i like this woah

EXO Reaction when they hug their Girlfriend and she suddenly starts purring

Me xD. Xo, Ara~

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“What’s going on? Did I get myself a neko girl? Is she purring because she likes it? But girls are difficult.. maybe she doesn’t?” *Baby is new to this*


*Ends up purring too* “Love me because I’m galaxy cute too”


“Are you really purring?! You’re a cat?! Oh jagi you are always so funny!” 


*Nervous/shy* “Do you like it? Should I hug you.. more? Kiss you? Lick?”


“Woah! I didn’t know wolves could purr! You are amazing!” *In his head we are all wolves or doggies*


*Not sure what to do* “She purring? Should I stop or… hug her more? Should I meow?”


“Ugh you are so cute ans squishy and adorable! I want to bite those cheeks!” *Squishing mode on*


“So you are a cat person too baobei? Why didn’t you tell me before?! My cats will love you, maybe you all can purr for me” *Completely in love*


*Stops for a second* “Do you want milk? Cats love milk! Let’s drink milk and cuddle!” *Milk is life*


*Always makes him smile* “There she is! My purring gil, come here so I can hug you”


*Giggles* “Make that sound again Jagi! I think I just heard the song of angels!” *Loves it*


“Meow kiss me jagi meow!” *Cat mode on*

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When I was v young in like 3rd or 4th grade I went through this big phase of liking ness and I started drawing some edgy crap of something called “evil ness”??? And like I just suddenly remembered him in the mid of class so there he is with a disappointed ness

Ft. Lucas

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SU ask! 1. 16. And 20. Please!

  • 1. Why did you start watching Steven Universe?

i saw jailbreak on tv and i heard stronger than you like woah this song is fuckin good and canon lesbians? im in

also when i caught jailbreak on tv i was like hey lapis is back and who is that green gem? emerald? whats going on

  • 16. In your own honest opinion, what was the single most hilarious scene in the show?

all 11 minutes of hit the diamond made me laugh really hard the first time i watched it

  • 20. Which fusion are you yearning to see the most?

-Alec stuttering while talking to Magnus while Magnus stares adoringly at him will never not make me smile


-I love Alec and Clary. I want them to be friends who snark at each other. Like Jace and Simon were in the books.

-I am not a fan of Magnus’ facial hair? I think it makes him look way older than Harry really is, I liked the clean shaven look from season one.

-I am HERE for Magnus having more depth and friends outside of Alec. Don’t get me wrong, he needs to marry that boy, but at the same time it’s healthy for people to have friends and interests outside of each other and a lot of TV shows don’t get that. I love him and Rafael I love him and Simon. I love more background on him and Camille.

-They’re overusing the Dream/Vision Clary like woah. 

-I’m so happy this show keeps getting better and better. Seriously, it’s so much better than it started and I don’t know if they got better writers or the budget or what but it is so good.

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I dont understand why the episode where regina and emma destroyed that beast thing and the look they give each other afterwards gets more love! Thats when i think they truly were like "woah... I love her"

yeah, i know right?? there was no heterosexual explanation for that scene lmao


CHARACTER POSTERS - renee walker, all for the game

if kara comes out as supergirl to maggie like she did lucy it’s gonna be a train wreck
kara: maggie… there’s something i need to tell you.
maggie: ?
kara: [starts unbuttoning shirt]
maggie: WOAH little danvers i don’t like you like tha-
kara: OH IM SORRY i wasn’t trying to come onto you-
maggie: like i’m in love with your sister okay-
kara: i’m trying to tell you i’m supergir- wait, you’re in love with alex?
maggie: … you’re supergirl?