i like to call this art

you know what, i’ll be honest. those confrontations still stress me. i would like to think it all amuses me, and that i can take it with a smile since i live through a thousand times worse, but i’m still me, and i still want people to like me.

but i go through the internet, through this little fandom i’ve seen grow and helped grow, and i see the undercurrents of gatekeeping, the whispers in the tags that hate, still, on people like me. i’m bi. i’ve fought for too long in real life about this to stay silent in a place where i am actually heard.

and yeah, some -most?- of the angry voices are young, so young, but that is not an excuse to hate, to assume you know better than someone else, to impose your choices over someone else’s art.

i’ve been called a lot of things over here. racist, transphobe, homophobe, horrible things, worse than anything anyone told me in real life. and i’ve never been silent over what matters to me, so i’ve heard a lot.

but it still hurts. i’m tough, not insensitive.

…and i’ll gladly take the stress of confronting people in this small pond of a fandom, if it means bringing attention to a problem that’s been angering me for weeks.

I read someone say “thank god that female character is headcanoned as only dating women because m/f is gross” and people agreeing, and it’s been staying with me for weeks. i’m bi, i dated men, i’m not gross. i’m not acceptable when you decide i am.

so i took this frustration and weaponized it the best way i know: by turning it into cute fluffy art.

art never exists in a vacuum, they keep repeating. exactly. this is how a m/f pairing can be subersive. the reasons i drew it make it subversive, and the “discourse” (man i hate that word) that follows it is still part of the artistic process.

if you only see the black and white of a situation, ask yourself “what nuances am i missing?”

hi darling. i really adore you. i’m going to call you sawney from now on.

i got some new pens, and you made me think of sunshine, so here’s some weird experimentation levi with a lot of color filters because i have no idea what i’m doing. ugly as always because i like ‘im that way.

i hope you have a great day too, lovely. <3

Help me stay out of depression

Hi there! If you like my art and want to see it continue, please call your senator and oppose he ACHA.
I depend on Medicaid for treatment for my depression and anxiety. Private insurance is way outside my budget and without ACA protections, will be even less affordable as I have pre existing conditions.
I don’t care if you’re apathetic towards politics, i don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal or socialist, just please don’t be apathetic towards my health. If you do one thing for me ever, plz do this. You’ll be saving care for me and thousands of other artists whose work you love.
Find your senators number and call either their DC or local office. It’s a few minutes of your time. Please. I need you right now.


I thought I should keep the tradition alive of me posting random selfies before an exam, I know you all want to see these, bc they’re a work of art, and I mean, just look at that face. I call dis piece “before she fails”, it’s inspired by law school, hope you like n good night to you allllll

also abbie says she’s my shoes in the background, so we’re hanging now @blackthornsims 👌🏻

This is an OC I’ve FINALLY gotten around to drawing.
I’ve had her in mind for a LONG time, and I’m excited to introduce her!
She was based off of Elizabeth, Erin’s first design, and it escalated from there.
While originally, she was kinda slutty, I changed her to be more of an introverted, cold character.
I call her Beth! Short for Elizabeth. She doesn’t like being called Betsy. Only her boyfriend (who I’ll introduce later >;3) is allowed to give her nicknames.
She has self-esteem issues, as well as trust issues, and, since this is set in a sort of apocalypse dystopia, has a lot of stress on her shoulders.
She was alone for a while, after having to kill her younger twin siblings, Markus and Margret, after they became infected. It broke her heart, and she became cold and introverted, always keeping to herself so she’d never have to hurt anyone else.
Unfortunately, she meets a guy along her way out of her hometown, to find a safer place.
Turns out this guy she met was a member of some awful group who murders, tortures, and forces suicide on people.
She is taken to “meet” the leader of this group, who is as horrid as people come.
She fights to be set free and on her way out of town, but he won’t let her.
Instead, he demands she stay and become a member of the group.
She was on edge about it first, but realized that she’d have great protection and supplies, so she agreed.
Then again, she had no other choice.
So she’s now working for this guy.
Eventually she starts dating the dude she first met, and their relationship is kinda bumpy, but nice.
She’s nineteen, to be twenty in August.
To describe her color palette, she’s got pale-ish skin, amber eyes, and her hair is died a sorta dull indigo. It’s more purple than blue, but it’s so dull you barely notice. She has a ton of freckles!!!!! Yay!! Her sweatshirt is a beige-ish color, her shirt is totally black, and her shorts are a sort of olive green. She wears army boots with black socks, and a peridot necklace her parents gave her as a birthday present.
So that’s Beth!!!
I’ll post more on her AND her boyf later.

i don’t know what to call this yet

i hope your coffee’s warm, and always tastes good
i hope you still do art, and still love star wars
i hope the cats are both in good health, and are still lovely
and i hope you find happiness,
even if it means without me

i hope you always get green lights
on your way too and from school
i hope you become a talented artist like i knew you always would be
and i pray that;
once again, you can sleep well at night

it was both, and nether of our faults
i didn’t understand me,
so you couldn’t either
you were living in a dream
and i was stuck here in reality

i could never hate you
or remember you as anything less than a beautiful soul
i tried being angry
but we all know that could never work

for as much as i was hurt, distraught, and in pain
it was for the betterment of both of us, as our true callings came

with out futures catching up to us faster than we could ever anticipate
regardless of our relationship, we would’ve begun to deteriorate
leaving us in a far worse situation than where we both remain

i hope you make lots of good friends
i hope you smile each and every day
i hope you make peace with your past
and i hope that you are loved in every single way

i don’t know if this is over, yet
but if you’re happier, more fulfilled, and at peace with this chapter closed

i will understand

i hope that you’re always laughing
i hope your heart remains gentle
and i hope you will always know:

that regardless of where we stand in relation to each other, you have my undying support

i am beyond grateful to have had you in my life
and i want nothing more but to see you thrive

i’ll always love you, no matter what
i’ll always remember you with warmth that of roses under sunshine

and please remember that;
i shall always greet you, with open arms, heart, and mind

—  3:29 AM, Saturday

Allura calling the paladins her family was some Good Shit but idk I feel like it would have had more impact of we were actually shown her spending time with them outside of missions and training?

Like if she’d joined them on the space mall episode or just small moments of goofing off or something?

I really hope we get these moments in the later seasons. She deserves it.

readers-live-a-thousand-lifes  asked:

I am so excited that I found your blog!! I love the Inheritance Cycle but when I was really into them a few years, I had no way of finding a lot of other people who loved the series too. Scrolling through your blog has made me REALLY want to go reread them again! On the other hand, do you have any other IC blogs that you would recommend? Thanks!

I’m glad that I made you want to read them again!! 😄
Uh there’s a lot of nice people that do great stuff in here!
Like for example you have @i-wanna-be-eragons-gf and @thealagaesiaguide who have been here waaaay longer than me and have amazing blogs.
Also you can find great thoughts and ideas in @theironeinparticular and @ladyofancienttales for example.
@something-called-sno is doing amazing IC art and i can’t wait to see how her last drawing finishes!!
Oh, @comicgon is doing an eragon comic, which is something so cool and different for the fandom
Then you have the Murtagh fans like @murtagh-thorn (I am one too ofc, always in the Baby Murtagh Protection Squad).
And probably a lot more people I’m forgetting, but well these are the ones that came to my mind rn.
Thanks for the nice words again! 😄 I’m there to chat if u want 💙

anonymous asked:

Sobercommunist is a truscum and argued with trans people, claiming that nonbinary people who identify with demi genders are harming binary trans people, and when he was called out erased all evidence of it from his blog and denies the fact that screenshots exist when they, in fact, very much exist lol

where art they but also I agree w/ the base of the “truscum” movement so like he’s my dad

You need dysphoria to be trans. 9/10 times if you talk to someone who claims they have “no dysphoria” you actually find that they do and they just don’t recognize it as dysphoria bc they think the only dysphoria is wanting to cut body parts off with a rusty exacto knife

ID #76268

Name: Alycia
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! I’m Alycia but you can also call me West. I really like the idea of making new friends from all different cultures all over the world! I love learning new languages and have a wide range of interests. I think it would be super cool to exchange hand written letters by snail mail but if the mailing is too expensive I understand. I’m a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker but I’d like to practice my writing more. I love going to art museums and I do lots of creative writing (mostly horror). I’m LGBT so it’d be cool to have more friends who are LGBT but it’s not a requirement or anything. Hope we can be friends!! :)

Preferences: I would prefer to talk with people who are under 26 or over 56 if old people use this too haha

hey folks!! i was in the mood to share some #BodyPositivity, so please take a moment to look at this photo of me in my studio wearing makeup, then realize that i’m only wearing makeup because i’m about to go out and i’d like to not worry about getting called an ugly bitch on my walk to the dollar store for toothpaste and that the visual appearance of this fucking braincage of bones and lunchmeat i call a body is totally and completely irrelevant to my ability to succeed at my chosen life path as an artist!!!!!!! i look like pigshit most of the time and my tiny, underfunded art school still granted me a $50k scholarship for creative writing. fifty thousand FUCKING dollars!! all like “oh amelia we loved your portfolio so much you’re such a prodigy we’re giving you the presidential scholarship please join us” 50000 for creative writing hahahahaha who even gets that it was like eight poems and a short story your boyfriend doesnt make that much in a year hahahaha

I would like to call this a Journalist McCree AU but I’m pretty sure Joel Morricone is McCree’s pseudonym and he actually wrote an article about himself because he’s extra like that

WIP Meme

Holla at my girl @joufancyhuh for basically making a call out post for all the ways that I’m Suffering. Also, everyone on my public blog now gets to know what Mass Effect trash I am HA. Get ready folks.

“List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, arts, gifsets, whatever.”

1. The honest to god priority is Damages. Cal is always with me, yelling at me to write the words, but exposition is HARD man.

2. Reyes week prompts, I guess, as of today???

3. A Femshep/Mordin Solus gift fic for a friend, that’s very tightly under wraps. *waggles eyebrows*

4. Everything that Meg Shepard (previously called Clara) keeps yelling about. Currently haven’t done anything other than outline and write snapshot/snippets for, but the girl wants MOAR.

5. A Nyreen/Aria fic for Spectre Requisitions.

6. A Cora/SisRyder fic, also for SpeReq, but as a teaser. Finally got a decent idea for that so, t.k.

7. Queen & Lionheart with @joufancyhuh, our fucked up Reyder and Veyder fic, filled with all the pain and suffering we create in combination (a lot).

8. EVENTUALLY I’d like to write the sequel to my Harry Potter fic that matters only to moi. But it’s fully outlined, waiting. The muses are just…not there.

9. I’d really love to finish my Wicked Lovely fic that has been incomplete and unpublished since 20 frick frackin 15 bro, because dammit, it’s good and I want the universe to see it.

10. My MEBB could use a hard edit, BUT, I am awaiting its return from beta. So I don’t feel as bad about that? Ha.

11. My novel. Maybe. Someday. If I ever stop writing fanfics. *sweats*

ANYWAY, here’s to you lovelies. There’s no tag limit, so I’m going hoggg wild. @thunderheadfred @theherocomplex @servantofclio @nightmarestudio606 @foofyschmoofer @scientistsalarian @meredithalden @vorchagirl @commander-hot-pants-blog @keita52 anndd whoever else I missed ^_^