i like to annoy him

  • Inquisitor: I want the mages as our allies, not our prisoners.
  • everyone: *disapproves*
  • me: yeah well, you can fuck right off
  • Solas: *greatly approves*
  • me: this was a mistake

Shimura Doubutsuen [2017.06.24]
└ Ohno + ガー (> ∀ <)

yuuri katsuki is gay. he is not ace or aro. from the very start of yuri on ice, he expresses romantic feelings towards victor, and the entirety of the plot focuses on him developing/recognising his sexual feelings for victor. if you try to headcanon him as ace or aro, youre erasing his identity, and youre being homophobic, end of story.

A little reminder that Rahul Kohli is a sweetheart, he’s against sexism, he supports and advocates for lgbt/poc representation and most importantly he blessed us with 4 photos of Katie (in KatieMcgrath-scale that’s like 400 photos ‘cause we rarely see new pics of her). So.. don’t send him hateful/annoying tweets like: “I like you but I hate your character”, “She’s gay dude stop it” etc.

Besides I’m pretty sure this would totally be Katie’s response:  


Hey all, here’s my new character!

Meet Flinn; a biologist, and chemistry hobbyist who’s a sea-fairing genus of nymph I think? He works with a lab titled Biofin Industries, which mostly serves remedies for disease, and that’s his main profession. He’s remarkably stuck-up and doesn’t believe there’s anyone as dedicated as him to his line of work, and though he’d go above and beyond to get what he wants accomplished, he’s very far from the best

One of my least favorite things lately is people complaining about Seungri not going to any of GD’s concerts yet, like, do you think just because he isn’t actively promoting a solo project (YET) that he’s just sitting at home watching cartoons all day?  In the last month he’s gone to New York to train for a jiu jitsu competition - and seems to have been training pretty hard now that he’s home, too - gone to Vegas, opened a new branch of Aori Ramen, and NHR has released about six new singles…he’s busy, okay?  And just because he’s not living his life on social media for everyone to see doesn’t mean he’s not supporting Jiyong or anyone else.  Maybe instead of complaining that he isn’t living up to your expectations for your ship you could support his non-BigBang projects, too? 

Plus if we’re talking about support…where are pictures of GDYB wearing NHR hoodies?  They bring up his restaurants but only in a jokey, “Seungri cares more about ramen than music” way.  Why is Seungri supposed to drop everything to promote the other 4 but nobody cares if they don’t promote him?

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