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Why You Should Be Reading Chang Ge Xing

So what is Chang Ge Xing?

Chang Ge Xing is a Chinese webcomic by Xia Da that is also published in magazines in China and Japan.

It is set during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) in China and Central Asia and follows the adventures of Li Chang Ge, a princess of the ruling Li family, who sets out on a quest for revenge after her uncle kills her family and usurps the throne.

Okay, that’s neat. Now why should I read it?

Alright, here goes. First of all….


Chang Ge Xing weaves a wonderful story about revenge, personal growth, and the effect history can have on the people living in it. The writing holds a deep compassion for its characters and for people in general. Both the protagonists and antagonists are multi-layered characters with valid goals and points-of-view.


Xia Da is a goddess of plotting. The storyline travels its way across China and Central Asia with twists and turns that are entirely unexpected, but also clear and well-executed. Chang Ge’s journey has an excellent mix of adventure, action, character drama, and intrigue.


Li Chang Ge:

Chang Ge is a competent badass with the mind of a political chess-master. More importantly, however, she is human and thus very capable of both triumph and failure. Aspects of her personality (such as her skill at lying and keeping track of multiple identities) can be both the key to her success and her most fatal flaw.

She is above all else a (covertly) compassionate person.

Ashina Sun:

Sun is a general of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate (think central Asian nomadic kingdom) and the adopted son of the Great Khan. He is a straight-forward, loyal guy with a deep dislike of intrigue. Sun starts off as basically a jerk (large active armies are rarely enlightened places), but grows into a thoughtful, mature person.

He likes to make impulsive decisions, to the distress of his subordinates.


Mimi is a young Uighur woman who Chang Ge saves from execution. She hides a tragic past behind her care-free demeanor. There is more to this gal than meets the eye.

Also she and Chang Ge are kind of a thing.


Mujin is Ashina Sun’s very put-upon subordinate. He is very organized and observant. He and Sun have known each other since they were kids.


Qin is an old trickster who pledges himself to Chang Ge’s cause. He has served in shadows of many lords over the course of his life.

Jin Dan:

She is the renowned mistress of a Daoist temple that Chang Ge visits. She is very wise and acts as a mentor towards Chang Ge.

Ashina She Er:

He is a clever general in the Turkish army and the nephew of the Great Khan.  She Er intends connive and manipulate his way to the Turkish throne. He and Sun are enemies.

Li Shimin/Emperor Taizong:

Li Shimin is Chang Ge’s uncle and the object her revenge.

There are also a whole bunch more characters that I could wax poetic about, but I’m trying to keep this post at an acceptable length.


The art in this series is incredible. It’s super detailed and lovely.

I mean…..




Seriously, Xia Da must have sold her soul to attain this kind of talent. She is a god-level artist.


Chang Ge takes place in the background of real historical events such as the Xuanwu gate incident and the uighur/khitan/xueyantuo rebellion against the Turks in 627. The series pays close attention to historical accuracy in both plot and setting. Actual historical figures are included in the narrative alongside the fictional characters.

At the same time, Xia Da knows how to balance fiction vs. fact. She keeps the conflicts clear and concise while also throwing the occasional bone to history nerds such as myself.

So yeah, this comic is incredible and you should go read it.

So…once again people are twitching saying Lauren has proved for the millionth time her and Camila aren’t anything and never were. Okay this “like” would definitely convince anyone who hasn’t seen these two on a red carpet or behind the scenes when they think too much is going on for anyone to pay attention to them. The 2016 BBMA in May and the AMA red carpet in November (which was 2 days after Lauren came out) are all the proof I need to know that there is waaaaaay more to their relationship than what they say is going on. Not to mention the tumblr reblogs they post are basically a dialogue between two people. Oh and the timing of their emotions and moods. They both speak of missing someone or needing someone or feeling loved at the same time. Are we supposed to ignore that. Also, Lauren always seems to go extra hard when the indirects between them become more obvious… Check the history of her Camren comments. Her denial always seems to follow a strong Camren movement. For me its like she’s trying to misdirect us to protect the cover and privacy of their relationship. And Mila does it too. Her over use of “boy” in interviews. Like when you’re straight you don’t have to always emphasize that you’re dates are with boys…😂 like come on. And the fact that she talks about wanting and needing a boyfriend so much, is such a turn off to guys. I’ve asked both my brothers how they feel about women who are super vocal about wanting a boyfriend and they both said it makes a girl seem desperate and it flies a red flag for most guys to run in the other direction. It’s like Mila purposely talks about boys too much to keep them away. Then she hops on tumblr the day Lauren goes out of town for damn near a month and she reblogs all kinds of emo shit but then throws a girl and guy up in the mix to throw us off. Maybe my delusions ARE getting the best of me or maybe there is more to all of this than what they want us to bdelusionalI have seen too many moments between them with both my eyes to not believe in Camren. Plus I remember JayZ and Beyonce denying their relationship even after photos of them emerged. And they dated for years and even got married before they admitted to being together publically. Beyonce once said the reason why she denied their relationship even though people knew they were together was because it protected the sanctity of their love and it also made people not ask about their relationship status…sound familiar? I know I’ll be called crazy and delusional for this post. But I’m used to it. I’ve shipped a lot of people in the past and when they truly moved I was happy for them and even shipped some of their new partners. So if Camren ever come out and say they are in love with someone else, I’ll be prepared to move on. Until that day…I’m f*cking #teamcamren😏

https://youtu.be/vR9Z7qed170 (AMA) https://youtu.be/dyKu-EPdIT0 (BBMA) PS: another Munchkin also said Lauren could have just liked the first tweet and then saw the photo of her and Mila and unliked the tweet. Also a possibility. 😘 (don’t know if you want to be tagged but you know who you are 😏)
The gang on the Fourth of July

-Darry is having a firework war with Tim Shepard, Darry wins most of the time.

-Soda is chugging beers and going around telling everyone he’s drunk off life

-“I’m just drunk of life!!”

-“Aha, sure.”

-Ponyboy is having a competition with Johnny on who can eat a brownie with no hands the fastest

-Ponyboy probably chokes

-Johnny wins because of Ponyboy’s choking

-Dally has like 60 sparklers in both hands and it running around, flailing his arms.

-Two-bit stole waaaaaay too much beer

-Steve is trying to make sure that Soda doesn’t die because of something stupid.

-Curly Shepard runs over to see Pony for a second once it’s dark

-Curly and Pony both steal a beer and chug it. Once that’s over Curly runs away again.

-“Pony, did you just drink a beer?!”

-“Uuuuuh… No?”

-Dally ends up lighting himself on fire because of the sparklers.

-The gang has a “ghetto slip n slide” (2 blue tarps taped together with duct tape, covered in soap and water).

-Johnny flies into the road once he goes onto the slip n slide.

-Two-butt and Steve cover the slip n slide in super glue once Ponyboy goes down

-Ponyboy gets stuck to the tarp and starts crying

-“Maybe this was a bad idea..”


-Everyone but Darry laughs.

-The party is ended early because of a trip to the hospital.

-Ponyboy is very mad. Very very mad.

So the second I saw thickerthanectoplasm’s amazing art of Tucker and his lovely wife I wondered what their wedding was like since so many of Tucker’s friends are so…unconventional.

Just imagine Dash Baxter gets invited, figures what the hell free booze, so he rents a cheap tux and slaps Tucker on the back “Damn Foley how’d you score this major league hottie? I thought all your money went to last one! Ha!” And after only five minutes Phuong is already hissing, “Sweetie why did you invite him to our wedding he’s an absolute pig." 

"Give it a second.”

Dash will spasm for a moment, his eyes will go green, and he’ll suddenly exclaim, “AMIKO TUCK! GRATULOJN!” and put both the newlyweds into a crushing hug.

And that is the story of how Wulf attended Tucker’s wedding.

lmao I’ve noticed so much of the arguments from “team t*ny” rely waaaaaay too heavily on the fact that steve and tony were such “good friends” and steve was really the shitty “friend” in the whole situation. like what movies have you guys been watching where was this supposed close friendship that was supposed to be the whole backing emotional force as to why the two of them fighting meant so much?? newsflash they were work acquaintances at most man I would say the only people steve is close to of the avengers (new and old) are sam, wanda, natasha, thor (possibly) and now with civil war you could say clint aaaaaand that’s about it. everyone else?????????? who???????

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Last song I listened to: Key -bring it on, my Destiny-, by Lenny Code Fiction. (Though I had Lost in Tonight by One Ok Rock in my head today; and like: a l l t h e f r e a k i n g d a y)

Last movie I watched: Kimi no na wa. Totally recommended.

Top three TV shows: if anime counts as TV shows, I’ll say my top three are: Yuri on ice, D.Gray-Man and Game of Thrones. Maybe Pandora Hearts too, but the manga is waaaaaay much better than the anime.

Top three ships: this is a hard one… Ozbert, malec and victuri.

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The Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen

If you had happened to walk down West 47th Street in Hell’s Kitchen over the last couple of days you might’ve noticed a piece of street art created by yours truly.

When designing this piece I wanted to created a sibling piece to the New York Comic Con poster. The specs I received for the piece was that it had to be proportionally square, so I decided to go with a tryptic design as I wanted to use the tri-color design to it’s best effect. In my mind black and white represented the law and order in Matt’s life, red the blood, rage and devil’s vestments in the vigilante’s. Matt up top, Fisk below, Daredevil caught in the  middle. Like I’ve said before, I think waaaaaay too much about this stuff.

Also, at the very top is a video I posted a few weeks ago of the original rough figure drawing for this piece.

Behind The Wall

You may have noticed I opened this installment by speaking of the street art in the past tense and that’s because the artwork is GONE! Seriously, as of this writing it’s no longer there, missing, poof, goodbye. Apparently it was taken in the middle of the night and I have to admit that’s kind of great and makes me smile because what could possibly be more Hell’s Kitchen than that?

But don’t worry folks, according to Netflix it will be back up later today.

Our last installment is tomorrow so expect a little something from the show that no one’s ever seen before.

#su spoilers

everyone’s talking about amethyst and pearl’s actions in cry for help and thinking about what this means for their character development and stuff bc there’s so much material there, but what i really noticed about the episode was garnet. especially in the ending. garnet seems pretty bitter about what pearl did, but she also didn’t seem very receptive when amethyst tried explaining why she and pearl like to fuse with her. idk if garnet wants to acknowledge the negative effects that her being a super powerful super stable fusion at all times might be having on the other twos’ psyches

anyway i feel like if shit like this keeps going down this week then we’re probably going to see garnet’s bad side soon. i for one am waaaaaay down for that since garnet has seemed a little too perfect for a while now compared to everyone else on the show (amethyst and pearl especially) and it’ll be really interesting to see a new side of her

but also after seeing how tumblr has reacted to amethyst and pearl fucking up i’ve always dreaded the day everyone’s unproblematic fave gem fucks up sooooooooo yeah i’m bracing for impact