i like to make things sometimes

andrew getting overwhelmed by how much he loves neil…like…before he Never saw this feeling coming he thought it was just his mind making up things while he was on his meds. he’s long since accepted that this is real neil is real but sometimes it hits him so hard, that he can have this. he wasn’t able to have cass the way he wanted because of drake ruining it, ruining him…but now he has neil, and he is able to keep having him. 

neil, who loves andrew unconditionally for who he is. neil, who accepts all of his sharp edges and dark thoughts. neil, who knows when to back away and when to stay close. neil, who wants to be with him and feels just the same as he does. neil, who can see the good in him when everyone else couldn’t. this all hits andrew like a wave crashing onto the shore and he feels like he’s drowning, but it’s a welcomed feeling. because it’s safety, and it feels like home. neil is home and before, he had this twisted, broken view of what “love” is from all those traumatic experiences that still eat away at him, both of them did, but this is new and different from anything else and too much and sometimes andrew wonders if he is really worthy of this, of what neil gives him and makes him feel. 

and there are still passing fearful thoughts that what if he loses him, but waking up to fluttering eyelashes against cheeks and the way the morning sunlight rests against his skin while he’s in a peaceful sleep, seeing those looks neil sends his way, full of adoration and warmth, late night trips to the grocery store together wearing eachother’s hoodies and sweats and picking up andrew’s fave sweets to dull the nightmares he just had and is still feeling in trembling fingers and a rapid heartbeat— 

it all makes their forever click into place and andrew knows that this is it. neil is it for him and it will always be that way

just my onion but the longer this takes the more i keep thinking we’re seriously over complicating things. every single thing we have investigated and dissected so far has been a dead end, be it a real fake tv show or a troll making a website or targeted ads on tumblr. we have learned nothing new imo and all we’ve done is run in circles, attracting more and more attention from trolls posing as legitimate sources. 

maybe there is nothing to solve? maybe this is simply a waiting game? my conviction that something more is coming has not wavered but i don’t feel like we’re any closer to the truth than we were on jan 16th. one of sherlock’s faults is wanting everything to be clever and i think we suffer from the same thing lol sometimes a binary code is simply bach’s partitia no 1 and not a secret code that opens all locks.

“Small talk makes me feel the way I do when a mosquito is buzzing around my head — irritated — and then finally unable to get any relief I just slaughter the damn thing. I slaughter the moment by saying something real.”

bell hooks, “Wounds of Passion: A Writing Life”

Sometimes I feel like I am in a bubble because my work environment, or the strangers I meet, or my housemates, etc., aren’t talking about what’s happening in the world, but then I remember I’m actually really, really plugged into current events almost ALL the time. So are most of the radicals I know. I remember it’s because we care, because we want to be informed, to offer empathy, and, where possible, emotional and material support. 

So maybe next time you feel like you are in an echo chamber because it is always the same people showing up, speaking up, and offering help, remind yourself that maybe the bubbles look more like jobs, like perfunctory conversations, like artificial walls fabricated to keep lives compartmentalized and sterile, than the life you’re living. 

oh god. she makes me smile when i talk to her. ‘cause we were talking and i don’t remember what about, but i know that she didn’t seem to want to stop. like how sometimes a conversation will dwindle towards a dead end - it’s not like that with her. and i feel good because she makes me calm. warm and calm and like i could fall apart but she’d be right there to put me back together. and i just want to tell everyone about the little things she does. and i want to tell her about the nights i can’t sleep, and the days where things feel so heavy i can’t move. and i want to tell her she makes me smile when i talk to her. and that i don’t want to stop. i don’t want to stop.
—  she // r.e.s

Sometimes there are these moments of clarity that only last seconds but I see them and feel them so deeply I hope they are visions of the future and not feelings of alternate realities where I make my dreams come true. idk…I feel like this is the one where I get to create things i love and feel that I need..and people around the world love them too and feel my love and are inspired to share their love, full circle if that makes sense. 

I decided to play around with the baseball!AU a bit so this is possibly one of the many ways that they first met?? This doesn’t have a firm plot yet so it’s fun and experimenting time!

“Um, hi.”

“Ah, hello.”

Steve and Tony stared awkwardly at each other for the next five seconds before Steve bowed his head, cheeks coloring a light red. Tony gave a slight cough to cover up his own embarrassment and willed for his cheeks to not betray him by heating up. Quietness was a painful thing sometimes and this was one of those times as none of them said a single word. 

It would make for a hilarious ‘how I met my boyfriend’ story if they ever got to the part where they were supposed to talk. 

This seemed to be going on for a lifetime and Tony decided that he was going to be the brave one, to take the risk in saying the first words. 

But it looked like Steve had a similar idea and beat him to it. 

“I’ve been seeing you around at my games.” Steve finally said, letting out a deep breath after. “God, that was difficult.” 

“At least you’ve said something, I’m still here floundering.” Tony replied, flailing his arms around as if to make his point and he smiled when Steve laughed at the motion. “But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you were nervous when you talked to me.” 

That earned a smirk from Steve as he leaned forward over the railing and Tony tried his hardest to think about just how attractive a smirking Steve looked. But it was impossible because this man could look heart-stopping attractive while doing just about anything. 

“You’re incredibly gracious.” Steve said, his voice dripping with amusement and sarcasm. 

Tony shrugged but grinned as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets. “I try to be.” He then took a step down from where he had been standing until he was only a little taller than Steve. “And aren’t you supposed to be in the locker rooms right now? Won’t you get in trouble for talking to a fan?” It was obvious that he was being playful due to his own smirk which had appeared. 

But what Steve said next was something that he wouldn’t have expected in a million years. 

“Getting in trouble for talking to you would be worth it.” 

And he said it so smoothly that Tony didn’t know whether to swoon or laugh hysterically. 

He did neither. 

“You think you’re smooth, don’t you.” 

“You’re still here talking to me, ain’t ya?”

And there was that Brooklyn accent, Tony was definitely going to swoon now. 

Tony was grateful for the sudden cool breeze that helped cool down the heat in his cheeks as he rolled his eyes…with a grin that almost soft around the edges. 

“But seriously,” Steve started, staring up at Tony with warm blue eyes. “I’ve been seeing you around a lot and I…just wanted to say hi.” He then gave a small wave accompanied by such a sweet and fond look. 

“So, hi.”

Tony looked at him for a few moments before his eyes softened and his grin turned a little goofy. 


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I'm in an ldr with this amazing woman. We try to see each other every few months. She's in grad school. We usually do okay w/ staying in touch throughout the day text video chat phone call. I've been really stressed lately w/ personal things and I miss her like crazy. We'll make plans to call or video chat but then she always gets caught up doing homework and her five more minutes turns into me falling asleep waiting on her. Am I being selfish is it too much to ask for a few minutes of her time?

This is a toss up. I don’t know your relationship well enough to determine this. On one hand, her being busy is an actual thing and sometimes that takes priority. On the other, LDRs only work when there is a constant flow of communication. I’m sort of in a LDR and @toomuchducky and, when i’m not with her, we’re facetiming at least every other day and texting/snapping eachother all the time even when we’re busy. Even when I’m up to my ears in work I take like 5 minutes to say hi and bye. But that’s because her and I put effort and maybe your girlfriend can’t right now? Not everyone is equipped to handle a LDR.

My pet peeve is being ditched though and waiting up in general on someone that ends up being a no-show lol doesn’t jive well with me ever. so if that were happening to me, I’d have a conversation definitely. I don’t mind people being busy, but if you don’t see yourself talking to me - say so. That way I can do something else with my time than being a bobo waiting like an asshole at my bedside for a call that isn’t coming. But that’s me. 

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How do you make stingy looks so GOOOOD show me your SECRET

my secret you say? I shall tell you

First I start with his head. 

His head is extremely round. like coconut round.  He has full cheeks too, which makes his head even rounder. So usually I start with just a circle as a base. (His head is also pretty round when i draw him as an adult) also his ears stick out significantly too, so define the earsies

something like that? like i don’t make his head 100% round. he still has face structure so make sure it’s not “circle tool round” or anything like that. 

next thing I do when i draw is the facial features….the eyes, nose..etc? I sometimes put the nose first because it helps with eye placement 

anyway the nose looks like an angled-yet-round triangle?? I don’t know how to explain this shape. I sort of took the shape of his nose from the comics (in a sense that it’s pointed upward) and combined it with his boopable nose as a puppet.

something like that. (if anyone has a better description for his nose bls chime in)

okay so we got the head shape and the nose, so now we need his eyes! His eyes are round as well!! (Literally stinge is 99.9% rounded okie)

also since he’s heavy-lidded, you draw his upper lashline halfway down the circles you did for the basic outline of his eyes (hope that made sense?)

for his lips a lot of people draw his lips to look full and lush but but i just draw lines :|

just finishing up his face.  [OK hand sign]

OKAY now im gonna make an attempt to tell you how i draw his hair…..

(hope u can read my writing)


Then i just add his neck and bow. u kno the essentials to create stingy

and he’s all done!! LOOK AT OUR HANDSOME BOY!!!!!!!!

This is how i draw stinge!! by no means do you have to follow this step by step. lots of people have different interpretations of him and that’s cool

i hope you could understand this, or that this wasn’t vague

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so niall couldn't make it to the awards but could make it to an afterparty, not like things weren't already shady

And saying his been working on his album…. That’s a really long album there. Why is everything so shady I need ANSWERS

Yuuri doesn’t remember the first time he made Victor really blush. He was drunk at that time so that didn’t really count.

The second time it happens, he almost misses it.

The thing with Victor is that he doesn’t blush often. 

His cheeks get a little rosy sometimes when he’s excited -in every way- but the real full on blush like the ones Yuuri is used to produce too frequently for his liking, it’s not something Victor’s accustomed to.

Yuuri has tried many times to make him loose his composure as retaliation because he’s kinda tired of being the only one turned into a blushy mess all the time. He tried to be sexy, tried to put everything in his bedroom eyes but his Eros didn’t get the desired outcome (well at least not in the full-blushing department).

So he’s not prepared when Yuuri -glasses on, hair down, in his everyday clothes-, puts his hand without thinking in the small of Victor’s back to guide him through a crowd and glances up at him to see if he’s alright.

He’s not prepared to the bright red cheeks, the slightly unfocused eyes and the weirdly expressionless face.

He’s not prepared to the way Victor’s body briefly shivers under his hand before it curves almost shyly in a silent prayer for more.

Yuuri’s not prepared. But he loves it.

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For another input on the matter, but more serious: This type of thing is reccurent for me. like, my family is filled with very affectionate people constantly checking up on me because... y'know... and it can be draining sometimes! so i DO have times that i just need some space and tell them to leave me alone, which is not often. they probably felt the same was as Sans did but, dissapearing kinda makes things worse... it makes YOU feel like the bad guy, even though no one is really at fault :/

Yep, exactly. And it wasn’t like Papyrus screamed at him to gtfo, he politely asked to be left alone for a bit. Normal thing. No reason for Sans to react badly.


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I like that you're vers. Don't see many muscular guys admit that while hiding behind their muscles

I’m proud of it! Topping can be great but damn bottoming can sometimes be fantastic. It all depends on who you’re with and the mood :] plus being flexible about it makes things soooooo much easier

“Sometimes we need to do things we’d rather not do, in order to get the peace that we need; to look after our own well-being and to return to a healthy state. Decisions we may make may hurt others at times. Sometimes it hurts us too. I have found myself in situations like this recently. It’s a hard choice. But truly, there are times that we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes there are no good choices, just painful ones… Sometimes that’s just how real life is.” — Jose Harris

I think it’s really unfair to get on fanfic writers about making characters “out of character” especially if that fic is an AU. 

Newsflash, people’s personalities change! Who you are at 15 more than likely will be completely different than who you are at 22 or 35 for that matter. 

Just like in real life characters are expected to grow and evolve and spoiler alert change. 

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Just wanted to say thank you for making a critical blog that actually centers around legitimate criticisms of the show, rather than just bashing every little thing for the sake of bashing it/ low key shoving in your political opinions. You keep me sane.

Thank you!! I sometimes worry that I’m being too petty when I critique the show’s art style rather than more political stuff, but I’m glad you like what I’m doing!

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Hi, hope you're well! Is there something you don't like about :re and the way Ishida handles the story?

Hey Anon, I’m good thanks! And honestly… not so much? It certainly never affected my love for the series anyway.

I mean, his drawing style might seem a bit more rough but looking at HQ scans, I remain satisfied with the art style! Also, since he really expanded the cast in :Re, sometimes it can be a little hard to keep up with every side during a battle. 

It’s not something I don’t like though, because rereading several chapters together makes it easier to understand and since the manga is weekly anyway, I’m hardly ever bored. :) I mean, many people disliked the Rushima arc but not so much personally, except for a few things here and there (I think the fight between Houji and Tatara was rushed and I would have liked more emphasis on the Furuta/Eto fight), and I didn’t mind the length.

I… also have a few criticism to make about a few pacing-related issues. The pace in general is great as I was saying, especially since the manga is weekly, but still, sometimes a few characters suffered from weirdly paced parts of the story:

  • for example Gori -> she only just reappeared but we were a few to wonder for a long time what exactly had happened when she was… okay but just not around 
  • I am wondering if it’s the same issue with Itori, or if Itori being missing is similar to Hide, Rize and Eto being missing (because she has a significant role/back story)
  • I wonder where Hakatori has gone? Last time we saw her was on Rushima with Seidou but I have no idea where she is.
  • Same for Shikorae: is he with the Clowns, with Kanou? 

But honestly, except in the case of Itori, Hide and Rize, it’s not that bothering.

Finally, Ishida’s… reluctance to kill some of his characters can be a bit… redundant:

  • Irimi & Koma -> I’m glad to see them, and I even find Ishida’s choice interesting for narrative reasons when it comes to the difference between TG and :Re, but it was a bit disappointing because their “death” had such a big impact on the general atmosphere at the end of the Anteiku raid arc.
  • Shirazu possibly coming back as Kanou’s zombie -> I was very sad when he died but I wish Kanou wouldn’t bring him back (I’m really sure it will happen though :/)
  • Eto probably not being dead -> I’m happy about that though, so no real complaining here
  • However I hope Arima won’t come back -> no offense, but his death is really significant to the current part of the story so… no please.
  • Arata?? Shachi? Yoshimura??? -> I really don’t know about Shachi (since Arima could have refrained from killing him to disobey V), but I really hope that Arata and Yoshimura will be freed but won’t survive from being treated as lab rats. They add to the tragic part of the story.

And I think that’s it :)

I hope it answers your question, have a nice day Anon!

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I'm sorry I didnt mean your friends specifially I just used your story about them as a thinking point about things in general i thougth about /I/ think that people not seeing bi!Dean makes sense, but Cas doesnt. And I get what you mean, maybe I cant even relate anymore but dont see how a character that shows little interest in most women, never dates women, had a sexless marriage to a women and likes to look like a women sometimes, doesnt ping more cishet men as gay (and i think Cas is pan)

Yeah, I think there are more jokes about Cas being gay from outside the show, but in the show he has been shown with women enough times for confirmation bias (even that sexless marriage) that clearly when some people think about it they entertain the idea Cas would have a love interest/that he and Mary are apparently the best-matched characters on the show at the moment as the only non-blood-related male and female characters, and it doesn’t seem weird to them… I mean I know my friends aren’t the only ones, and Dabb already had to say a while back that they weren’t going to have a romance :P I remember SDCC it got brought up and there was the “that’s our mom?!?” reaction :P 

Anyway, Cas has had apparent interest in Meg and had sex once with a woman so if you assume someone is either gay or straight and within that always cis and asexuality isn’t even a thing, then even the way you could joke Cas is gay for his lack of interest in most circumstances, because he HAS had sex, bam, it’s cool, he’s straight :P And his lack of interest isn’t some nuanced take on his sexuality, it’s either gay jokes, jokes about him being a virgin (with the implication he wouldn’t want to be) or jokes about Cas being awkward (I suppose with the implication he’d get more if he came out of his shell).

I mean I really really don’t relate but I’ve been puzzling over this since my friend announced they were really hoping Cas and Mary got together at the start of the season and I was like “… why??? she’s his mom??” 


Sorry for the amount of photos! I got excited! I wanna look masculine? The bottom 2 I tried to contour and fill in my eyebrows. Sometimes I wear bold lipsticks which makes me look more feminine!

– I think you look super masculine in the bottom two pictures! Also the middle one. And true lipstick and other makeup can unfortunately make you look more feminine, but I think if you do what you did in the last two you should be okay. You just look like a dude who likes feminine things. I’d be careful with the lipstick depending where you live and how accepting people are of that kind of thing, but I’d say it’s your call. Do what makes you happy. –Max

my personal identity is so strange. Like, I’m Cuban, but I don’t speak spanish, and my family came over here long before Castro came to power. And that’s a very different thing from most Cubans I meet or see in media. And it makes me feel fake sometimes? 

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If you had to pick between four good things to remove completely from your life, what would they be?

that is hard….maybe my job at the bookstore I want to work at a library sometime but I can’t yet….this is really hard I don’t have that much anon….I would say my home but I don’t think I could leave everyone and I won’t make them leave….*looks like he about to cry* I guess I’ll have to leave them all to make four good things go…