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20 Questions

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Name: ….let’s just go with Jantotrash!

Nicknames: …Jantotrash?

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Height: uhhhh I don’t know like 5 9 ish?

Orientation: Well, definitely asexual spectrum!

Nationality: German/American

Favorite fruit: All of them?  Oranges?  Bananas?  Apples?

Favorite season: Spring or Fall

Favorite book: Impossible.  Harry Potter.  Heroes of Olympus.

Favorite flower: Lilies?  Or Marigolds.

Favorite scent: Vanilla cupcake candle smell

Favorite color: Blueish green.  Like the ocean.

Favorite animal:  Cats, dolphins, bunnies, ALL THE ANIMALS

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Hot cocoa

Average sleep hours: Probably like 7-8 hours.

Cat or dog person: 100% Cat

Favorite fictional character: Are you absolutely kidding me?!  This is impossible.  Here’s the short list: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Albus Dumbledore….

Number of blankets you sleep with: Two

Dream trip: Probably a kelp forest or a coral reef.

Blog created: Um, like late 2015.

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dogtalia doods

WIP meme

I was tagged by @sixsaltysweets! Thank you! ^-^

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

my original stuff:

1. Chant of Stars (I hate translating titles, it sounds much cooler in German I swear >.<): Emri’s story. It’s a constant construction site. This bloodsucking monster will never be finished. It started out as a classical “Chosen One saves the world from the Big Bad” kinda thing years ago when I was like, thirteen, and by now it’s sort of an attempt to subvert some of those exact fantasy genre clichés. I’m not saying it’s clever or anything, but I’m working on it.

Here are some of the working titles this thing has had throughout the years:

  1. Anxious Mage Is Doing His Best
  2. Trying To Help But Inadvertently Just Making Things Worse: A Character Study
  3. Death And Misfortune. Also At Least One (1) Cute Kitten.
  4. Why Are There No Dragons In This

2. Also, here’s a months old drawing of Emri that I occasionally go back to but have no stamina to actually finish because *gently fingerguns backwards out the door* 

3. Desert Sailor: Gil’s story. I’ve translated some snippets of it into English before, they’re here if anyone’s interested. It’s kind of bad since translations are hard and also this is all from the very first draft still, so… eh. I might go back to working on this one when I’m done with ANLG - though the motivation to work on my own stuff is really super low right now. After this whole fanfic experience where people are actually interested in what I write, it’d just be so goddamn lonely to go back to writing stuff nobody reads or cares about T-T

fandom stuff

1. And Nearly Letting Go: I mean. You know this one. It’s probably the only reason you’re following me ^_^;

It’s on a bit of a hiatus at the moment because *quietly backflips out the window* Don’t worry I’ll finish it, I’ve just been working on it for too long now and I need a break.

2. Prompts: I still have 10 or 11 prompts in my inbox. I promise I have not forgotten about them! They’re really helping me getting over my ANLG writer’s block actually, the last one I did was super fun. I’ve started writing 2 more and taking notes on 3 others already. Some of them are very difficult for me actually, but I’ll do my best!

3. Sneak peak of a silly thing that I may or may not finish:

I wanted to do 2 of those, but it’s way more work than I thought and I draw very slowly, so lets see if I have enough willpower to complete these.

(Yes even low quality shitposts are too time consuming when I do them. Y’all have no idea how long I take to even finish one simple sketch T-T)

4. Sketches: Since we’re on the subject… I have 2 rough sketches lying around that I wanna finish at some point, one of Mob with a cat (because Mob+Cats will always give me feels) and one of - ehhhh terumob kisses? o///o Which. Yeah. I’m no good at drawing stuff like that so I might never ever post it, but I wanted to give it a try ^_^;

Okay you know what I think that’s long enough, I’m not gonna ramble about all the half finished sketches or vague story ideas I never really started, because most of those aren’t WIPs so much as they are just orphans abandoned by the side of the road at this point.

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Help needed!! So much help

I need to learn German and pretty fast 😃

Ok, so many of you know that I live in Italy, but because of my job and the new management who took off like half of our paychecks, I’ll move to Germany in about 2 months ❤

While I’m pretty excited about it, because fresh start, new place, and all that…. I don’t speak German at all!!

Could some of my followers teach me some stuff? Like the simple things…. “how are you?” “I don’t speak german” and things like this 😕

Send me asks or message me or comment on this post with useful things 💋

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Twin Ciel theory

So I recently found out about this theory, and I was like no way that’s absurd and stuff, and there’s a lot of subtle stuff I didn’t notice before when I went to reread to confirm.

so I go scrolling through the TCT tag and I’m surprised no one pointed this out yet??? 

So in Germany, we have the German reapers looking at Ciel’s family tree and the Vincent’s offspring branches into two???

Some of y’all might argue that the branch is just fancy details or maybe it connects to the same frame.
but Yana has been very consistent with details so far, I doubt that with a team of assistants they would just accidentally split a branch. And if you look to earlier chapters, a lot of subtle details they draw have a purpose in the arc or following arcs. And for it possibly being connected to the same frame, if you look at the rest of the square frames, all of them have it as merged branches like these

but in this case,

it’s splits instead, implying that Vincent and Rachel had two progeny?

Btw if you’ve made it this far and can someone explain to me why TCT get’s so much hate?? 

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NAME: Jaqueline
NICKNAME: Jacky, Jack, Line (only one person is allowed to call me that)
HEIGHT: 171cm
ETHNICITY: German (is that what I’m supposed to write here…?)
ORIENTATION: bi (or maybe even pan? not sure about that yet, and i don’t care that much about this stuff anyway *shrug*)
FAVOURITE FRUIT: look at my user name.. cherries of course!! ^^ but i also love mangos
FAVOURITE SEASON: summer (even though I’m melting all the time and tend to get sunburned easily)
FAVOURITE BOOK: Howl’s Moving Castle (it’s really different from the movie! i love the Ghibli movie but the book is even better!)
FAVOURITE SCENT: um… freshly baked cake?? i don’t know!! um… i like magnolia scent… and, um… almond? i mean, i really loved the scent of my almond face mask… 
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: cats and bunnies
FAVOURITE BEVERAGE: ice tea (lemon), iced coffee, cocoa (hot and cold)
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: not enough… well, around 6 hours, i think
FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Male: Lance from VLD, Gin Ichimaru from Bleach; Female: Minako Aino from Sailor Moon, Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail
NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: only one in summer (and even that is too much….) and 2-3 during winter ^^
NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS: 216 (haha, i’m really not popular xD i’m basically just blogging for myself and my own amusement)

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eight by eight meme

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Last Movie I watched: an East-German scifi thing named  planet of the dead or first spaceship on venus or the silent star idk it had fifteen different titles

Last Song I listened to: pachidermi e pappagalli by francesco gabbani (sue me I bought his record it’s good)

Last Book I read: heart-shaped box by joe hill unless you count a manual of administrative justice I read for a job I’m 99% not gonna get

Last thing I ate: breakfast? tea and bread with orange marmalade

Where would I want to Time Travel to: the seventies so I could see all the concerts I can’t go now because the people are dead. I WANNA SEE LED ZEPPELIN AND WARREN ZEVON LIVE GDI

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: eddie dean from the dark tower thanks

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: somewhere chilling in paris

Current Fandom Obsession: still asoiaf, still asoiaf. tho I guess we can throw in iron fist and voltron tld?

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flightyhead  asked:

I don't whether I already told you, but I'm (East-) German, and when I read HYSA I was totally floored how realistic the whole GDR chapter was. Most people don't really know what it was like here, and I think it's amazing how you not only got a lot of the historical facts right but especially how you captured the atmosphere.

……………i.. cannot. believe. that an actual east german thought it was fucking realistic. im freaking out!!!

i get so many ideas for historical-era stories but i never try to write them because i’m scared of getting it wrong, you know? this makes me so happy to hear, that I somehow got it right in a fanfic. maybe it was a lucky chance but seriously, this made my night. thank you for telling me this.

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name: Julia
nicknames: Don’t really have one.. my dad calls me Kälbchen (cute form of calf haha) and my friends make up “funny” stuff out of my last name like Stinkela
zodiac sign: Pisces
height: 168cm / 5′6 (?)
orientation: Bisexual, I guess
nationality: German
favorite fruit: Pineapple
favorite season: Late spring/early summer 
favorite book: LOTR obviously, but also Henry Rollins’ books like Black Coffee Blues
favorite flower: Sunflower
favorite scent: Fresh laundry, cat fur
favorite color: Yellow
favorite animal: Can’t choose! I love whales and bees and bumblebees and cats and dogs and elks and cows, I love animals.
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee
average sleep hours: 8 atm
cat or dog person: I have 2 cats but I also miss having a dog
favorite fictional character: Treebeard (or ents in general), Garrus from Mass Effect, Princess Mononoke.. I’m so bad at picking favourites
number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2
dream trip: I’d like to go to Sweden and Norway someday but a road trip would be great as well
blog created: 2016 
number of followers: 93

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1-Name: “someguywearingametalmask” AND i have no intentions of changing it

2-Nicknames: Metal Mask

3-Zodiac sign: Libra

4-Height: 6′’1

5-Orientation: Heterosexual

6-Nationalities: German

7-Favourite fruit: Apples, Oranges and Bananas

8-Favourite season: Winter (i fucking LOVE the cold weather)

9-Favourite book: i read comic books and sometimes mangas……lol do those count as books?

10-Favourite flower: Arabian Jasmine (a sweetly fragrant flowers, they feel soft in your longs and nose)

11-Favourite scent: My “I Love Plasma Beam” winter flannel shirt

12-Favourite colour: Purple and Pink

13-Favourite animal: Golden Eagle

14-Coffee/Tea/Hot Coca?: Milk Tea!

15-Average sleep hours: 9 Hours

16-Cat or dog person: non but i’ll play and pet whichever one is in front of me

17-Favourite fictional characters: Undyne and Alphys (obviously) Morrigan Aensland, Dante from Devil May Cry and Sir Daniel Fortesque

18-Dream vacation: nah!

19-Blog created: October 2013

20-Number of followers: 542 followers, now how did that happen? i’m glad to have your sou-i mean you as my followers.

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20 Questions

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 amazing people you’d like to get to know better.

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Name: Maria

Nickname: Don’t have one

Birth Month: May

Height: 5′8″

Ethnicity: Very white, haha. Mostly German, with some Irish and probably a few other Northern European countries.

Orientation: Straight

Favorite Fruit: Mangos, peaches, strawberries

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: A Song of Ice and Fire series

Favorite Flowers: Probably roses and lavender, and small ground flowers like snowdrops and crocuses (and other stuff like that in the amaryllis family).

Favorite Scent: I don’t think I have one specific one. I love red apple, lavender, rose, peach, and warm, kitchen-spice smells.

Favorite Animal: Oh geez. Lots. Bears, large lizards and tortoises, horses, wolves, ravens and crows, and probably more that I’m forgetting.

Favorite Beverage: Moscato, Angry Orchard cider, Dr. Pepper, and coffee.

Average Hours of Sleep: 8 to 10 lately, I’ve been good :)

Favorite Fictional Characters: Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Geralt of Rivia

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: A sheet and a comforter, generally. I’m really hot-natured, but I love the coziness.

Dream Trip: Either Scandinavia, Ireland/Scotland, or New Zealand.

Blog Created: October, 2012

Number of Followers: 591 on this blog

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Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you want to know better.

1) Name: Zane
2) Nickname: Kitey
3) Zodiac Sign: Pisces
4) Height: 5'8"
5) Ethnicity: Australian, bit of german too
6) Orientation: Straight
7) Favourite Fruit: Mango
8) Favourite Season: Winter
9) Favourite Book: The Name Of The WInd
11) Favourite Scent: If talking stuff like perfume/cologne, I like Hugo Boss Night, and Paco Rabbanne Invictus
12) Favourite Colour: Depends, right now a piercing blue
13) Favourite Animal(s): Wolves
14) Favourite Beverage: Whiskey
16) Favourite Characters: From what? ahah, Jorg from Prince Of Thorns is pretty awesome
17) Blanket Number:1?
19) Follower Number: 1593
20) Blog Created At: New years 2014 i think

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I need some Langblr/Studyblr Blogs to follow

So I’m a new langblr/studyblr blog, I’ve had this account for a while since it was my cosplay account which I moved that to a sideblog, and I decided to change this one

I’m native in English, and have been learning German for 3 years now, I would complete my last two years of German,  but there’s a whole lot of other classes that I want to take so I can’t fit that in.

I still want to continue learning German so any German langblr blogs would be fantastic!

I’m also planning on learning Italian, Korean, French, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, and Danish (and a couple other languages but these are the main ones I’m looking for)

like/reblog if you post any of those
(If you reblog, tag what you post)

As for just strictly Studyblr stuff
If you also post tips for

- Someone with ADHD
- Organizing tips
- Anything History related
- Studying tips
- Anything related to Chemistry, Psychology, Geometry, Anatomy & Physiology
- Studying/School/Or Organizing Aesthetics
- Anything about studying abroad

Then also like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog! ♡

20 Questions Tag

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I love being tagged in stuff lol, it is just fun! <3

Rules: answer these 20 questions and tag amazing followers who you’d like to know better
Name: Raina
Nicknames: Small Hands (Running joke in my old group of friends because my hands were the size of a 5-year-olds)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5′6′
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Pasty white lol, but as far as my historical roots go… I have English, Scottish and Swiss background (I feel like I have some german as well but not %100 sure). Also a smidge of Native American (dark hair is from this.) 
Favourite Season: Autumn/Fall
Favourite Books: The Help, Fruits Basket, Maid Sama, The Host, and The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd
Favourite Flowers: Purple Pansies and Red roses. (i am very colour specific lol)
Favourite Scent: I go for fruity scents, my signature perfume is coconut and pineapple (there are few other scents too but those are the two that stand out the most of me)
Favourite Colour: Purple, Black and Red
Favourite Animal: Pandas.
Favourite Beverage: Dude, I have an addiction to Mtn Dew no joke, I need a morning Mtn Dew or I can’t function. It’s bad lol.
Average Hours of Sleep: 4 to 5 on workdays 6 to 8 on days off. 
Favourite Fictional Character: OKOK YOU ASKED I AM GONNA TELL YA!

  • MLP: Big Mac and Vinyl Scratch
  • Fruits Basket: Momiji, Kyo and Haru
  • Pokemon (yes I am doing Pokemon, fight me also this list is gonna be longggggg): Goomy, Mareep, Bellossom, Pancham, Sylveon, Skitty, Vaporeon, Bulbasaur, Xerneas, Jirachi, Fennekin, Teddiursa, Cubchoo Corsola, Celebi, Litten, Snivy, and Chandelure

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1 to 2. 

Dream Trips: I have been to Italy but I would love to go back, same for Scotland and Ireland, I have been but would love to go back. Also since I was little I have always wanted to travel Aisa and Europe.(Specifically Japan) I have always wanted to just travel, it’s fun for me I love it. 

Number of Followers: on this blog, 343

I tagggggggg: @hydranoel @-happytbh- @mfdhme @oppamyhearteu @doombox82 @im-sorry-my-brother @queencorgiiv and anyone else who would like to do this (if I did tag you don’t feel like you need to do it, I tag you all a lot so sorry lol)

Book Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @sommerregentropfen, thank you so much! ♥

1. Favourite author from your country? I’d like to say Franz Kafka, but he isn’t German…maybe Thomas Mann? I really liked “Buddenbrooks”

2. Favourite children’s book? “Weisst du eigentlich, wie lieb ich dich hab”, hands down! I loved that book so much, I still know it by heart!

3. A book that changed your life? The entire Harry Potter series, these books are just like home to me.

4. The best book you read this year is…? I began reading “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy a few days ago and so far I’m loving it!

5. The worst book I read this year? I can’t really answer this, because I haven’t read anything besides War and Peace, lol

6. A book that is overrated to you?  Every John Green novel that was ever written, I’ve never read any of them but the hype (THE HYPE) omg it’s so annoying

7. Randomly recommend a book:  "Beautiful Malice" by Rebecca James! It is so good, it’s kind of a YA Thriller, but not really targeted specifically at young adults, it’s just so good!

I tag @hobbitsmind, @millou, @durwyn and anyone else who wants to do this!

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Answer the 20 questions and Tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Eliza

Nicknames: Ellie, Ella, Liza, Eliz

Zodiac sign: cancer

Orientation: bisexual

Nationality: Indian, british, german, Afghanistani, Czech…other stuff 

Favourite fruit: coconut (but only the fresh ones that are like green outside), mango, pomegranate, cuties

Favourite Season: spring in cali, winter, and I LOVE FALL

Favourite Book: the golem and the jinni, the lunar chronicles, ella enchanted (well when i was younger I read it like 8 times), Pirates!, Six of Crows, tons of other books..

Favourite flower: I don’t have one cause I only like wildflowers soo idk

Favourite scent: vanilla, lilac, or that foresty candle stuff. Just anything that smells good lol

Favourite colour: Light purple, aqua, matte black, and like a deep yet bright green (like moss in a forest)

Favourite animals: all of them, I f*cking love animals (ps my major in college is wildlife biology)

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: hot cocoa or tea, don’t like coffee

Average sleep hours: tbh like 5-6 during the week and on weekends like 10-12

Cat or dog person: cat, but i still love dogs 

Favourite fictional character: probably death from DIMBFF, or Nightmare from Nightmare in My Dreams (Nightmare looks like harry so that helps)

Number of blankets you sleep with: like three

Dream trip: hiking in the himilayas or british columbia oooh or seeing the castles in germany, but I want to travel all over the world soo

Blog created: Jan 1st, 2016

Number of followers: 584

If you already answered it, ignore this and also you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to 🙈☺

I don’t know 20 people to tag but here are a few @harrysabaker @dawniestyles @inffiniteee @elizapearlb (my own freaking blog lol what a loser) @xdividedwefall @alien-harrystyles @mrssschanandlerbong @1d-fangirl-blog

20 Questions

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Name: Patricia (I am not gonna say what my last name is, but all y'all need to know is that it’s the name of a german city)
Nickname: Pat, Patty, Silver, Lani (This one has a backstory actually)
Birth month: April
Height: I dunno in inches and feet and stuff, but in cm it’s around 1,75cm-1,78cm
Ethnicity: Uuh.. well I am basically a pure blooded Prussian and I would say I kind of behave like one, so… Prussian/German I guess?
Orientation: Panromantic/Bisexual
Favorite Vegetable: Tomatoes (nearly everyone of my friends hate it ;-;)
Favorite Book: I dunno really??? Probably Eragon and Warrior Cats
Favorite Season: Winter, but also Spring
Favorite Scent: …okay, this is gonna be really weird, but I really like the scent that one of the banks has that I always go to to get mah money, I really dunno why I like the scent of that place… though I also like the smell of coffee and chocolate milk!
Favorite Animal: Nearly all of them! But I do have a big liking to cats, octopuses and sharks
Favorite Beverage: Uhm, many things but mostly Oreos, Pizza, some kind of Lithuanian Salad my mom sometimes makes and Tea
Average Hours of sleep: Around 11-12 hours
Favorite Fictional Character: Honestly, nearly every character who is upbeat, but also characters who are more quiet
Number of Blankets you sleep with: one to two
Dream Trip: Anywhere in the northern countries, where there are mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and where it’s cold, mainly the Nordic countries, but also Canada and maybe even Greenland
When did you create your Blog: Sometime in a late September 2016
Number of Followers: I am very happy to say that I have 45 very nice followers! ^^

I tag: @tabithathepanda, @missladytale, @meeperspeeperslovecandy (you have a reeaally long URL), @twinklephoenix and @omgaflyingpig