i like those blue contacts

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swapfell snas

This is how I imagine he would look, though many people have different opinions on his design.

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So all this talk about Xena in the Golly fandom, shall the twain meet? :) Come on, someone must want to write Holly in that Xena getup. Or Gail braining someone with that baton, I mean bō. Even if she does it while wearing the BGB. They have conventions for these things don't they, and nerd Holly would totally go, and drag Gail along. Pretty please?

Okay, so I was actually writing something else when this prompt of yours hijacked my train of thought and I just had to write it. This is mostly me being silly and geeking out, because I love Xena and I’m so, so bitter about not living in the US and this year is the last ever official Xena Con. Twenty years, man. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Anyway, this one goes out to my anon friend, and also ardenkai​ and talentedgemx​, as well as all my other fellow Xenites. Enjoy!

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