i like this tea

I’m apparently just going to keep turning out Resentful Scribbles until the universe lets me buy a Switch. And all of them are going to be full-body pieces, like I somehow get a reset once a week and forget that full-body pieces are death and despair. So here’s what I’m working on now, because I think she’s cute and want to preserve that before I ruin it with more mucking about. Armor is so hard to draw I need more practice omg.

[march study challenge] • 28/03/17

Day 28: coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

While I like all three (to varying extents), my heart is forever and always with coffee, as most of my followers will already know by now. I often don’t get enough sleep (or at least I feel like I don’t, thanks to my 6am wakeups!) and this stuff is practically my life source in times like these - seriously, I drink 2 or 3 shots a day, definitely more if I’m feeling like it, and it tastes so flipping good. Find me a place with good coffee and I’ll hang around it till the day I die - maybe I won’t ever die, because even just the smell reinvigorates me.

OK, BUT LIKE, I WAS HERE, AND THEN I WENT TO MAKE TEA, AND THEN I CAME BACK, AND....................................................................
Rain on wet pavement at 2 a.m. Is how I wanna feel. Does that make sense?
And I could tell you how he tasted on my tongue, sweet like tea with entirely too much honey.
I could point to the mole on his lower back and tell you it resembles how feeling the first rain drop fall on your cheek during a summer storm is.
Or that when he’d kiss me it’s like I was air and he was starving himself of oxygen just so he could bite my lip.
Loving him was loud, drunk with laughter, his eyes glassy, cheeks rosy.
He’d vomit up all of the bad things he thought into my hands, tears like a torrential hurricane.
God he was a bad storm,
words that struck like lighting,
closed off and far away,
brooding clouds and grey eyes that made you want to look away but you couldn’t.

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name: gee (thats a nickname but my birth name is a slur)

nicknames: gee

zodiac Sign: aquarius

height: 6″ and yes the weather is pleasant up here

orientation: bi

favorite fruit: apricots and grapefruits

favorite season: autumn because i am a fucking cliché

favorite book: i have….so many……

favorite flower: sunflowers

favorite scent: i can’t think of any right now but i definitely have some

favorite color: i was going to say black but like… it’s 2017…no seriously black or that dark purpleish blue (to be precise the color of the wildflower special effects hair dye)

favorite animal: cats

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: coffee. way too much coffee but sometimes tea cause it makes me feel like i have my life together

average sleep hours: umm on weekdays i try (key word: try) to get at least 7 or 8

cat or dog person?: cats

favorite fictional character: changes all the time, i think right now it’s party poison

number of blankets you sleep with: 5 bc i’m fucking extra

dream trip: to hell (no theres a lot of places id love to visit and also to meet vianney)

blog created: around september 2014 i think??

number of followers: 691 ayee

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name: Alex

nicknames: Lex? I guess, only family call me that though.

zodiac sign: sagittarius

height: 5′3″

orientation: gay af

favorite fruit: kiwi, grapes, apples

favorite season: summer

favorite book: i don’t have one :/// idk i haven’t read anything in a long time

favorite flower: dahlias! 

favorite scent: vanilla, lilac, idk really

favorite color: maroon, forest green, navy blue, i really like dark colors

favorite animal: red pandas, foxes, bears, snakes, skunks, opposums, raccoons, aaaaa i really like forest animals (other than red pandas)

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? hot cocoa

average sleep hours: 4-6 hours on weekdays idek weekends

cat or dog person? dogs definitely

favorite fictional character: i really don’t know??? i haven’t like paid attention to tv shows or anything lately. there’s some video game characters but i can’t think of anyone specific

number of blankets you sleep with: one

dream trip: i really wanna go to Iceland or Greece

blog created: i don’t remember… i think around April 2014

number of followers: 407

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1. coke or pepsi: coke (zero)
2. disney or dreamworks: both
3. coffee or tea: I like neither
4. books or movies: BOOKS
5. windows or mac: Windows
6. dc or marvel: neither
7. x-box or playstation: Playstation
8. dragon age or mass effect: I don’t knooooow
9. night owl or early riser: Neither. I go to bed early and up late
10. cards or chess: Cards
11. chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
12. vans or converse: converse
13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: what is that?
14. fluff or angst: 🤷🏻‍♀️
15. beach or forest: beach
16. dogs or cats: caaatssss
17. clear skies or rain: clear skies
18. cooking or eating out: Cooking
19. spicy food or mild food: Spicy
20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: Christmas
21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: A little too cold
22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be: super strong
23. animation or live action: live action
24. paragon or renegade: ??
25. baths or showers: Showers
26. team cap or team ironman: never watched any of them
27. fantasy or sci-fi: non
28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so what are they: “she believed she could so she did",
29. youtube or netflix: YouTube
30. harry potter or percy jackson: Harry Potter, who’s Percy
31. when do you feel accomplished: when I’ve done everything I have to do for the week
32. star wars or star trek: none
33. paperback books or hardback books: hardpack looks better on the shelf but paperbacks is easier when you’re traveling
34. horror or rom-com: rom-com
35. tv shows or movies: movies
36. favourite animal: cats
37. favourite genre of music: everything with a good melody
38. least favourite book: the bible ( @fit-loki hahah wtf!?? 😂😂)
39. favourite season: summer
40. song that’s currently stuck in your head: crossfire - Stephen
41. what kind of pyjama’s do you wear: t-shirt
42. How many existential crises do you have on an average day: hahaha is the person who asked this okay
43. If you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be: girls just wanna have fun
44. Favourite theme song to a TV show: Friends
45. Harry Potter movies or books: I love reading so
46. Favourite traditional food from your family: Hmm I don’t know. My mums danish so we have danish Christmas dinner
47. Favourite decade from 1900-now: 90 because i was boooorn
48. A song that no matter the mood, it’ll make you smile? Ahhh I don’t know old songs in general
49. Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit? HOBBIT
50. Deadpool or Wolverine? Deadpool
51: What’s your party trick? Going home early
52. Favorite place you’ve even been on vacation? New Zealand
53. Tent camping or cabin camping? Cabin
54. Favorite TV show character and why? Chandler Bing. I relate so much. Awkward
55.going to the cinema or watching a movie at home? At home plz don’t make me leave my house
56. Cardio or strength training? Strength
57. Whats your favorite and least favorite breakfast food? Favourite OATS least favourite sandwiches

My question iiiis: burgers or chicken nuggets?

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  • name: Amanda
  • nickname: Manda
  • zodiac sign: Gemini
  • height: 5'3"
  • orientation: Asexual
  • favorite fruit: Pineapple
  • favorite season: It’s a tie between Winter & Spring.
  • favorite book: The Pretty Little Liars books, but I also like the House of Night books.
  • favorite flower: Rose, Hibiscus, Lotus, and Poinsettia.
  • favorite scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance from Bath & Body Works, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and probably some others I can’t think of.
  • favorite color: Hot pink, crimson, and navy blue.
  • favorite animals: White Tigers, Hondurian White Bats, wolves, dolphins, hummingbirds, huskies, foxes, sea otters, and cats.  
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: I like Starbucks’ hot chocolate best since I can flavor it. However, I usually drink tea or hot water with lemon in it. I’m not a coffee person.
  • average sleep hours: 7-9 ( usually ).
  • cat or dog person: I like both, but I like cats better. 
  • favorite fictional character/s: Victoria Grayson, Sister Mary Eunice, Irene Adler, Rey, Elizabeth Comstock, Chris Argent, Allison Argent, Cruella De Vil, Anastasia Tremaine, Chessur, Mikoto Misaka, Kazuto Kirigaya, Weiss Schnee, Emma Duval, Scarlet Overkill, Rebekah Mikaelson, Prue Halliwell, Barry Allen, and Bonnie Bennett are some of the many characters that I consider favorites.
  • number of blankets I sleep with: One duvet.
  • dream trip: To travel to all of the Disney parks in the world and to go back to Japan.
  • blog created: June 2016.

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me: i don’t like tea that much but i’ll drink it!
gf: i love tea!!
me: god i fucking love tea. i’m a, you know, what they call, tea-holic! haha. what’s coffee? never heard of her

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Birthday: Oct 6…

Gender: girl!!

Relationship Status: tfw no bf or gf

Zodiac Sign: libra

Siblings: One Brother, I Cannot Find His Receipt

Favorite Color(s): blue to greenish colors

Pet(s): none i cry every day

Wake-up times: 6 on weekdays, 8am-12pm on weekends,

Love or Lust: im v ace so Give Me Love Thats All I Want

Lemonade or Iced Tea: lemonade….

Cats or Dogs: i feel like i relate more to cats

Coke or Pepsi: hate soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it BURNS

Day or Night: better mood during the day!!

Text or Call: text because im more outgoing that way??? its Unusual

Met a Celebrity: i looked in a mirror once

Light or Dark Hair: chocolate brown!!

Shorter or Taller: 5′5… average…… 

Chapsticks or Lipsticks: LIPSTICK

City or Country: CITY, though i do find tractors pretty sexy

Last song you listened to: where the sky hangs!!

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nicknames: (off the top of my head) andi, princess boogerface, dumbass, baby girl, dex, zombie

zodiac sign: aquarius 

orientation: somewhere between bi and a lesbian fuck if i know

ethnicity: generic white american 

favorite fruit: strawberries and blackberries. they are so good.i would die for a blackberry pie.

favorite scent: the smell right after a big rainstorm, when there’s still a bit of electricity in the air and you feel as powerful as a god.

favorite color: like…. blue or green. like a sapphire blue or an emerald green. actually i love all jewel tones.

favorite animal: dogs. i really love dogs.

tea, coffee, or hot chocolate: i Really Like soda it’s fizzy and feels calming.

average hours of sleep: it varies. sometimes it’s 4 hours, sometimes it 10. usually it’s about 7 hours tho? also i take a lot of depression naps so that may factor in.

cat or dog person: def a dog person. cats are cool, but my grandfather had a barnful of semi feral cats when i was a kid/he was alive. sine mostof you have never been with a semi feral barn cat, they are Wild so now a have a healthy amount of respect for cats.

ideal trip: a road trip or something that lets me meet all my online friends. i love them all so much.

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excessively-english-little-b  asked:

(Not the anon, but I know I sent an ask over to Jess's blog on the same subject) Bates Motel is a 'prequel' series to the Psycho film. The main character is diagnosed in-series with DID - it unfortunately plays into the 'murderous alter' trope, but it does have some deeper explorations into character development and psyche. I've also been wondering how it fares as far as media representation.

🤔 Huh, I’ll have to check it out.
Sounds much more like Ed’s cup of tea though ^_^ I’ll ask if he’d be interested in giving it a watch when I see him next.