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So, how much does the fairy/human pregnancy lasts? 3 or 6 months? Does Jyn get pregnant soon after she and Cass get together and they can't keep their hands off each other for long? Is Baze the midwife?

“Why do I feel like you had something to do with this?” Baze bellows from inside the house as Cassian returns from his day of work. A candle burned inside as dusk was settling in over their farm.

“Jyn?” Cassian called, only to find Baze and Chirrut, their two fairy godfathers, in their kitchen, looking at Jyn who stood at the counter, her hands gripping a knife and a carrot.

Baze turned and pointed a finger at Cassian. “You!”

Chirrut laughed. “I had nothing to do with this. But Cassian most certainly did.”

“What is going on?” Cassian asked. “Jyn?”

And then she turned from the counter, revealing her large, round belly. “Guess we’re going to be parents.”

“In about a month at the rate she’s growing,” Baze growled. “Thought it should be nine since she is human now, Chirrut.”

“I don’t know why you keep blaming me,” Chirrut said with a toothy smile. “I did not do anything. This is a new situation. Maybe some of her magic just hasn’t fully worn off yet.”

Cassian gaped. “But this morning, you were …”

“I was not pregnant,” Jyn said, holding her back with one hand. “And now I am.” She bit her lip. “So?”

Cassian took two, three long steps toward her and gathered her into his arms, kissing her feverishly on the brow. His hand skimmed over belly. “I love you. I love you so much, and we’re going to do great.”

On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Three

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“You swore you’d never hurt me”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

“Harry Hook is coming to Auradon.”

You woke up in a cold sweat while the stars were still out and the moon was still shining. You checked the clock sitting beside your bed and sighed. Three o’clock in the morning. You had roughly six hours until Uma, Harry, Gil, and their wharf rats arrived. Great.

Glancing over to make sure Lonnie was still asleep, you silently moved over to the window seat, staring up at the night sky. Sighing, you slid on a pair of shoes and snuck out of the dorm room, following a path engraved in your head. About a week after you first got to Auradon, when you were feeling more than a little homesick, you used a spell taught to you by your father, Dr. Facilier, to find your way up to the roof where you could just barely see some of the ocean.

Sitting down on the blanket you had brought, you stared at the small sliver of ocean visible to you from the high rooftop. It was times like this you couldn’t help but let your mind wander back to Harry. You were still surprised he accepted the offer to come to Auradon, but something told you he only did it because Uma told him to. Some small, dying part of you wished for the reason he accepted to be because of you, but you knew it was a lie. Harry Hook was a lot of things. A liar, a psychopath, murderer, deranged. But, a romantic was not one of them.

You slowly laid back, staring up at the stars. “Second star to the right, and straight on till morning,” You mumbled to yourself before laughing slightly. A certain friend of yours, a hat wearing, hook wielding friend, once told you those directions. Apparently, that was where the Jolly Roger, his father’s ship, once sailed the seas. He talked about visiting the place called Neverland a lot, to see the boy that never grew up. The one that defeated his father.

He never told you, but you could sense the true meaning behind his words. The reason he actually wanted to go to Neverland; to finally defeat Peter Pan, to prove that he was stronger than Captain James Hook.

You couldn’t help but think that whatever insidious plan Uma and her first mate had brewing would prove even more than that.

“Well, isn’t this just a warm welcome?”

You stood in front of Auradon bright and early that morning, glaring out of the corner of your eye at the King as Uma and her lackeys stepped out of the limousine. Fair Godmother and Ben exchanged gleeful glances as the band slowly died down.

“Hey, Guys. I’m King Ben of Auradon and I welcome you to Auradon Prep!” Ben introduced, reaching his hand out to shake the hand of one of the wharf rats’ (Sylvester Smee if memory serves you right). Immediately his hand was knocked aside by the rugged pirate with a glare. “Don’t touch me,” He sneered at the King.

“We do not take that kind of tone here, Young Man!” Fairy Godmother shot back, giving him a stern look.

“Yeah, Keep your mouth shut, Sylvester,” Uma added, giving him a lethal smile. The boy just cowered before slinking back of the very back of the huddle of pirates. You could feel Doug’s relief from where he stood with the band. He didn’t have to deal with showing them around and explaining the classes to the Villains this time. Oh no, that job was stuck with you…

“Come on, Y/N, if anyone knows how to control those pirates it’s you!” Ben had said as you stood in his office, still soaking in the fact he was bringing some of the lowest form of evil into Auradon in the form of a sea witch and her two minions.

You shook your head at the boy stubbornly. “No way, Ben. I’m not getting stuck with that group of rats. Not if you promised me a golden horse.”

“What about a golden minifridge?”

Turns out he didn’t mean golden as in the minifridge was made of gold, rather the minifridge was painted a gold color. You ended up giving it to Evie to keep her special chemicals at the perfect temperature.

You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice all of the people staring at you expectantly. Your face flushed red as you stared back at Ben. “What did I miss?”

“And here is where you will be attending your remedial goodness classes, taught by Fairy Godmother herself,” You announced, stopping at a set of doors that led to a room you had become very acquainted with.

“What’s remedial goodness?” Gil asked with a curious look.

“You’ll be taught the rights and wrongs. Like no poisoning, killing, or stabbing someone with a hook,” You replied swiftly, not sparing a glance to the pirate clad in red leather that was standing at the back of the group, though you could feel his eyes boring into you.

“No hooking?” Harry whined, slinking over to where you stood. “But that’s my speciality.”

“I thought scaring was your speciality?” You remarked, raising an eyebrow at the pirate. He smirked slightly, curling his arm around your shoulders, “Yer talking to a man of many talents, lass.”

You scoffed, pushing the brunet away, “ The girls’ dormitories are that way, the boys’ are that way, just follow the signs. You’ll find your name engraved on a plaque outside of your designated room, all rooms and roommates are final. No switching,” You instructed, motioning to opposite sides of the school. “That’s the end of our tour, if you have any questions feel free to find me or Ben and ask.”

The group of pirates slowly dispersed, leaving just Harry, Uma, and Gil standing in front of you. You sighed, running a hand through your hair, “Yes?”

“We aren’t staying in separate dorms. Put us in a dorm together,” Uma demanded, crossing her arms over her chest. Your eyebrows shot up. This witch.

“As I clearly stated, all rooms and roommates are final. No switching. The rules state no more than two to a dorm, and girls and guys can’t share dorms,” You stated blandly, not in the mood to deal with the pirates before you.

“Yeah, well, we’re villains. We don’t do rules. You should know that, seeing as you were once one yourself, before you turned your back on evil like the rest of those pansies,” Uma shot back. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh, if you want to go against the rules you can gladly return to the Isle, it won’t hurt my feelings at all. Otherwise, shut your lobster trap and get to your dorms.”

From the corner of your eye you could see Harry move to go toward you, only to be stopped by Uma. “Harry, chill.” She muttered, eyes boring into yours coldly before whipping around and walking in the direction of the girls’ dorms.

“You’re messing with the wrong pirates, Lass,” Harry seethed, whipping around and yanking Gil to the boys’ dorms.

“Bye, Y/N!” Gil called out, giving you a happy wave before he disappeared.

Do you think Fairy Godmother would let me graduate a few years early?

“Look at her over there, acting like she’s so much better than us,” Uma growled, watching you angrily from across the courtyard. She slammed her fist on the picnic table, startling the son of Gaston. He shook his head, turning back to building a mashed potato sculpture. But, moments later, a tray was slammed down on the table, demolishing the masterpiece.

“This place is so borin’ I want to hook meself,” The son of Captain Hook grumbled, plopping down beside Gil. 

“My sculpture…” Gil whined slightly, desperately attempting to fix the pile of potatoes.

“It’s like she forgot she was one of us mere months ago,” The sea witch continued, ignoring her two companions. Harry followed her gaze before a low growl left his lips at the sight of the Darling boy obviously flirting with you.

“I’m gonna hook him,” He stated matter-of-factly, standing from his seat. Uma scowled, yanking the brunet pirate back down. “Don’t get distracted,” She gritted out, giving him a stern glare.

“You know what you have to do.”

Harry Hook paused, before giving nod,“Yes, Captain.”

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I woke up this morning with the urge to post a brief and thoroughly non-exhaustive list of Discworld pun/reference names of varying levels of obscurity that people may or may not have gotten, and HERE IT IS.

  • Vetinari is a play on “Medici,” the extremely powerful Italian political family who inspired Macchiavelli’s “The Prince.”
  • The philosopher Didactylos’s name literally means “two fingers,” which refers to a rude British gesture roughly equivalent to flipping someone off.
  • Death’s manservant Alberto Malich is named after Albertus Magnus.
  • The feuding Ankh-Morpork Selachii and Venturi noble families are named, respectively, for the scientific name for sharks and a part found in jet engines. This is a reference to the feuding Sharks and Jets street gangs in the musical West Side Story, which is itself a retelling of Romeo and Juliet.
  • “Nobby” is a slang term for a policeman. Nobby’s dad, Sconner, gets his name from- well, you know how the Nac Mac Feegle call people “ya wee scunner”? Same word.
  • The guide to nobility Twurp’s Peerage is named after the Roundworld equivalent, Burke’s Peerage.
  • Mrs. Rosemary “Rosie” Palm, head of the Guild of Seamstresses, is named for. Um. Something a bit… rude.
  • All the golems mentioned in Feet of Clay have Yiddish names, and mostly uncomplimentary ones. “Dorfl” means “idiot” and “Meshugah” means “crazy.”
  • The head of the dwarves running the printing press in The Truth is Gunilla Goodmountain, whose surname is a literal translation of “Gutenberg,” the inventor of movable type.
  • The Smoking GNU is a reference to the GNU operating system.
  • Ridcully was introduced in Moving Pictures as “Ridcully the Brown,” as an extended parody of Radagast the Brown from Lord of the Rings.
  • Black Aliss is named for Black Annis, and the god Herne the Hunted is a play on Herne the Hunter.
  • “Greebo” means… well, I’ll quote the Annotated Pratchett File: “'Greebo’ is a word that was widely used in the early seventies to  describe the sort of man who wanders around in oil-covered denim and  leather (with similar long hair) and who settles disagreements with a  motorcycle chain – the sort who would like to be a Hell’s Angel but  doesn’t have enough style.”
  • Nanny Ogg’s house is called “Tir Nanny Ogg,” a play on “Tír na nÓg,” the otherworld in Irish mythology.
  • Miss Treason’s given name, Eumenides, is another name for the Erinyes, Greek goddess of vengeance.
  • Erzulie Gogol’s first name is shared with a Vodou goddess, and “Baron Saturday” is a play on “Baron Samedi.” (EDIT: somebody said it’s actually a straight English translation, which I was not aware of.)
  • Desiderata Hollow, good fairy godmother, has a first name derived from the Latin word for “to wish.”
  • “Lilith de Tempscire”‘s surname is just a French translation of “Weatherwax.”
  • The terrible pun in Casanunda’s name (he’s a dwarf, so he’s UNDA, not OVA) is probably obvious to a lot of people, but it took YEARS for me to notice it, so I’m including it on this list.
  • The old Count de Magpyr’s name is Bela de Magpyr, after, of course, Bela Lugosi. (And Vlad also mentions an aunt Carmilla.)
  • “Djelibeybi,” for those unfamiliar with British sweets or classic Doctor Who, is pronounced identically to “jelly baby.” The country of Hersheba was introduced after many, many Americans failed to get the joke- with limited success, because it’s less immediately recognizable as a play on “Hershey bar.”
  • “Omnian” is a multilingual play on “Catholic.” Omni- is a root meaning “everything,” and “Catholic” originally meant “universal.”
  • Lu-Tze’s name is a play on Laozi/Lao-Tzu/Lao-Tze, founder of Taoism.
  • Dr. Follett, head of the Assassin’s Guild thirty years ago in Night Watch, is named for… author Ken Follett, in exchange for a significant monetary donation to charity.

So, Yasss is showing Ralph and Vanellope around OH MY DISNEY. Suddenly When You Wish Upon a Star plays. There are fan girls screaming, red carpet, photography etc. Ralph and Vanellope are confused:

Yasss: These images of perfection are known as the princesses.
Vanellope: Oh my gosh, I have to mess with them.
Yasss: Oh no, they are strictly off-limits. Now come on, my little ducklings.
Vanellope: But, that’s all I want to do now.
Hey Ralph, thinking what I’m thinking?
Ralph: That Yasss is awesome? (It’s clear he likes her)
Vanellope: No, let’s mess with the princesses!
Ralph: No, kid! Yasss said no!
Vanellope: Come on, Ralph. You always follow authority.
Ralph: No I don’t.
Yasss: Yo! Ralph, get your butt here now!
Ralph: Yes, mam, right away mam!
Vanellope: Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!

Vanellope glitches in the room! We see the princesses hanging out. Vanellope says hi. The girls freak out. They go to self defense.

Vanellope: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m a princess like you!
Anna: Wait, what?
Vanellope: Yeah, Princess Vanellope of Sugar Rush!
Pocahontas: So, what kind of princess are you?
Rapunzel: Magic hair?
Elsa: Magic hands?
Vanellope: No?
Aurora: *about to prick her finger. Snow tries to stop her* Cursed?
Snow: Poisoned? Sing?
Cinderella: Talk to animals?
Rapunzel and Belle: Kidnapped and enslaved? :D
Vanellope: No?????
Jasmine: You got Daddy issues?
*two more lines*
Ariel: Did you ever sell your voice and soul to get legs? *shows off leg*
Vanellope: No! Jeeze, louise! Who would do that?!?!?!
Rapunzel: *crotches to her* One more question: Have you ever felt like you are overlooked by a big man?!?!
Vanellope: Oh my gosh, yes! That’s me and Ralph! *rambles on*
All of them: SHES ONE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!

They all fangirl. They all check out her outfit.

Cinderella: Oh my gosh, your outfit is wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like it!
Vanellope: Oh, this old thing?
*Princess Line from someone*
Cinderella: You must make it for all of us! My fairy godmother is on it.

You know the Batman transition in the old series? This time, it’s the Disney castle!

Vanellope is in the center of the room. She’s on the bed. All of the princesses are in tank tops and sweats. They surround her. Cinderella says something like BRB at midnight. Moana’s tank is orange with Tamota and SHINY.

Cinderella: Oh hail, Princess Vanellope, ruler of Sugar Rush. Queen of comfort!
Everyone: YEAH!
Vanellope: Oh, guys! Stop it. You know, you guys are great.
Ariel: Oh, my goodness! I love this—what’s it called again? Shirt! *says something like I’ve collect everything, but never a shirt. She starts singing Part of your World*
ALL of the Princesses: NO NO NO NO NO!
Vanellope: I love you guys. I thought you were models of perfection, but no! You guys are flawed
Snow: I have a confession. I’m legally blind. I can’t see without contacts. Or my glasses. *wears glasses. Looks just like Dopey and the diamond*
Jasmine: I love cats! I have my big tiger.
Vanellope: What?!?! That’s so cool!
Jasmine: yeah, but I’m allergic!

Jasmine coughs, does the inhaler, and wheezes.

Merida: *something about turning her mom to a bear*

Awkward silence.

Vanellope: …..did anyone understand that?
Mulan??????: Nope.
Pocahontas?????????: No one ever does.
Anna: She’s from another studios.

Tiana: Like come on, can you imagine how boring we would be if we are all the same?

Everyone agrees!

C-P30 comes out.

CP30: Ladies, I’m here to remind you. You have another show in five minutes. Get ready.

Cinderella and Aurora tease him playfully.

Cinderella: Okay, *Star Wars robot name*. Thanks for telling us.
Aurora: Now, Cinderella! He hates being called that. Thanks, R2-D2!

CP30: Oh, the disrespect! Do the job, they said. You are great with princesses. You’ll love this!

CP30 leaves.

Aurora: Ahhhhhhh, never gets old!
*Cinderella and Aurora fist pumps sparkles*
Vanellope: Guys, it’s been great! I got to go. You know, I think you guys help me realize the problem between me and Ralph.
Moana: You are so cool, Vanellope. It was great to meet you!

*Vanellope sees Meeko looking happy on Pocahontas’s lap.

Vanellope: And of course, I can’t say goodbye without getting a huge hug from this cute little friend of-

*Meeko snaps and hisses at Vandllope*
*She yelps and glitches back*

Kate's Magical Lust (18+)

(note. Short story for @blueberryballoons contains breast and butt expansion, and suggestive themes)

“Humph.” Kate pouted as she sat down at the edge of her bed. She just came home after a long day of college classes. She stared straight ahead into the mirror in front of her that stood on top of her dresser. She eyed herself up and down, straightening her back and turning her head from side to side. She stood up from the bed and turned around in the mirror, bending over and trying every sexy pose she could think of. No matter what Kate did, she still wasn’t confident enough in her body. She didn’t think she was pretty, flawless, or gorgeous as her friends always told her she was. She sighed and flopped back onto the bed, staring up into the ceiling.

“I just wish my body would change, I’m so sick of the same old me. I want bigger boobs and a bigger ass like all the other girls I know. It’s not fair.” She groaned. Suddenly a low rumbling shook the room slightly, flickering the lights on and off. She looked around the room in fear, she’d never been in an earthquake before. She stood up and was about to run for the open doorframe when suddenly there was a loud crash. The double Windows to the left of her bed sprung open and a small purple glittery from came tumbling in through the air like a badly thrown football. It clattered to the ground and rolled a few times, letting out little polite “Ooh”-s and “Eek”-s as it spun.
“Oh dear, oh my, oh heavens.” The small little woman mumbled to herself as she stood to her feet brushing dust and paint and wood chips off of her glittery purple dress. She was no taller than 3 feet, had a face caked with makeup, silver gray hair pulled up into a bun, and carried a child’s plastic magic wand. Kate stood there leaning against the dresser, her hand over her heart with an expression of shock painted on her face.

“Why hello there darling!” The woman cheerfully chided. “Sorry for such a rude entrance, I’m still getting use to the new wings.” She giggled, pointing to the fluttering neon wings on her back. Kate still stood there frozen in disbelief.

“W-Who…” Kate whispered quietly, slowly recoiling from the shock and stepping closer to the magical woman.

“Now that’s no way to greet your fairy godmother!” The woman said playfully.

“M-My fairy wha?” Kate continued to mumble.

“Come give me a hug, darling!” She said so reassuringly that Kate began to step forward. She crouched down onto one knee as the fairy wrapped her small gloved hands around Kate and gave her a tight hug. “My, my, you feel so thin child. What are these people feeding you? Tsk tsk.” She said disapprovingly.

“So you’re my fairy godmother? Like in the movies?” Kate asked with childlike wonder, staring into the fairy’s eyes.

“Yes, yes! Of course. Every young girl has one. You can call me Bellinda.” She said with a smile on her kind, aged face. “Now, I heard you muttering some nonsense about your frame. I understand it’s causing you some distress. In my opinion you should love yourself no matter how you look, especially a girl as beautiful as you.” Bellinda smiled stroking Kate’s cheek with the back of her palm. Kate smiled back, her cheeks blushing. She stood up from her crouched position. Bellinda followed Kate, her wings flapping effortlessly like those of a hummingbird as she raised two feet in the air to match Kate’s height and just hovered there.

“Now you’re in luck little lady. You see fairies like me that have been around a while have the ability to grant one major wish every month or so. I’m ready, are you?” Bellinda asked.

“Uh, well I-” “Great! Now take that hoodie off, we wouldn’t want to damage it. All you’ll need is a plain white t-shirt and some bottoms you don’t care very much for.” Bellinda said sternly as she began to wave some kind of magic over the end of the wand. Kate stood there for a minute confused before she turned around and walked to her closet and changed.

Two minutes later Kate emerged in a baggy white t-shirt and some running shorts. She stood there in a cute, awkward way with her hands in her pockets waiting for Bellinda’s approval. The Fairy turned her head, “Oh! Perfect! Now come here dear.” Kate walked over to Bellinda. “Stand here in the middle of the room” She said “Yes, perfect.”

Bellinda began to wave her wand in the air, magic glitter and sparkles appearing around the end of the wand as she muttered some nonsense spell.

“Bippity…Boppity….BOOP!!” She yelled as a pink laser blast shot out of the end of the wand, sending Bellinda across the room. The beam shot directly into Kate’s belly before disappearing and encasing Kate in a pink aura that made her feel funny for a moment, like her whole body had fallen asleep, and then the aura faded. Kate stood there in the moonlight, the room filled with silence, looking down at her body for any noticeable changes.

“Nothing happ-” Kate stopped herself. A small muffled sound could be heard, like an inflated balloon slowly letting out air. She looked down as she felt a pressure around her chest. She looked down the collar of her loose shirt and saw her bra slowly begin to push out and rise, obscuring the view of her flat stomach.

“Oh my god.” Kate whispered. She gently placed her hands onto her tits, feeling them press out into her hand. They were filling with air like balloons! She was completely fascinated, feeling her boobs grow bigger, rounder, and perkier. And it was soon visible as her breasts surpassed a B cup, pressing out against the white fabric. She was amazed, watching her once small boobs grow bigger and bigger before her eyes and they showed no sign of stopping. A sudden feeling of arousal washed over her.

That feeling was quickly overridden by a new sensation. She felt the same pressure as before only around her backside. She tried to look over her shoulder left and right but couldn’t. She jogged over to the standing mirror, her new still-growing tits bouncing with each step. She turned to the side and arched her right leg. What she saw she couldn’t believe. Her once loose running shorts seemed to be shrinking in size. The loose cuffs began to ride up her thighs as they thickened and plumped up along with her butt. Her ass began to grow fatter and fatter, filling out the backside of the shorts. She spun around, seeing her perky bubble butt continue to grow along with her new thunder thighs. She was being flooded with this feeling of arousal. She’d never been turned on by her own body, and now she finally could.

Her ballooning tits had stretched and lifted the white t-shirt to the point that it looked like a white crop top displaying her entire stomach. Her shorts were now practically panties, completely wedged between her ass cheeks. The erotic feeling was intense. She had been completely bomb shelled and bimbo-ified. The waves of pleasure ran over her again, as she moaned and quivered. She had to act on this urge immediately. She closed her eyes and absent-mindedly crawled into bed entirely powered by pleasure. Under the covers she began to rip off her ruined clothing and appreciate her new ass.

“I’ll leave you alone for this part dear.” Chuckled Bellinda as she fluttered out the window, it closing behind her leaving a trail of purple glitter tinkling to the ground.

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Freak//A Carlos de Vil Imagine

Anon said: Carlos from descendants imagine? Shy kid at Auradon with powers bumps into the villains and when she thinks they’re going to yell at her like everyone else does (because they bully her) she cowers before they can open there mouths, squeaks a ‘sorry’ and runs off. Carlos gets curious and then whatever you want to happens


You walked down the hall as quickly as you could, keeping your head down and trying to draw as little attention to yourself as you could. Just get to your next class (Y/N), you told yourself. Just get to class with no problems and you’ll be fine.

You were so busy trying to keep your head down, that you didn’t notice the group from the Isle of the Lost coming down the hall and you smacked right into the biggest one. 

You shrank away from them and squeaked out a quick “sorry” before running off.

“What’s with her?” Carlos asked.

“I don’t know. She seemed even more afraid of us than most people. When she ran into Jay she looked at us like we were going to tear her limb from limb,” Evie said, watching your retreating form disappear around the corner.

“I bet Doug would know,” Mal said. “We should ask him.”

They found Dopey’s son after lunch. 

“Hey Doug,” Carlos said. “Who’s the girl with the (H/L) (H/C) hair and the (E/C) eyes?”

Doug thought for a moment. “Does she look like she’s afraid of everyone?”

Jay nodded. 

“Yeah that’s Rapunzel’s daughter.”

“Why is she so scared of everyone?” Evie asked. 

Doug sighed. “She has powers.”

“So?” Mal asked. “Fairy Godmother had powers and I do too.”

Doug shook his head. “Not like yours. She has healing powers like her mom, but she also has control over fire, water, earth, and air. Everyone’s kind of freaked out by her, so they make fun of her. They tell her that she’s always in the way and they call her a freak. “

“That’s so sad,” Evie said. “Aren’t these people supposed to be the good guys?”

“Yes, but they react poorly to change and people who are different. I’m friends with her, but I’m the only one,” Doug said sadly. “She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met and she cares so much about everyone, despite the fact that they’re horrible to her.”

“Hey Doug!” came a voice from down the hall. Everyone turned to see you waving at your friend, but when you saw the villains’ kids, your face paled and you turned around. 

Doug ran down the hall after you and gently grabbed your arm. “(Y/N), please come meet these guys. They’re nice, I promise.”

You looked at them. They all looked really intimidating except for the one dressed in red, white, and black. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, peering around the big one.

“ugh, fine.”

Doug dragged you back to the group of people and introduced you. The big one was Jay, the one with the purple hair was Mal, the one with the blue hair was Evie, and the one with the white hair was Carlos.

Doug was right. They were really nice. And they all thought your control over the elements was awesome and Evie wouldn’t shut up about your healing ability. 

Over the next few days, you hung out more with the kids from the Isle of the Lost. They were really fun to hang out with, and you had started to develop a crush on Carlos. He was funny and sweet and you liked spending time with him most of all.

One day, you were in the library bent over one of your textbooks, trying to figure out the equation that you had been assigned. You got so annoyed and frustrated that the air around you began to swirl and churn without you realizing it. 

“Hey look,” you heard from across the library. “The freak is freaking again.”

You felt the tips of your fingers begin to heat up and you clenched your fists, trying to calm yourself down. 

A hand touched your shoulder, squeezing it gently. Carlos sat down across from you. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N),” he said firmly. “You aren’t a freak.”

You laughed drily. “Sure.”

“No, I’m serious,” he said. “You’re awesome. It’s so cool that you can do what you do.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that?”

He nodded. “I mean it! Well, I also kind of have a crush on you.”

You smiled. “Really?”

He nodded and grabbed your hand from where it was laying on the table. “Really. You’re gorgeous and you’re nice and I don’t know why no one can see that.”

You squeezed his hand. “I like you too, Carlos.”

He grinned. “Do you wanna go out some time?”

You nodded. “That would be lovely.”

Period warrior

Pairing : Jay x Reader

Warnings : mention of period cramps

Summary : You’re on your period and Jay knows how to help

Requested by Anon, thanks for the request I hope you’ll like it ! :) : “a fluffy imagine where the reader is female and has cramps during her period & jay is her boyfriend of like a year or two & he just helps her thru it with like cuddles & cookies & ice cream & stuff like that?” + “ hii i was the last request about the period cramps and i just read the ask abt being bens lil sister & i thought that was rlly cute so can u add that into my request too? tysm”

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It hurt. Bad. You groan and swallow the pain killer, crossing your fingers for it to be strong enough and to act quickly. The fairy godmother isn’t there so you have no magical solution for now.

You come back to your bed and slowly lay on it, curling up. You’ve already called Jay telling him to come see you. You know he figured out what’s happening just by hearing your voice. He said he would soon be there and you couldn’t wait. His presence was always a very welcomed distraction from the pain that pulsed intensely through your belly. You had no problem with him seeing you in your “period look”, your love was based on more than your physical appearance and he had been your boyfriend for almost 2 years now. He knew how to help you get through this.

You’re intently watching the wall to distract you from your physical state when someone knock 4 times at your door. Jay.

“Come in…” You manage to say, feeling relieved he’s there, and you soon hear the door open then close.

As you’re looking at the wall opposite to the door, you can’t see him but you hear him set down something on your bedside table. He then carefully sits behind you and gently places a hand on your shoulder while using the other to move your hair off your face.

“Hey…” He softly starts, “Already took your med ?”

“Yeah, it’s not fast enough.” You answer. “Cuddle with me ?”

You feel him lay on the bed beside you as he takes you gently in his arm.

“The painkiller will soon be active…” He tells you while his left hand finds yours and he starts to rub his thumbs on the back of it soothingly.

You don’t answer and try to enjoy his comforting presence. You’re already feeling a little better, maybe it’s Jay’s ability to make you happy or maybe it’s the painkiller finally started to do its job or maybe both.

You stay like this for a little while as you focus on your breathing and listen to Jay’s heartbeat. The regular sound calms you. You doze off a little, happy that the pain is weak enough for you to do it.

When you feel like you’re actually able to sit, you gently push Jay’s arm and slowly rise, moving your pillows so the position you’re in is as comfortable as it can be.

“Feeling better ?” You hear Jay asks and you turn your head towards him, nodding slowly, making his smile. “Have you eaten something recently ?”

You shook your head and you spot a pack of your favorite cookies on your bedside table. Jay hands it to you and you open it with a weak smile. You grab one and take a bite. It’s as delicious as you remember.

“Thanks, Jay”

“It’s nothing. Wanna watch a movie ? I have your favorite right here.” He set his laptop on your bed and soon, you’re both cuddling while watching your favorite movie. You’re focused on the screen but you still are very conscious of the activity in your belly. It’s back. You wince in pain and immediately, you feel Jay hug you just a little tighter to show you he’s there but making sure he doesn’t hurt you more in the process.

“I’d like to be as strong as you, y’know ?” He casually says, trying to get the conversation going so it can maybe help you.

You shoot him a confused look.

“You go through this every month and I complain when I fall while playing Tourney. You’re a real-life warrior.”

You lay your head on his shoulder, considering his words for a little while and sensing no lie in what he said. He means it.

A few minutes later, you feel your body relax as the pain lessen.

“I’ll go grab something to eat that is a little more consistent in a while, okay ?” He says as he gently ran a hand in your hear.

“That won’t be necessary.” You tell him calmly, enjoying the soft movements in your hair.

“Ben ?” He asks already knowing the answer.

“Yep, that’s his big brother’s way of helping me survive” You joke. “I’m sure that if we weren’t princess and prince he’d do my cores for me.”

You smile, the first real smile of the day.

“I’m so lucky to have you both in my life…” You look into his eyes. “Thanks Jay, you’re like, the best boyfriend of the world. I’m not even jocking.”

Your boyfriend smiles and lean to kiss you sweetly.

“So, wanna eat some ice cream while watching the movie ?” He asks with a big smile, happy you’re feeling better, while taking the ice cream pot and two spoons to eat it.

“Yeah !” You said with as much enthusiasm as your state lets you.

Taking a spoonful of ice cream, you smile to yourself. You’re still not feeling as good as normal but you can do this, and you know Jay will help you by any means possible. You can do this.

KakaSaku Month Week 1 Fanfic Recs

Woo, it’s finally KakaSaku month~ I’ll be giving fanfic recs just like I did during KakaSaku week. There might be some overlap from then but I haven’t read many new KakaSaku fanfics in a while, so what can I do? lol I will be searching the kakasakumonth tag throughout the week to see if I find any new favorites however (might still add more to this list until week 1 is officially over :3). Let me know if any of your favorites are here! :3 

Mission Report

Mission Report # AF4927V by @eeearnest & @itslulu42 - Tsunade finds out through two mission reports that Sakura and Kakashi were very professional during Mission Fake Marriage. ;) 

Operation Ring Finger (One-Shot | Humor/Romance) by ArinaMaron (@arinamaron) - Rokukashi’s ANBU guards take their job very seriously. lol I found the mission report format very fun to read.

Myth or Fairytale AU

If You Believe In Magic (Multi-Chapter) by yunyu (@fineillsignup) - I found this gem yesterday as I was scrolling through the kakasakumonth tag on Tumblr so I saved it in my drafts and just finally got around to reading it today! I really love the amount of detail put into this fic and although it’s still ongoing, I needed to mention it here because I love it so much! hehe If you like Japanese mythology, be sure to check this one out!

Rough Seas (One-Shot | Adventure/Fantasy) by ElizaTellsTheStory (@elizatellsthestory) - I love Mereshark Kakashi so when I first saw this pop up on Tumblr, I just had to read it. hehe Bonus points for Pirate Sakura~ The writer also has this under the “He desperately wanted to breathe” prompt as well except it’s “[S]he desperately wanted to breathe” in this case. ;)

Sea Foam (Multi-Chapter | Romance/Drama) by moodiful819 - If I remember correctly, this was a fic I stumbled across thanks to Tumblr. :D I can’t remember if it was due to all the mermaid AU art going around at the time, but I’m glad I checked this out. hehe Sakura and Kakashi are so adorable in this fic… aaaand now I feel like rereading this.  

Storybook (One-Shot | Romance/Humor) by moodiful819 - Basically a Cinderella AU except Kakashi takes on the role of both the prince and Cinderella and Sakura is the exasperated fairy godmother. xD

Summer Rain

benediction (across your brow) by @mouseymightymarvellous - Sakura and Sasuke part ways with Sasuke totally shipping her with Kakashi. Enough said. ;)

Yukata or Kimono

House Calls by Spoiled Sweet (Multi-Chapter | Romance/Humor) - Chapter 7 immediately popped up in my mind when I saw this prompt. lol This fic in general has been one of my go-to rereads because it’s very relaxing and makes me happy. :3

Clarence Hall- Germination (2)

Summary:  Y/N has hit a dead-end in her life. Desperate to get away from her controlling mother, she takes a job as a nanny, working at an English country house caring for the Countess’ six foster children- alongside Steve Rogers and James Barnes. As the weeks pass, Y/N realises she’s beginning to find her place, and even happiness, in the chaos and laughter of Clarence Hall: but that summer something happens that turns all of their lives upside down.

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader (Female pronouns)

Chapter 2/?: Germination

Word count: 3146

Warnings: None!

This is what I call a *nothing* chapter when I’m being harsh, because it’s basically scene-setting and character-building and all that jazz. Part and parcel of a long story. Love to all <3


Dinner is a loud, cheerful affair, that involves a lot requests to pass the serving spoon and don’t knock over the salt cellar, and no the dogs have their own food they don’t need any of yours. Besides a few random questions from the children, you’re allowed to sit quietly and adjust to the atmosphere. It’s a world away from silent, stilted meals of home.

After enforcing dishwashing duty (with a surprisingly low level of complaining), everyone troops through to what might once have been a drawing room, but the cavernous space is now kitted out as a playroom. You are careful to avoid treading on the Lego pieces that litter the carpet, and smile to see the stack of mattresses and covered furniture in the far corner that probably functions as a den. Maud takes what is clearly her customary seat on a throne-like armchair by the back window, and her charges scurry back and forth with schoolbooks, Meccano pieces and enormous dogs in tow. A comfortable routine unfurls in front of you. Somebody turns on what sounds like the Cars soundtrack. You end up pressganged into helping Nat with partial fractions, which, thankfully, isn’t beyond your scope (she giggles when you grumblingly wish for your algebraic calculator, which would solve this stupid problem in about 0.02 seconds). Sam starts practicing backflips. Bruce sits on the floor, enthralled by a book that’s half the size of him, detailing the creatures of the Amazon rainforest. Teacup potters around before flopping by your feet, apparently realising you’re a soft touch when it comes to belly rubs. You slide off your chair, sink your fingers into her wiry coat, and oblige.

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A scenario for having a lil mini version of Tae / V (in other words, having a child with him) ??

sorry this took so long i work six days a week rn and have school stuff three hours a day im swamped ahh i hope you like tho i will make a part two and maybe three to this later so! stay tuned!!

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  • hello this is a request and it’s super duper cute
  • like seriously this is the cutest thing in the entire world I hope I can convey all the cuteness !!
  • like usual I’m gonna start with the build up
  • okay so I personally consider taehyung to be a very traditional kid and even though I’m sure he would be all for having fun while dating, if he ever wanted to consider kids he would want the two of you to be married first
  • like he definitely definitely definitely would want kids and I think he wouldn’t want to wait very long to have them but he would want to make sure you two were married
  • he’s just very traditional and in Korea still I’m p sure, most people get married then have kids
  • that’s also what his parents and family would expect, and he definitely wouldn’t want to upset them in any sort of way
  • once the two of you were married though he would be like alright time for babies
  • I mean if you weren’t ready he wouldn’t push you at all he’s very respectful and considerate
  • but he definitely loves children with all of his heart and he wouldn’t want to wait for very long to have his own mini tae running around the house
  • and so he would totally be about bugging you every day
  • I know in that one interview he said he wanted five if he had the time // was good at it (whatever that means???)
  • and that obviously means you would have to start kinda early?
  • I could see him settling down and getting married while Bangtan was still active
  • definitely less active and when they’re all somewhat older but still
  • to be very honest with you if you were totally okay with it, I think baby number one would end up being a honeymoon baby
  • and you guys get back from the honeymoon and you’re not feeling the greatest
  • you’re kind of light headed and dizzy and you feel nauseous
  • and taehyung, God bless his soul, loves you very much but is kind of oblivious to it
  • like he realizes you’re not feeling your best but he rides it off as jet lag
  • and you kinda assume that too?? like we just got back from halfway across the world I’m probably still in vacation time
  • but it doesn’t go away
  • your husband is busy with his promotions cause he was gone for a bit on your honeymoon and so he’s not home very much in the beginning of the pregnancy
  • like in the beginning you lay on the couch and mope and watch psych or something cause you’re really not feeling your best
  • you’re kind of worried that maybe you got sick overseas like maybe there was something in the water??
  • but then you stop and think about it
  • “I’ve puked five times in the last week, I hate orange juice, I’ve been dizzy and frazzled for no reason”
  • and you just blink and peek down at your belly “oh shIT”
  • even though at this point in the game you’re not showing it’s way too early for that
  • and so you’re off running best you can to the pharmacy place and you just slam the pregnancy test down on the counter
  • and the lady just gives you a small smile and she rings you up and she kinda whispers “good luck”
  • and you smile and thank her and you’re running back to check this bad boy out
  • and obviously it comes back positive and you’re just !!!
  • and you know Tae is gonna be more like !!!!!!!!
  • and you really want to make it special for him, you want to make the whole reveal something really memorable
  • you know this is like his biggest dream in the entire world, to be a father
  • and so you begin to plan
  • but every idea you come up isn’t good enough for him??
  • “okay but a cake is the stupidest idea in the world why would I even do that”
  • “puns? really? that’s the best you can do?!”
  • and you’re so busy stressing and planning that you end up crashing on the kitchen table
  • meanwhile taehyung is panicking
  • he was at practice the entire day and he knows you haven’t been feeling the best
  • but whenever he would text you, he would get no reply
  • and he started to call you during his breaks and you wouldn’t pick up then and he was stressed to no extreme
  • he thought maybe you were mad at something?
  • or maybe you had passed out from being so sick and he feels awful that he didn’t pay more attention to your symptoms
  • he asks if he can leave practice early and they let him because they understand this seems like an emergency
  • and he races home and he’s shaking and panicking and he’s calling your name and he opens the door and he sees you right away, snoring at the kitchen table
  • and he sprints over to you and he just shakes you and when you’re somewhat awake he pulls you into a giant bear hug
  • but then he looks down
  • just a little bit
  • just enough to see where you’ve scrawled out all your ideas on how to tell taehyung about your pregnancy
  • and you’re still groggy and half-asleep so you don’t really pay much mind when he picks the notebook up and starts to read from it
  • and his eyes get wide as saucers and he kinda stares down at you??
  • “jagiya…?”
  • and you kinda freeze cause you did not want him to find out like this
  • this was supposed to be the most special surprise of his life and you made it so dull and unimportant?
  • but he squeezes you half to death and he’s squealing and screaming and he’s kissing you all over and he actually picks you up and spins you around
  • and he’s laughing and smiling and he’s tearing up as well and he’s so excited???
  • and he immediately leans down on puts his hands on your nonexistent baby bump and there are tears streaming down his face and they’re happy tears of course
  • and he kisses your belly and he’s whispering
  • “hi baby… I’m your dad!! and you’re my little baby! I can’t wait to hold you and kiss your face all over”
  • throughout the pregnancy he is constantly talking to your stomach
  • every single morning before he gets ready for work he kisses your belly and says hello to the baby
  • “hello mini me how’s it going in there is it comfy are you feeling good?? is it warm enough let me get you a blanket!!”
  • okay let’s talk about the first kick though cause that’s important right??
  • I think it’ll be like you’re watching anime cause he’s trying to expose his child to as many languages as possible from the get go (or that’s what he says anyway)
  • and his hand is just casually on your baby bump like it always is and he’s rubbing like circles there cause that’s cute right?
  • and then the baby kicks boom boom
  • and taehyung is ??? what was that did you move babe??
  • and you just !! taehyung no that was the baby that was the baby !!!
  • and you both start squealing and the baby kicks again and both of you start screaming louder
  • and taehyung is like we need to record this moMENT
  • and he hugs your belly and rubs his face against your shirt so he can get closer to his little baby and he’s like “oh my god jagiya they’re kicking again I can feel the baby kicks right against my cheek”
  • I think taehyung wouldn’t want to find out the gender of his kid but then he wouldn’t be able to handle the suspense at all like he would be such an excitable puppy and he would be like okay we’re finding out let’s gO
  • and you ask the nurse to just tell you so you can make the gender reveal more creative than the actual pregnancy reveal
  • the first time he sees the baby though, like on the ultrasound, he breaks down in tears and he squeezes your hand
  • “jagi, look, look at their little hands! oh my god look at their little feet, the little belly oh my god I’m in love…”
  • and he takes the pictures down to the studio and he hangs them up everywhere for all the other boys to see and yoongi mentions the “alien pics” and taehyung literally whoops his ass
  • anyway gender reveal party !!
  • this is basic (idk a lot cause not thinking about kids rn!!) but you would do the balloon thing! and have everyone over and they have to wear the colors of the gender they think it’s going to be
  • and taehyung is decked out in all blue and so are you honestly the two of you have matching blue on
  • namjoon is wearing blue as well, same with jeongguk and jimin
  • hoseok and yoongi have pink on
  • but seokjin is no place to be found??? like he’s nearly thirty minutes late??
  • but then he shows up at the door in a pink shirt and pink jeans and pink sunglasses with a pink boa and a pink fairy wand too
  • “hello the fairy godmother for this baby has arrived”
  • out of the group I see taehyung having kids first so all the boys are really into this entire thing cause uncles!!!
  • and you guys have lots of cake and cookies and it’s a lot of fun and you have his parents skype calling you for most of the day so they can be part of it!! and his grandparents are on the screen too and they’re all tearing up and sniffling cause their baby is having a baby!!
  • and then it’s finally time and you have this huge huge box and your parent(s) or whoever did the balloons for you so now all you have to do is open it
  • and you count down
  • three
  • two
  • one
  • and flying out come these large blue balloons
  • you and taehyung hold each other and kiss all gushy while jin cries and slams his sunglasses to the ground
  • after that you two now know what clothes to buy and stuff like that!!
  • you end painting the nursery yellow cause baby number two could be a boy !!
  • but he gets so excited about the baby clothes and he has some cute hats for her and lots of pretty dresses and baby shoes for her oh my god !!
  • and his parents ship him the family bassinet all the way from Korea so his little girl can use it too
  • he cries when it comes in the mail and you guys set it up in your room and !!
  • the month the baby is due taehyung is like “sorry you guys aren’t getting me to come into work, my wife could have this child any day now and I’m going to be there for her the moment everything starts happening”
  • I think the first Kim baby would end up being a little early
  • like taehyung insists it’s because the baby can’t wait to finally meet him
  • not like anything unhealthy like not premature baby but the due date ends up being like December 16 and the baby comes like December 9
  • you guys would be sitting at home and tae almost has you bubble wrapped in bubble paper so you don’t hurt yourself
  • and it’s nothing extreme but you don’t expect it
  • taehyung is not okay though like you tell him your water breaks and he’s freaking the hell out he’s running around and trying to find the bag and trying to help you up but he’s wearing himself thin
  • and you kinda push yourself up and give him a look “car now before you die”
  • his hand is on your tummy the entire car ride and he almost gets pulled over for speeding but hello this is his chiLD
  • he stays in the room the entire time there’s no way he’s leaving you
  • during the actual birth he’s calmed a lot more than you thought he would be and he’s holding your hand and sometimes he’ll sing your fave song and sometimes he’ll talk about your favorite memories together to help distract you
  • he’s really supportive and calming and he’s so good at distracting you
  • and then the lil baby finally comes!!
  • and they wash him off and he’s so tiny and taehyung actually sobs it’s not tears or sniffling he sobs as he stares down at his son
  • he gets a little uneasy when the nurse takes him away for the checkup part like he wants his baby in his arms
  • and he kisses you over and over and tells you how proud and happy he is
  • and you get to hold the baby obviously and you guys confirm the name
  • and all the boys are in the waiting room and they all flip when they see the tiny baby boy and they’re so in love from first look !!
  • taehyung would be the best dad out there honestly he would be so wonderful
  • like little man is sobbing one night? he gets up every single time to go calm him down so you can get some rest
  • he loves to sit in the rocking chair and sing lullabies to the baby boy
  • as the baby grows he has Tae’s eyes and nose, but your smile and ears, and a mix of your hair (dark hair is dominant though so his hair would probably be dark right??)
  • and the baby is really giggly like this baby is always laughing and Tae loves to make your son laugh he’s always pulling faces or singing really high pitched !!!
  • he loves to sit down and watch like baby Einstein with the kid like all these educational videos so the baby can learn
  • he loves holding him like if baby falls asleep in Tae’s arm well he’s not putting him in the crib he’s keeping the baby in his arms
  • he loves feeding his baby too like once the kid can eat baby food he likes does the whole airplane thing like open way for the airplane vrooOOOOM
  • he loves shopping for little man and he wants to have somewhat matching family clothes
  • the first word baby says is “appa” or some variant of it and taehyung cries at that and he calls all the boys even though it’s like early in the morning !!!
  • the first steps are a lot later at first taehyung panics cause why isn’t our child walking yet?!?
  • but it’s like you’re sitting there all chill and happy and taehyung has ice cream and he’s eating out of the tub and baby boy is playing with his stuffie on the floor and he takes one look at the ice cream and he pushes himself up and starts waddling over
  • taehyung ends up crying again at this one
  • he has pictures of the kid all up in the studio, even on yoongi’s laptop like pictures are there every time you turn your head
  • he loves going on walks with the two of you down to the park and little baby is in the stroller and he’s singing and pointing out things to the little kid “hey mini me, that’s a butterfly, see butterfly!!”
  • he likes to keep the kid on his chest and read to him with all these funny voices and kiss his nose all the time and be cute !!
  • baby has a lot of daddy’s boy onesies and stuff like that
  • you are always video chatting his parents and showing off your baby
  • and always playing together
  • and I’m gonna continue this post okay like part two cause this is very long
The Prince's Ball {Hercules Mulligan}

Prompt: Day two of @helplessforbroadway ’s write-a-thon. // Disney AU

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: None

**Im posting this from my phone so please stick with me through the flashbacks ♥️♥️

“Have you heard?” Claire gasped, “The Prince is going house to house in each village looking for his ‘princess’.” She dreamily sighed,

“I heard he’s fitting girls with a shoe.” Amanda cut in, “What are the odds the shoe would fit us?” Claire rolled her eyes and slapped Amanda’s shoulder.

“I’m sure one of us can fit the shoe, and after that no matter, we’ll be set for life.” I giggled,

“What’s so funny?” I looked up at Amanda from my spot on the floor,


“Wait! I don’t even know your name.” Prince Hercules called after me. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and he seemed miles away at the top of the stairs. I stood frozen in my place, the clock threatening to strike midnight. “Just stay!” He jogged down a few of he stairs and I walked backward as he did. “Please!” His voice was strained,

I looked around, and then down at my feet, “This is a special shoe, made to only fit me.” I slipped off the glass slipper and sat it down on the bottom step. “Find me and then I’ll know-”

“There are thousands of girls in this kingdom-”

“Find me and then I’ll know, we’re meant to be.”


“Nothing Amanda, just a cough.” I tried, covering it with a small cough.

“Better be.” Claire scoffed.

“Children, Y/N, calm down.” My stepmother smiled at she walked into the room, sitting at the table. I stood and poured her a cup of tea as well as refilled Claire’s and Amanda’s. “Now, what were you three in here talking about?”

“The Prince mother,”

“It’s rumored he’s going door to door looking for the girl he danced at the ball with.”

“You mean the one who showed up late, and still managed to steal the show?”

“If that’s how you must put it mother, then yes. The show stealer!”


“Thank you!” I cried at the carriage driver, who just nodded and instructed the horses to trot away. I looked up at the castle, I could hear the music, the band booming and I could hear the laughter. To say I was late would be an understatement, I had most definitely missed the introduction of the royal family. I started up the stairs, breathless by the time I reached the top step. The doors were still open, I walked in. I had hoped I would slip in unnoticed but as soon as so entered all eyes were on me, I smiled shyly and waved, walking through the crowd of whispering maidens.

“You’re late.” I whipped around the Prince standing in front of me,

“I-I-just-I am so sorry your majesty.” I bowed, and he chuckled, grabbing my arm as I stood up.

“No need to be sorry. No matter, I’m just glad you made it. The whole kingdom deserves to be blessed with such beauty.”


“And how he danced with her all night!”

“Maybe he enjoyed her company.” I defended,

“No one is talking to you.” My stepmother harshly whispered, her sharp tongue cutting the thick air.

“No mother let her speak. If you know everything, why’d she ditch him? Why would anyone leave behind a future king?”

“Maybe she had to leave, before the clock struck twelve. Maybe she wanted to stay with all her heart but she had to leave because she couldn’t let him see the real her.”

“She’s still stupid.” Claire rolled her eyes,

“Yeah, she’s a dumbass.”

“But her dress and those shoes, she looked stunning as much as I hate to admit it.” My stepmother gagged,

“Not better than us right mother?”

“Way better,”


“Y/N?” A soft voice called out to me in my dark room. I lifted my head, gasping at the woman in the corner of my room. She lit up that corner and that corner alone. She wore a golden gown, and a simple diamond tiara. Nothing like the gassed up fairy godmothers.

“Let me guess you’re my fairy godmother?” She nodded and walked toward my makeshift bed, “Here to help me get to the ball?” I questioned, wiping my tears. Eyebrows raised,

“Yes, I am here to help you get to the ball, in fact. A personal favor called in.”


“Yes, your mother.” She smiled softly and I gasped,

“Well, if you manage to get me to that ball without a dress and a carriage, I will owe you for the rest of my life.”

“First if all you won’t owe me a thing, as I said, a personal favor was called in. Also, I didn’t think I’d have to explain the fairy godmother get up, I can get you a dress, slippers, and a carriage. Don’t worry, I will get you to that ball.”



“What dear? I cannot lie.” I hid my face as I silently giggled, apparently I looked the best at the ball, and they were jealous. Jealous of little ole me.

“Well-” There was a sharp knock at the door, all of our attentions turned toward the door.

“It’s the Prince!”

“The Prince? Y/N, go! Hide! Don’t come out until I tell you too.” I was pushed into my bedroom.

I listened and nervously chewed on my bottom lip as the Prince talked, fitting the shoe on each of their foots.

“I just stubbed my toe, it’s swollen, I’m sure the shoe would fit otherwise! Take me now Prince.” Claire tried,

“Sorry. May I?”

“I’m sure we could make it fit! Just shove a little harder!” Amanda grunted and I could see the look of fear on the Prince’s face.

“Is there any other maiden in the house?”


“No, miss, I meant any other younger maidens?” It was now or never, I stepped out of my room and my stepmother gasped.

“Y/N I told you to hide until I told you otherwise.”

“I’m sorry mother but I am here.” I sat in the chair and nodded at the Prince, he kneeled and slipped the shoe onto my foot,

“So I guess you know now?” He smiled,

“Know what?” Claire scoff, huffing, crossing her arms.

“That we’re meant to be.” Prince Hercules smiled, taking the shoe from my foot and handing it to his help.

“How many girls tried to fit my special shoe?” I teased as he grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet.

“This is impossible, she never went to the ball.” My stepmother protested.

“But she did and she won the heart of the Prince.” Prince Hercules smiled, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a maiden to make into a princess.”

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IDEA! Harry x evie headcanon, they tell their parents and please make someone attack harry , thanks

That faint, high pitched screeching noise you guys just heard? That was Grimhilde’s (Evie’s mom) cry of outrage at this ask. I love it <3

- Evie absolutely did not want to do this. She didn’t even tell her mom about Doug, and Doug’s an absolute cinnamon roll who is still her very good friend. Her mother will not accept anybody who isn’t a prince and the idea of her precious baby mini-me daughter with that common ruffian Hook’s son? Evie shuddered just imagining it. 

- Harry couldn’t care less if his dad knows - probably because Hook really could not possible care less who he dates. That would require him to pay attention to Harry and remember things he says, so that probably will not ever happen. 

- They’ve been together for a while though and while its not very serious, it’s been a while, so Evie decides it’s the best time to take the plunge and tell them, but she’s still super nervous, so they just ask the Fairy Godmother if the call can go another few minutes after the others left because it’s an important conversation.

- I think people heard her mother’s yell of outrage in Agrabah like my goodness. She was MAD. “EVA MARIA” was uttered and that’s how Evie knows she’s in some deep shiza. 

- She definitely tried to grab at the webcam and yell at Harry. Harry….did not improve matters. He’s a troll and probably thought this was hilarious, if only because he’s not actually within throttling distance. 

- Hook probably laughed? I really can’t see him getting all worked up about it and he’s in a good mood today - even remembered Harry’s name! Plus, Grimhilde’s over the top rage is probably very fun if you’re not her kid. Even if Hook were in a bad mood, he’d probably be like ‘I hope you made me stay for a better reason than THAT, lad. Otherwise you and I are going to talk about you WASTING MY TIME.” And then Harry would turn the call off because NOPE, sorry, Captain, his hand slipped. 

- So obviously Grimhilde very much demands this relationship end immediately, which kinda makes Harry even more into Evie out of spite. Evie on the other hand is heartbroken. For 10 years, she and her mother only had each other and no matter how many cobwebs she’s blasted out, part of her still wants to be her mom’s precious daughter and make her proud and hearing how angry she is is devastating for that part of her, as much as she doesn’t want to go back to that mindset. 

- So now it’s not funny anymore. NOW Harry’s getting angry and he’s about ready to say something she wouldn’t like  (and that would probably put his own dad in a bad mood because  DO NOT PICK FIGHTS WITH POWERFUL INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE LIKE GRIMHILDE YOU LITTLE BRAT *I* HAVE TO LIVE ON THE ISLE WITH HER). He puts his arm around Evie and brings her closer because she’s about to cry and UH UH do not mess around with Harry Hook’s significant others, you old hag, if that’s how you feel he’ll keep dating your daughter for a very long time JUST to annoy you. 

- Grimhilde is absolutely done and is probably about to snap at Harry for being an insolent little brat, when Evie speaks up. Her voice is shaky and her eyes are watery, but her tone is determined and kinda angry. She tells her mom in no uncertain terms that she does not need a prince to be happy, she is more than just a pretty face and her mother does not get a say in who makes her happy. And then she turns off the video chat because this conversation is clearly unproductive. The Fairy Godmother looks heartbroken at hearing this and splutters the condolences she always has when the parents get awful. She’s never quite sure what she should say and maybe there’s nothing she CAN say, but regardless, she’s very supportive of her VKs and she makes sure to let Evie know she’s proud of her before the two of them go. 

-Harry’s not quite sure how to cheer Evie up so they’re just wandering with his arm around her shoulders. Finally she tells him she wants his jacket - it’s comforting to have that weight, and it smells like him. So he shrugs it off and even though Evie’s already wearing a blazer and the jacket is leather and it’s hot out, she wraps it tight around herself. They head up to Evie’s room where she’s cutting up fabric to make new pieces and she and Harry have hushed conversations about their parents and well, maybe the timing wasn’t great considering it’s really not supposed to be that serious, but it feels like something has definitely shifted. It’s not clear what at the moment, but if it means quiet conversations and kissing in Evie’s room between problem pieces she can yell at, it can’t be ALL bad, right? No matter what Mummy says. 

Witchcraft, Where to start?

I get this question so often, And really, It seems like a simple question

“How do I start practicing Witchcraft?”

But there isn’t a simple Answer.

I can’t say, Read this book, Don’t read that one, Buy this, or have that.

Witchcraft is such a broad spectrum.

Witchcraft is a magical practice. Energy manipulation, Through intention. In simple terms.

It goes by different names, Depending on the tradition.

Conjure, Magick, Brujeria, ect 

I think there a few ways to introduce yourself to the Craft.

  • Be realistic. Know that real magic is not like in the Movies. We are not assigned a Fairy Godmother, Or a Magic Wand that will solve all our problems. 
  •  Research different Traditions, and Religions (The internet and your public library are great places for this) . Magic is everywhere, But it isn’t always called that. Find one that sticks out to you, And study it. 
  • Once you find a path take time to learn the History, How it works, The do’s, The don’ts, And the basics.
  • Dedicate one notebook to document all your leanings. Use this as a reference.
    Research different forms of Divination, And try them out.
  • Be redundant with your studying. This isn’t a small thing you’re learning, And you want to fully understand what you are getting into before you start to cast anything.
  • Be crafty. Try DIY’ing some Witchy items
  • Get connected with Others who are also learning.Tumblr is a  great place for that, As there are many Witch-Blogs here.
  • Lean about your environment. Collect stones, flowers, herbs, barks, feathers, Things that are making themselves known to you.  What trees grow near you. What flowers grow wild? How can you use these magically?

Once you feel like you have reached a level of confidence (Meaning you did all your studying)

(If you chose a religion: Learn what sort of offerings are appropriate)

  • Practice mini spells. Make spell bags for luck, and Confidence, Try out a Glamour Spell, Do blessings, And cleansings, Practice “Energy Feeling” exercises. 
  • Be open about your study - To an extent.  (This is how you meet like minded people)
  • Share knowledge with like minded people - Tell others what you have learned, And listen to what they have learned.

(I will be adding to this more and more as time goes on, But I wanted to make one single post for those who ask me how they can get started in the Craft)


Request: can i get an EXO reaction to them hearing your boyfriend tell you that you should stop eating while out on a group dinner outing?

admin k: tbh if my boyfriend told me this i’d tell him to fuck off and find a new girlfriend



“Huh?” Overhearing your boyfriend telling you that you needed to stop eating so much, he would walk over to your table, call the waiter over, and order everything on the menu for you to have, before saying to your boyfriend, “Let the woman eat as much as she likes, and turning to you with a smile saying, “Bon appetit! I’ll come back when it’s time to pay. Don’t worry about finishing everything,” before walking off to join the rest of EXO on the other side of the restaurant.

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Would turn around his seat after hearing the words, “stop eating so much, you’re getting fat,” and stare at your boyfriend like he was insane.

“Are you serious?” he splutters, giving your boyfriend the stink eye. “Did you really just say that to her?”

While your boyfriend is taken aback by his interruption, Sehun would turn to you and say, “You can come and eat dinner with us. We don’t bite, and we eat whatever the fuck we want.”

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“Did you really just say that?” Stops on his way back to his table from the bathroom and towers over you and your boyfriend, before pointing a finger in your boyfriend’s face and saying, “Let the girl eat what she wants, don’t be an asshole and try to control her body,” before walking away with a sour look on his face and without another word.

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Waits for your boyfriend to go to the bathroom during dessert before tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Hello, I think you’re beautiful no matter what he says, so please keep on eating,” and slides you a piece of apple pie with ice cream on it, and a bowl of chocolate mousse.

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Gives your boyfriend the “I’m judging you so hard right now” stare throughout the entire meal

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Has to bite his tongue for fear of lashing out at your boyfriend for being such a douchebag towards you, and can only swallow and turn away to tell the rest of the team what he heard because he doesn’t want to confront your boyfriend right away.

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Listening to your boyfriend’s banter about getting you to stop eating so much, Yifan would just look over his shoulder and ask you if that was your boyfriend when he leaves to go pay for your food bill.

“Yes, he is.”

“Well, he sounds like a complete jerk. And judging by that untouched salad on your plate, I’d say he’s having his way, isn’t he?”


“You wanna go to McDonald’s?”

“Are you serious?”

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Turns around with food in his hands saying, “No, you keep eating b, you do you,” while completely ignoring your boyfriend and handing you plates of food. “Here, you like beef? Chicken? Suho-hyung, can you pass me the potatoes, please?”

“Who the hell are you?” exclaims your boyfriend, while you just silently pile all of the dishes Tao’s handing over onto your table. Tao looks over your shoulder in a diva like manner and says haughtily, “Bitch, I’m her fairy godmother, and by royal decree this princess needs to eat. Bippity boppity bye, bitch.”

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“That was so mean of you to say! You don’t call your girlfriend fat and then tell her to stop eating!” exclaims Yixing, covering his ears as he stands behind you. “Get your shit together, man!”

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“Boy, tell me you did not just say that to this amazingly beautiful and stunning woman right here!” Puts on his “I will fight you” face as he addresses your boyfriend, challenging him to tell him otherwise.

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Stares at your boyfriend in disbelief, then looks at you, then back at him again, then back at you, and just makes everything awkward when you and your boyfriend stare back at him but he throws his hands in the air and exclaims, “Eat whatever you want! Don’t listen to that prick!”

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Looks like he wants to fight your boyfriend but gets pulled away before he can retaliate, and continues to watch you and your boyfriend for the rest of the night, getting angrier and angrier as he sees your boyfriend ordering minimal food for you.

“Look at that jerk! Who the hell gave him the right to dictate what she can and can’t eat?”

“Minseok-ah, what are you talking about??”

“I’m talking about that asshole over th- oh look, he’s looking at us. Smile and wave. That’s right, bitch. I’m looking at you. Fucking fight me.”


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Cinderella AU:

Once upon a time, there lived a girl. Her name was Parker and she was a daughter of an art collector Archie Leech . They lived happily in their spacious house, surrounded by paintings of famed artists and various artifacts, brought home from their travels.  One late summer Archie came back from his trip with a woman, who he soon later married, and her two daughters. The woman was cold and many times young Parker wondered why her father would be drawn to her.

After a couple of years, Archie fell ill and no doctor in the land could save him. Medication and nursing consumed the bulk of their resources so after his death, the family was in serious debt. Parker’s step-mother didn’t pretend to hide her disappointment and decided that Parker should shoulder the consequences of her fathers demise. From now on, Parker was to take the position of their maid - only fitting, when they couldn’t afford one anymore - and look after the estate. Parker didn’t have a choice but to accept the burden and the accompanying abuse from her step-family.

Meanwhile, the kingdom was in need of an heir to the throne - that was what King Nate heard too often from his advisers. He himself didn’t particularly agree - he wasn’t that old and his son Alec would make an excellent king one day. Alec’s grandmother sympathized but well understood the political situation her grandson would soon end up in so together, they nudged the Prince gently to look for a potential candidate.

For his part, Alec was ambivalent - he could fall in love with someone, surely, but the crucial part of making an heir held no appeal. He went along with the search for a wife and wondered how he would do it.

Lurking in the background and often in the shadow, was Prince Alec’s loyal bodyguard, Eliot. Spending days and nights by the Prince’s side, he hid his feelings well. Even the Prince himself wasn’t aware of how deep Eliot’s love was, for the bodyguard would never risk being dismissed from his post for inappropriate desires.

Soon, they all would realize that what they needed all along was help from Sophie the Fairy Godmother, or as King Nate liked to call her, the Fairy Meddler.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 and there’s a fic to go with it | Part 5 | 

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |


Mal is the only child of the evil fairy sorceress Maleficent. Tasked with bringing her mother the fairy godmother’s wand, Mal chooses to be good and stays in Auradon with her friends and her boyfriend, King Ben. By liking this you are giving permission for a starter. If you wish to plot. Or if I can send random memes and tag you.

RomCom Fantasy Prompts!

Here’s another part to enjoy for your pre-Valentine’s writing needs make them AUs if you want, of course, but enjoy either way!

* You’re a hot vampire cop and I’m a teacher at an affordable nocturnal daycare where your hilarious vampire child goes.  Can you please stop being adorable when you pick up your kid?

* I patched up an elf and their orc boyfriend after bullies were making a fuss and oh no, the orc boyfriend has a hot older brother who teaches orc studies and keeps goldfish.

* I didn’t realize you were elvish royalty and now you won’t stop swanning around my coffee shop.

* You’re a dryad, I’m a nymph, stop drinking my pond!

* I drove you to the hospital after you got food poisoning, now we’re dwarf married.  You’re being really nice about it though.

* You’re the ghost of the old librarian, I’m the new one, we hang out after hours and shelf books together.

* There are pixies investing my apartment, you’re the fix-it strip-o-gram that knocked on the wrong apartment door.  It’s a good thing you’re a mage in training because you’re not leaving until they’re gone.

* I’m an asexual incubus, you’re the cuddlemaster, I’m going to seduce you into snuggling.  No!  Stop agreeing to hug me immediately, I’m not adorable, I’m a creature of the night!

* I drove an apprentice witch home after they accidentally appeared in my living room and now their whole coven is trying to help me find true love in appreciation.

*  Dwarves mine when stressed and my dorm room is directly above yours.  Sorry about falling through the ceiling.

* I messed up a spell and now my GPS has turned into a person.  They’re very bossy (I think I like it.)

* I can’t take anyone home because my magical appliances are worse than my mom about wanting me married with children so let’s stand on the front step for an hour, it’s not personal, I just don’t want my toaster scaring you off by asking about your fertility.

* We’re retired fairy godmothers busted out of the home for a night on the town.  Single folks be aware.

* There’s a sad elf in my kitchen eating my cereal and he won’t leave.  Who do you call about sad elves?

Amaria x Ben Headcanons

They totally have been nicknamed mom and dad by the rotten four and others.
When the younger VKs come over they don’t get it’s a joke so they start calling them mom and dad.
Next thing you know, Ben and Amaria have dozens of kids calling them mom and dad and following them around.
They’re used to being called mom and dad more then they are used to being called King and Queen.

Amaria is so motherly to all the young VKs. Even with the older ones, she treats them like her children, or at least cares deeply about them. Honestly she’s just caring for everyone. (Wynona is one of her favorites but Wynona is everyone’s favorite)

“Harold if you threaten someone with your hook one more time I’ll let Fairy Godmother put it in the museum.” -Cue twenty minutes of Harry flirting-

Pretty much everyone’s favorite Royal Couple from the last ten years minimum.

Low-key, Belle and Adam had a bet when they’d get together, Belle won. The new section of the family library is being installed next week.

Lonnie and Jane love that they’re always wearing shades of blue together.
It’s not on purpose, they just like and look good in blue.

Ben gives her his ring (which she jokes she doesn’t like the color) and she gives him one back. They both wear them on their ring fingers.

Please don’t leave them alone in a library together.
Mal and Evie found them at a table with over a hundred books on it…asleep. Amaria in Ben’s lap and they were both asleep.
They read all the books before falling asleep.

Their offices have a door that connects them to one another.
Usually they work together in one office, if you can’t find them in their office, check next door.

Have you seen the way they look at each other? It’s the cutest thing.
They’re always looking at each other when the other is looking away.
It’s obvious they love each other. (Stop it, you’re ruining couples for everyone else because no one can be this cute)

If you ever see Amaria on an off day, she’s probably wearing one of Ben’s shirts or old jerseys underneath his old varsity jacket.

They both worry they won’t be a good enough King or Queen for their people.
There’s a lot of late nights where they go over proclamations together or talk about their worries.

Picture set inspired by @isleofthelxst​ and @youknowimhereforchina