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I know, I know, short update today. Sometimes, there’s just no clean way to split up these scenes nicely within 10 images. Also funny thing about this scene was that I stayed up till 3am drawing this scene cause I had to make sure it flowed nicely. I even was like, acting out the scene myself to make sense of everything, especially for Mme. Bustier. Her turn around in the first panel is possible, and even her reaching out to pull down ladybug is all possible

but man was it a stretch lol

Also yes, because of tumblr’s recent safety mode(?) problem, some of the transfixed parts have been restricted, which super super makes me mad cause well, ml is a kids show and I aimed for this comic to be somewhat appropriate for all readers as well, so for it to be marked off like that is really troubling…

These parts so far are: Part 80, Part 101, Part 105, Part 107, Part 108, Part 109, Part 115, Part 117

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Part 118

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Strict Parents (Connor Murphy HEADCANON)

INSPIRED BY: @imagine-boyo
(seriously i absolutely loved your headcanon for this. you have a gift for making me feel things)

- ok so you two probably met through each other’s parents
- like they became family friends bc Larry and your dad started working in the same department
- and Cynthia and your mom have a lot in common because they both are into Pilates and weird white people stuff
- aNyWaYs
- both of your parents are lowkey assholes
- they don’t believe in mental illness, gay rights, and sometimes still say some slurs
- but you just gotta live with it
- so when the Murphys came over for the first time, they just brought Connor because Zoe was at band camp or something geeky
- Connor walks in with his parents and you are ShOoKeTh
- like your parents told you beforehand that they had a son that was your age but you were NOT expecting some 6 foot tall punk guy
- usually when your parent’s friend’s have a child, they are really posh and go to private school
- but you saw him and was like damn son
- so they introduce everyone to everyone and it’s lowkey awkward
- you shake Larry and Cynthia’s hands with an awkward smile but Connor just gives you a weak shake of the hand bc he literally just wants to go home and smoke weed lol
- SO
- dinner starts and things are hella awkward
- your parents make you and Connor sit at a different table because you guys “are not adults”
- Connor is really quiet and doesn’t say much
- maybe when a noodle falls off his plate he mumbles, “mother fucker”. But that’s about it.
- and they are hella tipsy
- you can feel Connor getting slowly angry and you’re just like “um? Wanna go upstairs?”
- and he follows because literally anything beats having to stay in a room with his rowdy, drunk parents.
- you bring him to your room and sit down on your bed
- usually you weren’t allowed to bring boys in your room but your dad wouldn’t even know bc he’s too busy talking about capitalism w Larry
- everything would be really quiet until Connor finally speaks
- “your parents are fucking assholes”
- and expects you to be super offended and give him a huge reaction (like Zoe would) but instead you just LAUGH.
- he looks at you, super puzzled. That was the last thing he expected from you.
- then he starts laughing too.
- you two end up laying down on your bed, staring at the ceiling, just talking.
- you tell him about how much you dislike your parents. even though you could be considered a “goody-two-shoes”, you still had contrasting thoughts to your parents. You have never drank, or smoked, but you have different political views.
- Connor talks to you a ton about how much his parents dislike him and how they refuse to give him therapy
- half way through your talk, both of you shed a few tears
- you glance at the clock and it’s 2:00am.
- usually you would be tired by now, but Connor’s breath on your cheek and his eyes focusing on your lips was enough adrenaline to keep you awake for a year.
- at 2:04am, he kissed you.
- at 2:05 am, you kissed back.
- at 2:17 am, you finally broke apart from a series of passionate kisses.
- at 2:23am, Connor tells you that you were his first kiss
- at 2:24 am, you tell Connor that he was yours
- at 3:12am, Connor goes home. But you get a text from him that night, wishing you a good nights rest.
- you and Connor start dating OFFICIALLY like two days later
- you tell your parents that you’re going out for the evening and they start investigating (as per usual)
- they ask you where you’re going, who you’re going with, when you’ll be back, etc.
- you lied and said that you were going out with your best friend
- you walked all the way down your street and turned a corner. There sat Connor Murphy, in his beat up car.
- he would be dressed up slightly, wearing his leather jacket.
- he would be stunned, admiring your yellow sundress and pink lipstick.
- you guys looked like night and day
- after the third date, you finally told your parents about you and Connor
- they were shocked
- “but, Y/N, don’t you want more than some druggie?”
- “Y/N, I think you would much rather like that nice boy next door… his father is a doctor!”
- you finally tell them no.
- you like Connor.
- and there is nothing that can change that
- then they get mad
- they start doing things like taking your phone away at night
- so Connor just sneaks through your window instead
- they make sure that your curfew is 2 hours earlier than it used to be
- so Connor just takes you out earlier in the day
- they banned him from coming into the house
- so Connor waits a centimetre away from the front door
- after a while, your parents got tired of your foolery.
- one night you came home, wearing Connors jacket
- your mom smelled the smoke on it and accused Connor of pressuring you into smoking
- you kept assuring her that he wasn’t, but that didn’t stop her.
- she yelled at you more
- so you ran to your room and cried
- you texted Connor
- he came to your window
- lied in bed with you
- wiped your tears away
- “your parents are fucking assholes” he would whisper against your hair, rocking you back and forth.
- and like you did the night you met, you laughed.

- you and Connor move in together after high school and adopt a puppy
- it’s all you guys need

Selfie: The Castro. San Francisco, 05-28-17.

I am more comfortable now taking photos in public places, especially when I am shooting strange things that usually people would not think of photographing. However, while I took this photo (I really took 10 photos, just to make certain at least one was good), I felt ridiculous, imagining that people walking by thought I was some kind of fool. Then I looked at my reflection, really took a second to make sense of what I saw, and realized that I did look like a fool, particularly a dirty minded old fool, and that was when this attempt at making myself into a joke became fun.

Sometimes it is cool to be a fool.

hey hey kids just a reminder that inconsistent artsyles are a really really good thing to have as amateur artists because that’s how you allow yourself to explore different looks and thus develop a better artsyle. Just make sure you practice frequently! Find details that you like and keep them, but don’t focus so hard on setting one consistent look for your characters yet.

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Tell me more about 'j'

it took me a while to think about what to tell you, because how are you supposed to describe the person who makes you feel the world into words that doesn’t measure up to how much they actually are? so i guess i’ll start off with saying that he’s genuine. he doesn’t beat around the bush and he will tell you what’s on his mind, and sometimes that’s not always a good thing bc he can come off as rude w out meaning too but that’s what makes him Jake, and that’s what makes me love him. he has a really pretty smile and when you catch him between a laugh and dimples dented into his cheeks, you’ll think wow, he’s really beautiful. because he is, in the subtle way where you won’t notice at first but in the way where if you’re looking at him, really looking at him, you’ll see it. and he’s funny, he makes me laugh when my heart is hurting and he understands, like really understands when i am too quiet and lost inside my head and instead of leaving me alone, he stays until i feel okay again. he’s patient, he rarely ever loses his temper and it’s frustrating at times but i admire him for that. and when he sets a goal, he works his way towards it, even when life is shitty, he still tries his best. he’s everything that i can see myself being with and actually being happy, and he does, make me happy, i mean. i guess what i’m trying to say is that there’s a lot of things i could tell you about him, but that’ll take hours so i’ll settle with he’s a good person with a good heart that has so much to offer to the world and im lucky to be the one to call him mine and to stand by his side while he grows, bc honestly there’s no where i would rather be if it isn’t beside him.


Hello everyone! Would you like to help me with something? I want to paint my room and I would like to write some quotes on walls. But not just ordinary quotes. Your own quotes! You can post it on your blog and comment this or you can send it to me directly. Please “write” your name/nickname under it. I will share quotes that I’ll save.

I realized that you are really meaningful to me. I know it sounds strange but you’ve shown me so many things through your messages and your blogs. You share your stories with me and that makes me feel like I’m not alone. You’re showing me that there’s still hope. No matter how fucked up this world is.

I can’t feel your pain but I know it hurts so much that you can’t even breathe sometimes. And all the pain in your chest and head is so unbearable and you don’t know how to make it stop. You want to scream, you want to cry, you want to tell someone but you’re scared and the only option you have is, to hide it/keep it inside. But you’re still here, fighting your demons and that’s the bravest thing I’ve ever seen.That’s what makes me fight too!

“Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”

Thank you for being here, thank you for being my heroes!

Love, Kate.

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As much as I love Happy!AUs (and I LOVE Happy!AUs), sometimes I have to wonder what Anakin would really be like in them. Like, what is Anakin Skywalker's personality without SOMEONE throwing Trauma™ at him 24/7 since the day he was born??

One of the things that makes writing Happy AU’s so interesting, in addition to the fact that No Skywalkers Are Harmed, is the fact that you end up having to write about what Anakin is like without a crisis. With time to sit down and breathe and think about his trauma, you get to see him fully meltdown and then the people around him, the people who love him, get to realize how very Not Okay he is. 

Just because an AU is happy doesn’t mean there isn’t problems in it. When I write Anakin in happy AUs its often with him in pretty intensive therapy and heavily medicated, which helps him become someone who can actually have downtime and not become a wreck because there’s no clear thing he’s supposed to be doing and no one to tell him what to do. 

Being happy is hard when your entire background and mental makeup is fighting you every step of the way. When your trauma doesn’t come with a schedule or even clear steps on what makes a bad day a bad day. 

At the core, very little changes about who Anakin Skywalker is when he’s not having a crisis constantly. He’s still compassionate, rash, friendly, loyal, sarcastic, great with his hands, bad with complex social interactions, funny, melodramatic, quick to take things too personally, a follower, passive aggressive, and madly in love with Padme Amidala. The thing that changes the most is that when something happens, he has better ways of dealing with them and a better support group. Because of his medications, he’s also better able to mentally juggle his life and not get overwhelmed by anything that’s happening to him at any given moment. 

Would Anakin have bad days when all he wants is to yell and scream and throw things at the walls? When all he wants is to lay in bed and he can’t stand to look at his family because he doesn’t deserve them and he’ll get them killed or they’ll be taken from him somehow? When all he wants is to vanish? Of course he will. But he’ll actually have people around him to help him through his bad days and they’ll have the necessary tools and knowledge to do so! 

Getting help and learning how to cope with your trauma, bettering yourself so you can be the best version of yourself, doesn’t change who you are at the core. It makes you a better you.

Anakin Skywalker with no medication and no therapy is Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker heavily medicated, seeing at least two therapists twice a week, with multiple doctor’s appointments in the span of a week is Anakin Skywalker. 

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Once you get this you have to say five thing you like about yourself,publicly.Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers(non negotyable,positivity is cool~💖💖

1) I like being able to be many friends
2) I like that I can draw because it makes me happy but sometimes it gives laziness
3) I like that I am learning English because I do not know much about it
4) I like it myself The chocolate XD
5) and I’m glad to have friends in tumbler who support me and help me sometimes and that’s it :/…

TAG: @albatronic1987 @pipiana-chan @lizathenas @matryoska-animate @nezumioni @wesome4865 @elianexmip01 @lysergdiethelphantomive @felinaxd @aracelyzacn :yyyy…

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i think i've figured out why i'm still a bit wary of how stim/fidget things are being treated as a... "trend", i guess? from fidget kickstarters to spinner "jokes", it's because i feel like nd people take a backseat to literally all of it. we may be mentioned in the advertising as "good for people with adhd/autism" etc. amongst keywords to bring people to the page, but after that nobody really mentions us. is it reasonable for me to still be wary even though it makes things more accessable?

Anon, you don’t have to justify your feelings. Feelings don’t have to be reasonable. They’re feelings. We don’t have a lot of control over them most of the time (if at all), and while sometimes research and discussion can influence how we feel about something, sometimes all the thought in the world won’t change the fact that something makes us uncomfortable or unhappy. It doesn’t have to be rational or logical. It’s how you feel.

(Feeling something isn’t wrong. How we respond to those feelings can be, and what actions we take based on those feelings can also be wrong, but the simple act of feeling isn’t wrong. It just isn’t.)

Furthermore, this isn’t a simple situation. This isn’t a case where we should be all celebrating the newfound access to stim toys and showing the negatives down into some dark corner. This is a case where the positives (increased access) come with significant negatives that aren’t just the problem of mass-banning toys from classrooms. This is a case where those negatives need discussion, too, because this is a complicated situation that isn’t going away, and it’s going to provoke a lot of feeling.

(I only dislike the “I hate those NTs that use stim toys wrong and get them banned from the classroom” posts. Posts that ignore the real problem being the education system, posts that forget we ND folk can also be disruptive in how we stim, posts that forget some of those annoying NT folks are actually undiagnosed ND people. Posts that try to simplify a complex situation by giving us an easy villain to hate, something I know that alienates ND folks, especially people with anxiety, from stimming. I dislike those; I’d put them in the category of being a less-than-good response to feelings of valid frustration and anger. But your ask, anon, is not one of those posts.)

The sheer amount of new fidget toys now available is overwhelming. New toys are invented every week, or so it seems, and a day or two after that there’s knock-offs on eBay, Banggood and Wish. It’s hard to keep up with it all. I went from struggling to find anything here to going into my local dollar shop and seeing twenty different types of spinners, fidget cubes, fidget pads and fidget sticks. It’s dizzying.

Now, of course, there’s the articles flooding the internet. Spinners have become a meme, a talking point. There’s pages and videos about tricks made with toys. There’s jokes mocking this fad, as though spinners are an item of clothing that’s in fashion. Our tools, our needs and our culture have become a joke, and that’s not just alienating or erasing - that’s ableist. It’s not wrong to be wary about someone else’s ableism!

Anon, I agree with you. I don’t wish to police who stims or can use the language of stimming, but I still feel that our culture has been yanked from our hands. Objects that were for us and about us now give us that cursory mention, but the growing culture around them, save in ND-specific corners of the internet, excludes us. Part of the reason I personally don’t mind NT folk using the word “stim” is because I want them engaged with us. I want them to know who stim toys are for and why they’re important. I want them to use our words, to read our blogs, to respect our communities, to remember us in conversations on stim toys.

(I believe this will also have downsides, though, and it might prove to be the wrong way to go entirely. It’s hard to know what the best solution might be, and chances are great that there are no perfect ones.)

Accessibility is great, but we can and should talk about how a consequence of that accessibility is our own absence in dialogue about stim toys and stimming. Even if we find no solutions, anon, we know we’re not alone in what we feel, and that is so important. We shouldn’t have to feel alone.

Anon, I am with you on this.

There’s nothing unreasonable about being wary of this situation. Nothing.

- Mod K.A.

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First of all: I've been following you for a while and I love your art so much! It's always a highlight in my day. That you ship Hinny is the cherry on top (I love them so much!). What I wanted to ask: do you have a tag you follow? Sometimes I see things that might inspire you or something that I'd like to share with you. :) For example lizpotter4cp (on youtube) makes great Hinny videos (esp. The Devil's Tears and Colors). You should check them out! (Just spreading the Hinny love!)

I follow “Hinny”, “Harry Potter”, “Jily” tag (if I understood it correctly!). I will look for the channel on youtube, and I am always open to receive suggestion that can inspire me :) Always feel free to share! Thanks!! :D

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Can we have a kissing Azrael scenario please like the war and death ones? Because I had a weird dream last night where I was kissing Azrael



 What can I say? I like a good build up! This song always makes me cry.. 

Of all the angels you’d met, your good friend Nathaniel included, Azrael came across as quite possibly the most chaste. You hadn’t even thought about how quiet and unsullied he was until you’d started to take a less than platonic view of your friend.

It wasn’t an issue. You’d never do anything to make him uncomfortable, and honestly you couldn’t ever, in your wildest dreams imagine that he’d see you as something more than his dearest friend. Sad, but just the way of things sometimes. “We can’t all get what we want,” you chastise yourself for the third time that evening as you scramble around your home, fixing cushions and trying to at least make the place look semi-presentable. 

It wasn’t as though the queen was visiting, although to be frank, you almost felt as though it were. 

This was the first time Azrael was coming to Earth for a ‘change of scenery’. Or at least, that’s how you’d marketed it to him one night in his study in the White City. Frankly, you really hadn’t expected him to sigh deeply, stare into the distance for a moment or two before turning to smile down at you pleasantly, saying that he wouldn’t mind seeing where you live for once. 

So it was that you exuberantly, albeit nervously, suggested that he could come and visit anytime he liked, for however long he liked. The angel’s smile grew even wider and his eyes creased at the edges, thanking you for the kind offer. You both agreed on a weekend about a month away, when his duties weren’t so numerous and demand for the angel’s attention wasn’t so high. 

Which lead to your predicament. 

You hadn’t even considered how on EARTH you were going to entertain the very angel you’d developed a crush on. You picked out a couple of films you wanted to show him, ones that you’d told him about and he expressed utmost interest in the snippets you told him about, confessing that he’d never actually watched a human movie, but he’d always been quite intrigued by the concept.  

But what else? What if he wanted to do something a bit more exciting? What if he wanted to see something cultural and there you were planning on asking the angel of death to sit and watch televis-

There’s a soft knock at your front door and you whip your head over to it, tense as though it would fly off it’s hinges at any given moment. There’s the sound of rustling on the other side before you catch someone call, “Y/n?” 

Giving a start, you quickly rush over and grab the handle, throwing the door open and looking up into the bright, startlingly white eyes of your angel friend, Azrael. 

“Az!” you gasp breathlessly, embarrassed that he’d caught you off guard. You’d been so busy cleaning and wondering what he’d want to do when he got here, that you hadn’t realised the sun had sunk low into the sky, a time that he’d mentioned he would try to be with you at.  

Azrael’s lips twitch upwards when he hears the shortened version of his name that you’d affectionately bestowed upon him when you first met. Then inclined his head in greeting. “Y/n,” he chimed, “It is good to see you again.” Stepping back, you pulled the door open further to allow him access to your home, almost beside yourself that he wouldn’t think much of the place, which was honestly nothing like the grandeur and intricacy of his own heavenly home. 

So it was to your astonishment that, when Azrael ducked gracefully underneath your doorframe and straightened out, wings folded comfortably against his side, he gazed around with a look of wonderment. 

My…. .Y/n, your home is simply remarkable!” he breathes, turning as you close the door and hover at his back, awkwardly. But if he felt your hesitancy, he was gracious enough to keep it to himself. “I’ve been dying to see it since you had it fully restored. I wonder, would you indulge me in a tour?” 

You blink, feeling vaguely weak and humbled that he’s being so urbane about the relatively modest accommodations he’d be sharing with you. “Oh! Of course I can!” you chirp, skipping ahead before suddenly slapping a hand to your forehead and spinning back to face him. “Oh, um….Can I uh…Can I get you something? A drink? Are you hungry? I didn’t actually prepare anything, oh gah! I’m such a bad host-” you’re cut off from your rambling by a soft chuckle and a pale hand resting upon your shoulder. You glance up at Azrael’s patient smile. 

“Y/n,” he hums, “I did not come here to have you wait on me hand and foot. I came here to spend time with you, away from the flurry of my work.” He laughs, deep and low and it sends you hurtling towards the point of no return. You feel your heart swell when he says he’s here for you.

You’re doing fine,” the angel winks. You let out a shaky breath. 

“Thanks, Azrael….C’mon. Tour starts here. Have you ever seen a television?”

 “What a remarkable young girl,” the angel suddenly whispered, jolting you from the movie. 

To your delight, Azrael had been thrilled about your idea to have a movie night. Sifting though the many, many choices available, he pointed to a film and his interest in it had you laughing with delight. 

You popped ‘Fly Away Home’ on the TV and turned the lights off. Then, throwing yourself onto the sofa, you grinned up at Azrael and told him to make himself comfortable. The smile dropped from your face when he smoothed out his robe and settled on the sofa, mere inches from where you sat. His wings brush against your arm and absentmindedly, throughout the film, you slid the individual feathers through your fingers, stroking them without a care in the world. 

You turn to him when he speaks, “Mmm, she is….” you murmur, looking back at the screen where the heroine of the story, Amy, is flying her geese to North Carolina. Lips stretch in a fond smile when the song, ‘10000 miles’ begins to play. 

“Oh, this song….” you hum, leaning into Azrael’s side and breathing out a deep sigh. From the corner of your eye, you notice the angel watching with rapt attention, lips parted in a gentle smile, eyes drooped and relaxed as you both sit and listen, simply enjoying each others’ company. 

Oh, don’t you see….that lonesome dove….

Sitting on an ivy tree…

She’s weeping for……her own true love……. … . .. 

As I shall weep for mine.. ..

The music crescendos and you feel Azrael take in a delighted gasp. A quick glance up reveals that he has turned his head down to regard you with the warmest expression you’ve ever seen grace his features. 

The music, the moment, the ethereal beauty sat with his face tantalisingly close to yours…….

Oh come ye back….

My own true love… .. 

And stay awhile with me…..

It wasn’t you who made the first move, however. With a look of wistful curiosity, Azrael bridged the gap between you and ever so softly touched his lips to the side of your mouth. With eyes as wide as saucers, you stare at him in disbelief, even as he pulls away a little to look at you properly. 

If I had a friend…..all on this Earth….

“Azrael?” you whisper. 

You’ve been a friend to me…….. ..  ……

His brow furrows in worry and he pulls away, only to be stopped when you grab at his sleeve with a noise of protest. “Azrael, it’s okay!” you rush to reassure him as horror dawns on his face, seemingly stemming from the concept that you might not have wanted him to kiss you. “It’s alright, I just…” You grasp desperately at the air, as though trying to pluck the words you’re looking for out of it. “I want you to kiss me,” you finally confess, easily, “I just have to wonder……Why?”  The way your voice cracks on the last word makes Azrael’s ancient heart ache at the very notion that you didn’t believe yourself worthy. 

“Y/n, dearest little dove…. Why would I not?” 

You look, for all the world like you’re about to start rattling off reasons, so he silences you by once again bending down and breathing a warm breath over your lips. Tentatively, he closes the last few millimetres and pushes his lips, fully against your mouth. 

It’s not unlike touching your lips to silk. He doesn’t intrude, instead keeping his mouth where it is for a few, chaste seconds. Then, he leans backward again, wings fluttering slightly when you tilt forward, chasing his lips as they leave you. “Y/n, I must apologise for my boldness. Kissing is a much more human method of showing affection. I considered the rather unique friendship we’ve built over time. A human and an angel, surely an odd pairing, but it works.” He pauses, deliberating what he’s about to confess.

“You ask me ‘why?’ Because you are so tremendously….you.” 

At the confused furrow of your brow, Azrael beams, once more pushing his silk-soft lips into the dip of your chin. “Y/n, come now. There’s no need to look so skeptical. I wanted to show you just how much your very nature has spoken to me.” The angel stills as you move your head, ever so slightly to meet his mouth and you interrupt him by at last returning his velvety kiss. He almost sighs in relief as you sigh in wonder. He tastes so much of earth honey, and this close, you could smell something akin to roses, but it was far more sweet, almost like vanilla. Accumulated together, it was quite…..heavenly. It takes all your effort not to snort. 

“So,” Azrael asks, giving you one last restrained peck to your lips, “you would tell me, if that was out of order. Y/n, have to let me know if I have imposed…” He looks so damned worried, you smile. Always so polite and proper.. .. 

“Azrael, you could never do something that I wouldn’t like. I’ve been scared to death that I’D be the one to do something inappropriate…..” You duck your head in embarrassment, but Azrael captures it in his hands and lifts it up to push his forehead against yours affectionately. 

“You should have told me…” he whispers reverently whilst peering into your eyes, the same eyes he came to adore the moment he got a close look at them. Humming in agreement, you let a blissful smile twist its way onto your face and you remain there with him in quiet repletion. .…

sometimes i think “oh no i have to catch this screenshot immediately while the video’s in action!!” and then i remember i’m watching off crunchyroll and the view bar or w/e just disappears after i pause and it’s beautiful

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Hello last time i saw you did make a thing like how often did got7 wear his necklace and I wonder could also do one with how many time there parents visit there concerts? Tho sometimes not everyone knows but I love it seeing there parents on their concert it's so cute

I’m afraid I can’t count it, I’m sorry. GOT7 had many concerts and fanmeetings since debut, too many 😅 and it’s difficult to find information about their parents attending older concerts.

m i d n i g h t ....

My mind is full tonight and as you guys know this right here is my outlet. I am not sure if I made the right decision but I refuse to take all the blame. Sometimes I wonder if we could ever come back from this like I see in the movies and then I remember movies are not real. Some people are strong minded and have the consciousness to make decisions on their own while others are not. Our relationship never really had a fair chance as there were just too many obstacles in our way. I know what’s done is done but as I lay here and think about you, I can’t help but wonder if you are somewhere thinking about me too…

Anywho, moving forward was the second hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s taken me months to get this far and I know I have a ways to go. The tears that had no end, the food that had no taste and the life that had no meaning….. The saying is time heals all. But while I dealt with the death of my papa and now a soon to be divorce, I know that saying isn’t true. Time doesn’t heal anything, with time you learn to live without a loved one. You learn that your destiny is written and things are what they are. You only move forward because you truly have no choice. I have yet to receive closure from our separation…. Yet to figure out why you became so cold and distant or what made you stop loving me. Nonetheless, I know the only way for me to completely let you go is to never see you again. With that said just know I did love you and was very much so “in love” with you. I loved you deeply, dangerously and intensely. Just know, I thought the world of you. I felt safe with you. Just know that I wish you well. I hope you are living out your dreams and are surrounded by love. It was that can’t eat, can’t sleep kind of love and I only wanted the same in return.

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Hi. So nice to see someone else using a lined notesbook their bullet journal. I used a lined notebook purely because I cant find a dotted one where I live and I've always felted really pressured to find one. Thanks for inspiring me and making me feel better about my lined book ❤

this is such a cute message to open my inbox to! first of all, i love your url ❤️  and secondly, your comment about lined bullet journals are absolutely true. lots of famous studyblrs use dotted or grid notebooks, so i think newbie blogs like us might feel pressured to do the same sometimes. the studyblr community seems to inadvertently put a lot of expectations on what stationery we should have, how our desk should organized and what our notes should look like, etc - the best thing to do is simply put all of that aside. i still struggle with doing this sometimes, but at the end of the day, does it really matter what kind of notebook your bujo is if it’s neat and works well?

try not to feel so limited by what you have! lined bujos can turn out really beautiful as well :D i’ve made a list of some of my favorites, they’re much better for inspo than mine are:

anyway, i’m glad that my bujo has inspired you like this! 😌  keep on using those lined notebooks and i’d absolutely love it if you tagged me in one of your posts so i could see! (#of-studying)

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hey! so i'm a trans boy and i enjoy wearing masculine things (even though my mother doesn't really) but i also like wearing sporty shorts from the women's section and buying stuff from there like crop tops. Is it weird that i'm sometimes into girl clothing but mostly want to wear masculine stuff?

No it isn’t at all, wear whatever makes you most comfortable!! - Matthew

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I just wanted to say that piper is a smol bean and seems so precious, somehow she makes my budgie laugh and she tries to copy her sometimes and it's the cutest thing XD Sorry that this isn't a question

Aww that’s adorable!!
(and don’t mind about your ask not being a question, I love little comments like these ♥️)

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U ever wonder why bella lies so much? And in such dumb things? I know one could say they are white lies but so many? U think she lies in bigger things? I think she does

I don’t think they’re always lies. Like she just doesn’t know things so she guesses are make assumptions that are untrue or is just kind idk, misinformed about things? Like a lot of her dumber lies I think are just accidental. Like she posted her Vogue China cover and said it was her second VC when it’s not or made some comment about how she thinks she’s one of the first models to get a major sports campaign when there’s been tons before heror how long she’s known Jesse (sometimes) might just be a slip of her not remembering, even if it was only a couple years ago.

She lies/exaggerates because she’s insecure and wants people’s approval. Hello she’s only 20, a Libra, and has millions of people up her ass and in her business all day so I get it but sometimes her lies are really gross. I hate her lying about her nose job when she could just be quiet, she lies about her DUI when she could, again, just be quiet or remorseful, and she lies about that whole Olympic story for people to feel bad for her which was lame but it’s all for the same purpose- she wants people to think better of her. Even when she was younger she use to give out fake height/weight measurements to make herself look underweight because that’s the image she wanted and thought people would like. 

She wants to look like a good, normal person so she just says these things that aren’t (always) entirely false to cover up her flaws or give her a controlled angle because the general public can’t handle when celebrities mess up. And she’s got a lot going against her when it comes to the court of public opinion. I definitely think she lies/exaggerates about bigger things, I’m really careful about what I do and don’t believe from her at this point. Like I don’t think what she’s doing is malicious, sometimes I think it’s just because she’s easily influenced by people and immature. She’s definitely done some bad things and it looks like she covers up/lies out of regret and shame. I just wish she would just be real sometimes or keep to herself.

One More Year: Chapter 28

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