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I love your blog. I think yours was the second story that I followed seriously and I have read every word you have written! Your writing style is intelligent, witty and full of ridiculous high drama and I cannot miss a single post now. What I particularly like is how you can provoke people into such differing opinions on characters, and allow them their opinion. You weave common problems, like addiction and loss, into your stories with a believable and sensitive touch. ❤️

OH MY GOSH KYLIE, I was so shocked and thrilled to receive such a kind, heartening and generous message, I almost dissolved into a puddle! I am so happy you enjoy my story and I really don’t know what else to say apart from the deepest, most heartfelt thank you. 

Thank you!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I’m told to meet someone like it’s some kind of easy feat, like all I need to do is throw open my front door and call out to my fellow lady loving ladies, rip open my shirt Supergirl-style to reveal a big G on my chest for Gay, thus leading to all the lesbian activity.

Little newsflash for the more simple minded folks; it ain’t happening.

There’s no magic button I can press to make women grow attracted to me, there’s no star I can wish on in our vast sky to make myself desirable. It’s hard enough to make LGBT+ friends that live in the same COUNTRY, let alone the same city. There are plenty of us, but we’re still outnumbered by straight people, still viewed as less than human by the leeches that find their way into positions of power, still scared into staying hidden by narrow-minded family members, driven to suicide because of persistent abuse, and even murdered just for being who we are. Fuck you, Russia

Throw into the mix a body no longer yours, instead you are a shell being ravaged by an illness you’re going to have for the rest of your life. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my wheelchair, I’m ashamed of the inaccessibility that accompanies it. It’s difficult enough to get along the pavements let alone trying to go to some club or bar. Besides it’s not like I can dance, or even see over the bar to get a drink. So where exactly are we supposed to go? I’ve tried dating apps and they end up making my self-esteem plummet further when no one shows the faintest bit of interest. Online? Even worse, you find someone perfect that happens to live hundreds to thousands of miles away. I’ve done my share of long distance and now that I’m sick I just, I can’t. I need someone I can physically hold or see without the use of a phone or computer. Where the hell does that leave us? 

The answers I seek, much like Katie McGrath’s date of birth, remain a mystery.

Music Series: To Whom It May Concern by The Civil Wars

This was the first song that popped up on my Spotify when I turned it on a few moments ago and this story came to me instantly. Took me maybe 10 minutes to write, just kind of flowing out, so I hope someone likes it.

This musical story is inspired by the song, “To Whom It May Concern” by The Civil Wars. Beautiful song. Here is a link to this song via my Spotify playlist called I Love You Long Time: https://open.spotify.com/track/0iTqedrMdiwnUXKiUjtxAl

As a side note, my heart goes out to those affected in Manchester this evening. A place of love between an entertainer and fans should not end this way. Much love to the families and loved ones. xo



Why are you so far from me?

In my arms is where you are to be

How long will you make me wait?

I don’t know how much more I can take

Harry stood at the counter in the little coffee shop, waiting for his drink to be made. It was a quiet little place, out of the way a bit, but perfect for someone not wanting to be hounded or recognized. As he waited, he looked around the room. At one table sat an elderly couple, talking and enjoying a bite of breakfast. At another was a man and woman, around his own age he thought. They seemed in love…she kept her hand on his, as he kissed her cheek, talking in her ear as they giggled at each other. Harry smiled slightly, loving that someone was so happy in a relationship.

Harry took a deep breath, took his drink from the worker, and walked out, smiling at the couple as he passed.

One day he hoped he would find the woman he was meant to be with. He longed for her.

I missed you

But I haven’t met you

Oh, but I want to

How I do

You sat at the patio table outside your favorite cafe, reading your book and sipping your drink. It was a beautiful day and you were determined to enjoy it. You hear two people talking at the table next to you and look up from your book.

“Excuse me, miss?” the young man looks at you. You look at them and smile. “Would you mind taking our picture, please? We’re on our honeymoon.”

“Oh!” you exclaim. “Yes, of course!” You take the man’s phone he is offering to you and happily take a couple of pictures for them. You hand it back and smile at them.

“Thank you,” they say, sharing a kiss and looking at the photos.

You look at them, seeing how happy they are as newlyweds. You watch as the young woman’s fingers play in her husband’s hair, as he places his hand gently on her knee.

You hoped that someday you will have that with someone. You missed it even though you’re not sure you ever really had it.

Slowly counting down the days

‘Til I finally know your name

The way your hand feels round my waist

The way you laugh, the way your kisses taste

Harry walked into his large home, setting his keys down on the table. He stopped, looking around the expansive house, listening to the silence. Everything was just how he had left it when he left for work that morning.

He walked to the large windows that looked out over beautiful scenery and just stood, watching, like he was waiting for something to happen, but nothing changed. Not the home…not the scenery…not the silence.

Harry hated to admit that, even though he had many friends and acquaintances, he was lonely. Lonely to find the woman that he could call the love of his life. The one he would share his love with…his home with…his life with.

Where was she?

I missed you, but I haven’t met you

Oh, but I want to, how I do

I’ve missed you, but I haven’t met you

Oh, how I miss you, but I haven’t met you

Oh, but I want to. Oh, how I want to

You make it back, unlocking the locks on your door of the 5-story walk-up apartment, and set your things on your little two-person table. Looking in the fridge, you see the small container of leftovers you had from your dinner last night. Placing them in a bowl, you heat them quickly then sit on the sofa, turning on the tv and flipping through the channels.

You stop on a rom com that you must have watched 50 times already, but you love it and can’t help yourself. As you watch it, you become a bit sad that you’ve not found the kind of love yet in your life that the movie characters have. You wonder when that will happen for you, or even if that kind of love really exists in life, or only in movies. You sigh heavily, taking a sip of the wine you had poured yourself, and daydream of having that life.

Dear whoever you might be

I’m still waiting patiently

As Harry drove down the familiar road toward his work, he stopped at a red light and waited, while people passed in front of his car along the crosswalk. He was lightly listening to a song playing on the car radio, humming along…when something caught his eye.

You hurried to make it across the street before the light could change. You sang along to the music playing in your ears while the radio station played on your phone. As you passed the car at the front of the line, you glanced toward the driver.

Harry thought you were beautiful. Had he seen you before? Something about you was so familiar. He couldn’t place his finger on it, but he was sure…

Your heart sped up a bit as you saw him looking at you. You literally stopped in the middle of the road, standing near his car, as he opened his door and quickly walked to you.

“Hi,” Harry said to you. “I’m Harry. I’ve been waiting to meet you.”

I kind of want to punch a hole in a wall white-boy style right now because of how little people are talking about how amazing sana is like just as a person . like she really is the best character out there: such a loyal friend, will always stand up for what is right , super intelligent, respectful despite being treated like DIRT, on top of that gorgeous and going through a really hard time right now. And where’s the posts flooding the skam tag talking about that, valuing her??? praising her and feeling for her??????? where? this is so wild

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Hey, I hope this doesn't come off as weird or anything. I remember following your art since I saw your seven star comics on starmen forums. I only now found your tumblr and looking through it it's amazing to see how much you've progressed! Your style still looks like 'you' but it looks...different? If that makes any sense. You've really improved! I remember looking up to your art a lot and I still do! It kind feels like meeting an old friend you haven't seen in years

Hey, thanks! I’m glad to hear you’ve been following my work for so long!

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Hi! I was wondering, I saw your art piece of Azura in a swimsuit forever ago (I believe you posted it back in July?) And I was wondering if you knew what the name of that type of swimsuit was called? I've been wanting to make myself a swimsuit in that style for this summer because I think it would complement my body type, and haven't had any luck finding a tutorial, since I don't know what kind of swimsuit it is ^^U Thank you for your time and I hope you have a nice day!

I assume you mean this one? OvO

I designed this one myself and had to do some research to find something similar- but I found similar ones called “frill swimsuits” (like this one from “boohoo online” (http://www.asos.com/boohoo/boohoo-key-hole-frill-swimsuit/prd/5933241))

In this case, the frill is sawn around the lower waistline and falls like a skirt.
There is also this alternative which comes my picture a bit closer(source: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Plus-Size-XL-Floral-Frill-Swimsuit-Women-One-pieces-Flower-Hollow-out-Swimwear-Female-bandeau-bathing/32788232621.html):

Where the ruffles/frill are around the outer leg hole.
I doubt you will find any actual sewing tutorials for something like this- but I think it is very possible to find a simple swimsuit or monokini tutorial, and then add the ruffles to it!
(here’s a tutorial for the ruffles which I was able to find: http://www.lovemaegan.com/2010/05/add-ruffles-to-your-bathing-suit-diy.html )

I hope this helps, and I’m rooting for you to find a way to sew one of this sort!! QvQb

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Why are people or Jeff going so hard to try and excuse what Xander did? Is he trying to clean it up because Xander is obviously his friend. Well Xander sent that vomit inducing pict, he used Harry to try and hookup with girls, he's a tool; end of story. If HSHQ is trying to bring him back, just get it over with. Nobody cares and no one is going to give him a free pass either. Xander is gross and frankly I can't believe Harry "not my kind of pal" Styles would still associate with him.

I do wonder what’s the deal there… Like why bring him back (you know why) after all he did to /fans/ no less. Like, my dude what’s wrong with you

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Yes! Headcanons are the best. Hmmm...what about some for Ecthelion, my bae? General or romantic? *bats eyelashes manically*

ECTHELIONNNNNNNNNN I’ve been waiting for this one! Thank you ❤❤❤

-SUAVE AF. You’ve never met anyone more smooth that this guy.
-Very calm and collected
-Quiet and mysterious
-Extremely intelligent.
-His hair is ink black, goes down to his bum. It’s kind of spiky at the top of his ponytail, he wears it in a Ariana Grande style.
-Very, very pale, you can see his blue veins underneath.
-His voice is extremely deep and commanding. Startles anyone.
-He’s tall, but not as tall as Glorfindel who’s, like, seven foot. Ecthelion is around 6'7.
-He’s lithe and quiet so when he shows up out of the blue and speaks with this ridiculously deep voice, everyone gets chills.
-Romance doesn’t happen that much with this guy, he’s generally to the point about things and doesn’t feel the need to dawdle around the fact that he just wants to fuck. Oops.
-Of course he’s not improper about it. Just suave.
-This isn’t to say that he isn’t romantic. He knows what makes the ladies tick. Regardless of his opinion, he knows the reason for romance and does know how to utilize it.
-He’s not over affectionate nor too cold. It’s kind of random.
-He’s always surprising you with his reaction and reply to things.
-Though he doesn’t go around with different messing with different people because canonically elves aren’t like that. So this is really pertaining to his partner.

A/N: I could probably think of more but imma stop here. I love Ecthelion so feel free to ask more ❤


Sooo I re-did another old drawing! This one took a long while. This is a RPing scene between Dyospiros ( @blacksanz‘s drow) and mine, Ailanthus. It was around the first time they met in their lives, even when they were brothers. TECHNICALLY Ailanthus wasn’t, like, going to hurt him, it was more of an acting. Still, had to re-read to find a quote!

The original drawing wasn’t screenshot-styled but I liked it. It was the one for drowcember’s day 29, “drow drama.” “drowma”, if you will. \/ This one

Somehow I changed their expressions, welp! at least Ail is wearing some kind of fucking logical clothing! (and the colors FIT a bit more the scene)

ehhh ok that’s it

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Whose style do you think has evolved the most from debut to now and whose do you think has like.... the same kind of style? Which era was your fave era fashion wise?

Jin’s hasnt changed one bit. hmmm I think Jimin’s has changed the most? my favorite fashion wise has to be bst definitely.

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Hey :) you were so nice and helpful with writing tips for that other anon, so I was wondering, do you have a system for planning your long fics? Any tips you can share? Thank you so much for being so positive and helpful and also for sharing your beautiful writing!! ❤

Awww! Thank you!!!!! You’re so sweet??? I’m really glad you like my writing and it is such an honor that you would ask me for tips. I’m kind of a mess about how kind this request is, and how excited I was to receive it, tbh. <3

I actually had a dear cohort on here ask me about outlining a while back, so I’m going to repurpose some of the tips/tricks I shared with them! This is going to get a little long, so I’m going to go ahead and put it under a cut. SORRY IN ADVANCE I LOVE TALKING ABOUT WRITING. (Major spoilers for Sha Ka Ree through Chapter 11 below, because I like using examples.)

Keep reading

a little survey thingy

i was tagged by @floralharries, thank you so much :) x

i’m gonna tag: @fairylightsstyles // @muggleharry // @stylesunchained // @theharrystyleseffect // @adorknamedharry // @moonlightharrys

Here we go:

  • nickname: court
  • height: 5'4
  • last thing I googled: carter country (an old tv show my mom was talking about)
  • fave music artist: harry styles, stevie nicks, the beatles, linda ronstadt
  • song stuck in my head: reason to live by kiss
  • last movie i watched: don’t remember, i haven’t watched one in a while
  • last tv show i watched: an old game show
  • what are you wearing right now: t shirt and shorts
  • when did you create your blog: 25 february 2015
  • what kind of stuff do I post?: harry, fan fic, a little bit of other things i like
  • do you have any other blog: not anymore
  • do you get asks regularly?: no not really. they’re kind of sporadic
  • why did you choose your url?: i just wanted something 1d related so i thought of the song 
  • gender: female
  • hogwarts house: tbh i have no idea lol i suppose there’s a quiz somewhere but i’ve never done it. i’m gonna guess hufflepuff though
  • pokemon team: no idea lmao
  • fave color: green, pink, black, gold, turquoise
  • average hours of sleep: 5-6
  • lucky number: 7, 13
  • fave characters: all the friends characters, jim & pam from the office, alice in wonderland, hermione granger, hazel grace
  • how many blankets do you sleep with: a comforter and my 1d blanket
  • dream job: musician


  • a - age: 40
  • b - birthplace: texas
  • c - current time: 8:03 pm
  • d - drink you had last: water with pink lemonade flavoring (it looks like harry’s bath lol)
  • e - easiest person to talk to: laura and caro
  • f - favorite song: bridge over troubled water
  • g - grossest memory:  eww i don’t remember nor do i want to
  • h - horror yes or no: no (like old school horror, but i don’t like being scared)
  • i - in love: If we’re counting Harry then yes. <-same
  • j - jealous of people: i try not to be but yeah
  • k - killed someone: smh
  • l - love at first sight or should i walk past again: um…i guess anything’s possible?
  • m - middle name: lynne
  • n - number of siblings: one brother
  • o - one wish: to sing with harry
  • p - person I last called: my mom
  • q - question you’re always asked: when are you due? (ugh)
  • r - reason to smile: harry & stevie
  • s - song you last sang: what a catch, donnie by fall out boy
  • t - time you woke up: around 5:30
  • u - underwear color: not wearing any atm lol
  • v - vacation: my dream is england
  • w - worst habit: running late/oversleeping
  • x - x-rays: None
  • y - your favorite food: mexican and italian
  • z - zodiac sign: gemini

I was tagged by @kiwisforharry. Danke sehr 💕

I will tag @fairylightsstyles, @ihearthemcallingxx, @babymyharry, @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy, @moonchildstyles, @khaos-1d-af and @raspharries.

Nickname: Chey

Height: 4'10

Last thing I googled: Menu for Dönner lmao

Fave music artist: Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Harry Styles

Song stuck in my head: Attention - Charlie Puth

Last movie I watched: Grease

Last TV show I watched: Being Human (U.S Version)

What are you wearing right now: A black bralette, pink shorts and a white t-shirt

When did you create your blog: Summer 2015

What kind of stuff do you post?: Harry and OTP5

Do you have any other blog: My poetry/personal blog

Do you get asks regularly?: Sometimes!

Why did you choose your url?: Because Harry has skin the color of honey when he’s tan

Gender: Girl

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: Mystic Team

Fave color: Baby Pink and Peach

Average hours of sleep: Around nine hours

Lucky number: Eight

Fave characters: Peter Pan from OUAT, Aiden from Being Human

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two

Dream job: Ballerina or a Professional Violinist ———————————————————————

A - Age: 18

B - Birthplace: Starnberg, Germany

C - Current time: 01:37

D - Drink you had last: Lavender Lemonade

E - Easiest person to talk to: My Mom tbh

F - Favorite song: Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode

G- Grossest memory: Not really sure this is “grossest”, more embarrassing, when I was 5 years old in a Catholic Church I went up to the microphone and asked who Jesus was lmao

H - Horror yes or no: Yes…ish

I - In love: Nope

J - Jealous of people: Never have been jealous of anyone

K - Killed someone: Obviously not

L - Love at first sight or should I walk past again: Lust at first sight

M - Middle name: Isabella

N - Number of siblings: One younger sister

O - One wish: I wish I was the lead singer in a punk rock girl group like Hey Violet

P - Person I last called: My best friend

Q - Question you’re always asked: “Are your eyelashes real?” followed by “Can I touch them?”

R - Reason to smile: There is world waiting for me to explore as soon as I graduate!

S - Song you last sang: Sarah - Aliocha

T - Time you woke up: 06:00 for school

U - Underwear color: Black lace

V - Vacation: Greece or Italy

W - Worst habit: Nail biting

X - X-rays: Never had one!

Y - Your favorite food: Anything German or Mexican

Z - Zodiac sign: The most libra-ish Libra you will ever know

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yo i finally got around to reading some of your fics and i just wanna say.....hoyl shit........u are SO GOOD MY DUDE im losing my mind like the sam/steve/bucky one??? i cried. your jewish bucky?? i CRIED. the AU where the winter soldier works with the avengers and then it's revealed its bucky??? I CRIED MY EYES OUT MY GUY. i love them. i love you. you're such an incredible author your characterisation is soo perf and your style is so striking but also so cohesive? and easy to read?? ily

I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW FOR REAL… this is so nice… thank you for making my day :’)

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long haired yurio.

there he is!

I just, I really enjoy being private more. Starting the way everything started, I get to kind of claw a little bit of that back. I don’t feel like people know everything about me now. And there was definitely a time where I felt like people knew everything about me, and I realized I didn’t like that. Kind of also wanted to let the work do the talking a little bit. I mean definitely part of my ego wanted to see if I could write something that people liked without knowing everything about me.
—  “Harry Styles - Behind the Album”