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nsfw otayuri headcanons

Yura is LOUD. He can’t help it. Beka is just so good to him. He becomes a crying, screaming mess and Beka adores it. 

Surprisingly, neither of them have much control, even around Victor and Yuuri. When Beka and Yura stay with them, Beka tries to deny his baby boy. He really does. He knows he’s so very loud, but he can’t keep his hands to himself. 

Yura cries more often than not when Beka is fucking him. He just feels so safe and overwhelmingly in love. Beka loves nothing more than looking down at his baby boy with the softest smile and whispering that he loves him while Yuri cries. 

Both of them live for phone sex. Yuri gets so out of breath, simply writhing at his Beka’s words and Beka doesn’t mind that Yuri is usually only able to form incoherent babbling. Beka can cum just to the sounds of his baby. 

Yuri is the one to initiate sexting, but Beka is much better at it. Yura sends more pictures while Beka is better with words.

Yura seems so dominant around others, but with Beka he just fucking m e l t s. He gets all flustered and he blushes so adorably pink. He won’t ever listen to anyone else, but with Beka he just submits. Lets himself be told what to do. Lets himself be taken care of. 

PRAISEKINK!YURI!! Yura is so weak for praise. The simplest of words make his knees buckle. Not even just in bed. Once, just before a performance, Beka called him his pretty boy and Yura had to skate the entire piece with shaky knees.

But in bed, Yuri legitimately collapses. Sinks into the sheets, unable to hold still while Beka sprinkles kisses all over his pale skin. “You look so pretty, Yura.” “I’m impossibly in love with you.” “You look like artwork, baby boy.” Yura can’t keep his hips pressed against anything but his Beka’s cock.

When Yuri wants it hard, he knows how to get it. Drag Beka down and breathily whisper “daddy.”

Neither of them are particularly kinky. Beka calls is softcore kinky. Hair pulling, but never enough to hurt. Love bites that turn into wonderful purple galaxies, but never break skin. Beka loves Yura too much to hurt him and Yura wants to be w o r s h i p p e d. 

Yuri loves lingerie. Adores it. He loves the feel of the soft pink lace against his skin and he loves the way Beka looks at him when he wears it. 

Yuri’s a slut for rimming. His knuckles go white from gripping at the sheets or grasping at Beka’s hair. There’s nothing he loves more than being eaten out, strong tongue working it’s way past his hole and sending him over the edge, screaming. 

It’s messy, but Yura fucking loves it when Beka cums inside of him. He loves feeling so owned. And the shower after always leads to round two. 


sing with me a song

of birthrights and love || of conquest and fate

My New Audio Sigil Method

A little while ago I tried my hand at making an audio sigil. I like how it turned out, but it was a bit too complex. The range of tones was just too great. It was great to make a track and just listen to it, but I wanted something that I could easily play on the piano, hum, or whistle. So, I rethought how I chose the tones that represented the letters of the alphabet. I decided to use just one octave of notes, no sharps or flats, just the 8 notes starting on C. After I dropped the vowels, the letters fit perfectly. Here’s what I came up with.

Note = Letter of alphabet

  • C = B, K, S
  • D = C, L, T
  • E = D, M, V
  • F = F, N, W
  • G = G, P, X
  • A = H, Q, Y
  • B = J, R, Z

Getting from a statement of intent to musical notes looks like this. “I sleep peacefully” get rid of vowels and repeated consonants “SLPCFY” translate into musical notes “CDGDFA.”  Now my audio sigil is quite simple and easily played/sung/hummed/whistled/etc.

Here, let me play it for you.

I am very happy with how this method turned out. It will be pretty easy to whip up a sigil in the morning for that day and whistle it as I go about my business.

Sorry for ugly watermark. I want to sell this one as sticker. Well. At least that was original plan? I had bit too much fun with textured brushes and now he looks more like postcard material (because stickers are too small for those textures to work)? Dunno.

I’m pretty happy with final result :) Especially his skirt turned coat thingie :D 

ageisia  asked:

Ah, I forgot to give you a prompt, didn't I? Can I have something where Sam, Steve and Bucky all get deaged together shortly post CACW and Team Iron Man has to deal with their prepubescent shenanigans and their feelings? Like 10-12 years old and they're all little shits. Especially Steve to Tony after Tony guesses that Steve is 8, which is a mortal insult when you are 11.

I am so sorry for the lateness of this! I meant to answer it last weekend but I was still in Sinus Haze at that point. :D I had a lot of fun with this one! 


“They were supposed to be here for the signing of the revised accords,” Tony said.

“And Barnes was supposed to turn himself in to SHIELD,” Rhodey added.

T'Challa and Tony both looked at him, Tony’s eyebrows rising.

“What? He killed your parents, I don’t get to be mad about that?” Rhodey asked.

“Sure, but if you’re as mad as I was you also get to be in some pretty intense therapy for like a year,” Tony said, turning back to the glass window, which looked in on three children in the holding room at the Avengers compound.

“We came through an electrical storm in the jet on the way here,” T'Challa said. “When we came out of it…” he gestured at the children. Steve, an incredibly tiny, frail child, was wrapped in a blanket. They’d found clothing that would more or less fit Sam and Bucky, who looked to be on the verge of puberty, but Steve was stuck in an oversized shirt and a blanket he’d tied around his toast-rack chest like a sarong.

“You know how I know this is magic and not science?” Tony asked.

“Wanda wasn’t affected?” Rhodey ventured.

“Neither was I,” T'Challa pointed out. “We think because I was in the shielded cockpit.”

“No, I know this is magic because whoever did this to him gave him a teeny tiny arm,” Tony said, pointing at Bucky’s child-sized prosthetic, as menacing in its own way as the real adult thing.

“I think I can fix it,” Wanda said. Her eyes were glowing red, and the air was sort of dancing around her. Tony wondered how much she’d been practicing since she’d arrived in Wakanda. “But I’m worried about going in there alone.”

“For them or for you?” Tony asked, and she looked – startled, like she’d forgotten he could care about people. That was going to sting for a while.

“Both. There are three of them, one of whom has a metal arm,” she said. “And I need someone to take me down if I lose it, which…is usually Steve’s job.”

“I can go,” Tony said. “The repulsors bracelets are subtle, won’t freak the kids out. And I can distract them if you want to work on them one at a time.”

“Do you have any experience with children at all?” Rhodey asked.

“I’ll have you know I dealt very handily with the last twelve-year-old I knew,” Tony replied loftily.


Wanda was sitting on the floor, trying to lure Sam away from the smartphone he was playing with, when she heard Steve yell: “I’m not eight!”

“Hey, calm down, I was guessing,” Tony said, and Wanda looked over just in time to see Steve stand up, his terrifyingly thin little hands balled into fists. Tony, who was crouched down to talk to him and Bucky (probably mostly Steve; she couldn’t imagine Tony didn’t still have some…anger issues surrounding Bucky), held up his hands.

“I’m eleven! Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I’m a baby!” Steve insisted. Bucky was watching them both warily.

“Nobody’s saying you’re a baby,” Tony replied soothingly. “But – ”

“Don’t talk to me like I am one!” Steve said, and Wanda flinched as he swung his arm. He was going to break his hand on Tony’s face –

She watched, awestruck, as Tony reacted. He’d had all his weight on the balls of his feet, legs bent, body balanced over his knees; when Steve’s fist connected (barely) he threw himself backwards, sprawling and then somersaulting – gracelessly – and collapsing spreadeagled on the ground. Steve looked at his own fist, wonderingly.

“He’s down! Get ‘im!” Bucky yelled, the first words he’d said, and he sprang for Tony, landing hard on his chest. Tony let out a whuff, then curled on one side as Steve started ineffectually kicking him. Sam ran over to help Bucky pin Tony down, and Wanda got up to make sure they weren’t hurting him, but Tony was grinning as he hid his face and curled up his body against Steve’s snowflake-like blows.

Eventually Steve flopped down with the others, breathlessly giving up his assault, and Tony lay still underneath the three boys, grinning up at Wanda as she stood over them.

“Okay, you vicious little weasels,” he said, and Wanda waited for all three boys to take offense, but none of them bothered. “You are meant to be big grown adult males who could actually break my bones. Wanda needs to fix you up, put you back the way you were.”

He sat up, dislodging Sam, and then kicked his legs gently to shove Bucky off as well. Bucky clung on grimly with his metal hand around Tony’s ankle, but most of him slithered away.

“Do I really grow up big?” Steve asked, and Tony pulled him into the gentlest of headlocks, one huge palm resting on Steve’s strawlike hair.

“Bigger than everyone else,” he assured him.

“Bigger than BUCKY?”

Tony leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Even Sam grows up bigger than Bucky.”

“That’s a lie!” Bucky insisted, getting to his feet. “Make me grow up first!” he insisted to Wanda. “So I can prove it!”

“No, me first!” Steve yelled, which meant Sam insisted too, and suddenly instead of three sullen little shits refusing to obey her, she had three eager little boys all jostling to be first.

“You did this,” she said to Tony, who shrugged and rubbed at his ankle, which was starting to show a bruise where Bucky had clung to it.

“I don’t know a ton about kids but I know a lot about managing humans,” he replied.

Lost and Found // j.j.

Hi :) I’d like to request a jughead x reader. But it’s a bit sad. Like he tells someone about the reader, that she was great and he loves her and stuff. And when the person he’s talking to asks where the reader is, he tells them, that she disappeared a few years ago, but no one really bothered looking for her( for some reason, idk😅) And maybe they could all start to search for her? Thanks already

So i kinda strayed from the prompt a bit but I think it still turned out pretty decent. tell me what you think :)

Jughead Jones considers himself a private person, and for a while that privacy was never intruded upon. That is, until Veronica Lodge dropped into town out of no where, apparently the concept of ‘personal space’ didn’t exist in New York City.

It starts one day when Veronica arrives at Pop’s earlier than usual, sliding into the booth beside Jughead before he’s able to get his tabs open on his computer.

“Ooh,” Veronica gasps, pulling the computer to her, “who is that?”

“No one,” Jughead says gruffly, pulling the lap top away from her, “no one.”

Veronica’s argument is cut off by Archie and Betty’s arrival, Veronica’s attention being pulled away from the mysterious background on Jughead’s computer.

No one notices Pop watching the interaction.

The next time they’re in the student lounge, Jughead rereading through old message threads, sighing at the amount of them that were unanswered from her.

“What’s got you so invested Jug?” Veronica asks, sipping her coffee casually.

“Huh?” Jughead looks up, locking his  phone quickly. “Nothing.”

“Is it that girl again?”

Archie perks up.

“Girl? What girl?” He asks.

“He’s got some girl as his background on his computer,” Veronica says, “I asked him who she was and he got all defensive.”

Betty’s eyes widen.

“Is she talking about Y-”

“She’s not talking about anyone,” Jughead cuts her off, eyes narrow, “okay? Just drop it.”

It happens in the span of three seconds, Kevin diving for the computer residing in Jughead’s backpack while Archie holds him back. Kevin hands the lap top to Betty, who opens in and turns it on meticulously.

“Good luck getting in,” Jughead says, “everything’s password protected these days.”

“If V is talking about who I think she’s talking about,” Betty mumbles, typing something into the computer, “I knew it.”

Jughead’s curses himself, his face pale as Kevin and Betty stare at the screen.

“I was right,” Betty says, turning the computer around to face Veronica and Archie.

“Oh my god,” Archie says, moving himself off of Jughead as he looks at the screen, “that’s Y/N.”

“Who’s Y/N?” Veronica asks, curious as to why the other four suddenly looked like they’d seen a ghost.

“She’s…well she-”

Jughead cuts Archie off by standing up, grabbing his lap top and shoving it in his bag as he heads for the door.

“Jug it’s o-”

“I can’t,” he cuts him off again, “not right now, not here.”

“Juggie,” Betty sighs.

“Meet me tonight at Pops, ten o'clock,” Jughead says, halfway turned from the group, “I’ll tell the story then.”

With those words he leaves, Veronica still stunned.

“What the hell just happened?” She asks.

“You opened Pandora’s box,” Kevin replies, “he just needs time to process it.”

Veronica arrives at Pops exactly five minutes after ten o'clock that night, not wanting to seem to eager. Archie sits next to Jughead as an offering of moral support in case the boy needs it, Betty and Kevin somehow making room for Veronica to fit in the opposite side of the booth.

“I don’t even know where to start,” Jughead sighs, shaking his head as he looks out of the window.

“Do you want me to?” Betty offers gently.

Jughead nods, tugging his beanie down nervously.

As Betty begins telling the story, Jughead fishes his phone out of his pocket, thumb scrolling through the message thread until his eyes land on the beginning of the end.

I just have to go, Jug. I can’t explain. I’m sorry.

At least tell me where you’re going, please.

I can’t. I’m sorry.

Y/N please, I can’t do this without you.

I’m sorry Juggie. I love you.

I love you too.

(two days later)

How are you doing? Are you okay?

Please just tell me if you’re okay.

(two weeks later)

I don’t know if you’re still getting these, but I love you and I just want to know if you’re okay.

(a month later)

I still love you.

(six months later)

Today would’ve been our anniversary. I hope you’re okay, I love you.


I’m okay.

Jughead stares at the message dated one day ago, his heart pounding in his chest.

After almost a year of silence, two words cause everything to come rushing back. All the feelings, the anger, the stress, the sadness, everything.

“They were in love,” Betty’s words bring Jughead back into the conversation, swallowing hard.

“I still love her,” he speaks, taking a deep breath, “I don’t think I’ll ever stop.”

“I knew you missed her, I mean, we all do,” Archie says, “but I didn’t know she was your background.”

“She wasn’t, for a while,” Jughead shrugs, “when she was here she was, and then after she left I changed it. It hurt too much. And then a few weeks ago I was going through some old pictures to try and delete some to clear out memory space and I found that one and I just…” Jughead shakes his head, running his thumb over his lip, “she was so happy, I mean, she was pissed when she found out I was taking pictures of her but she was so…breathtaking. And the next thing I knew it was suddenly my background, and I couldn’t bring myself to change it. Not again.”

“So she just…left?” Veronica asks, intrigued.

“She came to me and told me that she had to leave,” Jughead says, “personal reasons. I think it had something to do with her mom but honestly, I don’t know.”

“And that was it?” Veronica asks. “She never contacted you?”

“Not until yesterday,” Jughead says without thinking, causing all four heads to whip towards him.

“She called you?” Archie asks.

“Texted me,” Jughead sighs again.

“You kids sure are here later than usual,” Pop says, standing in front of the booth.

“You kicking us out Pop?” Archie asks with a smile.

“Nah, course not,” he smiles as well, “just got some night staff that aren’t accustomed to seeing five teenagers in here this late, no big deal.”

“We’ll be out soon,” Jughead responds, causing Pop to nod.

“What did she say?” Betty questions.

“I texted her a while ago, telling her that I hope she’s doing okay,” Jughead says, “and she texted me back yesterday and said that she was okay, that’s it.”

“Did you respond?” Kevin asks.

“No, course not,” Jughead shakes his head, “I’m not gonna blow up her phone with questions. All I really wanted to know is that she’s okay, and she is. That’s all that matters.”

“We should go look for her,” Veronica suggests, murmurs of agreement bubbling up from the other three teenagers.

“Are you crazy? Guys, no,” Jughead says, “if she wants to be found, if she wants us to know where she is, she’ll let one of us know. This isn’t an elaborate game of hide and seek this…this is her life. We’re not just gonna barge in and ruin it.”

“You’re still protecting her,” Archie says, “even after everything that’s happened?”

“Of course I am,” Jughead says, shrugging slightly, “I love her.”

“We should get going,” Betty says, looking down at her phone for the time, “it’s almost midnight, we have school tomorrow.”

The group make their way out of the booth, Jughead’s almost out of the door when the sound of his name coming from Pop’s mouth stops him.

“Go on,” he waves at Archie, “I’ll see you at home.”

Jughead takes a bar seat, resting his chin on his hands while he waits for Pop to finish up an order.

“What’s going on Pop?” He asks, eyebrows scrunched together.

“I heard you talking about Y/N,” he says, drying his hands on a towel and pushing a cup of coffee towards the boy, “she messaged you?”

“Yeah, just saying that she was okay,” Jughead nods, taking a sip of the drink, “I wish…I wish she was here though, I miss her.”

“You’re not mad at her?” Pop asks.

Jughead shakes his head, putting the cup back down on the counter.

“I’m not, strangely,” he replies, “I mean, I understand why she did what she did, she didn’t have a choice. And yeah I wish I could’ve done something to change it but I don’t blame her for what happened, all I want is for her to be okay and happy. If she’s happy then I’m happy, as cliché as that sounds.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

Jughead swears his eyes pop out of his head, his boy whipping around to see her standing by the entrance, dressed in a waitresses outfit with strands of her hair falling out of her bun. She looks just as beautiful as the day she left. He glad he put the coffee cup back onto the counter, because it would’ve been smashed to pieces on the floor had it been in his hand.

“Y-Y/N?” He stutters, his breathing heavy.

She half smiles at him and he almost falls off of the stool.

“I’m dreaming, this is a dream,” he mumbles, “what are you doing here?”

The words come out harsher than he meant, her gaze dimming slightly.

“No I meant,” he shakes his head, sucking in a deep breath, “what I meant was what are you doing back? I thought you left for like…good.”

“I guess I’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” she shifts her weight, “I can meet you after my shift gets over if you want, we can talk.”

Jughead’s reply is cut off by Pop.

“You will do no such thing,” the man says, “the two of you will sit in a booth and talk, I don’t care how long it takes.”

“Pop my shift starts in three minutes,” she says, glancing down at her watch.

“Don’t care,” he shakes his head, “this is way more important. Sit sit, Chris will cover if need be, it’s not like it’s busy here at midnight on a Thursday, sit.”

Knowing there was no use arguing with the man, the two teenagers sit across from each other, Jughead barely blinking, as if he was staring at a hallucination he thought would leave if he looked away for too long.

“It’s okay, Juggie,” she says, reaching her hand out to touch his, “I’m here.”

“Oh my god you’re here,” he rushes out, intertwining their fingers together as he stares at her, “you’re really here.”

“Don’t hate me,” she whispers, looking down at the booth, “I’m so sorry Juggie.”

“Hate you?” He asks, shaking his head. “Y/N I could never hate you. Believe me, I’m sad that you left but I don’t hate you.”

“I should’ve told you I was here,” she says, “I should’ve done a lot of things differently, I’m sorry.”

“Hey,” he catches her gaze, shaking his head, “stop apologizing, seriously.”

“I missed you Jug,” she sighs, “so much.”

“I missed you too, more than you know,” he replies, pressing a kiss to her knuckles.

“I got all of your messages,” she swallows, “I just…couldn’t bring myself to answer, not after knowing what I did. And then I got back here and I was looking through them and I…I guess subconsciously I wanted to talk to you. I hit send before I really even knew what I was doing.”

“How long have you been back?” He questions.

“About two weeks,” she says, “doing online classes and a couple shifts a week here for some extra cash.”

“Who are you staying with?”

“No one,” she replies, “my mom gave me enough cash for an apartment downtown, she pays the rent monthly, everything else is up to me.”

“You’re living by yourself?” He asks with wide eyes.

“Don’t give me that look, I’m fine,” she rolls her eyes, “I’m seventeen Jug, I can take care of myself.”

“Of course you can, it’s not that I don’t think you can’t it’s just,” he shrugs, “seventeen’s kinda young to be on your own, regardless of whether or not you can handle it.”

She shrugs as well, nodding a bit.

“I suppose, but I’d rather be here. She gave me the choice, I took this option,” she explains.

“This is insane,” he shakes his head, “I can’t believe you’re actually here.”

“So you keep saying,” she smiles, “get over here and hug me.”

He does as she asks, wrapping his arms around her torso as they stand in front of the booth, Y/N burying her face in his neck.

He still smells the same, she thinks, smiling into the hug.

“I missed you Y/N,” he whispers.

“I missed you too Juggie,” she replies, pulling back and looking up at him, placing a hand on his cheek, “is it too much to say I love you?”

Jughead breaks into a smile, shaking his head.

“No, not at all,” he says, “I love you, so much.”

Y/N smiles again, finally pressing her lips to his. Jughead kisses her back, cupping her face in his hands. Her hands rest on his chest, eyes fluttering closed. It was as if somebody flicked a switch and happiness came rushing back into her life when he touched her.

“God I missed that,” he says breathlessly, “I missed you.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” she replies, a soft smile on her face, “well, except to start my shift.”

“I’ll stay with you,” he says, “keep you company.”

“Don’t you have school tomorrow?” She asks, placing a hand on her hip.

Jughead rolls his eyes.

“I’m already way ahead in all my classes, I can afford to miss a day,” he says, smiling.

Y/N rolls her eyes as she grabs an apron from under the counter, tying it around her waist as he talks.

“I should probably call Archie,” Jughead mumbles, pulling his phone out of his pocket, “tell him I’m not coming home.”

“You’re living with Archie?” Y/N asks, topping off his coffee.

“I have so much to catch you up on.”

“I’ve got all night,” she smiles again, Jughead’s heart lifting at the sight, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Because // Jeff Atkins

You laid in your boyfriend’s bed, his head on your chest as your fingers ran through his hair. This was one of the few times baseball practice was canceled so the two of you took full advantage of it, taking the afternoon to just relax. 

“Did you get your history test back?” You asked absentmindedly. You knew he had studied with Clay for a few days before it. He nodded, keeping his eyes closed and you frowned, reading his reaction, considering whether to push it any further. 

“I’m so fucking stupid” he mumbled into you. 

"Look at me” you insisted softly. 

He opened his eyes, peering up at you. You pouted at the sad expression clouding his face. 

"You’re not stupid.” He huffed in response, sitting up, his back now against the wall of his room. You readjusted your legs to fall on his as you moved to sit beside him. 

"I’m serious Jeff.” 

He gave a sad smile to your use of his first name. You usually only referred to him by his last. 

"Thanks, babe, but a D+ doesn’t really mean I’m smart” he argued. The two of you sat in silence for a while before he spoke up again. 

"You deserve better” He whispered. 

You turned your head sharply to look at him. You glanced over his face, his eyes stared at his hands. 

"Babe…” you started. 

“You do. I mean why are you even with me? You could do so much better” his voice dripped with insecurity. 

"You’re pretty to look at.” You responded sarcastically. You couldn’t believe a guy like Jeff was even asking you that. He was perfect. 

He chuckled a brief, dry, laugh.

"I’m with you because…you’re sweet” you say kissing his cheek. “And you’re caring…” you climb onto his lap and take his hands in your own. “And you know way more about baseball than anyone on your team” you place a kiss on each of his hands before intertwining your fingers. 

He takes the opportunity to finally look up at you. 

"You’re a great dancer, you tell jokes that only you think are funny, you drive everyone home at parties when they’re way too drunk, you’re a great chef, you’re good with kids, you’re so nice to everybody it makes me feel like an asshole sometimes, you ship Hannah and Clay so hard it’s adorable, and you make me feel like the luckiest girl in the wo-” 

He cuts you off from your rambling with a kiss. His hands leave yours and grip your waist pulling you closer to him. 

You pull away from his lips and rest your forehead on his. 

"And you’re really fucking hot.” You laugh and he follows suit nodding in agreement. He whispers a quick, "Thank you.” and you peck his lips again. 

"It’s just a test Atkins, it won’t even matter in a month from now, let alone when you’re in the MLB.”

He smiles, all teeth this time and it reaches his eyes, his beautiful brown eyes. Your heart flutters like it always does and you take a moment to nuzzle your head into his neck.

 His hands pull at your shirt and a giggle slips from your lips. 

“What? I can’t have you thinking I’ve gone soft on you” You grind your hips into his, smirking as he bites his lip. 

"Whatever you say, Atkins”

anonymous asked:

It's worth pointing out that not only were Sam and MM (C and D list actors at best) being papped on their way to the EW party, a setup if ever I saw one; but the MM video was submitted to Purv pretty quickly overnight, which may I point out is *not* how real relationships are handled. It all looks like the poor man's version of Hiddleswift, and look how that turned out for Tom Hiddleston, who was closer to A list than Sam has any hope of being? Who on earth thought this would work for Sam?

Shat, Paul, Bernie.

Axis of Hollywood evil.

About Time

Originally posted by baellinswithstyles

Summary: Seth finally tells you how he feels.

Word Count: 700+

Warnings: Some cursing

A/N: Send in requests! I just cleared out my list.

Seth sipped at his water as he watched you enter catering and sit down with Bayley and Sasha, immediately joining in on their conversation. He’d liked you ever since you were first called up from NXT back in late 2015 but he’d never said anything to you because you’d had a boyfriend at the time and he didn’t want to jeopardize your happiness because of a silly crush, which really wasn’t just a crush anymore considering that he was pretty sure that he was in love with you.

“You know, this whole staring at her from afar is getting pretty pathetic, man.” Seth looked away from where he was previously looking at you (very discretely, might I add) and turned his attention to Roman, who was pulling out a chair and sitting down next to him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Seth muttered, though he knew exactly what Roman was referring to. Anyone with common sense could see that Seth had feelings for you beyond friendship, however you tended to be very oblivious to these things.

Roman rolled his eyes and glanced over to where you were sitting. “Why don’t you just tell her how you feel?”

“I just don’t think she’d ever feel the same.”

“Well, you never know unless you try,” Roman told him and Seth sighed, shrugging. Roman looked over to you once more, then went to stand up. “Look, Seth, if you don’t tell her, then I will.”

Seth’s eyes widened at the threat and he looked up to see Roman about to walk towards you. “No, no, that won’t be necessary. I’ll tell her, dude, I promise.”

“Good. I’ll see you later man,” Roman said, patting Seth’s shoulder and exiting the room. Seth sighed to himself. How hard could this be?

You hummed quietly to yourself as you sat on the floor stretching for your match against Emma later in the night. You started going through the motions of the match in your head when you heard someone walking in your direction. You looked up and felt your heart skip a beat when you saw that it was Seth. You’d liked him for so long and wondered how he never noticed considering that you were pretty sure that you made it super obvious.

“Hey, Y/N,” Seth said as he stopped in front of you. His hands were shoved into his jacket pockets and you smiled to yourself. He was so cute.

“What’s up, Rollins?” you asked, reaching your hands up to him so he’d help you up.

“Uh, I kinda need to talk to you about something,” he said as he pulled you up to your feet. “Do you have time?”

“Yeah, I’ve got plenty of time before my match,” you said, hopping up on a crate and sitting. “What’d you want to talk to me about?”

“I like you,” he blurted out and you raised your eyebrows, surprised by his confession. “Wow, I really didn’t mean to say it like that but I just thought you should know. I mean, it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way because I’m happy being friends with you but it’d be really cool if you did feel the same but it’s still okay if you don’t because I can’t really control how you feel and-“

“Seth,” you say, and he stops his incessant rambling, “I do feel the same way.”

“Really? Or are you just saying that to get me to shut hell up?”

“Well, both, actually. But mostly the part where I feel the same way.”

“So then that means that you wouldn’t be opposed to going on a date with me tomorrow,” he says hopefully and you can’t help but grin.

“I’d love to go out with you, Seth,” you say and his smile widens.

“Awesome, I’ll call you, then,” he says, going to walk off.

“Seth, you forgot something,” you say as you hot hop off your crate and walk after him.

“What’s that?” he questions, looking down at you expectantly.

“This,” you say, leaning up to briefly press your lips against his. You pull away and smile at the dazed look on his face. “I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ll see you later,” you say, winking at him before walking off.

Seth grins to himself and jumps when he hears someone behind him. He turns around to see Roman standing there with a smirk on his face.

“What’s that look for?” he asked and Roman shrugs.

“Nothing, just that it’s about goddamn time,” he says, patting his shoulder before walking off.

And he was right. It was about goddamn time.

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Soulmates AU; Jungkook

Originally posted by bangtan

Summary; You and your s/o are connected by a red line tied at your pinky. Even though the line is invisible, there is a small red line on your pinky. It’s your decision to go out and find your s/o. There is no time limit and no countdown. 

a/n; kinda based it off Your Name promo photos!! I just finished that movie last night because of the thunder and it was so sweet!!


-you loved your red line

-you loved it

-ever since you were little you’ve always known it was there

-and you were told at a young age that it was for your best boi to find you 

-so you just accepted it and just waited for them to come to you

-like a princess waiting for their prince 


-sorry i love pristin suppORT MY CHILDREN 

-so yeah

-like the song

-you were kind of the princess of your home

-you were protected at all costs

-you weren’t allowed to leave the house without a guardian 

-and you were always their little princess no matter where you went 

-when you got a little older

-like when you were 13

-you were confused about the string again since you never noticed it was there

-so you asked your parents again

-and your mum sat you down

-and told you the same thing that she said when you were younger

-and you asked her to explain it again

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jeon Jungkook 12 year old who is having a crisis about who it on the other side of this line that’s attached to him

-you were also worried about who was on the other side

-you hoped they were sweet 


-and amazing


-you asked her what it meant 

-you knew it had something to do with someone on the other side

-but you asked just to be sure

-your mum gave up with the ‘treasured little princess’ gig and sat you down for a proper talk about the red line

-”let me explain to you what that red line means….you have your soulmate on the other end of that line.”

-”do I know them?”

-”you don’t know who they are…but you know they’re the one for you just because of this line. Everyone has this invisible line attached to them and their soulmate.”

-”ok…..why is it on my pinky though?”

-”it’s like a promise to find them, that’s why it’s on your pinky…like a pinky promise.”

-”well i’m keeping that promise to find them!”

-”you’ve kept that promise ever since you were born….”

-”i have? so my soulmate and i have been connected for a long time now….”

-you had asked your mum to go find them straight away 

-but she asked you to wait a while just to find them

-so that you’re ready and that they’re ready too

-so you waited

-and waited

-and waited 

-and waited

-ok so maybe you waited a little longer than you hoped you would

-you waited for 5 years


-you had enough of waiting

-so one morning

-that one special morning

-you woke up

-and decided to find them that day

-you wanted to see them

-and to know them


-to maybe fall in love with them

-so you got up

-got your nicest clothes on

-and just had breakfast

-it was 8 in the morning

-your mum had never seen you up so early in the morning before

-it was crazy to see you up at this time

-”y/n?? what are you doing up so early…? are you getting a job or something??”

-”i’m going to find my soulmate i’ve waited so long for this”

-”hey y/n are you sure about this?”

-”of course”


-”why? do you not want me to?”

-”….my mum told me that when i went to find my soulmate….it meant that i was growing up…i just want to make sure that you’re ready to grow up to be with this person…”

-”i am mum. don’t worry. im ready for this. besides…i’m always dad’s and your little princess.”

-”that’s all i needed to hear. now, go and find this boy and fall in love with him.”

-”got it mum!”

-as soon as you finished getting ready 

-you were out the door

-and you were already following the red line

-every corner that you went around the red line would still be around that corner

-so you ran down the road following it

-seeing that it disappeared behind you

-you were on the right track 

-so getting on the train downtown

-you found that the red line came out at a station you were familiar with

-it was the station you would get off to go into the middle of the city 

-you followed it up to the exit

-and it seemed to become stiff and off the ground

-like when you pull a string it become stiff and sturdy

-not sturdy but it became strong 

-he was close 

-it also…

-kind of felt like 

-you were being pulled closer to him

-so you just followed it

-and were lead to the centre of the city’s shopping district

-you were kind of thirsty so you stopped off for a drink while you read a book

-meanwhile on the other end

-Jungkook was close to seeing you and finding out who is soulmate was


-just as he passed a coffee shop

-you found that the red string

-was attached to him 

-you looked up and packed up your bag

-you also quickly finished your drink too

-yeah fun try downing a whole fruit cooler in 10 minutes

-if you do

-you’re going to have a bad time

-so walking out the shop

-the red string became tight

-and it was like someone was pulling you towards the other end

-scratch that

-you were actually being pulled to the other end

-you kept on being pulled

-until you came to a bumpy stop

-as in you bumped into someone

-he was tall as heck

-and he was…..

-pretty good looking

-he turned around and just saw you

-but noticed that the red string was shorter than before

-it was actually as short as the distance between your hands

-oh it was like a fairytale drama–


-you were stuck in a day dream

-wait again

-this tall good looking cute guy was your soulmate?! 

-h o l d     o n     a m     i    o n     p u n k ’ d    i  s     a s h t o n    k u t c h e r     g o n n a   c o m e      o u t    o f     t h a t    l u s h    s t o r e 

-you were shoooooooooooook

-but you snapped out of your daydream or being punk’d by ashton kutcher to see that the person was apologising a lot

-”are you okay??”

-”i’m fine don’t worry”

-you went to move some hair out of your face

-but when you did

-you forgot that the string was pretty tight and kind of pulled you or him along if either one of you pulled the string

-and you did that

-and he was accidentally pulled closer to you

-that wasn’t your intention

-but you didn’t mind

-the blush on your face agreed

-”i’m guess you’re my soulmate??”

-”well that does the string say?”

-”the string says–”

-the boy looked down

-and the string was vanishing

-and he started to panic a little


-”don’t worry!! it means that you found me…hi i’m y/n”

-he looked back to you and there was just a huge smile on his face wow

-him smiling made you smile

-”I’m jungkook….well…i found you…what next?”

-”how about getting something to eat?”


-and in that moment he just grabbed your hand and held it tight

-while eating

-you found out that your soulmate is the cutest bunny person ever


-he’s also a massive meme 

-god fuckin dammit

“y/n….oh my god…”

“what? what is–”

“goofy is the only disney character to fuck……he has an actual son…not a nephew or anything……he wasn’t adopting either….”

“jungkook why are you thinking about–”

“just imagine…in the middle of the night…he’s boning someone ”

“jungkook what the fuck–”

“and you just hear”

“jeon jungkook don’t you–”



So, for those of you who don’t know, I play Overwatch A LOT. I’m super excited about the release of Orisa today (I’m about to go play her). I should have finished this yesterday, but I’ve had 3 midterms this week and this drawing was a bit ambitious considering that schedule. I think it turned out pretty well though.

I generally main Sym, and sometimes I play Mercy. When I do play Sym, though, I spend most of my time picking off their supports, and since both Sym and Mercy have beams and their colors look good together I came up with this :D. I don’t ship Mercy and Symm to be clear )_) I just like how they look together. Imo, Gency is the best (my boyfriend wholeheartedly disagrees, but :P)

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Solangelo goodnight kisses on the porch of the hades cabin 💕💕💕💕

When Nico had asked Jason, “how do you know if you’re dating someone?” the look he’d received had been one of incredulity.

“I mean,” he’d said, very slowly, adjusting his glasses. “It should be pretty obvious.”

“It’s me, though,” Nico had protested weakly. “I’m not exactly up to speed on the whole… dating thing these days.”

Jason had stopped then, and considered.

“You’re talking about Will, right?”

Pink flushed cheeks weren’t a common sight on the son of Hades, the ghost king. At least, they hadn’t been. Until Will Solace had come around.

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live footage of me being very tired with the apocalyptic narratives surrounding the San Diego Comic Con and the fact that I’m still following it for whatever reason, making it basically my own fault.

He might have been tired. He might have been a little ill. He might have had something going on back in the UK he needed to get back to prompto. Any of those are possible. I don’t know that we need to get into Jason Bourne-levels of conspiracy and conjecture, where the world has turned against One Man for… I don’t know, reasons. Suddenly he hates working for Marvel now, shit like that?

He looked pretty damn happy when he was Gucci’d up with fans in Australia. Yeah, that was a while ago, but I doubt any malaise is because of the role that helped kick his career in the ass and made him beloved by literally everyone he works with.

Start small. Assume the gentle and the obvious until told otherwise. Get trampled by rampaging zebras later.

Excited rant about arcade RUN BTS! episode


BTS continue to be hilarious

- fashion talk about their baggy clothes – Suga is a fashion icon for me *but really, I love dressing like combo of him and Jungkook there*

- V admits that he wears his pants back to front *not even sorry*

- basically just V being V, wearing his Gucci shoes
- but now he made sure he has a partner in crime in Hoseok and gave him (I think one of his favorite) Gucci slippers

- honestly what combo is more awesome for Tae than this huge trousers with lots of space on the inside * ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)* and those slippers

- okay let’s move on then

- BTS are gonna play DDR! (I’ve always sucked at it btw, like, I tried so many times but it was for nothing so I feel them)

- okay, they decide it’s maknae’s turn now since he can do everything

- “Choose very hard mode!” says the eldest, Jin *we can already sense his thirst for winning now, like, that shimmering in his eyes? Excitement in his voice? I think he practiced DDR earlier in his life, he’s just not saying it >:D*

- now Jungkook’s shook because he can’t conquer DDR *it’s okay but what is life? That song is hard!!!*

- *HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND plays in the background for Jungkook*

- everyone’s enjoying this fact

- we have zoom in on Suga’s face, he’s so happy and entertained :D

- Jin’s thirst for winning is obvious now. Jin screams. “WHY, THAT GAME IS FAN OF JUNGKOOK, NOT FAIR!!!” *but don’t worry Seokjin, just in few minutes you’ll be the winner*

- Jungkook panics but finishes anyway. Jin is laughing.

- next is Jimin, being cute and pretty and everything *don’t mind me and my obsession w/him*

- Jimin chooses song without any beat. He’s confused. Seokjin screams again. “THIS MACHINE IS JIMIN’S FAN!!!” *calm your titties, YOU WILL WIN anyway!*

- Jimin is serious now. Once again we have zoom in on Suga. He’s laughing. “Jimin is so bad at this.” *well I’m glad you’re having fun Yoongi :D*

- Tae is astonished anyway by Jimin’s performance. Tae is awesome ♥ *marry me pls? no? you don’t know that I even exist? :( :( :( okay*

- it’s Suga’s turn, he chooses normal level, not hard. He looks like he knows what he’s doing – but is this true?

- Jungkook doubts Yoongi’s abilities

- Suga starts and he rules. Until he starts to miss the beat completely

- Jimin is taking footage of Suga on DDR because, well, they need to have a proof

- Suga gives up. *his energy storage is empty now*

- J-Hope is putting away his clothes and shoes, members believe in him

- there’s no beat in his song so he uses hands to finish it. Well, whatever, he’s still our Hope even without winning

- FINALLY it’s here. Jin’s turn. He’s looking serious but he pretends he’s not. (RapMon is DDRing with him now)

- there are signs of laugh on Jin’s face, but just one look on his legs will tell you how hard he tries. It’s a fight of life and death

- Jungkook watches in awe. He shakes his head, looking Jung-what is happening-shook

- RM had enough of this shit and JK plays instead. Jimin’s still filming them with his phone

- Jin scores better than J-Hope. He yells and pretends he’s surprised. But we all know he’s not. This is it. This is his moment, the moment he was waiting for. *EVIL WINDSHIELD LAUGH*

- Namjoon and V are last. NJ makes all of these weird noises. He decides that using hands is better than feet. Jimin’s dying behind his phone.


- Jin is officially crowned as a winner. He’s happy.

- Jungkook is third, after Jimin

- he acts all casual and claps, but I see you, Justin Seagull. There’s this sadness and misunderstanding behind his eyes. *Is there really a thing I’m not best at?*

- RapMon is fifth. I love him. He’s so happy one would say he won the first place *for me you’re the winner, too*

- surprisingly (or…not) J-Hope is last. Jin uses this as a chance to brag about his dancing skills

Second round – basketball game that has nothing to do with actual basketball

- Jin is not confident anymore. At this point I’m sure he loved to play DDR when he was younger, but the same doesn’t apply for this “wannabe-basketball game”

- anyway the first round is Suga vs. Seagull. Suga repeatedly tells everyone that it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BASKETBALL. Still, I think he secretly hopes to win. But not that much. DDR tired him

- Jungkook’s being an extra until he panics. Still he wins

- 95 liners are playing now. Jimin is focused and keeps looking hilarious *I may or may not have stopped the video to look at his hands in that b&w turtleneck sweater holding a blue basketball. I may or may not have squeaked*

- Taehyung tries, he’s doing just slightly worse than Jimin

- that’s until he knocks himself out with a basketball *sure it is bc that basketball isn’t Gucci. Okay I’ll shut up now*

- JK is focused on cheering for Jimin *my JiKook heart can’t take this*

- Christian Chim Chim is the winner

- RM against J-Hope turn. Yoonseok feels all the way. Just look at Suga cheering for Hobi/looking excited/smiling. *JUST LOOK!*

- Namjoon’s being Namjoon. He also knocks himself out with that basketball. Everyone’s dead after this

- we have close ups of J-hope’s concentrated face. I have nothing to say about this… *J-HOOOOPEEE*

- guess who said this: “Look at Hope’s score! He’s doing great!”
Was it: A) Jin; B) Jimin; C) Min Yoongi

- ↑↑↑ send me your answers and I will send you a chocolate as a prize

- Hoseok rocks. Suga’s losing his shit, clapping, laughing; everything’s so awesome

- finally, Jin’s turn. I feel like the most problematic thing is to pick up that ball without looking at it *still, it doesn’t matter, bc you won that DDR!!!*

- Jin invents his significant basketball move – let’s throw two balls at once. It turns out its pretty ineffective

- JiKook are doing their thing and clings to each other while watching their hyung *my heart. JUST STHOB IT JIMIN* *no I lied, CONTINUE PLS*

- Namjoon claims he just tried to be funny. Jin doesn’t like it. It’s a serious bussinessu!

- both of them were just bad, but RM wants to play once again against Jin in serious manner

- battle of Titans begins

- Suga has goose bumps and I can relate. RM is, indeed, serious

- Namjoon is first. He’s not playing around.

Today’s episode ends just like this rant. I’m sorry I’ve written so much. Just too excited and they were all hilarious and meme-like and just BTS. If someone reads this, that’s cool. And I’m serious about that chocolate-like prize if you guessed that answer correctly! ‘kay, bye now.

Yona ch.137 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 137 “To our allies” summary with pics

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

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Once again started playing the Sims 3, and figured I’d try to update/redesign the Grumps (+Commander Holly) Sims that I’d made previously.  Mostly just a few subtle changes to facial features, as well as a few changes to hair and clothes.

Not entirely sure if I really like how the end results turned out (Ross and Barry kind of look weird to me in particular, but I think it’s more the hair than anything else), but it was pretty fun to try.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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vegas drabble where diggs gets new glasses and reader tells him that she really likes them? ;)

“New glasses?” You asked, gazing up at Daveed as he walked through the front door of your apartment.

“Mhm,” He hummed, grinning at you before he leaned down to peck your lips as a greeting. “You like?” He asked in a quiet voice once he pulled back.

“Love.” You smiled cheekily up at him before you slid your hands up his chest and around his neck. “I guess you could say that I’m digging the new frames.”

Daveed rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a hint of a smirk tugging at his lips. “Aw, look at you trying to be funny.”

“You love it.”

He pretended to think for a second. “Nah, I’m pretty sure I don’t.”

You punctuated his sentence by shoving his shoulder.

“Kidding, kidding!” He exclaimed before you could do any more damage.

It was your turn to roll your eyes before you chuckled. “They do look really good on you, though. I like them a lot, D.”

Daveed’s smirk grew wider as he tightened his hold on you and began to lean down, his eyes flickering down to your lips. “How much?”

“Well, why don’t I just show you?” You asked, looking up at him through your lashes.

“By all means, go ahead. I’m sure I won’t be stopping you.” He murmured, letting you pull his lips down to yours.


Request:  Can you write a smut fanfiction for Chanyeol on a deserted island after a plane-crush, kind of like his new drama missing9? 

I haven’t seen his new drama, but I hope this is good! 

Pairing: Park Chanyeol X Reader

Genre: Smut 

Word Count:  2,715

It was your first time riding on an airplane and you were doing it alone. You were extremely nervous and terrified of flying. As the lady took your ticket, scanned it, and gave it back to you with a smile, your stomach did a backflip. This was it. You were boarding the plane and everything inside you was screaming at you to turn around and run away screaming.

You ignored your instincts and took your seat next to an older woman. She greeted you with a polite nod and smile as you tried to get comfortable in your seat. “Is this your first time flying?” She asked. You took in a deep breath before nodding at her with a nervous smile. “I can tell. You look very nervous.”

“I am. Do you fly often? You asked, trying to take your mind off the fact that you were about to be thousands of feet in the air in a metal room that weighed somewhere between 735,000 pounds and 970,000 pounds. It disobeyed the laws of gravity and that freaked you out. The woman nodded.

"Yes, my son lives in South Korea and we try to visit each other often.” She explained, smiling all the while.

“That’s very sweet.” You smiled, forgetting about your whereabouts for the time being.

“Why are you going to South Korea, if you don’t mind me asking?” She asked, adjusting her travel pillow behind her head.

“I want to see the world,” you explained, “Korea is the first stop because… well because I got interested in the culture and everything when I discovered the boy bands” You said, embarrassed by how much information you just shared. She laughed softly at your confession.

As you spoke with the woman, you got more comfortable with being on the plane. That is, until the flight attendants started walking up and down the aisles, telling people to turn their phones off and buckle up. You started to panic, thinking it was impossible to get this big hunk of metal into the sky. Soon, you felt the plane start to take off and that’s when the lady next to you took your hand in hers. You looked over at her soft, warm expression and started to calm down. If she did this so often and she was so calm, why should you worry? You thought logically, steering your thoughts from the what ifs.

Eventually you were calm again and deep in conversation with the lady who’s name you found out was Irene. She was a lovely woman and you truly enjoyed talking with her. She was more understanding and listened better than any other person you had ever met in your entire life. She eased your thoughts and made you forget completely about all the dangers of flying.

Irene was telling you a story about a winter she spent with her son in Seoul when you felt the plane shake. Your hands immediately shot to the arm rests at your side, gripping them tightly. Knuckles turning white and eyes squeezed shut, your whole body tensed up. The pilot came over the intercom saying that you were flying straight into an unforeseen storm. You felt tears building behind your eyes.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.

You chanted in your head, panicking. Irene gently set her hand on top of yours to calm you down. “Shh, don’t panic, Y/n. Everything will be okay.” She said in soft voice. You took in a deep breath, trying to calm down, when the plane shook again. You immediately tightened your seat belt and held onto the armrests for dear life. The seat belt light dinged on and the air masks fell from the ceiling.

This is it.

Tears began to flow from your eyes as the plane shook some more and you felt your whole body jerk toward the ceiling. You were terrified and regretted your decision to be brave. As the plane plummeted to the earth, your life flashed before your eyes. You couldn’t believe what was happening.

The sound of metal tearing and people screaming was loud enough to drown out your own thoughts. You felt branches of trees making contact with your face and arms as the plane’s body tore through the treetops on it’s way down. Suddenly, it all came to a screeching halt and you slowly opened your eyes, shocked you survived. The roof of the plane was gone, torn clean off, and tree branches took over the open space.

“Is everyone okay?” Someone asked.

How naive, you thought, what a stupid question

The doctor on board instructed everyone to remain in their seats until they were helped out of them. You looked over at Irene, seeing her eyes closed and a large cut on her cheek that was bleeding. “Irene!” You shouted, touching her hand to try to wake her up. “Irene, please.” You sobbed. “Someone help!”

Someone immediately made their way to Irene, helping her out of her seat and taking her outside, where the doctor was helping people. Then they helped you out and you immediately found the doctor with Irene. “Please tell me she’s okay.” You begged, twisting your hands together as you stared at her lying on the ground. The doctor looked up at you with a small smile.

“She should be fine. She passed out due to lack of oxygen and this cut looked far worse than it is.” He explained. You let out a sigh of relief, thanking him before sitting next to her in the sand. He left you alone with Irene to go check on other passengers with injuries when a tall man in a hat and black face mask covering his mouth and nose approached you.

“Is she your grandma?” He asked, looking at Irene sadly.

“No, I met her on the plane. She’s a lovely woman.” You spoke, smiling at the old woman. He crouched down next to you, gently running his fingers over a bandage on her hand.

“Is she okay?” He asked, staring at the bandages on her face and arms.

“Yes, the doctor says she’ll be fine.” You said, looking up at him. His eyes were covered by his dark bangs, making it impossible to really see any of his face. But he still looked familiar to you. You shook it off as he sat on the ground next to her legs, draping his arms across his bent knees.

“Want company until she wakes up?” He asked, playing with the sand. You smiled at his childish behavior.

“Sure. Did you get hurt at all?” You asked, hesitantly. He looked up at you shaking his head.

“I got a few scratches on my face, but it’s nothing.” He said, shrugging it off. “How about you? Your arms look pretty tore up.” He said, taking your wrist in his hand to get a better look at the damage.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” You said casually. He let go of your wrist and tilted his head at you.

“Did the doctor look at you?” He asked.

“No, I told him others had bigger injuries he should be worrying about.” You laughed, brushing hair out of Irene’s face. You heard him laugh at your response.

“Funny, I said the same thing.” He replied, going back to playing in the sand. You smiled, admiring the way he was so relaxed and calm. Especially under the circumstances.

Later in the night, there was a bonfire and it was announced that there were no casualties. The pilot said the radio had been broken in the crash and fixing it was not possible. You would have to wait for a boat to go by or another plane.

You had spent all day talking to the mysterious guy, even when Irene woke up. You still didn’t know his name, but you felt like you knew him. You sat next to him as everyone surrounded the fire. It didn’t feel like you were stranded, it felt like a big gathering. Everyone was shockingly calm and not worried about help arriving.

Before you knew it, the guy you’d been spending so much time with all day, asked you if you would go for a walk with him. Of course you agreed, you had a small crush on him by now. The way he talked and moved drew you to him. You wanted to know what was under that mask, but you respected his privacy.

The two of you began your walk into the dark, away from all of the people. “You’re not gonna kill me, are you?” You joked, walking beside him. He laughed, shaking his head.

“Why would I kill a pretty girl like you? Everyone would notice you’re gone.” He explained, bumping his shoulder into yours. You felt the blood rush to your cheeks.

“D- did you just call me pretty?” You stuttered, shocked by his words.

“Mm yeah. Is that okay?” He asked, turning toward you. You smiled, shoving your hands into your pockets.

“Of course. I can’t really return the compliment though. I mean, I haven’t seen your face.” You pointed out, looking at the ground.

“I didn’t say it to get a compliment in return, but if you want to see my face…” He trailed off. You snapped your head up in excitement, making him laugh. “I guess that’s a yes.”

“Sorry, I’m just curios.” You admitted, looking away. You could still see the fire off in the distance and hear people laughing. You felt him take your hands and place them on either side of his head.

“You can take it off it you want to.” He said, giving you permission. Your heart raced as you slowly pulled the fabric straps from behind his ears. When the mask fell, your breath was taken away. You realized why he looked so familiar earlier and your jaw dropped.

“Y- you’re…. Chanyeol…” He giggled at your reaction, making your heart jump to your throat. He nodded, taking his hat off. “Park Chanyeol…. Park Chanyeol called me…. pretty…” You said, putting everything together. He laughed, putting his hands on your shoulders and bending down a little to look in your eyes.

“Yes, because you are. Please don’t let this change anything.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just… I’m so shocked. I love EXO. You guys are part of the reason I was going to Seoul. Because you got me interested in the Korean language and culture and food and music and oh my goodness Park Chanyeol is standing in front me and -” You were cut off by Chanyeol’s lips on yours. His hands cradled your face as his lips pressed against yours perfectly. When he pulled away, you were dazed and utterly satisfied at the turn of events the night had taken.

“Was that okay?” He asked, still holding your face. You smiled, giggling at how cute he was.

“No,” you started, making him frown and his hands went slack against your cheeks, about to fall back to his sides. Quickly, you grabbed his hands to keep them there. “It was perfect.” You finished, watching his face light up. He leaned in, kissing you again, but this time he moved his lips against yours until it turned into a heated make out session.

By the time you pulled away, you were both trying to catch your breath and you were craving more from him. Apparently the kiss had the same effect on Chanyeol because in no time, he had you pressed against a tree as he kissed and bit at your neck. You moaned softly, feeling his member against your thigh, as the boy attacked your neck.

His hands reached behind your thighs, picking you up as you wrapped your legs around him. You ran your fingers through his soft hair, now feeling his arousal between your legs through your jean shorts. “Chanyeol,” you breathed in his ear. He hummed in response before pulling away to look at your face. You bit your lip, thinking of all the ways he could take you right there in the woods. “I need you.” You whispered, causing him to smirk.

“You got it, baby.” He said, putting you down and undoing his pants. You couldn’t believe what was happening as Chanyeol bit his lip, looking at you. He kissed you, pulling you against him by your waist. Pulling back from the kiss, he looked down between the two of you as his hands unbuttoned your shorts. He looked back up at you for confirmation, to which you nodded, before he looked back down and slowly pulled your shorts down until they dropped to your ankles. You quickly stepped out of them, eyes glued to him as he smiled down at you. One hand cupped your cheek, pulling you in for a kiss, as the other trailed down to your white lace panties. His fingers teased you, gliding over the lace before he pushed it aside and pressed a finger into you.

A breathy moan fell from your lips and into Chanyeol’s mouth as he pumped his finger in you. Soon, he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled away from the kiss and ripped your panties down your legs before picking you up again, pushing you against the tree. You gasped as he held you there with one arm while his other hand revealed his hard on. Licking your lips, you anticipated how amazing he was going to feel. He looked you in the eyes before placing a sweet kiss to your lips and slowly pressing himself into you.

You closed your eyes, moaning his name quietly as he filled you up. He groaned in your ear as he sank deeper into you. “Ready?” He breathed in your ear. You simply nodded in response. He slowly started moving in and out of you, making breathe harder and faster. His thrusts got faster before he stopped. “Um can we try a different…” He trailed off. You smiled, knowing it was hard to do it standing up.

“I have the perfect idea.” You whispered. You got your shorts back on and headed for the plane. When you got there, Chanyeol laughed.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” He asked, letting you lead him back inside. Once you were inside, you made sure no one else was in there before you pushed Chanyeol down into a seat.

“Where were we?” You asked, “ah, yes.” Chanyeol laughed as you removed your shorts and panties before straddling him. He quickly undid his pants again and pulled his member out. You eased yourself onto him, feeling him deeper in this new position.

“Shit,” he groaned, dropping his head back against the seat. You smirked, slowly bouncing up and down on him. His hands were on your hips, fingers pressing hard into your skin as he tried to make you go faster. Quickly, you gave into him, letting him control the pace as you leaned down to kiss his neck. “Ah, jagi.” He said urgently, pushing you up off of him as he finished.

You rested your head in the crook of his neck, trying to catch your breath before you got up and got dressed. “I’m gonna go get you something to clean up with.” You smiled, making your way to the bathroom. When you came back and handed him the tissues, he cleaned himself up and did his pants back up. You smiled, “Well we should go back out there.” You said awkwardly, pressing your lips into a line.

As you tried to make your way past him, still sitting, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his lap. You squealed before giggling as he kissed you all over your face. “I’m not ready.” He smiled, holding you in his lap.

“Chanyeol,” you giggled, “what are you doing?” He rubbed his hand up and down your leg as you sat sideways across his lap.

“I just want to sit here with you for a little bit, if that’s okay with you.” He admitted. A huge smile broke out on your face at his words as he leaned in, kissing your nose.

“That sounds perfect.” You smiled, laying your head on his chest as he rubbed your back. Being stranded might not be your worst fear anymore.

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Can I get a reaction from Wonho I.M and Minhyuk of when they see you in really sexy lingerie? Thankksssss

I enjoyed writing this *wink wink* ~D

When they see you in sexy lingerie (Wonho, I.M, and Minhyuk)

He’d come home and immediately go to the bedroom you two shared. Once he got the text you sent him earlier, he wished his practice day would end sooner. When he walked into the room, he’d see you sprawled across the bed in new lingerie.
Ooh baby,” he said as he bit his lip. “You like?” You’d say to him as you saw him getting a little amused. “I like it a lot,” he’d say as he gets on the bed and crawls over you. “I can tell.

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Your 2 year anniversary was coming up so you decided to get something you’d both enjoy. Lingerie. When you got home, you hid it in a spot you thought was good enough until a day before your anniversary: 

Uh, babe? Heh, what’s this?” I.M would say as he held up your lingerie. You would be speechless. You blushed and didn’t say one word. You sighed and said, “That was for tomorrow. I wanted to please you by wearing that so I bought it. How’d you find it?
It wasn’t in the best of spots, Y/N- Wanna put it on now?” He said as he winked. 

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Minhyuk: It was your birthday and you were on your way to the MX dorm for a birthday party. The members were luckily off today so they decided to be nice and throw you a little somethin. When you got there, they all greeted you and said ‘Happy Birthday!’ including your boyfriend Minhyuk, but he added a kiss. Time passed and it was time to open presents. “You guys didn’t have to get me anything-” “But we wanted to! Besides, you get us presents so why wouldn’t we return the favor?” Kihyun stated. All of them gave you a gift, but Minhyuk was last. You were expecting a cheesy gift like the rest of them but it was quite different from that. “WHAT THE FUCK MINHYUK!?!? WHY???” “Hah Lol you know why,” Said I.M as he gave you a little eyebrow wiggle. “SHUT UP!!” you yelled at I.M and hit him. You blushed when you looked at the sexy lingerie that Minhyuk got you. “Don’t you like it, jagi? I thought it was your style~” You turned completely red after he said that. 

 “I think it’s time to leave,” 

Aww but jagi! We didn’t even have cake!

 “Alright, after cake, we are out.

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 Minhyuk’s was a little longer than expected but I hope that’s ok~ Sorry I’ve been so inactive, my whole month has been pretty busy but I plan to write more after the holidays! ~D

I did a prompt with Ked tonight! (this looks like this was maybe meant to be a quote from something, but I couldn’t find it so this is what I did, hope you like it! *throws it at you and runs*)

The bounce of the ball against concrete reverberated against the steel wall to Derek’s left, leaving an echo. He dribbled the basketball around the edges of his makeshift court for a moment, relishing in memories. Catching the ball on the next bounce, he lifted it into the air and shot it at the hoop he’d installed into the side of his building.


Derek caught the scent as he picked up the ball, rolling his eyes. He let ball drop into a dribble as he turned around to see Stiles leaning against the wall.

“What are you doing here?”

“What, I like basketball.” At Derek’s disbelieving look, Stiles continued. “Hey! I’m pretty good even.”

Derek snorted.

“I’ll prove it.” Stiles wiggled his eyebrows playfully. “I’ll take that from you.” He nodded toward the ball.

Raising his eyebrows, Derek caught the ball and let it rest atop his palm. “You think you can get the ball from me?”

Stiles nodded smugly, lifting off from the wall.

“No,” Derek said, shaking his head. “Not gonna happen. Just go away.” He turned his back to Stiles, dribbling away from him.

“Ooh, big wolf is scared I’ll show him up,” Stiles taunted, still moving closer.

Don’t do it, he thought as he did it, turning back to Stiles and waving one hand in the universal “well go ahead then” gesture.

Stiles grinned.

Dropping his weight onto the balls of his feet, Stiles slithered closer, coming toward him in an arc. Derek watched him through narrow eyes, dribbling the ball at his side.

When he was just a couple feet away, Stiles lunged. In a feat of epic clumsiness of which Derek was certain only Stiles was capable, he went down, tripping over his own feet. He hit the ground and rolled over, shouting and clutching at his shin.

Derek moved toward him without thinking, basketball forgotten.

“Fuck! I think it’s bro- Call! Call Scott!” Stiles shouted, groaning and rolling away from Derek, face scrunched in pain.

Scott? Derek wasn’t sure how Scott could help, but he moved past Stiles toward where his jacket and phone were sitting on the ground. It took him far more steps than he was proud to admit to realize he didn’t smell any pain. Derek stopped, exhaling sharply.

By the time he turned around, Stiles was off the ground and closing his hands around the ball Derek had let roll away. He twisted around ungracefully to meet Derek’s gaze, dribbling the ball with the most shit-eating grin Derek had ever seen.

“Told ya.”

Derek launched forward, catching Stiles’ shoulders and pushing him back against the fence behind him, the metal clanging together as it absorbed their force.

“You cheated,” Derek growled.

Smirking, Stiles pressed forward. “I might have played a little dirty,” he admitted. “You can take a little dirty, can’t you Hale?”

Dropping his hands from Stiles’ shoulders to run down his sides, Derek leaned in. “I’ll take that,” he started, capturing Stiles’ lips briefly as the man groaned. “From you.”

The basketball bounced away, forgotten.