i like to drive


I’d like both please.


Granny’s sweet ride :-)

Beverley Elliott on the Once Upon a Time set in Steveston, March 21, 2017.


A bit of Season 1 nostalgia seeing some of the original cast/characters on set March 21 - made Steveston truly feel like Storybrooke. And I loved seeing Granny driving Ruby’s sporty red car (colour car pics are from the scene being filmed; black & white on phone is bts only I’m pretty sure).

Beverley Elliott is adorable, and was very sweet. She came over twice, during breaks, to make sure she didn’t miss any fans who wanted photos/autographs. 


We got our very rainy walk done. Not before another 15 minute tutorial about how the library app works on Murble’s kindle (because we really know how to have a good time and drive each other crazy!) and then I was like, “wouldn’t you know by now if you were going out with friends??? So I’m just going to walk Jazz.” And Murble was like, “sure, absolutely”

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One insecurity:
Only one? Fine. My skin, forever and always. 

Two fears:
The passage of time, not reaching my full potential.  

Three turn ons:
Confidence, thoughtfulness, and a good laugh.

Four life goals:
Find happiness, and hang onto it. Learn to forgive. Always seek adventures, however small. Be present, stop being afraid of the future and anxious about the past. 

Five things I like:
Waking up early and driving into the sunrise. Comfortable silence with people you care about. Using a power washer. Flying a mother fucking kite. A good meme. 

Six weaknesses:
Aggressively empathetic and easily overwhelmed. I excel at giving advice and not taking it. Anxious as fuck. Terrible at remembering people’s names. Indecisive. 

Seven things I love:
Peanut butter. Paintings that make my heart beat fast. Being nestled between my humans, preferably holding hands. Riding my bike with the sun out and the wind at my back. The first sip of morning coffee. Icy cold soda water. Feeling safe.

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i dont know how many times ive almost made a post about the steel mill and didnt but i drive past it like literally every day. or like almost every day.

onlyslightlycynical  asked:

Do you ever feel like the extremes of your emotions are completely different people from like. Main You™? Cause I always feel like I'm taking the backseat and my emotions are just driving the body off a cliff or something. Don't know if this really made sense, sorryyy

I feel like my extremes go off in different spectrums than other people’s. Like other people are able to get really happy and excited and express it properly while I just get comfortable or manic. I also find my anger and depression-like feelings run much deeper than people who don’t have mental disorders. It feels like other people are able to control their emotions to a point and stay in control, while sometimes it feels like mine take control of me.

“I’d like to ride storms, kill sharks in the open sea, drive out the aggressors, reconquer the country, undo the ties of serfdom, and never bend my back to be the concubine of whatever man." - TRIỆU THỊ TRINH

Mary Read & Anne Bonny aesthetic

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formidablesana  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! ♡

waaahhhh, thank you maria! this is super difficult for me to do because i always find the bad side of whatever i think up…but BLERGH WHATEVER SPREAD POSITIVITY.

  • i like my laugh. it’s more like a boom, a bark, and it’s very loud but i feel like it represents me very well. i appreciate a good sense of humor and i like having a laugh that really signals when i find something funny.
  • i like my…inquisitiveness? the drive i feel when something piques my interest and how energized i get by wanting to know more more more. google is my bff and i try to teach myself a lot of random things. it’s such a rush when i figure something out on my own, just knowing that i did it simply because i wanted to.
  • i like that i feel comfortable in heels. i usually wear sneakers and am a very casual dresser (you’d be hard-pressed to find me in anything but baggy denim and crewneck whatevers), but if i need to be fancy i will find the chicest 5-inch stilettos and rock them all night long. i can stomp my way down a city sidewalk and spin around a dance floor like nobody’s business.
  • i like that i don’t heal very well. it’s not a good thing, but i’ve come to appreciate how prone to scarring i am (acne, dog scratches, burns, scrapes, etc.) because then my skin holds those stories and memories and warnings. i don’t have any remarkable natural features, but i have a lot of scars, and i think that says a lot more than, like, cheekbones.
  • i like that i like to read books. i’m glad i haven’t completely killed my attention span and that i can still put my imagination to work. it can be difficult sometimes, considering the phone that’s glued to my hand, but i still get joy out of it, and i like that i want to challenge and reward myself with longform writing.

this took me two hours.

Jaal’s laugh! He also shits his pants every time you get near the edge of the “Canyon” As well as Vetra! XD I messed with them more than once in this planet…well what used to be a planet….I like to also note I cannot drive a Nomad in this game! Lol

the really nasty thing about that argument you see a lot in fandom spaces, about mocking the interests of women or teenage girls, is that its genuinely a problem – but its not whats happening here!! because women can be wrong

when a ton of straight women are make creepy fetishistic slash of gay men, it is wrong, when a ton of white women make a minor white villain more popular than the main characters of color, it is wrong

it is not misogyny to point out that humanizing, popularizing, developing an entire fanon personality for a strongly nazi-coded nobody and prioritizing him to the point we’re at now is fandom racism, and if you’re trying to use that as an excuse youre just really proving what a shitty person you are