning, those snapshots have built up to form a complete picture, and I feel like you truly have seen me for me, and have accepted me for it. But for someone outside our little YouTube world, who has perhaps done an internet search to see what they can find about me and stumbles across an isolated video, I’ve been given advice that suggests that an isolated video can be what they form their judgement of me off. Which means that making or having videos of me before I believe I’m ready to be judged is going to, well, have an effect. 

After watching my old videos, I’ve had to face up to the fact that I’m no Carrie Hope Fletcher - I didn’t start making videos with my voice and skills and general self presentation already at a near-professional level, and I’m sure as hell still a long way off. I’m also not at the stage where YouTube is a job for me, so I don’t have that monetary element driving me to continue in the face of all this. Maybe things would be different if YouTube was paying me to make videos, but I’ve always made sure to not make YouTube videos for the potential crazy-internet-fame, or for money. I made them for me - and I wish I could say “make”, but the truth is, I’m not anymore. I’m making them for you guys - and because I care so much about you and am so grateful for everything you’ve given me, I didn’t want to acknowledge it.

So all of those reasons make this a situation that generally sucks, and I wish they weren’t so, and I wish I didn’t care… But what I really wish and hope for is your understanding. Regardless of me feeling that this decision is right, I wouldn’t take back a single video I’ve made for the entire world, because they’ve given me some of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had. I got to wake up to thousands of reblogs on my Dave Green video, and grasp the reality that Hank and John Green have seen me dressed up as them, rapping my little heart out. I got to hang out with all of you at the Hannah and Mamrie Hart gathering. I got to run around like a mad thing in a Gryffindor scarf, almost lighting my hair on fire and locking myself out of my house twice in the process of filming. I got to read a message from Ashley Clements saying how much she liked my Hey There Mr. Darcy song. I got to watch charlieissocoollike praise my P4A video. But most amazingly, I got to make videos that lead me closer to all of you. You guys are what gave me the faith and strength to believe I could actually make it as an entertainer. Your praise and criticism helped me grow as a person. Your support and friendship made me feel more worthy of love than I ever have. I love you all, honestly. If I ever make it, you guys will be the people I thank - after I thank my family and the cat I hope to inevitably have by then, of course.

It’s also what’s prompted me to slightly change my decision of privatising my videos, because your comments have made me realise that those videos are a piece of me I gave to you guys, and I shouldn’t take that back. You’ve all journeyed with me through this stage in my life, and I’m not going to throw the diary away just because I think it’s time to stop writing. So what I plan to do is make all my videos unlisted, and provide the links for every single one of them at the end of this post (that’s right, even the one where I’m wearing the fake paper beard). That way, if you still want to watch them - ANY of them - you can. Having them here on this post means only those of you who actually care will end up seeing them (at least, that’s the plan - do tell me if any of the links aren’t working, and I’ll re-do them). And if you don’t want to watch them ever again or don’t care, that’s fine too. I’m not your mum. OR AM I? (I’m not). 

Plus, if I want to make a video in the future that I want you guys to see but don’t want to publish publicly, I’ll make it unlisted and post the link either here or on my twitter, so I know the ones who want to see it will. Either way, I didn’t feel like it was right to take them all away and pretend they never happened (even if I am embarrassed by some of them), because the meaning and sentiment behind them is genuine and real and something I’ll always cherish.

And as the title of this post suggests, this is an au revoir, not a goodbye. I hope to return to YouTube one day, when I think I’m ready. Maybe that will be in a month, maybe a year, maybe three, who knows. I’m definitely not expecting you all to wait around while I figure it out. But I’m by no means departing social media - you can still follow me on twitter, ask me questions on Tumblr, chat to me on Facebook, yell at me in the street - or maybe just a nice hug will suffice.

I’ve got a (fingers crossed) amazing journey ahead of me that I definitely want to share with you all - I’m just doing what I think needs to be done to ensure that journey leads where I want it to.

But there’s one thing I know for absolute certain - I wouldn’t have even started this journey if not for you guys. And so, from the deepest, sappiest, mushiest bottom of my heart, I say thank you. My goodness, thank you. Thank you to all of you: my subscribers, my comrades… My friends.



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