i like to put alot of tags

Not identifying with a binary gender is okay.

Not identifying with any gender is okay.

Making a new term for your gender because you can’t find anything to describe it is okay, and it doesn’t make you a special snowflake.

Not putting a label on your gender or using a non-specific umbrella term like nonbinary or genderqueer is also okay.

However you identify is 100% valid and 100% okay and you don’t have to justify it to anyone.

GNCD Members Fansites

*UPDATE (170906)*

i made this more organize than before and put gncd members indiv fs  as lists on my twitter account. Theres  alot of them and putting everything here will be kinda hard and time consuming.

Once again , id like to say a few of them listed can be inactive or  not necessarily fan site (however  thats only a few of them , the rest are actual fan sites that are active)

Lee Daeyeol

Choi Sungyoon (Y)

Park Jaeseok 

Lee JangJun

Son Youngtaek (TAG)

Bae Seungmin

Bong Jaehyun

Kim Jibeom

Kim Donghyun

Hong Joochan 

Choi Bomin

btw I  try to update the list whenever i see new fan sites , so  the amount of member’s fan sites can definitely change over time .

i think the best things about the rvb fandom is that it really has challenged me to start drawing more diverse characters,,, like the whole cast isnt all white skinny teenagers which was basically all that i had been drawing up to that point, and has exposed me to alot more popular artists that i look up to,,,, and showing me that my art is better than mediocre and is worth all the effort i put into it,,,, as well as helping me meet amazing people that i wouldnt have even had the courage to talk to in real life

so yeah,,, i think the rvb fandom is pretty great

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Now I wanna see what the protagonist (or protagonists) would look like switched with Hau! Do you think the character's characters would be completly switched aswell (so the protag would be happy all the time, Gladion shy etc)?

these were actually kinda hard! i wasnt really sure what to do to change them, but since canon haus colour palette is kind of dark compared to their canon cps, i decided to darken their overall palette, and also add some flower stuff. in this theyd be siblings so, matching flowers! and poof pant a bit, because haus pants are Very Large.

as for the characters overall character, i think actually.. they wouldnt switch personalities! i feel like thatd be kind of boring to just do that. i just imagine that the same characters are, well, the same, but grow up in the others situation, so that obviously would impact their resulting person alot. like if gladion was put in lillies situation and had to grow up like that, i imagine hes a bit more timid than canon gladion, but probably still has a bit of his.. gladion-ness, if that makes any sense. 

I need new blogs to follow

Please like this post if you post any of the following and I’ll check you out:

- Justice League
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I’m guessing nobody has anything fucking better to do than argue over a manwha. Like we get it. You dont agree with it. Nobody fucking cares. Also, I understand that alot of anti-ks are rape/abuse survivors. But. how about you fucking tag it and keep yourself away from the fandom and the entire concept of killing stalking instead of constantly putting yourself into a situation where you’re reminded of your abuse and triggering yourself.

Go outside. Smell the fresh fucking air. Walk your dog. I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy that more than sitting over your laptop in a stained shirt and underwear blogging 24 fucking 7 about how much you hate a korean comic book. And if you do happen to enjoy that more than reality then I’m sorry you have such a miserable life.

Disclaimer: I’m not even a fan of ks.

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I've loved the idea of Bucky wearing his dog tags after the years of Hydra. Just having sex with Bucky; He hovers over you and you pull his face down to yours by gently tugging at the thin chain around his neck, holding the metal tags close to your chest. (I have a feeling I've heard something like this before on another Sinful Sunday, but I wanted to put it into my own words.) It's not the most sinful thing either.

no no it’s perfect because I love that and think about it alot 

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Sinful Sunday™

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Hi! Can I ask... do you have a rec list for superbat fanfics?

ohh boy… anon I hope you enjoy crying cuz I love dark, angsty stories why do you have to expose me like that. Please read the summaries plus all tags and warnings. If you need to know more about a fic before reading you can ask me, some of them aren’t tagged very well. 

Fics listed here mostly story-based with a few pwp.
I’m splitting this into parts. This got long so I had to put it under a read more.

Keep reading

Also, i hate causing drama here, but I’m going to go ahead and say it, i fucking love killing stalking and I think its alright for people to like it because its just a comic, its just fiction. its not romanticizing anything because honestly the relationship between yoonbum and sangwoo is very obviously abuse and not healthy. I use it for coping reasons bc alot of what happened to yoonbum reminds me of my abuse. 

keep in mind, im not going to post about it often… and if i do, it’ll be tagged as ‘Ks.txt’ so feel free to blacklist that. I will also put it under cuts. But generally, I wanna make one (1) post about it that im going to be making after I post this and wanted to make y’all aware that i love the comic. if you disagree with me, thats okay. im not mad or anything. But please dont send me any asks abt it bc the last thing i wanna do is be attacked or cause drama. if i get any, ill just turn my askbox off //shrug

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y do u stan josh

Honestly, I don’t stan him lol I like him better than the other HGs but I only stan Dom. I just refuse to let people demonize him when they don’t even have all the facts or just want to take the blame off their faves🤷🏾‍♀️. Tbh alot of the tag hate him because he’s emotional…but then yall reblog things complaining about toxic masculinity. He does need to have a better handle on his emotions but I’d rather see him cry openly than into the freezer like Kevin did because Lord KNOWS yall complained about him doing that too 🙄🙄

I understand the general dislike (bc dude is kinda annoying) tho. Getting back at people who spent weeks bullying you/putting you down isn’t the same as bullying and isolating people for no reason imo. But that’s just me lol

This is gonna be a pain to edit

Request by @writingevil sorry it took soo long but here it is!

Summary: Ethan and Tyler recording a video together with LOTS of fluff and cute Tythan


“Tylerrr, ” Ethan whined as his boyfriend carried him to the couch

“What? I thought you liked cuddles.” Tyler said confused at the smaller man’s protests

“I do,” Ethan huffed “but I have to record”

Tyler sighed. He missed his boyfriend, Ethan had been working alot lately and they hardly got any time together anymore. Besides, Ethan was getting stressed and needed to take a break for everyone’s good. If Tyler didn’t step it earlier at the office Mark would have had 2 black eyes.

“Why don’t I record with you? Like a challenge video or something?” Tyler suggested

“Tyler, my fans don’t know about us.”

“I know, we can do a roommate tag or something. They won’t know anything! Please Ethan, I miss you.” Tyler begged

Normally Ethan would put up a fight but recently he hadn’t been spending much time with Tyler and he did feel bad. He also missed Tyler. Ethan looked Tyler in the eyes and instantly regretted it, Tyler had no his strongest puppy dog eyes and Ethan was powerless.

Ethan agreed, it could be alot of fun! Right?

~~~ TIME SKIP ~~~

“WHAT IS UP MY CRAZY BOIS!” Tyler yelled the second Ethan hit record

“NOooo000ooOo00oooo” Ethan cried before exploding with laughter

After Ethan regained his composure he began “what is up my cranky crew! It’s Ethan from crankgameplays and today, I am here with my amazing boy- roommate!!! Shit!”

Tyler and Ethan both started to laugh at what was almost said. They tried recording the opening again. Then again. After 26 trys they finally managed an opening that didn’t out them.

“FINALLY! Okay, so we’re going to be doing a roommate tag! It’s like a whose more likely to thing!” Ethan exsplaned happily

“Okay first question, whose more likely to steal the others clothing?” As soon as Tyler finished reading they both pointed to Ethan

“I can’t help it! They smell like you and I miss you when you go out and, we should really do that…” Ethan said realising what he had just said

This happend with almost every question asked. From saying Ethan’s bed was only good to sleep in if Ethan was also there, to Ethan saying they broke there coffee table one time when Tyler kissed him so hard he fell over.

“Okay, welp, we’re done. Goodbye guys!” Ethan ended after they finally got enough non outing footage to make a decent video.

Ethan looked up at his boyfriend who had a smug smile on his face.

“This is gonna be a bitch to edit” Ethan said giving a fake pout

Tyler smiled and pulled the younger man into his lap “awww, I’m sorry, do you forgive me?”

“ I think you’re gonna have to make it up to me,” Ethan smiled evily “why don’t we go out to eat?”

“I assume I’m paying and you want to go somewhere nice, and expensive?” Tyler asked already knowing the answer

“Yep!” Ethan giggled before running off and having his boyfriend chase him.

It may be a pain to edit, but it was worth it to spend time with his amazing boyfriend.


This is a little shorter than I wanted it to be but I couldn’t really think of what else to add. If anyone has any head canons or ideas fell free to message me or send me an ask!

Thank you for reading


This is a response I got from Lovestruck Voltage in response to a question I asked and boo. I’ve noticed they have two terms they use. On a break, like how Gangsters in love was on a break, and on hiatus like how Astoria Fate’s Kiss is on hiatus. And hiatus seems to be their “nice” way of saying there’s no updates coming ever. I know the nice folks at voltage are only human, but I am disapointed because there were alot of loose ends that need to be wrapped up. And it was my favorite of their titles.

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i was reading thru ur about hypaa tag (omfg hope this doesnt make me sound like a creep but i find u interesting!!) and i saw that u mentioned alot that u like sephiroth and i was like WOW, me too!! hes daddy to me & theres some serious lack of sephiroth x reader imo :( have u read any good ones??

It’s not stalkerish; I wouldn’t have put that info out there if I didn’t mind people finding it, LOL!

And yaaasssss, Sephiroth is Original Bae for me, when my cup first overfloweth with the thirst and had me salivating asf over him being like “On your knees. I want to see you beg for forgiveness.” in Advent Children when that first came out

Listen, I watched that movie too many damn times and likely nutted from the moment Sephiroth appeared to the time he faded back into crybaby Kadaj. I know I was screaming for half of it, anyway.

… I haven’t read any Sephiroth x reader fics (my delving into reader insert fics is newer than my obsession with chocobros and Mysme, which started this whole thot train to hell), but… I should write at least one based on a reoccurring fantasy I had involving Sephiroth a long time ago. I remember it was about an unstable Sephy stalking a woman through a lab because he thinks that the only way he’s gonna get Jenova back is through knocking this poor woman up and making her give birth to Mother properly.

I was embarrassed asf to think about this like, idk a decade and a half ago or something but my thotdom has evolved and overtaken my shame

So I just might do it, fam.

11 questions tag game

I was tagged by @ninis-chicken-soo thank you so much bub 💕

Rules: Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged u, then write ur own 11 questions!

1) Favorite pizza topping?

Mushrooms, and just put anything except cabbage and pineapple. I will just eat it.

2) Favorite TV show?

I haven’t been watching any shows, but the last one was Goblin and I pretty much liked it. And there was kill me,heal me, loved that show.

3) Favorite EXO song?

Aye that’s a hard question, alot of songs are my fave. Mmm.. I like they never know, 24 is my jam, walk on memories, hurt, moonlight, sing for you. Just put every god damn song exo ever sang except that noisy ones. They makes my head hurt.

4) Are you the big spoon or little spoon when cuddling in bed?

Both, I don’t like skinship much but if am comfortable, then sometimes am.big spoon, and sometimes am small(not really, am.huge.. 😂😂)

5) Who was your first crush?

I don’t even remember having a real crush, but I liked “ Harry Potter”, I think it was around goblet of fire? I don’t remember, I was young, he looked handsome 😂😂😂 but it over as soon as it started, he did some stage as horse boy something. Puffttt I am just boring.

6) What was the best dream you ever had?

I had lots of interesting dreams, one was where my mom as the creater of Universe, and they(cuz it’s genderless) were some a very small fly like butterfly, with the prettiest wings I had ever seen. I was kidnapped and kept on a dock, but I wasn’t scared and my mom fly came to tell me I will be okay. Idk the rest but I made out alive. And died to become one with the creator. Brb gotta check my sanity, I think it sneeky out when I was 12. It felt so fckng real, it’s my fav TBH. I wish my next dream to be something of haunted house.

7) Any weird habbits?

Living duh!! 😂😂, If am not weird already. Idk. Day dreaming maybe? It gets too real I forget what’s real what’s not. It’s not day dreaming I guess, it’s getting lost in thoughts or something sort of.

8) What do you think about yourself?

When am high, am the goddess, when am not am okay, when am down I am the scum of earth. Changes accordingly. God I want a coffee to get high

9) If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would put a curse on human kind, if the ever r*pe, their dick shriek to the size of raisin and falls off then they die. Serves well to the fckrs. Applies to girls too, they tts shrink and fall off then they die.

10) Do you have a daily makeup routine?

No, but I have skin care routine where I wash my face and smack it with moisturizer, and done. If am going out, BB, lipstick/gloss and/or eye liner. Fab~~ * flips hair*

11) If you could say something to your bias, what would it be?

Idk if I would talk, lol, I will tell them they are doing great and am proud of them, wish them to be happy . *Sobs*

So here I tag @tipahnoona @ilovepinkandkadi @softkadi @imtruth @jiashineees @wakawaka33 @strivingwaytofar @mygaydardoesntlie @kamelodi @kyungsootrash120 @toomanyfeelsexogdi @chocoberry-dream @mym8812 @wuace @loyalkaisoo

So here comes my 11 questions, gonna be wild

1. Tell me what will you do if you were oh great sèhun of exö

2. What’s the book you went absolutely jackshit crazy and why, and send me the book. ;) ( Don’t really send me the book)

3. When and how did you create your blog? What are your intentions behind your url? * Investigation mode*

4. Can you cook? Whats the best food you can make? Show me evidence of anyone who ate and praised it. (Lol ignore everything after can you cook)

5. Tell me a fond childhood memory, you cherish alot.

6. Tell me what will you do, if you can be invisible for like 10 mins.

7. What’s the grossest food you ever ate?

8. List the best and worst thing about yourself, and why do you think so

9. What if you wake up on the exactly opposite co-ordinates of where you are now. Where will you be? (Like take 180 around the globe)

10. Which animal you want to be if you can just turn into one this second, depending on your mood.

11. Describe any of your firsts, like something you did for the first time ever. Like drinking milk when you were born, but you don’t remember it so cross that, and pull out something.

P.s you don’t have to answer any of them, if you don’t want to. But it’s will be fun to do it. Thank you.

Underage littles

Okay, it really burts my bubble that I was recently tagged in a block list for being an underage little. On my blog, I have no explicit content, nor do I plan to put any on there any time soon, thus, I don’t understand what the big deal is. You people should be proud of the fact that like people like this learn their lifestyle at a young age and I think everyone is forgetting that there are asexual littles so…. Anywho, I also tag my posts dd/lg relationship when it obviously isn’t a relationship, it’s just me. So that’s all. Please , if you’re going to put someone on a block list, at least do some research.

OH ALSO JUST THERE ARE UNDERAGE CAREGIVERS, JUST BECAUSE I AM UNDERAGE DOES NOT MEAN I AM GOING TO GO DATE SOMEONE ALOT OLDER(which personally I do support if it’s love it’s love and if it’s not sexual it normally is but I know most people don’t so)

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EM, I dunno if you do tags but I miss alot on this hellsite and I refuse to miss the gold you bless us with. Can you tag me please? ♡♡♡

Baby, of course I can!

FYI, the only reason I put a notes limit on Between Us was because like the first three parts had 250+ and I understand, yeah.. I did take a break from it but I’m not blaming anyone on not reading it or forcing it you know?😘😘

Based from One Day, He Says by @moustachiopenguin 

Happy birthday Mo!! (๑ˊ͈ ॢꇴ ˋ͈)〜♡॰ॱ 11/10/15

I think I’m very late (no, I’m definitely late OTL), but better late than never ;;v;;

Credit goes to alot of people/programmes — uh— hmm…

@drawverylittle for the constant encouragement and inspiration from her own art of ODHS (rolls nYEHEHE)

Paint Tool SAI for always putting up with my kimono pattern bs even at 5am in the morning

Photoshop for saving my life with some filters

aaaand of course @moustachiopenguin for being such a wonderful person!! there’s so many things I want to say but I’m too tired from an all-nighter atm orz I hope this is to your liking and can make you feel lots nyehehehe—