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“You’re only thirty-two, I sent you that porn, I like your dogs more anyways and I don’t care about any other excuses you’re making up … Why else would I still write you letters despite your glaring grammatical errors?”

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Does this mean that Dean isn't 'longing' for Amara, or can Amara only pick up on conscious prayers and not longing? Was Dean praying to Cas during 11x21?!

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*squints suspiciously at 2am!Lizzy from the perspective of brainless morning-zombie!Lizzy who has not finished her coffee and hates 2am!Lizzy for not going to bed after watching 11x08 like she originally planned*

I think the most important thing here is that the longing retcon is not about prayer or love or whatever…

it’s a hasty excuse to use those things as GPS.

I guess the main conceit of the longing retcon when we were jokingly applying it to Dean last year was that he was just longing all the time, and that’s how Cas managed to keep finding him, or we were making tragic headcanons about how Cas could feel Dean’s longing even at all the worst times… 

So this year anyone who got too overly invested in the retcon (says someone who totally didn’t kick off the No Homo Intern thing because of it) has had a bit of a wild ride, when we go from 11x06 using the same mechanics (aka wordless prayer as a beacon so we know she CAN pick up on longing directed her way just as Cas can) “pining for somebody else” (I had been using “pining” as my “longing” tag for just over a year at that point for the sake of alliteration only, so I got some shrieking in my inbox for that :P After that it went from a cracky tragic headcanon tag to a serious meta tag about Dean and Amara’s connection vs the Destiel pining), but there was this awful feeling it was all gonna be Amara and the potential for Destiel pining was going to stay as vague as it had been when we only knew about this mechanic because of Cas talking to Claire about it. 

And then 11x13 went ahead and laid out some more of the mechanics of how Dean is affected by Amara: short range only, physical presence required (she finds him when they’re in the same town and started off close-by in 11x06 where he didn’t seem to notice her, and 11x09 where she was probably within 100m of him the whole time, much older and more powerful, and he did sense her), otherwise he’s completely and utterly freaked out by her and their connection (11x11 starts this off with him telling Casifer about it but with Lucifer being very unhelpful with his “attraction?? LOL LOL LOL” moment so we don’t get the full exploration of it because Dean is busy making sad confused eyes at “Cas” - also re-watching THAT scene made the one around the Bunker table where Lucifer is like “your GIRLFRIEND remember? LOOOLLLL” more obvious to me (I have no idea why I hear Lucifer typing “LOL” when he talks but I do)) 

Anyway we can take him at face value that within a couple of episodes of being told he’s pining he explains how he’s not pining for Amara, and then after that he gets the horrible news about Casifer. So he spends the next… 8? episodes blatantly worrying about Cas on screen as his motivation and implied preferred choice of pastime between episodes, which I’d file as “pining” just on principle even if we didn’t have these odd mechanics about prayers going on.

I was just expecting these mechanics to stay largely out of the way, but then our VALIANT ATTEMPTS to keep this all cracky headcanon got blown out of the water:


(Okay there’s probably a more serious post about 11x21 and Amara reaching out to Dean seemingly via Cas while he’s still desperately searching for Amara for the sake of finding Cas as per everything we knew about his motivations from the previous 7 or 8 episodes of visible on-screen pining)


And Donatello ended up in 11x21 and 11x22 only being used as fancy GPS as his main purpose in the narrative.

I mean my tags on the original post that there’s plausible deniability is because this comes from directing choices (11x21′s use of Amara ~following the pining~ from Cas’s heart - in the “main text” Dean grumpily asks where Amara is moments before she appears to him but we can assume at this point Dean was at 100% pining capacity non-stop between 11x14 > 11x22), plot holes (if you don’t account for pining, she should already have known exactly where the Bunker was, so why was it different between contacting Dean (via Cas) and trying to physically get there? This show is not exactly watertight though - they literally switched the birth order of the archangels for plot convenience), throw away comments dating back to 10x10 that no one might remember (unless they DO) or whatever. 

But between previously established lore on Amara (and it seems from watching the first 11 episodes in one day, that the writers all had a very set book on who Amara was: her dialogue about what’s happened to her and what she wants to do rings true across the season for example), jokes about Dean pining taken way too seriously, and the surprise that after all that, at no point in the season has Dean ever pined hard enough for Amara (11x11′s final scene for example was suggested as being about Amara and would have been a ton of confused angry pining for her beamed directly from his bedroom in that case) that she could locate the Bunker, and she had to resort to tracking down someone else who had been there to find out where it was (as God’s last known location rather than where Dean was, as her motivation) and get in…

The author is dead (or dying anyway :P), long live the Longing Retcon 


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