i like to think he cant swim

klance headcanons in the canon universe

• i dont think either had a crush on the other at the garrison

• i mean, maybe lance thought keith was cute but just didn’t realize it because i feel like he thought he was straight at the garrison

• and maybe keith though lance was cute too but i feel like hes not really the type to get crushes on people at school because hes more focused on other things

• keith has always had sort-of long hair (except when he was like 5, he had a bowl haircut)

• i feel like before entering the garrison he had REALLY long hair and was like “i should cut this because why not” and just, fucked shit up, and thats why he has a mullet

• lance actually didnt have that many relationships at the garrison

• sure he had a couple short term girlfriends a few times but he was always more focused on getting good grades so he could move up classes and make his family proud

• inside red is one of the only places that keith feels safe

• even after the lion switch, red will still let keith in

• i also feel like blue would let lance in, she just HAD to completely shut him out in that moment because he had to go to red

• blue didnt want to let lance in because she knew if he came in she wouldnt want to let him go

• keith has never played a sport in his entire life

• this is why he is so bad at team-oriented things and always just wants to be left to do things on his own

• legit everytime i see “oh keith did (football, soccer, hockey, etc.)” im like, what kind of ooc bullshit

• he looks good in a hockey uniform though not gonna lie

• anyways

• keith doesnt really have taste for food unless its really really good so he doesnt mind the food goo

• speaking of the food goo i think it tastes like old tea bags and grass

• i feel like keith and lanve would have that thing where theyve both confessed that they like eachother but theyre just,, so awkward and are both waiting for the other to officially ask them on a date

• i also think that before they even knew they liked eachother, they were always in “this technically could be seen as a date” situations

• to them a date can just be hanging out in their rooms together

• which they do that literally any time they get

• they always hang out in lances room because lances room has actually been home-ified while keiths room looks like no one has ever lived in there

• when they finally sort out the altean pool, everyone learns that keith actually cant swim

• keith thought that he could swim because he thought it looked pretty self explanatory but then he gets right into the deep end and almost drowns

• keiths favorite thing to do to pass time is stare out the windows on the ship and just watch the passing planets and stars

• the thing is that he can literally be staring at it for hours on end and suddenly lance comes in like “wtf babe its 2am go to sleep” and keith is like “what :0? its only been like 20 minutes”

• lance loves to watch hunk cook food

• he especially loves it because a) hunk says some wild stuff while hes cooking and b) he gets to be the taste tester

• casual hand holding is a must

• there could be someone between them and they will just reach around and hold hands behind the person

• lance gets keith into the habbit of taking naps (which isnt really a good thing considering their current job)

• so they both stop taking naps (unless given permission to chill) but instead the move into the same room (they move into lances room bc keiths room can go fuck itself)

• theyll say their going to bed at 9 but then spend 3 hours just talking to eachother about random shit

• they always have something to talk about with eachother

• lance has a secret obsession with keiths hair (despite always complaining about it) and will always run his fingers through it

• keith also has an obsession with lances hair but not in the same way

• while lance likes keiths hair because its soft and fluffy and long, keith likes lances hair because its good for fidgeting with

• lance will lay between keiths legs with his back to keiths chest while talking to the team and keith will just absent mindly touch lances hair

• nose kisses!

• nose kisses before battles!

• nose kisses before going to sleep!

• nose!

• kisses!

• 🅱️ls

• keith goes to lance or shiro for comfort depending on what type of comfort he needs

• one time in their late night talks they started talking about the future and where their relationship will go

• (after dating for a few years) their like basically engaged without either of them having ever asked

• anyways, back to that late night talk

• lance brings up kids and is like “oh yeah, you probably dont want any kids :(” and keith just stares at him like boy the fuck

• “lance i have never really had a family but i desperately want one, i want 10000 kids”

• ok im definitely gonna make a keith and lance as dads hc post after this


//asks for fashion tips

Kitzom: You gotta bring out the gun show Coran my man.

protector // (k.l imagine)

Anonymous said: can you do an imagine for Kian, where you’re someone who doesn’t know how to swim but the guys (Dom, Bobby, Harrison, Corey) pressure and push you into the pool BC they didn’t know and Kian walks out and sees you struggling to stay afloat, and gets angry at everyone after helping you—— but you don’t think it’s that bit of a deal and he gets even more pissed at you, like super over protective Kian reveals his fear of losing you, pleaseeee- maybe end in a fluffy make out session

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Fall in Together

When Steve Harrington opened his door at 9 PM Wednesday night, the last thing he expected to greet him was the anxious face of his girlfriend’s little brother.

“Steve!” Mike exclaimed.  Steve kept frowning, looking around at the other kids standing behind Mike.  Lucas and Dustin were there, along with that new girl that Steve knew to be Billy’s sister Max.  The youngest Byers was nowhere in sight, but Steve wasn’t very surprised by that.  They all looked nervous, staring at him with wide eyes and harried expressions.  “Is Nancy here?”

Steve’s frown only deepened.  “No, I haven’t seen her since school,” he answered slowly.  Their faces all fell, and Mike looked terrified.  “Mike, what’s going on?”

Mike met his eyes and with a sinking stomach, Steve guessed the words he was going to say right before he said them.  “It’s Nancy.  She’s gone.”

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Monsta X reaction- Crush not knowing how to swim

@destination-unicornland I apologize for how late I am posting this but I hope you do like it :) Enjoy and Happy Reading

**gifs are not mine. full credit to rightful owners**


He wouldn’t let you feel embarrassed because you couldn’t swim. He would sit with you and do whatever you wanted to do because he wouldn’t want you to do something that you didn’t feel comfortable with.

“Come on y/n join us!!” Minhyuk tried to drag you into the pool. You tried to stop him from dragging you. “I can’t swim Minhyuk” you told him. “Oh” he replied and immediately let go of your hand. “Its okay. You don’t have to go in. I can stay here with you and we can talk” he smiled. “You don’t have to Minhyuk. Go have fun” you urged him. “But I want to talk. You know how much I love it” he winked with both eyes like a kid. So the both of you sat on beach chairs by the pool and talked abut everything and anything attracting the attention of those in the pool with your loud laughs and bright smiles.


I think Kihyun would be very practical about the whole situation. He wouldn’t be too surprised. In fact I don’t think he would give much of a reaction at all because lots of people cant swim and there is nothing new about that. However he would say something along the lines of not be embarrassed by it.

“Why are you embarrassed that you can’t swim?” He asked you with a curious expression on his face. “I don’t know, because most people do, and I am terrified of stepping in the water because of it” you shrugged and pressed your lips together. He sighed. “I’ll teach you how to swim and then you won’t be embarrassed” he declared. “Ki.. Thank you” you smiled at him. Corners of his eyes crinkled and his smile reached his eyes. When you tried to apologize he stopped you by putting his index finger on your lips. “Stop being so formal and its not a sin. If you are scared then you are scared. Its nothing to be ashamed of y/n” he said in the earnest.


Hyungwon would be really sweet about you being scared to enter the pool. He would find it very endearing how you got scared but he wouldn’t force it upon you and understand your fear.

“Really?” He asked you when you told him why you didn’t want to enter the pool. You covered your face with your hands which he snickered at. He wouldn’t be able to to contain the smile that broke out on his face as he uncovered your face. “Y/n you don’t have to feel embarrassed by it in the slightest. If you don’t want to go in the pool you don’t have to” he assured you as he could see you feeling tense. “Dont tell anyone about it” you requested. He nodded his head but he couldn’t help but laugh at how cute it was. “ Ok. I won’t" he put his index finger on his lips. “Its our secret” he whispered while trying oi control his giddiness.


I am sure this boy himself might be scared to enter into the pool. But either way he would try to comfort you if the others forced you to go into the pool, or if you simply didn’t want to.

“Changkyunie stop, if she doesn’t want to go” jooheon lightly scolded him as he tried to drag you into the pool. I.M threw his hands up in the air and jumped into the pool with a splash leaving you wet in the process. “Are you okay?” He asked you as your dried yourself off. You nod. “Dont worry about it. It doesn’t really matter. There are more things out there than knowing how to swim” he patted your shoulder. “We can go somewhere else if you want. We don’t have to stay here” he offered. You could sense the sincerity in his voice so you gave him a small hug at which his cheeks went pink and his head hung low because he couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot.


He might tease you playfully because you didn’t know how to swim, but he wouldn’t mean it. Like Kihyun though he would also not not make a big deal about it because its nothing out of the ordinary.

“Wow the perfect y/n doesn’t know how to swim? Tsk tsk tsk” he shook his head. You slapped his upside on the head. “I am kidding. Chill” he screamed. “Dont” you said in a threatening tone. “Its not a big deal that you are scared of going into the pool. It’s normal. So stop being sensitive about it loser” he teased you. You couldn’t help but smile, although you should have gotten mad at him for calling you a loser. “If you feel scared you can always hold on to me” he offered feeling flustered himself. So he led you into the pool while letting you clutch to him as if your life depended on it. But for him it was a way for him to get you to feel closer to him so you would notice his big crush on you.


Wonho would understand you. He wouldn’t judge you for it because he has his own share of fears. I feel he would encourage you to not feel embarrassed or shy because you couldn’t swim.

When you adamantly refused to enter the pool the rest of the boys gave up. Except for Wonho. He took a seat next to you. Seeing your red cheeks made him chuckle lighty. “Cant swim?” he asked. Your eyes widened and you looked at him. “I just guessed” he smiled. “Dont be embarrassed by it y/n. I am afraid of heights, and I don’t go on rides. We all have something that scares us. Besides you can always learn how to swim. Its not an impossible thing to do” he smiled. He then held up an inflatable ring buoy in front of you. He placed it over your head until it reached your waist. “This will keep you safe” he winked and led you to the pool. (OMFG THIS GIF IS SO CUTE SOMEONE PLEASE HELP)


He would be surprised that you didn’t know how to swim but being the teddy bear that he is, he would try to help you out. Specially he would have a crush on you, he would try his best to get you to feel comfortable. He would be very sweet about it too.

You and the rest of the boys were at the pool. They were all having fun while you watched them splash water at each other from the sidelines. Shownu came up to to you and asked you to join them. When you told him you didn’t know how to swim he chuckled. “Is that it y/n?” You nodded. “Okay come on” he extended his hand towards you. You wrapped your hand in his and he led you towards the pool. You stopped mid way and started shaking your head. “Its not the deep end. The water will barely reach your waist” he squeezed your hand. He led you in further all the while holding your hand. “Thanks Shownu” you smiled up at him thankfully and returned the smile just as brightly.

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Do you ever just think about how any other member could have done the jinyoung saving part in never ever but out of all he still chose mark bc hes the one who he whole heartedly trusts? Even tho their was heavy surveillance but any casualties could have happened but he TRUSTED MARK WITH HIS LIFE he knew mark would never let anything happen to him and just how bone deep this bond of trust runs??? i sure do think about it a lot


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I know neither of them are children of Poseidon, but I really want a Solangeo mermaid AU. If you're still accepting them...

anonymous said: Ok consider,,, Solangelo mermaid au.

sorry for the super long wait but this is pretty long so hopefully that makes up for it so here it is under the cut!!

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12 y/o sora is rowing his boat from the mainland to destiny islands when suddenly his boat collapses in the water! mermaid riku saves the drowning sora, since he can’t swim, and from then on they become friends. sora likes bringing riku different candies and chips to try from the human world, but for some reason riku likes the taste of mint tic tacs more than actual candy. sora thinks it’s gross, but he doesn’t mind–now he doesn’t have to share his skittles! in return, riku teaches sora how to swim and finds pretty stones and shells at the bottom of the ocean for him! [more h/c under the read more!]

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I like when someone finds themselves in a critical situation that requires them to perform CPR, but then they get too involved in the mouth exercise and it becomes a deep kiss in public. ^^ I like to think Mikoto cant swim x Munakata rescues. Fushimi too would be skilled at this I imagine?

Mikoto being unable to swim but he does a great dead man’s float, to the point that he’s been known to lie on his back in the ocean and fall completely asleep while floating; Totsuka had to make sure to moor him to the dock to be certain he wouldn’t float away. So maybe Homra’s having another of their beach trips, initially Mikoto’s hanging out under a sun umbrella because wouldn’t want princess to ruin his pristine skin. Then Anna and Totsuka drag him into the ocean to play for a bit, they stay mostly in the shallows so everything is fine until Mikoto starts floating for a bit and suddenly gets swept out to sea by a tide. Anna wants to go rescue him but is told to stay back, before Totsuka can go drag him back there’s like this sudden huge wave that crashes down on Mikoto’s unsuspecting body. Totsuka’s like ‘don’t worry, it’s fine, I’m sure King knows how to swim~’ Cut to Mikoto decidedly not knowing how to swim.

Before anyone else can rush out to save him there’s a flash of white and Munakata strides by wearing only his glorious puzzle-printed Speedo, diving out into the water to save Mikoto (as it happens Scepter 4 was having an ocean-based training camp right around the corner and Munakata’s been acting as lifeguard all day, he finally has a chance to put those skills to good use). So Munakata drags Mikoto back to shore, the rest of Homra tries to cluster around but Munakata waves them off – possibly using some blue aura – and states that he will handle this situation. Munakata proceeds to bend down and give Mikoto mouth to mouth as everyone stares at him with varying expressions of shock and/or irritation (imagine Kusanagi’s just like facepalming, Yata is horrified to see the asshole Blue King daring to touch Mikoto-san’s lips, Fushimi is standing nearby having followed Munakata and just has this completely deadpan ‘really, here, in public?’ look on his face). Suddenly Mikoto coughs and appears to be all right, but just in case Munakata decides to continue the CPR. Homra’s worry slowly fades and everyone starts to wander off as they realize that it is now situation normal, they’re just making out no need to stay and watch. The makeout session only ends when Munakata pulls away in order to lecture Mikoto about proper ocean safety and Mikoto 'accidentally’ dumps a handful of sand on Munakata’s head.

Fushimi would also probably be skilled at CPR and since we’re going with Mikoto not being able to swim I’m taking that to mean an excuse for Mikosaru :3c So same scenario as above, except this is when Fushimi’s still in Homra and he reluctantly drags himself out from where he was huddled under a sun umbrella with his skin slathered in sunscreen because maybe the rest of Homra moved on down the beach for a bit and only Fushimi notices that Mikoto’s kinda drowning. Fushimi swims out to save him, probably complaining all the way about stupid lazy Kings who don’t know how to swim. He gets Mikoto back to shore and then realizes that Mikoto doesn’t seem to be breathing, Fushimi clicks his tongue and is like shit I guess I have no choice. He kinda hesitates for a moment before starting CPR, his face really close to Mikoto’s and cheeks feeling oddly warm for some reason as he presses his mouth over Mikoto’s. It doesn’t take long before Mikoto coughs up some water and slowly blinks his eyes, Fushimi stares at him trying not to look worried and then suddenly Mikoto puts a hand on the back of Fushimi’s head and drags him back down for a kiss. Fushimi struggles for just a second before leaning into it and they have a passionate makeout for a minute before Fushimi immediately sits back up breathing hard with his arm pressed over his mouth like wait what the fuck. Mikoto just smirks slightly like thanks for the save and before Fushimi can even say anything the rest of Homra shows up back wondering what’s going on. Fushimi refuses to explain to anyone and just storms back to his umbrella, for the rest of the day he can’t look at Mikoto without blushing.


I don’t think my boy Azul will make it through the week and I don’t know what to do. I think he has swim bladder. He stopped eating a few days ago. He can’t swim for more than a second and is staying at the bottom of his tank. He’s breathing extremely fast and can’t do anything. It’s really bad. I hate to see him suffer. Is there any way I can end his suffering humanly and painlessly? He’s starving and and dying and I just. cant take it anymore. I feel like I’ve failed him.

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I hate to ask you guys, but I really need help



the seven go to the mall
  • percy: that looks like a mighty fine foutain, do u think they would mind if i swam in it
  • leo: *rides festus through macy's*
  • hazel: back in my day-
  • frank: *badass as always*
  • annabeth: percy no u cant swim in it whERE IS A BOOK STORE AROUND HERE
  • piper: am i beautiful jason
  • jason: *gets hit by brick out of no where because he cant even go to the mall without being uselss*

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Where would the RFA members choose to take MC on their honeymoon after the party?

i wanted to include pics for this so i did a female MC

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Japan!!
  • they visit Tokyo 
  • him and MC spend most of the time in the city, but also visit rural areas to see the temples and beautiful scenery
  • this pic with the caption “LOOK AT MY WIFE THATS MY WIFE”


  • somewhere warm, tropical, and beachy like Fiji
  • but also super secluded, cause he doesnt want anyone to see MC in her bathing suit but him
  • they go out at night with flashlights and look for sand crabs and Zen playfully chases MC around the beach and picks her up and spins her around and all that cute stuff
  • also!! SNORKELING!!!
  • “the reefs out here are almost as beautiful as you”
  • Zen’s insta:


  • Jaehee wants to go to a real foresty quiet area with pretty scenery
  • like a little cabin in the mountains of Switzerland
  • hot chocolate and coffee every morning
  • cuddles under big soft blankets in chunky sweaters
  • Jaehee is a big gay teddy bear
  • hiking in the morning!
  • “all this gorgeous scenery, but i still cant take my eyes off her”


  • the ultimate city of romance: Paris
  • fancy dinners every night
  • takes her shopping everyday
  • “darling, this dress would look amazing on you. will you wear it at dinner tonight?”
  • enjoying fancy latte art cafe’s in the morning and yummy french food
  • he just wishes he was better at taking pictures


  • “hey MC, we’re going on a cruise to america!”
  • “oh my gosh, really?? where??”
  • “alaska”
  • …Seven, why
  • because Seven thinks the concept of swimming in a pool in the ocean is incredible i mean its like a small pool in the worlds pool
  • Seven and MC spend hours everyday on the top deck playing on the water slides
  • theres also an ice cream machine on the top deck
  • which means ice cream about three times every hour
  • “MC, lets go do the titanic thingy!!”
  • Seven loves looking at the night sky with MC
  • people normally dont look at the sky unless they work on a boat or something, which he finds sad
  • but looking at the sky with MC is the most fulfilling and incredible experience he could ever ask for
  • Seven thought MC had no idea he was taking this pic but she totally knew


I have this terrible feeling about Sousuke

I think he’s sick or he’s dying or has a terminal illness or something. It’s killing me, but it seems to add up. 

Why he’s so moody, why he randomly transferred to swim with Rin, why he messed up the relay and seemed to have trouble breathing, why he says he wants to swim more and seems so regretful almost like he knows he won’t have a chance

It also kind of makes that split-screen of Rin in the OP (the one where he’s crying, clutching at someone’s shirt) make sense in context…  


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i like to think that yes junkrat hates the water and cant swim but the moment he sees his s/o in a cute swim suit laughing and splashing in the water hes sprinting in and SHIT HE DROWNING HE DIDN'T THINK THIS THROUGH HELP HIM GODDAMNIT NOT AGAIN Y/N GET OUT OF THE WATER YOUR CUTENESS IS KILLING YOUR BOYFRIEND


Okay so he’d be all pouty on the sand (bc I’m doing a beach AU fight me) bc he can’t swim and his prosthetics are gonna rust if he goes into the water, but he made waterproof ones so he could maybe go in the water if someone rlly wanted him to join them in the water. Then trash boi sees his s/o in all their glory, and he’s just frozen bc that’s a lot of skin showing, and they look so.. so cute in their swimsuit, so he says fuck it, puts in his water proof prosthetics, and sprints into the water.

He starts freaking out when he can’t feel the sand under his feet and the poor boy is basically drowning, and a wave crashes right on top of him. Then suddenly, an angel! The angel is his s/o and they help him into ankle deep water, gently patting his back as he coughs up water. Once he’s chill (and has had a juice box, poor baby, then his s/o stays with him in the shallow water and they never go deeper than waist high water. He gets used to it, and says ‘Love y’dun need t’stay with me the whole time’ and they just shrug before kissing his cheek and going ‘I love spending time with you’ and he just.. he ded.


I am trash. Raywood/AH mermaid AU!

  • Ryan is an awkward Merman who doesn’t really spend too much time with the general merfolk populace
  • Ray is an awkward pirate who is piss-poor at his job and doesn’t know why he’s even on a pirate ship, last time he takes a dare to get drunk at a sketchy bar
  • And Ray is so bad at being a pirate that his “shipmates” throw him overboard in the middle of the goddamn ocean and, get this, Ray cant swim.
  • So Ryan (who lets be honest has been following this ship for days because holy fuck Ray’s cute) saves his sorry ass and takes Ray to his home for safety.
  • His home turns out to be a ship graveyard, weeks from any land masses, where so many ships have shipwrecked there they’ve formed something of a landmass out of the water
  • So he takes Ray there and Ray’s like k least I didn’t drown and okay this guy is hot
  • And he meets Michael and Gavin, two younger and hyper mermen, who try to teach him how to swim and nearly drown him
  • Geoff is a bitter old seagul who wont fly unless he has too, Ryan may or may not know a little bit of magic and so Geoff can talk now
  • Jack is a Great White shark with a heart of gold who loves his band of misfits to death and guards the waters of the shipwreck cause, lets be real here, jack is fucking terrifying to those who dont know him. Ryan also gave Jack the ability to talk to them.
  • And Ray likes it there a lot more than with the pirates and soon enough he never wants to leave
  • And they all warm up to Ray and he becomes part of the odd little family and fluffy cute Raywood happens cause honestly, this manchild has to learn how to swim at some point, come on Ray god dammit
  • and if you think I’m not going to fucking write this then YOU ARE DEAD WRONG BECAUSE MY RAYWOOD TRASH HEART CANT SAY NO TO RAYWOOD OKAY

Also i may or may not cry/die of happiness if this got drawn feel free to do so but send me an ask or something cause i wanna see it <3