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Do you have any ship-specific headcanons?

I tripped and this turned into like a Klance post but Okay.

I kind of have this idea of Keith has absolutely no idea how sweet-talking works so he like just kind of continues to voice his totally blunt and factual opinions and sometimes he accidentally destroys Lance by being. kind of incredibly adorable about it.

Like Keith sort of easing into this ‘being in a relationship’ thing and in general opening up to intimacy with the team so sometimes he just. if he is tired or bored he will just lean on Lance. Or borrowing Lance’s jacket because it is comfortable and smells like Lance and Lance kinda half-jokingly fires back with “oh yeah, and what do I smell like” and Keith doesn’t miss a beat before he replies with “Nice.” Even in relatively unrelated conversations like some alien makes a crack at Lance’s hair and Keith is like “Well I like Lance’s hair >(”

Also it’s a good thing Keith is not the type to sleep in but it’s important that Lance has to make sure to pee before he goes to bed if he and Keith are sleeping together, because Keith is a pretty deep sleeper and inclined to death grips. Like. not uncomfortable but he gets cold easily and cuddles right up to sources of warmth (like his boyfriend) and has a truly terrifying capacity to tangle up in limbs. Dislodging him before he is good and ready to wake up is basically impossible. One time Keith is late getting to bed and next morning Lance carries a sleeping Keith into the common room, Hunk gushes about how that’s adorable but Lance is stuck because he couldn’t get Keith to let go of his neck.

They hold hands a lot. Like it’s not a conscious thing they actively decide on most of the time, like. they already tend to be standing close in canon so from there it’s just. hold.

(where’s that one text post about “when people with warm hands and people with cold hands hold hands. relationship goals: thermal equilibrium” only it’s not who you’d think with the affiliated elements, Lance throws warmth like a space heater while Keith wears his gloves because his hands are always cold all the time)

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I went through some of your communism tag, and it is extremely relatable. It is a subject that makes me emotional almost every time that i read about it or think about it for a while and seeing ppl think it's cute or a funny meme or smth makes me wanna vomit and cry. I'm Latvian, so I take these kinds of things almost personally and I can't help it. Thank you for spreading awerness and spilling truth about this, I really appreciate it.

Given the fact that tumblr is extremely communist-friendly site, I sometimes feel like I’m talking to a wall.

But other times, when non-Baltics on tumblr say “You’re making us uncomfortable.” or “You should keep quiet about it.”  when I post about communist crimes committed against citizens of Baltic States, I feel like I’m doing the right thing.

They have no right to say so - this is our history, our countries’ past and no one can erase the truth.

The people who tell us such things have never been in our shoes - the kids in Baltic States learn about genocide of their ethnicity when they are barely in double digits at latest, often earlier.

People who tell us “It wasn’t that bad!” have never looked into eyes of a person who went to hell (Siberian labour camp) and back.

People who tell us “It wasn’t real communism!!” have never heard the fear in their parents voice as they tell about the suitcase under the bed, just in case, should they be deported to Siberia.

You have every right to take this personally - this is your country’s history, your legacy. 

As far as I see it - we the younger generation have to uphold the truth, demand justice for our ancestors, because if we won’t, who will?

And another thing that, I personally found in the last chapter (and a little of the ones before it) was that we caught a glimpse of something really important. I felt like in those moments with Touka, Kaneki felt, to me, like his old self. The self that he told people to never forget. His true self. I think, him crying and just the whole thing in general was a symbols that, Kaneki was and still retains Kaneki Ken, the black haired, book loving, shy college student. I think that the manga itself sometimes makes you think this part of him had truly died. And Kaneki probably feels like it has. But I don’t think it has… I think that people like Touka can still see it. She doesn’t want that or whoever he is now to disappear. I think you are remembered vividly, Kaneki Ken.

sometimes people follow my blog and come to the conclusion that im cool which i think is wild because all i do is reblog which is the equivalent of walking around and pointing silently at things i like. but i do it on the internet which makes it cool

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Hey uh mun,, noah fence but youre genuinely making me cry please let my children be happy,,,, please tell me this all has a happy ending,,,,

(( I’ve gotten messages like this a lot, honestly. Truth is- story is determined by YOUR questions! It’s an interactive ask blog my friends, if the opportunity or something along that line comes up, I will take it to advance the situation. Grant it, yeah, I sometimes take some liberties with that, but over all you guys decide how things go! ))

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I know this is random but I have no one else to tell. It just dawned on me that Ciel might be a bad dancer because he doesn't have half of his vision. Vision helps with balance. And I was imagining Ciel dancing with Sebastian without his eyepatch and being good and very charming. That's it thanks

An interesting thought! Losing half your vision has to interfere with a lot of things and Ciel usually handles his shit so well that it’s hard to take that into account sometimes. I just looked it up and apparently you can strain the one eye from tasks like reading and you get lots of headaches from it. Also, people that lose vision in one eye have ‘declines in their abilities to accurately track moving objects, to judge distances, and to perceive depth’. No wonder Ciel struggles with dancing!

Nothing is ever too random, thanks for the message! Here’s a random drabble for the hell of it:

“They do say practice makes perfect, Young Master, but in your case -”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear it!”

This should be the height of simplicity, Sebastian thought, since they were only practicing the box step - nothing too ambitious. Still, regardless of all his patient teachings Ciel still couldn’t seem to help stepping on his toes at every available opportunity.

“Are you quite sure your actions aren’t intentional?” The demon asked after a particularly hard stomp.

The young Earl huffed and nearly overbalanced as they moved backwards together.

“Argh! I wasn’t ready!”

“Might I remind you that you are supposed to take the lead?”

It was too much for Ciel. He ripped his arms away from his butlers and pushed his eyepatch up over his head without even bothering to undo it and let it flutter to the floor.

“Again!” He said, breathing hard.

The demon simply smiled and allowed his arms to be taken up once more. What he didn’t expect was the perfect box step - suddenly the child had rhythm, he stepped at the exact same time as Sebastian and his toes remained unscathed this time.

“Very well, let’s move on to a chasse. Begin from promenade position”.

This step had Ciel’s brow wrinkling in concentration since he was forced to take a more dominant stance of leadership. Despite it all he did a fine job, pausing at all the right moments and guiding Sebastian to turn into their movements.

“All right, and now the spin. We’ll use the box step again with perhaps a quarter rotation”.

Ciel executed it perfectly, holding his arm aloft with elegance and raising his chin to make the movements appear noble and effortless. Where was the flailing mess from a moment ago? Sebastian decided he must be a genius.

“Excellent, though please allow me to fix your attire once more. You’ll be dancing with Lady Elizabeth, after all”.

The eyepatch was tied neatly behind Ciel’s head and adjusted, eclipsing the Earls peripheral vision completely.

“There now, Young Master. Let us try a reverse turn, this time”.

The demon’s toes were trampled on immediately, all grace lost as coltish legs struggled to find the right places to step. All that proficiency seemed to disappear completely as the Earl stumbled and cursed. Of course, Sebastian thought, far be it for his job to suddenly become easy.

Still, he couldn’t complain about the view - Ciel always did look so good with his cheeks flushed, hair mussed and a scowl on his face.

You know what? Maybe in a way, it’s better that Mark doesn’t come back?
I mean, look at the way they treated Crowley since season8 (yeah for me it went downhill when they try to make him more human). All the things they made Crowley do in that story line with Lucifer were just bad, and non essential to the story. I’m still not over the fact they made Mark lick the floor… i know he’s an actor and things like that happened sometimes in stories, but it still made me uncomfortable for Mark (not Crowley) to watch this…
Anyway, what i was saying was that Mark will find better than what spn offered him (and his character) during those last seasons. He’s done great things before, he’ll do great things after!
It doesn’t mean i forgive the spn staff (i don’t know who’s responsible) to cut his last line and throw him away like that…

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Hey paisley, since the Manchester bombings there have been a lot of offensive memes posted, and I'm trying not to get into it with the posters because I'm not about arguing, but I was wondering what you think, and what should be done. People are saying things like "I wish Ari was a bit closer to the bombs" and "dumb kids run straight towards it" and stuff and it majorly upsets me. I blocked the tags, but sometimes they don't tag it and it's on other media platforms. Anyways, thanks for helping..

Yeah I’ve seen a lot of it as well, including that one guy on twitter making a lot of insensitive tweets. People were so outraged they contacted his job and got him fired. Serves him right honestly.

I suggest blocking anyone who makes these jokes, and you’re right about not arguing with them. There’s no point, they don’t clearly care about the lives lost because the world makes fun of teen girl’s interests and finds them to be silly. I love Ariana, and my heart breaks for her and especially those affected by the tragedy. Ignore the ridiculous jokes and keep your eyes open for any helpful posts to reblog or donations needed!

late night n feeling low thoughts

working on this album for the last year or two feels like I’ve been very slowly and painfully puking up some abominable mutant toad creature. its fucked up, its unlike anything else out and it scares the shit out of me tbh. sometimes i think its the best thing I’ve ever made and sometimes i think its a fucking turd. its been pushing a boulder straight up a very steep hill for the last 2 years. trying to record and mix my own vocals has been such a nightmare. i hate my own voice and trying to mix ur own voice when u hate it is like trying to make nails on a chalk board sound good. i want to quit and go back to making purely instrumental shit so bad. theres basically no other examples what i want to achieve that its really tough to not have a reference to know if what I’m doing even sounds good. but i guess thats also what makes me feel like i need to do it. I’m glad tho that the response to the video i posted has been mostly positive. that gives me hope. especially cuz that track is probably one of the weaker tracks on the new record. i partially choose that one to drop first cuz at least if it was received poorly i could take solace in that the other tracks are stronger. I’m scared to drop those tho and I’m scared 2 drop the album in case people hate it. i hate that i even care what people think about it  or me or whatever but i do. and social media recently hasn’t been helping. always feel like people hate me or don’t fuck with me for whatever reason. i feel very “uncool” around lots of other artists. always feel like theres this special artist social circle that ill just never be in. i know a lot of it is my own fault cuz of my own social anxieties and shit but it still gnaws at my brain as i (impulsively + against my better judgement) watch people’s instagram story videos or whatever the fuck. 

thats all 4 now, thanks for listening

- MG

I’m starting to get “are you okay?” messages so yes hello I’m doing just fine, not dead, just quiet. Definitely enjoying the break but I’m starting to get the itch to get back into this. No promises, but I’ll probably start posting again sometime in June. Probably late June. (July is technically just really really late June.)

I might need to revise my update schedule, though. I regularly spent 10+ hours a week on translating in order to keep up with the existing schedule, which did take its toll on my sanity (and other hobbies). I’ll make a post when I’ve got a better idea of what things will look like in the future.

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Oh ok just making sure bc sometimes I see posts which are v White Atheist from u and I'm like Julia pls ily don't break my heart like this but like some of your Papa Russell posts kinda do make me re examine things a bit lmao But Anyway!!!!!!!!! ily have a nice day b

i mean…….

very little of my content is indicative of deeper truths on the part of my beliefs

i just think all philosophers deserve the chance to be called daddy

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iiaat to make small noises? Like I'll make noises when I'm really happy or sad or frustrated or scared, though I got in trouble for it when I was little so I find some way to hide it when I'm around people. Sometimes I'll make noises because the feeling of them is really exhilarating. I also love mimicking all kinds of sounds, and will repeat them for hours. With all of these I'll make arm/hand movements that I never see other people doing. Are these autistic traits and if so why do I do these??

All of those are autistic things.

It sounds like a mix of stimming and echolalia. You answered why you do some of them yourself when you said you like the feeling of it. That’s a very common reason for stimming. It’s also a way to regulate emotions and to communication, which is why you make the noises when you’re happy, or frustrated, or scared.

Echolalia can be a form of stimming and communication as well.

- Os

i mostly like tumblr honestly bc i just make posts and my mutuals like the posts and i like their posts but sometimes i get sad just scrolling… seeing things… idk :/

Welcome, new followers!

Idk why but somehow I’ve gotten over 100 new followers just today? I have no clue how that happened, but..cool! But anyway i thought it would be a good time to do a quick intro post for new people (so that u can unfollow if u realize u made a mistake here)

some quick facts about me

  • I’m Rey. I’m 20 years old
  • I love Luke Skywalker more than anyone else in the universe
  • I also really love Bodhi Rook, Finn, Poe, Cassian, Rey, Leia, Ahsoka, Wedge Antilles, and R2D2
  • I love x-wings and pilots, especially Wedge and Poe
  • I make a lot of shitposts. Like, a lot. So be prepared for that.
  • I’m a member of the AELB (Anakin Eats Live Bugs) community
  • this is mainly a star wars blog but sometimes i’ll post things about other fandoms like harry potter, star trek, les mis, and musical theater
  • my url is usually @softwedge, i actually just changed it to this one today and i’m not sure how long i’m keeping it, but i’ll probably go back to softwedge again soon

please read my Before You Follow page! I also have an about page but that’s not as important. Thnx!

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I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now. We have been through hell and back together...but we always manage to get through it. We moved in together just under a year ago and since then we have lost a lot of our spark. Even sex seems like a chore sometimes. We bicker endlessly and end up parenting each other more often than not. I dont want to lose him but I have no clue what to do to fix this problem. Thank you for reading, dear <3

Honestly hun, if you want my real ass opinion on this- leave him. Leave the relationship. I know commitment is important and the bond you’ve created with him from going through ups and downs has become such an important thing to you.. but time is no reason to stick with someone who doesn’t make you happy anymore. You don’t need any more reasons to leave. Obviously talk to him about allt his first if you still wanna work things out but if your relationship has become so toxic that you aren’t happy anymore- it’s okay to walk away from it. I love you so so much and you only ever deserve the very best honey. Please promise me that you won’t have sex with him unless you REALLY do want to, too? Okay? Because having sex just to please the other person is such a chore and fucking sucks balls. I love you! Message me if you wanna, I’ll always listen if nothing else.


a small thing i enjoy about murdoc is that he just gets…. kinda stuck, when he’s talking a lot? and it tends to be when he inserts a lot of laughter or like other things, but sometimes he just straight up gets stuck and gets caught in a loop repeating things or just making these gutteral noises to try and get himself out of those moments. 

and it’s super interesting because he can be VERY verbose when he wishes to be; it’s a common problem, that i, too, have, and it happens when you get so excited that your brain moves faster than your mouth can move, so you end up looping back around and getting stuck. overheating a computer, basically. 

man sometimes I try to read and think about stuff and Im like ‘i don’t know anything none of this is making sense to me what am I doing with my life’ and then other times I come back and some things click and I feel like I have this whole road to be able to travel down still and it’s a big astral brain moment