i like this style kind of

I absolutely adore your blog! I wanted to draw these fellas to show my appreciation for you, you’re a really big inspiration for me!


DUUUUUUUDE! THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY SWEET OF YOU! Gosh, ya got all the bois!! OOO I LOVE the black shadow you’ve got on the back of the skull there- I really like that design choice, it’s so neat!! Ditto for the shiny eyelids, o lordy <3 AAAAAAAA MAN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LINEART IS //KILLER//!!! and the composition of your panels are so neat!! It’s like the opening credits to an action comic and I’M SO ON BOARD. ✨/(@0@)\✨

Gosh gosh, you’re soo incredibly darling!!! Thank you for your kind words and generous gift art!! AAAAA 💖💕💖✨

We can be an inspiration to each other!! AHAHHA I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR STYLE! GOSHHHHHH


More pictures of my new project

This is the other side of the Town Square. Here you can find Matt’s diner (yes, it is based on Luke’s Diner lol), where you can have lunch or just grab your morning coffee while you enjoy one of the nicest views in town. 

I also wanted to say thanks everyone who liked my previous post and to @our-dazed-sims@starkknaked@justasillysimmer​ and @shannonsimsfan​ who left comments in my other post :) I don’t usually get many replies so I really appreciate it! I’m glad you like the look of the town! I spent a lot of time planning this, since the layout of the lots in Willow Creek doesn’t help at all. But I’ve always loved quaint towns with a nice town square in the middle. I was also kind of sick of Willow Creek’s style, so I wanted something completely different  and I’m really happy with the outcome.

Harry Styles Birthday Blurb

Hey Lovelies,

So I know this is like extremely late, but I wanted to write somethign fro Harry’s Birthday. I’m calling it a blurb, but its kind of long. Anyway its really sweet and I hopr you guys like it! Like I said its a blurb so this is it, there won’t be a part two. Fair warning it is NSFW, so be careful where you read. Thats all I have to say for now, happy reading and I’ll ttyl! 


- M

Just because I love you…

Harry Styles Birthday Blurb

 Being with Harry was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He made me feel so alive, yet so calm and relaxed at the same time. I felt safe in the thrilling moments and thrilled in the safe moments. He encouraged me to be brave while simultaneously protecting me. In our quiet, private moments he was sensitive and warm and in our loud, excited moments he was like a little kid, so full of energy and life! I was so broken when we found each other, I was shy and fragile, but he fixed me, built me back up, and brought me back to myself. And for that I could never thank him enough. When we have our bad moments, when we’re yelling and throwing things at each other, he always comes back to me… and when I ask him why he never gives up he says “Just because I love you.” That soon became his catch phrase in our relationship. He would do little things all the time, bring me flowers, make me dinners, and even leaving cute little notes all over the house for me… and he always said he did it “just because I love you.” One of the cute things he always did was every year on his birthday he would give everyone he cared about gifts. Just because he loved them, to thank them for another year together. I thought that was the most selfless thing I had ever seen… On his 23rd birthday he really went all out. There was this little cove we discovered one day at the beach. It was the perfect spot for two lovebirds. There was a little pond type of thing that led to the ocean from underneath and up top there was a small opening where you could see the moon. On a really clear night it was almost magical… the moonlight sparkling on the water… We had talked about maybe doing something there, but we never got the chance… Anyway, this year I had to work, but I promised we would do something the next night. Little did I know Harry already had something planned for his birthday night… 

 One might think working at Build- a- Bear is the most fun job in the world, but one would be wrong. It’s been almost 9 hours and I’m losing it. In the morning its ok, one or two little kids come in and it’s relatively quiet. But as the day goes on it gets crazier and crazier. The screaming kids, background music and annoying parents were enough to drive a girl mad! The only thing getting me through was the thought of going home to Harry. Just to lie in bed, snuggled up to him, enjoying the peace and quiet… that was all I could think about it. I watched the clock as the minutes ticked by agonizingly slow. Finally it was 7:00, closing time! I couldn’t have gotten out of there faster! I threw my apron off, signed out and rushed to my car as fast as my feet would take me. As soon as I got out of the car park I called Harry to let him know I was on my way home.

 "Hey birthday boy… I’m on my way home, can’t wait to wrap my arms around you all night…“ 

 "I’m here, patiently waiting… half naked…”

 "Oh… and why is that…“ I ask, voice going shaky at the thought of a half-naked Harry.

 "I can’t say… it’s a surprise… better hurry home if you want to find out what it is…”

 "Wait a-“

 "Gotta go, see you soon, bye!” Harry says and abruptly hangs up on me.

 Real mature. Now I really wanna get home. I drive as fast as I can and within half an hour I’m pulling into our driveway. I rush inside to find the lights off and the house silent.

 "Harry? Babe you here?“ I call out. No response. I look around the house and don’t find him anywhere. The kitchen, the living room, the basement, even the den. Finally I get up to our bedroom. And there sits Harry on our bed, in his swim trunks. Laying out next to him is my lilac strapless bikini and matching floral cover up. His favourite one of mine of course. 

 "Baby what’s all this? I have something planned for tomorrow night.”

 "Yes, and I have something planned for tonight.“ He says smiling his million dollar smile, the one that makes me melt, the one that he can flash and get pretty much anything he wants.

 "Harry it’s your birthday! I’m supposed to do something for you!” I say sitting on his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck. He looks me in the eyes deeply and then kisses me softly. 

 "Believe me, tonight is as much for me as it is for you…“ he whispers huskily in my ear as he breaks the kiss.

 "Well… I can’t say no to that…” I say standing up and picking up my suit. “Give me a few minutes to change ok? 

 "Oh don’t mind me.” He replies cheekily

 "Ha ha very funny.“ I say going into the walk in closet to change, I leave the door open just a little so Harry can get a peek of me… hey might as well tease him a bit. 

 I start slowly taking off my work close until I’m standing in the closet naked. I then slip the bikini bottom on. Before putting the top on I decide to take the teasing to the next level. I flex my back and begin rubbing my aching shoulders. I know Harry goes crazy when I flex my back! God knows why, but hey I get to use it against him, so no objections here. I know my little game has worked when I hear footsteps approaching the closet. The door opens fully and Harry’s arms wrap around me from behind as he peppers my neck with sweet kisses.

 "Let me help you with that babe…” he whispers as he brings the bikini top around me and clasps it at the back.

 "We don’t have to leave right away do we baby?“ I say turning around and running my hands up and down his chest.

 He takes my hands in his and kisses them "I’m afraid so love." 

 "Ok Baby…” I say kissing his nose “But it’s your loss…” I say letting go of his hands and sauntering away.

 "Trust me it’s not…“ he says following me. 

 "So where is it that you’re taking me Harry?” I say picking up my wrap from the bed. I toss it over my shoulders and suddenly a blind fold goes over my eyes! “Hey!”

 "It’s a surprise babe, trust me… I’ve got you.“ He says picking me up bridal style and carrying me out of our room. I could get used to this I think, resting my head on his chest. Soon the sound of his heartbeat lulled me into a much needed sleep. Until I was shaken awake by Harry picking me up again.

 “Rise and shine love! We’re here!” he says excitedly, almost running, he walking so fast I’m bouncing around in his arms!

 “Harry where are we? How long have we been driving?”

 “Details details, just be patient we’re almost there!” he squeals

 I can’t help but laugh at his childish demeanor. It’s one of the thigs I love most about him… Finally we stop and Harry gently sets me down.

 “We’re here!” Harry says undoing my blindfold.

 “Final-“I’m short by what I see. We’re standing in the little cove we found. The sun set shining through the opening in the roof. It’s so beautiful, Harry has set a little candlelight picnic and the water is sparkling, he’s even sprinkled pink rose petals on the surface!

 “So what do you think?” he asks laying a hand on my shoulder.

 “Oh Harry it’s incredible! You did this all for me, but it’s your day!”

 “I know, and I want to spend it with you, just because I love you…”

 “I don’t know what to say… I love you so much…” I say turning to face him, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. “I really wanted to do something for you this year baby…” I say breaking the kiss without letting go of him.

 “I know, but don’t you see, you are. This is as much for me as it for you. I get to spend the whole night here with you. I decided this year I would do something for both of us…”

 “Well I love it! I love all of it! This place is so beautiful! You’re sure we’re allowed to be here right?”

 “Yeah, pretty sure. I mean the beach is a public place right?”

 “I guess.”

 “So, you hungry?”

 “Are you kidding? I’m starved!”

 “Then you’re really going to love this!” He says opening the picnic basket and taking out two takeout boxes from Shalimar Gardens.

“No way! Biryani and chicken kabobs from Shalimar Gardens!”

 “The one and only!”

 What? We love Indian food!

 “If it’s possible I think I love you more!”

 We enjoy the dinner and talk for a while before we decide to get in the water. We clean up the picnic and I toss by wrap off before we step in together.

 “Woah, the water is so warm!”

 “Yeah, it’s because of the biological-“

 I cut him off by placing my finger to his lips “Shh just shut up and kiss me!” He smiles and pulls me close, connecting our lips in a gentle kiss. Suddenly his hand slip down to my bum and the kiss gets heated. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, pressing our bodies impossibly close.

 “You sure you want to do this in here?” he says between kisses.

 “Why not? Haven’t you ever thought of what it would be like?” I reply.

 “Surprisingly, no.”

 “Huh, well I have!” I say with a devilish smirk. I slide off him and he leans against the wall of the cove. I reattach our lips and my hands wander all over him. I graze his chest until my hands land on his special place. I start massaging him and he groans. His hands slide behind me and he unclasps my bikini tossing it somewhere behind us. He massage my breasts and I continue massaging him until he’s hard. Then I slide my hand into his boxer and massage him more. Finally he losses it and rips them off, along with my bikini bottoms.

 “Such a tease tonight aye…” he whispers huskily.

 “Are you going to punish me… Daddy?” I knew that drove him insane… without saying a word he pushes two of his long fingers deep inside me, I almost scream from the pleasure. He pumps his fingers in me mercilessly until I can’t take it anymore, I need him in me. I can feel he’s close to, so he finally pulls his fingers out of me. Without warning his thrusts into me hard. Suddenly everything goes blurry. The cove is filled with mixed profanities and the sound skin against skin. I get that familiar feeling and in an instance we finish together. He slowly pulls out of me and pulls us out of the water. We wrap ourselves in towels and lie on our picnic blanket, gazing up at the stars.

 “That was amazing…” I finally manage to say

 “The best it’s ever been I think…” he replies

 “Thank you for all of this Harry…” I say facing him.

 “My pleasure… I do have one more surprise for you though…”

 “What are talking about?” I say sitting up.

 He sits up too and reaches into the picnic basket.

 “Not more food, babe I’m totally stuffed!”

 “Nope, not food…” He says producing a small Tiffany box.


 He faces me and takes my hand in his. “Y/N… This year, the thing that I wanted most for my birthday was you. I want you to be mine forever. You’re the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing before I sleep. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I know in heart that we belong together. So I’m asking you, will you marry me?”

 Tears stream down my face as I shakily answer “Yes! Yes of course! Oh my god Harry I love you so much!” he slips the ring on my finger and kisses me passionately.

 “Oh its gorgeous! I love it! And I love you more!” I say breaking the kiss and looking at the ring.

 “I’m glad, I was stressing out about you not liking it.”

 “Aww, its perfect… we’re perfect…” I say grazing the side of his face.

 “You’re perfect…” he says kissing me again.

 “So, should we get dressed and head home?” I say breaking the kiss

 “We could… or we could stay the night…”


 “Why not, we could sleep on the picnic blanket, and watch the sunrise.”

 “Sounds perfect.” I say laying back down and snuggling into Harry.

 “Goodnight Love…” Harry Whispers.

 “Goodnight Harry…” I whisper back kissing his chest softly and drifting off to the sound of his heartbeat.

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Can you do Twice member's style when they babysit kids? Thanks a lot. I really love your blog *fingers hearteu*

Nayeon - “I’m your Mother now”
For Nayeon, it’s not babysitting, it’s child stealing. She loves kids, and would probably behave like their mother rather than their babysitter. She’ll let them do what they want within reason and will spend most of the time asking them if they think she’s pretty. She may also bribe them with some kind of food. When the parents return home, the kids will want to stay with Nayeon.

Jeongyeon - Helicopter Activated
She’s gonna be watching the kids’ every move, terrified that something bad will happen. Generally her instincts will be really good but most of the time she’s going to unnecessarily freak out and worry that she’s doing the wrong thing. It’s fine, she does everything perfectly, why does she worry?

Momo - The Chillest
Momo’s just honestly going to hang with the kids, they’l probably just sit on a couch together and watch cartoons until Momo just tells them they need to sleep. She’ll just calmly answer all the questions the kids will most likely answer and honestly she’ll just treat it like any ordinary occasion. 

Sana - Storytime City
She’ll be one of those babysitters who likes to read storybooks to the kids, I just know it. It will be a really interactive experience, she’ll put on silly voices and ask them questions while pointing to the pictures like “who’s that” or “what do we call this animal?” 

Jihyo - Ace of Kids
The parents are going to think they accidentally hired a fully trained professional because Jihyo is going to do it all perfectly. She’s going to be really interactive with them and do everything that’s asked of her. Dinner? Done. Bath time? Done. In bed at 7? Done. Super patient with the kids, and will absoutley adore them, pretty much the same as Nayeon except without the near thievery.

Mina - Am I doing this right?
She’ll be just that little bit awkward with the kids and won’t really talk to them that much at first. She’ll probably ask them questions like “what’s your favourite colour” really wanted the parents to provide her with a very specific list of exactly what she should be doing at what time, but instead she just kind of takes her best guess, but it turns out remarkably ok.

Dahyun - To Babysit the kids, you must become one with the kids
When Dahyun babysits she’s going to be so enthusiastic with the kids and will do whatever she can to get them to play with her. She’ll be so hyper active and bouncing all over the place she may as well be a kid looking after a bunch of other kids. But it’ll work out well for her cause eventually they’ll get worn out and she’ll put them to bed easily. 

Chaeyoung - It takes a village
Will spend half the time on the phone to someone like Nayeon or Jihyo, and ask them what she’s meant to do. She’ll be super worried about being left alone with them and may even call one of her members to come and help her. She’s super terrified the kids will hate her, but they end up loving her. Will keep them occupied by getting them to draw

Tzuyu - Tell me everything
Honestly she’d be the one most likely to just have a normal conversation with the kids, and she’d probably just spend most of the time talking with them. If they started annoying her, she’d flat out say “you’re being annoying, stop it.” The kids would probably tell her about their favourite things and Tzuyu would just nod in approval.

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Hey! I've been wanting to do justice to my Ergi Sleipnir JSK since I got it, but I'm not really sure what to do for viking lolita accessories! I actually have some viking style turtle brooches, beads, and an arm ring all in bronze and I think they pair well, but I don't have a bag to match, i haven't found a really good looking blouse, and I'm kind of at a loss about a headdress and hairstyle. I'm thinking I'm going to have to make my own accessories. Any advice?

I think if you’re going more viking with accessories you should go more Lolita with your larger pieces like your blouse and shoes. I’ve seen it coordinated with red blouses a lot which looks lovely but white and ivory are other good options. I probably wouldn’t go with something super ruffly because it might look a bit unbalanced but maybe a little bit of ruffle to get a little more of that Lolita aesthetic. I could see something like this being really cute. I associate vikings with braids so there are a number of braided hairstyles you could do that would work for both your viking theme and Lolita. It might actually be nice if you did an elaborate braided style that was interesting enough that you could go without any sort of headdress. I’ve also seen it worn with hooded capelets which could provide headwear and shoulder coverage so it would hit both your needs in one if you wanted to go that route.

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Nee Conan-kun, have you ever wondered what a fusion (a-la-anime style) between you and Ran-san would look like? I'd mean, if you were to mix "ultra smart case-magnet detective" with "absolutely brilliant and kind karate practitioner" you'd probably get some interesting (and dangerous?) results. I mean both you and Ran-san are both /already/ so cool so wouldn't a mix be twice as so?

… I feel the world isn’t ready

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Do you think PATF should get a sequel/series? I loved Tangled, but im kind of upset that our first black princess is getting left out of all these shows sequels and live actions (even in ONCE/Descendants :( ) i think a series in a style like paperman/tangled's show/the Almost There sequence would be cool

It would be nice to see them do something extra for princess and the frog like a sequel or show or something. If they did the show in the style of the “almost there” sequence… that could be so COOL!! 

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I've got a question about commissions! Do you need a visual reference, or would you be willing to design a character's appearance based on provided details? Like, could I give the basic info and let you have free reign over the actual design?

I don’t mind doing commissions from descriptions, though any kind of visual references (clothing example, body type example, hair style example, ect) helps me out with getting the character to look the closest to what you want!

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So what would you suggest for someone who has managed to get better at everything else but hands? Is there some sort of exercise or instructions?

Man, for this one all I can say is practice. I hit a similar wall a while back, and let me tell you it was so frustrating. It’s kind of like knowing how to say something in your native language but not knowing how to say it in the language you’re trying to learn. All that I can recommend is practice, and also don’t be afraid to try different styles! Realistic hands isn’t always the way to go for certain styles, so don’t feel afraid to branch out or draw something a certain way just because it’s not “right,” because there’s never a correct way to do art. Just do you and I’m sure it’ll look great!

Its sad bc we really could talk about like…nuance… the scale of #problematic characters….what constitutes a misguided character vs like..an irredeemable bigoted shitstain… and maybe I would’ve done that about a year or so ago but I don’t even wanna engage in any kind of “let people play problematic characters!!!” discourse at this point because I know that right behind muns who want to play, say, a mean girls style high school bully (problematic, probably bc of some internalized misogyny and low self esteem) is the mun for a literal fucking n*zi (a facist piece of shit who should die) and they’re cheering on the same damn post because tungle.hell lumped everything together into one problematique label and they thought n*zi belonged in it.

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Ahhh, I've been thinking about mass effect and Andromeda coming out. And I was wondering what class you played in the original trilogy? I've found that most people end up in class that they like best and can't deviate. EX. I can only play an infiltrator, anything else makes my skin crawl. My boyfriend can only play a vanguard, his buddy is a soldier and my other friend an adept. So what were you, space cowboy?

This space cowboy was a vanguard!! I actually really like using pistols and vanguard allows me a lot of mobility and fun for my kind of play style. ^__^

An idea for a horror story in rwby style simplified.
  • Weiss: God this place it creepy!
  • Ruby: I know right? Its like straight out of a horror movie or something.
  • Blake: I swear I've read horror stories of all kinds and none of them compare to this place.
  • Yang: Seriously though! Why the hell did we take the job of a hunt in some abandon creepy research lad built on an island in the middle of ruins with an evil history behind it!?
  • Ruby/Weiss/Blake: SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  • Yang: Sorry.
  • Weiss: Yang, does have a point? I mean I know that this is a high paying hunt and we need the money but why did we have to take the job at night? Wouldn't have been easier to do this during the day?
  • Ruby: Well, the job description stated that the hunt must be done during the night hours between dust and dawn for whatever is in this place only appears at night.
  • Weiss: W-why's that?
  • Blake: Supposedly, what they assume is a Grimm on this island is only active at night and may be physically harmed by sunlight or ultraviolet rays.
  • Yang: Supposedly? What the hell do you mean by supposedly?
  • Blake: Uh... You see. After doing some research about this place with Ruby...
  • Ruby: This place may be haunted by an ancient evil that eats the souls of those who enter the ruins.
  • Weiss: ...
  • Yang: ... You're kidding right?
  • Blake: Starting to wish we were... ??
  • Ruby: Nope.
  • Weiss: Well that's just perfect. Next you'll be telling us that the reason why it pays so much is because of how many Huntsmen and Huntresses that disappeared or died taking the job.
  • Ruby: Uuuuuuuuuuh.
  • Blake: Girls.
  • Weiss: Are you fucking kidding me with this shit Ruby!?
  • Ruby: I'm sorry! Me and Blake only learned this after we arrived on the island!
  • Blake: Girls?
  • Yang: Oh my God, Ruby I love you and Blake but this is the type of shit you tell us before accepting a job!
  • Blake: Girls!
  • Ruby/Weiss/Yang: What!?
  • Blake: Be quiet and listen.
  • *They all stop talking, standing completely still only move their heads slowly in different direction as they listen carefully to their surroundings. It was after a full minute that all four girls came to a realization.*
  • Yang: I... don't hear anything... At all.
  • Ruby: No wind blowing. No animals. No even the see of the shore.
  • Weiss: B-but that is impossible though. We should hear... Something!
  • Yang: Fuck this is fucking creeping me out
  • Blake: Then you are not going to like this than because I hear something. And its coming towards us.
  • Weiss: Blake I swear to god if this is some kind of joke-
  • Ruby: Wait I hear it too.
  • *Thump. Droop,droop, droop...*
  • Weiss: Wh-What is that?
  • Yang: I don't know. but it sounds big.
  • *Thump. Droop, droop, drop... Thump. Droop, droop, drop...*
  • Ruby: Where is it coming from? Can you tell yet Blake?
  • Blake: It's hard to say. with all the hallways in this place creating echos I can't tell yet.
  • *Thump. Droop, droop, drop...Thump,thump. Droop, droop, drop...Thump,thump,thump,thump. Droop, droop, drop...*
  • Yang: Guys whatever it is its picking up speed.
  • Weiss: God what is that sploshing noise it's making.
  • Ruby: Whatever it is get ready to give it everything you got.
  • *Team Rwby readied their weapons, taking aim toward each end of the hallway while starting to feel the floor shake.*
  • *Thump,thump,thump,thump,thump,thump,thump,thump...*
  • Ruby: ...
  • Weiss: ...
  • Blake: ...
  • Yang: ...
  • *They stood silently for minutes, their flashlights shining at each end of the hall.*
  • Weiss: ... It... It stopped?
  • Ruby: But why?
  • Yang: Blake... Do you hear anything?
  • Blake: No... I don't hear a-
  • *Suddenly all four girls hear the sounds of something splashing dripping of something oozy between them and slowly turned around, shining their lights down upon a blackish gray mud like ooze slowly building before all four lights flicker and go off. However, much to Team RWBY's growing fear the ooze remained visible as a dark purplish light illuminated it coming from above. It was then they looked up to see from a hold in the ceiling a large gleaming eyes stared down, twitching rapidly as it moved between looking at each of them.*
  • Weiss: Oh... my... god...
  • Ruby: Everyone just back away. Slooooowly.
  • Yang: That... is not a Grimm.
  • Blake: And it's not alone.
  • *Ruby, Weiss, and Yang turned their gazes from the creature above them to give a questioning stare at their friend but quickly their attention to each end of the hallway upon seeing two silhouettes slightly outlined by what seems to be dim lit light coming from pipe-like horns coming from their back and the same dark purplish light eyes.*
  • Yang: Where the fuck did they come from?
  • Weiss: How did we not notice them?
  • Blake: Don't worry there are only three of them and four of us.
  • *At that moment the two creatures at the ends of the hall began to approach them as something formed from their bodies, hitting the ground hard and sparked as it is dragged across the ground, outlining very large blades.*
  • Ruby: Four of us and three of them, two of which just formed sword arms that are cutting through the metal floor like butter.
  • *The two creature then opened the mouths, as well as most of their lower half of their face, to unleash an unholy howl sounding like a combination of children and the grinding of screeching metal. A glowing purple liquid drooling out and burning through the floor.*
  • RWBY: Fuck.

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Why some people might like your older style is that its kind of softer and a bit more detailed in some ways like specifically how you drew John's profile. And also the older style I'd say is a bit more generic so people are more familiar with it. The newer style I'd say is better, because its more unique and visually more interesting, but it does look a little rougher in places (in a good way I promise its just your style) again especially in comparing John's profiles

i see what you mean!! thanks for your input!!

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I've talked to you on IG ages ago (maybe a year ago I dunno man- but it's been a while) and I forgot your tumblr and I just found it now and instantly recognised your art style but holy shoot I missed looking at your art style and you've improved so much like holy heck m'dude- just bless your art-

Oh geez,,,, thank u so much,,

Idk what to say but that’s so sweet and kind and I’d love to talk again sometime

There are a whole buncha different types of books. And bear with me for a second, cos I’m not talking about genre. Just strictly personal experience, the way I read, and what the way I read and does to the way I live the whole rest of my got damn life at the time.

Basically it all comes down to the fact that my life revolves, to one extent or another, around the shit I write. It has for a good while now. I sort of have to keep it that way, otherwise I get miserable, and the discipline goes, and I don’t turn out anything of any quality with any kind of regularity.

And for me reading’s a big part of that. What I’m reading will inevitably influence what I write. I’ll borrow ideas, mimic styles, or like…sometimes I’ll push actively against what I’m reading, and do the fucking opposite. Either way: influence. But at its most basic level, in one way or another, some books make me want to write, and others don’t let me write at all.

Some are so compulsive and absorbing that they cut into my writing time. I sear through them quick as hell as a result — at least by my own standards, as a terribly slow reader.

Others I get through slowly, because I can’t read more than about ten pages at a time before I have to get up and go write. And sometimes that’s because they inspire me, and get my creative juices flowing to such an extent. Other times, it’s because they infuriate me so much, by being so good or so bad, that I can’t help but get the fuck up, and try to write something as good, or at least something better.

I don’t know if it’s the same for other writers out there. Or people who make art in general, with like…the consumption of whatever medium it is they produce? But either way, for me, books are weird, and big, and important in my life — in a way that’s maybe surprising for a gosh darn dyslexic who reads them as fucking slowly as I do.