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What do you think of Percy calling Annabeth the most powerful demigod of their generation? Do you think it's true or would you choose someone else?

I feel like it’s completely and one hundred percent extremely accurate that Percy considers Annabeth the most powerful demigod of their generation. The fact that they both consider each other the most powerful demigod of their generation is literally so amazing. Would your otp ever???

And his analysis of Annabeth is exactly right. - She doesn’t have flashy powers or anything of the sort but she is deadly smart and super quick on her feet. “Doesn’t matter whether she’s on land, in water, in the air, or in Tartarus.” That’s what is so amazing about Annabeth because she doesn’t need powers to be powerful. 

However, while Percy thinks very very highly of Annabeth he also thinks very very little of himself. He rightly considers Annabeth intelligent and resourceful but doesn’t consider himself very intelligent or resourceful at all despite how literally everyone else knows he is. For example - Percy obviously is his strongest in and around water but he’s not not strong when he isn’t. He’s the best swordsman the Camp has seen in years?? Even in a flipping volcano he was just like, “alright, time to release my powers and cause an earthquake, ttyl” 

I’m not shocked at all the Percy thinks she’s the most powerful demigod. For one, he thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread and two - he would probably never consider himself the most powerful, Annabeth or no Annabeth.

Because Percy Jackson, as reinforced by the series time and time again, is without a doubt in my mind the most powerful demigod of their generation. He just doesn’t see himself that way.


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hi so i wanna request something else if that’s okay,

jughead x reader request: the reader and jughead are together and they basically love each other and think of each other as perfect but as time passes what they have gets old fast and they used think highly of each other and then they both have a change of heart because it got old for them, so the break up in the end and the reader gets a boyfriend and jughead doesn’t like the thought of the reader being with someone else, so it’s based off of 3 songs robbers by the 1975, change of heart by the 1975, somebody else by the 1975. robbers is their in love and all that, change of heart is like they don’t like each other anymore, and somebody else is like jughead doesn’t want the reader but he hates to think about the reader with somebody else, it could be split up into 3 parts if you’d like to do that other wise it could just be one part.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: You and Jughead were the long lasting couple everyone would call the ‘otp’ in high school. People expected you two to last forever and eventually end up getting married. That’s what you two thought also, until time went on and it ended up feeling old, so you decided to break up after five years together. You soon got a boyfriend some time after your breakup, which bothered Jughead. He didn’t like the thought of you having a boyfriend that wasn’t him, but he had to remember that you two were no longer an item.

Warnings: Sad breakup, a bit of jealousy

Word Count: 2,448

A/N: So this was a bit tricky since I’ve never heard any of 1975’s music, but I did my best to make it go along with the songs requested. :) I did merge all of them together only because I have a lot more requests to do. Overall, I hope you like it! :)

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In high school you rarely have couples that last forever, some relationships last a few months, some last a few weeks, some even days.

But you and Jughead were one of those rare couples that started dating freshman year and had been together ever since.

People made bets saying you’d breakup over the summer, but you never did.

Instead it only made you two fall in love even more, being able to spend even more time together.

As time went on in high school, people started to believe you two would never breakup, they started calling you two the ‘otp’ of Riverdale High.

Even your friends were surprised you both were still together, but at the same time they weren’t since they could see how in love you both were with each other.

You two stayed together the entire time of high school, people gave up thinking you two would breakup.

They started making bets you both would end up getting married, having children of your own.

Jughead truly believed you had a face straight out of a magazine, and that he’d never leave you.

You never knew someone as amazing and genuine as Jughead, you truly believed he was the one like everyone else did.

And that’s what you both thought too, until a year later.

You both were now in college, still together, but the happiness you both had during high school had started to fade.

You both found being together all the time to be boring, you liked being with your other friends and so did Jughead.

Months went by and you both had drifted a lot, you barely spent anytime together, you still talked however, but it wasn’t the same as it used to be.

One day after classes, you and Jughead had planned to hangout, since you both hadn’t done that in a while.

You two had been together for five years now, but it just wasn’t what you both wanted anymore.

“Hey Y/N.” Jughead smiled, giving you a hug, which you returned.

“Hey, long time no see.” You joked, making him smile.

You both sat down on the couch, planning to watch a movie.

Which you did, for a bit until you both couldn’t take the awkward tension anymore.

“Look Y/N, I think we should talk.. You know.. About us..” He sighed, turning to face you.

You nodded sadly, already knowing where this was heading.

“I know.” You sighed, looking at the boy in front of you.

“These past five years have been amazing with you, you were my first real love and that will never go away, but you have to admit, what we had in high school isn’t here anymore.” Jughead spoke calmly, trying to hide the sadness in his voice.

But you could hear it, you could tell it was breaking him just as much as it was breaking you.

“I know.. We’ve drifted a lot.” You sniffled, giving a sad smile.

Jughead wiped your cheek, but more tears kept falling.

“I guess we both just had a change of heart.” He sighed, looking at you sadly.

You bit your lip, tears slipping down your face as you nodded.

“I guess so.” You choked out, wiping your face.

Jughead pulled you in for a hug, which you accepted and hugged him back tightly.

Nobody ever thought this day would happen, people thought you two would last forever, get married, and have children.

But like they say, high school relationships don’t normally last, and they were right.

You both spent an hours saying goodbye, returning belongings back to each other.

You two were still going to be friends, but you both needed time to be separated from each other.

That night after Jughead had left your dorm room, your emotions kicked in, you didn’t know what was happening but before you knew it you smashed a glass into pieces.

Your roommates’ came home an hour later to find glass everywhere, along with you sitting against a wall, an emotionless tear stained face.

They instantly knew what had happened, comforting you, doing whatever they could to cheer you up.

Jughead wasn’t any better, he was a wreck, his way of dealing with the pain was different.

Him and his guy friends just went out and partied.

And by guy friends meaning Archie, Kevin and some new people they had met on campus.

You both were a mess for a while, you were in a dark place for a good six months, and Jughead was for about five.

Your friends decided one day that you needed to get out, to go meet someone new, to get that spunk in your life again.

You knew that they were only trying to help, but you had no motivation, no energy.

“Y/N, come on, we can go to the beach and meet cute guys.” Veronica smiled, nudging Betty.

“Yeah, it will be fun.” She smiled, making you sigh.

“They’re right you know.” Your roommate Ashley agreed, winking at you.

“I second with Ashley.” June spoke out of nowhere, eating a sandwich she had just made.

Your roommate’s’ Ashley and June had been a big help for you, without them you wouldn’t be as stable as you were right now.

You finally agreed, getting ready and soon you all were off to the beach.

You spent two days there, partying, having fun, meeting cute guys.

One guy you really hit it off with, his name was Scott, he had blonde hair, and a slight accent.

Veronica ended up getting you two on a date once you had left the beach, and it overall went really well.

You told Scott about your breakup with Jughead, and he listened, making you feel a lot better.

He then talked about his past girlfriend, he also had a bit of a bad breakup.

This gave you both something in common, and it worked.

You two ended up going on a lot more dates, and soon enough were dating a month later.

You were happy again, and so was Scott.

You two were in classes together your sophomore year of college, making it easier to study together and hangout more.

One Friday after classes Scott had planned to take you two the movies.

“I’ll pick you up at eight?” He smiled, kissing your cheek as you nodded, smiling and waving him goodbye.

“Ooooh Y/N’s got a date, Y/N’s got a date!” June chanted, making Ashley laugh.

“Shush!” You laughed, throwing a pillow at your friend.

You spent time getting ready, even if you were going to be in the dark the entire time.

“I’m going to head out, I want to get a smoothie before the movie.” You let your roommates’ know just in case Scott came by a bit earlier.

You walked across campus to the smoothie shop, they had the best strawberry mango smoothies.

You stood in line, ordering your smoothie, then sat down at a table to wait for it.

While you were waiting you heard the door jingle open, but didn’t bother looking up.

“Y/N?” Someone questioned, making you glance up for a quick second.

You felt your stomach drop, it was Jughead.

“Oh. Hey.” You smiled, then looked back at your phone.

“It’s been a while.” He smiled, making you internally sigh.

“Yeah. It has, hasn’t it.” You nodded, trying to act interested in the conversation.

He was about to respond when one of his friends pulled him away, including him in a different conversation.

Your smoothie was soon called, which you eagerly went up to get so you could leave.

But like usual, you were too slow, and Jughead stopped you before you could leave.

“Hey, would you maybe like to stay, and catch up?” He questioned, rubbing the back of his neck.

You blinked a few times, not knowing what to say but thankfully someone else did.

In came Scott, who had a bright smile on his face.

“Y/N, your roommates’ told me I’d find you here.” He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

“Yeah, I went to get a quick smoothie.” You laughed, letting him try it.

“These smoothies are amazing, I think I’m going to buy one too.” He laughed, kissing your cheek and walking around to get in line.

You awkwardly looked at Jughead who was in shock, not expecting that at all.

“So.. Is that..?” He tried to ask, but you just responded with a nod.

“You know I heard you had found somebody else, but I thought it was a lie.” He admitted, looking at you sadly.

You didn’t know what to say, you were sure Jughead had moved on too.

“I don’t like seeing you with someone else Y/N.” He confessed, shifting awkwardly.

You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion.

“For the record you broke up with me, our love went cold Jughead, it was going to happen sometime.” You shrugged, taking a sip of your smoothie.

“Watching you leave with someone else is hard, no, I don’t want your body, but it’s hard picturing your body with somebody else that isn’t me.” He rambled, making you roll your eyes slightly.

“You said you’d find someone to take my place, therefore, there is no excuse as to why you should be so jealous.” You looked at him, making him bite his lip.

Jughead knew that you both had to move on eventually, but it was impossible for him to get over you.

Sure, his friends took him out partying almost everyday for five months to get him over you, but it never worked, he only said it did so they’d leave him alone.

“I’m constantly reminding myself that I should be getting over our breakup, but I hate seeing you with someone else Y/N.” He sighed, rubbing his face.

You looked at Scott who was now ordering, meaning your time with Jughead was almost over.

“Listen Jughead, we’re not in 1975 anymore where high school relationships were normal for people to be together and eventually end up getting married, were in 2017 where relationships in high school are just meant to stay in high school.” You spoke quietly, giving a sad smile.

He just nodded, messing with his hair.

“I just miss you Y/N.” He admitted, wiping his eyes quickly.

“Then we’ll hangout soon okay?” You questioned, seeing Scott walking back towards you.

Jughead nodded, watching as Scott took you away off to a movie date.

Jughead knew he had messed up, that he lost the love of his life to another man that was doing better than he did.

But Jughead didn’t care that it wasn’t 1975 anymore, he was determined to get you back, no matter how long it took.

He was going to get the love of his life back.

confirmed news: next BTS album will be called ‘Would your OTP ever’ and will contain such hits as: 'Yoonseok on the backseat’, 'Boom boom shook’ (by Jungkook ft. Seventeen), 'They threw my shoes and I didn’t like it’ (by Jin), 'Oops I provoked V again’ (solo by Jimin), '50 shades of BTS’ and their absolute hit 'Spank me Daddy one more time’ (performed by Jimin and Taehyung)
—  bts on isac 2017

He leaned against the window, and the gilded frame came into sharp focus. “Do you think it would be any different with your tracker beside you? With that Lantsov pup?” “Yes,” I said simply. “Because you would be the strong one?” “Because they’re better men than you.” “You might make me a better man.” “And you might make me a monster.”

Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising


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Got it! Anything else we can get you? Scissac?

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Call again anytime!

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It’s honestly really ridiculous how non shippers constantly try to pick apart every single Stydia scene. People are so quick to criticize and label our ship as defective or flawed. Lydia’s bear trap scene wasn’t inaccurate, Jeff is not stupid and he certainly didn’t make a mistake. The trap’s manufacturing is similar to that of a land mine’s. It does not go off or self destruct as soon as weight is applied. The machine is triggered once the weight is taken off. Which is exactly what happened when Isaac was running full speed, he lifted his foot before he had the chance to realize the trap was under him. Lydia wasn’t running so when she heard the sound of the trap snapping shut she obviously didn’t move in fear of the trap consuming her leg. There is no fault in Jeff’s logic. The Stydia scene that took place shortly after isn’t “out of character” and Lydia certainly didn’t “exploit” or “manipulate” Stiles in anyway. I don’t understand why people can’t even consider the idea that maybe, just maybe she was exhibiting real, heart felt, emotion. Maybe after going through so much with this young man, after she’s stood there as she’s watched his life being put in jeopardy time and time again, maybe after seeing the same carefree high spirited boy she’s known her entire life having to fight and battle his way through so much shit, maybe she’s finally seeing him in his true form. His strong, unbelievably intelligent, undyingly caring, charismatic form. Maybe the feelings that she expressed during that scene has always been there. Lydia knew the affect sacrificing himself had on Stiles, she knew he was terrified as they both were, when you’re utterly petrified you don’t think rationally, you don’t have time to think of an obvious solution. So no, maybe neither of them thought of taking a damn picture of the instructions, but they didn’t need to because Lydia had enough faith in Stiles to find a way out of her predicament all on his own. Why? You may ask, Why would she risk her safety in the hands of a 17 year old boy? Because she knew that this intellectually superb boy had all the knowledge he could ever need to figure out a trap and save her life. So go ahead, make your jokes, shake your heads and call my ship pointless and draining. But I’m gonna be right there eating my popcorn and smiling like baby when my ship finally becomes canon and your ships go crumbling down the drain. BOO BYE