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I'm researching to see if I am autistic. One thing I come across a lot is childhood playing. What is meant by pretend play? Like, I pretended to be a "powerpuff boy", pokemon or Boxcar child a lot, and had a serious daydreaming problem, but was never able to pretend my dolls were actual babies or that the fake food toys were anything other than bizarre (except for those bottles that filled up & emptied those things fascinated me). I don't know. Is daydreaming only an allistic child's thing?

When specialist and researchers say that autistic children play in unusual ways they often mean behaviors like this: collecting, arranging/sorting objects (for example sorting pretty stones into groups), taking toys apart or studying how they are made, and playing with sensory things (like play dough, sand, water, etc). Typical play in their opinion is pretense play - children interacting with each other, pretending that their toys are alive or that toy food is actually edible, etc.

However that doesn’t mean that autistic children only play in one way and never do any of the typical pretense play - it just means there is a certain tendency researchers saw. It might be actually common, or it might be not as common. Some autistic children do both, or never do any of the atypical play. Personally I did both - I loved sorting and arranging Lego blocks or buttons, but I also played pretense with other kids.

Vivid imagination is definitely not only an allistic experience - many autistic people, including autistic kids, have vivid and colorful imaginations. It’s just sometimes imagination of autistic kids is different from imagination of allistic kids. For example an allistic kid might give their dolls or plush animals names and personalities and act out scenes using the toys while an autistic kid will make up stories in their head but not use toys or any objects to represent them. A lot of us continue to have a vivid imagination and make up stories well into adulthood.

So there is no universal autistic experience, but imagination and pretense play does not disqualify you for an autism diagnosis, and some types of playing behaviors are more common for autistic people and therefore can be an indication of an autistic neurotype.


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I can't believe a blarke pretended to be a clexa and snitched and twisted your words to bbps. Like every clexa knows how lesbophobic she is and that anon went to her of all people to spill lmao. At least be a bit more believable

me: *is called fat and legit upset about it but plays it off*
pussy anon: um she hates suicidal people she told me to kill myself as she pushed me down the stairs i wanna call her out but im so afraid

You know, a lot of people might wonder

“How do you play as Zenyatta?” Well, the answer is obvious.
Unleash all the pent up rage that lurks within your heart as you aggressively float towards the enemy team and attempt to 1v6 them.
Throw your discord orb on a different enemy every three seconds.
Throw your orbs around with reckless abandon.
Violently kick the enemy in the face while saying hello.
Ignore your team’s cries for healing.
Pretend that you are invincible.
Become one with Tankyatta.

That moment when you could throw down with the Dread wolf and not even sweat

like. did solas have to pretend to be crap at magic for a while. like, comparatively crap.

because if he whipped out godmode magic in the Hinterlands, i’d have personally called shenanigans.

so obviously you know he purposely fucked up like, a winters grasp on a goat or something like “oh no. how have i, solas, a regular elven apostate in this the Age Of Dragons, failed so. oh dear”
the rest of the team is just like “you are an over-dramatic fuck”
and he’s just internally like ‘yes i am, but i have fooooled you’


So, this is All I Ask by Adele that Holster is singing. So I looked up the lyrics, and can I just say that this is such a sad!Holster song with We’re Graduating Soon!Holsom feelings!

Seriously, look at this:
“I will leave my heart at the door
I won’t say a word
They’ve all been said before you know
So why don’t we just play pretend
Like we’re not scared of what’s coming next
Or scared of having nothing left

Look, don’t get me wrong
I know there is no tomorrow
All I ask is

If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I’m more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
‘Cause what if I never love again?

I don’t need your honesty
It’s already in your eyes
And I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me
No one knows me like you do
And since you’re the only one that matters
Tell me who do I run to?”



A/N: Woo, first Taehyung imagine. I hope it’s okay. I guess I’ll start writing imagines for the members, so if you want to send in requests, feel free to do so! also, i know tae would never act like this, but for the sake of the story, that’s how his characterization is.

genre: angst

member: taehyung (v)


“God, it’s just so exhausting being your friend.”

Originally posted by pangguk

You pursed your lips as you watched Taehyung type away on his phone. You were laying down on the couch, your head resting on Taehyung’s shoulder. He paid you no mind and didn’t even bother to pretend to be interested in the movie that was playing.

“Taetae,” you whined. He hummed quietly, not really focusing. “What are you doing?”

“Hm,” he answered, shifting to rest his elbow on the arm of the couch and effectively dislodging your head from his shoulder. Your chest felt tight and you bit your tongue to keep yourself from commenting on anything. “Hyung texted me. He says they’re stopping to get ice cream on the way back. I’m gonna go, so I’ll see you later.” He barely even looked at you as he stood from the couch.

You bit your lip and sat up. “Oh, ice cream? I’ve kinda been craving it, could I—”

“Um, this is really just a members-only type of thing,” he replied quickly. You slumped on the couch as you watched him put his shoes on by the door.

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Love Me Like You Do

Title comes from this song and I listened to it non-stop whilst writing this. 

Thank you so much @britishrogue24 for requesting this little fic. I’m so sorry you had to wait darling but thank you so, so much for being so understanding when I was the most stressed. I really hope you enjoy this little fic and that it was worth the wait  ❤ ❤ ❤

Request: hi sweetheart, an idea came to my mind: the reader and Bucky have to go on an undercover mission where they have to pretend being a married couple (they don’t necesarilly have to be in a relationship before),maybe expecting a baby (you know to actually behave like they are a family) and since Bucky was captured for all those years he might be a little lost in the situation and doesn’t know how to play it out? it may be angsty or fluffy it’s up to you if you’ll be interested in writing that 😉💖

Warnings: Ivan Petrovich (OC) is a bit of a creep, but reader kicks his ass. Also Bucky is absolutely adorable!

Words: c.2,850

Originally posted by bagelbarnes

You were currently on an undercover mission that was going to see you posted for six weeks in London with Bucky, a Russian oligarch Ivan Petrovich, who was trading money with a suspected Hydra weapons’ dealer had fallen onto Steve’s radar and he wanted you and Bucky to scope him out, he wasn’t sure if the guy was just dodgy, or if he was an affiliate for Hydra but either ways he knew you were the best person to scope him out. It was nothing out of the ordinary for you, except that this one had you pretend to be married to none other than Bucky Barnes, the man you had barely spoken more than a handful of sentences with since he had arrived and you knew if you stood any chance of making this a successful mission you were going to have to make a believable couple and that honestly scared you, because Bucky froze up any time you went anywhere near him. Steve constantly teased you saying it was because Bucky had a crush on you, Natasha seconded this opinion, saying she could read it from his body language. But what neither of them had ever picked up on was the flame you were burning for Bucky, and for that you were thankful.

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“I leave home for a few days, and look what happens..”

grQuote- Cortana, referring to The Halo Discourse.

Halo 4 is good, my dudes. I didn’t like it when it came out, and I tried to avoid it as much as possible. However, it has grown on me over the years, and is one of my favorite Halo games.

There are still some things I don’t like, like the weapon sandbox and how some of the encounters are designed. But the good qualities of the game greatly outnumber the problems with it.


The visuals were new and refreshing but had the same charm, the gameplay still felt like classic Halo, and the writing was on point!

And if you’ve read the books, you’d know Chief has feeling and fears. He isn’t the mindless persona for you to pretend to be and graft your feelings onto. If you want that, play Halo:REACH. If you want a cold, unfeeling spartan that Looks Tough and Doesn’t Fear Anything, go play as Noble 6. They can be however you want, they are made to be a blank slate for the player.

John on the other hand, is not a blank slate. He has thoughts, feelings, emotions. Even from the very beginning; in Halo: the Fall of Reach, Chief is struggling with understanding if his soldiers lives were spent for a purpose or just wasted. In First Strike, he has a constant lingering fear of losing his teammates and the looming danger of the flood, which scared the crap out of him. He makes mistakes, he gets scared, he is human. 

and to paraphrase Lasky (and reuse a picture i drew but nobody saw),

Let Chief Feel Feelings and Let Halo 4 Be

I’m so used to actors playing characters who are widely read as queer because of subtext but can never be confirmed as such because of Executive Meddling (or who were never intended to be queer despite markers that would be read as romantic between a woman and a man)

being all “haha who can know, nudge nudge wink wink (no homo)”

and like, whatever, their opinion doesn’t change how I’m gonna read the story

but it gets exhausting after a while

so watching Donnie Yen completely (deliberately) fail to pretend he wasn’t playing a romantic relationship in Rogue One gives me life

it’s hard to process something when you can’t blame the one who hurt you. i didn’t mind it at the time; i thought it was a fun game, like dress-up, or playing pretend. now every time i think about it it makes me sick and i don’t even know how to bring it up with a therapist. it wasn’t my fault; but it wasn’t theirs either. i can’t blame anyone. i just have to cope.


All Might is Puzzled because the kids are following him even more than usual and staring determinedly at their phones for some reason. (All Might is a goddamn mobile pokestop where various rare pokemon gather. Literally every pokemon with an alt. form or that looks like him.)


Anonymous submitted: Please keep me anon if you post but didn’t she disappear not long after pretending to be Louis? She showed up in March, when this should have ended. I’m thinking she plays a big role in how it ends, now that she’s back


Considering the sudden and extreme falling out that she and Briana had, the fact that her twitter account is like a holy roller how-to guide and she’s out here retweeting things like

I would have thought that Olivia would be extremely reluctant to get involved in this mess again. Who the fuck knows what’s going to happen. 


U l t r a v i o l e n c e  [ P a r t   5]

When Scarlett opens her eyes the scent of antiseptic and freshly brewed coffee tickles her nostrils, she can fill a tight bandage wrapped around her wrist. Her body aches all over, but she finds this pain comforting. It will take awhile for bruises and cuts to heal, but she will wear them with honor as a reminder of their everlasting love and rage that always go hand in hand together.
She tries to sit up, but fails miserably, falling back onto the pillows.

“Easy there…”

Joker’s voice makes her cheeks flash. She knows he sat there all this time, watching her, fixing her up, playing with her hair. Sometimes she’d pretend that she’s still unconscious just to enjoy that moment of tenderness.

“How long I was out?”

“About an hour.”

“I’m sorry…”

“You know I like it when you ‘die’ for me, Carly-bear, though that trick with the knife was too much.”

He frowns. She can’t see it, but she knows he does. He frowns and looks away, so she won’t be able to see that glimpse of emotion in his eyes, emotion he himself could never comprehend.

We’ll Be Fireproof (Lifeguard/Swimmer AU)

Pairing: Victor Nikiforov/Katsuki Yuuri

Words: 26.1k

Summary: “So when is the changing of the guards?” Victor asks, a smirk at his horrible pun playing across his face.
“That’s… I don’t know if I should be mad at how bad that joke was,” Yuuri replies, pretending to be deep in thought. Victor laughs a little too hard, probably because of the fact that all of his muscles, and his mind, must’ve felt like jelly after working so hard.
“Come on, I want us to grab coffee or something. When are you done?”
It took Yuuri a second to realize that the Victor Nikiforov was asking him to hang out, in a possibly date-like manner.

Or, Yuuri is a lifeguard at his local pool, Victor is the star of the swim team that practices there, and Yuuri might spend more than a healthy amount of time watching Victor more than the other swimmers. Victor might notice.

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Hey sweetie!! First Happy Valentine's Day!! 2nd when you get a chance could I PLEASE get a Happy Lowman letter (with some smut) 😍😃 Thanks in advance. Hope your day is AMAZING

Happy belated Valentine’s day babe! Sorry I’m a day late. Had a nice sit in night with the husband and little monster. We were all promptly sound asleep by 10 pm. Welcome to my exciting life. 

I see you standing by the bar. I don’t know why you’re trying to avoid my eye. If you want to play this game, let me remind you how it ended last time… with you pressed against the wall, head thrown back and screaming my name. I still have the nail marks down my back to prove it. Everyone here knows. You don’t need to pretend like I don’t fuck you senseless. You and I both know that you love it; that I love it too. But… if you insist, remember, little girl that I can make you feel just as good without putting my hands anywhere near you. Think you can stand the heat of my gaze from across the room. Think you can keep yourself away from me while I strip you from head to toe in my mind. Don’t forget that I know what you look like naked. We’ve played this game before. I know exactly what makes you squirm. When you’re ready to make your dreams a reality, you know where to find me. - Happy


When she tilts her head like a bluebird into the nest
of your collarbones and insists on loving all of you,

pretend you didn’t find a boys hair
in the rough drafts of her poems.

When you ask her what she loved
about him, she says I know this is bad

but he was so terrible to me, I never ran
out of things to write about.

You wonder if she wants a lover
or a writing prompt.

In the morning, you wake up holding hands
like otters do. She memorizes how you take
your coffee; no sugar, all cream.

You light peppermint candles in her kitchen.
She feeds you fresh fruit and babybell cheese wheels
while you play with the red wax.

She listens to you babble on about your childhood
and first dog and favorite color and all of the
strange things your parents did growing up.

She kisses you on the nose. Points at your
poetry. Forces you to acknowledge your knack
for dragging art from trauma by the wrist.

She insists on making you watch Star Wars
with her- because apparently it’s a cultural sin
to be eighteen years old and still have never seen
Star Wars-  and then she doesn’t even watch it!

She watches you watching it, to make sure
you are reacting properly.

You insist on reading her daily horoscope.
Even though she doesn’t believe in it,
she at least tries to act interested

in astrology and tarot cards and all the other
hippy dippy trippy shit you believe in, but can’t prove.

You fall in love with her quickly, the way
she wanted you to- all skin and poem and Diet Coke
listening to Regina Spektor on her bed

while she calls you babygirl
and plays with your hair.

One afternoon, she mentions how you’d look so cute
with a gap. That night, you stop wearing your retainer.

When she tells you that she loves you
and that she has a lying problem on the same day,

you know you are completely and utterly fucked.

Because she will never admit that loving you
is the kindest thing she almost did.

She knows you are not stupid enough
to look love in the face and say no.

When she takes you on a date
to the same rink she used to roller-skate
with her last love, do not cry.

When she apologizes for how his ghost
still haunts her mouth like a last meal,

grit your teeth. Kiss the top of her
scalp. Assure her it is no problem.

Do not be jealous of his sheer good fortune.
Do not hate him for being the slam poem

she never stops writing. Do not hate her
for being the flood in your backyard.

Do not hate yourself for falling in love
with a storm dressed like a girl.

Do not hate yourself for falling in love
with feeling loved.

Do not point out the irony as she explains
how unhealthy your relationship is

between drags of her cigarette.

The first time she shouts at you,
your name foams madly at her mouth.

She tells you, I don’t know how
to love anyone with my whole being

and you remind her Well,
I don’t know how to not.

In an effort to get her to stay, you promise
I will be whatever you want me to be.

She tells you that is the problem.

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Lexi (from the band) and her mom are friends with that photographer on Facebook and they both liked the pic of her (right under the gallery) so she would know about the name, and one more thing, why do they pretend like "we have a show tomorrow" as if it's concert in a stadium and not a show at a bar lol

Okay, now, cut that out. They really are a band and bands that play bars are just as much a band as those that play arenas or stadiums. 

I’m not in favor of Louis’ involvement with them ONLY because of Syco, it has nothing to do with how worthy they are as a group because we don’t know how good they are.

So please don’t come to me bashing the band, I’m not here for that, they’re kids pursuing a dream. That’s something to admire, not condemn.

As for the name, time will tell.

Blackpink| Their idol!girlfriend being shipped with another idol

Requested by Anon. Tysm for requesting.

I hope you like it.

Btw, I also do ships for Blackpink & BTS. Just wanted to let you know.


Jisoo wouldn’t care since she knew how much you love her. She also knew that many fan’s have the need to ship. But she would tease you about it and play to be mad.

“Why wouldn’t they ship you with me intead of her/him ? We look so much better together…”

Originally posted by blackpinksy


Jennie would pretend that it doesn’t affect her, but she would be jealous and lowkey obviously with that. You would know immediately that her ego got hit with the shipping of the fans.

“Isn’t it obviously that we fit perfectly together?”

Originally posted by jenniekimblackpink


I think Rosé would be one of those persons who would get totally insecure about herself. She would start to compare herself to the person’s you got shipped with and would probably try act like this person since she thought you would start to like him/her.

“But you don’t let your fan’s influence you, do you?

Originally posted by cherryblossoms-and-cupcakes


Besides her happy and cool persionality, she would take this serious and would ask herself why the fans ship you with him/her instead of her. But she would also talk with you about her insecurities.

“You love me, right ?”

Originally posted by pchaeyoung

Tell me a story,
About a girl.
She doesn’t like winter,
Her hair is in curls.

What about this one;
With her head in a book.
If you ask her to listen,
She might give you a look.

I am a sheet of paper,
Give me some coloured pens.
I don’t mind if you go over the edges;
Did you know that we all just love to play pretend ?

Take it to Friday,
Just don’t say goodbye.
Watch how she dances,
With her hands to the sky

I’ll tell you a secret;
One isn’t enough,
Do you think you can tell
That I’m always in love ?

I am a sheet of paper,
Give me some coloured pens.
I don’t mind if you go over the edges;
Did you know that we all just love to play pretend ?

—  dodie; tell me a story