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This isn’t art-related, but this is EXTREMELY SERIOUS IF YOU LIVE IN THE US.  The following message is pasted from Reddit user DrDreamtime. I did not write this, but it contains all the most important information you should know. It should be spread as far and wide as possible.

For those that do not know or understand what net neutrality is and would rather see a video instead of a LOT of text, here is a good video by John Oliver on Net Neutrality.

Don’t want to do that? Understandable, it’s a 15 minute video. So heres a simple picture to highlight what things could look like

Please take the time to at least do the first easy step, either of the two options work and take very little time.

If this fails, the possibility of actually having to pay more to access reddit, facebook, and any other website or face massive loading speed increases or even a straight out site-block by your ISP.

Tell him how you feel.

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman: 1-202-418-1000

Reddit won’t let me post the rest of the FCC contact information, something with the formatting and the automod, I think. You can click here, to go to the FCC’s official contact page.

You need to contact your representatives and senators about Net Neutrality even if they already support it, but especially if they don’t.

Remember that this very thread is only possible because of a free and open internet; kill net neutrality and threads like this might be a thing of the past.

Easy way:

Step 1: Go to BattleForTheNet.com.
Step 2: Do what BattleForTheNet.com tells you to do.


Text RESIST to 50409 to get help from RESIST Bot. It helps you find your reps, write letters to them, and sends them faxes FOR FREE. Everyone who cares about Net Neutrality should take 5 minutes to write to your representatives, once a week (or a day). Be heard.

The harder, but still very easy way:

Step 1: Find out who your Representative and Senator is/are.

Step 2: Find your Representative and Senator’s contact information.

FaxZero has a system set up allowing you to fax your Representatives and Senators for free! (Faxes are good if you can’t get through on the phone lines, or just if you want congressional staffers to listen to fax machine noises until Net Neutrality is safe.)

Step 3: Call, write, or fax to express your feelings on this.

A lot of people are nervous about calling their elected officials for the first time, maybe you don’t know what to say, or how to say it, or even who you’ll be talking to, so here’s what you’ll need to know.

  1. There’s a 75% chance your call will be answered by a Secretary who is specifically there to listen to your concerns, there’s a 25% chance your call will be bumped into a voicemail box which is specifically there to listen to your concerns, there is a ~0% chance you’ll find yourself on the phone with your Senator or Representative.
  2. You may be asked for your name and address or zip code, it’s okay not to tell them if you don’t want to, but the information is useful for your elected officials. I usually just give my first name, zip code, and the name of my town.
  3. Don’t worry about a script, don’t worry about being eloquent, you’re not writing Shakespeare here, you’re a concerned citizen voicing their frustrations, fears, and hopes. “I’m really scared of Ajit Pai’s plans to roll back net neutrality, a free and open internet is important to me because [Your reason here. Some suggestions: An open internet is important to democracy/I worry what Donald Trump might do with more power/Cable bills are already too high/etc.]. Please tell [Senator or Representative] that I support a free and open internet, I support Net Neutrality, and I vote.” The only hard and fast rule is that you need to be polite; these folks are getting dozens, if not hundreds of calls a day, they don’t need you bitching and swearing at them for something they have no control over. Be passionate, but be polite.

Reminder: Only call YOUR OWN elected officials! Calling Mitch McConnell from sunny Florida won’t do anyone any good, and might actually harm the cause. Only call your own elected officials, period.



The Blade of Marmora guys need more love… (Since the creators don’t seem to love them //sob)

I was thinking the other day about the half breeds in Voltron and as far as we know there seems to be a lot of half Galra ones in particular and this gave me pause. I guess before the empire, most people stayed on their own planets? But because of the invasion there’s Galrans everywhere and… hrrmm.

Makes you wonder though why their DnA is so compatible with so many other aliens. haha

Short dumb comic. LOL. Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of those.

(Commissions are still OPEN.)

【Non-No Magazine January 2018】 100 answers from BTS - V’s part

Q15: Your favorite number? 
A: 85. Our song ‘DNA’ released in September 2017, the first time it made into Billboard Hot 100 was no. 85. After that day, it became my favorite number. 

Q16: Favorite drink?
A: Carbonated drink with lemon flavor, I must drink it when I’m having a meal or on a break. I don’t like drinking coffee or alcohol. 

Q17: Favorite movie genre?
A: I like everything except horror. Recently, I’m into the movie ‘Midnight Runners’. 

Q18: Recently, what are you most into?
A: Actually, I’m planning to give my parents a car as a surprise. I get excited just thinking about it. 

Q19: Which BTS song can you relate to the most? 
A: Love yourself '承’ Her’s hidden song 'Sea’. The lyrics is similar to how we’ve reached here. My heart clenches when I listen to it.

Q20: Recently, what photos did you take? 
A: Photos of natural scenery. I like to fill my emotions in my photos. The photos I’ve took so far are stored safely, I hope I could somehow show it to everyone one day. 

Q21: If you became a photographer, what kind of work do you want to create? 
A: It has to be scenery. I would take a photo of the same scenery in color and monochrome, and make a photo album presenting the 2 versions. I personally really like black and white photos. But I think photos with colors has the power to touch people’s heart, it’s also charismatic. I can probably double the fun.  

Q22: How would you take care of your beauty?
A: I would apply toner 10 minutes before I sleep, after I’ve done my face mask. For my hands, I just apply hand cream. 

Q23: When you feel down, what would you do to change your mood?
A: In the past, I heard my father say: “it’s not a big deal, right?” I can change my mood when I think of that!  

Q24: Who do you want to see right now? 
A: The female protagonist's aunt in the drama ‘The Full-Time Wife Escapist’. Yuriko Ishida’s acting is amazing, it’s a very charismatic character. 

Q25: Which birthday was the most memorable for you?
A: The birthday party I had before I started primary school. My family and relatives all came to celebrate my birthday. The photo that we took together on the day is still my treasure. 

Q26: Favorite day of the year?
A: My father (who brought me up)’s birthday. Because of my job, I can’t really leave and I can’t celebrate his birthday with him. One day, I’ll get my father to come to Seoul and I’ll hold a birthday party for him!

Q27: Secret for studying Japanese?
A: In the past, I just wrote down vocabulary and the phrases that are often used. Now when I watch a Japanese drama or movie, if there’s a new word then I’d pause and look up the meaning of it. The movie that I watched recently is ‘Drowning Love’ (2016).

Q28: What did the members say recently that made you happy?
A: “You’re so handsome.” I get shy but of course I’m very happy to hear it (laughs).


Scan: myheaven0624

Time and I are in 
an on-again-off-again relationship 
sometimes I can feel him passing by,
lips brushing against the side of my neck
so subtly it feels like we are almost stopped 
but then a shiver travels down my spine
and other times, it is all so still 
we are clinging to one another 
in a moment where nothing makes sense
the hyphen between tick and tock,
unable to separate because of the way it is to exist 
however, we are so far from being one.
Time is funny, fickle, all time is time 
but it will always make more sense than love-
Love, that comes and goes at the most inconvenient time.
At least when the days feels slowest 
and the sun sets before anything is over
I still know that Time is following me 
wherever I go, elongating, growing,
aging me beyond what I have lived 
in a wonderfully terrible way.

- moving forward || O.L.

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do you have ideas for a fantasy (medieval - to - renaissance) RPG that is less complex than Pathfinder but is more mechanically oriented than Apocalypse systems? i’ve tried Dungeon World and looked at Apocalypse world and the like, and they’re far too rules-light for my taste, but pathfinder just has a ton going on and a high learning curve for my players

You didn’t specify any particular kind of fantasy, or that it had to be a dungeon crawler in particular, so: Blue Rose.

Where the classics of the fantasy dungeon crawler genre - Dungeons & Dragons most of all - take their thematic cues from the sword and sorcery fiction of the 1960s and 1970s, Blue Rose takes inspiration from 1980s and 1990s romantic fantasy instead. Basically, imagine a milieu suggested not by Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock and Jack Vance, but by Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce.

Mechanically, it’s pretty middle of the road; I’d peg it as medium-heavy, which is the same stretch of territory that Pathfinder occupies, but where Pathfinder is on the high end of that range, Blue Rose is on the low end.

On the flip side, if you want  to dial down the mechanical complexity but would prefer stick with the swords and sorcery milieu, you could definitely give Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition a shot - there’s a free starter version on the Wizard website. I’d caution, however, if your group finds Pathfinder’s learning curve steep, there’s a fair chance they’d have similar issues with 5E. It definitely throws substantially fewer opportunities at you to bollix your character because you didn’t plan your build far enough in advance or overlooked a spell the game assumes every member of your class and archetype will take but never gets around to actually telling you that, but it doesn’t wholly escape that sort of thing, either.

Musical Confession


I got an idea from this song as I listened to it because it’s toTALLY MARVIN AND JACKIE-

@markired tagging you because I know you like that sweet sweet marvelsepticeye

The evening began as normal. Marvin was practicing an aura spell, one that would project a glow around another person. So far, he’d been able to create every color but green and blue, his and Jackie’s favorite colors.

Jackie had just come home from a mission, only he was giddy when he stepped in the door of the apartment and removed his mask. “Hey, Marv! Make anything cool today?”

He always said that when he came home. Most of the time, it would be no, but today he’d made a small breakthrough.

Jackie came closer when he didn’t answer. His tiny eyeball, Sam, peeked out from under Jackie’s hood and went to curl up beside Marvin’s. It stopped when it saw the odd purple glow surrounding the other eye. “It’s okay, little dude.” The magician reassured him, and the caped eye cuddled up to the masked one.

“That’s so freakin adorable. And cool! What’s this new glowy spell ya got goin’ on?” Jackie inquired, leaning over Marv’s shoulder.

Marvin got distracted by the soft hair that dangled gently in front of his face. Shaking his head of the thought of running his fingers through it, Marvin spoke. “It’s an aura spell. I can make things glow.” He answered, standing up from his desk.

Jackie’s face lit up. “Really? That’s awesome! Can you try it on me?” Jackie asked, jumping up and down and clapping his hands.

Marvin was always nervous about trying new magic on him. This spell was harmless, though. “I-I’ll try.”

Jackie stood still, stretching his arms wide. “Go for it, magic boy!”

Marvin smiled. He got into focus. Clutching his crystal necklace, Marvin attempted to perform the spell.

But no matter how hard he tried, Jackie never glowed.

Jackie saw the distress on Marvin’s face, and dropped his arms. Walking over, he placed a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, hey, it’s okay. Don’t push yourself. You don’t have to be perfect at it yet.”

Marvin felt a blush creeping up his neck. “T-thank you, Jackie.

The red-clad man smiled again. “Come on. We’re going to Dottie’s. It’s karaoke night!”

Dottie’s was Marvin’s favorite restaurant. He nodded and put his potions and spellbooks away.

Soon enough, they were changed, headed out the door and into the car. He loved to watch Jackie drive. He looked as powerful and in control as he did in any fight, and Marvin refused the urge to gawk at him.

Yes, his crush was undeniable, but he’d never admit it to Jackie.

Little did he know, Jackie wanted nothing more than to ditch Dottie’s and cuddle Marvin on their couch to Studio Ghibli movies. But, Marvin needed some cheering up, and cheering up he would get.

When they walked in, Dottie herself stood at the waitress stand. She grinned at them. “Your table’s back there, boys. I’ll get Suzanna.”

Jackie nodded and sat down at the table near the darkest corner of the restaurant. It reduced the chances of Jackie being recognized. It also gave Marvin the chance to do cool things with napkins and sugar packets. Namely, stacking them.

They both ate, Jackie getting a burger and Marvin a homemade chicken noodle soup. When they were finished, they listened to the other karaoke singers. Some were bad, some were good, some were drunk. Jackie grew restless.

“I’m going up there.” He said, already scooting out of the booth.

Marvin laughed. “Good luck, hero.”

His heart near stopped when Jackie winked at him.

He watched him go, looking at the flannel he wore define his broad shoulders and the jeans cling to his legs.

He thanked magic that Jackie chose a song quickly.

He jogged up onto the stage, and the music began. It was upbeat and electric.

“I just know that I have to believe,” Jackie began. “All that I see. All that I see.”

Marvin was instantly enthralled by his voice.

“I woke up in a different place, than I left when I closed my eyes.” He looked right at Marvin. “And this feeling I can’t explain, that this day would make me alive.”

“I just know.”

It was right then.

“I just know.”

Marvin finally realized why he wanted him so badly.

“I just know.”

Why he needed him so badly.

“I just know.”

He’d never be complete without his superhero.

“All I see is you! All I see is you!” Jackie swayed to the music, never taking his eyes off of Marvin through the chorus.

Marvin thought he looked beautiful. He blushed at his stare. Thank God that the mask hid it.

“I just know that I have to believe, all that I dream. All that I dream.” Jackie paused, winking, before launching into another chorus.

This was his way of confessing. His ironic, musical way of confessing that he wanted nothing but Marvin. He wanted to make him happy. He wanted to protect him from everything. From everyone. But most of all, he wanted to make Marvin feel like he was worth the universe.

“I wish we had more time, and less space in between. Reality would be much better than a dream.” Jackie placed both hands on the mic.

“There are so many things that I have left unsaid. I’d rather be with you, be with you instead.” Jackie stepped off the stage.

“I just know.”

He started towards their table.

“I just know.”

Marvin looked terrified.

“I just know.”

Jackie extended his hand.

“I just know.”

Marvin took it, clutching his crystal necklace.

“All I see is you!” Jackie began to glow. Literally glow. A green aura surrounded him, and upon inspection, Marvin was glowing a soft blue.

Jackie was dancing again, placing Marvin’s hand over his heart. “All I see is you!” Nothing would separate them. Ever.

Jackie finished the chorus and let the backup singers close the song. He muted the mic and set it down, placing the now free hand on Marvin’s cheek. Careful not to push up his mask, Jackie leaned in and finally, finally, brought their lonely lips together.

Marvin froze, but then relaxed, kissing him back and wrapping his arms around Jackie’s neck. Finally.

Jackie could’ve burst into tears right then and there. Marvin loved him back.

Marvin himself, was scared. Scared but hopeful. Jackie’s kiss left him breathless as he pulled away. “J-j-“ Apparently, speechless as well.

“I love you, Marvin.” Jackie whispered, placing his warm forehead to the cool of Marvin’s mask.

“I-I l-lo-“ He stuttered, not being able to form words at the moment.

“Shh.” Jackie stroked his cheek with his thumb. “I know.”


What i miss the most about a relationship is the little things. Finding moles and freckles, knowing someones face like the back of my hand, the challenge that is getting to know everything about someone, just everything i miss all of it….

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So Im just gonna throw out the biggest issue with abortion in my mind; Overpopulation! The current population of humans is around 7.6 billion people right? And the average annual world growth is about 83 million new people every year. Now the theoretical population cap for when we'll all start running out of food is about 10 billion people, we are not far off from that and if we try to say that every fetus that starts developing is a fully fledged human, we'll make it there alot faster.


So I mean, murder is still murder buddy. I mean imagine you’re talking about idk like Jews. That’s touchy: imagine the Germans came back and used the same argument…it works Bc you didn’t argue the fact of fetuses being human…

This is probably the worst argument I’ve heard against abortion tbh haha sorry man. Utilitarianism at its most extreme

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Hail yes! I love this comic so far!!! Is this somewhat Kustard or is it just making the situation appear like that? >v>

Most likely, knowing me… it’s not actual Kustard. I like to write my characters having friendly non sexy relationships so… that’s what this is. And I have always felt like Red and Sans would become good friends once Red calms down and hangs out with Sans, simply because Sans is a nice guy, but not the overbearingly in your face niceness like Blue. 

Feel free to imagine whatever you want of my characters though, just know I’ll never actually go into any fontcest or anything (though I like to make people think I will for shits and giggles) It’s just gonna be skeletons being cute and funny with each other with a little angst for spice.

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REMEMBER! Your life is most important ok? So dont be sorry if you cant be so active! If you fail school or whatever you are doing you might dont get the job you want. And you could be even less atctive beacuse of that. And maybe even leave tumblr And i dont wanna lose somone like you :3. Well good luck! *Hugs* Lol i probably went to far but you know what i mean :P

Hehe)) I won’t fail school I’m sure x) But art school is questioned, so I’ll have to try hard… I won’t leave you guys ANYTIME soon so don’t worry xD I’ll just… won’t spend too much time here and won’t be active at all. If I am liking your posts and stuff, be sure, it’s 12:00 or later xD (( ;v; so tired..))

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y'know i've been following you for over two years by now i think, and you have no idea how much your art has inspired me, like, there's been such a phenomenal change in your style, and it's just improved so much, and it makes me really happy and inspired just seeing it, makes me want to go out there and develop like you have, and those kierens you posted earlier? prime example of how much you've developed, god i just love seeing how far you came in the time that i've followed you, great stuff

aaaaaa you’re being so nice,,,, thanks a lot ;w; i feel like i get most of my motivation for drawing from you guys being interested in my art, so know that also inspires you in return is just,,,,,,, super ultra nice

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random question but out of everyone in glee, who do you think deserved more solos? I personally think Kevin deserved more solos. His voice always stood out to me as being one of the best. But what about you?? Sorry i know it's a very random question :P I was just binge watching glee hahah

Yes Kevin 100%. He has such a great voice. Every time I listen to Boys/Boyfriend I lament that there were not more Blaine/Artie duets - they sounded so good together.

You know, I found Artie a bit boring as a character - He obviously wasn’t one who really popped and so didn’t get such great storylines and it’s too bad because I think Kevin seems like he has a lot of potential as an actor and man, he can sing. I also love him as a (social media) person (I mean, I don’t know him, but he is by far the most accessible on social media and is kind, smart, political, and funny - who can ask for anything more?)

Web of Sins Chapter 6 Teaser #1

Just thought I’d address this; I know this would technically be listed as chapter 7 in the fic, but the first chapter is a prologue, so I call it chapter 6. Now that that’s out of the way, things are sure to get interesting after the ending of last chapter, huh? Can’t wait! 

If you didn’t know, WoS is my Stripper!Lance AU! Click below to read it:


“I gotta go catch Lance’s performance, so, yeah! Did you know he’s the most popular dancer there? Like, because, he’s the most talented-”

“I know, you’ve told me a dozen times, including today.” Shiro interrupted, still smiling.

Keith chuckled nervously as he made for the door, this being far from the first time Lance made him say something repetitive and dumb. “Sorry. I’ll see you later, Shiro!”

Shiro gave a small wave. “Have fun!”

A wide grin spread across Keith’s face as he rushed out of the room, heart thumping like a schoolgirl on her way to her crush. I will.


In case you’re new to my blog and need to know

Doomfist: I…I don’t know he funds my science so I probably can’t say anything bad about him

Genji: Idk he doesn’t like me so fuck him

McCree: I thought he was my loving nephew but the little shit betrayed me

Pharah: She would probably like me if everyone didn’t keep brainwashing her so I consider her innocent thus far


Originally posted by cherrielube

Soldier 76: Gabriel hates him so he’s probably okay

Sombra: MY NIECE

Tracer: I’ve never actually talked to her. I have no opinion

Bastion: Seemed all right at first but then I came to find out he loves Reaper so I can’t morally enjoy his company

Hanzo: Fuck you

Junkrat: My niece hates you so fuck you

Jonkrit: honestly I think he’s high most of the time??? He’s all right by me

Mei: Boring and ruins all my jokes

Torbjörn: Only here for the memes

Widowmaker: she’s fine unless Sean gets into her alcohol

DVA: I lack sufficient evidence to form a proper hypothesis but she’s probably horrible

Orisa: I?

I can’t really say. She is nice, and a little naive but she’s also a Reaper apologist and I’m not sure I can tolerate that

Reinhardt: grandpa

Road hog: [see: DVa]

Winston: actually just fuck this guy.

Zarya: I like her blog but I’m not sure I like her

Ana: my grandmother who low key hates my guts but can’t do shit because deep down she would regret it

Lúcio: okay, I guess


But she’s “hella"😎

Symmetra: We don’t like each other but we hate plebeians more so we might be considered allies rather than friends

Zenyatta: I don’t pay much attention to him honestly, I couldn’t care less


Mondatta: I honestly can’t tell whether he’s joking or not. Sometimes I think he’s okay but he’s probably spiraling into a drug induced depressive episode

Gerard: I wouldn’t call our relationship friendly. More of terse acquaintances. He’s a chaotic Neutral as am I, so that’s likely the closest we will ever become.

So there. You all ought to be caught up now

During this time, I want to see if I enjoy working solely as a writer and if I can support myself. I want to see if (like those old-time black folks I talk about at the start of the essay) doing solely the work I feel most “called” to do will enhance my joy in living. For the past few months, I have been “just writing” and indeed, so far, I feel it is “work that makes life sweet.”

The historical legacy of black women shows that we have worked hard, long, and well, yet rarely been paid what we deserve. We rarely get the recognition we deserve. However, even in the midst of domination, individual black women have found their calling, and do the work they are best suited for. Onnie Lee Logan, the Alabama midwife who tells her story in Moth emit, never went to high school or college, never made a lot of money in her working life, but listened to her inner voice and found her calling. Logan shares:

I let God work the plan on my life and I am satisfied at what has happened to me in my life. The sun wasn’t shinin’ every time and moon wasn’t either. I was in the snow and the rain at night by my lonely self…There had been many dreary nights but I didn’t look at em as dreary nights. I had my mind on where I was going and what I was going for. Whatever I’ve done, I’ve done as well as I could and beyond…I’m satisfied at what has happened in my life. Perfectly satisfied at what my life has done for me. I was a good midwife. One of the best as they say. This book was the last thing I had planned to do until God said well done. I consider myself—in fact if I leave tomorrow—I’ve lived my life and I’ve lived it well.

The life stories of black women like Onnie Logan remind us that “right livelihood” can be found irrespective of our class position, or the level of our education.

To know the work we are “called” to do in this world, we must know ourselves. The practice of “right livelihood” invites us to become more fully aware of our reality, of the labor we do, and of the way we do it. Now that I have chosen my writing more fully than at any other moment of my life, the work itself feels more joyous. I feel my whole being affirmed in the act of writing. As black women unlearn the conventional thinking about work—which views money and/or status as more important than the work we do or the way we feel about that work—we will find our way back to those moments celebrated by our ancestors, when work was a passion. We will know again that “work makes life sweet"

bell hooks, “Sisters of the Yam”

In my experience most cute guys are either/or

1) Amazing but already invested in a loving relationship

2) Straight

3) Boring, like, so fucking boring

4) Assholes with toxic opinions (misogyny, racism, internalized homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, etc)

5) Way too far away from where I live

6) Secretly creeps

7) Obsessively jealous

8) Self-absorbed

9) Emotionally unavailable

10) Uncaring and mean and/or possibly violent and dangerous

11) Only interested in sex

12) Openly cheating on their S.O. that they are not in an open relationship with

13) Emotionally immature and deathly afraid of commitment

14) All or some of the above mixed together to form just truly the worst kind of people to find yourself dating

I guess we all live to find an exception and that’s just the single queer boy’s way of life.

I’m not a water person, and I find manicured beaches to be one of the most boring places, so I’ve been putting extra effort into finding things on this Florida island that excite me. Here is my list so far:

  • Lizards. So many lizards.
  • Lichen on palm trees
  • Dinner last night when I had a captive audience of absolutely non-outdoorsy people who wanted to know what lichen is and why I like it

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So if Lightning and Sally have their koi, what kind of pets do you see the others having (if any?!)

Given how few animals we see in the Cars universe, I’d be willing to bet that animal domestication did not happen on anywhere near the scale it happened in our world–which I guess makes sense. There’s less need for pack animals, since cars can mostly carry their own stuff (and/or befriend pickups/big rigs, ha). Solid food doesn’t seem to be a matter of sustaining life for them, so agribusiness and agriculture generally speaking is probably a much smaller industry. Except rubber, I guess. XD

I like imagining that most of the animals in the cars universe are wild, and that the cows that make their ice cream and whatnot are pretty few and far between. That’s probably why Lightning’s koi have drawn so much attention in the town, and why Lightning keeps insisting that his fish are ~wild animals~. (They are not.)

But the cars clearly care about animals–at least enough to establish a crab sanctuary!

  • I like imagining that Red really likes raptors–there’s a headcanon about that somewhere on this blog–and is a reasonably accomplished falconer, though not many know that.
  • Brick keeps bees, though he also doesn’t see them as pets. They’re part of his ecosystem. He still cries whenever the hive splits and half the bees go off on their own, though. It always feels like he never got to say goodbye.
  • Storm has one of those gigantic saltwater fishtanks that spans like, his whole trailer. It’s filled with very expensive boutique fish that someone else takes care of. Gale said he’s not allowed to keep sharks, even small ones. The tanks isn’t big enough. His response: “Well, clearly we need a bigger tank.” Unfortunately, his trailer is not one of those modes of transportation that is bigger on the inside.
  • And the Weathers cats, of course, defy all rules. The cats are just one of those magical properties that comes with the Weathers name.

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I take it the bronlies/bibros/etc are not liking season 13 much? (I have pretty much everyone who has ever said anything shitty about Misha, his family, Destiel, J2's wives, their kids (etc) blocked on here and on Twitter (and I'm not on Facebook at all) so I miss most of their delightful commentary.) What sucks about it this time? Do they not like Jack? does Misha have too many lines? is there STILL not enough Sam and Dean? What is it? I think this season's been awesome so far..

“Dean was being COMPLETELY OOC, like wtf?? So Cas died, so what? Why is he acting like this? Omg!!! WHY! ARE! THEY! SEPARATING! DEAN! AND! SAM! OMG WTF?!?!? Dean? DEAN gets to go to Missouri rather than, IDK the PSYCHIC BROTHER?!?! UGH, GOD, WHY was mishmash in this episode for so long?! I don’t care about him being in the Empty! Get rid of him! He’s not at all relevant or important and is boring!! Nobody likes him! Just kill him off for good already!! OMG Sam basically isn’t even IN this season! What the hell is this Sam erasure??? Oh wow! Look at the promo image! Sam side-lined and separated from Dean is completely accurate to the show right now! I can’t wait til this show ends and all of you lose your jobs, then maybe you’ll show more appreciation for the guy responsible for your paycheck! You know what? I hope this writer gets fired and can never work in the industry again he’s so terrible! WTH?? Why is Dean suddenly HAPPY? It doesn’t even make SENSE!!!!!! #MySupernatural is DEAN and SAM!!! WTF is this Wayward Sisters dick hating BS?!?!? All these fans just hate dick and love pussy! This is sexist BS!!!! LET’S BOYCOTT THESE SPECIFIC EPISODES! THAT WILL SHOW THEM TO STOP PANDERING TO THESE DESTIHELLER BULLIES!!”

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As much as I want rey and kylo to leave together in the end I feel that most likely rey will have to go dark, snoke so far isn't proving to be much of a main villian in the end so it seems either one of those two will be the enemy in the end. Idk I think it's due to this being the 2nd of the trilogy and having everything impactful, what is there afterwards for the characters other then the the war still happening?

Yyyyyyeah, I don’t think Rey is going dark. There are all kinds of ways a story can go. The Resistance can be OBLITERATED. Rey and Kylo could fly off together to go find some shit. Kylo could be captured by the Resistance, or like… I dunno.. all kinds of crazy shit could happen. I feel like it’s a lack of creativity that forces people to come to ONE singular “shocking” conclusion, when there are actually infinite possibilities. 

Rey doesn’t “have to” go dark at all, in terms of switching sides. It’s already shocking enough to the main audience that she could team up with Kylo. I find it more interesting to see Kylo switch sides and go lighter and join Rey. From there… what DOES happen…? It’s a mystery. It’s exciting. Not everything has to be sensation wrapped in a box. Some things are more intriguing and just leave us with questions like “what now?”… ya know?