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Me trying to work out what’s happening on my activity page

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Cho we’ve been practicing for hours, it’s pouring rain, and I’m pretty sure Lexis has been crying for the past 30 minutes straight, can we please go inside??

Cho: Alright, listen. Sure we could go inside, have some pumpkin juice, hang out in the common room-

Cho: Or we could get back on the field,

Cho: so who’s with me?? On three! one, two three-

((OOC: Oliver Wood who?))

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💕 = tumblr friends

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you should follow them all just saying. 💝


 Raven’s euphoria request (Raven smiling and laughing)


An A level judge and grand prix rider watched me ride lou for the second time after 2 weeks off and i want to DIE

hey quick question, why do people think it’s ok to draw pedophilia and pretend like they’re in their own bubble of influence that doesn’t coincide with the outside world? thanks


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave


This man was at Rory’s birthday party, he came to the hospital with you, he’s the male lead in every story you tell, you go to the diner every single day. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, the way you look at him. I’m not a fool.