i like this so i'm re posting my own gif

hi everyone! I’m like, 7 followers away from a new milestone, but I have no patience so I’m posting this before actually hitting it oops.

but the point is you’re all amazing! you guys are so kind and cool and interesting, and I can’t believe you’re all following me! it really truly means a lot to me, like more than words can actually say. so, in a poor attempt to show how much I love you all, I thought I’d do a gif giveaway!

the rules:

  • must be following me, since it’s for followers and all
  • just like or reblog this, as long as your url’s in the notes you’re entered
  • 5 winners can request whatever character/scene/ship/quote/theme whatever that they’d like a gifset of
  • if a winner was to ask for something I don’t have downloaded or wouldn’t feel comfortable making or whatever, I’ll just ask for a different request
  • you need to have your ask open so I can contact you if you win :)
  • oops I just realized there should also be a deadline so this’ll close on August 26!!

that’s all! I hope this is something fun for everyone. again, I just really want to thank you all so much for being so beautiful and for shining so brightly all the time. you’re all superstars, for real.