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Emma Swan makes an excellent hero of time! She’s all set to save Hyrule just as soon as she finds out what’s at the top of that mountain on the other end of the ma- ooh I wonder if you can kill a guardian with an iron door? Right after catching this fish…

Also check out @cocohook38 ‘s Killian and Emma as Link cuties!

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hi, hope you're doing well. I have a quick question: how can you tell if you have a crush on someone of the same gender vs if you just want to be them?

Classic bi problem. I struggle with this myself. When I was looking for inspiration photos for getting a haircut, sometimes I legitimately could not tell if I liked the hairstyle or was just attracted to the woman. For me, it seems like often I know when it’s just wanting to be like them, but things get muddy and confusing when it’s actually attraction, making me wonder if I just admire them. In other words, often when in doubt it’s attraction. But that could be just me. If it’s a real-life person and not a cute model whose hair you love, you could try asking yourself how you’d feel if they asked you out. Would you get excited butterflies? Or would you feel awkward and try to look for a nice way to let them down?

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Thank you so much for asking! Now I can do THE OTP

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter - This is one that could definitely go both ways! Hm I’d like to think Levi’s the hunter and Hanji’s the werewolf. Levi’s all set on killing her, until he finds about her ways, and she’s kind of hurt about how he thinks she’s a monster, lots of misunderstandings occur.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman - Again, levihan is so versatile so this could definitely go both ways. I’m partial to Hanji mermaid and Levi fisherman though. Hanji teaching Levi about her world, and being interested in the human world is something really really great. But then you think about Hanji the fisherman being really really excited about Levi the merman, and wanting to know all about the mermaids °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar - Hanji’s the witch. Definitely definitely. Maybe Hanji saved his life or something so he feels indebted and serves her, because Hanji would not be a bad witch, but even after the debt expires, he doesn’t really want to leave. Maybe it’s because he has nowhere else to go, maybe because he just wants to be with her?

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict - It’s canon that Levi loves tea, so I’d think Hanji’d love coffee. Especially to combat all those late nights. Levi would be that crappy barista that hates his job, and Hanji would start talking to him all the time, and maybe he’d start hating it a little less.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA - Hanji’s the professor and Levi’s the TA. Hanji’d talk extensively and passionately about science things no one knows about, like quantum physics! or kidney functions! or how male anglerfish are so much smaller that they just latch on to females, fuse his face into her body and release sperm for reproduction! and then Levi’s just sighing and reminding her to mark the essays and not to gross out the kids too too much.

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss) - IT COULD GO BOTH WAYS! But I like Hanji as the shitty princess, who keeps getting her dresses muddy or something, and Levi’s like the exasperated knight who has to keep her out of trouble. But then again… Levi as a kind of lonely prince who gets a kinda clumsy, very enthusiastic knight to protect him, and he insists he doesn’t need protecting, maybe he just needs a friend.

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent - I can’t really imagine Hanji as a single parent, so I guess Levi’d have to be. Besides I already imagine Hanji as a teacher, so I kinda see this. I’m probably taking this a bit too much from @julystorms here :P but yeah, Levi fathering Isabel/Farlan (who are teens) and Hanji being super encouraging and sweet!

who’s the writer and who’s the editor - Hanji’s the writer and Levi’s the editor. I don’t want to make it seem like he’s her sidekick, but I think Hanji would have much more imagination for writing, but then again I don’t think Levi would make an especially great editor? Maybe he’d like to think that he’s helping but he’s actually not, and just makes her snacks while she’s writing lmao. She credits him as her editor though, and he’s very happy about that.


So I guess this’ll be my first contribution to the fandom? It’s really been long overdue. Anyways I’ve been practicing watercolor painting and decided to paint some Bills, because he’s always my go-to for drawing and color practice (and the only thing I know how to draw but that’s besides the point).

You Think I Do...What?

This a short but sweet story of my last experience at a con. During Megacon this year, I went cosplaying as Professor Birch from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. I was getting some nice compliments and a few pictures. I tend to go shopping for merch closer to the end of the day, so I’m not lugging around any unnecessary things over the course of time.

So the floor is close to closing up for the day, and I’m going around to all the different booths, looking at tshirts and whatnot. I end up at this booth that has a bunch of keychains in a light box display. I’m eyeing a bunch of the Pokemon keychains because they look really nice. The vendor was around 50, and yet was cosplaying as someone from Ouran High School Club (Houston, we have a problem). The costume looked absolutely soiled, and the wig was really terrible, like he bought it off eBay and said “it’ll do lol”. Now one of the components of my cosplay was that I had a Mudkip plush sitting on my right shoulder. He got my attention, and me, like some fool, went to him, expecting some kind of compliment, and oh boy, was I wrong. He said to me “so, Professor, do you like to get muddy with your Mudkip”, and grinned. I was completely baffled by this question. “Come again? You think I do…what?” I say to him. He repeats “do you get muddy with your mudkip?” It took me a second to realize what he was saying. But all of a sudden, it clicked: he was asking if I HAVE SEX WITH MY POKEMON. I was immediately like “no! No I would never do that!” And my face felt flushed and warm of embarrassment. He then continued, “oh ok, professor, at least you’re not like Brock, because he’s a breeder in two ways, if you know what I mean.” And proceeded to tell me his entire fan theory diatribe on how Brock has sex with Pokemon. So yeah, I was scarred for a little. Can’t wait for the next con, I guess.

Tl;dr: booth vendor asks me if I have sex with my Pokemon plushes and tries to convince me that Brock has sexual relationships with his Pokemon.

Good old Facebook memories popping up to remind you of how far you’ve come!  The photo on left is from my friend’s wedding in 2012.  I wasn’t at my heaviest but I was clearly still heavy!  I remember feeling “skinny” on this day, having already lost 20kgs at this point!  How far I have come!  The photo on the right is a further 30kgs down, taken this past weekend while volunteering at Miss Muddy!  I’m feeling like a million bucks just at the moment and while I’m not quite the smallest I’ve ever been, I’m well on my way to being back there (hopefully by the end of 2015!).  Sometimes I just can’t believe how my life has changed since I started this journey!  I don’t think I ever really believed that I would make it this far!  But you just have to persevere and eventually you wake up one morning and amaze yourself!  If you had told me 5 years ago (almost to the day) when I started this journey that I would be taking part in obstacle races, getting muddy and pushing my limits like I do, I’d have told you, you were crazy!  But that’s how life can change I guess!  I’m not done yet!  There’s more progress to be made and I can’t wait to see what’s to come for me!

Hey just a reminder to everyone in fandom spaces (this applies to life in general but I feel like it sometimes gets muddied in fandom): you’re not obligated to interact with anyone who makes you uncomfortable. You’re NOT obligated to interact in any way with anyone who makes you uncomfortable for any reason. Unfollow, block, ignore - whatever you need to do to keep feeling safe and happy.

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I don't need feminism because it's almost as if the community is excusing slutty behavior and expecting there to be no consequences. Rape isn't the victims fault, that I know, but like if you don't want your shoes to get muddy wear some rain boots. That applies to everyone

Haha ha wow you’re terrible! “I don’t blame the victim but I totally blame the victim.”