i like to believe that it's there

Guys… Levi is such an amazing character like he blames himself for the deaths of Farlan and Isabel as well as his old squad and tries to distance himself from people because he harbors all that guilt. Yet he still goes on to care and mentor his new squad and even smiles at them and thanks them for believing and staying with him. Not to mention that when he got the chance to talk to Kenny he immediately asked him where the Titan serum was and didn’t question him about why he left him as a child in the underground. Like can you imagine the sense of abandonment Levi had?? His mother, who worked at a brothel, had just died and a new father figure came in, fed him, taught him how to survive, but then left him in the end yet he still put humanity first instead of himself and it just shows how unselfish and determined Levi is.

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and was anyone else waiting for Clarke to stop Lexa when she walked out?

I LITERALLY YELLED WAIT WHEN LEXA WAS LEAVING like if clarke wont do it someones gotta?? i also thought clarke would kiss the black blood lexa had on her lips but i guess that really would be too good to be true

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it's the same, it jsut came from different places. someone is en route to get one from the county, just so you know :) i fully expect it to have his name on it, and his signature at this point haha

they…. don’t need another like people just don’t believe it its that simple and it’s boring to watch it all unfold when there is nothing that could make you believe this is real

So about a month ago I asked my friend to see deadpool with me because I really wanna see it but don’t wanna go alone and she told me she’ll see…and today at midnight she just texts ‘When does deadpool come out?’ like first of all its a Thursday night I believe she has classes every week day so why is she up at midnight and second of all shes awake at midnight and was thinking about a movie I asked her to see? I mean I did say it came out on Valentine wekend but

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[1/2] wooo sleepover! alright storytime. I've had a crush on this cute boy instantly when we met at my birthday party 4 years ago. Brown curly hair, green eyes, bad puns, played piano and guitar and bass and overall an adorable dork. One week forward, first date. Drove around all night, stargazed, talked until early morning, at 7am we kiss. We cuddled up in his bed and watched an old dumb horror movie. When we woke up it was 4pm, he asks if I'd wanna be his girlfriend. I agreed.

[2/2] So we knew each for a week. Kissed after one night with each other. A few hours later, we decided to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Fast foward four years, we live in a little flat on the highest floor in a fckn old house over a really big city 5 hours away from home, with two cats, one deaf and one blind, watching movies and tv shows the whole day, eating self made pizza.

That right there is goals. I hope this is true because honestly it gives me a lot of hope and I just want to say congrats really and also hello to your cats <3 enjoy your pizzas

Sleepover time

honestly for the people who are like “how could kim stand kanye talking about sleeping with another woman??” lmao kim doesn’t give 2 shits about what kanye says in his lyrics. all she knows is that as long as he’s famous and in the spotlight, so is she. even bad publicity is still publicity and you better believe she’s gonna ride that shit out for all its worth which is why i firmly stand by the belief that the kimye marriage is an absolute joke and nothing more than two people using each other to suck up as much spotlight as possible 

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hi, i just wanted to thank you. your words have helped me a lot with dealing with my sexuality/gender. its taken a lot of time, but im feeling free, i believe. im falling in love with the people that i actually love and it feels like light. I feel like I'm a strange ball of genders in the shape of a girl, and I'm falling in love with this girl with the prettiest smile and she makes me feel soft and warm

“strange ball of genders in the shape of a girl” sounds very familiar. That’s how I feel a lot of the time, too.

I’m proud of you, sunshine. I’m glad my words could help, but YOU are the one who accepted yourself, who opened yourself up to love. And that’s incredible. There are a lifetime of beautiful things opening up for you and I can’t wait for you to tumble headfirst into them.

The 365th Day

Hey guys, thanks for reading and enjoying my first imagine. Here’s my second. Please request whatever you want and I’ll get it up. Love you all. This ones happier than the last one ;-)


I can’t believe its been an entire year. It feels like its been a week, and yet, I’ve spent 365 days with my goofball of a boyfriend, Shawn. We are both kinda anti social people. If given the option to go to a party or take a nap, we’d definitely take a nap. So for our one year, we agreed nothing big, just a night together alone. Shawn asked his parents to go away for the night (they were staying in a hotel) so we could be together. His parents trust him, as they should, so they were gone for the night. I had my hair in a simple braid and no makeup on. I wore sweatpants and a sweater as I approached his front door. My mom had dropped me off on her way to pick my brother up from tutoring. 

I raised my hand to knock but before I could even knock for the first time the door swung open and I was swept off my feet and spun around in the air. Two big strong arms wrapped around my waist, and laughter filled the air. When Shawn finally put me down I looked up at him still dizzy from being spun so I held onto his hands. “Were you waiting near the door for me to come?”, I giggled already knowing the answer. “What can I say! I was excited to see you”, he responded looking down at me. “Child”, I call him. He smiles brighter than the sun and leans down to kiss me. His lips were soft as silk, like always, and plump like a pillow, and warm as a fire as we stood there and our lips danced. After a few minutes we pulled apart cause we couldn’t control our smiles. 

“Oh, and happy anniversary babe”, Shawn winks, “I ordered us pizza, it should be here in a few minutes.” When the pizza arrived, I ran upstairs to change into Shawn’s clothes. As comfortable as my comfiest clothes were, Shawns always seem to be even more comfortable. Maybe cause they smell good. Shawn was wearing black Adidas sweat pants and a black tee shirt so I decided that wearing one of his black tee shirts would be appropriate. We could twin and our picture would be goals. I heard Shawn come upstairs and got changed. “Hey cutie, so I got you (your fav pizza) and then my own pizza for me”, Shawn said. That kid does not enjoy sharing food, he’s a mess.

We decided on 50 First Dates, cause thats my favorite movie, he likes it too but won’t admit it. I sat in-between his legs in his lap with my pizza in my lap. His pizza was to his side. After we ate and the movie ended, the mood suddenly got serious. Shawn got up from his position with his arms around my waist and me in his lap and stood up getting his other girlfriend, his guitar. He walked back over to me, and sat on the edge of the bed, raising an eyebrow and nodding at me to come over and sit next to him. He strummed random notes quietly with a smirk on his face. I scooted up next to him and hugged his arm that was strumming, and looked up confused. 

“Shawn, whats going on?” I ask when I realize he’s still not speaking, and still strumming. “Hold on a second, babe.” He whines. I leaned into his side listening to his quiet strums. The silence was comfortable but I also felt a tension. “Okay okay I’m ready”, Shawn says. “Ready for what?” “Ready to talk.” He gets up and puts his guitar back on the stand. He sits back on the bed, legs crossed, and I sat infront of him, mine crossed as well. “So, you’re probably wondering what that was all about.” “A little bit”, I say smiling.

“Well, I am a songwriter. I am best at music. I am not good at public speaking, or speaking in general, ya know. But with a guitar in my hands, I am able to easily sort my thoughts, and get out what I want to say. Usually in song lyrics but not always-” I nod listening and look into his eyes, they’re so so so calm right now. So soft, so beautiful, so soothing. “-so, it’s our one year and I kinda wanted to say something romantic like in the movies and couldn’t think straight. When I play music, it helps. But when I’m in public, I can’t just get up and grab my guitar like that. Only now can I do that. But usually, I am a pretty good straightforward person, I’ve gotten better at speaking.” He grabs my tiny hands in his giant ones and strokes it and plays with my fingers. “But that’s because you’re always there. You are my safety. My home away from home. When I don’t have a guitar to calm me down, I have you. You don’t even know it half the time, y/n. That’s because, I hide my feelings well. But when it comes to you, its like I melt. I can be vulnerable or weak or I can get emotional without having to worry about being judged or criticized. When you’re around, I don’t have to worry about messing up cause you make me feel perfect. Unless, I am talking to you and then its a different story. I’ve never felt this way about anyone. You make me nervous and excited at the same time. Uh, I’ve screwed this up definitely, but basically what I’m trying to say is, I love you. And thanks for the year, theres many more to come.” 

I giggled at how nervous he was. “I love you too, sweetheart. That was the best speech ever. Better than any romance movie ever.” “Haha very funny. It was terrible.” “No Shawn, it was real.” I cupped his warm red cheeks and kissed him so hard he fell back. We began making out and I tugged on the bottom of his shirt throwing it to the ground. Shawn flipped me over and said, “Well, I guess I can mess this up can I, eh?” “Oh shut up and kiss me”. And with that we started removing small bits and pieces of clothes. Before I knew it, we weren’t fucking and we weren’t banging. We weren’t having sex, but we were making love. Showing and telling and screaming out how much we really love each other, without having to say anything. I guess his parents shouldn’t have trusted him. Oh who am I kidding, this would’ve happened with or without them here. Without them though, we can be as loud as we need to be.   

authors note: okay i know it sucks but its only my second so be patient with me ~A Kid In Love

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What do the boys smell like?

This one was so much fun!!!!

Osomatsu: This boy I swear. He spends so much time at pachinko and the horse races that he smells like a clean dollar bill. Which is quite pleasant I might add.

Karamatsu: This fuckboy…… this fuckboy right here wears AXE. AXE. yes. the gross fuckboy cologne. He likes to believe in the commercials.

Choromatsu: For some reason, I see him liking pears the most out of all the boys. Probably bc he’s green in all honesty. I’m not really sure, it’s a nice smell that seems to fit him!

Ichimatsu: His true dna scent (ye thats a thing) is unknown bc he’s constantly petting cats. Even after showers he pets a cat. He will never escape that cat smell. Sometimes he’s a lil stinky from being in the alleys but its okay

Jyushimatsu: Weird enough, he smells just like oranges. None of the brothers know why,  Jyushi doesn’t even like oranges? But he’s always smelled like that. Even when he was a kid. Did he rub oranges on him when he was little and it was permanent?? Who knows. Maybe that’s his DNA smell. WHO KNOWS.

Todomatsu: This dude is always visiting flower shops, whether it’s to see some of his ‘Totty’ gals or just to visit OR to pick them up for someone oo wink wink. He does wear some perfume on most occasions, but those mostly fit in with flowers, His personal favorite perfume is bubblegum tulip!

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Do you believe cyberbullying is real, or not and that kids who get hurt from it need to toughen up? (I mean genuine harassment, not a single little message like "ur stupid")

I think cyberbullying can exist but but its easy to fix. Blocking people, ignoring people, etc. I do agree with the toughen up thing because words are just words and like I said, easy fix. 

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Whaaat? Jackson and mark arent sharing a bedroom anymore???

Yeah, it has been a while that Bambam moved into Jackson’s bedroom and Mark is with Yugyeom. But I’ve been paying extra attention to them since I heard about the new roommate arrangement and I still believe it’s Markson or never, especially watching them during this year’s ISAC. To me its more like they’re just spending more time to their favorite dongsaengs just because why not? they have fun together.

2Jae also got separated. Each one has his own room now.