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1-Minute Anime Previews

This time around, the reviews are only based on a 2nd-episode impression (save for 1 show), but hopefully it’ll give you a good enough gleam of what you might want to pick up. Perhaps I’ll do a follow up later during season’s end.

Net-Juu no Susume - Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Genre: MMO, slice of life, romance(???)
Summary:  A 30-year old white-collar office lady (Morioka Morika) decides to quit her job and live the self-gratifying life of an “elite” NEET. Finding that her old user account on an MMO has been deleted due to inactivity, she picks up a new one called Fruits de Mer, but this time as a male avatar (Hayashi). Off to a rough start on her new adventure with much difficulty, she runs into the cute and helpful player, Lily, who both supports and introduces Morika to “her” guild. As the players immerse themselves into the game, they take the opportunity to express themselves further as someone else. 
Story: B
Characters: B
Overall: B
Commentary: First off, I have to say, of all the chuunibyou-inducing usernames she crossed out, Morioka decides to go with Hayashi of all things, which is essentially a pun on her name…XD…(t/n: Mori and Hayashi both mean forest). Honestly, off to a fun start with decently likeable characters, a relaxing direction, and some very relatable content. A good portion of my enjoyment definitely stems from the very well-suited Noto Mamiko playing a rather niche but likeable lead for the MMO-genre. So far things seem promising. Worth hanging on to.

Kino no Tabi ~ The Beautiful World ~

Genre: fantasy, philosophy, adventure
Summary:  Episodic tales of a lone traveller and her talking motorcycle, visiting as many new strange and interesting places as she can while staying only just 3-days at a time before setting off once more. What circumstances will await Kino at the next town?
Overall: B+/A-
Commentary: Absolutely solid production qualities. Modern, crisp, and perhaps a bit more compact than its predecessor TV series thus far. Nagi Yanagi is also quite a nice follow-up choice to the retired Shimokawa Mikuni for opening theme. Though the era has changed, a nostalgic essence lingers. I’m actually re-watching the old series right now to get a refresher, but apparently there will be very few overlapping episodes in this new adaptation. My only complaint really would be the lead voice acting. Aoi is…well, growing on me, but I find that she sometimes goes several octaves too high or accidentally drops the acting altogether. Saitou Souma for Hermes though is a major disappointment (the worst role I’ve ever heard him in to date). But perhaps with time, they’ll both grove into the role a little better. In any case, I doubt most viewers will really notice much. Other than that, it’s going good so far. Very beautiful, sometimes disturbing, serene stories that gets you thinking.

Juuni Taisen

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary:  A battle royal between twelve very experienced combatants named after animals of the Zodiac. Last one standing gets any wish imaginable granted to them.
Story: C+
Characters: C+
Overall: B-
Commentary: Really more of a glamorous action show thus far (can’t say I’m really into NisiOisin’s works; though I do love Nakamura Hikaru’s designs). The story is linear, and while the animation is very engaging, the quality does dip a little bit here and there. In-between the vibrant combat scenes though, someone is always doing some seriously long inner-monologue. It almost seems like the pattern for a death flag at this point. Oh well; an action-flick is precisely why I picked it up, and it certainly delivers. And, who knows…maybe next episode, it might throw a surprise my way.

Blend S

Genre: slife of life, comedy
Summary:  Sweet and polite Maika has some killer sharp-glint to her eyes and often runs into trouble expressing herself on account of them. But in order to find independence and pay for her own expenses to study abroad, she acquires a job at a “dere” maid-cafe (Cafe Stile), where the waitresses are given certain attributes…and in Maika’s case, that attribute is “extreme sadist”!
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Overall: C+
Commentary: Not too sure if I find it all that amusing as the gags do get repetitive, but it does have some good moments. Watching this though, sometimes reminds me of the late Fujiwara Cocoa on a couple of points, and it’s a bit heart-breaking. Thus far, Blend S has yet to go the extra mile, but nonetheless, I think this shows caters to a certain taste and is relatively enjoyable enough. Just not sure if I’d keep it in the long run, personally.

Konohana Kitan

Genre: slice of kemonomimi-life
Summary: Kokohana-tei is a hot spring hotel located in an inn town between our world and the otherworldly, where many patrons stop by to enjoy its atmosphere. The story centers around the lives of several adorable fox-spirits who work there.
Story: C+
Characters: B-
Overall: C+
Commentary: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one yet. It has some cute moments but also some serious slow dips…but…but…the aesthetics. I’m weak to fox girls. Perhaps it might be a nice relaxer for a tea break. Interestingly though, and this is quite out there, but Yuzu and Satsuki have a similar kind of character relationship you’d find in a young shounen manga (between the rival and the protagonist). It caught me a little off guard. 

Kekkai Sensen S2

Genre: action, comedy, sci-fi-fantasy
Overall: B+ 
Commentary: First of all I have to say I’ve never been so absolutely delighted for a change in staff. Like, thank god. First season was a decision-making mess. The pacing for S2 thus far is great. Still sleek and fast paced, but far less arduous and much more true to the essence of the series. There are no more weird, far-off pan shots where it’s hard tell what is being drawn, fewer shaky scene-changes and pretentious soliloquy, and best of all…gone with that tacky, borderline-nonsensical narrative featuring two very inconsequential characters (…whom if you completely removed, would actually just be manga content). My major gripe over Black & White was…not only was their narrative insubstantial, it actually replaced and condensed the screen time of many major characters and important story points, all the while failing to fit themselves into Nightow’s world. Not to mention S1 staff flopped a ton of my favourite jokes. — So finally…this is now the kind of whimsical and otherworldly Kekkai Sensen I fell in love with. I’m not saying the manga was perfect, nor is sticking more rigidly to source material automatically a better choice, but for a series of this kind of flavour, dramatic narrative is perhaps not all that necessary. But if there were to be, I’d like it kept in Nightow’s style. Welcome back in action, KKSS.

Anime Gataris

Genre: parody, meta-comedy
Summary:  Rapid-fire chit chats between characters who are really into anime.
Commentary: Definitely a show that’s a little too fast-paced for me to keep up with on the first watch-through. It’s as if someone was making a YouTube segment on every anime trope there is and condensed it into a half-hour episode. Personally, not something I would recommend; but is definitely something I might keep watching out of guilt-pleasure. It’s a little fun to try and guess which series they might be referencing.

Elegant Youkai Apartment Life

Genre: slice of life, supernatural-fantasy
Summary: When 16-year old Inaba Yuushi lost his parents 3 years ago, he was taken in by his Uncle’s family. However, with family life feeling a little strained, he no longer wishes to be a burden on his relatives and is determined to move out and into his new school’s dormitory. Unfortunately for him—a fire burned it down. At a loss for what to do, Yuushi is eventually led by a mysterious force into renting a room in a unique apartment for dirt cheap. Little did he know…the apartment is home to both human and supernatural creatures alike. Thus, Yuushi’s life becomes entangled in this new and strange world.
Story: C+/-B
Characters: B
Overall: -B
Commentary: Not quite what I expected it to be when I picked it up. It was neither ghost-busting, nor Natsume-esque. Rather, it’s far less mysterious and far more casual than it appears to be. However, I’m already 16 episodes in, and am still thoroughly enjoying Youkai Apartment as my tea-time show (in all its slashy-glory). Overall, the show seldom goes beyond being merely pleasant, with the biggest highlight being Kuri’s episode, but there is a slow and budding potential being built, and I oddly don’t mind just keeping it on the side for the long run. It’s heart-warming and often gets me thinking about life.

On an amended note; Bahamut S2 really roller-coaster dipped at the end there, so that’s my commentary on that; but soap-opera of a plot mess aside, it was still pretty entertaining.

anonymous asked:

Beautiful art AND you take requests!? I have one I think would look really nice in your style, but ONLY if you're into it bcz honestly I feel bad requesting free labor (hence anon). Idea: Sad Sirius kind of crumpled in on himself, wearing an obviously-Remus's-sweater (S likes that it smells like R) that's way too big for him (maybe his knees are pulled up under it?) + Remus is there holding him close. Either pre- or post-Azkaban both fine. Feel free to tweak if the prompt is too specific. Thx!!!

I’m so so sorry your request has stayed in my inbox for too long!! I’ve been stuck in schoolworks and also haven’t had my drawing tablet with me for the past few weeks :(

Your request was so angsty (not complaining! I really like it) I wanted to draw a sad and lonely Sirius and somehow Remus didn’t quiet fit in so it ended up being just Sirius, sorryyy :( So this was set after Azkaban when he was staying at Remus’, wearing Remus’ clothes and trying to figure out what they were to each other (because I assumed they couldn’t just ‘get back together’ after 12 years of separation and desperation, especially not when there was a war coming outside).

Please do not feel bad for requesting, you guys give me ideas!! :) And I hope you like what I did even though it wasn’t exactly what you wanted and so I’m sorry again and I will shut up now.

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Oh man, good. Because ever since I answered that ask I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I already know what to call it - Kiss & Cry, haha so original right? Legit have not stopped thinking about this AU. I don’t care if it’s been done, I’m doing it bun-o-ween style.

Imagine this: Ciel is like eighteen, he’s really tiny - he has to be, to be an incredible figure skater. He’s rich too, his family is rich. He wears flawless little skates, expensive outfits, always has a new phone, new earphones, flash little backpack, water bottle with a filter, fucking lemon wedge in it. He’s flawless, everyone loves him, but he’s got secrets. Like ever since he turned eighteen, his naturally quick metabolism hasn’t been as kind and he’s started putting on weight again. He tightened his diet, his gym schedule… but it’s not enough. So now he has his tiny, perfect meals and then he gets down on his tiny, perfect knees in the bathroom and sticks his finger down his throat.

Sebastian’s a bit older. He’s on a hockey team, they’re a huge deal and everyone loves them. Especially Michaelis. He’s tall, of few words. Wears all black in a way that says I’m not trying but I know I look good in this. Worn out 90s band shirts, sweaters, anything to cover up all the bruises, cuts and scars. He’s got issues too - he’s too violent. Someone on the opposing team looks at him wrong? A brawl breaks out across the ice. Someone in the crowd yells at him? He’s jumped the barriers mid-game before. Very Shizuo-style. Everyone turns a blind eye as long as he keeps winning. He’s got tattoos too, and maybe a cute little scar across the bridge of his nose.

And Ciel hates him because Michaelis is talented, hot and popular all without trying and Ciel is starving himself to be all of that - it comes so easily to the brute. Plus he watches him, after practice. Ciel can always smell him, in his stupid dark sweaters, sweaty. Sebastian likes when Ciel gets upset, likes watching him skate so pretty. He follows him around like a dog, always keeping a safe distance, never saying anything. His friends all tease him because he’s obsessed with the Phantomhive brat. He can’t help it, Ciel is so small, so gorgeous. Too small.

Sebastian hates Ciel’s apartment. It’s clean, bright. He feels like he makes everything dirty. He’s too big for the sofa or the bed, donks his head, breaks all Ciel’s delicate possessions with his clumsy hands.

Ciel hates Sebastian’s apartment, because it’s dark and minimal and there’s weird plants and books and it smells like incence and sweat. But Sebastian likes how he looks on the bed, scarless legs all bare, wrapped up in one of his threadbare band shirts. Grabs his ass all hard, tells him there’s not enough of it, forces him to eat, wants him to fill out. Obsessed with his ass, holds his ass rough in public, in front of people Ciel knows. He wants to die of embarrassment, that tattooed hand right on his ass, like he owns him.


I keep making up aus involving Shadow and Maria so here are some messy doodles of some of them

1 - in this one Gerald infused Maria with Black Doom’s DNA to save her life so she basically becomes the Shadow of that universe…I started with just giving her black and red hair without changing the style much but then I thought of the spikey hair and liked it lol.

2 - villain Maria! I’ve seen villain Maria aus floating around and I really like them!! I drew some inspiration from others’ villain Maria designs as well as just making her a more pointy and evil version of my old Maria from the 3rd one lol. I have a feeling it might look a little too similar to some other ones I’ve seen though? need to work on it more. she uses biological creations rather than mechanical ones and Shadow’s kind of like her henchman.

3 - ARK raid never happened, Maria is cured and gets to grow up and live a happy life traveling the world with her bff Shadow. Shadow is a very different person without having to live with that trauma, he’s very optimistic and happy and a gigantic softie. I didn’t include him but they also helped raise Eggman in this au and he turned out good instead of evil.

can you tell I don’t like drawing details on air shoes when I’m just doodling stuff? :’D

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I noticed that in alot of the art that you post people are usually alone or when they arent you can find someone hidden and suffering even when others nearby are happy. Also alot of them have their faces hidden. This might just me over thinking things, but are you lonely or going through something that you want to talk about? If you don't or feel as if this is way off then feel free to ignore this. But anyway you're probably a nice person.

wow thats.. really cool and observant of u. I guess i just like the vibe and artistic feel of the kind of subjects i find in the art i post. I can either relate, feel something when i see the art, think its just cool looking, or like the style of art. And yea i guess im one of those people that have a darker more lonely inside than how I come off to people on the outside, im very introvert x) But no worries im good :) thanks though for the concern and love ur so sweet <3


i did this picture and i was waffling on whether to put it on tumblr bc it’s… uh. ok its fluffy disney-ish-styled willowson where she’s pregnant aaand not everyone is into this kind of thing in fact most people probably are not and that is absolutely peachy keen. but it turned out kinda nice, so i just put it up as a private post so it wouldn’t show up on dashboards and you can see it here if you like:


i blame @koutadragara , honestly.

anyway i feel like i actually learned something from doing that picture and i’m looking forward to applying what i learned to something that is not that picture so i’ll go do that

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It's you the thanks is owed to! Thanks for Blue³. I like stories that start with sadness or loneliness then end with some kind of hope or imminent happiness. I don't want the good stuff right away. Haha. I hope your next projects will be of the same kind. Anyways, is it just me or Amamiya's art reminds me of Hayakawa Nojiko's?

hey anon! you’re very welcome! 

i totally agree that amamiya’s art style is similar to hayakawa nojiko’s - in fact, that was one of the reasons i decided to work on blue! x3 in the first place (since hayakawa-sensei is my favourite bl mangaka)!

speaking of hayakawa nojiko, i have plans to work on her newest series, hai ni mabataki, which i think might have the sort of story you said you liked. please look forward to it (・∀・○) 

Hey hey hey I’m rereading A Wrinkle in Time because the movie is coming out and I’m OBSESSED. I loved this book and it’s so good. I’m dying. Up next: Charlotte’s Web.

In related news a coworker roasted me today for reading A Wrinkle in Time because it’s “a children’s book” and I just kind of laughed. Like, fuck your elitist reading bullshit but also??? Don’t comment on what people are reading??? I’m reading and that’s cool?? Like I had to laugh because I think I read a wide range of styles and a varying amount of “difficulty” and regularly challenge myself. AWIT is an “easy” book to cool off of some heavier topics I was reading. But, if it wasn’t? So what? What if I just like reading YA? Idk just mind your business?? It isn’t hurting you.

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Hi! I love your style of writing, and I was wondering that do you know any books that have the same kind of darker concept in them? I'm supposed to read books from library in this one contest, would really like if there were books like your style more...

Hey dear anon thank you so much for your nice words! I always recommend Richard Siken and Donna Tartt for similar writers, I hope you’ll find something you’ll like.



But I guess that’s what the majority of you all followed me for in the first place anyways…. so you can’t complain too much. 

I really hope you can understand what it even says i’m pretty tired right now though, i didn’t have the energy to type text and arrange it for all that

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long haired yurio.

there he is!