i like to pretend sometimes that people actually read them

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i /highly/ doubt louis is 'a little shit' we've seen him be diplomatic on multiple occasions regarding his and the band's career. he's not aggressive in the slightest.

Who called him “a little shit” in the context of this current conversation?

And sorry, but do you have any idea who Louis Tomlinson is?  Did you miss where he was yelling at a pap that he was a “fookin loosah” who needed to just do his job?

And have you ever held a job with some responsibility? Because if you have, you’ll know that sometimes you have to be aggressive to get what you and the people you’re advocating for need.

Maybe you would rather people lie about their own experiences instead of telling the truth as they lived it, but I wouldn’t. I would much rather Savan and John be honest when they talk about Louis than throwing more bullshit my way that’s good for nothing but selling a plastic image.

Because Simon Cowell gets that. He gets false platitudes and compliments because he can’t stand for people to speak the truth about him so he contractually obligates them not to.

Everyone bitches about it with Simon, so why do you want people to do that with Louis?  Can someone that said, and I quote, “He’s so sweet. i can’t say enough good things about him” not also be honest and say that working with him sometimes was difficult because of the situation they were working in at the time?

And if someone doesn’t like Louis, do you REALLY want them to lie and say they do? Or just never say anything so we can pretend he has no flaws or weak spots and is just a fic trope instead of a person?

Read what the man actually said. LISTEN to what he actually said. Make up your own minds based on facts, not self-righteous platitudes based on nothing but your own fantasies.

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I'm curious as I'm new to the fandom but do you genuinely believe Jensen and Misha are 'together' and sleeping with each other? I'm a bit confused about the Cockles thing. :/ Sorry about that.

*wistful sigh* I still remember those peaceful days when shipping Cockles was a purely “fanon” thing for me. Like, yes, I liked reading the occasional fic about them, and sure, I sometimes wrote my tag commentary on posts about them from a sort of “pretending that they’re totally fucking” perspective just for fun, but that was about the extent of it. I didn’t really think there was actually anything going on between them, and that the “proof” that there was, was just people reading way too much into platonic looks and gestures, or taking obvious jokes way too seriously.

But these days? I just don’t know anymore. Okay, don’t get me wrong, if I tag some Misha picture where he has total sex hair with “#oh look who just got laid during his break on set” or something, that still falls into the “pretending they’re fucking just for kicks” category. But as for what I actually think about them? Oh man. I just don’t… Look, once is an accident. Twice can still be a coincidence. Three times is a pattern, though, and there probably have been more like 184 different looks and comments between Misha and Jensen that give off a more-than-platonic-bros vibe, at this point.

I’m not saying I have some sort of rock solid, nothing-can-sway-me conviction that they’re actually in a romantic and/or sexual relationship, though. Where, if they got tired of the rumours and made an announcement that no, there’s really nothing going on, okay, they’re just good friends, I’d still be like “lol, yeah, okay, keep up the PR bullshit that none of us are going to believe anyway”, or something. I wouldn’t be surprised by that notion, and readily accept it as fact – but at the same time, if it ever unambiguously came out that they are in fact in some sort of relationship, I wouldn’t exactly be shocked by that announcement either.


  • I am, at this point, genuinely pretty much convinced that even if nothing else, and even if it isn’t reciprocated, Misha has a bit of a crush on Jensen. (And, really, can you blame him?)
  • I don’t have as outspoken a conviction, but do think, that those feelings may be mutual, on Jensen’s part. 
  • Beyond that? I really don’t know. Some days I’m like, “they’ve probably drunkenly made out at least once,” other days it’s like, “…they’ve totally actually slept together, haven’t they,” and then other days still, I’m convinced that absolutely nothing has ever actually happened beyond some longing stares from afar.
  • I like to entertain the thought that, rather beyond some mere kisses or friendly ~benefits, Misha and Vicki and Jensen and Danneel are in some form of non-traditional, full blown polyamorous relationship… but that falls somewhere on the scale from “wild speculation” to “purely fannish headcanon”, moreso than being something I actually, truly believe.