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What was that? Did you want me to post one of the forever-inconsistent portraits of my hot babes? Alright sure, why not.

Edit: I actually kind of want to see people color this. If you’re up for it, go ahead!!


list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders


wake up ml fandom they’re lying to you

I got into TAZ with @defenestratin​ and @sorrydeer​ recently and have this headcanon where during lunar interludes, Magnus leaves Steven with the Voidfish and they chill while he goes out to shop and stuff!! :D 

anonymous asked:

Hello friend! Although I've been practicing in digital art for almost 3 years, I'm never completely satisfied by the result of my works. I usually never like the coloring. And from what I've seen you have the most unique and beautiful coloring style. So, I wanted to ask you, how did you find it? How did you expirement and settled in this style? Thank you for your time!

!!!! Thank you so much! ;v; 

We’ll start with ygo !!  because everything else before that is Dark Past and absolutely terrifying Never Again

early 2015, I used to try doing semirealistic art because artists like jiyu-kaze, artgerm, and sakimichan
the last piece took probably 2 weeks???? it was painful lmao

I used to do the thing where you painted everything in grayscale first and then used a bunch of layer modes to layer colors on top, inspired by this, and it carried over to my tg art. it would take maybe long time to finish anything because I didn’t really know how to use it correctly. 

 Then my style started off being inspired by sui-zakki  (the author of tg), especially these pieces xx, x

I switched to using base colors after a while and tried to paint the way ishida did. I really liked the way that his art wasn’t exactly smooth?? or that you could still see the edges of each color next to each other… the colors looked really sharp and abstract. You could say this is the start of the style I have right now <:
Along with base colors, I used a lot of lumi & shade layers to add highlights and shadows. My backgrounds were usually a lot softer and sort of random at the time (I think you can see my style improvement best through the way I drew/colored my backgrounds ‘v’ )

Around 2016ish, the colors I used were lighter because I used less lumi & shade and used more on overlay and multiply layers (this is what I do now) or by coloring with only changes in opacity (this was mostly influenced by ammeja). There’s the prominent geometric edges or whatever in my colors because I started using a more square-ish brush for everything and I really liked how it looked when the colors weren’t seamlessly blended together. (the victor in the center was my first yoi fan art, he looks so different now asjdfjgjgjgjf :’> )

I color in a more blocky/geometric style, and instead of painting my pieces and smoothing them out like the ones above, I just stuck with sketches/lineart (this old tg piece is the one that got me to stick to lineart).
My coloring was mainly influenced by barachan, lanxin, and seventypercentethanol, and their pieces like xx, x
yahoberries (I love her art so much you don’t understand) influenced my blue/white outlines as well as the stray blob of colors that I sometimes don’t erase around my art
I really like crystal/gem-looking colors, and having geometric shapes as highlights or shades looked pretty cool too, so that’s how my style happened <3


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

Valentine Woes

A/N: I would like to thank @alrightpetal for consistently reassuring and validating my ideas, @stylessemantics for talking me off the ledge when I was frustrated, and @aqua-harry for saving this one shot by helping me replace the phrase “suctioned to his face”.  This is a follow up to Birthday Bows

“A Valen-tini,” the bartender said, setting the hot pink drink on a cocktail napkin in front of you at the bar. You smiled in thanks and reached for the drink. You had wanted to wait until Harry arrived and get drinks together, but he’d sent a text forty minutes ago saying traffic was bad leaving the airport and he wasn’t sure when he’d make it to the hotel.

What a great Valentine’s Day.

Your workload had been rough on you lately, and it was always hard getting back into the swing of things when Harry first left for tour. The only thing you had been looking forward to all week was being with him once more, and now you were being made to wait longer.

The last two weeks had been a whirlwind. It’d gone from being with Harry—in many different places and positions—every day to suddenly being on your own. The stark juxtaposition of the days before Harry left and the last few days alone had you—and your body—reeling.

You had never had more sex than in the week following Harry’s birthday. Gifting Harry with the collar and lead had reinvigorated something rendering the both of you unable to keep your hands off each other. It was reminiscent of the first few months of your relationship, except there was no awkward learning of bodies or hasty hands fumbling caresses; no, you knew just how to touch each other. You knew that if you suckled Harry’s bottom lip and let the edges of your teeth barely nibble he’d growl and grip whatever part of your body occupied his hands at the moment tighter to pull you closer to him. He knew that if he caressed your breasts, traced the soft curve of them with his fingertips, kneaded and cupped the supple tissue, but was careful to avoid your nipples, you’d inevitably grow so impatient you’d grab him by the wrists and force him to pinch and roll them between his fingers.

This was much more dangerous than being lustful strangers; you were both equipped with the knowledge to drive the other wild and were determined to test limits.

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So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


I hate it when I see a traditional animation appreciation post only to have it shit on computer animated films as “they’re all plastic dolls the concept art looks better the animation industry is lazy,” Do any of you actually watch the special features on the discs and see how much shit they do to make it work???  You don’t have to like what it looks like but fuck admit they do a lot of damn work and they do care about artistic direction and just do it in a different way.


i simplified it a LOT more than to my liking but anyway this is the most important thing ive ever seen and i had to express it some way