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Harsh words sentence starters || Send one for my muse’s reaction


 "You’re embarrassing!“
"You act like a fucking child.”
 "Sometimes I can’t remember why I ever loved you in the first place.“
 "What did I tell you about trying to hold my hand in public?”
 "I don’t want people to know that I’m dating you!“
 "You’re pathetic…”
 "You make me sad. Just looking at you…“
 "I can’t be around you anymore.”
 "You’re not worth it.“
 "You’re nothing. Not to me. Not to anyone.”
 "Stop looking at me like that…like you’re expecting me to care. You should know better by now.“ "You’re useless.”
 "Loving you was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever done.“
 "Pretending to love you was excruciating.”
 "You thought I could really love someone like you?“
 "I’m just…getting tired of you.”
 "I have to get out. You’re ruining my life.“
 "I used to dream about you but now you’re the star of my nightmares.”
 "You’re a disappointment.“
 "I tried to love you..I really did.”
 "You’ll never be anything to me.“
 "I wished you realized how much I’ve grown to loathe you.”
 "You’re so ignorant.“
 "You look ridiculous!”
 "I’m not going out with you in public looking like that.”
 "Every one makes fun of you.“
 "You make me look bad.”
 "You’re a waste of time.“
"I’m not yours anymore!”
 "It’s not [her/him]! It’s anyone! I could love anyone more than I love you.“
 "You don’t deserve me.”

“I love you.” she said. “I love you that it was the hardest for me to let you walk away so easily. I don’t want to see your back against me and I can’t pretend that it’s alright with me. To hear you said the words which sound like my worst nightmare and seems to threaten my world. I don’t want to listen as those will crush every part of my being to pieces. Words are never enough to describe how much it hurts. I love you, that even if it will take time for me to accept the truth, I will still do the thing that’ll make you happy. Just like what I’ve promised from the very start.” she breathed so hard and stared at his eyes. She looked at her world as she cried silently. She touched his cheek with her hand and put her forehead on his. She closed her eyes and for a moment, all of their precious memories came crashing back. And like diamonds, she buried them deep down and hope that no one will see it except for her. As she opened her eyes, she said the last words she thought she will never say, “I am letting you go. Yet I will never say goodbye. Because I still believe that, someday, we will meet again. And I hope, that maybe then, you’ll be happier. Maybe then, I’ve moved on. Maybe then, my heart is whole again.” With that, she took a step back and turned her back on him. She started walking away and looked at the only star in the sky. She smiled, and as her tears kept on falling down, she whispered, “I love you.” Again and again until her eyes got tired of crying.
—  ma.c.a // Yes, I Do

i had a dream about you last night
you eyes were wide and wet with tears
but my words were like the hugs i can no longer give you
and soon enough, you were okay again
when i woke up, i had to text you just to make everything was alright
i pretended it didn’t hurt when you told me you were fine

i had a dream about you last night
except you weren’t in it - not really 
and i was with someone new
someone who wasn’t you
and it wasn’t right because they weren’t you
can you believe that even in my dreams i was wishing for you
even in my dreams, i can’t move on

i had a dream about you last night
but it felt more like a nightmare
because i was being haunted by all the things i want but cannot have
it started with you and ended with you

i had a dream about you last night
you loved me again

—  i woke up aching, i woke up wishing i hadn’t
(cc, 2017)

which road leads back to you? i’ll walk barefoot through thorns if only i could reach the beginning again. i’ll dig up the grave. i’ll shake the death off. i’ll decorate the abandoned house. i’ll give it cpr until it comes back gasping for air. i like when things aren’t perfect, anyway. we can cover up the bleeding parts with band-aids and kiss each others’ fault lines. this time will be better, i swear. i know you’re saying goodbye but i’m still trying to figure out ways to make this work. you’re saying our story’s over but i don’t believe you. i still think we’re going to find our way back to each other in the end. this isn’t over if i keep pretending. this isn’t over. this cannot be dead.

You think you’re alright, don’t you? Think you can sneak your way past the mirrors, pretending like your childhood terrors didn’t haunt you. Slither through unscathed by the people who have hurt you, iron up your heart, not even Bloody Mary can get a drop out of you. You think you can put fortifications around your throat, keep the vampires out, the bloodhounds low, you think you can get through this without getting bitten but you don’t even consider how you can choke. We both know there are scary things in the world, and we both know how easy it is to pretend like we can be unafraid all the time. But unlike you, I don’t try to hide my fears behind the pretense that no one cares, I don’t break hearts just so I can fit in someone else’s chest, I don’t turn people into security measures the way you do. That’s no way to live, always casting glances behind your shoulder to make sure nobody’s following , holding a knife out front in case love ever turns out to be a ghost trying to get you to remember that you are human too. Don’t act like you don’t want someone to notice, like your unchipped composure isn’t asking for attention, and don’t pretend like help is a bad thing. I can almost hear it every time I ask if you’re doing okay and you swallow the truth before it can beat the yes that comes tumbling out of your mouth. Don’t lie to me and say that nothing in this world means anything to you because I know there is something and I know you are scared out of your goddamn mind of losing it. And so what? Be afraid. Hold onto your heart like it’s something that can break. Love in between the lines in case it falls off the page. But don’t tell me that it isn’t there. Don’t tell me that you’ve got nothing to lose.
—  The most dangerous people out there have got nothing to lose

some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

advice to the signs from a scorpio
  • aries: you are not the world around you. the things that are happening to you do not define the person you are. chin up, be strong.
  • taurus: you get so worked up about everything, it's good to stop and breathe once in a while. smell the roses, watch the wind.
  • gemini: you don't have to pretend to be something you're not. the people that matter most will like you regardless of who you are.
  • cancer: let your emotions out. you feel so strongly, it is only hurting you to keep them to yourself,, which i know you do...
  • leo: the only advice i have for you is to know that the way you treat others can either make or break them. you are very influential and that is a gift. use it wisely.
  • virgo: stop expecting things out of people that they aren't giving you that you think you deserve.
  • libra: not everyone has to like you, you are special enough to know that others don't matter. stop letting them effect you so much.
  • scorpio: you're going to be okay, you just need to get all of the facts of a situation before you react because all of your choices, no matter how small, greatly affect your life.
  • saggitarius: it's not okay to play both sides of a situation. you are more manipulative and secretive than any scorpio, and it's not okay to treat people the way you do sometimes. you need to realize when you're hurting and not helping.
  • capricorn: you have to stop getting so worked up and angry at everything. take a second to listen to what others are saying to you before making yourself all upset. you're good.
  • aquarius: you need to open up more. you are so full of light and knowledge that keeping yourself locked away in the quiet is keeping the world from being so much better.
  • pisces: understand that not everyone is going to be helpful on your journey in life. forgiveness is so easy for you, you just really need to realize when people don't deserve it.

I started going off on twitter about this and figured Tumblr was probably a better format for it, but I’ve been raving for days over how BotW lets you kind of craft your own Link and be the hero you want to be. My thing with stuff that I like is always how immersed I can get into it, and as much as you can still put on the Link suit and be Link, Hero of Time, in any other game, BotW has just enough little stuff to make it feel a little more… individual, I guess?

You can choose your outfit and weapon of choice so, like, you’re literally whoever you wanna be that rocks.

And I’ve been losing my fucking mind pretending to be Link, the guy who can’t remember a fucking thing about who he used to be and is probably honestly not the same dude anymore anyway and that makes him so massively upset on the deep dark insides. He probably USED to be a fearless knight but he feels a stronger affinity for taking cover in the trees and picking off enemies with arrows rather than head on confrontation, and he’ll camp all night in one until it’s safe to sneak by. He spent a lot of time hunting on the plateau and wished he could do that forever, and now he tries to pretend his life before this was a humble one where he lived in the woods and hunted the wildlife bc that just feels right to him and it’s weird but maybe it’s bc its kind of less traumatic than trying to recover all these memories that are so alien now.

And he’s a great fucking cook who knocks it out of the park every time and is helpful and pleasant and is always wearing a hood

i dunno my dudes im just throwin spaghetti at the wall, i like this game ptthh pppththththt

I challenged myself for a character thing from here :

A friend asked for the batter in C1. Not sure what would ever make the guy smile, let alone grin like this, but hey we can pretend he’s happy, right?
I gave him a different shirt, yes. its totally not because i was way too lazy to color in all those stripes or something… not at all….what a ridiculous statement…

So after the recent results of the election, I decided to exercise my right as an American to openly disagree who is our impending leader. I painted my face and wore red as a nod to the Make America Psycho Again. It may not do much, or anything at all, but I’ve caught the attention of several people at school. From this point, I’m going to continue painting my face until I run out and I refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. I may be black, born female, and queer, but now’s not the time to back down. Things have already begun going awry, people are scared, and I can’t just sit down and pretend this is fine. Please don’t feel like you’re hopeless and that you can’t make a difference. I got made fun of by countless people, but I also caught the attention of my digital arts teacher, who recognized this as a form of protest and took a picture of me. A small gesture, but if one person acts and several turn heads, who knows what several people can do.

  • “Tell me you love me and everything we’ve done, all the gossip and the lies and the hurt will have been for something. Tell me it was for something.”
  • “She’s pretending like she don’t miss you, you’re pretending you don’t give a damn, ego is a hell of a drug.”
  • “Even when you hate him, you still love him.”  
  • “Kiss me, kill me, do something.”  
  • “Believe it or not—it takes a lot of love to hate you like this.”
  • We always make out when we’re drunk then the next day we pretend it never happened but i’m tired of it.
  • “Every time I try to move on, you’re right there.”
  • I used to be love drunk, but now I’m hangover.
  • Because they loved each other and it should be enough.
  • Isn’t it ironic? That the things we do to make us alive are things that can kill us.
  • Happy endings are just stories that haven’t finished yet.
  • Her philosophy of life was that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was that she didn’t.

sonhoedesrazao  asked:

OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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More Writing Prompts.

Because, instead of working on the stuff I already have, I thought, “Why not make more prompts?!”

Angst-y Love Prompts:

  • Sometimes lying is the right thing to do, so I lied to you.
  • Pretending like nothing is wrong is only going to make things worse.
  • I loved you, once upon a time.
  • What’ll happen when I wake up, and you’re not there?
  • You say you love me, but all you’ve ever done is hurt me!
  • I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.
  • You can’t do this to me! Not now!
  • I wonder if I’m better off without you.
  • I’ve done bad things, but let me ask you… am I that shitty of a person…?
  • They left me for a reason, you know…

Romantic Prompts:

  • I love you more than anything…
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • I love you! I’ve always loved you, and to have you look at me the way I look at you… Well… That’s my dream.
  • I’m never going to let you go, not without a fight.
  • What do you want me to do? Kiss you in the rain? Buy you a dozen roses? As long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything.
  • The way you make me feel is the way I felt when I ate all of the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box. Pure joy.
  • I look at you, and I see all of the things I wish I was…
  • I can feel my heart beat faster when I think about you.
  • Are you going to kiss me, or are you just going to stand there?
  • Marry me.

Fluffy Prompts:

  • This is my favorite song!
  • I don’t think that’s considered dancing, it’s more of a flailing action.
  • If you keep eating french fries, you’re going to turn into one.
  • Can I borrow a pillow?
  • So, that’s a no to the roller coaster?
  • You took my jacket like a month ago, can I have it back?
  • I’d split a candy bar with you.
  • Why are you shoes on the stove?
  • What if aliens really do exist? just… Think about it!
  • You set someone’s hair on fire in Chemistry last year.

I’m in love with my Best Friend Prompts:

  • I want to find someone and I want to tell them, “You deserve to be in an art museum because of how beautiful you are.”
  • Can I sleep here with you…? The movie really scared me…
  • I don’t have a date and I don’t want to go alone…
  • H-He’s not my boyfriend(alt: S-She’s not my girlfriend).
  • I remember when we first met…
  • When are you going to tell them that you love them?
  • You look really beau… nice…
  • I keep dating all these other people in hopes that my feelings for you would go away.
  • I never loved them, I love you.
  • I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have.

Roommates Prompts:

  • Let’s play a game to get to know each other.
  • It’s cheaper than living on your own, dude.
  • Stop leaving the toilet seat up!
  • What do you mean you ate my last hot pocket?
  • It’s your turn to do dishes tonight.
  • You lost the spare key to the apartment?
  • You’ve been in the bathroom for like, an hour.
  • The girl you brought over last night put a hole in our wall.
  • Give it a rest, I’m trying to sleep over here!

Totally Angst-y/Angry Prompts:

  • I can’t stop the bleeding.
  • They’re… dead…
  • I hate you!
  • I was sent here to kill you.
  • I thought there was good in you, but there’s nothing but disgust and hatred now.
  • I stopped feeling emotions a long time ago.
  • They weren’t strong enough to save you, and because of their foolishness, you’re mine now.
  • Nothing will bring them back! You can’t… turn back time!
  • You tore my heart out and crushed it with your own hands.
  • Fuck you.
Shallura headcanons because WHY NOT
  • Shiro and Allura both love to goof around but only when it’s just the two of them
  • They both feel like they have to be the Sensible Mature Responsible Leaders around the other Paladins
  • but around each other they can just be Allura and Shiro, two complete dorks
  • It’s how they blow off steam okay it’s therapeutic
  • Shiro knows all the words AND dance moves to Uptown Funk and he does it for Allura because it makes her laugh until she can’t breathe
  • Allura’s shapeshifting ability has a weird side-effect: she can also mimic peoples voices. She can do near-perfect impressions of all the Paladins and Coran and she does it for Shiro because she highkey loves making him laugh
  • They do impressions of each other FIGHT ME THEY WOULD DO THIS OKAY THEY’RE HUGE DORKS
  • Shiro talks to the mice and pretends to have conversations with them about Allura while Allura is sitting right there
  • “Oh, she likes sparkly things huh? Good to know I’ll keep my eyes out.” “Shiro I’m sitting RIGHT HERE” “What’s that? She’s getting annoyed?” *Allura throws a pillow at the back of his head* 

Ridiculous things I have been told about my practice:

  • “How can you worship a fertility goddess and not want children?”
  • “Do you like, wave your wand in the air and pretend it shines?”
  • “Be careful. You have depression. That makes you naive. It’s so easy for naive people to join sects.”
  • “What did your god tell you to do now?”
  • “Did you kill it?” (when I mention the lamb skull on my altar)
  • “Why do you say all these weird words in other languages?”
  • “Isn’t that the evil god of death and murderers?”

What crazy things have you been told about your practice?

did i ruin it because i’m sick or were we both just not good for each other. was i mean because i’m mean or because i can’t control my feelings. i love him still, or do i just think i do? 

does he love her because she’s normal. will anyone ever love me, even though i’m not? will i ever be? am i good at pretending?

are we friends or do you just feel like you have to take care of me? do you even like me? am i making this weird again, seeing things that don’t exist in you, assuming things that aren’t true? am i hurting you by being distant or am i protecting you? what if you knew? what if i told you everything, came spilling out with all these terrible secrets?

do people usually have this many secrets? 

who was i before this? what would i have been without it? am i really just lazy? am i really just not into trying? am i unhappy because it’s all i know how to be and i’m scared to learn who i am when i’m not suffering? do i even know… me?

Bonenzo Facts:

  • Bonnie proposes, coincidentally around the same time Enzo is planning some epic proposal of his own, effectively ruining it (he gets to give his speech anyway)
  • They adopt, mostly because Enzo highkey wants to but also because Bonnie lowkey wants to
  • Enzo takes her last name
17 Things I Love About Wonwoo

1. Literally his visuals are blindingly beautiful and paradoxical cause he looks so cold and deathly handsome but he also looks like a cutie pie

2.  His voice that makes me feel WEIRD THINGS he could be insulting me and I’d be like, “yes yes go on” but also his high-pitch voice just kills me

3. I love how he FRONTS and pretends he can’t do aegyo, but when he’s asked to do it, he does it so well!!1!1!!!1

4. The fact that he assumes responsibility and faces the consequences for his past actions just makes him that much more mature and admirable

5. His sTUPID puns that I love so so much and can’t live without

6. His passion for his songwriting and rapping and dancing and singing

7. The way he eats just makes me so happy like I can’t even really explain this one I just love watching him eat (even roses wtf)

8. How he scrunches his nose when he’s laughing and starts clapping with his hands or on his knee or on other people

9. How he buries his face in his hands when he’s embarrassed omf what a cutie

10. His hands and collarbones!!1!!!11!

11. His endless love for books and how he glows up while talking about them and how he almost beat hoshi up for throwing his book on the floor and how he made a public service announcement for reading in Chuck

12. His overall dorkiness like in OFD he’s showing off his baggie items when he’s supposed to be cleaning and jeonghan’s like “boy wyd” and wonwoo’s just like “hi hyung”

13. His blank face look and how he just stares into space probably thinking about cheeseburgers

14. How much he loves and cares for his members like that one time he placed his hot pack on woozi’s lips cause he was stuttering (and also meanie)

15. His combination of being outgoing and playful but also reserved and quiet what a mystery???

16. He’s a rapper but also high key qualified for vocal team like who are you and why don’t you do this more often 

17. The fact that he’s in seventeen