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Ooh?? Oooooh?? Does tumblr have a setting to be able to see fans????

This is the last thing I can answer for tonight, since I have an assload of work to do haha, but I’ll always be taking asks for both myself and, more importantly, England!! :D

Anywho! Yes, Tumblr actually shows me the top 4 people who are what they call “fans” of my blog! I believe the calculations are based off of who likes/reblogs/comments or asks the most on my posts for a set amount of time! So I can see my top 4 fans of the past month, week, and 24 hours! However, I think every since person who does anything to support me is valuable, I usually don’t talk about it… Besides, not everyone can reblog posts and things like that!! So its super understandable!! But maybe I should do a little something for those people? I dunno… There are so many of you who are kind and lovely and amazing and I would feel terrible if I couldn’t do something nice for all of you! TTuTT


this look like a cheap flash animation but whatever

animation redraw of one of my favorite moments of Wonder Woman! I went to see it yesterday and i loved it!

also, this is a gift for @marinette-buginette birthday!(i know im late, freaking timezones).

It’s in my twitter already!


Edit (Aug 7, 2017): Wow this is my very first post to reach 1000++ notes… Thank you so much for the likes and reblogs guys!


This took way longer than it should because I wasn’t planning to line or color it. I was planning to doodle a silly Persona comic as usual but I kinda got carried away.
I’m really proud with this though! I mean I drew my favorite fictional humans from my favorite franchise and it turned out quite well I think!

Anyway, out of those 3, Yu has the least edgy/dark awakening and summon animation lol. Didn’t include Persona 1 and 2 because I’ve never played them.

art: VintFux
characters: ATLUS

FireAlpaca, 6 hours? I lost count lol.
Finished on Aug 6, 2017

twitter bios

speak your mind even if your voice shakes

tell me a lie

you were a masterpiece, but then everyone saw you

I smell autumn

yes I function with out a heart

my mom won’t like you

please do not touch

there are so many types of art but {name of idol) is my favourite

seize the day

fragile, handle with respect 

I was the perfect roe that drowned

happiness is a great colour

you eventually will run back into it 

keep your heart closed but mind open

qualified meme-ster


s/he was so artistic painting smiles on every face but her/his own

did s/he forget to love

ask no question and you’ll get no lies

people change quicker than you think

society is an ugly burnt ass cracker

how many secrets can you keep

only fools fall for you

meme queen

everything I ever loved, I lost in the magic

seek joy, embrace joy, share joy

if you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.

autumn kills summer with the softest kiss.

no tears for the creatures of the night

you will let go

the colour yellow is really under-appreciated

im a petty bitch

Im a golden thread; fragile but valuable 

a little bit of sugar, but a lot of poison too

confusing reality with dreams

and I will fight even if I break 


fuck im broke

give me a sign

you’re one of a kind and no one understand

make your life a story worth telling

in conclusion, im bitter

but one day I’ll stop falling

(idol name)’s the tear in my heart

im soppy and emotional so stay the fuck away


have I fit into society yet?

is this any better?

create you’re own path to an adventure 

I let you out, and everyone saw

send memes

glazed donuts 

late nights, red eyes

entertain my faith


sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind

I’m Fiji water, you are toilet water

see good in all things

we rise by lifting other

oh no, not you again

you still have Facebook?

you make me emo

just keep going

but do you know my aesthetic?

wheres the leak ma’am 

be like spongebob, create fire in the ocean

can life go back to when I didn’t understand it

How do I silence my sins

I will burn again

did I give you permission to break my heart?

red blood, black heart

dear society, do you accept me now?

a thornless withered rose

a touch of gold

fuck you I don’t care I failed

aesthetic mind

my brain is 80% song lyrics

im at the top but I still don’t see you

left me in the dark

stars fall and the world goes blind

sorry mom I promise to never be a a bad bitch

if you’re lost just look for me

dismayed mind

fuck of weirdo

home is where the art is

keep your dreams close to your heart

teach me your contour blending ways

find a way to be yourself

first you find yourself

let me glow bitch

I don’t want seconds

take on life like a swan; calm and serene on the surface, but paddling like hell underneather

(idols name) fills my heart

mom can I be savage now?

do ya thang

neither lost nor found

have a positive mindset

im honestly a troubled kid looking for dank memes

don’t look back, chase whats in front

no thanks, I don’t want leftover

I want to create

a black cloud in a black sky - nobody notices

oops sorry I spilled out my heart

I found the heart, but its empty

did I leave a stain on your heart

I thought this was eternal

buy me food pls

I asked for the word, and you bought me a carrier bag

sorry only dark humour is accepted 

you made it this far kid

you’ll probably love me 

too lazy to socialise 

I found my happy ending


This went REALLY well last time so I thought I would try it again (idc if this failed miserably its 2am)


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what should I do/make next? 

creds to @httpmisfitx if use

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I had so much fun making these wallpapers/lockscreens the other day so I told myself that I should make icons, but instead of using their sprites I would use the pictures you get in the gallery after you finish every good end.


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Yo Thomas, for some reason both the like and reblog buttons have vanished from your posts? I don't have any idea what's going on but thought you should know!

Yeah, I’ve heard. It seems to only be affecting certain blogs such as yours. I’m doing my best to contact tumblr about the issue! Sorry for this inconvenience! I’m in between this and prepping for the hurricane, so I’m a little all over the place today!


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Probably a stupid question, but are there different types of asexuality? If so, what are they?

Aces love words and love classification schemes, so there are a ton of ways to describe various experiences of or relating to asexuality.  I’m going to briefly touch on a few of the more common ones here, but this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list. 

(These aren’t all necessarily mutually exclusive, some people fit in multiple buckets.  And some people don’t find some of these classifications personally useful, so they don’t use them when talking about themselves.  You don’t have to painstakingly figure out where you belong for each of these “types”.  It’s okay if you don’t know, aren’t sure, or just don’t care.)

Gray-asexuality:  In the “gray area” near asexuality.  Maybe they’ve felt sexual attraction rarely before, maybe they’re not sure how they feel, maybe gray just fits better than ace.  More info here: http://www.asexualityarchive.com/under-the-ace-umbrella/

Demisexuality:  Only feels sexual attraction in after developing a close emotional bond.  More info here: http://demisexuality.org/

Romantic/Aromantic:  Romantic attraction is separate from sexual attraction, so many aces choose to describe their romantic orientation when talking about themselves.  More info here:  http://www.asexualityarchive.com/a-bit-of-attraction/

Libidoist/Non-Libidoist:  Some aces may use the word “libidoist” to say that they have a libido or that they masturbate or take part in other sexual activities.  A non-libidoist is someone who does not have a libido or who does not do any of those things.  (These terms seem to have largely fallen into disuse, but you may see them pop up from time to time.)

ARC or Repulsed/Indifferent/Favorable:  ARC stands for “Averse, Repulsed, or Conflicted”, and describes a person’s feelings about sexual activities.  An indifferent person isn’t necessarily against taking part in sexual activities, but also isn’t likely to seek them out.  Someone who is favorable is generally okay with sexual activities, and may even seek them out.

(You may have also seen an ancient reference to “ABCD Types”.  That’s an outdated classification scheme that I’ve never really seen anyone use.  Then there’s also something called the “Purple-Red Scale” which is pretty much horrible on every level and should be avoided.)

Each asexual person is different, and these brief summaries above cannot hope to capture every nuance that those words contain for everyone who uses them.

And did I leave anyone out that’s important to any of you?  If so, reblog or drop a note in the replies and tell us what I missed!

There is value to be found in every single drawing. Sometimes it’s in technique, sometimes it’s in story, sometimes it’s in emotion… Sometimes in it’s in that one mistake that ruined everything and the things you learnt from it.

On social media, any one of those things can be recognised, or none of them can. Because art is subjective, and your audience may not measure value in the same way that you do.

On tumblr in particular, there is a huge focus on content that is relatable. People enjoy media that speaks to them and to the things that they are interested in. It’s why fandoms exist and why fanworks are so popular.

The harsh truth is that no one can be forced to consume media that they aren’t interested in. If people can’t find reason to support a creator, namely because their content doesn’t speak to them, they are completely within their right -no matter how much love the artist has poured into their work (or how great it would be if we did all support each other).

Since creator and consumer don’t owe each other anything right off the bat, it’’s important to stop relying on that relationship when it comes to making art. Of course, the creator could always adapt their content to fit their audience, but that’s an attitude that could become quite unhealthy.

So instead, you should work towards realising that what you’re creating is valuable and precious and unique -no matter how much attention it did or didn’t get. 

I don’t care if you started yesterday, if you think your art is bad, if your last post got two likes and the only reblog was from yourself  -the very act of creating is so inherently beautiful and you should be proud of yourself. You don’t need validation or permission to keep drawing. But if you really want it, then know that I’m proud of you, that your grind motivates me to work, and that you have my and everyone else’s blessing to go and create the things that only you can.


okay can we please talk about something in the theater community? specifically how people think that dear evan hansen, hamilton, heathers, be more chill, and (sorta) the book of mormon are the only musicals?



now, i’m not trying to diss those musicals. i personally adore them, but it makes me so angry when people overlook other musicals!

so, i’m leaving a list of musicals you should listen to in order for you not to seem like a broken record ;)

1. carrie: the musical

2. something rotten!

3. the last 5 years

4. urinetown

5. bring it on!

6. falsettos

7. fun home

8. matilda

9. legally blonde

10. newsies

11. rent

12. wicked

13. 13: the musical

14. little shop of horrors

15. 25th annual putnam county spelling bee

16. natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812

17. come from away

18. next to normal

19. the color purple

20. groundhog day

feel free to add more if you reblog!

3/100 days of productivity
Photo taken this afternoon working on my presentation for next week yet again… but I’m finishing off tonight with some painting, even though I really feel like I should finish this presentation! Sometimes you gotta get what you really feel like doing out of your system, so hopefully tomorrow I will be ready to power forward and get all this uni work done! ☺️
P.S. I need to follow more blogs, I’ll check out accounts that like/reblog this post! (This is a side blog though so any follows will be from my main blog ☺️)

i never talk about these things but i can’t remain silent.

i know tumblr doesn’t give a SHIT when things happen in countries outside the “most popular ones” (such as the usa & england). it’s true, don’t lie to me. y’all don’t give A FUCK. not every issue and problem in said countries gets the appropriate exposure but in general shit shows up on the news WORLD FREAKING  WIDE. you set up donations, you help out, your spread the word, you say “pray for x”……

southern europe is burning. 

my country is burning.

people are dying - at home, on the road, trying to run away, in their cars.

yesterday my country had 300 active fires.

people are losing EVERYTHING they own.

i have a friend that is on a train right now passing through places that have been burnt to the ground and she says the smoke is so intense it’s getting inside the train and she can barely breathe.

and yet, even though several people (myself included) have been trying to bring awareness to what has been happening in southern europe… what we get from most of you, those not part of the countries suffering, is silence. we don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit other than a reblog to spread awareness… something you can delete in 24/48hrs if you wish. 

i don’t know what to tell you. i’m angry. i’m frustrated. i’m disappointed. i feel like i’m screaming into the void. “a reblog does nothing” - you know that’s a damn lie, you know exposure always helps, you know people start paying attention when posts on social media become popular. my country in particular is a small one, we get ZERO exposure. y’all are only starting to figure out we even fucking exist bc of the shit we’ve been winning lately. 

but hell, if the EU doesn’t give a shit, why should some user on tumblr dot com?

again, i don’t know what to tell you so i’ll let the images speak for themselves: 

An image captured by a Nasa satellite shows a thick plume of smoke blowing southward from the Greek island of Chios over the island of Crete

Torneros de Jamuz, Spain

Duca, Croatia

A helicopter from Italy’s civil protection service drops water on a fire near the railway between Venice and Trieste

Residents take refuge on the beach as a wildfire burns on the mountain next to the village of Lithi, on the Greek island of Chios

Men gather cattle during a forest fire in Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal.

Charred trees are seen on the hills above the Cloister of Thivaidas on Mount Athos, a World Heritage Site in Greece


My blog is strictly about real life figure skating. If you are a Yuri on Ice account and you like or reblog my stuff I will immediately start judging you on how incredibly cool it is that you have discovered a whole new interest thanks to watching anime and have managed to stick with it this far and are eager to learn more about it.

I’ve been told to post this….
@babylabdl said I get 250 followers by September 1st she’s going to lock me up until Christmas. I only have 43 followers at the moment so looks like I’m not going to be locked until Christmas :)
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“They just do it for the attention.” Well here’s a pro-tip for you! It’s been proven attention is a fundamental human need, and if that person really is doing it for attention like you say, it means they feel like they have to go to extreme lengths to get that need satisfied… so maybe we should just,,, i dunno,,, give them some more attention,,, some emotional support mayb,,, access to resources,,, figure out what’s wrong,,, i dunno

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Maybe you should talk about the kickstarter more, I think? like mentioning it in passing when you post your art (even if it’s not TpoH related), reblogging that kickstarter post, that sort of stuff? IDK BUT PLEASE PROMOTE YOURSELF IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE (good luck, we love you :D)

aw shucks anon thanks I’m bad at this- I don’t want to be a hassle though, and hot diggity dog look! We’re over the 10k mark with 20 days to go! You fellas are amazing, just amazing!

but yeah if you would like to help out with this kickstarter to print the second volume of my webcomic, The Property of Hate (with the potential for a rerun of the first if we hit the stretch goal), please go check this out. Every person makes it that much more possible! :D

If you have already, maybe tell that friend of yours! Or tell that friend you meant to tell to read this whacky comic to read the comic, and then tell them about it!

glo up meetup 2k17

hey friends it’s ya girl kate here to host yet another meetup! some of you may remember that last year i hosted two of these glo up meetups and you guys seemed to enjoy it so here we go again! 

 lol what is this? 

this meetup is meant to show how much we change in a short amount of time, so you’ll post two (or more idc) selfies from different times. one older and one current 

when is it? 

saturday, august 5th starting 12 pm central time and lasting 24 hours after that! 

how do I join? 

post selfies with some time between them and show off how much you’ve glo’d up!! also reblog other people’s selfies and make cute new friends! 

okay but like how much time between the pictures?¿

 however long you want!! the older picture can be a few months old or a few years old (whatever you’re comfortable with), and the other should be fairly current!! 

who can participate? 

anyone! also long as you keep everything safe for work and positive then feel free to join!! (aka its not phandom specific like last years)

what’s the tag? 

#glo up meetup” !!! 

if you have any questions about the meetup feel free to shoot me an ask and I’ll get to it as fast as I can! 

if this doesnt get notes it never happened

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Okay man like is this blog a joke? Because if not then please leave meme mom alone, girl probably didn't do nothing to you.

Yes, this blog is 100% a joke. Someone sent Kylee an ask from a blog title i-love-kylee-henke and I said to myself, “hey, you should go get ihatekyleehenke so it can’t be used for evil.”

So I did. I actually hadn’t planned to do anything with this url, but then Kylee reblogged the post where I said I was hoarding the url and said she “hoped I lovingly roasted the shit out of her,” so here we are.