i like to dress up as fictional characters


lmao I noticed that a lot of filipino artists have been popping up recently?? and I was like,, what if,, we all lived in one apartment? AU where I kidnap all of u n we live together happily where i’ll protect all of u from mean people and no one’s gonna care about how you dress or your length of hair yea? I dont know all of you personally but this is just a cute little thing I thought of lmao cause I was thinking about how I could walk past any of you one day, never knowing you’re actually a Tumblr artist who draws gay things and cries about fictional characters 

also I noticed y’all wear glasses?? um ok suspicious

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draw the squad idea by @bendan-ninja

thank you to @sylveonstri for helping me stalk for how one of them looks like 

reblogs much appreciated, yes I check tags, click for better quality :0

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I'm African American and I really want to do cosplay but sometimes I feel like I can't/shouldn't because of my skin tone. Do you have any advice as to what I should do or any African American cosplayers I can follow??


Everyone sees the characters differently. We’re all creating our own interpretations of fictional characters… our own storylines, our own head canons, our own looks, our own personalities. It’s just a bunch of make-believe. 

To sum it up, we’re a bunch of nerds playing dress up in our rooms. Don’t stress, just have fun with it. ;) 

As for awesome cosplayers to follow: 

@highwaytothegrangerzone​ )) 

You're Obsessed with Heathers [RFA + V & Saeran]

AN: If you haven’t heard of Heathers: the movie is on Hulu (Netflix too, I think) and the soundtrack is on Spotify! It is rated R and has a lot of swearing and murder/suicide so keep that in mind ^-^ there’s a musical too but I’m not sure where to find it

▪yessss MC!!!!
▪loves it because finally you’re into a musical that he hasn’t starred in
▪will duet Dead Girl Walking & Seventeen with you all the time
▪matching Veronica & JD Halloween costumes are a must
▪for your birthday he takes you to go see the musical ahhh
▪he’s interested in JD’s character but will make sure to remind you that even though y'all dress up together, he can seperate reality from fiction & will never ever treat you like JD does to Veronica

Jaehee *Heathers spoilers*
▪okay…remember that role Zen played a while back?
▪the one where he played the deranged psychopath and did a phenomenal job?
▪imagine him playing JD!
*heavy breathing* I would explode asdfghjkl
▪just like JD did xD

▪heck yeah boi
▪aBsOlUtElY requests that Zen at least reenacts some of the lines from it
▪would cry tears of joy
▪her favorite part of the movie is the ending because heck yeah Veronica you go girl
▪not a fan of how vulgar it is and doesn’t really care for the murder aspect, but she does like the depth to the characters
▪loves JD’s line: “chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling”

▪if you’ve introduced him to it….rip
▪comes up with conspiracy theories for each of the characters
▪quotes it constantly
▪"We must pray the other members of the RFA know the name of that righteous dude who can solve their problems: it’s Jesus Christ, and he’s in the book"
▪buys ya matching merch
▪he also has matching cosplays, but he only dresses as Veronica and Heather Chandler

▪okay but did his mom give him permission to watch an R rated movie?
yoosung it’s not even that horror-y stop making excuses
▪does not like JD one bit
▪horrified at his behaivor towards Veronica near the end of the movie
▪"and you…like him, MC?“
▪does not say a word after that but treats you suspiciously sweet afterwards

▪"well f*** me gently with a chainsaw” is now his new favorite saying
▪he actually kind of likes it
▪it’s a new tradition between the two of you to watch it every Friday night

Jumin & V (because this scenerio works for both)
▪he won’t tell you this but…
▪it’s not his thing
▪the whole murdering kids & abusive relationships aspect just really makes him uncomfortable
▪He will always listen to you talk about it though! He knows enough to indulge you in conversation
▪if you really want, he’ll take you to go see it bc precious bean

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I really wanna cosplay hetalia but I'm chubbier and don't want to misrepresent the character or have comments made...

I think anyone should be able to cosplay anything they want. It’s just a costume. It shouldn’t be the end of the world. Do what you want, and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t dress up as a fictional character because they don’t like it.

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Hey Twilight, I know you're somewhat into role-playing, since you talked about dressing up as Starswirl the Bearded and going to a convention in the past. Have you ever considered answering letters from real people as if you were a fictional character you like? Probably sounds weird but it might be fun.

I do enjoy role-playing games and perhaps some dressing up at appropriate times. Writing letters pretending to be a fictional character though? I suppose it’s an exercise in character writing but I can’t imagine anypony would want to read that.

Not that I have time to do such writing, I’m already busy answering letters as myself.

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Okay Elise but the real question that no one is asking is what would a modern eponine's style be like? Who would be her style inspirations? Would she even care?

Oh my I’ve seen Eponine depicted with so many different styles though? From punk to street chic, greaser, denim… I’m the worst at coming up with fashion choices for fictional characters, because I’m very bad at designing? The only person I can really “dress” in my mind is Jehan BECAUSE of their wacky fashion choices.

I think Eponine would need something practical though. Definitely pockets. Probably pants or something she can run with because she’s got places to BE. Definitely aviator sunglasses. Probably picks and chooses stuff in Parnasse’s wardrobe


If you haven’t already, go read this oneshot by @azapofinspiration ASAP!! (see what I did there?  hur hur hur XD)  *high fives Chat Noir*

Author’s Note: So I wanted to write something for Halloween and I had the great idea of Adrien dressed as Sailor Moon. Whenever I see fan art crossing Miraculous with Sailor Moon, he’s usually shown as Tuxedo Mask, but I’m like, “This boy was born to be a magical girl. He’d totally be Sailor Moon herself.”

The fact that Adrien made Plagg dress up as Luna even though he would be the only one who would even know it totally slays me and is SOOO in character.  XD

P.S.  I’ll post the making-of video either later today or tomorrow ^^

My Embarrassingly-Emotional Comic Book Review: Genshiken 

Shimoku Kio’s Genshiken is one of my all-time favorite comedy comics. It’s like a manga re-imagining of The Breakfast Club, only instead of high school students in Saturday detention, it’s about college kids in an extracurricular otaku club.

Genshiken‘s large cast of characters comprises pretty much every factor of nerdom, from the geek chic to the geek elite to those unapologetically un-hip nerds who take pride in their outsider status. Reading their rambling conversations about comics, cartoons, cosplay and love (lots and LOTS about love!) is often as hilarious as it is cringe-worthy. Hilarious, because most comics/cartoons fans have had similar discussions. Cringe-worthy, because…do I really sound like that?!

If I was to try and describe every ‘main character’ in Genshiken, we’d be here for days. There are simply too many. Aspiring artist using silence to cover shyness? Check. Gundam fanatic full of nerd rage and self-loathing? You betcha. Cynical geek girl into historical battles and Jump-style shōnen titles? See: Season two. Cross-dressing straight guy into Gay fan fiction? Stand up and take a bow! Suffice to say, there is a character (or mix of characters) that will speak to you directly. What’s more, you’ll see bits of your friends, family and co-workers in there, too.

While the majority of Genshiken takes place inside the confines of a cramped and crowded club room, Kio occasionally stages small side-trips for his characters. By having them attend anime conventions, go shopping in the Akihabara district, or even *gasp!* visit the beach, Kio gives readers a more empathetic understanding of the crippling social effects of obsessive fandom, as well as an intimate appreciation for the sense of belonging and self-worth that fandom can also inspire.

One of my favorite parts of Genshiken is the way which Shimoku Ki captures the strange, almost illogical insecurity that one feels around those they’re most comfortable with.

Does that make sense? Here’s a quick, personal example to try and explain it a li’l better:

My fractured family means the world to me. Hanging around them (well, someof them) is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. They know me better than anyone else. They love me more than anyone else. They’re well-acquainted with my angels and demons, and for the most part, they’re cool with both. So why is it that every time we share a dinner, watch a movie, go to a theme park, etc., there’s a moment when I’m driving home where I think, ‘Did I offend (insert family member’s name)?’ ‘Was (insert family member’s name) a li’l stand-offish tonight?’ ‘Did (insert family member’s name) know that when I said (insert stupid joke) that I was referring to myself?’

It makes no sense. I know these folks love and accept me, yet I still find myself silently analyzing our interactions, looking for the many ways I may have unintentionally pushed them away forever.

It’s ridiculous. And yet…not ridiculous at all.

I mean, I second guess sixty second Starbucks transactions, playing them over and over in my head, trying to figure out why the girl at the cash register frowned when I said, ‘Have a great day’ — and I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts guy! I all-caps LOVE my family. Why WOULDN’T I obsess over the tiniest details of my relationships with them?!

In Genshiken, Shimoku Kio turns this niggling insecurity into an emotional constant. Scenes linger, allowing the time and space for a single conversation to ebb and flow between silliness and seriousness, friendship and fan sh*t, candid confessions and pop culture critiques. At the same time these conversations are occurring, Kio is using his characters’ facial expressions, physical gestures and thought bubbles to show us a separate set of conflicting emotions, inner monologues and endless self-doubt. It’s a complicated bit of comics craftsmanship, yet it always reads effortlessly, effervescently.

Over the past few years, I’ve read every available volume of Genshiken at least a half dozen times. One of the things that keeps me coming back is that it’s written in such a way as to be read on multiple levels. On one level, Genshikenis an expertly scripted, wonderfully drawn, extremely engaging character-based comedy. On the other, it’s a ‘How To’ book on establishing and maintaining open and honest personal and professional relationships.

I don’t know about you, but I can certainly use that sh*t.

Amazon link for Genshiken vol. 1: http://amzn.to/2viyMc2

Episode 197: Cecil Baldwin

There’s no real podcasting precedent for Welcome to Night Vale. In the decade or so since I started podcasting, I’ve never seen a phenomenon like it. The show seemingly came out of nowhere and shot to the top of the iTunes chart with loyal fanbase built up around Tumblr communities, creating fan art and fiction and dressing up as their favorite characters whenever the show rolls through town.

The brainchild of writers Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the show centers on the goings on of a small desert town somewhere in the southwest, an impossible place where occult creatures are commonplace and conspiracies are the law of the land.

Baldwin, a Neo-Futurist actor based in New York, portrays Cecil Palmer, the host, main character and moral center of the program, imbuing the character and show with a hypnotic voice and elements of his real life personality that have become a rallying point for so much of the show’s communal nature.

In honor of Night Vale’s 100th episode, we sat down with Baldwin to discuss the show’s origin, his acting history and the recent announcement that he is HIV positive.

For fans of Welcome to Night Vale:

Episode 095: Jeffrey Cranor

Episode 169: Mara Wilson

Episode 195: Julian Koster


Palomo Spain - Orlando Collection 

“I feel that boys need to discover different ways to wear clothes that we haven’t been able to wear up until now” - Palomo

Orlando is the fiction character after whom Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the face behind Palomo fashion house, named his second collection

Through this collection Alejandro Gomez Palomo gave a jolt to the conventional fashion system by presenting an absolutely gender-fluid collection, dressing male models in beautifully executed couture-like dresses in fabrics from silk to sheer chiffon.

Palomo works with materials typically used for womenswear. His second collection, “Boy Walks in an Exotic Forest,” featured sheer silk, velvet and beading details. The brand’s photo shoots further blurred gender roles by casting androgynous male models.

The collection not only reflects possible gender fluid horizons and acceptance, however it promotes femininity - in a way that demands respect. Something I’m very interested in is merging the overt masculine with overt feminine. In my own studies this particular exploration not only intends to empower femininity for both men and women, but also to highlight the overpowering value we place on masculinity in todays society. To emphasise how we require masculinity to validate feminine cultures.  

The collection inhabits a beautiful range of colours such as - pinks, lilacs and white (somewhat relating to me current colour theme) these colours create a base of feminine. A range of floral embroidery is incorporated into fabrics such as - lace, silk and frill. This detail is to me what gives the collection its precious edge - an edge which holds the line between respect and mockery.  This is something I find particularly endearing - an ability to present such a raw essence of femininity without evoking mockery. As mockery is so often connected with overt femininity.   

Ultimately Palomo Spain’s stance on creating decadent gender-neutral fashion is a fairly groundbreaking one. The label’s aesthetics and marketing campaigns are poetic and fashion-forward, for both men and women. 

If I had another couple of weeks I would certainly like to bring forward previous textile explorations. I would love to have progressed my current concept through the medium of fabrics and garment design, however I have found mediums I’m presently more engaged with. I may still visualise any ideas though. 

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41, 43, 65, 70.

41: Do I have any strange phobias?

Who doesn’t! I’m not deathly afraid of clowns, but I definitely do not enjoy them… (you can imagine how rough it was to watch a few episodes of SPN for me..). I also have this terrible fear of open water. Like I don’t even live near an ocean. 

43: Favourite hobbies?

Cosplay! I’ve loved dressing up for Halloween forever and I’ve always hated waiting for that day to whip out a costume. Going to conventions and cosplaying is a great way to dress up as characters more than once a year!

65: What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

Oh man… that’s a tough one, there are so many great fictional universes! I’d say Star Wars but space is a little scary, so that wouldn’t work for me. Lord of the Rings would be breathtaking but I feel like I’d get killed in some kind of battle…so I’m gonna have to go with J.K Rowling’s wizarding world. Who doesn’t wanna be a witch or a wizard!

70: Can I sing?

Not very well, but that doesn’t keep me from belting out show tunes and Disney songs when I want to. 

Tumblr tagging game

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1. favorite color: Black, Red & Mint :D
2. lipstick or chapstick: lipstick when getting all dressed up, chapstick in the winter when my lips are suffering xD
3. last song listened to: Fanxy Child from Zico feat Fanxy Child. The whole album is so good I’ve been listening to it all day ;~;
4. last movie watched: The Departed :D I love that movie so fucking much.
5. top 3 fictional characters: (3? Only 3? Are you kidding me?! I’ll just write the first 3 that come to mind if I overthink this I won’t be able to decide xD) Elliot Alderson, Sherlock Holmes, Sirius Black.
6. top 3 ships: HANNIGRAM, ToDae ❤ & Nyongtory because that ship gave us moment like this. (Honestly though when it comes to actual people I don’t really ship them as a couple I just like their relationship :D I wouldn’t mind though if they actually got together just sayin)
7. currently reading: “Strangers on a Train” by Patricia Highsmith

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A bunch of people are leaving mean comments on jen's post about the dress and I already unfollowed a bunch of cs'ers who apparently think they're fashion critics now, one even claimed jen was insulting her intelligence with that post. with all this negativity I wouldn' t blame jen if she decided to put the show behind her

I’ve no time for anyone that leaves disrespectful comments on Jen’s or anyone of the casts social media accounts tbh.

If you don’t like something then comment in your own space, don’t direct hate at anyone from the show.

Really getting fed up with all the BA’s in the fandom, whatever section of it they come from and if I see people doing it on here then I’m gone now. Haven’t got time for all the rubbish - there’s more important things going on in the world than whether you like a dress a fictional character is wearing for their own wedding.

Perhaps some people need reminding that they don’t know that character as well as the actual person that’s brought her to life for the past six years. So deal with it respectfully and move the heck on.

I strongly believe that despite her former Queen Bee attitude, Alison is actually a huge dork. My main reasoning? Spencer. Things Spencer’s said and general things about their friendship. It branches off into headcanons about their past friendship as well.

My favorite instance is when Spencer was complaining about trying to decode Ali’s diary, mocking Alison’s “bad poetry”. So, Ali liked to write poetry, but apparently wasn’t very good at it. I have a feeling that Spencer would have openly teased Alison about this if she knew back then.

The way they bicker and go back and forth, I have a feeling they teased each other all the time. To me, they come across as that type of friendship that lovingly insults one another. “Oh my god, you’re such a loser.” “You would like that.” Laughing, “God, you suck, here let me help.”

It’s little things though.

“There’s no art to this war, Spencer.”
“You’ve read Sun Tzu?”

Just how often she hung out alone with Spencer in flashbacks seemed like a big deal. It shows that she felt closer to Spencer out of the other girls. She liked talking to Spencer more out of the other girls. Spencer was “the smart one” and certainly the dorkiest one. Mary Queen of Scots anyone? And she made the costume…

While Spencer is a big contributing factor in this headcanon, I would like to also note that every person that Alison has ever truly openly flirted with on the show that we honestly got to know (well, other than Spencer because she seemed like she may have flirted with her a lot too? it seemed like flirting to me anyway…) was a dork themself. I mentioned it a while back in this post here. It’s what she’s attracted to.

Also, every single alias Alison has ever used was a literary reference.

There are more, though I won’t show them all. But this shows that she reads a lot and watches old movies a lot. More than that, she’s essentially roleplaying. She’s a sucker for classics and likes to dress up and pretend to be these characters. (maybe it’s more like cosplaying than roleplaying then, I’m not entirely sure…)

Her love of all things French because she believes it’s romantic is equal parts hilarious and adorable to me. She has this grand fantasy of running away to Paris and living happily ever after (at least she did, not sure anymore). She told Emily of all the things they’d do there, creating a lovely, idealistic image.

That picture with Spencer isn’t the only time she made a goofy pose for a picture either. (the lair was rather unsettling to me with her pictures blown up and “lovingly” placed, but I couldn’t help but laugh at her faces)

The Ali that existed outside of her mean girl persona seemed like a bit of a goober really. A dweeby girl who wrote bad poetry, made silly faces, learned French because it’s the language of ~love~, read old books and dressed up like fictional characters. A dweeby girl who was drawn to dweeby people for both romance and friendship.

I can just imagine her going with Spencer to watch the premiers of the Harry Potter movies, both wearing their House scarves. Then complaining together afterwards about things they changed from the books.


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Did you laugh today? If so, what made you laugh? The kittens being outside for the first time, also a post or two I saw today and an ep of a cartoon I like. XD

What is the funniest thing that you have ever seen irl? (just say whatever comes to mind) Ummmm pbbblltttt I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time thinking of something right now. 8P

What’s your stance on the “wot in tarnation” meme? Pretty good, it mostly gets funnier the more I see it. XDD (Also, it is so much better than the dress meme.)

Who is your current fictional character crush? Don’t have one, but I had a crush on Miles Tails Prower for a long time growing up. xD;;

Celebrity crush? Again, don’t have one.

What is the background on the device you’re on right now?

I’m on my desktop pc right now, does this count?

Who is your biggest hero? I… guess I never thought about it so much? But if I had to choose someone, I’d probably say my mom. She’s one of the most important people in the world to me. <3 <3

Who is your biggest letdown? Idk tbh, sorry. :/

What was the last dream you had? I can never remember my dreams (unless it was a bad one). XP

If the last song that you listened to was made into a show, what would it be about? Let’s see, the last song I listened to was… Oh! It was Still Rock and Roll To Me by Billy Joel, which is actually pretty perfect for a cartoon I wanna create called The Anachronist. XDDDD

What is the story you want to hear right now (from a movie, book, show, etc) This is a very cool, interesting question, but I don’t have an answer, I’m sorry. xD;;;

Alright, time to come up with some questions.

1. What’s your favorite kind of dog or cat?

2. Chinese food or Mexican food?

3. Least favorite color?

4. Favorite cartoon/s?

5. Favorite underrated book/movie/show/etc?

6. Would you rather have one wish that you can use for anything, or lots of luck, but it can only bring you small good things?

7. Coffee, tea, or other?

8. Would you rather want to fly as high up as you want, or swim to the ocean floor?

9. Favorite potato-based food? (Fries, tots, gnocchi, etc.)

10. Favorite kind of rock?

11. Headphones or earbuds?

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Dream anon: yeah it was pretty weird lol. I don't think he was even there. Like I wasn't in the Haikyuu universe or whatever. I rarely have dreams about fictional characters as well. Your dream about Hinata sounds like a Good dream. Was that all there was to it or was there an actual wedding? I remember your drawing of him in a wedding dress, it was really cute!

ooh i see!! so it was like, realistic but at the same time akaashi was in his 2D form? it’s so weird how things like that make sense when the dream is happening but once you wake up you’re like…wait….how could that even happen pfpf
aw thank you for remembering my drawing of it!!  ❤︎ :D  i can’t really remember details of it anymore, although i think he was probably marrying kags? but i definitely felt happy, soft vibes from that dream which was nice ^^ 

“wow there are so many fake nerds cosplaying these days!!!”

hold the fuck up. first of all what the fuck even is a “fake nerd”

second of all, if you think that a cosplayer who spends time, money and tears TO DRESS UP AS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER somehow falls into the “fake nerd” catergory, you are sadly mistaken. cosplayers literally become one with the character. how is that not “nerdy”. i dont understand. 

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STARISH and quartet night, minus northwind and sunshine, have lovers that are nerds that claim fictional characters as children, husbands, and waifus. How do they react to them claiming a character like Akira Midousuji as a son or Ryuunosuke Uryu as a husband! Bonus if ryuuya reacts to Midousuji being claimed as a son.

I’m going to leave this one as broad as I can since I’m not familiar with those characters and if I use characters that I know there’s a possibility you won’t know them. 

Natsuki wouldn’t mind it. He’d probably start claiming family members right along with you. He’d even suggest that his lover dresses up as one of them.

Tokiya would find himself reminding you that they aren’t real. He doesn’t understand why you get so worked up over them.

Ren is chill about the situation. There were things that he could give you that you husbands and waifu couldn’t.

Otoya is fine with his s/o claiming children and waifu but he has a hard time accepting the amount of husbands they claimed.

Syo might have a couple of waifu himself so chances are he wouldn’t care. He might somewhat bash your husbands…whoops

Masato might secretly get a little jealous but he’d never say anything about it aloud. 

Reiji thinks it’s pretty funny. He wouldn’t get mad about it. It wasn’t like he could lose you to a 2D character anyway.

Ranmaru would get a little annoyed when you start claiming husbands. What was the point? Why do you squeal when you see them? They’re not REAL!

Ai wouldn’t understand why you find fictional characters attractive to begin with. 


emilys-fandom-trashbin  asked:

Request; MC is a big fan of Otome (not sure if I'm using that word right, dating sims) games. She plays them a lot. (Insert RFA member) walks in on her playing and currently crying/fangirling over someone that happened in said game. Or maybe her walking them though one of her games, IDK. Thankyou~


  • He just got home from a long day of rehearsal
  • Came home to you on the couch, deeply immersed in your smartphone
  • … But why were tears rolling down your cheeks???
  • In a split-second Zen was by your side
  • “Tell me, who made my princess cry? Whose ass do I have to beat up today?”
  • You looked at him in confusion, that’s when you realized you were in tears
  • You showed him your phone and mumbled something about this samurai character that got hurt due to your stupid choices in the game
  • “Is it one of those otome games?” He knew all about those games cos he once played a character in an otome game (*cough* Dandelion *cough*)
  • This boy was lowkey jealous that u were flirting with fictional boyfriends
  • “Ok look babe if you’re gonna play otome games, at least play the one where I am the lead”
  • He took your phone and downloaded this game called Dandelion
  • Made u promise him to go specifically after this black cat
  • Game looked good tho so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Yoosung was deeply engaged in a particularly tense round of LOLOL, but that’s OK cos you were deep in your own game as well
  • When you started giggling at one point, you caught his attention
  • “Your giggle is so cute” :)!
  • He just finished the round, so he came over to see what you were playing
  • That was when you explained the concept of otome games to him, and showed him the character you were fangirling over
  • Like you just nonchalantly talked about how cute the character was
  • This boy was dying on the inside as he listened to your declaration of love towards your fictional boyfriend (งಠ_ಠ)ง (Was he not good enough for you? :( )
  • He didn’t talk more about the game to you, but he secretly downloaded the game and studied the character you loved (and tried very hard to imitate said character)
  • When he dressed in all black five days in a row and acted abnormally cold towards you, you had to take this up with him
  • “Yoosung, are you alright? You’ve kind of changed since the day I showed u the game…”
  • This boy tried to convince you that he had always been like that
  • Waved you away in the most non-Yoosung blaisé manner when you tried to get close
  • Mumbled something about being offended you never noticed
  • But he totally lost composure when u gave him puppy eyes and said sorry
  • He ran to you, hugged you and explained that he just wanted to be more like the character you loved so he could make you happier (cinnamon roll Yoosung too precious for this world)
  • You hugged him back, and told him that no one could ever be as perfect as him (✿ ♥‿♥)


  • So all you’ve been talking about for the past couple of weeks was this otome game
  • Like you would straight up leave in the middle of a conversation to participate in “chat rooms” with “hot boys”
  • Jaehee was quite annoyed in the beginning, but you were in too deep to stop
  • When you left in the middle of dinner three days in a row, Jaehee decided to try a different approach to solve this problem
  • Her solution was to investigate this game herself (if you can’t beat them join em, right)
  • In the beginning, she was very suspicious of the game
  • “Doesn’t it sound kind of pointless to get a fictional boyfriend?”
  • “Also, why are they showing so much affection towards you when they don’t even know who you are as a person?”
  • “Why is this boy confessing his love to me, when he doesn’t even know my last name?”
  • Just keep playing Jaehee you’ll understand all in due time
  • Oh boy did she u n d e r s t a n d
  • She fell head over heels in love with this character called Ten with “glorious silver hair” in this game called “Mysterious Messages”
  • She took up an assortment of new hobbies, such as digital drawing and “fanfic writing”, just for this character (totally not the story of my life atm)
  • Eventually you had to stop her when she insisted on spending her hard-earned money (slaving for Jumin) on more “time turners” so that she could call this character she now referred to as “Tennyboy” every 30 min
  • As time passed, her obsession with the game died down, and she got lowkey embarrassed whenever you mentioned it
  • But she never deleted the app
  • It will forever stay a part of her


  • Omg MC plz don’t show Jumin this game
  • You’ve been staring nonstop at your phone several days in a row playing this game called Mysterious Messages (back at it again)
  • This of course does not go unnoticed under the company of Jumin Han
  • At one point he wished to have a serious conversation with you
  • “MC, I have noticed that you have, lately, spent an unnatural amount of time on your phone. Have you been exchanging messages with someone that I do not know about?”
  • No, woah, calm down Jumin
  • You had to show him the game you were playing, and explain to him how otome games worked
  • “Interesting”, Jumin absorbed the information in his calm and collected way, then quietly inquired about your favorite character
  • You weakly pointed at this blonde-haired character
  • Oh boy fictional or not this blonde-haired character is dead
  • For the next couple of days he did not say another word about this game
  • But you noticed this air of passive aggressiveness seeping out of him
  • Also randomly the wifi in the entire mansion would stop working
  • Jumin would normally be very pissed about this, but oh no right now he was annoyingly at peace with it
  • “Life without technology can be quite liberating from time to time, do you not agree, MC?” he said after accidentally (on purpose) dropping your phone into the fountain in his backyard (he claimed it just slipped)
  • He was “very sorry” and gifted you a new phone the next day
  • When you tried finding Mysterious Messages in the app store, it just mysteriously disappeared
  • You were confused, until Jaehee mentioned Jumin impulsively buying this new company called “Cherries” in the chat room
  • She thought it was because Jumin liked cherry farms
  • but you knew better
  • You had to talk to Jumin about this


  • Mysterious Messages had taken over your life the last couple of days
  • One day when Seven finished his work, he came over to you and saw you playing the game
  • “OMG MC you’re playing Mysterious Messages too!!! It’s my FAVOURITE!!!”
  • The two of you got into a deep discussion about each of the characters (you tried to tell him that your favorite was the girl)
  • He completely ignored you tho, he went on and on about how much he loved this one character named “Yousong” (shh we tried to come up with a better name)
  • He wouldn’t stop talking about how gullible and sweet “Yousong” was, and how he totally fell in love with his innocence
  • At one point, you told Seven that you’ll be the priest if they ever get married
  • You swore he started blushing at what you said
  • You were going about your game as usual one day, when you noticed a random new character with red hair and weird glasses called 404
  • You tried to ignore this Four character because you were trying very hard to get this girl’s booty
  • But Four’s persistence and d r a m a t i c chats made him pretty much impossible to ignore
  • After a while you couldn’t help but respond to his ridiculous messages (you swear you heard Seven laughing from his computer room)
  • For your birthday, you got an otome game that Seven personally programmed for you
  • You were super excited, until you realized that all the characters were just copies of Seven with different colored glasses
  • They were called 101, 202, 303
  • There was even a character named π0π
  • It was a ridiculous game but you loved it all the same