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Dear Cat, the person who is driving Yashiro is one of Musumi's gang, don't you think? In the panel Yashiro is saying things like "so you have been keeping an eye on me... how far did you report", and in Ch. 15 Musumi specifically told Amo to let someone discreetly tail Yashiro.

i think that the man in the car with yashiro must be one of misumi’s underlings, bc yashiro asks if he was asked to watch him, the man responds noncommittally ‘who knows…’, and yashiro then asks how far has he reported

Realllllly now? I actually feel better about this being Misumi’s men rather than the Chesnut Dude because that means Yashiro might not necessarily be going to the Hirata/Ryuuzaki Showdown by himself.

I just double-checked chapter 21 and you’re right, it is Misumi’s men! I swear I looked those pages up and down last night and didn’t see it until now.

I wonder if those guys were like “Now that you’re done, Yashiro, Misumi needs to see you. We have a car out front.” and WHERE IS HE GOING?

@fancyseraph said: It’s Whale/Kujira. He’s got the earrings and facial hair like that. Had to look at him in Op: to get a good look at him :3

That is a brilliant idea I didn’t think to check them out in OP! You’re amazing!

Here you can see that’s it’s Whale, he even has the stubble pattern! But in chapter 21 he doesn’t have them  jeez it’s confusing.

The funniest thing about The Swords Post is everyone saying “hey you could’ve just told ‘em to watch the video that was screencapped” completely missing the fact that I used the video as one of the sources for my big ol’ reply.

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I, for one, like the event! Wondering how those guys are doing over in the void, anyways... are they okay? Or are they dead? Cause, you know, they're in the void--

They aren’t dead … Yet

ricegum be like

“heyy guys I hope you don’t believe those absurd rumors that I’m some agressive sociopath who would do those crazy shits that bitch says. Naah I just smashed her fucking phone over some shitty jokes like any normal, sane human would do. But now the whole world think I hate women just like when I made fun of that rape victim. Can this nonsense stop??? Anyways look forward to tomorrow’s video where I’ll humiliate some 7 year old child bye”

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I hope this isn't weird but i remember a long time ago Dayzea saying you guys have never met but you totally should! PA is right next door to Ohio, you guys should plan a meet up! Haha it'd be like those tv episodes when 2 different shows merge. I think you guys would make an awesome pair 🍃

We talk a lot! We’re good friends..who have never met. Honestly we’re just waiting on me. I’m flaky. Haha Love you @dayzea

Valentine’s Date Night

A super late piece for @jojosrealityisimaginative through @klancevalentines ! I’m soso sorry that this is incredibly late but I hope that you like it!

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys


The Steven Universe fandom reminds me of why I hate like 99% of fandoms on tumblr and hate even looking them up in the tags anymore
its like all people care about is the Race,gender and sexually of character and nothing else and tries to put here political views in them
Not to mention they are hypocritical hell
They bitch about how they don’t want the Bronies to “Take over their fandom” yet when I go in the Uncle Grandpa tag I see these same people tagging their hate ruining it for people who actually enjoy the show.
Look bruh
I’m sorry that Uncle Grandpa isn’t ubber deep like Steven Universe is
but one goofy episode is gonna kill the show okay?
lets not forget all the other shows that crossed over with cartoons that had no similarities in plot or characters
If you don’t like Uncle Grandpa fucking great, you don’t like something that’s cool just don’t flood the tagg with your hate ITS NOT THAT HARD


Also sorry to all the sane people in the SU fandom that has to put up with this SU/UG hate and other B.S