i like to keep my ovaries intact

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Just laying down thinking…
Remembering all the things God delivered me from…They said I wouldn’t make it past 19..im 33..They told me I’ll end up in prison like my Father.. Still Free…Told me I’ll never amount to nothing and end up with a load of dead beat baby daddies..I’ve surpassed anything they ever did and I don’t have any children…My ovaries Intact Bih..I can go on and on and on…I grew up in darkness came from the mud and been through it all…And even still I don’t understand half of it..But I got a voice to give God praise for getting me through in MY RIGHT MIND…So what ever dark place you’re in right now…Keep pushing through that dirt and Mud..AND FINISH FIGHTING TO GET TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL… NEVER GIVING UP… AMEN! #Selah

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